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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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prime time protest. eagles players plan a statement during the national anthem on monday night. how kaepernick's stand is now spreading to philadelphia. washed up. a 20-ton whale down the shore. how it got here on the sand and how crews plan to get it off.
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and a rent revolt. fed up tenants refusing to pay for their apartments. what a rent strike really means and what could happen next. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. make it positive. make it a positive message, whatever it is. make it poz fif. >> football fans reacting tonight to news that eagles players are planning a statement during the national anthem. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. safety malcolm jenkins said the demonstration will happen during the monday night game against the bears. he didn't say what the players will do, but he says they will make a statement about social justice. csn's danny pom els is live with details. >> reporter: we're going to flush this thing out overing the coming day. athletes from the nfl, and soccer star megan rap i know show solidarity. for this monday's nationally televisioned game, jenk ipz said
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some birds may take part in the demonstration. >> i'm moving forward. i'm sure that there will be guys that will probably join in. >> will you be one of those guys? >> most likely. >> so you anticipate this week in chicago national anthem, perhaps you and other members of the eagles will be showing your feelings? >> definitely. >> nbc 10 canvassed some eagles fans to see what they thought of a possible demonstration on monday night. >> i think, again, an expression of freedom of speech and i think it's an appropriate, if not relevant, platform to draw attention to these festering issues. >> i had a feeling it was going to go and go and go and go. i don't really disagree with it, except i just don't like the forum. i wish it could go -- you know, be done a different way in a different place. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick didn't break stride in his protest for social justice when i knelt for the national anthem on sunday. jenkins explained why no eagles
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joined him. >> last week we talked about doing some stuff but we wanted to make sure we didn't do anything to take away from the folks -- the families that, you know, suffered from 9/11. >> jenkins says he still needs to discuss exactly what he and his teammates are going to do monday night, but he doesn't expect anyone to kneel. jim, back to you. breaking news in bucks county right now. skyforce10 over this scene. a house fire in hill town township. you see the heavy smoke. firefighters say they are battling heavy flames here. fortunately, no injuries reported at this house fire. to another story that has people talking tonight. a humpback whale washing up down the shore. it appeared on the beaches in sea isle city this afternoon, drew crowds of people as the news spread. nbc 10's brandon hudson is there and found out what's going to happen next. >> reporter: police will be out here overnight to watch this whale. even at this hour, it's got
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somewhat of a crowd out here. the big question tonight is how did it die, and wash up here? it's as sad as it is unbelievable, a 33 foot long body of a humpback whale washed ashore in sea isle city, attracting a large crowd to the shore this evening. have you seen anything like this before? >> never, and i've been here 22 years. >> reporter: a long line of parked cars stretched down landis avenue as families came out for this rare photo opp. the news spread quickly. >> my son called me from up in pennsylvania. >> reporter: michael leighton told us it's surprising to see the whale on the beach, but he noticed the whales getting closer to the shore last winter. >> the guys were kind of squaca last year. >> the marine mammal stranding center says the whale is a young male and appears emaciated but not injured. although it washed ashore today, it died a few days ago. for most on the shore, this will be a day they won't forget. and for nancy prettyman, seeing
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this brought back childhood memories. >> when we were kids, we used to refer to this area as whale beach because whales would watch up here. >> reporter: after necropsy, the whale will be buried here tomorrow. in sea isle city, branden hudson. new at 11:00, renters say they are fed up with their apartments, and they won't pay anymore. tonight they are staging a rent strike. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas, live at the alden park manor apartments. is this something tenants can actually legally do? >> reporter: well, surprisingly, the short answer is yes. as long as tenants have major maintenance issues that are not being addressed. the history of alden park manors is what attracts residents. >> very rarely do i have hot water. so most of the time it's a cold shower. never hot water in the sink. >> reporter: but for some residents, the apartment is losing its allure as a large
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scale renovation is under way. >> the contractor didn't properly seal a valve, and the adjacent apartment. >> reporter: paula crawford has been dealing with leaks in her apartment for months. the living room can't be used because of work being done in the unit up stairs and next door. >> dealing with the office is close to impossible. the. >> reporter: headache is why jenny stewart and a coalition of renters decide to create a union and stop paying rent. >> the office needs to change to be better in customer service. property management needs to change. >> reporter: an attorney says the residents' actions are legal. >> residential tenants can stop paying their rent if conditions are bad, if repairs are not being made. >> reporter: when it was purchased just over a year ago, it inherited a lot of issues with the aging buildings according to a spokeswoman. a more than $60 million renovation project is raising concerns. >> it's at least once or twice a week i call and complain.
