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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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armed and dangerous. the search is on for this man. the fbi wants to question him in the bombing that rocked a manhattan neighborhood saturday night and they have just connected him to the blast at the jersey shore saturday morning. plus, new details about this explosion near a new jersey transit station. that blast happened while a bomb squad robot was trying to disarm one of the explosives. these incidents are affecting commuters in our area. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news, new developments in the bombings that rocked a manhattan neighborhood and the jersey shore. and just last night, five explosive devices were discovered at a north jersey
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train station. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. it's been a morning of fast developments. we have you covered. right now the investigation is focusing on one man. the fbi is looking for ahmad khan rahami. he is a 28-year-old u.s. citizen who was born in afghanistan. his last known address was in elizabeth, new jersey. he should be considered armed and dangerous. the new jersey state police have released a description of ahmad rahami's car. they say he's believed to be driving a 2003 blue honda civic with new jersey tags, d63-eyb. the nypd will hold a news briefing at 12:30 this afternoon. we'll get more information then. but here's what we know right now. heavily armed fbi agents overnight raided a building in elizabeth, new jersey, not far from the train station where the explosives were found. it's an parent. meantime, new york governor andrew cuomo says it now looks like this weekend's bombing in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood could be an act of terrorism with a foreign connection. and last night, fbi agents in brooklyn stopped a vehicle of
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interest. a government official told the associated press that five people in the car were being questioned at an fbi building in manhattan. so far, no one has been charged with any crime. here now is a live look -- this is a briefing going on right now. >> i'm not aware of any arms that they had. not aware if they had any or did not have any. >> there is no one from this location at this time in custody, in the city of elizabeth. when the fbi went to this place, there was no one present. so they're just doing a search warrant. >> do you know if there's any links to the car that -- >> that's all part of the investigation. i'm not so sure what's connected and what's not. i know this location is connected to chelsea, new york. i know that this location probably -- >> again, we're getting a briefing here, but we are expecting police to give us a briefing -- >> i'm not aware of seaside
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park. i mean, clearly, this could all be tied in together. you know, sometimes social media and the news media move much faster than law enforcement. and we're currently reviewing videotapes and place where the bomb was found and we're trying to identify anyone who had been near that garbage can sometime during sunday. >> mayor, what message do you have to have people of elizabeth, knowing this individual is being described by the fbi as armed and dangerous? and the fact that he lived here and would probably know this community better than any other in the tristate. >> well, if anybody knows him, i would be hopeful that they would turn in any information to law enforcement as soon as possible. i would also advise the residents of our cities that the city of elizabeth is open for business. the train stations are open, the schools are open, the business community is open, and that everyone should do what they normally do on a monday in september. >> were you informed that the investigation in new york was coming [ inaudible ]?
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>> yesterday afternoon, i was informed that -- through a text message, not to me, but to someone in law enforcement, that an investigation of chelsea was looking in elizabeth. but that's it. no specific address. it was during the african-american parade yesterday afternoon. the parade started at 2:00, so i would say it was some time between 3:00 and 4:00, that i was made known that they were looking at elizabeth sources. other than that, no addresses, no names at that time. >> if the curfew was going into effect, has it been -- has it resolved? has there been much contact or has there been much contact? >> yeah, fwhbecause they tried stay open after 10:00 at night and the neighborhoods would call the elizabeth police department and police department would have to respond and let them know there's a city ordinance in effect that they have to close at 10:00. at which time when the police came, they would close.
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[ inaudible ] i haven't checked the records, but it was an ongoing problem through the year. it wasn't something, mostly on the weekend when they thought they would get more business. >> and they thought they were being unfairly harassed? >> that was part of their lawsuit against the city, that it was based on their beliefs. but i attended the neighborhood meetings here, and also talked with the neighbors. that had absolutely nothing to do with it. it was a lawsuit and the enforcement measures had nothing to do with police, religion, or anything else. >> that is the mayor of elizabeth, briefing reporters, following the raid this morning and explosive devices that were found near the train station and the raid of the apartment nearby. agents went inside a hope above a chicken restaurant, but they have not been able to find the person of interest. now, let's review for you everything that's happened. here's a look at where the explosives were found. in new york and in the new jersey area.
