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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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authorities tracked him down after a man discovered rahami asleep in the doorway of a bar. investigators say evidence links rahami to the bomb blast at seaside park, new jersey and manhattan on saturday. nbc news just spoke with arera i rahami's father who said he had no idea his son was plotting this. in a matter of three days, bombs were found or detonated in three different located. here they are. last night, five devices were found at a train station in elizabeth. investigators have yet to publicly tie rahami to those devices and say they're still gathering evidence. >> we have reporters looking into every angle of the story. let's begin with the latest details on his arrest. nbc 10's cydney long is live in linden, new jersey where he was caught this morning. cydney? >> reporter: jacqueline, good afternoon. authorities tell us it was a 911 call that led police to a bar about five blocks from where we're standing here. that's where a business owner
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discovered rahami in that stoop, saying his beard in fact looked fami familiar. police got here immediately and witnesses heard the gunfire. this entire stretch of elizabeth hour, you can see, remains a very active crime scene. >> it's dangerous, it's scary. >> reporter: a dramatic and frightening chain of events as ahmad khan rahami went down with a fight. he awoke from a sound sleep to shoot at two linden police officers in the heart of linden. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: police in new york and new jersey consider the bombings scare in seaside park and chelsea, manhattan, an act of terror. reportedly his fingerprints were found on a homemade bomb in new york. >> out of nowhere i heard gunshots, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: elizabeth avenue soon became swarmed with police and fbi, some armed with machine
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guns. >> so close to home. >> reporter: a witness shared this high school photograph of rahami. he says he knew the man and his family from the chicken restaurant they owned in elizabeth. the home above the business is where the fbi carried out overnight raids. >> he was a cool kid, everybody liked him. the father, everybody thought he was spoiled, dad gave him everything. >> reporter: rahami took cover on the porch of a bar to get shelter from the rain. it's not clear if he's tied to bombs discovered and accidentally detonated by a police robot at the new jersey transit station also not far from his home. >> being scared like that, i don't like it. >> reporter: as police continue to piece together this multistate investigation, you might imagine it has been anything but a normal september monday here for people who live and work here. guys, no word had this road on
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elizabeth avenue will reopen. one mother in fact tells me that she is certainly that rahami had no accomplices, she plans to drive her little boy to school. he goes to school right across the street. live in linden, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. and before the suspect was found in linden, investigators were focused on another town just about five miles away. overnight, two homeless men found a bag with at least five explosive devices near a train station in elizabeth. one of those devices exploded as the bomb squad was investigating. no one was hurt. a short time later, authorities raided an apartment in elizabeth. we've now learned that's where the suspect lived. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live there right now. ted, what have you learned? >> reporter: keith, there has been a very large law enforcement presence here since very early this morning, when federal and local authorities converged on the suspect's apartment upstairs from his
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family's restaurant. and you can see, we still have several members of the fbi's evidence response team here. the suspect's ties to this community have left people here shaken and scared. as authorities brought boxes of potential evidence out of the elizabeth apartment where ahmad khan rahami lived, people who live and work in the neighborhood watched in disbelief and fear. >> we're like a family here in a great city. and to know that evil was across the street, that's pretty scary and pretty bad. >> i'm surprised and terrified at the same time. i would have never suspected this. >> reporter: rahami shares the apartment with his father and other relatives above his family's fried chicken restaurant. investigators also seized several cars. hours earlier, one of five pipe bombs found in a trash can close to the elizabeth train station blew up as a robot tried to disarm it. no one was hurt. authorities say the bombs were similar to those found following an explosion saturday in seaside
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park, to which investigators have linked rahami, along with the bombing that night in new york city. >> it's scary, like you're at home, i heard about the one in new york. i didn't think it would get this cho close, here in elizabeth. >> reporter: back live in elizabeth, at this point rahami has not been officially linked with the bombs found at the train station. one neighbor told us it's scary that the suspect was hiding right in plain sight and no one here ever knew. live in elizabeth, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted, thank you. you're looking at surveillance video that shows people running in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan after a bomb went off saturday night. 29 people injured but are expected to be okay. meanwhile, an unexploded pressure cooker was found blocks away in a suitcase. police detonated it at a nearby gun range. tonight the nbc 10 investigators are taking a closer look at the suspect's
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past and what led up to this weekend's event. >> nbc 10 reporter mitch blacher has more. >> reporter: guys, rahami has no criminal record, but court records show his family has been engaged in a feud with the city of elizabeth, where they live. the records show that they felt they were being discriminated against because of their muslim faith. as the fbi searched ahmad khan rahami's elizabeth, new jersey home, the family-owned fried chicken restaurant below is also of interest. the nbc 10 investigators found court records showing the rahami family sued the city of elizabeth in 2011 because city officials wanted the restaurant closed by 10:00 p.m. the family claimed they were being persecuted because of their beliefs. the lawsuit claims one resident told the rahami family, you are muslims and muslims make too much trouble in this country. >> the lawsuit and the enforcement measures had nothing to do with beliefs, religion, or anything else.
