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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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th simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ an nbc 10 exclusive. road rage on the boulevard. the victim says another driver pulled a gun and said he was a police officer. >> the brawl in the hall. a student and teacher fighting in the middle of school. who is now facing charges? on their radar.
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new information about the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey. why he was no stranger to law enforcement. zbloinchts an nbc 10 exclusive. >> he cut me off. he almost made me crash, three, four times. >> a case of road rage. the victim says he is shocked about the encounter and who the driver claimed to be. >> he tried to run me off the road and he put his window down, told me he is a cop. he can do whatever he wants. >> nbc 10 was there when the incident happened. >> i had no clue what to do. i didn't know when if he was going to shoot me. >> we are there for the vfgs. >> good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> this all started with a chance encounter during rush hour. two vehicles tried to merge in the middle of heavy traffic. it soon turned into a dangerous confrontation that continued on to roosevelt boulevard. nbc 10 joins us live with more on this tonight.
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janine. >> well, the victim tells me he was scared that he didn't know what was going to happen next. he says a man in a pickup truck claimed to be a police officer and then pulled a gun on him. >> he pulled out his gun on me, cut me off. he almost made me crash three, four times. >> ahmed kalil was trying to merge on to traffic when he says his encounter with a pickup escalated to road rage. >> he kept coming to my lane closer and closer, and he pulled his window down and started cursing at me, telling me your sand -- go back to your country. >> he says he was more shocked by who the armed driver claimed to be. >> he said he was a cop. right before he pulled out his gun, he had his uniform on. >> reporter: an nbc 10 camera was there and caught the tail end of the incident. for a final time the pickup truck cut kalil's car off on roosevelt boulevard just past the merge from city avenue.
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the pickup truck was marked with an american flag and a thin blue line. the philadelphia police sticker and a fraternal order of police license plate. kalil spoke with police who then sent him to internal affairs where investigators interviewed him for more than an hour. >> nobody deserves anything like that. >> i reached out to public affairs. they did confirm internal affairs is investigating and taking the matter seriously, but stopped short of saying a philadelphia police officer was involved in the road rage. you are watching a zpunt a teacher fighting in a school hallway. the first started flying yesterday while other teenagers watched. >> tonight a boy is facing charges while students are rallying behind the teacher involved. nbc 10 steve jones reports from lincoln high school in philadelphia.
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a teacher was pufrmged in the face, and then he squares up with the student. >> the fellow student caught the whole thing on cell phone. >> reporter: a 44-year-old teacher on the right and the student on the left. both with their hands up. students helplessly watched the violence monday. the 16-year-old kept swinging. sophomore ranisha little was down the hall. >> they got in the hallway, and he -- they just started fighting. >> a student being late and then throwing punches at the teacher. students -- >> it's outrageous because of the simple fact that the video was on them for two minutes straight, but ain't nobody break it up. >> eventually the fighting stopped. it's not clear who said what or whether the teacher threw any
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punches. but it's clear most students we spoke with defend the 44-year-old teacher. >> i don't get why nobody tried to break it up. >> he is really nice. he joked around. >> reporter: police charged the student with simple assault, aggravated assault, and recklessly endangering another person. the teacher has not been charged. >> the students get disrespectful. it's what goes on. >> reporter: we went straight to the philadelphia school district and a spokesperson tells me they take the safety of teachers and students very seriously. they're working with philadelphia police. they're conducting their own investigation. reporting at lincoln high school in mayfair, pete jones, nbc 10 news. now new details about the suspected bomber who terrorized the region from new york city to the jersey shore. >> ahmad rahami is facing use of a lethal weapon.