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first, one pipe bomb went off in seaside park, new jersey, along the route of a charity 5k race to benefit marines and sailors. the race had been delayed so no one was running the route at the time the explosion went off. no one was hurt. then, a bomb went off in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. that was saturday night. there were injuries in that explosion. and last night, five devices were found in a trash can near the elizabeth train station in new jersey. nbc's chris malopallone has an update. >> reporter: a manhunt is underway here in the new york city area as police and the fbi look to question a person they believe might be connected to the bomb that exploded here saturday night and a series of explosive devices found in a trash can in elizabeth, new jersey, early this morning. they say he is 28-year-old ahmad rahami from elizabeth, new jersey. police believe he might be connected to these crimes, because they say they spotted him, they believe, in surveillance video shot both at
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the scene of this bombing, and on 27th street, where an unexploded device was discovered later saturday night. police right now are checking an apartment in elizabeth, where they believe that rahami might have lived. they're looking for evidence there. they are also questioning five people who were stopped in a car on the verrazano bridge between staten island and brooklyn last night. this is a quickly moving investigation and police are looking for that man and need the public's help to find him. that's the story in new york city, i'm chris pallonepallone, news. >> thanks, chris. we have live team coverage. we're live in seaside park ocean county, but we begin with monique braxton live in elizabeth right now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, tracy. we're about a block away from the home of ahmad khan rahami. you can see flashing lights just over my shoulder. this is where the fbi is
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searching his home above a restaurant. and we've also been hearing reports that the restaurant, a chicken restaurant, so owned by his family. we're awaiting confirmation of that. but this location is about one mile away from the train station. nbc news has learned from multiple later sources, the suspicious device that exploded outside a pub in elizabeth overnight looks similar to the one that exploded saturday down in seaside park bomb squads from the fbi -- >> if that pub was crowded and there was a lot of people there, it could have severely injured millions of killed many -- >> reporter: the mayor of elizabeth is speaking now. the backpack was found by two men, just 300 feet from the front door of a pub in elizabeth. when the men saw wires and pipes, they immediately went to
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police headquarters. right now surveillance tape is being reviewed here near rahami's home, as well as over at the train station. we can also tell you that for a few hours, new jersey transit service and even some of the service of the amtrak's northeast corridor have been suspended, but everything is back in operation at this time. we're going to be here and monitor the situation in elizabeth and have the very latest for you in about 30 minutes. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thanks for the update. now, the first explosive discovered happened along the jersey shore, an event benefiting military members may have been the target. nbc 10's christian kcazares is live. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the new jersey state police and they are assisting in this investigation which we now know is headed by the fbi. take a look at the site here behind me. this is basically where the
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trash can was located, here at the corner of "d" street and north ocean avenue, where today, as you can see, u.s. flags have been placed in replacement by local residents. this happened around 9:30 saturday morning, according to police, just as the charity 5k was about to begin. that's when the trash can exploded, fortunately, the blast did not cause any injuries. now, the fbi is searching for 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami, a u.s. citizen and resident from elizabeth, new jersey, in connection to this and those other explosions in new york city and elizabeth over the last 48 hours. we know several agencies were here on site on saturday, including the fbi, the new jersey state police, ocean county sheriff's department among others. now, we just got here to the scene and we're waiting to hear back from some of the agencies that were involved in this investigation. and we'll get you that information as soon as that information becomes available. this is the latest from seaside new jersey. christian cazares, nbc 10 news. >> president obama will make a
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statement from new york city at 11:30. in just about 20 minutes, we'll bring you that live. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the investigations into these explosive devices. we'll have updates on-air and online with the nbc 10 app and on now to decision 2016. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will be in philadelphia to speak to millennials at temple university in less than an hour from now. the event is open to the public. clinton's visit is certainly having impacts on the roads. let's check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. what are you seeing right now? >> we are paying attention to that speech hillary clinton will be making at temple university. no closures were released so far for the morning because of this speech. but we'll expect some delays as the motorcade moves through the area. right now broad street is looking a little jammed anyway. so definitely add that, within the next 45 minutes or so, or as her arrival is underway. we'll see some delays there