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>> reporter: elizabeth's mayor says he tried to talk with the family before they filed the lawsuit. >> the neighbors would call the elizabeth police department and the elizabeth police department would have to respond and let them know there's a city ordinance in effect that they have to close at 10:00. >> reporter: it may be a glimpse into rahami's experience in elizabeth. but police aren't ready to talk motivate. >> that's all going to be part of the investigation, we don't have the motivation yet. >> reporter: according to u.s. government officials, rahami came to the u.s. with his family in 1995, seeking asylum. it was granted in 2011. he was born in afghanistan and is a naturalized u.s. citizen. senior law enforcement officials tell nbc news rahami and his family have traveled to pakistan and presumably afghanistan multiple times in the last decade. until today, there is no record he had ever been in trouble with the law. >> we have directly linked rahami to devices from new york, and from saturday in new jersey. >> reporter: rahami is right now under 24-hour guard. law enforcement sources say that once he is medically cleared,
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the fbi will immediately start questioning him to make sure that his facts match up with what they are learning and to see whether or not he acted alone. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. governor chris christie is urging the people of new jersey to keep their guard up following these bombing scares. during a town hall, christie appeared to point the finger at what he called radical islamic terrorism. >> and we need to say out loud that those people who are radical, especially radical islamic terrorists, need to be called out. we need to be willing to talk about it. and we don't know exactly what the motivation is for the events that have happened over the last 48 hours. but i think we all have a feeling for what it is. >> the governor added that he spoke to president obama in detail today about the status of the investigation.
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to recap, a man is under arrest linked by investigators to bombings on saturday in manhattan and seaside park, new jersey. ahmad khan rahami was arrested this morning during a shootout that left the suspect and two police officers in linden, new jersey wounded. experts say a third explosion in the nearby town of elizabeth today was similar to the other blast. coming up at 5:30, nbc 10's monique braxton has more on the shootout that ended with the suspect's arrest. we'll also get insight from a retired fbi agent in our area, that's coming up at 5:45. also tonight we have learned new details about the suspect in a shooting rampage. nbc 10 showed you this surveillance video from the attack in west philadelphia. it shows nicholas glenn walking the streets with a gun in his right hand. >> police swarmed the streets after glenn shot six people, including two police officers. a woman sitting in her car died from those injuries. we were also over the scene when
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officers confronted and killed the suspect. >> that's when they found a note which officials described as a, quote, bunch of ramblinrambling. deanna durante has the latest. >> reporter: investigators say the note was written in the third person. they say it was long but gives no indication why nicholas glenn would go on a shooting rampage on friday night. police sources say they can't explain the calm way 25-year-old nicholas glenn walks between shooting scenes. in this video obtained by nbc 10, glenn is seen walking east after a shot a police officer in her cruiser and opened fire at a west philadelphia bar. sources say they think glenn is seen tossing a spent magazine into the street. that's where they recovered one after he was shot and killed. in his right hand, the gun. police say he reloaded multiple times during his shooting rampage. when the dust settled, they discovered his note where he speaks in the third person,
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referring to himself as "solo tattoo tears." they said he was angry that he was being sent for a mental health evaluation. sources say it's clear he was angry at police and probation but makes no mention of why he would target civilians. we've also learned that investigators took their search to a home of one of glenn's relatives. we're told they found ammunition and seized a computer with some of his writings on it. we're told it's a manuscript, and investigators now are going through it to see if there's any other information that could lead them to why he was behind this attack on friday night. reporting live in west philadelphia, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. we're also following the latest on the victims of the shooting rampage. nbc 10's tim furlong will have an update on their conditions coming up at 5:30. turning now to our weather, nbc 10 first alert radar are tracking rain that is slowly making its way out of most of our area after a wet start to
