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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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representatives of both campaigns come to get their message across. once that debate starts, though, it is all up to the candidates. onstage, two podiums ready for two candidates who want to be president. donald trump will stand on the left. hillary clinton on the right. and we've learned she will get the first question in a debate that's been broken into six parts. peter ayer is on the commission for presidential debates. >> there will be a two-minute question with a two-minute response, a response from the other candidate, and then a ten-minute discussion block. >> reporter: what we won't know is what that discussion will look like. do you want the moderator to step in if they feel something is being said that's incorrect? >> when the debate starts at 9:00, our role is to make sure the candidates get the same number of questions, the same
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amount of speaking time. in terms of how the moderator accomplishes that, it's really up to the moderator. >> reporter: here at hofstra, about 1,000 audience members, including guests of both campaigns, will get to watch in the hall. debate organizers don't want a rowdy rally. >> they're instructed at the beginning and we work very hard to make sure that they're not part of the debate. >> reporter: an effort to assure all eyes are on the stage, where the action begins at 9:00. now, both candidates have a chance to do a final walkthrough of that stage to see those podiums. just a few minutes ago i saw someone from the clinton campaign, and i found out that at this point that walkthrough for hillary clinton has not happened yet. so we will keep an eye on that. and coming up at 5:00, we'll show you how this debate is taking over this campus. for now, live at hofstra university, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> i can only imagine the buzz there on campus.
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lauren, thank you. denise nakano joins us for more. >> denise, tell us how viewers can participate and what they will see. >> reporter: anticipation is building at xfinity live. this is the place to be in south florida. i'm in the restaurant area, i'll be here all not long, asking for your opinions, what you expect from the debate, what you're hoping to get out of it. 25 feet away from me is where jim rosen fie nrosenfield will some technical things being worked out here at xfinity. as you can see, two levels here at xfinity live, as well as a lot of tv screens to watch the debate, and the big screen up above is where everybody is going to be tuned in at 9:00. so come on out.
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our special is starting at 7:00, the debate at 9:00. we're here, the doors are open, we hope to see you here at xfinity live. live from south philadelphia, i'm denise in that canakano, nb. >> if you would like to take part, stop by xfinity live. you can also participate on social media. just use the hashta hashtag #nbc10debatenight. >> up to 94 million viewers are expected to watch hillary clinton and donald trump face off tonight, according to a viewership survey who found that one out of four voters will use the debate as guidance. trump supporters are more likely to watch the debate than clinton voters. a third of voters will follow along on social media. nbc's lester holt moderates
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tonight's debate, beginning at 9:00. catch all the action right here on nbc 10. still ahead, the political punchout team standing by with their take on tonight's matchup. plus what do young voters want to hear from the candidates tonight? that's coming up at 4:30. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with tears and hugs in wilmington today as the community paid tribute to two firefighters killed in the line of duty. >> nbc 10's delaware bureau tim furlong has been following the story since those firefighters were killed over the weekend, so sad. he's joining us now with more on how the community is mourning their loss. tim? >> reporter: yeah, jim, i was there earlier at the funeral home as lieutenant leach's body was brought in. everyone around the wilmington area wants to know how this happened. everybody absolutely wants to know why. >> a house is a house. but i life you can't replace. >> reporter: neighbors of the family who lived in this canby
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park home says the family isn't worried about themselves at this point. >> the main concern is the firefighters. >> reporter: nbc 10 was in the ground and in the air as the bodies of the fallen firefighters were taken to their respective funeral homes. >> good to see them get sent off the way they should have, their crews and friends carrying them out. >> reporter: they were trapped in the house when the floor collapsed beneath them. one died while going into the basement to save the other. two other firefighters remain in stable condition. at at the fire scene, atf investigators are working with the state fire marshal to determine a cause for the fire. >> a question has been asked about vehicle cars that may have occurred in the area. there were car fires, small vehicle fires in the area. are they connected? we can't say they are at this time. >> reporter: the families are finalizing funeral details but there will likely be a joint
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memorial service on saturday. >> we've had a difficult month. it's going to continue to be difficult. we're going to continue to deal with things. we'll do so together. >> reporter: you can see the flag at half-staff here at wilmington fire headquarters. if you have any information, go ahead and call the wilmington fire or police department. i wanted to ask the chief if the city's rolling shutdowns to save money played a part in this. the closest engine was out of service which means the fire possibly had a little more time to increase. right now they say it's all about the families. we'll keep you posted on the funeral and memorial plans, that should be saturday. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, tim. golf legend arnold palmer will be laid to rest later this week. a public memorial will be held in latrobe, pennsylvania, palmer was born there in western
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pennsylvania in 1929. the man known as the king died in pittsburgh. he was 87. palmer was more than a great golfer, he was an icon, a legend, a pioneer who made golf the tv sport it is today. palmer had a strong tie to our area. delaware dentist arnie giles was the only man to call palmer "arnie" other than his wife. the two men met in october of 1970 and became best friends. >> they all have their entour e entourages and people around them to protect them. arnie let me be his buddy. very special for our entire family. he came to my daughter's wedding. >> giles wrote a book about palmer called "the king and i," which tells the story of their decades-long friendship. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> here is a live look at nbc 10 first alert radar.