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the fbi questioned the bombing suspect's wife. a source tells nbc news that asia rahami was detained in the united arab emirates today. she said she knew nothing about a plan to carry out any attacks. she's being allowed to return to the u.s. investigators now say they found a journal filled with anti-american sentiment, including references to the fort hood and praising al qaeda leaders. there's cell phone video of rahami with bok-making materials. today his father confirmed he had spoken in the past to the fbi. >> you talked to the fbi two years ago. what did you tell them? >> i told them -- >> in 2014 federal law enforcement officials were called to his home for a domestic dispute. rahami stabbed his brother in the leg and a neighbor heard their father yell you're a terrorist. his father told the fbi his son was just angry and he had no
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reason to think he was a terrorist. the fall-out conditions in seaside park as the fbi continues its investigation into this weekend's bombing. organizers have called off the race for respect scheduled for this saturday. nbc 10 has learned that the fbi removed recording equipment from surveillance cameras near the bombing site on ocean avenue. >> it always is, and it's even more now. >> i don't like this climate. this not knowing whether or not you're safe. >> local officials say they're also trying to figure out what they're going to do with trash cans during large events and if they should be covered up. they say it's a miracle she survived. today philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young was released from the hospital. her colleagues were at penn presbitarian to wish her well. police say nicolas glen fired
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more than a dozen rounds hitting her in the shoulder, arm, and torso. it's something that's all too familiar for officer jesse, who survived an ambush earlier this year. >> turning the tv on to see something like this going on again, it's really traumatic. it's a shame that it's even -- it's truly devastating. sergeant young is a 19-year veteran of the force. she has plans to return. now to decision 2016. first lady michelle obama is set to help hillary clinton make a push for pennsylvania. the first lady will visit philadelphia next wednesday to campaign for clinton. the exact location hasn't been released just yet, but this announcement comes a week after president obama made his pitch for clinton at the ark museum. talk about an unlikely clinton supporter. former president george h.w. bush plans to cross party lines and vote for the democratic nominee. that's according to the daughter of robert kennedy.
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she told nbc news that bush sr. told her and others at a reception in kennebunkport, maine. this all comes as clinton has the edge in a new poll this week's nbc survey monkey poll is clinton at a five-point lead over her republican rival donald trump. clinton has 50% of support among likely voters compared to trump's 45%. right now trump is facing more questions about his foundation. today new york's attorney general confirmed he is looking into whether trump paid his own legal settlements with money from his charity. the washington post was first to report this news. among the payments, $100,000 to a veterans group after a legal dispute. just minutes ago the trump campaign released this statement that said, in part, "there was not and could not be any intent or motive for the trump foundation to make improper payments. all contributions are reported to the irs, and all foundation donations are public publicly
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disclosed." next monday join me and the rest of our decision 2016 team at exfent live in the sports complex in south philadelphia. be part of the live audience or watch us live on tv at 7:00 p.m. it's all about what you want to hear the candidates say during the debate that evening. join us in person or on tv live at xfinity live on monday at 7:00 p.m. the search for answers continues in the wake of a deadly police-involved shooting in tulsa, oklahoma. for the first time tonight we are hearing the officer's side of the story. >> he won't show me his hands. >> reporter: video from the police helicopter shows terrence with his hands up as he walked back to his vehicle. seconds later officer betty shelby fired her gun killing him. the lawyer says the man who was shot is trying to reach inside his car, possibly for a weapon. >> she clearly believed him to be under the influence of some
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type of narcotic. possibly pcp. the turn for the victim's family says the window of the client's vehicle was closed, making it impossible to reach in and that no weapon was found. the officer is on paid leave. to south jersey. a local community is doing its part to strengthen ties with law enforcement officials. the unitarian church in terry hill held a meeting tonight. members of the police force and faith-based community took part in this evening's forum. remember samsung's exploding cell phones? well, tomorrow you'll be able to buy a replacement. how to tell if your phone is safe. new fall-out in lashawn mccoy's nightclub brawl. how two police officers are hoping to make him pay. >> i expect them to take their hot tray, remove that hot food, put that cheese sandwich on the tray and then throw it away. a school cafeteria worker
