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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  September 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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alert neighborhood forecast. krystal? >> the forecast includes a cold front effecting us today. you can see the front sweeping by now. we have isolated showers with the front itself, moving near allentown, parts of lehigh valley. could see isolated showers in parts of philadelphia, but it is looking like for the most part the focus is not on spot chances of rain but on temperatures that we see moving into the afternoon. they're not going to be much warmer than what you see now. 65 in philadelphia. looking at highs this afternoon mid 70s. only ten degree jump. 67 in wilmington. atlantic city, 66. vineland 67. this is a drop from what we saw a couple hours ago, whereas typically the temperature warms with sunrise, because the cold front is passing, temperatures have been dropping. as we move throughout today, this is what we expect in philadelphia. staying with the mid-60s through 10:00 a.m. only bumping up to the upper 60s to right around 70 by lunchtime.
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then moving through the afternoon, winds are lighter, clouds start to clear as the cold front passes. we only make it to mid 70s. more on the neighborhood forecast high temperatures coming up. now to breaking news. a stretcher at the scene points to tragedy. two firefighters are dead following an overnight house fire in wilmington. nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live near the scene. tim, a difficult day ahead for first responders in wilmington. >> reporter: yeah, i tell you what, tough day for delaware firefighters, they're here from all over the state, you see the scene. the fire happened overnight lakeview drive here just in the street in front of us. the wilmington fire chief if you pan over, see him walking up there, he is coming toward us there. that's the wilmington fire chief. he pulled me aside, tears in his eyes, confirmed he lost two firefighters today.
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others are still injured in the hospital. people that lived in the house i am told were able to get out, but firefighters went into the row home. the floor collapsed, a few firefighters were able to pull up out of it, and the firefighters that died were not. we were there earlier, a photographer, mark, was there as a body came out with a flag-draped over it, typical for firefighters killed in the line of duty. again, a tough day here. again, we understand the mayor of wilmington and others are at christiana hospital with other firefighters. we are awaiting a press briefing from the wilmington fire chief on camera. he had to pull himself together, get more details about what was happening. as soon as we get details, we'll bring them to you. again, fire representatives from all up and down the state of delaware here in wilmington now. again, two firefighters lost their lives serving the public. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> we will check back throughout the hour. thanks for that. to a developing story in
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washington state. police are searching for a gunman that killed four women and wounded another at a shopping mall in burlington. gunfire broke out at the makeup counter at macy's. security evacuated the mall immediately. police released a video image of the suspected gunman here. last seen armed with a rifle, walking toward the interstate highway linking burlington to seattle. in north carolina, protesters filled the streets for a fourth night, demanding answers, this after new video surfaced yesterday showing the moments leading up to tuesday's police shooting of keith lamont scott. we warn you, you may find this disturbing and difficult to watch. >> don't shoot him. >> scott's family released cell phone video taken by his wife. you can hear her in the background. officers shouted at scott to drop what they say they perceived to be a gun. scott's wife said he has traumatic brain injury and wouldn't hurt them. then we heard gunshots but you don't see the shooting.
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videos released added to frustration and anger of protesters who gathered again in charlotte. >> did you shoot him? >> my gut reaction was pure sadness, pure sadness for anyone to have to go through that. >> protesters stepped up the call for the police to release the body and dash cam footage of the shooting in charlotte. stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of the protests in north carolina. we will keep you updated on new information that comes in on the air and on the nbc app. temple union tweeted they will sit at the national anthem. this followings 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick who started the protest as a call to end social injustice across the
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country. happening now, walkers and runners lacing up sneakers for today's 19th annual walter e. brandon sickle cell 5k walk and run. this is the starting point near the please touch museum. the run starts at 8:30. the walk at 8:35. the event named for walter brandon who spearheaded the first walk before he passed away from complications related to sickle cell disease. the event raises awareness about the disorder and awareness for treatment. happening today in philadelphia, go play in the street. get out there, take a walk, take a bike ride. you'll be able to do all of that during the phillies free street festival. from 8:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon, city officials close part of south street and several other roads to traffic in philadelphia. the idea stems from a year ago when pope francis was in philly, many streets were closed to vehicular traffic.