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the workweek. the rain did cause some flooding at the jersey shore. take a look at this viewer picture of bennett avenue in wildwood. the street looks more like a river there. >> we could definitely use the rain, probably not that much. let's get an update from first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> we did need the rain, although maybe a little too heavy in some areas. this is what we're looking at, the heaviest rain has moved offshore. still seeing stronger thundershowers move through delaware, moving into cape may here. currently starting to edge on in. otherwise spotty through atlantic city, mostly thick cloud coverage. further inland, we're looking at just the cloud coverage mixing in with light showers. most of philadelphia at this point not seeing rain, although it was a heavy rain start over the area. allentown also saw tons of rain as we went through the morning hours. since then, it's mostly been cloud coverage. we'll talk more about when the
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rain moves entirely out coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to that, thank you, krystal. donald trump and hillary clinton weigh in on the bombing investigations in new york and new jersey. plus clinton makes a new push for pennsylvania. why she's reaching out to young voters in philadelphia. and what did he know? today prosecutors in the bridgegate trial had some tough words for governor christie. that's coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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we want to bring you up to date on breaking news we've been following, the arrest of a suspect in bombings this weekend in new york and new jersey. ahmad khan rahami was captured following a shootout with police this morning in linden, new jersey. this afternoon he had surgery for a gunshot wound to the leg. officials say evidence links the 28-year-old to bomb blasts saturday in seaside park, new jersey, and the chelsea neighborhood of new york. while the motive is still unclear, the president stressed the fight against isis will continue. >> we are going to continue to go after them. we're going to take out their leaders. we're going to take out their infrastructure. >> the president is in new york for the annual u.n. general assembly gathering. meanwhile republican donald trump said in a written statement today that terrorists are rooting for hillary clinton to win the presidential election. just a few minutes ago at a
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rally in ft. myers, trump renewed his support for extreme vetting the illegal immigrants entering the u.s. >> we have seen how failures to screen who is entering the united states puts all of our citizens, everyone in this room, at danger. >> now trump and clinton are in a tight race in the sunshine state. today hillary clinton accused trump of giving aid and comfort to islamic terrorists and emphasized she is the most qualified to combat terrorism. >> clinton also had another mission today. nbc 10's lauren mayk was at temple university where the presidential candidate urged younger voters to head to the polls. >> reporter: hillary clinton had a message for young voters. >> there's no doubt in my mind that young people have more at stake in this election than any other age group. >> reporter: but clinton too has much on the line with them. michael henderson is a temple
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grad student and clinton supporter. >> she's been energizing young people. but not to the extent we have seen in other campaigns, the obama campaign, bernie sanders. it hasn't been the same. >> reporter: what does she need to do? >> just has to really target her message and explain what it is that she's going to do that's going to be helping young people. >> reporter: the democratic nominee today addressed issues including college tuition. >> next, getting an education should give you a boost, not hold you back. >> reporter: among young voters, polls from quinnipiac university show clinton losing support since last month while third parties saw a boost. donald trump edged up slightly. outside the hall, we found voters unhappy with the race. >> i don't think that either of these two are good candidates at all. >> reporter: are you going to vote? >> i haven't decided. >> i would rather hillary get in than trump. so yeah, if i've got to vote, i'm probably going to vote for
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her. >> reporter: but you're not happy about it? >> yeah, i'm not really happy about it. >> reporter: clinton acknowledged voters still have questions about her. she has 50 days to answer her. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> catch clinton this evening on "the tonight show with jimmy fallon" after the niews at 11:0 p.m. we start our monday off with some heavy rain in areas into the early part of our afternoon. look at some of the rain totals we're seeing here, over three inches of rain in north wildwood. a fewer sent in photos of flooding streets. avalon, 2.73 inches, same for ocean city, new jersey. long beach island, around four inches to above 4 1/2 inch measurement. tons of rain certainly leading to flooding concerns as we move through the day.
