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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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fighting back. the pastor and his family are met by a man with a rifle in their driveway. but the gun wielding man was the one who ended up getting shot. an exclusive nbc 10 story, an 8-year-old with autism is found wandering outside a day care and now his mom is demanding answers. officially recalled. samsung's phone with batteries that could blow up are so dangerous, the federal government is now stepping in. nbc 10 news starts now. >> 6:00 a.m. >> fall is just around the corner. let's get right to krystal klei with the nbc 10 first alert weather. >> today is a day where in the morning hours you've been
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itching to break out more fall-esque clothes, you can do it. some parts of the suburbs are seeing 40s this morning. 54 in new jersey. check out the lehigh valley. ju at 47 degrees. 57 in delaware. the temperatures spreading from the 40s to the low 60s this morning with winds on the calm side as we're getting ready for the sun to start coming up here. temperatures this afternoon, 78 in philadelphia. the suburbs at 77 and new jersey also looking at 77 degrees. we stay in those mid to upper 70s through delaware. changes, though, for your weekend. more on that coming up. now let's go to traffic with jessica boyington. >> starting off on the schuylkill expressway this morning, we're still smooth sailing. we're not seeing major delays or problems or incidents. you can see both directions are okay. this is westbound. eastbound into center city, just a 13-minute drive time from the blue route to the vine street expressway. speeds just dropping into the 50s. we're still really high up.
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a lot of cars moving along nicely. in lower pottsgrove, an accident on washington street and mirvine street. new this morning, a pastor and his family fight back. >> they came home last night to find a man in their driveway holding a gun. a shotgun at that. that's when the pastor's wife took control of the situation. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in northeast philadelphia. >> vai and tracy, this pastor is thanking god and a gun this morning. he was right here outside this churchality pratt street and castor avenue. he lives right next door. he came home with his family, got out of his car and then a man walked up. he was lunched over and tried to rob him. the pastor, his name is robert cooke, he says this man pulled out a rifle and demand money. the pastor was standing outside
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with his son. he tried to grab the rifle out of the man's hands. the suspect is 66 years old. things took a turn when the pastor's wife came out.ç >> he hit me really hard in the back the head with the gun. swung it like a baseball bat. and then everything was like lightning for a minute. i heard my wife saying, drop the gun, drop the gun. i'm like, she's got her gun. he turned towards her and i said, shoot him, shoot him. and she shot him. it was extremely crazy. when we got our guns, we're like we got them but we hope we never have to use them. if it's there, you know -- if it ever comes up -- if it comes down to my family or him, it's him, i'm sorry. >> as the pastor spoke with us a couple hours ago, he had his own gun with him, this time both he and his wife have permits to carry. the suspect was found and
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there's a story behind that as well. he took off running down pratt street, after all this happened, he finds a moving suv and climbs on to the driver's side of it while it's going. he's 66 years old and tries to ride on this car. that's how he got away for a little while. he showed is up at aria torresdale hospital. the guy happened to walk up to police and say i've been shot. that's how this guy was caught. the family went down to the hospital, positively identified him. they're back home thankfully safe. live in northeast philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. police in south jersey want your help tracking down the suspect in at least three bank robberies. take a look. in one case, the robber pointed a gun at the teller's head. the suspect is wanted for three different bank robberies in bellmawr and lawnside. two of the robberies happened on wednesday. one at td bank and one at the bb & t bank on white horse bike. a pennsylvania grand jury is
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looking into allegations of priest sex abuse in the allentown and harrisburg diocese. state lawmakers mark rozzi of berks county said he testified before the grand jury that he was abused more than 30 years ago. we reached out it diocese officials but have not heard back. neither diocese confirmed the investigation but are committed to protecting children and are ç cooperating with authorities. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is slamming the lawsuit against the new soda tax. it was passed in june as a way to help fund universal pre-k. along with libraries and rec centers. sweetened beverage distributors will be taxed 1.5 cents per ounce. the american beverage association argues that that tax is illegal. the group is joining other opponents in a lawsuit to stop it from going into effect. the mayor called the lawsuit repugnant. >> we are beginning to defend this vigorously. we have every reason to believe we are going to win. we have to win. our kids depend on it. if their pocketbooks are more important than these children, they have to look in the mirror. i don't. when i look in the mirror, i
