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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. why prince william is being called a hero today. and letting his hair down. jimmy fallon tried to ruffle some feathers but did something else instead to donald trump. right now at 11:00, fighting back. a man try todied to rob a pasto his family. the pastor's wife saved the day by pulling a gun. i'm tracy davidson. matt delucia is live. the pastor says he is thankful when you spoke to him this
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morning. >> reporter: right. he says he is thankful for god and a gun this morning. he was coming home on pratt street and a man walked up the street. what happened next is a story he'll tell for the rest of his life. >> my whole head hurts. >> he shows the bumps and bruises he got when he came home late last night, the victim of an armed robbery, one that took him by surprise. >> i thought he was an old man. i said how are you doing? he said good. i walked up on my porch and he yelled, yo, yo, yo and he had a gun. >> reporter: robert grabbed the rifle. >> he hit me really hard in the back of a gun, swung it like a baseball bat and everything was like lightning. >> his wife got out of the car gun in hand. i said shoot him, shoot him.
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she shot him. >> he ran, jumping onto a moving car to get away. >> highway patrol officers went and checked area frankford hospital to see if any shooting victims showed up and right outside of the hospital they saw a male fitting the description limping. >> the pastor now carrying his own gun believes the story could have been a very different ending. >> we got them but we are like we hope we never have to use them. if it comes down to my family or him it's him, i'm sorry. i don't feel bad about that. >> reporter: and the family went to the hospital to positively identify that 66-year-old suspect who is now in police custody. live in philadelphia, matt, nbc 10 news. >> thank you.
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the crash blocked flowertown road near joshua road. we don't know what lead up to that crash. let's check the rest of the roads in the area right now. we'll go to francesca ruscio . >> yes. this is significant because of this accident that happened at the accident at flowertown and joshua road. it looked pretty good as an alternate to bypass that. you see bumper to bumper traffic. hopefully some of this will be clearing up as the day progresses. this is within horsham. there are delay that is were reported. not too bad. we are over new jersey. traffic is in the green, flowing
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very nicely in either direction. you're not going to have too many problems right now. let's take a look at mass transit. we are seeing delays every morning. i do recommend taking into center city as an alternate, tracy. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we are celebrating the 70s today. temperatures in the 70s. sunshine, blue skies. a live look at philadelphia. let's find out what's to come today with krystal klei. how is it looking? >> it is looking pretty good for us. a comfortable day ahead for us. it is feeling a little more like fall with the forecast here. we'll see a bit of a warm up for your weekend. temperatures will be back into the 80s. a chance of showers and thunderstorms. temperatures sitting at 73 in philadelphia.
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wilmington the same. upper 40s in parts of allentown. mount holly at 71 degrees. current wind speeds have picked up just a tad. this isn't anything terribly strong. wilmington 10 miles per hour. for most of us winds will be on the light side. radar and satellite showing us we are mostly dealing with clear conditions. may have a few spotty clouds. no chance of rain today. you can prepare for the 70s. you need to prepare for maybe grabbing the umbrella. saturday and sunday we start to see weekend changes. we'll talk more about the potential for showers and we'll take a closer look at how much higher temperatures rise in the days to come. >> thank you. family members call it a
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miracle. a police officer is out of the hospital less than two weeks after he was shot in the head. officer job fidel waived as they wheeled him out yesterday. he was shot on labor day weekend after he and his partner interrupted a robbery. a bullet hit his brain. he can already speak and move around with assistance. >> he made an incredible recovery already, a lot faster than we would expect. >> deputy police chief says it's too early to tell if he will return to the force but given his determination it wouldn't be surprising. a burglar throws gun barrels trying to get inside the case. he didn't take them all at once instead they say he hit up the same store three tames. t
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-- times. investigators are studying the surveillance video. neighbors say they have seen police patrolling the area and a reward is out for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. holding a hearing on a plan to install speed cameras along one of the city's deadliest roads. the plan would place cameras along roosevelt boulevard. legislation would automatically ticket drivers caught speeding on that busy road. more than 60 people were killed in accidents along the boulevard alone. drooiiving in montgomery coy will be a little more expensive. they will reduce fees by $5 a year starting in january. it's a fee philadelphia and several other counties already charge. they say the money will speed up road and bridge repairs and help
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make road closures shorter. get ready to feed the meter again. philadelphia parking authority is getting rid of free parking night on wednesdays and first fridays. the authority will begin enforcing those nights. they say the lack of parking and high demand lead to the change. it was started in the 90s in an attempt to revitalize and they believe that goal was met. the war of words continues, health ca what hillary clinton is asking donald trump to do after a hair-raising experience. plus in demand iphone fans swarm to stores to try to get their hands on apple's newest version of the iphone. we have our eye on the system sitting well to the west right now. it will mean weekend changes for us. we'll get a look at the rain
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coming up.
