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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  September 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today, wilmington is mourning the deaths of two firefighters killed in the line of duty, two others remain in the hospital in critical condition. we're live with the latest. shooter caught. police in washington state arrested a suspect whom they say opened fire at a shopping mall killing five people. what we are learning about him straight ahead. and another night of protests in charlotte, this as police released some dash and body cam tapes of their deadly confrontation with an african-american man earlier this week. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today i'm rosemary connors.
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it's 5:30 on this sunday. thanks for being with us. just a little chilly on this first sunday of fall. >> as you step outside you might want at least a light jacket. i had one this morning, you will notice it. because temperatures this morning have dipped lower than what we kau just yesterday. we've got that cool start to your morning. as we move forward we're looking at # 0s and sunny. your forecast through your afternoon is really nice, nicer than yesterday. while temperatures will be similar to yesterday we're pushing those clouds out quickly, already seeing the sunny conditions in the forecast as we start your morning. sun up it will be sunny. then tonight yet again that fall chill, those overnight temperatures are going to start looking much cooler, much more fall-like in the next several
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days. right now we are at 56 in philadelphia, 57 in allentown, yesterday we said there would be 40s on the board. 52 in wilmington, 49 atlantic city, mt. holly in the 40s as well as trenton at 49 degrees. that's where we are right now. you can compare to 24 hours ago obviously way cooler. we are talking some of us about almost 20 degrees cooler than just yesterday at this time so again as you head out the door maybe you want to grab that light jacket. this afternoon maybe you want to prepare for temperatures no longer 80s and 90s on the map, it's all about those 70s. for some of us maybe even a struggle to get there. we will take a closer look at your forecast highs throughout all of your neighborhoods on this sunday coming up in a few minutes. while two wilmington firefighters remain in the hospital this morning in critical condition the community is mourning the loss of two others killed in the line of duty. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in delaware county where the injured firefighters are being
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treated. monique. >> reporter: this morning a much different scene than we saw yesterday evening. you can see all is quiet here where the two firefighters are being treated and in critical condition. a bugle plays and flags are at half-staff. we were at a local high school when mourners prayed. this close-knit community is devastated. many grew up or work with the two firefighters who perished. 41-year-old lieutenant chris leach and 51-year-old jerry fickes. vice president joe biden visited the fire scene, one of many leaders trying to comfort a hurting family of firefighters. >> this is a horrible, you know, trage tragedy. >> reporter: under the intense
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heat and flames six were trapped at one point. no doubt we will continue to follow the investigation and keep you posted on the very latest on the firefighters' conditions. live for now outside kroecher chester monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> you can count on nbc 10 to follow this fire investigation. right now on the nbc 10 app you can learn more about the firefighters who lost their lives. let's go now to washington state where the man wanted for shooting and killing five people at a shopping mall is under arrest. our joarcan cetin is 20 years o. the mall is an hour's drive from seattle. investigators say the motive for the gunfire is not clear. according to the fbi there is no indication it was a terrorist act, but police say they are not
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ruling anything out just yet. coming up in the next half hour you will hear more about the suspect and how law enforcement captured him. and here you are looking at a fifth night of protests in charlotte, north carolina, just hours after police there released video of the deadly shooting of a black man by a black officer has touched off the demonstrations. nbc national correspondent jay gray reports. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters back in the streets of uptown charlotte just hours after police released new images and information. >> in the spirit of transparency you're going to get everything that we can deliver. >> reporter: including dash and body cam video of the deadly confrontation between charlotte police and keith lamont scott. charlotte chief putney says it does contain all of the elements
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relevant to the shooting and adds the new footage will not answer all of the questions in the case. >> there is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand. you can see something in the hand, and that he pointed it at an officer. >> reporter: police are sharing details from their investigation, pictures of marijuana, an ankle holster and loaded gun, evidence record at the scene and say lab results indicate scott's fingerprints and dna were on the weapon. all the officers involved reacted appropriately and won't face charges from his department. >> if laws were violated i would be taking different action. >> reporter: a separate independent investigation by the north carolina state bureau of investigations continues as do concerns for scott's family. >> we are left with far more questions than we have answers. >> reporter: they say they are thankful authorities released the new information but still wonder why police used deadly force. >> how does the combination of marijuana and a gun institute
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aggravated active aggression that put the lives of these officers in danger? >> reporter: unanswered questions. that continue to fuel the ongoing unrest here. there is still a curfew in effect here from midnight through 6:00 in the morning. jay gray, nbc news, charlotte. in tulsa hundreds of mourners packed a church to remember an unarmed black man who was also shot and killed by police this week. family and friends came together yesterday to remember 40-year-old terence crutcher. dash cam video shows crutcher with his hands in the air, he was shot while standing next to his suv that broke down in the middle of the road. officer betty jo shelby is charged with manslaughter in the case. the presidential nominees are deep in debate preparation, the details ahead. plus, what a major newspaper says about democrat hillary clinton as she gets their
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endorsement. with the election a little over six weeks away we will also tell you about the places where you can register to vote today in our area.