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through the city. watching wet roads here. mostly seeing the volume through center city and the vine street expressway. moving along just fine. but the biggest story of the day is how everything was affected this morning with mass transit. everything has resumed for new jersey transit and amtrak, but they're subject to about 60-minute delays for the northeast corridor, the new jersey coastline, the reardon valley line and midtown direct lines. so subject to 60-minute delays. that's not necessarily in effect yet but definitely plan your trip accordingly this morning, tracy. >> jessica, thanks. we continue to follow that breaking news for you. fbi agents searching an apartment in north jersey that is tied to a man wanted for questioning in the new york city bombing and the explosives found in seaside park. an incident this morning near a train station is having an impact on commuters in our area. up next, we'll check in live with nbc 10's matt delucia. he is live at 30th street station. plus, a look at extra security measures that are in place in new york city right now
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as the u.n. general assembly is scheduled to meet following the explosion in the chelsea neighborhood in manhattan. president obama will be there and he will be speaking in about 15 minutes. we'll have that for you live. and we've been tracking rain throughout your morning. still a lot to look at on our radar. we're going to take a look at what to expect the rest of today and when we start to dry out, coming up.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. back now with another look at the man the fbi wants to talk
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to in connection with the weekend bombings in new york and north jersey. is name is ahmad khan ra khamenei, a 28-year-old u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. his last known address is not far from where five explosive devices were found at the elizabeth train station overnight. he may be driving a blue 2003 honda civic. president obama is expected to make a statement around 11:30 this morning, in about 15 minutes. we'll bring that you you live when it happens. the explosive discovery had an impact on commuters this morning, especially for those heading to north jersey and new york city. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at 30th street station with more on that part of our story. matt? >> reporter: and tracy, travel along the northeast corridor is still getting back to normal at this hour. i just went inside 30th street station a moment ago to look at the departures and arrivals board, and there is a train that is boarding for new york right now. so people are able to get on their trains. overnight, though, it was pretty
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rough for some commuters. >> taxis are charging anywhere between $30 to $40 a head. one man tried to charge us $100 a head just to get abuus into t city, plus a toll fee. >> reporter: yeah, lisa there spent more than six hours waiting in trenton while rail service on new jersey transit was suspended. buses were rather scarce until about 5:00 this morning. that is what they were dealing with in trenton. here in philadelphia, we got here through all the traffic on the roads and after service on the rails was restored to normal service, some riders had no idea about the incidents that happened in elizabeth overnight or in new york city over the weekend. all while amtrak police and k-9s patrolled the station. >> keep an alert eye on what's going on, keep my personal possessions close in case i have to run. you know, i really -- i'm not sure that i travel with fear. i -- it's everyday living.
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>> and septa told us earlier this morning that their agency is reacting accordingly with police staffing, but they would not elaborate on specifics with that. riders for now are just happy if they are able to get on a train. even better if they can get to their destination on time. live at 30th street station this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. security has been also stepped up outside the united nations building in new york city, as the general assembly gets underway this week. dozens of police officers could be seen patrolling outside the building. barricades were also set up. we're also just getting this information from cnbc, that a man has been taken into custody after firing at police in lyndon, new jersey, about four miles away from elizabeth, new jersey. that's from nbc news, pete williams. our sister station is reporting that it is the man they have been looking for. and as we take a look at this video, president obama is in new york for the general assembly
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today. he will meet with the prime minister of iraq, but we are waiting for him to address the country at 11:30. he is scheduled to speak. we just got that information within the last 15 minutes. and again, he is scheduled to speak around 11:30. we'll bring that you live. and now let's talk about the rain that we've been seeing throughout your morning. looking at totals, we've been under that moderate drought, normally dry throughout our region. looks like this is the numbers that we need to get out of that territory. check out what we've seen so far since midnight, these numbers coming in. 3.63 inches in leesport. 3.15 in cookstown. you can see where the heaviest rain moved the through. from a little over 1 to 3 inches of rain through the lehigh valley. then we go to heareas like bethleh bethlehem, over half an inch. same looking at rain today in
