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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's thirsty thursday, september 15th. hope you're having a great day. thanks for being with us. that's "rock on." we're rolling out the red carpet today for two ladies who are being treated to gorgeous looks courtesy of our ambush makeover theme. they're being transformed even as we speak. >> and if spending more money than you have happens to be your problem, we're here to tell you help is on the way.
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we'll meet somebody who had bills piling up and got her family deep into debt and she hit rock bottom and turned to an expert for help. we're going to tell you some great advice that might help you out if you're in the same kind of trouble. you all right? you need a little sip of something? >> the food is so good, but spicy. sorry, everybody. >> she's one of hollywood it girls, shailene woodley. now she's in that snowden, the movie called "snowden" by oliver stone. we had oliver on yesterday. and she'll be with us today. >> yes, and our friend danny seo is in the kitchen with a one-pot crowd pleaser, perfect for a football weekend. >> danny holding a football just looks right. >> it does not look right to me. >> all right, so yesterday, yesterday was fun. we've been wanting to get together for a long time. yesterday with billy who's new to our family here. and yesterday was our friend
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jimmy's 86th birthday. >> it's hard to believe he's 86. >> we went over there and wished him well. he didn't realize but we also brought -- we're terrible camera people, as you'll see now. we had a little cake for him too. had to leave by then because you had your radio show. >> what a great guy. >> you know, the cardinal comes out. >> yeah, he was there, anyway, god bless him. best food in all of new york. go to miri's pub on east 57th. >> i get why it was like your kitchen. >> and billy now lives a block away. he was there again last night. >> if you were watching "america's got talent" last night, you were in for a real treat. america has officially fallen be in love with a little
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12-year-old singer ukulele player. her name is grace. when she first came on to the show, she came on to her audition. there's somebody on that program if somebody hits the golden buzzer, you go right to the finals. >> it's a great idea, it's exciting. >> so take a look at her audition. >> are you excited to be here? >> it's crazy. >> what are you going to sing? >> i'm singing an original. >> really? >> yes. >> and are the people at school behind you, supporting you? >> most of my friends don't really know i sing. >> so they don't know you're here? >> no. >> you believe you can win? >> well, i mean, miracles can happen, so possibly. ♪ i don't play by the rules of games that we play ♪ ♪ i'm just trying ♪ just trying
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♪ i now know my name ♪ i don't play by the rules of the game ♪ >> oh, my god, don't you love her? >> it got more than 35 million hits on youtube. >> yeah, that one video. so last night, it was grace's night and her reaction is priceless. take a look. >> grace! [ cheers and applause ] >> you guys were amazing as well. >> look at nick's hat. >> wow. grace, how's it feel? these are tears of joy, right? >> tears of joy. >> i am in love with her already too and i didn't even follow the competition. >> is she the sweetest? just so unassuming. her sister was, you know, in the back and just crying and the mom and the whole family. >> she won $1 million and won three shows at planet hollywood
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las vegas next month. she could have her own residency. >> she told parade magazine if she won she was going to donate money to a music charity and she also wants to build a tree house. with the help of the show "tree house masters." i can't wait to see that. what did you think, on another note, of nick cannon's outfit? this got a lot of attention. the white tux on and the turbinish item and pretty soon that turbin had its own twitter account. >> yeah, it's not my favorite look. he's a great looking guy. maybe he was having a bad hair day so he just threw on a turbin. some other famous divas who tried that elegant look. oh, yes, elizabeth taylor can pull off anything. joan collins did it. >> she can too. >> and miss piggy did it. i love joan but she wore it best, i'm sorry.