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feel pretty good. >> the tax is scheduled to go into effect january 1st. 6 o 05. 60 degrees outside. governor chris christie is asking the new jersey supreme court to change rules for school funding and teacher tenure. christie wants the court to reconsider a ruling that provided extra money for low-income districts. he needs that to change to proceed with his proposed formula which would split funding equally for every child. he also wants the court to give the administration power to break teacher contracts in order to fire underperforming teachers. a nonprofit education group will seek to have the motion dismissed. and the state senate passed a bill that will allow armed retired officers to provide security at new jersey schools. the bill includes an amendment recommended by governor christie that the officers should undergo school resource officer training. christie will have to approve the bill which was created in the wake of the sandy hook school shooting in connecticut. my child did not know danger
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or sense danger is very scary. >> this is an nbc 10 exclusive. a mother is demanding answers after she says her son who has autism was found alone outside his medical day care center. the philadelphia school district says one of its bus drivers followed normal procedures went 8-year)&d was dropped off after school on tuesday. but his mother, gretchen alfred, told nbc 10 she was told an employee on break spotted her son wandering alone outside and got him to safety. >> i can't take it lightly. if i do take it lightly, what happens to another child who is dead. i need ans and legal action will be taken. >> her son will not be taking the bus anymore. his grandmother will be driving him from school to the day-care facility. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we're starting with a live look outside in philadelphia. gorgeous shot out there, now that the sun is coming up. this is a session as to what we're expecting the rest of the day. beautiful weather. today will be very nice outside.
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kind of crisp air this morning. a cooler air mass moved over us, meaning the temperatures are lower to start your day. they're lower as you move into the afternoon, too. yesterday, a high of 80. there's another great shot of wilmington, delaware, beautiful conditions. you might want a light sweater. we'll be at 75 by 1:00 p.m., 5:00, 75 degrees as well. we're peaking between 1:00 and 5:00 in the upper 70s for philadelphia. in the pennsylvania suburbs, same situation. 63 around 9:00 a.m. mid-70 for you by 1:00 this afternoon in the suburbs. looking now at the lehigh valley, lower, 61 degrees, 9:00 a.m. by 1:00, we'll be at 73 and 74 by 5:00. into delaware, 66 this morning, kicking it off by the time you're heading into work, 1:00 at 74 degrees. sunny across the board here. we may see scattered clouds outside. this say sunny to mostly sunny days with those beautiful temperatures in the mid-70s. new jersey, the shore, low 70s
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as we move into the afternoon for the shoreline. breezy conditions as well. radar and satellite showing us, no rain showers. farther to the west, there's where we are tracking activity. see that thick blanket of cloud cover. you see the groans and çyellow. that's a pocket of thunderstorms that have developed. that cold front will be heading our direction. it takes some time for it to get to us. take a look here. your next five day shows us a chance of rain, thunderstorms move in. sunday into your monday, that's philadelphia through delaware but really we're looking across our region at the potential for those storms drying out into next tuesday. we'll talk more closely about what you can expect with your 10 day on 10 and more detail on your weekend forecast, saturday and sunday across the region. all of that will be coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, krystal. let's go to nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica
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boyington. >> pretty quiet for the most part. we're starting to see the morning rush make their way out the door. this is typically a 12 to 13-minute trip. right now we're at 17 minutes. nothing major yet. the southbound traffic, clearly heavier here. average speeds dropping into the 40s as well. we are starting to see some of the delay into center city. an accident in pottsgrove on washington street and mervin e-street. roads are dry. we're doing well. also out on the garden state parkway, keeping it in new jersey on the northbound side, there's construction. we're losing lanes again on the northbound side in between ocean city and summer's point around the greg egg toll plaza. that will there be until october 17th, vai and tracy. an apparent case of road rage caught on camera in ocean county. >> you can see a school bus swerving all over the road,
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6:14. good morning. here's a live look outside. 60 degrees. krystal klei has your forecast for your neighbor, coming up. the department of transportation is ordering passengers not to bring the recalled samsung galaxy note 7 phones on planes unless they keep them turned off. the faa issued a similar warning last week because the phones can catch fire. the consumer products safety commission issued an official recall yesterday which includes about a million phones. consumers can get either a refund or replacement phone.