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philadelphia. close to an inch and a half in kensington. 2 inches, graduate hospital. and also at 2 inches in dora. and even areas like west mt. ari, over 7 inches and bustletown, over an inch. with seen some localized flooding in areas as a result of the heavy rain pockets that have moved through. it was a pretty steady rain throughout the morning. now those showers have shifted a little bit out of pennsylvania, but still hitting over new jersey and still a lot of activity sitting to our southwest. let's track what we've got going on currently. right now we're looking at areas like harvey cedar through atlantic city, down through ocean city to cape may. that's where the heaviest rain is moving offshore right now. but the yellows are indicating still some instead rain that is falling. the white you see is the thicker cloud coverage hanging overhead, which will continue today, and those light spots of green, isolated showers in through parts of pennsylvania. looking a little closer, the on orange is where the heaviest rain is falling, down towards ocean city. and even forward to the south, areas like cape may to lewis
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beach, getting a good hit as well a few minutes ago, radar in the red over parts of cape may, indicating very heavy rain there. make sure you're driving with caution, of course, if you'll be heading to the shore because of the fact that heavy rain can lead to some washouts on smaller roadways. now we've shifted into philadelphia. at this point, it's more isolated, spotty showers. and the same can be said if you move up through the lehigh valley, where no longer are we tracking the heavy rain, but more of those isolated light storms. still the possibility, though, for us to see those showers as we move through the rest of today. here's your hour-by-hour potential. keeping the activity on the shore through your lunchtime, then starting to break apart and really just pull out the potential for rain, as we move into the evening. there we are at 6:00. still some light isolated showers and that continues to move off as well overnight, as we move into tuesday. along the shore, delaware beaches, potentially some light rain, but it does not look as likely. so here is your forecast. those chances of showers today, going to continue through your afternoon. rain-cooled air keeping us at just 77 degrees.
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then we move tuesday, bumping up to 83 degrees. and those 80s, they will continue right through saturday, before we drop back down into those 70s, the end of your next weekend. >> crystal, thanks. we want to continue to update you on breaking news we're fog for you. wnbc in new york is reporting that ahmad khan rahami has been taken into custody in lyndon, new jersey. it's just a few miles away from where they've been searching all morning long and not far from the elizabeth train station where the explosive devices were found. we're getting new information, new video, waiting for the president to speak at 11:30. we'll be right back.
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-- to provide details. i think everyone is aware at this point that the there is a person of interest who is the focus of the investigation and fbi can give you further details in terms of how that is proceeding. i told governors cuomo and christie and mayor de blasio that they and their teams will continue to have all federal support as they move ahead with their investigations in tracking down every lead and working to keep the people of this city and of this region safe. law enforcement is asking for the help of the community. so to everybody in this region, i want to repeat what we've said before. if you see something suspicious, then you need to say something. contact local law enforcement. in the meantime, i would ask that the press try to refrain from getting out ahead of the
11:26 am
investigation. i am extraordinarily happy with the cooperation that's been taking place between the fbi and state and local law enforcement officials. they are moving smartly on this investigation. it does not help if false reports or incomplete information is out there. so, try to, as much as possible, stick to what our investigators say, because they actually know what they're talking about. meanwhile, i know that the united nations meetings here every year already create an additional workload for new york, but given the u.n. meetings, we also have a particularly high level of federal resources here to help, as needed. we're going to make sure that everybody is working together seamlessly, as one team, to get to the bottom of what happened. to find those responsible and to make sure that justice is done. meanwhile, while all of this is
11:27 am
going on in new york and new jersey, we're also focused on the stabbing attack at the shopping mall in minnesota. at this point, we see no connection between that incident and what happened here in new york and new jersey. our attention there is on the people who were injured. and again, we are very grateful that no one lost their life. thanks to the quick action of a brave off-duty police officer, the suspect was killed. and we avoided more people being hurt. i had a chance also to speak with governor dayton this morning. i assured him that we will provide all the assistance that he needs in the investigation. the fbi is investigating the minnesota incident as a potential act of terrorism. we will direct the full resources of the federal government to make sure that the investigation goes forward aggressively. and finally, i want to take this opportunity to reassure the people in this city, this region, and americans across our
11:28 am