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>> who, miss piggy? >> okay, how do we go about this one? >> ariana grande was on i heart radio. ryan asked her a question you would ask a star. she posted a picture of herself on instagram with this rapper named mack miller and she captioned it baby. >> what is going on there? >> nobody -- nobody knows. any way, the fans believed it was her way of confirming yes we're dating because we're all tangled up like that. ryan thought it was an appropriate question. let's see what her response is. take a look. >> i saw you confirmed this relationship with mack miller on instagram. >> oh, is that what i did? is that what instagram means to you now? all right, world, let's go. i mean, is that what that means? >> well, don't know, i'm asking. >> what are you asking? >> well, i'm asking. >> you said a sentence. there was no question. >> well, did you confirm something? >> i don't know, man. >> well, come on, man. >> it's like good morning on air with ryan seacrest. it's too early for this kind
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of -- it's too early, man. >> if you post something, even if my life, if i post something, it becomes something. >> if i post something, that's what i'm willing to share at the moment. >> all right, but it becomes something. >> it doesn't mean you ryan seacrest with millions of listeners are entitled to more information. >> it doesn't? >> no. >> oh. >> mm. >> she's a very talented girl but i think she has an awful lot to learn about this business, you know. if you want things to be private, don't talk about then, don't put it out there and then don't be so rude to somebody who's just doing his job because you put it out there. it's his job to ask you about it. and don't act surprised when he does. >> yeah. >> you know, she's got a lot to learn about this business. she's brilliantly talented. if she wants to last for decades, start act like carol burnett and bette midler and people like that who know how to deal with people in a respectful way. >> and by the way, ryan seacrest
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is the nicest guy. >> he's no jimmy ne re but he's a dole. >> have you ever been in an interview and it's become kind of adversarial and you get your back up? he's the opposite of that. he's the kind sweet guy. >> he's not looking for a got you moment at all. >> frankly, we were just talking about ryan and adrianna lima and the possibility they were dating because of pictures on instagram. you just say yes or no. >> i want to get to this. we've got to go to this little girl. do we have time? please. all right, my friends who are staying at my house. she showed me last night. i went, it's dave,' father of two, sang with his daughter claire to sleep every night. when she was 16 months, she started to join in and sang every word. she loved the movie "tangled." she sings the song see the light. look at the video they made. you're not going to believe this.
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♪ all so clear ♪ and at least i see the light >> oh, they're showing that part. we want to see her with her daddy. >> we showed it in the beginning. there's her father like prince charming. this little child -- >> beautiful. >> sweet. >> it's just the cutest. >> ruin the moment. >> this is going to make the moment. >> i don't think so. >> we got a little nicki minaj. >> i don't think so. >> a little throwback called "star ship." ♪ okay, okay. here compaes the part that we love. >> don't say we. >> by we, i mean the view ters.
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♪ so give me more more >> here comes the star ship part. >> ♪ if you want more more >> here it comes. ♪ star ships were meant to fly ♪ stand up and touch the sky ♪ can't stop ♪ 'cause we're so high ♪ let's do this one more time >> i get it, star ships. >> touch the sky. >> i'm happy for you, hoda, and everybody else who likes that. there's a lot of space in the world for people to have their own taste. i wish other people would give me the same right. >> we do. >> you do. but not a lot of people that don't like what i say. >> come on. >> it's all right, it's all right. this country's big enough for all of us. by the way, you can find her music, on i-hoda, on apple music. >> you can also catch up on sirius radio show, i have a radio show, you can catch it there too if you like. all right where you going to be
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tomorrow? >> you know what, hoda woman, i am going to be somewhere with a lot of lovely people and share my stuff. i'm going to be in new york, in pellum, new york. the fairway wine and spirits from 4:30 to 6:30. please come and say hello. my dad used to call a little sip of something. okay. >> are the bills piling up and you don't know how to dig out of a financial hole? we got some help from a woman who bounced back after being $40,000 in credit card debt. >> plus, two moms who work long hours get to put their feet up for a day of pampering. >> hot new my hygienist said the most random thing. she said i should think of my teeth like an apple. it could be great on the outside not so great on the inside. her advice? use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it's uniquely formulated with activestrength technology to strengthen teeth inside and is better at strengthening the outside than colgate total. crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my whole mouth feel amazing.
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♪a little bit of yogurt? ♪sure! why not? the fun never stops! how many ways can you snap, crackle, pop? wit changed everything, starting with the sleeping arrangements. fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments. save up to 20% on select samsung tvs, home theater systems and more. find the electronics you want at today. no. the things you want, the credit you deserve. now you can. are you living beyond your mean, keeping up with the joneses and living in major debt but too embarrassed to admit it? well, we've got some help for you right now. >> this is great, lauren greutman knows exactly how that feels. she and her husband had a mortgage underwater.