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says she's outraged. why she's so upset about her school's lunch policy. and conditions are warm through the end of the workweek, but much cooler by sunday. details coming up in my full forecast on the other side of the break. i'll see you then. [ clock ticking ]
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total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. just might have been the bathroom break that saved his life. early this morning a truck slammed into this man's new castle home. normally bob eionowski would have been smoking on his front porch at that time. as luck would have it, he was in the bathroom when the canada dry truck slammed into his porch and bedroom. >> i just felt the house move. came outside. here's a driver standing in my driveway. i just laid into him. >> fortunately, no one was hurt. police tried to nail down exactly what caused the accident and whether the driver should be charged. >> a school cafeteria worker has quit over what she's called
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lunch shaming in her pennsylvania school district. stacy says she had to take a hot lunch away from an elementary school student because his parents owed more than $25 for his previous school lunches. it happened in canonsburg near pittsburgh last week. the cafeteria worker says the policy proved too painful for her to enforce. >> he was, like, oh, chicken. his little eyes welled up with tears, and it was so heart breaking for me. >> the school district says it's trying to deal with the backlog of families who owe tens of thousands of dollars. what do you think about this policy policy? visit our nbc philadelphia facebook page to chime in. tonight new fall-out from this fight posted on tmz. former eagles running back lashawn mccoy in a fight with two off duty police officers. now the officers are suing him for at least $150,000 saying they have permanent injuries. >> nbc 10 spoke to the officer
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who says he is confident his clients will win this lawsuit. >> surveillance video from tmz sports shows the fight inside recess lounge that has former eagles now buffalo bills lashawn mccoccoy, the target of a civil lawsuit. the scuffle involves mccoy and his friends and two off duty philadelphia cops happened back in february. while the officers wouldn't talk about the suit, their attorney did. >> our investigation has confirmed that they were attacked and assaulted by lashawn mccoy, and the other defendants who are named in the complaint. >> reporter: tmz says this man throwing punches on video is lashawn mccoy. the philadelphia district attorney has cited additional charges. it names mccoy's friends and recess lounge as defendants too. the lawsuit says the lounge served alcohol to mccoy and his friends even though they were visibly intoxicated which led to the alleged assault. >> as a result of the assault,
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they suffered serious permanent injuries. >> the officers are asking for at least $150,000 to cover damages. >> they have families, so they need to get made whole. >> you know, getting mixed up with the wrong people and the wrong situation. >> reporter: we caught up with fans in south philly who follow the case so far. >> he did something wrong. he needs to be held accountable leak anybody else. >> we called and went to mccoy's attorney's office, but he was not available for comment. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. fresh off their monday night victory in chicago, the eagles took to a different field tonight. >> several of the burgs trading in their pads for garden tools to rock the block. logan and rookie corner jaylon mills sweating it out in kensington tonight as part of the partnership with the rock to the future program. tonight's cleanup is the kickoff for a complete renovation project at the park. eric martinez here with our weather. it's a good thing they're not doing this later in the week, right?
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it's going to get warmer and warmer. >> that's right. we have temperatures climbing into the mid and upper 80s by the end of the week. jim and jackie, however, by sunday we're tracking a cooldown. upper 60s. major cooldown by the weekend. at least for the second half of the weekend. be sure to check the bottom of your screen for the local neighborhood forecast. right now we're seeing a couple of clouds out there. current temperature 75 degrees in philadelphia. the winds are calm. currently 66 degrees. wilmington at 72. trenton at 70, and mount holly currently at upper 60s for you. overnight lows mainly in the 50s. upper 40s for alantown. 59 in mount holly. 59 for you. mild night in the forecast. satellite and radar still stubborn and soupy. eventually pushing off shore. weather includes mild and dry conditions for tonight. decreasing clouds through the overnight hours, and then by the early a.m. hours, i do expect some areas of patchy fog for the west and north of the city between the hours of 3:00 and