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samsung received 92 reports of the phones catching fire. the lithium ion batteries can generate tremendous heat if overcharged. this car was gutted after the owner says a different model of a galaxy phone caught fire. if you happen to own aç samsun phone, go to to see if yours was in the recall. the iphone 7 plus and iphone 7s in jet black are sold out. they won't be able to walk-in customers. new phones have faster proces r processors, better cameras and longer battery life. 6:s15. another look at traffic. >> we're watching the majors, vai and tracy. we look great so far. not seeing major delays or problems to report. starting off with a more quiet friday. i don't want to get ahead of myself there.
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we're watching 422 around trooper road and the eastbound traffic in here moving towards the schuylkill expressway, just a nine minute trip from 29 to the schuylkill. average speeds dropping into the 50s. we're not seeing big problems there either. out in lower pottsgrove, washington street right around mervin e-street. elwyn train 5305 for septa running five minutes late. another check on your majors when i'm back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we'll be giving some of the temperatures in your neighborhood. starting out in philadelphia neighborhoods. manayunk at 55, andorra at 52. parkside at 53. the airport, sitting at 60 even. we're at 63 in center city. rittenhouse, low 64th and society hill and 64 in pennsport. bustle town down to 51 degrees.
6:17 am
some spots cooler than others this morning. although most of the philadelphia neighborhoods did not drop into the 40s. we did see that in some of the pennsylvania suburbs as well as the lehigh valley. your delaware neighborhoods, 55 for harmony hills. 58 in wilmington and reedy point at 62. we see the temperatures are for the most part also sitting inç the mid to upper 50s out there. lincoln at 56 degrees. right now and 67, a little warmer for rehoboth beach currently. temperatures will be moving into those 70s as we move into the afternoon there. let's look more closely at those temperatures, starting in philadelphia. the high today 78 degrees. should be a but full day. 78 by the way, perfectly average for this point in september. your saturday, sunday, we bump up the temperatures just a bit in the mid-80s. thunderstorms returns. we really could use this rain. we are way below where we should be by more than 4 inches lower than what we typically see by
6:18 am
this point in september. dover, we move into the midriff 80s by your sunday with the chance of showers, thunderstorms. allentown, lower 80s. this will be a line of storms, sweeping across the board. wildwood as well with the chance the rain. if you want to get down to the shore, 77 not bad on your saturday. mostly sunny. chance of rain does return by your sunday. forecast wind for today, light for most of us. if you're going along shore points, you will see breezy conditions with the onshore breeze. most of the winds coming in from your east, into the afternoon, 10 to 20 miles expected. a look at the pennsylvania suburbs, 82 saturday. 83 sunday and there it is. we don't escape that across the board. these showers, thunderstorms at this point look like they'll move in as we move afternoon overnight and ling near your monday as well. for the lehigh valley, 81 on your saturday, 80 on your sunday. south jersey, low 80s as well.
6:19 am
the shore at 77. and delaware at 82 saturday. that's the better day for outdoor activities. sunday you can do something with friends inside. temperatures will bump up just a bit in some locations here. we'll be at 84 sunday in delaware with that chance of rain moving through. on your 10 day on 10, 78 for your friday. does move into theç 80s as we w your saturday/sunday. we'll hold tight to the 80s. we're not going to get exceptionally hot. we will be above average. the overnight lows bumping back up to the low 70s briefly here. we move mid to upper 80s tuesday, wednesday of next week. back to 60s overnight, feeling more like fall and speaking of which, the first official day of fall will be this thursday, the 22nd. >> there's your next weekend, low to mid-80s for your saturday/sunday. >> krystal, thanks. now to decision 2016. an effort is under way across
6:20 am
pennsylvania to boost registration. civic and labor groups plan to fan out into places where registration is low. >> there are issues before us such as living wage policies, education policies, policies affecting mass incarceration and criminal justice and health care that disproportionately impact our communities that will be impacted if we don't vote in this election. >> the initiative is named for octavio valentine caddo who was killed in 1871 while trying to get out the vote. a look at dates you need to remember, the voter registration dead lane for the november election in pennsylvania is october 11th. in delaware, october 15th and new jersey the deadline is october 18th. for more information on how and where to vote, or who's on your local ballot, tap the nbc 10 app and look for decision 2016.