country that our counterterrorism and law enforcement professionals at every level, federal, state, and local, are working together, around the clock, to prevent attacks and to keep us safe. they are the best of the best. over the years, they have thwarted many plots and saved many lives and we are incredibly grateful for their service today and every single day. we will continue to leave the global coalition in the fight to destroy isil, which is instig e instigating a lot of people over the internet to carry out attacks. we are going to continue to go after them. we're going to take out their leaders. we're going to take out their infrastructure. they are continuing to lose ground in iraq and in syria. and later today, i'll be meeting with prime minister ebadi of iraq with the need to sustain that momentum. as we take away more of their territory it, exposes isil as
11:29 am
the failed cause that it is. and it helps to undermine their ideology, which over time will make it harder to recruit and inspire people to violence. and we're going to continue enlist tech companies and community and religious leaders to push back against online extremist content and all messages of hate. you know, in moments like this, i think it's important to remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people, but they also want to inspire fear in all of us. and disrupt the way we live. to undermine our values. and so, even as we have to be vigilant and aggressive, both in preventing senseless acts of violence, but also making sure that we find those who carry out such acts, and bring them to justice, we all have a role to play as citizens in making sure
11:30 am
that we don't succumb to that fear. and there's no better example of that than the people in new york and new jersey. when i was speaking to governor cuomo and governor christie and mayor de blasio, one point that they all made is folks around here, they don't get scared. they're tough, they're resilient, they go about their business every single day. and that kind of that kind of toughness and resoluteness and a recognition that neither individuals nor organizations like isil can ultimately undermight unde undermine our way of life, that's the kind of strength that makes me so proud to be an american and that's the kind of strength that is going to be absolutely critical, not just in the days to come, but in the years to come. by showing those who want to do
11:31 am
us harm that they will never beat us. by showing the entire world, that as americans, we do not and never will give into fear, that's going to be the most important ingredient in us defeating those who would carry out terrorist acts against us. thank you very much, everybody. and as i said, you will be receiving, i'm sure, ongoing briefings from both the fbi and local law enforcement, in terms of the details of the investigation. >> president obama speaking in new york. at last check, that update from the fbi scheduled for about 12:30 this afternoon. and the president confirming there is a person in custody. there is a person of interest in these bombings. he also said that law enforcement is reaching out, asking for the public's help. see something, say something. the intense search for the man that the fbi was looking for, an explosion in manhattan over the weekend, that has handed. we're working to bring you new
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details as ahmad khan rahami is taken into custody. skpmpb and the push for pennsylvania. hillary clinton coming back into philadelphia. what the democratic presidential candidate has planned in philadelphia today. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors.
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in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we are continuing to follow that breaking news for you,
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surrounding the investigation into a series of bombings in the new york and new jersey areas. wnbc is reporting the suspect in those shootings, ahmad khan rahami was captured by police in the last half hour. he has been shot and is en route to the hospital. rahami is a 28-year-old u.s. citizen who was born in afghanistan. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the investigation. we're continuing to get new information and new video. you can stay updated on and on our nbc 10 app. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> you need your umbrella, that is for sure. and your rain gear. we are tracking showers. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei has an update on what's going to be the rest of the day. krystal? >> yeah, and we've been looking at that rain moving throughout your morning. your commute was probably a very wet one. the good news is, the heavier rain has started to pull out of
11:36 am
philadelphia, although it is still hanging right along the shore and through much of delaware now, you see still to our southwest, a lot of rain as well. so, as we move into the afternoon, the likelihood is we'll continue to see on/off storms, pockets of heavy rain possible. looking from cape may over the delaware bay into delaware, still the yellow and work showing up on radar, which indicates the heavier rain moving through. this is a very steady rainfall, as well, as it continues to pump along to the northeast. tracking those storms really continuing moving through along atlantic city, ocean city, as well, into galloway township and further inland. further inland, though, it turns to a light to moderate rain. that's the light to deep green you see, areas like winslow, as well. and out to grassboro, now we're talking cloud coverage, maybe some light drizzle in areas outside. the heavier rain has started to drop just a little farther down close to the shoreline in areas of philadelphia. at this point, just very light rain pocketing across the board.