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not as heavy rain at this point falling. in philadelphia, not as high numbers but still impressive, over two inches at graduate hospital, and 2.17 inches at andorra. a little farther to the east, 1 1/4 inch. some of us are seeing three inches and above from today's rain event. it's still going on. radar and satellite showing us from raleigh to new york. now it's cloudy with isolated spotty showers. delaware, still some steady showers moving along, that's the light to deeper green. you see the yellow, heavier rain moving through, and moving back into cape may. that's going to continue tracking up along the shore. we'll continue to see on and off showers in this area. notice some spotty rain arching into wilmington at this hour. rain chances, though, are going to drop off pretty quickly.
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philadelphia, reading as well, virtually nonexisting. tomorrow and the next several days, aside from an isolated shower moving through, areas like dover and parts of delaware, jersey shore, atlantic city, we may still see spotty showers into your tuesday, potentially even wednesday through atlantic city. we're starting to push that moisture out. as we push it out, temperatures are going to start to bump back up. so we saw temperatures remain quite low today. we're talking low 70s for highs in philadelphia. tomorrow we'll make it to the upper 70s. the suburbs at 81. lehigh valley a little warmer. today, the rain, after it moved out from this morning, we did not see showers move through there. we'll have that rebound a little more quickly, mid-80s for forecast high temperatures tomorrow with a mix of clouds and sun. most of new jersey, delaware, seeing those cloudy conditions still. we're at 79 degrees in voorhees township tomorrow.
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still some showers and pop-up thunderstorms there tomorrow. delaware, wilmington, 76 for your forecast high. dover at 77. again, the cloud coverage is still going to be pretty impressive tomorrow but then it will start to move off. we'll take a look at your ten-day coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, krystal. you might want to keep an eye on your local gas station. coming up next, the problem that could cause prices to jump. >> plus what's in a name? as you know, a casino has closed in atlantic city but now a new one will take its place.