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you can see off to the west some rain that's going to be moving in. it's expected to arrive here a little bit later on tonight. many parts of our area could actually use that rain. >> we need it, right? it could make your morning commute a little slippier. let's get the details from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and tomorrow may not be the only morning that we have some wet weather issues for the morning rush. and the clouds are already in. you can see that, philadelphia, to new jersey, lehigh valley, delawa delaware, the whole area has clouds and temperature down as a result. 71 in philadelphia and much of new jersey. some places, the lehigh valley, only in the upper 60s. there's all that cloud cover. and the rain approaching from the west. we have one line of some pretty heavy hours and some lighter showers back to the west. we're not necessarily talking about heavy rain for the morning rush, but there it is. 6:00 a.m., 10:00 p.m. it's still
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basically dry in the philadelphia area. but some of that rain could get into the suburbs, chester, montgomery, bucks counties by 10:00 a.m., still range by 6:00 p.m. lehigh showers getting showers by 6:00 a.m. we expect that across the entire area. more on this wet week coming in just a few minutes. in houston, police shot and killed a man after they say he started shooting at drivers at random. according to investigators, the shooter was a disgruntled lawyer who was either fired from or had a bad relationship with his law firm. a total of nine people were injured. police say they found a number of weapons at the scene. let's head now to charlotte where protesters are calling for the resignation of the mayor and police chief. meantime, city officials have lifted the midnight curfew imposed when the protesters turned violent in the wake of the police shooting death of keith scott. over the weekend, police
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released this dash cam footage that shows scott getting out of his car and walked backward with his hands at his side before he is shot. it's unclear from the video whether scott had a gun. the streets were quiet as people went back to work this morning in charlotte. police are cracking down on demonstrators who marched through city streets, telling them to stay on the sidewalk. one resident said the shooting just doesn't make any sense. >> i just don't understand why the police are saying one thing and the parents and other people are saying something different. >> charlotte's city council will meet tonight for the first time since last tuesday's shooting. the protesters are expected to be there as well, looking for more answers. back here at home, today a key witness in the bridgegate trial testified that the plan to block traffic on the george washington bridge was all about
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revenge. david wildstein testified that governor christie's aide bridget kelly e-mailed wildstein that it was "time for some traffic problems" and wildstein said he took it seriously. he said he wanted to punish the democratic mayor of ft. lee who failed to endorse christie. christie has denied knowing about the plot. atlantic city may have found a way to pay off or pay down its debt. the mayor says atlantic city will sell an airport to the city's municipal authority. the $100 million will go to pay off a $73 million loan from the state of new jersey. state officials have threatened to take over the resort town if the debt is not repaid. children who get sick and miss more school than what's allowed in pennsylvania may be getting some help from state lawmakers. dozens of people in support of the student medical leave act rallied inside the capital in harrisburg this morning.
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advocates of the proposed law want protection for families who have a child with a chronic illness. parents can face serious consequences when kids in pennsylvania miss more than ten days of school. the student medical leave act would revise those rules. lawmakers are expected to vote on the bill by the end of the year. talking weather now, heavy rains and storms soaked part of texas overnight, leaving some areas like this one completely underwater. >> parts of san antonio were swamped with up to seven inches of rain, leading to road closures and dozens of water rescues. firefighters rescued a driver from on top of his car this morning. here it is, after he got stranded in high water. the man tried to climb onto the firefighter's ladder but he slipped off. after clinging on to the ladder, he finally made it back onto dry land. he told rescuers he just moved to san antonio from out of state and his gps led him straight into the flooded area.