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the mayor is going to power walk the route. >> people like to ride bikes with kids and walk in the streets. it was such a great idea, they said why don't we do it again. >> business owners hope people come out. temporary road closures cover front and south streets, south street bridge, schuylkill river and all the way out to mlk drive to falls bridge. if you would like more information, full list of closures, tap the nbc10 app. now to decision 2016. former presidential candidate ted cruz is endorsing donald trump for president. he announced plans on facebook to vote for his fellow republican. at a dinner, he explained the twofold reason he finally chose to support trump.
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>> i stood on this stage in front of the american people, i made a promise i will support the republican nominee. what i am certain is that hillary clinton is a train wreck who would be a disaster. >> trump says he is greatly honored by cruz's endorsement and looks forward to working with cruz for many years to come. today hillary clinton's daughter chelsea will campaign in johnstown, pennsylvania. yesterday she was in flint, michigan, getting an update on the water crisis. chelsea says she has not been part of her mother's debate preparation but wouldn't be surprised if the flint situation came up monday night. speaking of the monday debate, reports say hillary clinton and donald trump are getting ready for it in very different ways. clinton said to be holding mock debates with trump stand ins, trump preparing with informal meetings. both candidates huddling with
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advisers and studying video from previous debates. >> she has to come out of this debate showing people her heart, her humor. >> donald trump presents himself as a calm, rational leader, that will throw hillary clinton off her game more than anything else. >> monday's debate expected to draw the biggest television audience in decades. count on nbc10 to bring every angle of monday's presidential debate. special coverage runs from 4:00 to 6:30. then catch our debate special live at xfinity live in south philadelphia starting at 7:00. the main event at 9:00. nbc's lester holt will moderate the debate. 8 minutes past 8:00 on this saturday. stories of struggle and triumph, part of the new african-american museum being dedicated today in
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washington. we'll take you inside to see what makes this museum so unique next in a live report. honoring a hometown hero. we'll show you what's changing in a local school thanks to the success of one athlete.
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welcome back. here's a look at your day. going to some of the other neighborhoods on the planner for saturday. pennsylvania suburbs 64 degrees now. the time is 8:10 this morning. 10:00 a.m. we'll be sitting in the mid-60s outside, which continues through lunchtime. not a lot of warming up because of that cold front. we have been seeing the temperature drop early morning hours. moving into the afternoon, you see we see more sunshine peeking through the clouds. wind dies down and temperatures should creep low to mid 70s
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through the pennsylvania suburbs. in delaware, i expect things to be warmer in the afternoon, not by a lot. upper 60s through lunch hour. a cloud, sun mix out there, and mid 70s by afternoon. 4:00 p.m. at 73 degrees. winds 8 miles per hour. still coming out of the north. winds coming in from the north because that cold front dropped in from the north. in new jersey, south jersey area looking at mid-60s, through and around lunchtime. 63 currently, making it to the 70s by this afternoon. looking at hundreds of years of history through a new lens. that's how officials at the smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture view thousands of stories you can learn about in the newest museum. it opens later today. tracy potts is live on the national mall with details. >> reporter: good morning. the washington monument is behind me, the museum next to it. that's where thousands of people are expected to crowd today.