11:37 am
that continues up abingdon, ben salem, and into the allentown area, actually looking at more light to moderate rain as well in small pockets. a big difference from this morning, as we see some measures of above 3 inches of rain near quudstown. 73 degrees, philadelphia, and 73, allentown. also looking at low 70s more wilmington. only going to warm a bit more in your afternoon. we'll look a built more closely at that coming up. >> now to decision 2016. presidential nominee hillary clinton will be in philadelphia for her push for pennsylvania. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live on the temple university campus if north philadelphia, where secretary clinton will court the millennials. tell us more, lauren. >> reporter: good afternoon, tracy. we are at mittton hall at temple university. and let me step out of the way. if you can see exactly where we are, you'll notice this is not a huge space. as a matter of fact, a lot of
11:38 am
these chairs that you see here, they were reserved for student leaders, campus leaders, not just here at temple, but at other universities around the area. drexel, penn, we saw some folks from lincoln university. folks who have been helping the clinton campaign, working for them, volunteering for them. and this was open to the public. here are some folks coming now. they have some overflow, but this is not designed to be a big rally. it is more of a policy address. and what secretary clinton is expected to be talking about are issues that are important to millennials, in particular, college affordability and her plans to have free college tuition for families making up to $125,000 at public universities. now, we have seen in recent polls, her support among younger voters actually dip down by double digits. we've been looking at some quinnipiac polls. we've seen those go down from august to september.
11:39 am
donald trump's polls with millennial voters, they have stayed about steady. where are some of these voters going? third parties. gary johnson, jill stein. we have seen their numbers come up. so secretary clinton looking to make the case here, that these younger voters should choose her over these other options that they have. she's expected to speak here in about a half hour, but we have actually already heard from her today, while she was in new york. she spoke about the bombing investigation in new york and new jersey and also, the issue of fighting terror and isis. take a listen. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular, isis. because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> reporter: that was secretary clinton speaking in white plains, new york, with this morning after taking off to come here to philadelphia, to speak
11:40 am
to this crowd. now, i've checked in with the campaign to see whether she might address terror issues, and the bombing investigation in new york and new jersey, while she is sheer on the stage today, they tell me they can't confirm whether that will happen. at this point, though, so we will be watching again. she's expected to take the stage here in about a half hour. for now, live at temple university, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thanks. and hillary clinton will be a guest on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. mr. trump, as you remember, was mr. fallon's guest last weak. you can watch her interview tonight right here after nbc 10 news at 11:00. now, clinton's visit will surely have an impact on traffic around temple university. let's get an update on that with first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> we're not seeing any definite word of a closure at this time through broad street, but there will be that motorcade area and all the area of broad street between cecil b. moore avenue and west diamond street. what they typically do as a rolling closure. she moves through and moves in and accesses temple university,
11:41 am
the roads will be closed temporarily at that time. they'll reopen while she's indoors. . and when she comes back out and the motorcade has to leave again, that's when they'll close it back up. so if she's speaking around the noontime and going to be there for a little, best bet, avoid the area so you don't see any of those residual delays on or around temple university. also paying attention to mass transit. all service has resumed for new jersey transit. just in case, you want to check before you go, for sure, for the rest of the morning and the afternoon. for the northeast corridors, the new jersey coastline, the raritan valley line and the midtown direct trains as well. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. meantime, donald trump will be back in our area thursday night. he will visit chester. his visit comes after winning a union endorsement in philadelphia. the fraternal order of police announced they are supporting the republican presidential
11:42 am
candidate. the philadelphia fop is following the lead of the national union which endorsed trump on friday. the group has not endorsed a democrat since bill clinton in 1996. and coming up after the break, we'll want to take a look at your satellite and radar. we are still tracking those storms out there. we'll talk about when they move out and the warm-up for the rest of your week, that's all coming up. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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11:44 am
donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. we are continuing to follow breaking news. our sister station, wnbc in new
11:45 am
york, reports the new york city bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami has been taken into custody after a shoot-out with police in lyndon, new jersey. we're told he's being taken to the hospital. here's a new picture, we're just getting this. we're looking to bring you a live report as soon as we can. we'll keep you updated on-air and on our nbc 10 app. now, it's an organization that has been helping the adults in the philadelphia area who have some college credit, who go back to school to complete their degrees. it's called graduate philadelphia, and it has a big event tonight and will celebrate the success of some very inspirational people. joining us this morning is barbara madalman, and she's here with a college comebacker from south jersey. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> barbara, for people who don't know, tell us what comebacker are, and i would probably say i am one of them. >> a comebacker is any adult with some college credit who wants to go back to school to complete their degree. >> and how does graduate philadelphia help them?