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tonight's presidential debate is less than five hours away. here is a live look inside the auditorium at hofstra university on long island. this is where the action will begin at 9:00. today hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine predicted a tough time for her challenger, donald trump. kaine told supporters in florida that trump won't be able to run and hide from difficult questions. kaine's counterpart, vice presidential nominee mike pence on the republican side campaigned in new hampshire today. there he told the crowd that he's hoping tonight's moderator, nbc's lester holt, doesn't fact check both candidates. he said trump and clinton should be allowed to take issue with each other. >> okay. so we've heard there from the vp candidates. now it's time to see what our political punch out team thinks about tonight's debate. mark alderman and jim schultz joining us from the site of our debate night special at xfinity live, thanks for being here.
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>> things for having us. >> the candidates will be under the microscope, so will moderator lester holt. some say, like mike pence said a moment ago, that lester should not fact-check the candidates. mark, what do you think? >> senator moynihan famously said you're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. i think that is exactly what lester holt needs to enforce tonight. he should give these two full and free rein. i think they both owe it to the american people to be factual when they're talking about their beliefs. >> i couldn't agree more, mark. this is the super bowl of politics. you want to make sure that the ref is calling it straight and throwing a flag when necessary. i think that lester holt really needs to hold their feet to the fire to make sure they're credible in what they're saying.
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>> guys, let's talk about the numbers. we said earlier close to 95 million people could be watching this debate tonight. what kind of impact do you think this debate really has on the race when all is said and done, jim? >> i think it has a tremendous impact on the race. both candidates struggle with credibility with the american people. they're both at about 40%, give or take a point or two. and a lot of that comes down to credibility and how they conducted themselves before the american people. i think there has to be a -- both candidates have to be very serious. i think the cheap shots have to be at a minute. that's very important. the american people will be looking for that. >> i see it a little differently, jim. i think that it's very tight going in and it's going to be very tight coming out. there will be 100 million people watching tonight. 40 million of them are voting for donald trump no matter what happens. 40 million of them are voting for hillary clinton no matter what happens. 10 million are voting for gary
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johnson or jill stein or their next door neighbor no matter what happens. so i think they're talking to 10 million americans. and i'll just be surprised if those 10 million break hard one way or the other. i think we're going to see this as a horse race all the way to november 8. >> i agree it will be a horse race until november 8th. i think the candidates have to speak to the swing voter. they have to speak to pennsylvanians and what pennsylvanians care about. those swing issues will be important tonight, and people will be paying close attention. >> people in pennsylvania will be important this cycle, no question about that. >> watch it all unfold here on the nbc 10. thanks so much. >> our political punchout team will join us again in the next hour. of course they'll be part of our hour-long post-debate special right here on nbc 10. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. it's been a warm, very dry
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month. not this week. it's not going to be warm and it's not going to be dry. we've got cloudy skies everywhere now. on some places are even in the 60s, even in the state of delaware. newark is 68 degrees. wilmington 69. odessa 71. middletown, 71. felton, 70 degrees. a wind off the ocean is keeping temperatures at the beaches down into the 70s too. some of the clouds just starting to get into the shore areas, the rest of the region already pretty cloudy. here is the moisture coming in from the west. we also have trip to moisture coming up from the south. so this is all kind of coming to it to give us a pretty rainy week here. and if we look at the rain chances across our area, they're pretty high. tuesday, all the way throughl,y
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west. expect sunshine from the philadelphia area north and west by noon. and perhaps parts of delaware and south jersey get sunshine at that time. in philadelphia, we have rain at 9:00 a.m. but we have dry weather the rest of the day. that may be the nicest day of
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the week across much of the area. so here is the rain in the philadelphia region, temperatures in the 70s tomorrow, northern suburbs, perhaps a little bit more sunshine, earlier in schwenksville. you don't see any raindrops in our forecast for tomorrow. but we've got lots of rain at the jersey shore and in delaware. rain, thunderstorms, temperatures in the 60s. and we'll show you the rest of the week coming up a little bit later. >> okay, glenn. following the money. the nbc 10 investigators have been taking a closer look at the pennsylvania lottery. >> the money is supposed to protect our parents and grandparents. but we found billions being used for something else. we'll show you how that money is really being spent, coming up on nbc 10 news at 4:00. plus that bandwagon for carson wentz is starting to get pretty full, after another impressive performance. we're asking what's behind his success. plus a husband thought he was buying a gift for his wife
4:20 pm
but the company kept calling and asking for money. nbc 10 responds got on the case. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street where stocks fell sharply to start the week. when pat toomey went to washington, he didn't stop...