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>> reporter: those who did not pay rent this month received late notices saying that they are accruing late fees. now, according to the attorney that we spoke with, they would have to go to court to be evicted, but the spokeswoman said that owners do not want to do that. they want to come to an amicable agreement with tenants. reporting live in east falls, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. piece toll packing pastor's wife shot a robbery suspect who threatened her husband with a gun. police say this all happened last night on pratt street in northeast philadelphia. the couple was coming back home from a concert, and a man confronted pastor robert cook and his son, demanding his wallet and pointing what appeared to be a shotgun at his face. >> he hit me really hard in the back of the head with a gun, swung it like a baseball bat, and then everything -- it was like lightning for a minute. >> i yelled, i think it was twice, for him to put his gun down. and then my husband said, she has her gun.
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>> that was stephanie cook who knew what she had to do next. she pulled the trigger, shooting the man in the leg. police arrested a man fitting his description with a gunshot wound to his leg. police have made an arrest in connection with a case we've been following. a camden girl caught in the middle of a gang shoot-out. shakia land is charged now with hindering an investigation. police say she made up an alibi for a person of interest in the gabby hill-carter case. the 8-year-old died last month as she played outside her home. there's a $76,000 reward to find her killer. turning now to decision 2016. tonight donald trump alluded to potential violence against hillary clinton. it happened while he spoke about the second amendment in miami. trump called for clinton's bodyguards to disarm and then added this. >> take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to her. take their guns away. okay?
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it will be very dangerous. >> you might remember trump ignited a firestorm last month when he made similar remarks. he suggested what he referred to as the second amendment people may be able to stop a would-be president clinton from appointing liberal supreme court justices. that statement led to claims trump was inciting violence. the clinton campaign responded to trump's latest comments with this statement, saying in part, trump has a pattern of inciting people to violence, whether this is done to provoke protesters at a rally or casually or even as a joke, it is unacceptable quality in anyone seeking the job of commander in chief. hillary clinton says it's especially tricky for women to appear personable and serious on the campaign trail. in an upcoming interview on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon, she talks about that balancing act. >> the other night i was on a show and being asked about isis and iran, and i was serious. these are important issues that the country needs to talk about.
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and the republicans were saying, oh, she looks so serious. well, you don't talk about isis with a big grin on your face. >> fallon jokingly put on a white surgical mask after welcoming clinton to the show. she recently battled pneumonia. you can catch clinton's full interview on "the tonight show" monday right here on nbc 10. tired of smelly septa stations? a new coat of paint could be the solution. the new technology that could prevent people from relieving themselves in public. and as we go into the weekend, it will be a little bit warmer but also rain for part of your weekend. i'll show you the timing on when it will arrive. that's coming up next. america's largest haunted house returns for its 26th season. we'll show you some of the creepy new attractions this year. third president?