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now to decision 2016 in the push for pennsylvania. hillary clinton returning to philadelphia where she plan to deliver a speech to millennial voters. she spoke in washington, d.c. she joked that her recent bout with pneumonia finally got some republicans interested in womens health. she slammed her opponent for refusing to say that president
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obama was born in the united states and wants him to apologize to the president. trump campaign released a statement saying this mr. trump agrees the president was born in america. trump was also in washington this morning. this is a campaign event honoring veterans happening at his brand new hotel. trump is expected to comment on that controversy. we'll continue to monitor this event and let you know what he has to say. hallie jackson has the latest on the campaign. >> reporter: overnight a spokesperson now claiming trump brought closure to the issue in 2011. having obtained president obama's birth certificate when others could not mr. trump believes president obama was born in the united states. less than 48 hours ago the
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washington post asked trump if he believed president obama was born in hawaii. the response, i'll answer that question at the right time, trump said. i don't want to answer it yet. trump's team also incorrectly blaming hillary clinton's campaign for obama berirth rumo. >> he wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> reporter: clinton meeting backstage with president obama. back on the campaign trail for the first time since her pneumonia diagnosis came out. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well.
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>> reporter: trump says i'm a respectful person. that mean i'm going to stay there. he is saying he is try to go curb his controversial comments. >> you say some shocking things. >> i'm trying not to. >> that interview turning messy and memorable. >> can i mess your hair up? [ cheers and applause ] >> donald trump everybody. i'll do it as well. >> that was hallie jackson reporting. happening today in the pennsylvania race katie will get a campaign boost from bernie sanders. sanders says mcginty would be a welcomed voice on capitol hill. election day is november 8th.
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for more information on how and where to vote, who is on your local ballot tap the nbc 10 app and look for decision 2016. this morning we have new video that shows the moments before a man attack add police officer with a cleaver. we obtained this video showing him trying to remove a boot from his car. two officers confronted him and he pulled out an 11 inch meat cleaver from his waistband. an off duty detective tackled him. the two struggled and he slashed the detective in the face. he is in the hospital. the off duty officer listed in critical condition. yesterday's attack comes two years after a man with a hatchet attacked police officers.