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20 minutes past 6:00 right now. donald trump answers some hard-hitting questions from jimmy fallon on "the tonight show." >> why do you want to leave your current job? >> hear how he answers that one, leaving the crowd laughing. plus, we'll show you what fallon does at the end of the r an a moon balloon blown by a typhoon rolled over cars. we'll tell you where this happened.
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y242dy y5yy (f♪ot steps) (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine)
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♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ♪ 6:24. "the philadelphia tribune" honored some of the most influential african-americans yesterday. rick harris was among them. congratulations to all the honorees. china's midautumn festival is in time to coincide with the
6:25 am
full moon. winds from a typhoon sent this half deflated moon balloon rolling across the construction site. it rolled over cars in the road, bicycles. the typhoon has prevented some areas from seeing the moon.ç instead, some areas set up inflatable moons to celebrate the chinese festival. a time honored tradition in philadelphia returns tonight. terror behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary is america's largest haunted house. terror behind the walls runs through november 6th. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on some of your cameras around the area. we're watching morristown, new
6:26 am
jersey, route 38. no cars east or westbound on 38. we're checking in with the schuylkill expressway, camera around 676 of the vine street expressway. we just had a disabled vehicle that moved away. it's gone. no big problems or delays. we'll have updates for the rest of the morning when i'm back at 6:30. right now, let's get a look at weather with meteorologist krystal klei. >> a beautiful shot of the nice day that's starting to come together here. we are looking at temperatures around the low 60s for philadelphia. for some of us still in the upper 40s, low 50s around the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, we'll talk more on temperatures this morning how we warm up this afternoon and a closer look at your saturday/sunday. all of that coming up after the break. a pastor and his family are met by a man with a shotgun in his own driveway. his wife ends up fighting back. >> he turned towards her.
6:27 am
i said, shoot him, shoot him. >> so she did. coming up, nbc 10's matt delucia describes the unusual escape the man made after being shot and how police found him. also, cost versus convenience. we'll tell you where free parking is coming to an end in philadelphia after two decades.
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fighting back. a pastor and his family find themselves looking down the barrel of a shotgun. so his wife took out her own gun to protect her family. 17 guns stolen from the same store. we'll show you the one clue police have that they're hoping will lead them to the thief. hair-raising moment. donald trump let jimmy fallon tussle his hair on late-night television. this is nbc 10 news. >> he's a good sport. >> that will be a moment to remember. good morning, this is "nbc 10
6:31 am
news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30. kind of a long sleeve morning. a little bit chilly. let's get right to krystal klei. >> it feels like fall-like weather this morning. we're at 47, allentown, coatesville at 52 degrees. some partsç of the pennsylvani suburbs also still seeing upper 40s this morning. if you're in philadelphia, 60 not a bad start. 54 in atlantic city and trenton as well. this is notable. those are your temperatures. now we're shifting to your change. we're eight degrees cooler in comparison, 11 degrees cooler in wilmington. 14 in atlantic city. you'll notice the difference as you step out the door. you can leave the umbrella at home. not expecting rain today, just a bit of a cooldown. we dropped to the high of 80 on
6:32 am