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working for wall street. toomey's plan would risk social security on the stock market, lining bankers' pockets with fees from our benefits that... could total billions, even if the market crashes, and seniors lose everything. katie mcginty is working for us. a mother of three, and ninth of ten kids, mcginty knows what matters. she'll fight for equal pay, affordable college, and... she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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only fios can. we are just hours from the start of tonight's big presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. there is the stage right there. a live look at hofstra university where the candidates will face off, starting at 9:00 tonight. nbc's lester holt will be the moderator. >> nbc 10 is getting ready for debate night. this is our setup at xfinity live in south philadelphia. we'll talk to voters about what they want to hear from the candidates. if you want to take part, stop by xfinity live, we'll be live on the air starting at 7:00.
4:24 pm
you can also participant on social media, just use the hashtag #nbc10debatenight. nbc news ben ginsburg has worked on several presidential campaigns, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> ben, you worked on the campaigns for george w. bush, mitt romney. one of course was successful, the other was not. what do you think the debates played in terms of their role in the outcomes? and what about tonight's debate and the impact on the election? >> the debates in both those times were very important. i think perhaps they're even more important this time. this is an election were the voters have expressed greater discontent than ever with their choice in candidates. tonight's debate gives each candidate an opportunity to make a first impression on maybe 100 million people. the polls showed that the number of folks who don't like either
4:25 pm
of those candidates is higher than usual. so what the candidates say to speak to people who are not inclined to vote for them is more crucial than ever. >> so we know the topics they're going to be talking about, those were announced last week. achieving prosperity, securing america, and america's direction. what do you think they'll respond to most, what will they connect with? >> well, i think what they're going to do is to figure out what voters they're addressing in each of their coalitions and then appeal to their voters in the middle. the three topics that you mentioned are pretty broad all in all. the specifics inside of that will be really important. it will be important for hillary clinton to show that she understands the subjects and knows how to speak to
4:26 pm
republican-inclined voters, to bring them to her side. donald trump has questions about his temperament and about his substantive grasp of the issues. he'll need to show that he has both the temperament and the substance to be president. >> all right, ben ginsburg, we know you'll be watching, as will we, tonight at 9:00. thanks for being here at 4:30, appreciate it. >> nbc 10 is your debate headquarters for tonight's showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. it begins with our debate night special live at 7:00. after that it's the main event. nbc's lester holt will moderate the debate starting at 9:00. get full highlights and reaction post-debate on nbc 10 news at 11:00. when it comes to the lottery in pennsylvania, it's not just the winners who benefit. >> the state is supposed to use some of the profits to help seniors. the nbc 10 investigators followed the money and found those funds may be going somewhere else. [ clock ticking ]
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time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] for senate, katie mcginty will stand up to the big oil polluters. she'll work to protect our air and water and make us a leader in clean energy jobs. and millionaire pat toomey? he's for the big oil polluters. toomey voted to protect twenty-four billion dollars in tax breaks for oil companies. and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars
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in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's supposed to protect our parents and grandparents. >> are you going to be able to stay in your home? >> not under these circumstances. >> your nbc 10 investigators follow state lottery money and expose what it really pays for. >> it's not the intent. it's not the idea with which the lottery was created. >> the lottery money is meant to help seniors stay in their homes. >> but nbc 10 investigators found billions of lottery dollars diverted somewhere else. the numbers have some people scratching their heads.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: up the stairs and into the back room. >> this mental anguish on a daily basis. >> reporter: gretchen shows us the hole in her roof. >> i taped it up as best i could. >> reporter: the constant drip leaks past the duct tape and plastic. she shows us the problem with her heater. >> i try to stay warm the best way i can. it needs to be replaced. >> reporter: pennsylvania collects money to help seniors like gretchen stay in their homes. the state lottery advertises it benefits older pennsylvanians every day. according to the state lottery, 27 cents of every dollar spent on tickets goes into the state lottery fund. the rest pays prizes and lottery administration costs. >> the point of the lottery program is to have people be able to age at home and maintain their independence. >> reporter: by law, other than prize payouts and operation expenses, the lottery fund is only supposed to be used for