10:15 am
credit card debt. and a car that had been towed away. after lots belt tightening, they crawled out of that hole six years ago. >> yep, good for you, honey. >> now lauren is helping others change their ways with the new book "the recovering spender." she's here with bridgette spinny, a married mom of three who reached out in desperation after overspending on vacations, clothes, shoes and everything we all love which left her family in debt. >> it's so easy to get in that hole, isn't it? it's quicksand. >> i hear from people every single day in the same exact. i said, i've got to help her. yeah, that's what we did. >> it took you six years to get out of -- to really get out of debt. it must have felt like you were just so deep in the hole, like how am i ever going to crawl my way out of this thing. >> yeah, definitely. just trying to do it on your own is hard. so having the support is great.
10:16 am
>> let's take a look at your story. >> we're probably -- well, we are $27,000 in debt. i did want finer things. i felt like i had worked my way up in the hospital and i made really good money. andy makes good money. we should be able to afford to have these nicer things. so we found ourselves starting to get behind because, you know, as your kids get older, there's more soccer games, there's more football games, there's more outings with friends, vacations. it seems like all of our friends had a lot of money to be able to go do those things. and we didn't. but we still wanted to do them. so then you find yourself one payment behind. two payments behind. and how are we going to make it up. and then you kind of got so far behind. for me, one of the biggest points was watching my son. he had a paper route and he
10:17 am
caddied on the weekends. i would deposit his money into his bank account and sometimes take a 20 because i needed to pay for something else. andy wasn't on board yet. and he says to me, i don't think we need to do that. i don't think we need to air our dirty laundry out to everybody. and i looked at him and said, we are just like alcoholics. or drug addicts. if we don't admit we have a problem, we can't solve it. we can't keep plaining this game of we have money. we look like we have money. we really don't have any money. i felt like it would bring me just a little bit of peace in my life to know that people knew and i didn't have to key pretending. >> wow. very brave of you. >> bridget, it really, really is. >> stick around, everybody. lauren and bringt have sodget h good news to share. and tips to help you get out
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as you heard before the break, bridget and her family have $27,000 of credit card debt and that's on top of her mortgage. author of the new book "the recovering spender" started working with bridget. why do so many of us lose control when it comes to spending? psychologist elizabeth lombardo is here to answer that question. so the gang's all here. you started off $27,000 in debt. with the help of lauren, where are you? this is just a few months ago. where are you today? >> so we were able to do an emergency fund so we have $1,500 in our emergency fund and then paid off our first $1,000 towards -- >> in one month? >> in three months. also, i want to take note, she was also behind in her mortgage by a few months. so she caught up to the mortgage. she put $1,500 in an emergency savings account. >> if you missed any of the things you thought were making
10:22 am
you so happy like the shoes and the vacations and all of that stuff? >> no, no. and my kids are better at it now too. they know what we've done so we're very proud of them. >> you know better than anyone. you were so deeply in debt and it took you six years to get out. what were the first things you advised bridget to do? >> in my book, i talk about a 12-step process of how to get out of debt and redefine your life with your money. so some of the steps i talked about was you really need to learn how to declutter your life to regain your joy. i've been on here many times talking about decluttering but how do you do that and then put money aside. also taking an inven attorntoryr spending. that was one of her downfalls. she didn't know where her money was going. >> kind of like eating. >> what was your biggest achilles heel? you weren't buying big things. >> not budgeting, using our atm. >> you took out $100 and $100 and it added up. >> and not keeping track of where that went and you were instead of prospective budgeting
10:23 am
now, now we're catching up then. >> good for you. >> elizabeth, there are whys behind all of this. a lot of us are guilty of this. >> of course. >> of course what are the big whys? >> we're focusing on the show term. what i want now. as opposed to long term what makes sense. a lot of times people when they feel stressed, then might go to food. some people go to shopping. it helps bring down the stress temporarily. in the long term it increases your stress, which then makes it more likely you're going to overspend and actually perpetuate the cycle. >> it's a vicious cycle. >> it is. >> you can actually see the stress disappearing. we were watching you in the piece and you were so emotional because you were back in that space. but how does it feel to know you're kind of climbing out now? >> one the things i said on the video was i just need a little bit of peace and i'm starting to feel that. and so it gives you that momentum. >> you're feeling hope. >> yes. >> you see it's going to take a while but this is working. >> yes, from when i first started working with her, you know, back in may to where she is now, you can even see.