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here is your forecast for today in your neighborhood. we will start out with philadelphia. 8:00 a.m. 57 degrees, that's right, 50s to kick off your morning. yesterday was the 60s we were looking at. we move into those 60s through lunchtime then the low mid 70s, the forecast high temperatures for us today. this is a perfect fall day, sunny conditions will be across the board and winds will be in that light range throughout. in the suburbs same situation, in fact, we will be sunny all over the place so that's something you can look forward to. mid 60s at at your lunchtime. should cap around the low 70s. starting out this morning in the lehigh valley in the 40s. 8:00 a.m. in delaware 54, low 50s for new jersey and mid to
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upper 50s through parts of the jersey shore. temperatures mostly as we get into the afternoon right around those lower 70s for your forecast high temperatures. it's been a dry september overall, we saw rain the 1st and the 19th and we have two more times we are forecasting rain through the end of this month but that doesn't come until your tuesday. we will look more closely at that chance of rain and the details on your eagles football game forecast if you're getting out there early i will let you know temperatures coming up. play time is over. some people got to walk and bike without worrying about traffic yesterday during the philly free streets festival. the city shut down ten miles of roadway for a few hours, something that started when the pope visited this time last year, however, the free streets event was something of an unwelcome surprise for at least 200 people in south philly and old city. they woke up to find their keys had been toast away. a miscommunication led to the
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cars being ticketed and towed instead of just being moved. all tickets will be canceled and anybody who paid a towing charge will have their money refunded. 5:42. washington celebrates the grand opening of a brand new african-american museum. what president obama says the museum means for all americans as we watch the protests continue across the country. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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5:44 right now on this sunday. here is a live look at a colorful boathouse row. just beyond this stretch of boathouse row you can see it in the upper left side of your screen it's lit in green, i'm assuming for the eagles. i guess they wanted to make it a colorful morning out there on the schuylkill river. 56 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. just getting up into the 70s
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today. meteorologist krystal klei will have the details throughout the morning. on the eve of this first presidential debate candidates hillary clinton and donald trump will spend the day preparing, trump at his golf club in north jersey and clinton at her home in new york. it is set for tomorrow night at hofstra university in long island. lauren mayk will be live covering everything you need to know. you can count on nbc 10. our special news coverage runs tomorrow from 4:00 to 6:30. then catch our hour long debate night special live at xfinity live at south philadelphia starting at 7:00. of course, the clinton/trump debate at 9:00, lester holt will moderate the event. we will have the full highlights and reaction post debate on nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm running to be the voice of the forgotten men and women of this country. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump rallied supporters in roanoke, virginia, last night.
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he claimed hillary clinton has done nothing to help women and children despite her past record and platform for change. this all comes as "the new york times" is endorsing clinton for president. the newspaper's editorial board cites her experience, ever is and policy proposals as the reason behind the endorsement. also the paper called donald trump the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern american history. hillary clinton will be sending two high profile surrogates to philadelphia this he can would. on tuesday vice president joe biden will campaign for clinton at a voter registration event at drexel university, then on wednesday first lady michelle obama will visit the city. her visit comes two weeks after her husband held his own rally for clinton at achiness oval. supports of clinton and trump will join chuck todd on "meet the press" this morning. it comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. today the clinton campaign will be holding a voter registration drive in the philly
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suburbs after tony goldwyn of "scandal" will lead a celebrity team urging people to sign up. it will be happening today in elkins park at 3:15, norristown at 4:30 and west chester at 7:45. pennsylvania's voting registration deadline is coming up, it's october 11th. the first national museum devoted exclusively to the history and culture of african-americans is now open in washington, d.c. america's first black president and the 99-year-old daughter of a slave rang the historic freedom bell to officially open the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. president obama says the museum will help americans better understand each other. >> this is the place to understand how protests and love of country don't merely coexist but inform each other.
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how men can probably win the gold for their country but still insist on raising a black beloved fist. >> nearly 4,000 artifacts are on display as the museum is free to visitors. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we begin with your neighborhoods right now, some of us in the 40s, 47 in the lehigh valley, some of the lower values in the pennsylvania suburbs in the mid 40s. some of us, though, still hanging on near the 50s. 56 in philadelphia, 50 delaware and 54 the jersey shore. south jersey sitting at 50. considerably cooler than they were yesterday morning at this same time. looking at some of the philadelphia neighborhoods, anywhere from 50 degrees parkside and 49 andorra, fox chase 53 currently and bustleton 54 degrees.