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7:00 a.m. then clearing. then it looks like a nice warm start to the day for tomorrow. temperatures expected high, 84 degrees for millville, 84 for you. lots of 80s. upper 70s for wildwood, atlantic city. 85 for you, trenton. 86. morristown, also seeing mid to upper 80s. still, again, another nice warm day in the forecast for tomorrow. be sure you enjoy that. at least through friday. that cooldown is certainly in the works. a couple of more clouds for you. 81 is your expected high. now, hour by hour forecast pushing this through to tomorrow morning. a couple of shots to the south. otherwise, those clouds will start to clear. here is your pattern change. we've been talking about this all day long. temperatures will be dipping down by saturday into sunday. it looks like we might see a chilly start to your monday morning. sunday into monday, certainly a lot cooler. here is your ten-day on ten, and it looks again a nice and warm
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trend at least through thursday, friday, and saturday. a high temperature of 83 degrees. overnight into saturday and sunday we're starting to see slightly cooler temperatures. 69 is the expected high on sunday. then by monday we're going to see 70s making a comeback into tuesday. wednesday, a couple of clouds start to develop tuesday into wednesday. the big story right now, of course, is that we do have those warmer temperatures through the end of the week and then cooldown by sunday. more news coming up on the other side of the break. we will he so you then.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments
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samsung trying to make things better for the millions of galaxy 7 note users. the company releasing a statement that there will be at least half a million new phones in stores across the country tomorrow. regulators recalled the smartphone last week after
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dozens of people reported that the note 7 caught fire while he was charging. samsung also suspended sales of the phone september 2nd. the company that drastically raised the price of the epipen enters the hot seat tomorrow. mylan's ceo will testify before the house oversight company. they've been slammed in recent weeks for raising the price of the epipen to about $600 for a pack of two up from less than $100 in 2009. a broken health care system is to blame, she says, and her company has no plans to lower prices.
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i'm john clark from csn. carson wentz is the first rookie
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quarterback to start 2-0 without throwing an interception. he is not making mistakes. doug peters is just the third eaglesco etch to win his first two games. he has good play calling and great poise from carson, and they are off to a good start. hear his speech last night to the birds after the win. >> wins are hard in the national football league. you guys just found out how hard they can be. when you stick together, stick and trust your plan, trust the process, what did i tell you at the beginning of the week? what's the byproduct of all of that? winning games? >> what a concept. carson is the best in the nfl against the blitz. he has been at the eagles complex sometimes at 5:00 a.m. studying film. he is smart and prepared, and doug says out of the quarterbacks he has been around carson is the most mentally it sharp this early in his career. >> he is constantly playing the game in his mind, and that's
11:29 pm
what's giving him, i think, an edge when he goes back out on the field just understanding situations. >> i think he is going to go take it like a chess match. he is playing chess with the defense. that's what he is doing. >> the game within the game is so much -- when it gets louder, i think he enjoys getting up to the line and telling guys what they got and pointing out the slide and protection and doing things like that and putting us in position. >> how about the birds' defense. they have given up the fewest points in the nfl. 17 points over the first two games. lane johnson will play sunday against the stealers. he will have his appeal against the bye week. the phillies have six hitters second time in history. that is a two-run shot. sixth inning. rookies roman quinn brings home two more. 7-3. danger in the ninth. denmark gomez couldn't close it out. mario comes mz in. saves the day. phillies win 7-6.
11:30 pm
flyers start a rookie camp today while a lot of players pay tribute to flyers founder ed schneider. he was at the annual event for the youth hockey foundation. many flyers and alumni were there. rob clark. they raised $1.6 million today. >> you know, i think mr. snyder started this, and it was such a great turnaround. this is the least we can do as players. >> this was kind of his pride and joy, and we wanted to come back and be a part of it again, and kind of honor him and be there. >> great cause. i'm john clark. be right back.
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the pigeons might be smarter than you think. >> turns out they can read. sort of. well, according take new study anyway. scientists have taught pigeons how to distinguish real words from non-words, and this video shows the pigeon learning the difference between the two. the pigeons in the study were trained to identify four-letter english words by pecking at them. they got a non-word. they pecked a symbol. it's a real study. >> someone spent a lot of time on it. i'm jim rosenfield. >> thanks. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark wahlberg. sofia vergara. musical guest, mo.


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