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police officers shot and killed that suspect. new iphones went on sale this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> people cheered as shoppers emerged with the first phone. the new model features improved cameras and eliminates the traditional headphone jack. cook stopped to meet and greet buyers. steve jobs used to also show up there unannounced. we found this line of people waiting to get into the store this morning. apple says several models of the phone are already sold out. lines also long at suburban square in ardmore. people going to stores today also will not be able to get the smaller iphone 7 in jet black
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because that color has sold out as well. starting out with a live look outside. beautiful shot. not a ton of people out there but today will be a nice day if you're heading to the shore. we'll get to that in a moment. let's talk temperatures in your neighborhoods. park side at 73. many sitting at 71. you see fox chase at 73. summerton still in the upper 60s. some of us were right on the cusp of the 40s. lehigh valley we saw upper 40s this morning. kind of crisp fall weather. radar and satellite here. it is showing us in our area no rain to be had. it will be another dry day. you look a little farther to the
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west you see clouds blanketing. we see showers and thunderstorms that are popping up. that activity associated with the cold front will be heading our direction. it will just take some time into your weekend. now, on top of that, that rain is something we really needed. check out as we move through parts of the mid-atlantic we are tracking since september 1st in our neck of the woods, no rain so far. this lit up showing drought levels. if we zoom into our area this has been up grayed yesterday. now, yellow abnormally dry. the brown is considered a moderate drought. this is officially putting this under drought. this is through parts of southern new jersey and right up into new york city as well. this is something we'll have an eye on. it looks like we'll be getting some relief. let's talk average temperatures and we'll get to the weekend showers in your forecast. temperature trend here, set a record, 92 degrees, tieing it
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here for heat. big cool down with the cold front. thursday hit that temperature of 80. only 78 for your high. it is perfectly average for this time of year. finally back to where we should be. we will warm up a little bit. sunday we are tracking the chance of weekend storms. let's take a look at your weekend forecast here across your neighborhood. saturday looking much better in terms of dry conditions here. 84 sunday with showers and thunderstorms. that stretches across the board. it will move from west to east, this line of storms into the night even lingering on your monday. 82 in new jersey. 83 sunday. if you're going to the shore upper 70s to lower 80s. of course the rain more likely by your sunday late day staying with delaware with your temperature of 84 degrees. that forecast otherwise looks pretty good and dry following this sunday and monday potential
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of showers. drop a bit on monday. notice the overnight lows. they climb to 70 and back to the lower 60s. it is starting to feel a bit more like fall. sunny to mostly sunny through your workweek and into the falling weekend at this point it looks like we'll have additional moisture moving in with low 80s in the forecast. >> thank you. still ahead, you have heard the saying not all heros wear capes, some even ride their bikes. thieves try to break into a car and get a surprise they were not expecting. here is this week's winner in our high school football game of the week. you can see full highlights tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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next weekend the area's largest shopping mall wants you to come out, shop, sit and support a great cause. she is here to tell us about the first annual giving. >> the event is an evening of giving. it is a very special party in celebration of the opening of
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our expansion corridor and in benefit of the cancer center. >> so shop, sip. >> tell us about the shop and sip. >> yes. we are going to reopen the new corridor of the mall. every retailer and fashion shows. we'll have catering and beverages. stephanie will be with us. she will be doing some beverage pairings with our new restaurants. she has her skinny girl beverage line. >> of course she does. >> and it will benefit the cancer center. tell us how much you're supporting them. >> it is one of the most wonderful organizations in the city. we are matching the sales contributions up to $25,000. so that's another reason to come
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out. >> and you get to see the new part of the mall. what's it like? >> it is beautiful we received so many wonderful comments. it's classic. it's not intimidating. a lot of good food. a lot of new retailers. >> and what have the shoppers been telling you? >> great reviews. we have a lot of people thwho he come in. they are so thrilled. we have brought in already 30 new retailers and restaurants from outside of the area first to market and luxury source. others are a little bit different, international in nature. great additions to the mall. >> what a great opportunity to see the new part of the mall and to support abramson cancer
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center. >> it will be a good party. >> yes. it is sunday, september 25th. put it on your calendar. we put it all on or you can check out the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here. coming up, a moon festival takes an unusual twist when this balloon rolls into traffic. we'll tell you more about this run away moon just ahead. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms.
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we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. turning the table, a robbery suspect targeted the wrong family early this morning. the pastor's wife saved the day by pulling a gun.
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we are live now from northeast, philadelphia with more, matt. >> reporter: the pastor tells me if not for his wife having that gun earlier this morning his entire family could be dead right now. he lives next to the church where he works telling me last night he was getting out of his car. a man was hunched over and came up to him and tried to rob him. the pastor says the man pulled out a rifle and demanded money. the pastor was standing outside with his son on his porch. the pastor try today grab the rifle out of his hands. the suspect is 66 years old and things took a turn when the pastor's wife got out of the car. >> he hit me really hard in the back of the head with the gun. everything was like lightning for a minute.
