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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  September 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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autumn. there are cool spots this morning. just dropped to 52 degrees in the lehigh valley with clear skies. not seeing any fog in easton, not happening for most areas. 50s to start with, 60s at 8:00. upper 70s by 11:00 this morning. then it's into the 80s this afternoon. warmer with scattered clouds in philadelphia. at 67 degrees we'll hold in the 60s to start with. in fact, get cooler by 7:00 this morning. and 73 degrees, that's at 10:00 this morning. 70s, that's the normal temperature that you'd expect in the afternoon this time of year. but it's upper 80s for today for philadelphia. 88 degrees. upper 80s for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. delaware will warm to 86 degrees. lots of sunshine today. and plenty of sunshine for new jersey, inland areas, into the 80s, 70s at the shore. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour to show you how quickly the temperatures will climb when i'm back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> starting off on another busy scene here. we're watching woodhaven road
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around route 1. coming away from route 1 on the eastbound side, all lanes are blocked off with a major accident scene under way there. you can see flashing lights up ahead. no real backup behind the scene. as you can see, cars are being diverted off around the area. we'll continue watching this for you and also check out with new jersey roads, another road closure, hamiltontown, an earlier accident and fluid spill under way. they have the right shoulder crawling by the scene but all lanes are blocked on the eastbound side around hamilton square, which is exit 3. we're continuing to follow the traffic along the blue route now open where the interstate re-opened about 20 minutes ago. >> pam, for a period this morning, drivers were diverted and had to go the opposite direction on the interstate. tell us about that. >> the northbound lanes were shut down for several hours. keep in mind this accident happened at 11:30 last night.
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as tracy mentioned, about 20 minutes ago is when we saw the first car pass through here. and here was the scene following the crash. you can see first responders looking beneath the front end of a big rig that's there. that's because there's a car underneath the front of that tractor-trailer. one person was transported to pen presbyterian hospital by medevac. there. >> reporter: five or six vehicles total involved in this accident, including a second tractor-trailer. there was a huge backup as a result. a lot of people were stuck for quite a while, eventually police had drivers back up, one by one, and go southbound in the northbound lanes to get off at exit 13 to clear the northbound lanes. now that state police are finished with their investigation, now that this road has re-opened we'll give them a call and see if they've been able to determine exactly what caused this accident to take place.ç reporting live in montgomery county this morning, i'm pamela
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osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pam, thank you. new this morning, this water main break in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood will mean no water for people nearby. a portion of greenway avenue remained closed because that road buckled. the water service will be shut off for eight hours starting at 9:00 this morning. 5:33. 67 degrees outside. things are peaceful in charlotte, north carolina, right now, where protesters marched through the streets despite a midnight curfew. they said they would not arrest people who were protesting peacefully, despite the curfew. demonstrators are angry after a police officer who is black shot and killed an african-american man. they're demanding transparency from police in their investigation. >> release the video! release the video! >> the national guard has been
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called in. >> police say that he had a gun when officers shot him. his family who saw the video of the shooting last night said scout was carrying a book. lawyers for the scott family says it's impossible to discern what, if anything, mr. scott was holding in his hands. when he was shot and killed, his hands were by his side and slowing walking backwards. officer betty shelby was booked and charged with first degree manslaughter. dashcam and aerial footage of the shooting showed terence crutcher walking away from officer shelby with his hands in the air. crutcher's twin sister spoke out after the family learned of the charges against the officer. >> nothing will break back our father, our son, our brother, our nephew, our cousin. our goal now as a family is to ensure this never happens to another innocent citizen.