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it is certainly cooler out there and as we move into the afternoon that means very nice manageable fall temperatures for the eagles versus steelers game. tailgating if you're going out 67 degrees should be your temperature, right around your lunchtime sunny conditions, at start time kickoff at 4:25, sunny,.3 the expected temperature. by end of game 66 right as the sun is getting ready to set. so we're looking at temperatures dropping off by the end of game. prepare yourself for the 60s outside meaning you might want at least a light jacket as you head out that door. radar and satellite showing that close view here not a lot going on, we don't have cloud coverage or rain to track this morning. instead it's going to be a clear start to the day and a very clear day as a whole. you just saw in the planner for the eagles game we are expecting sunshine throughout. you pull this out a bit and we have a huge system that's sitting off to well the west of us, but it's something we have to keep our eye on because the chance of rain will head our direction slowly but surely into
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your next workweek. fall is certainly here with that beautiful sunday forecast. here is a look at your neighbors those forecast high temperatures across the board. wherever you are we're looking at right around the low 70s, 74 philadelphia, lower 70s the rest of the map here. sunny across the board as well and the jersey shore right at 70. some points along the shore may struggle to make it to 70, though. this is something we're going to have to start dealing with where not looking quite as comfortable to be out near a beach when talk being upper 60s. that chance of rain is not returning until your next workweek, that will be on tuesday that we see the chance there. some pretty good pickup chance that we see, philadelphia through dover and even into reading although that chance starts to peak again thursday, atlantic city tuesday and this is early tuesday, monday night late night hours through early tuesday morning we will have the best chance of that line moving through, it's the line that i just showed you on radar. that's something we will be
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tracking, we will take a closer look at that potential for rain on tuesday, but also the potential in the extended ten-day forecast coming up in just a bit. a little cloudy yesterday but that didn't stop hundreds of people interest packing fairmount park to help raise awareness about an incurable blood disorder. the 19th year of the sickle cell run and walk fundraiser kicked off yesterday with monique braxton serving as mc. kenny gamble was also on hand for the event. a big congratulations this morning to members of our nbc 10 and telemundo 62 family, they were recognized for the work they do every day at this year's mid-atlantic emmy awards. nbc 10 took home one of the night's top honors for news excellence along with awards for coverage of last year's deadly train derailment, our series generation addicted won several emmy's and jim rosenfeld took
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home the best anchor emmy. the eagles could go 3-0 for the seventh time since 1960 if they can beat the steelers, it's a big match up with a pair of two big quarterbacks, we will hear from carson wentz and big ben, that is next in sports. approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10.
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does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. i'm john clark from csn. eagles/steelers today at 4:25 if doug peterson can win he will become the first eagles coach to win his first three games with the game but a big challenge. ben roethlisberger had success in his rookie season just like carson wentz, big ben won the first 14 games of his career and carson is honored that some have compared him to ben. they are similar in physical stature. >> i've always admired the way he plays, i love how he can extend plays and improvise, he
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is not afraid to chuck the ball deep and make some plays. so i definitely admire his game. >> he is a really smart guy, smart player, physically gifted so i think all that kind of helps him and those preparations very good. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station, the only place to get exclusive pre and postgame coverage, it all starts today 9:30 a.m. with eagles game day pickoff, eagles game plan, after sunday night football join us for the highlights and exclusive interview with doug peterson. the link will be rocking today for the eagles, yesterday temple won their eighth straight homecoming game. 27,000 fans were there including their new number one fan, the sixers number one pick ben simmons supporting temple. owls go up phillip walker connecting with jennings, temple grabs the early lead, walker tossing to yancy.
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the owls are 2-2. penn state on the road at number 4 michigan. trace mcsorley and the penn state offense, first place mcsorley sacked. later in the first quarter mcsorley packed by the entire defensive line. third quarter for michigan 40 yards touchdown there. penn state blown out 49-10. penn state was outgamed 518 yards to 199. the nittany lyons are 0-6 versus ranked teams -- i will november is a playing lafayette. how about the pick six, going all the way. wild cats roll over the leopards
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31-14. in andy talley's final season nova is 3-1. i'm john clark. enjoy your eagles sunday. speaking of the birds and steelers, steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger who faces the eagles today made a special visit to camden county yid, he visited with k-9 teams that will compete in the national patrol dog trials that start today.ryn roethlisberger's charitable foundation plans to donate a k-9 to burlington county. also today flyers training camp skates into high gear for the entire squad working out for the first time. fans can watch for free. the team will be giving away 50th anniversary items, the flyers start exhibition play tomorrow with the first game set for thursday night. while wilmington mourns two firefighters killed in the line of duty two more with critical injuries remain in the hospital. monique braxton is following the
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latest on their conditions and the investigation. monique. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. after the break we will update their conditions and tell you how the community is remembering the two who perished. and we are looking at a beautiful fall day, good news for the eagles game. we will look at the potential for rain in the a days to come. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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duty, this morning wilmington is coming to grips to the death of two firefighters, two more are fighting to survive critical injuries. we will have a live update from the hospital. under arrest, police capture the man they say opened fire at a washington state shopping mall killing five people, now investigators are trying to put the pieces together to figure out the motive for the shooting. let's take a live look outside at lincoln financial field. the forecast has a fall-like feel that will make it perfect football weather for today's eagles match up against the steelers. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us, i'm rosemary connors, it's 6:00 on this sunday. you may need a sweatshirt or light jacket if you're heading out to the game.


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