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he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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dozens gathered in old city tonight for the black family reunion. nbc 10 at the african-american history museum where this reception was held. the tradition began decades ago. it's designed to bring the community together. smelly septa stations could soon be a thing of the past. that's because septa has
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announced plans to try urine-repelling paint. philly penn was first to report the news. it it's called ultra-ever dre and it actually sprays urine back on the offender. in san francisco, they use it in their train stations. all right. well, get ready to be very scared. philly's most famous halloween attraction, it is back. opening night for terror behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary. nbc 10's drew smith shows us the brand-new ways to get the scare of your life. >> what time is it? >> reporter: it doesn't take much to get this crowd in the mood for opening night at terror behind the walls. >> how about some snarls? >> reporter: the setting helps too inside a prison with crumbling cellblocks. >> i still get a little freaked out inside this building. >> reporter: this year, there's a new hex challenge whereas a team, you have to find an
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antidote and escape secret rooms. there's another attraction called lockdown, an uprising of monsters. >> they're taking over cellblock 12. they're bending open all the bars. they're eating the heads of everyone in sight. >> reporter: the prep work is intense. >> this is about a 30 to 40-minute makeup. >> reporter: with a dozen makeup artists. >> in the movie industry, it would be a two-hour makeup. >> reporter: working to get more than 200 actors through a zombie makeover. >> they have to do it as fast as they possibly can. but as you can see, her whole face is covered. you want to give them a little shot. there we go. >> reporter: every detail counts when there are thousands of people to scare. you can feel good about getting spooked down here. this serves as a fund-raiser for the eastern state penitentiary, keeping the museum open year round. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> drew, making friends there. it's a good night to main howl
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at the moon. skyforce10 caught this view of the harvest moon. look at this. the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. the question is whether it's going to felony liel like fall weekend. >> beautiful clear skies tonight. yes, tomorrow morning will still feel like fall. still feels very comfortable outside right now. temperatures this weekend will be a little bit warmer than they were today. 63 right now in philadelphia. 64, wilmington. also allentown. 61 in coatesville. mount holly is down to 54 degrees. we're getting cool. overnight we're going to stay comfortably cool and also dry. going into the weekend, though, temperatures will be back into the 80s. so a little bit warmer again than today. today we were mostly in the upper 70s across the area. tomorrow, 83. sunday, 84. and we stay at about the mid-80s through most of next week. so it will be getting warmer again next week. but we're not looking at the 90s right now. rain will be in the forecast as
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we go through part of your weekend, but right now it only looks like sunday. so here's future weather. 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, just about mostly sunny to partly cloudy. it's going to be a mostly dry day tomorrow for your saturday. sunday morning, most of the area will be dry. we can have some showers farther north and west through the afternoon. our rain chances are going to be increasing a bit. that's 5:30. we could see some more showers trying to move in. sunday is not going to be a washout by any means but later in the day we have a better chance for showers and storms. there's monday, 10:00 a.m. i think by monday morning, we could certainly have some rain around for the morning commute. we're not going to see much clearing until we get to about tuesday. i think most of your weekend should be pretty good. live look at the radar. we are nice and dry. the rain is still well back off to our west. that's why we're going to stay dry as we go through tomorrow. it's just that sunday that we'll be watching for and more clouds when you wake up sunday morning. so your entire weekend forecast, philadelphia saturday, 83
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degrees. mostly sunny. lehigh valley, 81. along the shore, 77 degrees. for sunday, more clouds around in the morning especially. scattered showers. areas north and west could see the rain a little bit earlier in the morning on sunday. temperatures will be mostly mid-to-low 80s. then we go into monday, and the rain does look to be lingering starting off next week in the low 80s. but i think you can enjoy most of your weekend. ten-day on 10. there you see it, nice conditions for the start of your week, and we'll keep that rain around monday. but once that's gone, take a look at the dry pattern just kind of taking over with temperatures warming to the mid-to-upper 80s. danny. >> hey, sheena, thank you very much. ryan howard lives up to his moniker tonight in south philly but could the first baseman be a big piece of a phillies win. carson wentz makes a shop in chicago under the prime time lights. hear from the rookie on his excitement about preparing for the monday night spotlight.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, i'm danny pommells from csn. rookie quarterbacks are 1-15 on the road in monday night games since 1988. carson wentz will hope to buck that trend in three days time and is pumped up about playing under the monday night lights. >> you know there's going to be a lot of excitement for me and a lot of these guys. playing prime time football, i grew up as a kid and you watch monday night football all the time. it will be a lot of excitement. you know, i find every game exciting. i don't take them for granted. so i'll be sure to have some fun out there. >> here's a look at the kid today out on the practice field. the rookie was voted rookie of the week for his performance against the browns, and it's larry from listening to jordan matthews that wentz' tough ness
11:23 pm
has earned the respect of his teammates. >> this isn't, you know, like our little brother that we're trying to just move along. no, he's a starting quarterback in the nfl. i sat here and told y'all before, i was like the dude is a guy who carries himself with a confidence and goes out there and play hard. i don't think the game is too big for him. does that mean he's going to be perfect every time? no, but i know for a fact the game is not too big for him. >> at the ball yard in south philly, phillies opening up a three game set at home. ryan howard in the swan song of his phillies career. the piece can still live the hard knock life. gives the home fans something to sing about. 2-1 marlins. go get his album. he's a solo artist. right now is tied at three. we're into extra innings in the 12th, 3-3. up next, it is time for the high school blitz. the best of the best from our area and a busy day on the high school gridiron.