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a pipeline spill in alabama is causing gas shortages across the south. we're starting to feel the impact in our area. the cologne yan pipeline runs from houston to new york. you can see these tankers in north carolina lined up waiting for gas. in our area, it appears delaware is impact the most. the price of gas has gone up 7 cents this week. it's gone up 1 cent in pennsylvania and remains the same price in new jersey. the rebel casino is now the 10 casino. the owners say it represents the highest standard of achievement. we like that here at nbc 10. they say it's recognized as a
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benchmark of quality and excellence. >> we agree. >> 10 is scheduled to open early next year. georgia congressman john lewis is in town to accept the liberty medal tonight. he spent the evening in camden to discuss gun violence. he joined community leaders. tonight he receives the liberty medal, awarded to those who strive to secure liberty to people all around the world. when they woke up this morning, just like all of us did, the people of linden, new jersey, didn't know that an alleged terrorist would be arrested right in their own neighborhood. next at fi5:00, witnesses describe the scene. plus the victims of a shooting rampage in philadelphia. next at 5:00, we get the latest on their injuries and how they're recovering today. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. a terror suspect off the streets just over 48 hours after an explosion in seaside park. the man accused of placing that bomb and several others in new york and new jersey has been captured. police say evidence from the crime scenes and tips from the public led to the quick arrest. >> here is the latest right now. as far as we know, the manhunt for 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami ended this morning in linden, new jersey, after a shootout between the suspect and
5:30 pm
police. rahami was shot in the confrontation. so were two police officers. president obama spoke with the officers on the phone today. investigators say evidence links rahami to bomb blasts in seaside park, new jersey, and manhattan on saturday. nbc news has learned investigators have uncovered bomb making materials consistent with those used to build the devices inside an apartment over a new jersey restaurant owned by rahami's family. police are investigating explosives in three different cities. >> the first bombing happened in seaside park saturday. later that night there was another blast in the chelsea neighborhood of new york city. then overnight more explosives were found in elizabeth, new jersey. >> just a few hours after that discovery, police made their arrest. nbc 10's monique braxton joins us live in linden where that arrest went down. monique, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, keith. we're awaiting a press conference now, not too far away
5:31 pm
from where rahami was arrested and taken into custody. everyone i've spoken to today says they would not expect a bomber to come here to hide. people who live here in linden grabbed their cellphones when hearing a suspected bomber was caught in their community after a shootout with police. >> a pipe bomb suspect was in your midst. your response? >> i'm glad he's caught. i didn't think that it would be in this particular neighborhood. >> you don't hear about that. little crime, that's it, because linden police, they don't play. >> reporter: we arrived moments after 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami was captured. ones say the owner of a tavern called police when he noticed an unknown man sleeping on his doorstep. people ran for cover when the gun battle began. >> i heard two pops. when i stood at the doorway, you could hear more pops. >> i saw a box truck and a cop car behind it. all of a sudden i just saw the
5:32 pm
two officers running behind the doors and they started shooting. >> reporter: the fbi tells us two linden officers were shot. they're expected to be okay. rahami was also struck in his leg. here you see him being placed in an ambulance. new york's mayor says they believe rahami is behind the blast in chelsea in manhattan, where 29 people were injured. and at least one explosion in new jersey. overnight, five pipe bombs were found in a trash can near the elizabeth train station. one was detonated when a robot tried to disarm it. those pipe bombs are similar to the one that exploded in seaside park. but they have not been linked to rahami. >> i'm glad they caught him. you never know, he could have been talking to the linden train station or going somewhere else. >> reporter: the fbi says rahami does not appear to be part of an organized group but authorities are questioning as many as five
5:33 pm
people from elizabeth, new jersey, who were stopped in a car associated with rahami. as soon as police or the fbi or local agencies issue information, you'll know it. live for now in linden, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and as monique mentioned, the first bomb scare this weekend happened at the jersey sc shore before a charity race to benefit marines. we spoke to one woman who had been planning to take part in the race. >> it's terrifying. i'm sure everybody that was going to run the race, that's going through their mind, that could have been us, that could have been somebody, you think about the boston marathon and how many people were injured. >> fortunately no one was hurt in the blast. hours later in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan, another bomb went off. this is surveillance video of the moment of the explosion. you can see people running from
5:34 pm