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the three day celebration continues, the official dedication gets under way this morning. 7,000 invited guests from all over the country are here with civil rights icons like congressman john lewis and former president george w. bush and president obama and their wives. the president says seeing recent struggles on display here puts today's charlotte protests in context. >> they step back and say i understand. i sympathize. i empathize. i can see why folks might feel angry and i want to be part of a solution. >> reporter: people from all walks of life are here, seeing value in the african-american experience. >> a tribute to my ancestors. >> african-american history is important part of our history. >> this is about equality and
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being treated fair. >> reporter: inside the museum, decades of history known. and unknown. from slavery and reconstruction to civil rights and modern achievements by african americans. >> as long as there's an america, there's an option to tell the stories. >> reporter: stories harriet tubman sang in the underground railroad. the pot belly stove that kept black children warm learning in segregated schools. all stories captured within the walls, preserved for the next generation. >> reporter: back live at the mall, there are a lot of street closures. even so, getting to the celebration may be easier than getting into the museum, at least today or this weekend. they have free online tickets but they sold out quickly. live from washington from national mall, tracie potts, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that.
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here in philadelphia, the city's african-american museum is having a watch party for the grand opening of the national museum. if you can't drive to d.c., you can stay here at the watch party. see a live stream of the dedication ceremony. it all begins at 9:00 this morning. the ceremony runs from 10:00 until 1:00 this afternoon. almost quarter after 8:00 on this saturday. we continue to follow breaking news out of wilmington where two firefighters are dead, another in the hospital. nbc10's tim furlong will bring us a live update coming up. and it feels like fall. going to look at the forecast high temperatures for the weekend. you can plan to do quite a bit outside. temperatures in the 70s, but will it last into the work week? we'll take a look coming up.
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we continue to stay on top of breaking news this morning. two firefighters are dead after battling a house fire on lakewood road in wilmington. others were injured with at least one still in the hospital. nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has been at the scene since the early morning hours. stay with us for his next live report at 8:30. beginning with the neighborhood temperatures. right now, seeing a lot of 60s on the map. 60 in the lehigh valley. pennsylvania suburbs 61 degrees. 65 in philadelphia. also take note, we have icons
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all over the board because clouds rolled through the region as a cold front has been moving into the area. that's going to seriously effect those temperatures as we move through today and the next several days. this morning, though, not quite yet feeling the effects. instead of 50s and 40s, still seeing 60s on the map. these are some philadelphia neighborhoods. kensington, 64, the airport at 65. dora, 63, and fox chase. then jump to lehigh valley neighborhood temperatures, right now reading, 62. upper 50s in allentown. this is where the cold front passed. we are seeing cooler air filter in effecting temperatures. on top of that, rain cooled air as well near allentown where we had isolated showers moving throughout early on this morning. there's the radar, showing spotty showers. not a lot of strength.
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small spots of yellow where there's more moderate rain. it will continue to break apart as it moves through wilmington to trenton here. maybe isolated showers in this zone, but overall not looking likely to see much in terms of storms today. winds light to breezy as a result of the front as well. you see 15 miles per hour winds in philadelphia and close to that in wilmington at 14 miles per hour. so the good news is, as the front passes, we pull the clouds out, dry ourselves out and see the winds drop down for anything going on tonight. the in a new light festival, 69 degrees at 7:00. mid-50s by 10:00 p.m. it feels like fall, that forecast as we move along the next several days. what we're looking at, temperature wise, saturday, mid 70s for us, suburbs, philadelphia, low 70s, south jersey into the jersey shore, then sunday is cooler in spots as colder air settles in behind
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the front. 70 for the suburbs, lehigh valley. check out jersey shore, 69 degrees, delaware at 72. we will talk more about the extended ten day on 10 forecast in the next half hour. >> see you shortly. thanks, krystal. time to check in with wednesday's child, a great student that plays sports, very independent and makes friends easily, likes to create designs on the computer. vai sikahema introduces us to susan. >> that's so cool. >> reporter: only 14, susan is completely at ease among young adults on the college campus. rutgers cabin is where we took her for a day. >> the program acts like -- >> reporter: susan plans to go to college and remembers when she decided to major in graphic arts. >> it was like a year ago and i was on the computer like drawing and picks art and someone told me i should be a graphic
8:21 am
designer. >> you cut this out? >> uh-huh. >> she got to see the students' special projects. >> are they able to overlap? >> yes. >> even designing her own name in a unique way using computer graphics. she learned a valuable lesson. >> i learned if you have anything in your mind or whatever, like it can happen. >> susan, you're picking up the program faster than many of my colleagues. >> reporter: she wants a forever family to emerge to care for her, guide her, love her. >> someone that can listen to me and understand what i have been through and stuff, help me through my daily life and stuff and someone that can understand me. >> susan's current preference is for a single mom, although i think she would entertain different types of families and thinks she would do well with an active family that participates
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in their community and gets out and does things on weekends. >> reporter: susan is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make susan's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can call the national adoption center. the number on the screen. 1-866-do-adopt. this morning, two firefighters are dead in wilmington. we are getting new details from the fire chief about what went wrong in this home. fire crews worked to save lives. however, they lost two of their own. more from the scene coming up in minutes. approve this message.