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>> if she's convicted, officer shelby would face a minimum of four years in prison. the government's star witness who pleaded guilty in the new jersey bridgegate case could take the stand later today in the trial of two former allies of governor chris christie. she say david weiildsteinwildst. lawyers for both defendants have tacked wildstein's credibility and yesterday jurors heard a port authority official testify that he thought wildstein was corrupt and christie protected him. for weeks, the philadelphia district attorney has been declining our request for an on-camera interview to ask questions about gifts he received and failed to disclose until recently. >> rosemary connors tracked him down at a graduation of the city's corrections officers where williams helped to hand
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out diplomas. he spoke to nbc 10 for just under five minutes and revealed new information. he says he's cooperating with an ethics probe into the gifts he received. those gifts were tens of thousands of dollars in sports tickets and vacations he's received hinse his time in office. >> i made a mistake in not reporting gifts from very close friends and very close family. and because of that, i sincerely and humbly apologize to the citizens of philadelphia. i'mç working with the ethics commission, the ethics board. i'll pay a penalty, a fine for not having disclosed those gifts. no one ever asked me for anything. no one ever got anything. >> because the district attorney has absolute discretion to choose which cases to prosecute, drop or make a deal, some argue no gifts policy would lead to greater transparency. rosemary asked the d.a. about the possibility of him doing that. hear what he says and listen to the entire interview on the nbc
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10 app. nbc 10 also reached out to the philadelphia bar association. it said, quote, the benefit of drawing a bright line is to prevent questions from being raised about the motivations of donor friends and the potential impact of gift giving on those who hold public office. williams is also taking on a new challenge when it comes to his office. >> he has a new opponent in his race for re-election. former federal prowse kieter joe khan announced his candidacy. khan says it's about restoring integrity. >> this city needs a d.a. focused on keeping this city safe. our precious resources can't be squandered on scandal and ego trips. >> khan says the integrity of the d.a.'s office has been called into question with the probe into williams charity and
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finances. septa will return 250,000 today's an advertising agency for loss of ad space. the septa board voted yesterday to do that. the agency's ads have not been rolling on more than 100 regional rail cars because the trains were pulled for the repairs. the money will cover losses for july and august. crews are replacing cracked beams on those cars. septa expects all rail cars to be back in service by november. 5:38. exclusive video this morning. it shows the suspected new york/new jersey bomber dumping luggage allegedly containing a bomb and right after, people are fiddling with and even kicking the explosive device over the next hour. this is surveillance video from saturday. you can see ahmad khan rahami roll the suitcase on the street and leave it. moments later, two men take a white bag out of the suitcase, allegedly containing that pressure cooker bomb. time goes by. one person actually kicks it.
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finally, a woman notices the object, turns around and gets a closer look and then calls police. rahami made two trips to pakistan since 2011. including one to an area considered high-risk for taliban activity. and a neighbor heard his father call him a terrorist but said he didn't mean it. agents eventually closed the case. by the summer, rahami was buying citric as said, circuit boards, electric igniters and ball bearings. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 21 before 6:00. the temperatures falling this morning. we're starting off with sunshine in store for the suburbs. but the clear skies and no sunshine yet. it's 55 degrees right now in the suburbs. clear skies in cape may, clear of any rainfall. it's going to be staying dry and you'll see lots of sunshine at the shore. the temperatures are in the 60s. middle 60s at the shore. but inland, it's low 60s and some areas may drop into the 50s this morning. clayton is 63.
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washington township 62. mt. laurel down to 61 degreesç along with lumberton. princeton, 52 degrees this morning. more cool weather on the day. but not this afternoon. this afternoon is going to feel like the middle of summer. 67 degrees. a few scattered clouds in philadelphia. we'll see sunshine, look at that quick warmup, from the 60s through the 70s into the upper 80s this afternoon. 87 degrees with the wind out of the west/southwest at 7 miles an hour. just a gentle breeze blowing. not a lot of humidity coming in. the humidity will stay low in the suburbs. during the day today, 57 degrees. right no you, 72 degrees later this morning. into the 80s for the suburbs and lehigh valley. nice and clear to start with. one of the cooler spots in the area, 52 degrees in easton. 70 at 10:00, 80 at lunch time, upper 80s. closer to 90 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey, you'll see scattered clouds to start with. they're in the area right now. that's what's keeping the temperatures in the low 60s in new jersey but with bright
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sunshine, we're cleared for 80s this afternoon. 80 degrees at lunch time. and at the shore it will be warming to near 80 degrees this afternoon. 60s to start with, upper 70s at lunch time and that's where the temperatures will hold right on in through the afternoon. delaware, you're in for plenty of sunshine, too. a few scattered clouds to start with. 57 degrees right now. 81 degrees at noon and then into the middle 80s this afternoon. today, we'll see 80s but then they steer clear of us for the first weekend of fall. got a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, bill. 19 minutes before 6:00. blue route is now open. we have another road closure. >> i think another two. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington, woodhaven road and 195. >> right. woodhaven road, our camera from route 1 headed eastbound. if you're coming off of route 1, this is what you'll head to. it's closed between thornton avenue and academy road. we're seeing delays there. it's a serious accident scene,
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injuries maybe being reported as well. we'll have specifics for you as well. if injuries have occurred, it might be there for quite some time with an investigation and possible cleanup as well. we'll keep you updated there. for now, eastbound woodhaven road coming away from route 1 is close. hamilton township in new jersey, fluid spill, that's closed. the traffic is moving by into the right-hand shoulder. we're seeing big delays still, westbound lanes unaffected. vai and tracy. donald trump makes a campaign stop at an iconic spot in our area. ahead, we'll tell you about the republican nominee's trip to geno's and the offer he made to the crowd. plus, a bigger bet. what the sands casino in bethlehem is planning for its future.