the scene. 29 people were hurt but are expected to be okay. another bomb was found nearby. it did not go off. bomb squared officers detonated it at a local gun range. this just in, we're hearing from the father of bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami. in his own words, here is what he had to say. >> reporter: did you know your son was doing this? >> no. >> reporter: you had no idea? >> no idea. >> reporter: and when you hear now that he's been accused of this, do you believe it? do you believe it? sir? >> i'm not sure what's going on. >> reporter: you're not sure? >> i'm not sure what's happening exactly. but i think so. it's very hard right now to talk, okay? >> our coverage of this big story continues at 5:45. a retired fbi federal agent, special agent, i should say, will join us with his insight into the suspect and the investigators. tonight, new details about
5:35 pm
the suspect who went on a shooting rampage with police. investigators found a note written by 25-year-old nicholas glenn where he speaks in the third person, referring to himself as "solo tattoo tears." sources say glenn was angered he had to go see his probation officer and made reference to the fact that he was being sent for another mental health evaluation. nbc 10's tim furlong is in west philadelphia where police sergeant sylvia young is recovering tonight. >> we're hoping she gets relief soon, right? >> reporter: absolutely. law enforcement has had close calls in philly recently. one of the officers involved in the friday rampage has been released from penn-presbyterian. police hope the other will be released in the near future. officer sylvia young was shot six times. a total of 18 shots were fired, that's a lot of bullets. the 19-year veteran of the philly police force is listed in
5:36 pm
stable condition. we just got back from the home of officer eddie miller, his wife said he will talk to us later tonight. today he is resting at home. he was shot in the hip and ankle when he and another officer cornered glenn in an alley. we're waiting to get specific information about sergeant young's condition and her estimated release today the from the hospital. we're still trying to learn more about the boyfriend of the woman who was killed in a car during that rampage, the 36-year-old man, we understand, is expected to survive. as we come back live at penn-presbyterian, officers have been in and out all afternoon, investigate sergeant young. tonight the f.o.p. is holding a monday night football tailgate party at 7:30 for the eagles game. these are huge events. we're told provides wiproceeds will all go to the officers injured. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> coming up at 6:00, the nbc 10 investigators take a closer look at the suspected shooter and the criminal path that led up to this weekend's rampage.
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it was the blind leading the blind. those were the harsh words from the attorney representing the victims from the deadly market street collapse during opening markets in today's civil trial. six people and 13 others suffered injuries back in june of 2013 when a brick wall tumbled onto the salvation army thrift store on market street. the defendants include the owner and architect of the building. today defense attorneys called for a mistrial. the judge denied it. the trial began today in the so-called bridgegate case in new jersey. jurors began hearing opening statements in the criminal case against bill baroni and bridget
5:40 pm
kelly. the two former allies of governor christie are charged with conspiracy to create traffic jams in ft. lee three years ago. a federal prosecutor told jurors that a witness will testify that christie was told about the plan, a claim he's contested. authorities say that bar oni an kelly closed the lanes on the george washington bridge to punish the democratic mayor of ft. lee for not endorsing christie's reelection. the trial is expected to last six weeks. christie is not charged in the case but may be called to testify. organ donation supporters from philadelphia took part in a die-in on the steps of the capital in harrisburg, today. participants fell down every 18 seconds, to represent the fact that someone dies in pennsylvania every 18 hours
5:41 pm
because of a lack of available organs for donation. pennsylvania lawmakers return from summer break to discuss a bill to solve the problem. the house could vote this week on a measure to regulate the use of propane banks on mobile food trucks. the governor has called for a legislative session to address the poopioid crisis in the stat. a mercer county father who lost his son to an overdose was among the parents taking part in a white house panel to discuss what can be done to stop the epidemic. >> when my son died in 2008, i couldn't even imagine getting something in the newspaper, let alone being here at the white house to discuss this. >> the white house wants congress to authorize $1.1 billion of spending to address
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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the epidemic. a look at clouds and radar shows the showers mostly moving offshore. could we see more rain or will sun start to break through? we'll take a look at that coming up after the break. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero.
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he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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updating you now on our top story, the arrest of a man wanted for planting several bombs in new york and new jersey over the weekend, ahmad khan rahami, was captured volcaafter shootout with police in linden, new jersey. investigators tell us they have found no evidence that he's part of a larger terror network. joining us now with more insight is j.j. clapper.