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good morning, danny pommells from csn. quarterback carson wentz is preparing for his toughest test yet. continues to take a lot of unnecessary punishment. here is wentz on how he is learning to protect himself. >> keep reminding myself it is one of those things as a young quarterback. trying to remind myself, even when watching film, how could i prevent, even in practice, what would i have done there. all the things, i am still learning. obviously have to keep learning. >> nbc10 your official eagles station for pre and post game coverage. starts sunday at 9:30. join us for highlights and interviews with doug peterson. and then at 3:00, a super size
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edition of eagles pregame live, taking you to kickoff between the steelers and eagles, this sunday on csn. looking for revenge from the mets. walk off win thursday night. dell frank oh, out of the park. 24th of the season, up and out to left field. phillies up by two. that didn't last long. mets come back. three runs in. he connects for three runs. they beat the phillies 10-5. now time for the best of the best. high school blitz, featuring kids taking it to the house, friday night football is up next. 8:26 this saturday. we continue to follow breaking
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news from wilmington as firefighters cope with tragedy this morning. they lost two of their own in an overnight house fire. we are live at the scene with more from the chief next. and a live look outside philadelphia. clouds hanging overhead thanks to a front that makes it feel more like fall than the last few days. we will look at the work week. details coming up.
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breaking news, two firefighters dead, another in the hospital in critical condition. protesters march and chant in charlotte a fourth straight night. what they're calling on police to do after the deadly shooting there this week. feeling like fall. here's a live look outside as colder air moves into the region. we breakdown the big change in temperatures in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 8:30 on this saturday. let's get to neighborhood weather with krystal klei. cool start to saturday and a bit cloudy out there. >> that's right. the clouds break apart moving
8:31 am
into the afternoon. for now, cloudy start. temperatures have been dropping this morning. usually they start to pick up with the sun, but because of a cold front we're down to 65 in philadelphia, 62 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. check out new jersey, lehigh valley, both at 60 degrees only, 67 in delaware, the current temperature. breezy in some areas where you see double digit values for winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour, thanks to the cold front passing which will pick up those winds, then drag in cooler air. it will push out clouds in the afternoon. you'll see more sunshine mixing in. partly cloudy conditions. a lot of mid 70s out there in the suburbs as well as philadelphia at 74. very similar moving through parts of new jersey, delaware, and lehigh valley. even along the jersey shore, 72 is the expected temperature for us as we get to the later part of the day. temperatures are much more comfortable today. on top of that, something we see repeating the next several days. we are going to look closer at
8:32 am
the neighborhood forecast and details on the next chance of rain coming up. now to breaking news, while battling flames and smoke at a house in wilmington, two firefighters lost their lives. a tragedy we are learning about with each passing minute. nbc10 bureau reporter tim furlong is live near the scene. tim, i understand you have been talking to fire officials and neighbors there. tell us what you know. >> reporter: working the phones all morning. two wilmington firefighters died fighting a fire in a row house, two more are in critical condition. few others with less serious injuries as well. it happened here. you see the fire operation trucks from up and down the state of delaware, saw trucks from hartley, an hour and a half from where we are. everybody from all over the state came to support wilmington in this case. it happened on lakeview drive, a street up here. they're tightly packed row homes. a fire broke out in one of the