4:32 pm
programs benefiting older pennsylvanians. that includes prescription drug assistance, in-home care, transportation and home maintenance. nbc 10 investigators found a waiting list 4,000 seniors deep for these programs. gretchen has been waiting since april 2014. >> those waiting lists could be eliminated. >> reporter: pennsylvania's aarp and other advocates say the money is being used to balance the state budget. >> let's have a true picture of what the lottery is paying for. >> reporter: governor wolf's administration says it uses some lottery money to pay the state's medicaid bill. in our analysis we found only one-third of medicaid recipients are seniors. >> we're forced to rely on some of those resources. >> reporter: specifically, last fiscal year the wolf administration used 309 million
4:33 pm
lottery fund dollars to pay for medicaid programs. should you ybe using this lottey fund money to pay for that care? >> i think that right now we have no alternative. >> reporter: secretary albright points to the state's ongoing money troubles and budget battles. >> we need that money to balance the budget. >> if this were the lottery for seniors, it should be going for seniors. >> reporter: it's money people like gretchen could use to stay in her home, the help that she says all seniors were promised. >> i'm 71 years old and can't do this manual labor anymore. >> reporter: the governor's office provided documentation showing more than 45,000 residents over 60 did receive care from the lottery fund. and we need to point out that the wolf administration is not the first to take money from the lottery fund to balance the budget. since 2006, at least $3.9 billion has been taken from the pennsylvania lottery fund to
4:34 pm
balance the budget. for the investigators, i'm mitch blatcher, nbc 10 news. get ready for hillary clinton and donald trump to face off in the first presidential debate of this election season. here sis a live look at the stage. this is at hofstra university in new york. >> here is what you need to know about the format of tonight's debate. it will last 90 minutes. it's divided into six 15-minute segments. a coin toss dictated that hillary clinton will get the first question. a thousand people will be in the audience to watch it all unfold right there at hofstra. millions more will be watching at home. >> some will be watching from the classroom. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter tim greenberg has the story. >> what do they need to accomplish in these debates? >> reporter: for students taking dr. abernathy's introduction to politics class at stockton university, tonight's highly anticipated presidential debate
4:35 pm
is a topic for educational discussion and must-see tv. >> i'm very excited to watch the debate tonight. i think it's very important for all americans to watch it. >> it will help me pick who i'm going to vote for. >> with so many voters that are either undecided or supporting third party candidates, there's much more potential for this debate to actually change voters' minds. >> reporter: the high stakes face-off between hillary clinton and donald trump is required viewing for these students. >> are they appealing to the base? >> reporter: they'll complete a presidential debate scorecard to keep track of what the candidates are and aren't saying. >> i think it's really important to consider the topics that are missing from this debate. >> this is my first election that i'll be voting in. so i want to make the right decision in my vote. >> i think it literally can change someone's view on each candidate. so i'm excited. >> reporter: the discussion here will likely continue well into the evening.
4:36 pm
a presidential debate viewing party will be held tonight at stockton's campus center. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted greenberg covering us there in south jersey. we've got you covered in philadelphia. you don't have to wait until 9:00 p.m. for your debate coverage to begin. we are your debate headquarters. this is a live look at xfinity live in south philadelphia. this is where we're hosting our hour-long debate night special. >> we'll be talking about voters about the issues that matter most to them. it all kicks off at xfinity live. be sure to tune in or even stop by. debate night tonight, 7:00 p.m. we have some much-needed rain moving in, as you can see. it could lead to some slippery spots during the morning commute. i'll have your first alert neighborhood forecast, coming up.
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4:39 pm
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. students in an elementary school in philadelphia got a special surprise today.