5:45 pm
he recently retired as a spokesman for the fbi and served as a special agent for decades. >> thanks for joining us. one thing that stands out about this is just how quickly this all unfolded. did that streisand yurprise you? >> not at all. the new york city police department working with the jttf, once they got the forensic evidence, that was key. the tips that came in, they were able to identify him and then locate him. so i'm not surprised at all, based on the totality of the investigation, and the attention that was paid by the investigators. >> when you look into the background of the suspect, we know he's traveled to pakistan and possibly afghanistan in recent years. he was on the government's radar -- was he, rather, on the government's radar or any type of watch list? >> not that i'm aware.÷ejuáz ev he did travel back to afghanistan, his birthplace. it would be normal to be interviewed on his return, coming back into the country, through customs and immigration.
5:46 pm
apparently there was nothing, he didn't have a criminal history, as you pointed out already. so there really was nothing that would have alerted authorities to his plans, up until he actually acted. >> this plan seemed very thoughtful and thought out. can you talk about how sophisticated the operation appeared to have been? >> well, i think unfortunately it wasn't very sophisticated. we would like to think it would be harder to make explosives and deploy them. unfortunately it's not that hard to get the components and the chemicals needed to create these explosives and then to put them in places with simple cellphone detonators and have them go off. it's not that sophisticated, clearly we see his actual plan was not particularly sophisticated. i don't think he had any plan for escape once he was identified. that's why it was so easy to capture him. >> j.j. clapper, retired fbi spokesman, thank you for joining
5:47 pm
us. get instant updates by tapping on the nbc 10 app and sign up for alerts sent to your phone. still looking at our radar and satellite, showers are making their way through our area, although nothing like we saw this morning when we had pockets of heavy rain through lehigh valley, stretching through philadelphia, and put e pummelling the shore in the afternoon hours. the dark green represents steady rain moving through. there are some reports of four inches and above along the shore from earlier today, as well as a five-inch report of rainfall from today in sussex county in delaware. so we saw very high reports earlier. this is more of a moderate rain that is moving through and stretching into parts of more
5:48 pm
central parts of new jersey and southern portions of new jersey. on your doppler estimated rainfall, these are the values i was talking about. this is what the radar picked up earlier, pinks, purples, red, that's where the totals came in, right above an inch and a half in philadelphia, we had reports of over two inches, and an inch near allentown. three inches in total, very heavy rain we saw at times. it accumulated throughout the entire day, which led to the values being so high. we needed it, we were under a moderate drought. that will be no more. the big weather stories for us now, temperatures are going to start to rebound. this is what we're looking at through the next few days. what we saw on sunday was 87. today, temperature dropped down in the afternoon in about the low 70s, although the official high for today was actually 76. we hit that this morning. that's usually not what we see, the afternoon temperature. tomorrow will be 79 on your tuesday. wednesday at 84.
5:49 pm
thursday, up to 86. that temperature will be climbing in the days to come. you notice the average for this time of year is 77 degrees. also we're going to be drying out. that comes following a mostly dry september. we saw a measurable rain, the first of the month. and then today, all the days in yellow you see are the days that have been dry and the days projected to remain dry as we move forward. overall, september still not going to be one to write home about, even though we did see very large totals for today. the month as a whole did not see much in terms of rain. this is a look at your ten-day on 10. the first seven days are focusing on tomorrow, 79 degrees, still going to be cloudy out there. that will start to break apart more as we move into your wednesday. we bump up to the mid-80s. then things get way above average. thursday we are sunny. friday we are sunny, up to 87 degrees for your forecast high. we're talking 10 degrees and above for the average there. saturday, sunday, scattered
5:50 pm
clouds moving in. look at the difference today. 83 saturday, sunday 69 for your forecast high. that's going to be a notable difference, will feel much more like fall, which by the way thursday is the first official day of fall. as we move into your next workweek, could see some showers moving through your monday, tuesday here, mid-70s. then we'll continue in the mid-70s your wednesday, thursday. the big focus is going to be as we start to warm back up and dry back out for the next few days. >> krystal, thanks. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." good evening, lester. >> keith and jacqueline, ahead, answering key questions about the new york/new jersey bomb tax attacks, and the suspect and the motive. and a minnesota shopping mall shooting rampage over the weekend. and one woman's personal battle against isis, when we see you back at 6:30 for "nightly
5:51 pm
news." back to you. >> a busy day of news, we look forward to it all, lester, thank you, we'll see you at 6:30. tonight the birds take on the bears on monday night football. >> the team's actions before the game could also get attention. john clark is live in chicago with the story. >> reporter: we've got some more information over the last hour about just how many eagles will be taking part in the demonstration. we'll have more on that coming up next. narrator: terrorism here at home.