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y24kmy y5yy 5:45. now decision 2016. donald trump is taking a break from the campaign trail after a visit to delaware county. >> legendary basketball coach bobby knight introduced trump last night. the republican presidential nominee promised to make america safe again, blaming recent
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unrest in charlotte on critics of the police. >> we must work with our police, not against our police. our men and women in blue also need our support. our thanks and our gratitude. >> at the rally, nbc 10's lauren mayk spoke with trump's son eric about reports that his father's charitable foundation used $250,000 to settle legal issues involving his businesses. >> he gave money to veterans charities. he gave money to lots of different charities that's not for a business interest. >> no, it didn't? >> i'm saying no, it didn't. it went to great charity. >> the trump campaign put out a statement saying there was not and could not be any intent or motive for the trump foundation to make improper payments. paying for a bag of philly cheese steaks is part of trump's history. >> trump offered to get cheese steaks for the crowd. he also joked he was buying one for hillary clinton.
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meantime, hillary clinton is showing her sense of humor. >> she sat down with zach galifianakis for "between two ferns." as you might expect, donald trump's name did come up. and kid rock becomes secretary of state are you going to move to canada or one of the arctics? >> i'll stay in the united states. >> what would you try to -- >> i'll try to prevent him from destroying the use. >> you're going to lead the civil war? >> no, i wouldn't take up arms. i think that might be a little extreme. >> galifianakis mentioned clinton's e-mail scandal. clinton joked she regretted doing the interview. take a look at the setting for monday night's first presidential debate. crews are preparing the hall at hofstra university in new york for the first presidential debate. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt will moderate the debate, expected to draw one of the biggest tv audiences in years. and nbc 10 will carry the debate live monday night at 9:00. before that, join nbc 10's decision 2016 feed of the xfinity live, the sports complex
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in south philadelphia. you can be a part of the live audience or watch us live on tv at 7:00 p.m. it's all about what you want to hear the candidates say during the debate. a $30 million makeover begins in november at harrah's in atlantic city. the casino is redoing 450 hotel rooms and suites, closest to its new water front conference center. harrah's ranks as the second most successful casino in ac and officials say the makeover is an effort to remain competitive. meantime, a group supporting the expansion of casinos into north jersey is taking its money off the table. our turn nj has ended its campaign. the men behind the campaign blame politics and lack of concern for details. the sands casino in bethlehem recently submitted permit applications to the city.
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the sands casino in bethlehem recently submitted permit applications to the city. nbc 10 reviewed those plans. they call for a two-story expansion with new slot machines, restaurants and a new poker room with at least 35 new tables. sands bethlehem opened in 2009 bringing people from across the region to the lehigh valley. >> pennsylvania has seen a lot of success with these. the sands is the most successful casino in pennsylvania. i think the success of the casino is what's spurring this talk of expansion. >> the sands isn't commenting and the expansion has not yet been approved. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 11 minutes before 6:00. stand by for a warm summer-like day. this is the first full day of autumn. first morning of autumn as temperatures in the 60s in philadelphia, but most of the area running cooler than that. 50s now for the suburbs. and the lehigh valley. it's dropped to 57 degrees in delaware. there are some scattered clouds in new jersey. the temperatures are elevated this morning. 62 degrees, should be in the 50s this time of year. but the numbers are skill cooling down.