thursday, today, a nice average day for your forecast. we're right at 78 where we should be. things start to warm up for your weekend. low to mid-80s for your forecast. high temperatures and with that we are also talking a shift in forecast. today, sunny, mostly sunny. by your weekend we pull in chances of rain. we'll talk more about that chance of showers coming up. for now, let's head to traffic. >> thanks, krystal. in abington, hazardous road condition conditions. something is blocked. way attention to that before heading out the door. you may have to use caution when traveling through. lower pottsgrove. the platt bridge, east or westbound, a couple of cars heading out the door. a lot of our majors look similar as well. we're not seeing big delay on the schuylkill, 95, just typical slow ones into the center city
6:33 am
area. other than that, 95, moving through delaware, north or southbound. haven't moved at all, ten minutes from 295 to 495. speeds still into the 60s. >> thank you, jessica. 6:33. a passer says when he bought guns for himself and his wife he because hoping they'd never have to use them. >> late last night they found a man with a shotgun in their driveway and they fought back. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside the pastor's home in northeast philadelphrb to tell us more about what happened. matt? >> they fought back indeed, tracy and vise. the pastor tells me, if not for his wife having a gun and using it, his whole family could be dead right now. right behind me here, this is the st. james church here at castor avenue and pratt street. just down the road here is where that pastor lives. he lives next door, basically he tells me that last night he
6:34 am
was getting out of his car with his family when this strange man came up, hunched over and then tried to rob him. the pastor, robert cooke, he says the man pulled out a rifle, demanded money. the pastor said that he was outside with his son and tried to grab that rifle out of the man's hands. he didn't know what this guy was beginning to do afterward. the suspect is 66 years old. things took a turn when that pastor's wife came outside. >> he hit me really hard in the back of the head with the gun. swung it like a baseball bat. then everything was like lightning for a minute. and then i heard my wife saying, drop the gun, drop the gun. i'm like, she's got her gun. he turned towards her. and i said, shoot him, shoot him. and she shot him. it was extremely crazy. when we got our guns, we're like, we got them but we hope we never have to use them. but if it's there, if it ever comes up -- if it comes down to my family or him, it's him. i'm sorry. >> and the pastor spoke with us earlier this morning and he had his own gun with him this time. both he and his wife have permits to carry. they came home after being interviewed by detectives late
6:35 am
last night. the suspect was found. there's a story behind that as well. he runs off and then as a way of trying to get away down here on pratt street, he jumps on to the side of a moving car, the running boards of a moving suv. this guy is 66 years old. that's how he gets away initially. police were trying to check area hospitals to see if anyone came in with a gunshot wound. this guy happened to walk up to police officers at aria ç torz dial, find this guy limping around. now he is in police custody at the hospital. this family thankful they made it out okay this morning. live in northeast philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a burglar trying to break a case and get to firearms inside. philadelphia police believe the man stole more than a dozen guns. he didn't take them all at once. instead, he hit up the same store in mayfair, three times in three weeks. the latest burglary was wednesday at the jh lock gun shop on rolle avenue.
6:36 am
neighbors say they've seen police patrolling the area more since the break-ins began. >> that was an interesting morning. >> he's wearing a distinct shirt with the lettering king on it. we're hoping somebody can take a look at maybe his body language. >> a reward is out for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. this morning, we have new video that shows the moments right before a man attack a new york city police officer with a meat cleaver. the nbc 10 station in new york obtained this video that shows akram joudeh trying to remove a boot from his car. police officers approached him. that's when they say he pulled an 18 inch meat cleaver from his waistban waistband. two struggled. that's when he slashed the officer in the face.