5:52 pm
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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5:54 pm
a big test for the eagles tonight. they'll be playing in prime time, on the road, not to mention with a rookie quarterback. >> the team could also get some attention for what they do before the game. on friday players told us they were planning some sort of protest or demonstration during the national anthem. that was before this weekend's police shooting in philadelphia and the bombing investigations in new jersey. >> csn's john clark joins us live now, from chicago where the birds play later tonight. john, are the birds still planning to carry out this profit, as far as you know? >> reporter: yes. and talking to some people over the last hour, i've been told that it's not going to be the entire team. it will be a select group of players who will demonstrate during the national anthem. head coach doug peterson had said if it was the whole team involved in this, team unity with the demonstration, that he would get behind it and do it
5:55 pm
also, but i'm told that is not the case. take a look. many players and teams over these past couple of weeks have protested or demonstrated during the national anthem. m malcolm jenkins said they're not going to kneel but he did tell us why they are doing it. >> the end goal is to get some real change. and i know somebody kneeling or doing something is not going to create change. but when you look at the issue, a lot of it is systematic. sometimes you have to rock the boat to get change. and you see more and more guys using their platform to do just that. >> malcolm and i have talked about this. you know, it's going to happen regardless of what i decide or say.
5:56 pm
and i respect the players' decisions on it. and the biggest thing is i just don't want it to become a distractions to the rest of the team. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, we're going to hear from carson wentz before he make his monday night debut. and a couple of his old teammates from north dakota state made the trip to see his first game. there's a lot of people to see him and a lot of eagles fans. john clark, live in chicago, thank you. >> a huge test, no doubt, thank you, john. here is jim rosenfield. >> next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, new details on the bombings in new york and new jersey. up next, what the nbc 10 investigators found out about the suspects' travels. >> reporter: the west philly shooting rampage suspect has a criminal history dating back years. coming up, what we discovered today about the location of many of those crimes. and i'm tracking showers in some neighborhoods. how long is it going to last
5:57 pm
before it starts to warm up again? my forecast, next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
captured. the man wanted for a series of bombings in new jersey and new york arrested after a shootout with police. who is he? nbc 10 investigators look into the suspect's past and how detectives quickly tracked him down. plus raining buckets. our much-needed rain leads to
5:59 pm
flooding at the shore. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. and i saw the video of him running boy. then all of a sudden, shots fired, and we come outside. >> we heard gunshots, boom, boom, boom. >> tonight, nbc 10 has new information about the bombings that caused panic in two states. good evening, i'm jack jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. ahmad khan rahami's father told us he had no idea what his son had planned. nbc 10 has also learned rahami made several trips to afghanistan in the past few years. >> this all started saturday morning in seaside park when a pipe bomb went off moments before a military charity race. saturday night, a bomb injured 29 people in the chelsea neighborhood in new york city. early this morning, a bomb went
6:00 pm
off near the suspect's home in elizabeth as the bomb squad tried to detonate it. a team of our reports is working the investigation tonight. cydney long is in linden after the suspect was captured. we begin with cydney. >> reporter: jackie, he was sound asleep on the front stoop of a local bar, about five blocks from where we're standing. this is as close as investigators will allow us to be. that is were the suspect, ahmad khan rahami, took shelter this morning. police responded to a 911 call, they tried to wake him, and that's when the gun fight began. >> i did hear the gun shots. pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: an exchange of gunfire between 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami landed the bombing suspect on a stretcher, bleeding from his shoulder. listen as witnesses with


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