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i heard my wife saying drop the gun. he turned towards her. i said shoot him, shoot him and she shot him. it was extremely crazy. when we got our guns we got them but we hope we never have to use them. if it ever comes up, if it comes down to my family or him, it's him, i'm sorry. >> reporter: as the pastor spoke with us earlier he had his own gun with him. at the time it all happened they do have permits to carry. the suspect was found a short time later. the pastor tried to trachase th guy down the street. he ended up jumping into a moving suv. that's how he was able to get away. he showed up about a mile away from here. police were searching area hospital to see if a guy showed up with a gunshot wound to his leg. they found him and caught him.
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the family went over and positively identified him. right now they are happy they are safe this morning. live in northeast, philadelphia. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. well, it's starting to feel like fall in the air. it will be a beautiful night for baseball. let's find out more about the forecast for this evening with krystal klei. >> yeah. it is looking like it is going to be a gorgeous evening for baseball. look at the temperatures here. we are at 73 in philadelphia. not expecting it to warm up a ton more. we'll look at that in a moment. suburbs, 68 our temperature only. new jersey right at 70. lower 70s with sunny to mostly sunny conditions. winds at this point not an issue. we move along the shore we could see breezy conditions.
11:33 am
78 in philadelphia for the forecast high temperature today. a couple of degrees lower than yesterday. everywhere else upper to mid-70s in the lehigh valley. we have got upper 70s which is perfectly average this time of year and we have clear conditions. radar showing us we have no showers in our area. maybe scattered clouds out there. it is going to be a sunny day. so if you can get out for lunch on the patio i say go do it. conditions will be so nice out there this afternoon. even into this evening as well. we are not looking at this potential storm activity for a couple more days. what we have got going on is this area of showers, thicker cloud coverage, a cold front hanging well to the west. it will be slowly progressing our direction. it is going to give us what looks like the best chance of rain we have seen in a couple of be weeks by your sunday. the potential is there but not
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until the end of the weekend. we'll have more and talk more about the temperatures all coming up. >> see you in a few minutes. now to the crisis in syria. they say bulldozers are clearing a main road to make way for aid convoys. it shows united nations suvs crossing the turkish border into syria today. u.n.n. trucks have been stuck for several days in the turkish border crossing waiting to deliver that aid. they are desperate to get help. 40 trucks are loaded with food for 80,000 people. they blame the government for the delay. >> security was very high today in slovakia. the remaining leaders are hoping to understand why groups opposed the eu, why the groups that are
11:35 am
opposed to the eu are across europe. protecting you fru phones that could unexpectedly catch fire. the agency is issuing a formal government recall saying the phones pose an immediate risk of fire and they should not be used. tom costello reports. >> hey, you tube. i wanted to post this and share what just happen today my note 7. >> reporter: what began as a big black eye is now an official government recall. roughly a million galaxy notes, samsung has 92 reports of cars overheating and fires and a jeep that was charred and gutted in florida. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard i'm
11:36 am
urging all consumers, all consumers, to take advantage of this recall right away. >> we apologize especially to those of you who were personally effected by this and we will work every day to earn back your trust. >> samsung blames the fires on the defect inside the batteries which operate at a very high 4-volts. >> the root problem is essentially that there's a lot of energy stored inside a tiny little device. >> reporter: they say replacement phones will come with different batteries made by a different supplier. in new york a six-year-old suffered first-degree burns when a samsung core caught fire. on tuesday night a car gutted by fire after another galaxy phone allegedly exploded. a man claimed he suffered second
11:37 am
and third degree burns. >> that was tom reporting. if you have a note 7 you exchange it far replacement or get a full refund. the department of transportation is ordering people not to bring them on board because the phones can catch fire. anchts new government study reveals cancer deaths among children and teens have dropped over the last 17 years. brain cancer passed leukemia as the number one killer. researchers say major advances may be the reason. boys are 30% more likely than girls to die from cancer. three children in new mexico turned into crime fighters as they stopped a pair of would be car thieves. surveillance showed them trying to rip off by tearing off the car's top.