6:37 am
two other officers were also hurt. yesterday's attack comes two years after a man with a hatchet ambushed a group of nypd officers in queens. a school bus driver is ocean county is out of a job after an apparent road rage incident was caught on video. it shows the bus crossing into oncoming traffic in lakewood while trying to pass a fedex truck. you can see the truck driver pulling into theç left lane as well, putting both vehicles across the yellow line. here's the man who shot the video. >> i believed a second or two later a car did pass in the opposite direction on that side of the road. >> the bus company said there were no students on board at the time and they have fired the bus driver. fedex said it's investigating. 6:37. 60 degrees outside right now from our delaware bureau. police say a man driving in the wrong direction died after crashing head on into a state
6:38 am
trooper's car. skyforce 10 was over the scene. this is on route 1 at the north little creek road exit. this is in dover last night. now police say the man was not wearing a seat belt and he died at the scene. the trooper driving the patrol car was air lifted to the hospital and that trooper is expected to recover. earlier in the day, skyforce 10 was overhead as a philadelphia police officer was loaded into a ambulance in frankford. he and another officer were hurt in a crash at cheltenham and frankford avenues around noon. their cruiser collided with an suv. two people in the suv were also hurt. they're expected to be okay, so are the officers. happening today, state lawmakers will be in philadelphia to hold a hearing on a plan to install speed cameras along one of the city's deadliest roads. the plan would place cameras along roosevelt boulevard to help reduce traffic and pedestrian deaths. the legislation would automatically ticket drivers caught speeding between 2011 and
6:39 am
2015, more than 06 peop60 peopl killed in accidents along the boulevard. the philadelphia parking authority is getting rid of free parking nights on wednesdays and first friday in old city. they say lack of parking and high demand led to the change. the free parking tradition was started back in the '90s in an attempt to revitalize center city. the ppa believes that goal has been met. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.ç >> our camera is a little slow to move today. camera is tired. it's friday. let's take a look outside cape may. a very nice start to the morning. we are looking at scattered clouds overhead. otherwise it will be a sunny to mostly sunny forecast as we move along. temperatures will be beautiful across the board. that beautiful sky to start out with is suggesting a beautiful afternoon as well. how about that? your friday, we're at 78 in philadelphia, mostly sunny. as we move into your
6:40 am
saturday/sunday. saturday looks good. sunday, a chance of showers and thunderstorms starting to develop. if you want to get outdoors, i would suggest saturday you do it. in the suburbs, the same situation, actually across the board, that's going to be the situation saturday, dry, sunday chance of rain. we're in the low 80s for your forecast highs in the pennsylvania suburbs. lehigh valley, right around 80 degrees this weekend. today, though, just reaching a high of 76 degrees. should feel gorgeous out there, very fall-like. new jersey, 77 degrees. saturday 82 and sunday 83. notice those overnight lows still on the cooler side with the 50s that we saw this morning into tomorrow morning as well. we are looking at those temperatures along the shoreline just a little cooler. for philadelphia today, we're at 78 and as we saw, we're in the 80s for your saturday/sunday. monday into tuesday is when we start to see temperatures dip a bit, still a chance of rain
6:41 am
tuesday back up 85 and we dry out with sunny conditions. along the shore, there's the temperatures we were talking about at 76 friday, 77 saturday and 81 sunday. sunday, that will be late in the day. this is going to move from west to east. meaning lehigh valley suburbs will see the better chance of rain earlier on in the day and that will progress as we move along later into the day, overnight in your monday. still a chance of rain as well. >> thank you, krystal. 6:41. 19 minutes before ç7:00. it won't be long before we start seeing the brilliant colors. >> yes. >> nice as you drive. >> kind of feel like that. let's check 42 for starters. jessica boyington has that for your ride to work. >> fall definitely my time of year. especially when you have an accident scene, you can approach and roll down your window. might have to do that a little bit. route 42 at route 41, headed northbound, an accident reported
6:42 am
out in bellmawr. approaching philadelphia, all of that traffic at a slowdown right now. you can see the difference between headed northbound or southbound. we're seeing some lane restrictions around creek road with that accident scene and, of course, we'll keep you updated on this. i'll be back in ten minutes with a check on new jersey roads. donald trump lets his hair down during a late-night interview with jimmy fallon. >> boy does he. a must-see video of the day. there it is. plus, hear what trump says about taking a pay cut to become president. and the way you shop at walmart could soon be different. we'll tell you about the tech change, the story is developing for shopping carts.