4:40 pm
>> something that will definitely change the way they do homework. >> we're going to give every one of you a free laptop to take home with you. >> the free laptops courtesy of comcast. six-time olympic medallist jackie joiner-kersey were there to promote a program that supplies internet access, home computers, and training. >> today i'm pleased to announced they're going to make an additional $100,000 in grants to ten separate philadelphia nonprofits who are working in the digit literacy space to help to continue to advance digital literacy in philadelphia. >> since the program launched five years ago, 3 million people have signed up across the country. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. for more information on the program, tap the nbc 10 app.
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>> love the smiles. all right. >> all right. eagles fans on cloud nine. >> carson wentz defying all expectations. what's behind his success? nbc 10's 1idny long is on the case.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. katiejoey, ricky, eileen,hnny, me, and colleen...immy, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few.
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i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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looks like more and more people hopping on the wentz wagon. can you blame them? take a look inside the modell story in center city. the rookie quarterback helped lead the team to their third state win yesterday, as if anybody doesn't know that around here. boy, did they beat the steelers. >> that was really their big test. nbc 10's cydney long joins us now. cydney, wentz surprising a lot of people with his performance. >> reporter: rosemary, indeed, the coach compared carson wentz
4:45 pm
to the likes of peyton manning today, saying that he has the ability to see and remember and then anticipate the next move. so we're talking about photographic memory today. and coach peterson called it something very special. >> back goes wentz. he's looking. he fires. complete. touchdown! >> reporter: more popular than a philly cheesesteak and enough to have vice president biden applaud his poise. carson wentz has brawn, but it's the rookie quarterback's brain and his ability apparently to see plays in a snapshot or vivid sequence that's scoring big. >> it's pretty amazing. that's probably why he's going to be so great. >> he's probably a coach's dream. >> reporter: the head football coach at roanoke university talked about wentz' secret weapon, a so-called photographic memory. >> the more players can do that, the more ability to be successful on the field. >> reporter: of course he
4:46 pm
credits an athlete's ability to stockpile complex and intricate sequences in a football play book to being an old school player who loves to watch film. >> it seems like he's an old throwback type player, where you see him get really excited and celebrate with the offensive line. >> reporter: while eagles' long snapper john dorenbos has stolen the show recently, he says wentz is right there with him. >> it's like he knows exactly what's going to happen, almost like he's magician, he knows exactly where to go and what to do, and you're like, wow, how does he do that? everybody is wondering, he's so young, how does he do that? >> reporter: we also took our questions about a photographic or visual memory to the expert, a psychologist with cooper medical center today who works with young people. and we have a memory test that you guys might want to study, at least for five or ten seconds. we'll ask you some questions on it when we see you coming up in our 5:00 hour, you guys got it?
4:47 pm
>> umm. >> we're live in camden. >> where do we find that test? >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> don't forget the defense led by a guy named -- what was his name again? schwartz. the schwartz is with us in football. all right. we have 71 degrees in philadelphia, it was up to 73 today, close to that number across much of the rest of the area. someplace even in the 60s. that's pretty cool compared to what we've seen this month. the clouds having something to do with the temperature being held down. and there are the showers moving across pennsylvania, moving in our direction. and that's just the first batch, because we have a rainy week ahead. and we've shown you this calendar, the only rain we've had was on the first and on the 19th. here we go, starting tomorrow, it looks like we could have several days in a row with rainfall. and maybe not just a little bit of light rain. the average high is now down to 74. our temperatures this week are
4:48 pm
going to be at or maybe even below average, especially toward thursday and friday. tonight, we have the showers coming in. not so much early in the evening, but late in the evening. places like quakertown and allentown getting it while philadelphia, atlantic city, trenton, stays dry, at least through midnight. then the rain increases toward the morning rush, maybe even some thunderstorms for atlantic city. while it starts to dry out in the allentown area. we get dry, beautiful weather. allentown, quakertown, reading, by 11:00 a.m., while the rain continues in atlantic city. this is what that neighborhood weather is all about. things change according to different times of the day, different areas. 5:00, it may still be showering in atlantic city, real nice weather everywhere else. we have some issues in the
4:49 pm
tropics. this system could develop into the next tropical storm, which would be matthew. the models take it into the caribbean. over the next week or so, they strengthen it and some move it in the general direction of florida. that's one thing that we have to watch as we go through the next week or so, especially if you have any plans to travel to the caribbean or to florida. 76 tomorrow. but look at this. we've got rain all the way through saturday. it's not going to rain every hour. the heaviest of the rain looks like it will be thursday. this is the coolest weather as well. then starting sunday, the sun comes back. and the temperature goes up. and then back down. but at least it starts to be much drier next week. >> all right. so has this happened to you? you order one thing online or over the phone but the company keeps sending more. >> and they want to charge you for it. this happened to one customer who called nbc 10 responds. we'll show you how harry
4:50 pm
hairston saved him from an unwanted bill. when pat toomey went to washington, he didn't stop...