11:46 am
>> all our services are free and what we do is work with the adults and figure out what they want to go back to school to study. they can work with our partner colleges and universities or really they can go anywhere. and the goal is to get them to complete their degree in the shortest period of time with the least amount of debt. >> gladys, tell us about your story. comebacker, co-comebacker. >> yes, back in my 20s, i went to community college and i didn't finish. i kind of lost my ability to go, because i couldn't afford it. and i went through a phase in my life where i went through a downward spiral, got sick, and ended up losing my job and lost my home and suffered some areas of homelessness. and i was introduced to graduate philadelphia through someone from career link. and i've been -- i've started there for about a month. i went to a program, through a program that introduced me to some of the colleges and i was then sitting in school within about a month's time. it's been a great community. >> that's a great story. and now you get to tell
11:47 am
everybody else, look, if i go back, if i can be a comebacker, you can do it too. >> if i can do it, anyone can do it. i'm doing very well in school and i'm very proud of myself. it gave me a lot of confidence they lacked. >> well, congratulations. thanks for being here. i know vai sikahema, my partner, is also a comebacker and will be with you tonight. thanks so much for being here. again, it's a celebration of college comebackers and it's tonight. nbc 10's vai sikahema will be there. for more information, you can go to and check out the nbc 10 app as well. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, you may remember this weekend, we mentioned the u.s. drought monitor now had part of our area under a moderate drought. don't expect that with the next update, which will come on thursday. take a look at our doppler estimated radar rainfall here. you can see these numbers, pretty high. 1.6 inches estimated near the
11:48 am
philadelphia area. close to 2 inches out near vineland, as we move into those southern parts of new jersey. along the shore, close to 2 inches, atlantic city, cape may. 1 1/2 inches around dover and over an inch near allentown. some parts of the lehigh valley, up to 3 inches, that we are getting looks at. plus, very heavy rain that moved through this morning. still heavy rain in areas as we get ready for your afternoon. on our radar and satellite, it's dipped down a little out of philadelphia, but we've got all this rain down toward our southwest that's heading our direction. the rain is not over. it will continue into your afternoon, on/off storms expected. the yellows and oranges, that's the heaviest rain that's lined up perfectly with the shore. we're taking a close look into right now, parts of egg harbor township, galloway township, as well. ocean city, now under a more moderate rain, but it's very spotty that we see those pockets with the heavier activity. and it's going to continue shift along to the northeast. so if you're not getting the
11:49 am
heaviest rain, give it a half hour, and you may along the shore. lewis beach, rehoboth beach, cape may all seeing those very storms moving through and that continues right through delaware. we're looking at all through delaware at this point with showers rolling on by. then drop a little farther to the north, and we see it's more light rain moving through philadelphia. and some parts, near drexel hill and haverford, actually just with the cloud coverage, currently. we're seeing a weakening of those storms at this point in your late morning hours. as we move up to allentown, much of the same. mostly cloud coverage at this point. but i just showed you on that wider view radar, that we do have some rain that's directly to the southwest of us, heading our direction. the rain is not over. it is going to continue into your afternoon. here's a look at your temperatures. we're going to be trending up. today, the rain-cooled air, the clouds overhead is not allowing for to us get quite as warm as in the days to come, where we'll see more sunshine. 77, the expected high for us today in philadelphia.