10:24 am
i did a documentary with her family. and you can see the stress every single video go off more and more and more. it was just incredible. just incredible. >> and family -- >> and think of what you're going to save in beauty creams. >> and your family life must be -- i can only imagine how much less stress. everybody's involved in it, right? >> my kids are on board and they know when i talk to my son, he said, yes, just had to be done. >> love this kid who's got two jobs. >> i know, i know. >> and we do feel entitled a little bit. we see everybody that's got everything in this world. it's natural to want it. >> especially you work hard, you kind of deserve it. we tend to compare ourselves to other people. say if they have it, i should have it too so i can kind of keep up with the joneses. that's not going to bring you more happiness. you have already seen it only increases your stress. >> and your marriage is stronger now which is great. >> thank you, guys. all right, if you're trying to climb out of a financial hole,
10:25 am
e-mail your question. lauren will be back later in the month to talk about that distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do
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every day. live claritin clear. tag, you're it. tag! you're it. tag, you're it. yes! new gogurt write-on tubes. this back to school, say it with gogurt. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just about 10:30. let's get to bill henley. >> lots of sunshine and the temperatures have been slowly climbing but so cool outside.
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what a change from yesterday. 66 in the lehigh valley. no clouds this morning. 77 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we will warm into the upper 70s and that's it including wilmington. the humidity stays low today. >> thank you. let's get a check on your morning commute with francesca ruscio . what are you seeing out there? >> we'll open up with route 1. there was construction that caused delays. a lot of congestion. right now it looks pretty good so far. travel times are in the green. we are watching for an accident. this is one of many seaccidents within this area, vai. josh would leave the hospital today. he was shot on duty labor day
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it's thirsty thursday and there were a bevy of beauties on the plaza early this morning all hoping to be picked for ambush makeover. >> but we managed to narrow it down to two deserving women who wanted brand-new head to toe looks courtesy of her "today" contributor louis licari. and jill martin. how was it out there today? >> actually, it felt like fall for about ten minutes, i know it's going to be warmer. certainly say, i feel like we graduated. look where we are. >> trying something new today. >> fantastic. >> we're trying the big kids studio. >> that's right. >> our first lucky lady is carol. she is married with two kids.
10:31 am
she works as a human re, sos assistant. she often works from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night. doesn't have time to pamper herself. she's in the city enjoying a girls getaway. she says she wants to get a makeover because she thinks she looks older than she really is. let's listen to the story. >> you've never seen the segment so do you have any idea what you're about to endure? >> not at all. i have no clue. >> everyone's laughing because this is going to be fun, right? okay, so we're going to give you a whole new look, you will look entirely different. >> oh, my husband will be happy. all right, we'll take care of you. >> all right, thank you very much. >> okay, guess who she's here with, her sisters in law. we have susan and elizabeth. >> welcome, ladies. >> please keep your blindfolds on until we give you the green light. are you ready? here is carol before. all right, let's see the new
10:32 am
carol. >> oh, wow, wow. all right, ladies. take off your blindfolds. >> oh, wow. >> wow. okay. >> are you ready to see yourself, carol? turn around, take a look. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> i love it. >> tell us about the hair. >> okay, carol, thank you very much, first of all. the first thing i did is of course you had gray hair. the easiest way is 20 minutes or less, is to, in fact, color your hair. that's exactly what we did. single single process, no big deal here at all. then jenny gave her this wonderful haircut. she blew out the curls. she reshaped it to her face. there's a little more fringe on her forehead. and she just looks gorgeous. >> ladies, what do you think? >> we love it. >> your people love it. jill, the jean jacket and the
10:33 am
cool black. you are hip. >> this is me. and we're so happy. >> oh, good. the dress is white house black market. you have a green one that's similar to this. >> oh, yeah. >> and then the jacket is calvin and of course great black booties. >> a big round of applause for carol. you can come over here and join her, people. our second lady is jean, she's 60 on monday, happy birthday to her. she's from manchester, iowa. she's a home care and hospice worker. she also has a lawn care business. mows 31 lawns a week. bless her heart. she's been married 40 years. her 9-year-old grandson conner suggested she didn't wear makeup this morning to improve her chances of being pickford an ambush makeover. let's hear her story. >> conner, we saw you pointing at grandma saying please. why is it so important to you? >> we've been talking about it all summer and she really -- and she thought it was a joke, but then she got picked. >> then she got picked. here we go.