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
working for wall street. toomey's plan would risk social security on the stock market, lining bankers' pockets with fees from our benefits that... could total billions, even if the market crashes, and seniors lose everything.
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katie mcginty is working for us. a mother of three, and ninth of ten kids, mcginty knows what matters. she'll fight for equal pay, affordable college, and... she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. now to nbc 10 responds. a man totals us his wife just had to have a certain workout dvd. >> but after he bought it, the purchase created an unexpected problem for him and his credit. >> that's why he contacted harry hairston and the nbc 10 response team. >> harryharry, fill us in. >> this is one of those things were the gift, instead of keeping on giving, keeps on taking. he got more than what he ordered and he also got a surprise bill. >> my name is sean c., welcome
4:54 pm
to cyze. >> reporter: it's a beach body dance fitness program. >> my wife insisted on me getting this exercise for her. >> reporter: as they say, happy wife, happy life. so back in may, owe ordered cize. >> the fact that they had a special and it was just for this one-time deal of $119. >> reporter: he tells us about three months later, he got an unexpected call from the company. >> they're calling me about an invoice on more money that i need to pay them for some vitamins i never received. >> reporter: wentzel insisted he only ordered the dvd set and only received the free vitamins that came with the dvds as part of the promotion. when you made the order, did anyone offer you to sell you some vitamins? >> no, they offered a free
4:55 pm
promotional package stating it was in the package that came with the dvd. i said, fine. but now i don't want any more. >> reporter: the company's representative insisted that he agreed to buy additional vitamins and told him he needed to pay for vitamins shipped in june and august. wentzel was frustrated and immediately called nbc 10 responds. we reached out to beach body. and one day later, the company called wentzel. >> after you called, then arr everything happened. >> reporter: beach body told wentzel what he wanted to hear, and sent us a statement, saying, "as soon as we found out about the situation we immediately contacted mr. winfield and provided him a full refund. we have removed the account from collections and made sure there is no impact on his correct "". >> i appreciate it. >> whenever you sign up for a
4:56 pm
promotional deal with a company, make sure you know exactly what you're getting into. beach body says all information about how to cancel future shipments was at the bottom of this invoice. the company says they immediately took action when they found out about his concern. >> always read that fine print, right? >> got to do that. make sure. >> good advice. >> thank you, harry. that's nbc 10 news at 4:00. thank you so much for being here. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> of course we've got our debate night special tonight at xfinity live. here is keith jones. that's right, up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, our presidential debate coverage continues live from new york city. we'll take you outside the hall at hofstra university where debate day comes with a political party. plus experts say tonight's debate shares some connection with earthquakes and the super bowl. we'll explain that theory coming up all new at 5:00. and we have rain in our
4:57 pm
forecast, heading towards the area right now. some of it will be around tonight and for the morning commute. i'll show you the timing and some cool temperatures, coming up. plus remembering arnold palmer. we talk to the legendary golfer's best friend about his legacy that the king of the fairways leaves behind.
4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
pond lehocky. first face-off. hillary clinton and donald trump have just four hours to get
5:00 pm
ready for their first presidential debate. tracking rain after days of dry weather. we could be in for a wet week. it could start with the ride to work tomorrow. and on the wentz wagon. even vice president joe biden has pumped the rookie qb as he's off to a flawless start. the countdown is on to what could be the most watched presidential debate ever. you're looking live outside the debate hall at hofstra university on long island, new york. hillary clinton and donald trump will take the stage at 9:00. nbc's lester holt will moderate. clinton will get the first question, based on a coin toss. >> here is a look at our countdown clock, you can see we have just four hours -- you know what, three hours, 59 minutes, 20 seconds to go before we get started. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> i'm rosemary connors. tonight's 90-minute show could


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