8:33 am
row homes, it was a significant fire. the floor collapsed in the main level. from what i understand, firefighters, a number of them fell into the lower level of the house, a garage level, but couldn't get out, so they had to try to climb back up. they're not able to get up and through the area. one of the firefighters was taken out, a photographer here saw a body coming out draped in a flag. neighbors saw the firefighter, too. another firefighter we are told died at the hospital. let's hear from an eyewitness here during the fire watching it all unfold. >> watching firemen, he died a hero, going into burning houses. and lost his life. come on. >> reporter: that's when she knew there was only one firefighter. we can tell you they confirmed two firefighters died. police and fire officials are not identifying the people
8:34 am
because they're in process of notifying families as we speak. big presence on the scene. obviously a tough day. the fire chief was here, anthony good, tears in his eyes, gave me a hug, said it was a tough day, confirmed two firefighters were down, he was going back to the hospital. the mayor of wilmington is at the hospital down in newark area. going to be a long few days for wilmington fire department. condolences coming from the entire region. we will learn more information, bring it to you online and on air. tim furlong, nbc10 news. now to a developing story out of washington state. police searching for a gunman that opened fire at the macy's. security evacuated the property immediately. police released this video image of the suspected gunman. a witness gives this account of
8:35 am
what happened. >> i turned around, i hear a shot. sounded like that. and next thing you know, another shot. then after that, bang, bang, bang, bang. i heard like about seven or eight shots and at that point i dropped whatever i had in my hand and started running. >> the suspected shooter last seen armed with a rifle, walking toward an interstate highway linking burlington with seattle. in charlotte, north carolina, demonstrators hit the streets for a fourth night of protests over the deadly police shooting of an african-american man. new video surfaced. the family of keith lamont scott release the video yesterday, taken by his wife, it shows moments leading up to the shooting. back here in our area, police in philadelphia investigating the attack of a 12-year-old girl by other girls.
8:36 am
take a look. this happened in fishtown wednesday. kayla watson said she was coming from the library after school when a group of girls she didn't know beat her up. she's now wearing a neck brace. her grandfather heard about the fight, didn't realize it was his granddaughter until he saw her on the ground. >> she got sneaker prints on the back of her neck and back and if it wasn't for a young man driving by to stop the fight and called the cops, she could have been killed. >> i have a sprained neck. >> how long is the brace on? >> until my primary doctor says i can take it off. >> nbc10 learned the attackers go to middle school, kayla does not. city school officials say protocols and procedures are being followed in the investigation. they could not speak about any possible disciplinary action. a teen faces weapon charges following a gun scare in gallaway township. school officials ordered a lockdown after learning the
8:37 am
15-year-old boy was carrying a handgun. police were called to find and detain the student. officers say they later discovered a loaded gun under some bleachers outside the school. police then arrested the teenager and the lockdown was lifted. fortunately nobody was hurt. today in camden county, olympic wrestling champion jordan burroughs returns for top honors. they will dedicate the gymnasium to him. the ceremony starts at 10:00 this morning. he was state and national channel 9 that won gold in london in 2012 and competed in rio this year. 8:37 this saturday. from ballpark to obstacle course, citizens bank park is changing its look, adding challenging new features. we'll explain why just ahead. when pat toomey went to washington, he didn't stop...