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we are seeing lower 50s for unionville, chadds ford is 54 and 51 in north wales. it's 52 in ft. washington, warrentown is 57 degrees to start with. a little bit of an autumn chill in the air. the humidity is low. humidity, clear skies. that's why the temperatures are running lower this morning than what we saw first thing yesterday morning. but not by a lot. we are in the clear. weatherwise, we'll see sunshine today. a really nice summer feeling day today. there's some cooler weather ahead. it's going to come with clouds that will come through tonight. they're not that far away. see them moving through new york and north central pennsylvania. these clouds coming in with the cold front that comes through overnight tonight. but during the day today, those clouds will be lingering off to the north. "tpá 1:00 this afternoon we aren the clear. we'll be watching the clouds move into the area to the northeastern portion of pennsylvania late this afternoon, early this evening. even a slight chance of a
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sprinkle or two. most of the isolated showers fizzle as the clouds come in. we'll start with clouds at 4:30 in the morning. the clouds swing through to start with. don't be surprised if you get up and see cloudiness to start with on saturday. then to clear out with sunshine in the afternoon. and much cooler weather will follow those clouds. for today, you'll feel the heat. afternoon temperatures in the 80s. but starting tomorrow, it's 70s and even cooler on sunday. that's for the entire area. look at the 60s for the suburbs and the lehigh valley on sun afternoon. 68 degrees at the shore and very low 70s for the rest of the area. that's after a chilly morning on sunday. 80s today and here comes the first weekend of fall. it will feel like it, especially chilly coming sunday morning and monday morning, 49 degrees to start with on monday. clouds building on tuesday. if we get rainfall, it's most likely for wednesday. not a huge possibility but there's a chance we'll get showers on wednesday and clearing out, afternoon temperatures will stay right in the normal zone with highs in
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the 70s. >> fall is here. thanks, bill. eight minutes before 6:00. let's get you to work. a couple of closures, including woodhaven road eastbound. >> jessica boyington bring us up to speed on this. >> northeast philadelphia, another closure this morning. woodhaven road and our cameras have a different view of it, around thornton road, it's closed between thornton road and academy road. it's a little bit difficult of a scene. all the traffic approaching the accident scene is at a complete standstill. seeing a lot of emergency crews, police officers on the scene as well. word of injuries on the scene. there may be a little bit of an accident investigation that's under way there. an alternate, take calmly road to move by. for now, avoid this area because you'll be sitting just for a bit as you can see the traffic is not moving. hamilton township, new jersey, traffic barely moving by the accident scene and now fluid spill. there's a mess to clean up as well on 195 eastbound around hamilton square, exit 3. you can see the slowdown approaching the xeerscene.
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all main driving lanes are closed. more updates on northeast philadelphia and hamilton township when i come back. causing more than just traffic issues. hear why construction and a small bridge in new castle county is causing big headaches for business owners. after a close vote, the winner of our high school football game of the week is bonner friend did i at cardinal o'ha o'hara, just edging out west chester henderson and bishop shanahan. be sure to catch full highlights on nbc 10 news at 11:00 p.m.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. we have another accident scene coming into our camera system right here. we're watching the 42 freeway in new jersey around the atlantic city expressway area. and we have the right lane blocked there. as you can see. slow go by the scene. we have another accident in northeast philadelphia, another one out in new jersey on 195 with closures. i'll have the details when i'm back at 6:00. four minutes before 6:00. an old bridge is causing new problems in new castle county.
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people use the fifth street bridge over route 9 to get in and out of delaware city. the army corps of engineers is rebuilding that bridge. some businesses like this crab house are cut off from customers who work just across the bridge. they'd have to go 13 miles out of their way to get back around to the restaurant. it will be out until february. and how eye see it challe e challenge. we'll tell you about that. and the new piece of evidence in the case of a slashing. 67 degrees, three minutes before 6:00 right now. >> it looks nice out there. the flag at the aramarkç not really flapping that much. make sure you have the free nbc
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10 app. first alert neighborhood weather and traffic all day long, it's your one-stop shop. y24kmy y5yy katiejoey, ricky, eileen,hnny, me, and colleen...immy, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street.
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i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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traffic moving on the blue route. a stretch of 476 is now open following a night of backups because of a crash. >> person of interest, police are looking for this man, the boyfriend of a woman killed in a delaware county slashing. high alert, police officers at the shore are stepping up patrols after last weekend's bombing. nbc 10 news starts now. >> and happening now in charlotte, the curfew set by the governor is now lifting. the mandatory went into effect at midnight and lasted until right now, 6:00 a.m. a third night of protests happened relatively peacefully. demonstrators are


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