10:34 am
you excited? >> so excited. i want to make his wish come true. >> oh, great for them. >> i want grandchildren. all right, here with her daughter crystal and her grandson conner. one last look at jean before. let's bring jean out now. see her makeover. all right. look at that outfit. wow. all right. wow. ladies, you can take off -- and gentleman, you can take off your blindfold. >> oh, my god. >> what do you think? >> oh, my god, mom. i'm so happy for you. >> turn around and see why they're crying. >> i can't believe it. this is me? >> it is you. your inner you come out. >> oh, just gorgeous. >> what do you think, amazing? >> oh! >> get our kleenex any day now. >> number one, jenny gave her
10:35 am
this great haircut. it used to be a shag. she reshaped it to her face. she looked years younger. then i refreshed her color. she did have a warm color. i made it a much richer color. it was all accented with the makeup. it's a cutting story and the quick et way to change your look is with those three things. >> the minute she walked out, i went, oh. >> i know, we all want that jacket. >> it's like that cozy oversized collar. >> perfect for fall. >> it's from calvin? >> and the jeans and she dazzle shoes. >> beautiful. >> come over here. >> she looks pretty good. >> aw. >> let's bring both of your ladies out. we've got danny seo back with us. >> plus "snowden" star shailene
10:36 am
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shailene woodley's big break came just five years ago opposite george clooney in the oscar award winning film "the descendants." the role scored her a golden globe nomination. not too shabby. in 2014, she landed the lead role in a little box office franchise you may have heard of, it's called "divergent." and the big screen adaptation of the big selling novel "the fault in our stars" about two cancer stricken teens who fall in love. one of my favorites. now in her latest film, oliver stone's "snowden," the 24-year-old plays lindsay is the real-life girlfriend of nsa whistleblower edward snowden. take a look. >> smart conservatives make me so mad. >> probably because you don't like hearing the truth. >> you are a very frustrating
10:41 am
individual. you know that. how am i going to make you see? >> i can see just fine, thank you. >> not bad. >> no, that did nothing for me. tastes like liberal. >> and we're so happy to have you here. >> hi. >> hi. >> i've seen the film and i really, really enjoyed it. i think edward snowden is the type of person that when the news broke, you either had a reaction right away like, what a patriot, he's a whistleblower, or what a traitor. he sold out his country. >> you were interested in this story from the beginning yourself, weren't you? >> i was, yeah. fascinating, intrigued and deeply affected the way i lived my life. the thing like you were just mentioning, this movie really shows us how quick as a society
10:42 am
we are to judge based off narratives that don't belong to the actual subject, right. >> because we didn't know much about him humanly. we just know what he did. >> yeah, exactly. >> he didn't deny that he did it. you bring humanity to him in my estimation. >> did you learn a lot about this? i love to know that you were already interested in it. which is great. did you learn a lot about him and his life through this? >> i learned a lot more than before. before, like most of us, i knew nothing about edward snowden the human. i knew about edward snowden, the words of reporters and our government. so it was nice to get to know the history and the different trials and tribulations that he walked through that led him ultimately to make the decision he made. >> this is the first time i understand you played a real-life person. was that exciting for you or a little bit more hesitant about it? >> it was exciting. there's a certain pressure that i didn't experience that i'd never experienced before which is you want to do a good job and
10:43 am
you want to give a great performance but also you want to make sure that you're protecting the integrity of who that human being is, you're honoring them and doing them justice. so that was sort of this lingering thought. i didn't get to meet lindsay until three months into filming. the first time i met her, she came to the film. like, wow, am i doing her okay? >> she watched you. did she say anything to you about how you were capturing her? >> yeah, you know, i think it's probably an overwhelmingly trippy experience to watch someone pretend to be you without knowing you, you know. i can only imagine what that would be like. >> you just wrapped up filming "big little life," what a cast, huh? it's got reese witherspoon. >> nicole. >> nicole kidman. >> what was that like? >> it was amazing. i was just talking to the producer the other day and she's, like, it's amazing to see this series where women are at
10:44 am
the forefront but not trying to push like a pro-female woman agenda, just showcasing the lives of women. you never see projects like that. so i'm really excited to see how it companies out. >> when will that be out? >> i don't know exactly but i'm hearing early next year. >> how about eventually? >> yes, eventually. it will come out eventually. >> it's really a liriveting fil. "snowden" hits theaters nationwide tomorrow. >> all right, danny seo has your weekend tailgating party. you wanna see something intense?