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to low-cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. welcome back. looking at radar and satellite map. we pulled it out so you can see where the cold front is moving through at this point. we have cooler air behind the front that's going to spill into our neck of the woods as we move through today and tomorrow. temperatures are way lower than they were yesterday. yesterday we had a high of 89 in philadelphia. nowhere near that later this afternoon. we zoomed in. we have isolated showers passing through reading and just through allentown. this will continue to drop down, moving to the southeast as it
8:41 am
breaks apart. very isolated potential for a spot shower early this morning. what we are looking at is a taste of fall. excited to say that. we are cooling down temperature wise. high of 89 yesterday, average is 75. we're right where we should be end of september. 74 saturday, sunday at 73. repeat monday and tuesday. you're also around the mid 70s. as we move through the next work week, we continue with the 70s, looking very good through the next week. also staying dry until tuesday. there you go. you see limited to no chance of rain through monday. bounces up tuesday. that's across the board. see that for dover, reading not as high of a percentage increase. atlantic city, good chance moving into tuesday. chances for showers are there, takes a few days for us to get there. which is good news.
8:42 am
tomorrow we want it dry for the eagles versus steelers game. sunday on the planner, if tailgating, mid to upper 60s early in the day. 4:25, start of game at 73 degrees. and stay sunny through end of the game at 66, the temperature later on, dropping into the mid-60s. winds remain light as well. it will be a great time outside for the game. here's the next seven days of weather. we stay in the mid 70s. chance for rain tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, still mid 70s as well. clouds, sun mixture for you. even into the next weekend, still looking light. we hang onto the 70s with the ten day. donald trump turning up the heat when it comes to getting out his message. the republican nominee announces millions in new ad spending. breaking down numbers for both candidates next.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. quarter to 9:00 on this saturday. back to breaking news. two firefighters are dead battling a house fire on lakewood road in wilmington. we also know two firefighters were injured and that they're in the hospital right now. we are working to get more information about exactly what went wrong here. nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has been talking to wilmington's fire chief, telling him there was a collapse inside the house. that's part of what lead to the tragedy we are keeping you aware
8:46 am
of this morning. we will check back with tim and have another update before the end of the hour. now to decision 2016 coverage. israelis prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet separately with the presidential candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump tomorrow. netanyahu was in new york for this week's meeting of the u.n. general assembly. the trump campaign in other news plans a blitz of television and digital ads between now and election day. the campaign says it will spend $140 million, most on tv commercials. officials say ads target pennsylvania and other key battleground states. of course, the big debate is coming monday night. the first presidential debate. we've got you covered. special news coverage runs from 4:00 to 6:30 in the evening. then catch the hour-long debate night special. we are live at xfinity live in south philadelphia, that starts at 7:00. the main event at 9:00. nbc's lester holt will moderate from hofstra university.
8:47 am
get the full highlights and reaction post debate on nbc10 news at 11:00. there's a live look outside philadelphia. you have clouds overhead. we're going to have that throughout the morning. more of a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon as the cold front starts to move out. the effect on temperatures that you're going to note. 74 degrees in center city this afternoon, in the pennsylvania suburbs, westchester, 72. pretty much across the board low 70s. lehigh valley 73, same for allentown. easton a couple degrees warmer. most icons showing cloudy to partly cloudy conditions outside. in new jersey, trenton at 74 degrees. atlantic city, 72 degrees along the jersey shore. ocean city around 70. some of us seeing very little warming through the entire day, moving from mid-60s to only low
8:48 am
70s. delaware as well. wilmington, 74 degrees. smyrna at 72. as we move through the next several days, we continue with temperatures similar to this. we'll look one last time at the ten day on 10 coming up. good morning, time for the blitz. features a battle of unbeatens. ♪ nothing like that horn section. strike up the band on this friday night. second quarter, timber creek up until jared baker gets through the defense and scampers in for the score. that was fool's gold. the charger defense stiffens. wicked hit later in the quarter. all timber creek in this one. 49-7 the final.
8:49 am
seneca and camden. the camden cheerleaders getting the crowd ready to go. love that purple and gold. the home team puts on a show as well. drew harris whips a pass to ja juan hudson. they win 27-7 all alone in the end zone. camden up 7-0. easton and white hall. gilbert with the zone read. they trounce through them, 62-28. he raises 39 yards to the house. 62-28. ouch. castle rock and abingdon. the kids with the three names can usually ball. look at him go. defenders just in his wake as he goes 33 yards to the end zone. city action. ben franklin and washington. you got to love the electrons nickname.