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stick around. our blitz highlights are on tap. narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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we have some breaking news out of west philadelphia right now. you are looking at skyforce10 over 51st and phantom streets where we understand multiple people have been shot at this location, and that includes a police officer. again, multiple people shot. we understand a police officer has also been shot, but at this point, we have no word on anyone's condition. again, this is at 51st and san som in west philadelphia. skyforce10 overhead. you see several police officers there with flashlights beside this building. we have nbc 10's brandon hudson also on his way on the ground.
11:28 pm
there you have a better view. one, two, three, four officers at least i count there with flashlights. there's five, six more. so, again, officers on the ground here. we understand multiple people have been shot. now you see a wider shot. numerous people on the street there. it looks like numerous police officers there at this scene. yes, numerous officers in uniform, working between these two buildings here. again, 51st and starnson in west philadelphia. reports of multiple shot, including a police officer. again, we have no word on anyone's condition at this point. we're working to gather information through hour assignment desk making phone calls. we also have sent nbc 10's brandon hudson on the ground there. dozens of officers have converged on this location. looks to be an apartment building on one size there on the left. another smaller building on the
11:29 pm
right. and officers in this alleyway between these two buildings using flashlights, walking in a line there. again, multiple people shot as we've just been finding out, including a police officer. we are working very diligently to try to find out more information on who's been shot, how that officer may be doing at this point. we have skyforce10 overhead. a very active scene here on the sidewalk with dozens of uniformed officers there. we don't know what led to this situation. and as we pull out even wider, you get a sense of traffic stopped on multiple streets here around the area of 51st and phantom in west philadelphia. and, again, lights down there on the ground between those two buildings. that seems to be the area where officers converged and were using their flashlights. whether they're looking for any evidence or they are looking for a person at this point, all of
11:30 pm
this very unclear. it is just now unfolding. we have nbc 10's brandon hudson heading to this scene on the ground. skyforce10 overhead right now. see if we can see any more detail as skyforce10 is above this scene. okay. according to our pilot in the chopper, they have spotted somebody on the ground in handcuffs. so it seems that a suspect is in custody at this point, and we've seen these officers working this alleyway with their flashlights. again, we have reports that multiple people may have been shot here, including a police officer. as we pulled out wide, i wasn't able to see any ambulances there on the scene, but i may have just missed that in the wider shot in the darkness there. we also have a photographer heading to presbyterian hospital as well to check on the
11:31 pm
condition of any of those who may have been brought to that hospital. there in the wider view you see these streets are shut down with multiple police vehicles in the area. we're going to continue to gather information, and we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero.
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once again, we are following breaking news out of west philadelphia where we understand multiple people have been shot, including a police officer. we are working to get more information on the condition of that officer right now. we don't have any information, but there you see officers running down the street. this is in the area around 51st and phantom in west philadelphia. skyforce10 overhead. again, multiple people shot here. we have seen numerous police officers on the streets and on the side walk. we'll continue to monitor this. check for updates on the nbc 10 app. and we will come back on the air as we learn more information. thank you. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guest -- miley cyrus, musical guest miley cyrus, and featin


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