10:45 am
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independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. all right, the start of football season, cooler weather, starts today. order the dish that will warm you right up. >> a one-pot chili that will
10:50 am
satisfy you. danny seo. >> danny and tailgating go hand-in-hand. >> that's what i think when think of football, yeah. >> he's the author of "naturally delicious, 100 recipes for healthy eats that make you happy." hoda was flirting with danny so she didn't read her words. hi, danny. let me fix you, baby. >> i'm got a brand-new cookbook. we're all cooking together. >> i never cooked with you. how do we make this? >> this is the world's easiest one pot 20-minute chili. the secret ingredient -- every dish in the book has a hero ingredient and this is grass-fed beef. >> why is that the hero? >> because cows are eating grass instead of grain, it's better for the environment. also in terms of the beef, it's higher in content in omega for brain health and it tastes better too. >> and they probably don't have as much flatulence because -- that's true. >> let it go. >> the methane gas is not just
10:51 am
for the environment, hoda. >> garlic, onions, a little olive oil. cook this until it's translucent. >> which takes ten minutes? >> five minutes. then add the grass fed beef. we've got a wonderful combination of grass fed beef, onions, garlic. we add our hero ingredient, so we add our beef broth, thank you for doing that. >> you're welcome. >> the whole thing. >> here's my secret to making a cheater chili that tastes like you spent hours. a can of salsa. okay. or bottle. dump the whole thing in. this is my super secret. >> what? >> it's a can of tomatoes but they're fire -roasted to matos. because it tastes -- >> you like things spicy. >> it tastes like you made it for hours and hours but it's just 20 minutes. >> all right, come on down. >> we got our spices. chili powder, salt.
10:52 am
dump this all in. >> is he still talking? >> i'm still talking. >> we use or gabbic spices because they're not irradiated. did you want to try? >> yes, of course. >> we customize with cheese. >> i'm going to be good today. >> what do you think? >> very flavorful. >> 20 minutes. >> unbelieve be a, right? >> perfect amount of spice. >> for tailgate, people who come over at the last minute. >> delicious. wait, there's more back here. >> a vegen chocolate chipped cookie. the hero ingredient. >> what is it? >> so we are going to make this great amazing -- kathie lee. >> the other way, the other way. >> they're heating it up. >> we've got something called coconut sugar. this is really delicious, it's low into glycemic, it's healthy for you. we're adding some oats. this is a vegen recipe. apple sauce, baking soda, baking powder, a little salt. >> what's the hero ingredient?
10:53 am
>> the naturally delicious ingredient, two cans of chick peas. >> garbanzo beans. >> for a cake. what we're going to do is -- put this in. >> that's crazy. >> you know what i love about this. you know that liquid? there's a liquid in here, you don't want to throw it away, it's a great egg replacer too. so you can save that and use it for vegen cooking. >> want to know what it tastes like. >> chocolate chips. all mixes together. i forgot the vanilla extract. we add this into a pregreased cookie pan. >> that's fantastic! i'm shocked. >> vegen. >> i'm shocked. usually vegan deserts don't taste good. >> they taste like cardboard. >> fantastic, thank you, danny. welcome to the family. you'll be haeshing about his new show. >> we'll be back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc. the roast looks good dad.
10:54 am
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10:57 am
all right, we have a question, is it okay or not okay to share bed selfies? >> celebrity couples like jamie schumer and her boyfriend ben, gigi hadid and zane malik have all shared those kind selfies on social media. >> here's what we had to say about it. >> hoda, i think certain things should be saved as sacred for a couple because once you share it with the world, it's no longer just yours, is it? >> i say, i agree. no, it's not okay. i think some things should be sacred. >> we used the same word. wow. >> wow. >> doesn't happen very often. tomorrow, we have the delightful miley cyrus is going to be with us. >> plus, a big surprise, a couple of deserving women. >> and bobbi's back with ways to keep that summer glow all year long. >> and what to do about the
10:58 am
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and disapointed, you may not have captured the prize but what he is saying about his magical run on america's gottal le tale. donald trump reveals his medical records as hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. hillary clinton gets back on the campaign trail


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