11:38 am
three neighborhood kids armed with pipes and sticks ran up and scared them off. the car belongs to a minister. it happened right in front of her church. >> i said my god, these kids with so brave and courage use. >> we didn't believe him when he said someone was trying to break into the car. that's how he acts. >> the minister's car has been broken into three times now but she was glad to have her three guardian angels there this time. prince william helped a british dignitary who fell over. they made an official visit to a school. the dignitary was reportedly unhurt. they were at the school to promote the heads together campaign which helps people with mental illness. former house speaker john boehner has gone to work for the tobacco industry. he has joined tobacco joint
11:39 am
reynol reynolds. he smokes camel ultra lights. he served as the 53rd speaker of the house of representatives from 2011 through 2015. time to coincide with the full moon but drivers this year got a look at a rolling moon. check it out. winds from a typhoon send the half deflated noon rolling across a construction site and rolled over cars too. it prevented some from seeing the actual moon so some cities set up inflatable moons to set up the chinese festival. avoiding the data drain. using the smart phone apps can be fun but it can also come with a big price tag. and with your first alert forecast we are talking weekend changes. great forecast for your friday. we'll have details on that and
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your saturday and sunday coming up. i'm jim rosenfield. join me sunday when we hear from john who is running for republican general. and you may not know it but you have likely given permission for others to read that e-mail. >> they try to match it with maybe some of your web searches. >> plus what doctors really know about the health benefits of medical marijuana, hint, very little. that's sunday morning at 11:30 following meet the press only on nbc 10.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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breaking news right now. authorities made an arrest in connection with a shooting death of an eight-year-old girl last month. prosecutors say they have charged a 35-year-old woman with hindering the investigation by giving a false alibi for a person of interest in the case. she was killed on south 8th street on august 24th. police are still looking for her killer. the numbers are staggering. last year in philadelphia more than 700 people died from drug overdoses. it is more than twice the number of people that died in homicides. the numbers continue to climb. thousands will try to tackle addiction and support loved ones one step at a time.
11:44 am
bev beverly is here with sabrina who has recovered from addiction and they are here to talk about proact philadelphia recovery walks. thanks for being her. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us about the organization. >> okay. so it is a grass roots initiative founded by the council of southeast pennsylvania. we are a 41-year-old advocacy organization. it was developed 18 years ago in order to put a face and voice on recovery and really have that voice being able to be a force, if you will, to really try to deal with stigma and to deal with some of the advocacy and discrimination issues that effect individuals and families struggling with addiction. >> and there has been so much
11:45 am
attention to heroin and opiods. >> tell me about it. >> we are helping people access and sustain long-term recovery. some times it's figuring out what they want to do or need to do. the other is how do i manage my recovery in the long haul? >> one day at a time. >> yes or having a planned way to do it. we are looking differently at addiction than we had before. treatment is wonderful and important but you need to look at the community. how do i do that? it is helping people with a plan like diabetes or hypertension or some of the other illnesses that you really need to have support and education in how to sustain that recovery and how to manage
11:46 am
your recovery? >> tell us a little bit about your story and why you're walking. >> well, i am a person in recover rhode island i have br n recove recovery. i walk because i want to see change. i want to see thousands of people come together in a family unit and saying hey, recovery does work. >> and you want to sort of raise awareness about what is a disease. >> yes. >> tell me about that. >> well, being a person in recovery, i went through some things in my life that lead me to crack cocaine. it pretty much ruined my life. i wanted to change. in order for me to change some things had to happen. i had been arrested a couple of times. sitting there in a jail cell is
11:47 am
just -- it just kind of opened my mind up like this is not what i want to do for the rest of my life. i came to proact and i felt love. i felt like a sense of belonging. this is where i needed to be. i have been striving ever since. i have been stable for a change. >> uh-huh. >> i have been at my job for 13 years and i have -- my children are back in my life. i have seven grandchildren that i love dearly. the faithful recovery is what you see now. >> congratulations on that. i'm sure you inspire a lot of other people to say, look, this is -- what you were just talking about, it can be done if you have plans and support. let me tell our viewers about pro-act philadelphia recovery
11:48 am
walk 2016. it starts tomorrow. registration begins at 7:00 and the walk starts at 9:00. you can get more on or check out the nbc 10 app. good luck tomorrow. >> thank you. these days most cell phones use up a lot of data in most ways you don't even realize. mark shows us there are ways to cut back. >> time was stat us updates for composed in simple tech. now posting picks and even live feeds can devour smart phone data plans. one way to conserve data is by uploading over a wifi connection. browsing apps can also be a drain with video posts and adds playing automatically. >> videos really the data hog. snap chat, twitter, facebook have video content that get automatically loaded in.