11:50 am
same in dover. could see some isolated storms lingering into tuesday, although it's not looking quite as likely as today. then we see more sunshine your wednesday into thursday and that temperature trend on the up, those mid-80s through philadelphia, the same in allentown up to the mid-80s. and wildwood peeking in the upper 70s with a little more sunshine, as well. we now want to continue our live team coverage of the breaking news. a suspect now in custody in connection with those bombings. now on the phone, cydney long live in union county at the police station where the subpoena was just taken away in an ambulance after a shoot-out with police. cydney, tell us where you are and where what you know? >> reporter: to paint the picture, we're on elizabeth street near maple, a working class neighborhood in the heart of lyndon. we're about 7 to 10 minutes from elizabeth, new jersey, where the fbi was carrying out those raids on the home, the apartment above the chicken restaurant, of the suspect wanted in connection
11:51 am
with these bombings. to give you an idea of what it looks like here, we have agents with immigration enforcement, new york city police, lyndon police, lyndon fire, there must be about 100 officials on the scene here. and witnesses, tracy, telling us that they heard the gunfire, they heard the shots ring out. we actually happened upon this scene, coming from elizabeth, into lyndon, to get to the lyndon police department, once we heard that the suspect, ahmad khan rahami is in custody. we are now learning, tracy, that the suspect has actually been hospitalized. but we came upon the scene with all of the police, new york city police, again, lyndon police, immigration, enforcement, and are speaking to witnesses right now who were several blocks down as we were and walked down to this scene. the police, i can tell you right now, are pushing us back several blocks. we came within a block of where
11:52 am
we could see the evidence markers on the ground and understand that the suspect was, in fact, shot, but also a lyndon police officer has been shot. we understand that police officer was wearing a bulletproof vest, tracy. i just spoke to a sergeant, who was asking some of the people in the neighborhood, the business owners, as well as all of the media that are here right now, witnessing all of this. i asked her, sergeant, is the officer doing okay? her answer to me was, so far. so we understand that that officer has, in fact, been hospitalized, as well. we're waiting for officials here to brief us. but it is still a very active scene, where they are moving us several blocks away now. keep going, keep going. if you can hear them in the background. >> yes, cydney long is live for us in lyndon. and we have a live picture. cydney long is on the phone with us. cydney, this is new information you're telling us, a lyndon
11:53 am
police officer was shot. and i know, they're moving you back and it's a little chaotic right now. tell us what you know about that again? >> reporter: well, tracy, i just asked some of the police officers and i saw one of the police officers happened to be with lyndon, and it was a female sergeant, and she was walking back to her car, and i just said, sergeant, i said, how's your officer doing? and she said, so far, so far he's all right. so as you mentioned, it's a very fluid, a very active scene, as we can see in the distance, tracy, some of those evidence markers of the casings on the ground. we did speak to a witness, rodney, before we had walked several blocks down closer to the scene. of course, we're getting pushed back now. rodney said that he could see all of the police running down to this location. again, it's elizabeth avenue and maple avenue, in lyndon. it is approximately ten minutes from where the fbi was searching the home of this suspect earlier
11:54 am
today. once we heard he was in custody, we were headed to the lyndon police department, where we happened upon the flashing lights. we did see an ambulance leave this location, as well. unclear if that, perhaps, could have been the suspect, or the officer, who was shot at. so we're waiting for that information from lyndon pd as we speak. >> cydney, thanks. i'm just getting new information and i'll let you go and gather more information, that wnbc is reporting that law enforcement always says, see something, say something. that somebody actually saw him in lyndon and reported to police and police responded. we continue to get new information, new video, new pictures from the scene and we're setting up live reports. we'll continue our coverage of this breaking news, coming up.
11:55 am
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we are continuing to follow breaking news. our sister station, wnbc, in new york reports that new york city bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami is in custody. in fact, nbc 10's cydney long is live in lyndon, where he was taken into custody after a shoot-out with police, where a police officer was also shot. he was shot. both taken to the hospital. that's the picture from lyndon, new jersey, which isn't far away from where they were searching for him near the elizabeth train
11:58 am
station, where those explosives were found overnight. you'll remember, police detonated one of them, as they were trying to remove them, investigate them. but this is the man that police say could be connected to all three of the bombings. the one in seaside park, the one in chelsea, and the one -- the explosives that were left outside near the train station in elizabeth overnight. we're continuing to follow this story. we're continuing to get new information. and we'll have an update coming up at 12:30.
11:59 am
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