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6:45 am
donald trump's campaign
6:46 am
released a statement acknowledging president obama was born in america and crediting trump with getting the president to release his birth certificate back in 2011. trump's campaign released a statement after trump declined to say if he believed the president was born in hawaii. democrat hillary clinton's reaction to donald trump's latest comments on the birther issue came in the form of a question. she asked, this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? today, clinton will address an african-american's women's group in washington, d.c. >> come monday she'll be back in philadelphia to speak to millennial voters. clinton returned to the campaign trail after taking a few days off to recover from pneumonia. she joined president obama at a congressional hispanic caucus event in washington. clinton pledged to intdouse a comprehensive immigration overhaul in her first 100 days if elected. donald trump stump in washington and miami today. >> if between campaign stops yesterday, the republican nominee squeezed in an
6:47 am
appearance on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallen. take a look. >> why do you want to leave your cnn the job? >> because i'm sort of looking to make a lot less money. >> jimmy also took the opportunity to give trump a little bit of a makeover. >> go ahead. >> wow. jimmy's brave to be doing that. ejc it's real. if you had any question. hillary clinton meanwhile is scheduled to appear with fallon on monday. >> just a few minutes now before the start of the "today" show. >> coming up at 7:00. let's check with savannah guthrie to see what's coming up. coming up on the show this morning, the birther issue is back. it's become a renewed flash point in race for the white house. is donald trump changing his stance? he refuses to talk about it in a
6:48 am
new interview but his campaign says differently. in rossen reports, hackers using your computer's webcam to spy on you? what the fbi's director does to protect his privacy and what he says every american should do as well. and then, we welcome miliary cyrus to our studio. we'll talk to her about joining the voice as a coach, life in the spotlight and much more. when we come in like a wrecking ball right here on a friday morning. >> nice. that was good, savannah. >> yes. in my current condition that's not a pretty picture, let's be honest. >> you look great. see you about 12 minutes. >> see you later. >> thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're starting with a look at your neighbored hads right now. here are your temperatures. we are in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs here, 54 west caln township, 40 for unionville, exton for 51.
6:49 am
few of the upper 40s, north wales at 48 degrees, new hope at 47. some of us still hanging on to the 40s in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. same for the lehigh valley, actually. this morning, you've got that cool air that's kicking off the day. then to the jersey shore. the warm air that we see hanging over the shoreline is keeping us in the mid-60s. atlantic city, ocean city. upper 50s for us, cape may point. this is because we've got the warmer air that hangs over the ocean. the effect is that temperatures are higher along the shoreline this morning than if you go inland, may's landingç sittingt 47 degrees right now. we see some of us cooler as we move inland for new jersey as well. forecast winds, this morning, pretty light. 5 to 10 miles an hour. later today, that light sea breeze picks up. breeziness along the shoreline. 10 to 20 miles per hour. otherwise, inland philadelphia, close to 10 mile per hour winds this afternoon. a little breezier by your weekend, though, when we will
6:50 am
see the chance of rain. more on that in a minute. let's talk today. first your temperature is in the lehigh valley, kutztown at 78, easton at 76. same with bethlehem. into the pennsylvania suburbs. mid-70s across the board. newtown sitting at 77 and sunny. 77 in mt. airy with spine taking over the forecast. scattered clouds into your afternoon. trenton at 76 degrees for new jersey, haddonfield, 77 degrees in glassboro, in the upper 70s also. new jersey for the shoreline, avalon at 76. galloway at 74 degrees this afternoon and delaware at 78. rehoboth beach at 73 degrees. we are looking at those weekend changes as i mentioned a moment ago. more cloud cover starts to build in. that's way to the west of us. this front will pass sunday into monday. as a result, we pull in a chance of rain, sunday, monday, philadelphia, that looks good once weaver above the 're above.