11:49 am
you can change social media auto play. other apps can take away data too even when you're not using them. >> you'll be surprised how many different apps are using background refresh. >> limit app updates and background refreshes for wifi only. you may also be sending lots of date to to the cloud. >> it can be big users of data especially the more we live in the cloud and the more you keep information up there. >> simply turn off cloud services. many offer wifi assist. >> i did just fine for years just being on wifi when there's wifi and using cellular when there isn't. >> nbc 10 news. walmart shoppers may soon be
11:50 am
able to use robotic shopping carts. customers could use a hand held device to summon an empty cart which moves around. the cart would even return itself to a corral once the customer is done shopping. and we are starting with a look at your neighborhoods right now. temperatures just breaking into the lower 70s in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs here. sitting at 71 unionville. look at west township. 69 degrees out there. we have not even made it to the 70s yet. this is just making it to 70. temperatures out there slow to warm. some areas a little warmer than others. we are looking at a big increase from this morning. in some parts of the pennsylvania suburbs we saw
11:51 am
mid-to upper 40s. it was did i haefinitely a cris morning. we have got here a very clear picture. it's about all we are going to get. temperatures moving into the mid-to upper 70s for forecast highs. we start to see changes as we move into your weekend. forecast not anything to write home about. 5 to 10 miles per hour inland. closer to 10 to 20 miles per hour winds. some breeziness. this will be a very nice day in terms of your temperatures, winds and sky conditions. here is a look at your temperatures. 78 degrees. bethlehem at 76. suburbs 76 for phoenixville. plenty of sunshine to go around today. in philadelphia 78 degrees the
11:52 am
forecast high temperature delaware at 70. we should see the forecast high capped in the lower 70s. it's all about the weekend changes. up next a big story for us. we have not seen rain since september 1st. we now see parts of philadelphia county in that moderate drought classification. it is important that we are finally seeing that potential bump up sunday into monday. in dover you can see that increasing. redding and lehigh will see showers moving through. everywhere even along the shore we'll see that potential bump up on into your early next workweek.
11:53 am
83 your temperature. sunday at 84. there is the chance of storms we are talking about. continue through your monday as well. mid-to upper 80s. notice those lows. low to mid-60s. this is really starting to feel like fall. it is officially your thursday. we move into your weekend and we see a little more moisture returning to the forecast as well. we'll be right back.
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donald trump, here is what he had to say. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. >> trump also incorrectly blamed hillary clinton's 2008 campaign for starting the controversy. we have a chance of rain that doesn't hit until sunday. saturday is the day to get outdoors.
11:57 am
>> thanks for watching. i'm tracy davidson. have a great day and a great weekend.
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when it comes to risking social sepat toomey wrote the book. .. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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[ominous music] ♪ [cell phone rings] [cell phone beeps] >> chad: kate? >> kate: [sighs] chad. i-i saw him. earlier today, i saw clyde. >> chad: did you call the police? >> kate: yes! yes. hope and rafe just left, but they--they didn't take me seriously, okay? i have--i have security coming. but listen to me. i need you to be safe. i know that clyde is gonna blame you for what happened to ben. who knows what he's gonna do? [thud] ♪ what was that? >> steve: well, i'm gonna head over to the house. i won't be long. >> kayla: take your time. >> steve: i know how you hate


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