8:50 am
devin darden airing it out. near side to justin white. he's into the green. 25-yard touchdown. ben franklin rolls 65-18. central on the road at frankford. it was all central in this one. the lancers keyshawn grant finds some room, and he gone. central stays perfect, shutting out frankford 28-0. obviously knee picked off, that interception. tight one, 26-22. southern hosting king. he takes it around the outside and has some wheels. finds open space. catch him if you can like the gingerbread man. king walks away with a win, 22-16. time now for a bird's-eye view with some skylights. cd west hosting bensalem. bensalem's drasaun moore with the handoff to keith parrish iii.
8:51 am
he's off and runs it 51 yards and gets the pylon. they mark him down for one. he will later score on the drive and hang on for the win, 28-21. archbishop looking for their win. taking on roman catholic. he airs it out for a 27 yard score. wood wins 37-21. north penn looking to go 5 and 0 hosting pennridge. he finds a wide open thomas. north stays unbeaten. smyrna, this time around, let ee brown on opening kickoff finds a scene. smyrna going away, 60-26 the final. here are the candidates for next
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week's game of the week. imhotep taking on malvern prep. st. joseph at pennsville. springfield, delaware county. call or text your vote to the number on your screen. you can also vote at and on the nbc10 app. that's the blitz. enjoy your saturday. nbc10 continues its commitment to finding homes for pe pets. joining us, snickers. >> he is a great guy. he loves affection. typical of a lot of these mixes. >> he has been calm, cool, collected. we were sitting with him beforehand. tell us, you said he's pretty good with other dogs. >> he is. i have taken him to an event with other dogs and a bunch of people, he did great. he seems happy to go wherever his people are going.
8:53 am
he is very people oriented. >> how did snickers come to you? >> he was a stray. someone brought him in, being a good samaritan. good boy. he has been looking for a home a little while. we hope this weekend with all dogs free that he finds his perfect match. >> we're calling it houndcoming. >> yes. we are urging people to come adopt a homecoming king or queen. we have so many awesome dogs to choose from like snickers. probably 50 dogs of all different breeds, mix breeds. people will definitely find the right dog for them. >> at your hunting park location up in the northeast, we have more information about acct philly. this weekend, adult dogs are free. call animal control.
8:54 am
267-385-3800. or check them out online. snickers will be there. and he should go home. he is a great dog. has been great in studio this morning. >> my dog is in competition for the couch with me. >> amy, thanks for being with us this morning. we will take a quick break, be right back.
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before we leave you this morning, a quick recap of our breaking news. two firefighters are dead after battling this house fire on lakewood road in wilmington. two more in critical condition in the hospital. stay with nbc10 throughout the
8:57 am
day. tap the nbc10 app for updates. let's take a last look at the ten day forecast. 70s for you today, sunday, low to mid 70s. that continues monday, tuesday, when we have the next chance of rain and mid 70s continue into the weekend. >> been awhile since we have seen that on the ten day. months. >> super nice. >> here's fall. that does it for us this saturday. rosemary connors, for krystal klei and all of us, have a good one.
8:58 am
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i'm sara gore and this is "open house." this week it's all about ultimate luxury. we are taking you inside a jaw-dropping home in michigan with its own private beach. and we head to a serene tropical retreat in bermuda that will take your breath away. but first, a hidden gem in connecticut inspired by high-end hotel living. a river literally runs through this beautiful property with almost 700 feet of direct frontage. it's like being in your own private park. welcome to "open house." let's get started in weston, connecticut, a town that's less than an hour's drive from new york city. we are taking you to an amazing country a state known as october hill and when designing the home, the owner's goal was to make the every day experience at the property as luxurious as staying


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