6:51 am
atlantic city, especially into your monday. we looking at that forecast chance of rain picking up for your weekend. end of weekend, early workweek at 82 monday. finishing off your 10 day on 10, we start to warm up. 87 by wednesday. and that continues into your friday here with just some clouds and sunshine mixing in. by the next weekend, back to the lower 80s, partly cloudy conditions saturday/sunday. could see a chance of rain. at this point looking like the best chance will be this coming sunday into monday.ç >> our lawns need it, that's for sure. krystal, thanks. let's get you to work. we are continuing to focus on 42. >> this is one of our only majors having a problem this morning. we are watching the northbound side of the 42 freeway. this is our camera around route 41 in deptford. the actual accident scene is up
6:52 am
ahead in bellmawr just out of our camera shot. the important part is the delay moving by the xen that traffacc scene. all this traffic headed northbound into the philadelphia area. trenton, 295, big delays there. southbound traffic unaffected by it. that accident scene is over into the right-hand shoulder. blocking off the right-hand shoulder, the next lane as well. big delays here. i'll have one more update when i'm back in the next five minutes or so. >> we run down the headlines and the story we'll be following. >> a pastor's wife fights back against a would-be robber with a rifle. we'll tell you what she did to protect her family. here's this week's winner of our high school football game of the week, st. joe's prep at archbishop wood will be the featured game with 57% of the vote. you can see the full highlights tonight at nbc 10 news at 11:00. and then tomorrow morning on
6:53 am
"nbc 10 news today."
6:55 am
6:56 am
three or four minutes now before 7:00 a.m. here are some of the stories we'll be following throughout the day. >> a robbery suspect shot by a pastor's wife in northeast philadelphia overnight will be facing charges. police tell us the man held up the pastor's family, was wounded and fled the scene outside the couple's home. officers later arrested a suspect when he showed up at a local hospital for treatment. decision 2016 and the push to pennsylvania. hillary clinton is returning to philadelphia on monday. she plans to speak about what's at stake for millennial voters in presidential election. meantime, clinton is blasting donald trump for his latest comments on the birther issue. when asked gern again in presid obama was born in america, he
6:57 am
said he would answer the question at the right time, not just yet. trump's campaign released a statement saying he does believe the president was born in hawaii. state lawmakers will be at a hearing to install speed cameras on roosevelt boulevard. federal officials are warning passengers not to bring samsung galaxy 7s on airplanes. apple's new iphone 7 goes on sale çtoday. you may not have many models to choose from. apple 7 says the iphone 7 plus and iphone 7s in jet black are all sold out. they won't be able to walk-in customers. walmart is developing robotic shopping carts.
6:58 am
they could summon an empty cart which moves around using sensors located throughout the store. the cart would return itself to a coral once the customer stops shopping. we can't push our own carts? >> man, you have to start doing stuff for yourself sometimes. i like to park far away from the door so you get walking in before you get in the store, too. that's what you have to do. >> see, right. >> there is a disabled vehicle, maybe an accident scene, nothing too major. it is on the right-hand shoulder around the westbound side. around girard avenue we're seeing slowdowns in or around center city. nothing too pager to report. that accident scene is pretty much under control on the 42 freeway but causing big delays. we're seeing that around route 41 in deptford. big brake lights here. all of this traffic approaching the philadelphia area, seeing big slowdowns. now your nbc 10 first alert
6:59 am
weather. >> take a peek at the weekend once more. philadelphia 83 saturday, 84 sunday. we have a chance of thunderstorms moving through. no one is escaping that potential. it will be a line that rolls on by. the lehigh valley, 81, 77 along the jersey shore and 82 in delaware. today, temperatures lower than that. we are talking most of us in the mid to upper 70s for forecast highs for your friday. here's a lack at the 10 day on 10. 83 saturday, sunday, 84, we warm it into the mid to upper 80s as we move along on into your next workweek. that potential for rain is focused sunday into mo(v your next week, mostly sunny. >> all right. >> thank you, krystal. local updates throughout the morning and get the latest news, weather and traffic with the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. have a great weekend. the the "today" show starts right now.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. the birther issue is back. does donald trump believe the president is an american? his campaign says yes, doing damage control after trump himself refuses to answer the question in a new interview, and hillary clinton, facing a tightening race, seizes the opening. >> this man wants to be our next president? >> what is trump's strategy? we'll have the latest. burn notice. a new federal recall of those samsung phones blamed for sparking dozens of fires. this morning, growing concerns that other models could overheat as well. life in lockup. a revealing new look at what o.j. simpson's life is like now behind bars. how he spends his day, including


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