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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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in even rougher shape. according to court doctors she says she doesn't remember setting the fire, but investigators say relatives saw her go down into the basement just moments before the flames and smoke came back up. there were a number of children already living here. everyone was able to make it out. fryer officials said that leach went in because he thought people were still trapped inside. investigators are still here, but the state fire marshall doesn't expect any more arrests. we're not getting into the motives in this case. the whole family i'm told, including the children who were in the house, they went to court this morning after she was arrested. on monday night, it appears she posted on facebook, she's deeply hurt by what happened and her heart is with the family.
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>> more details on those firefighters who were injured in the blaze, artie hope and brad speakman are recovering from burns at croshere medical center. resz departments of wilmington and surrounding areas continue to pay tribute to those firefighters. coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00, our team coverage of this breaking story continues as a public visitation for the firefighters gets under way. the train, it felt like it never stopped, it didn't slow down, it didn't brake. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a deadly new jersey transit crash. does sevens made it out after a crowded train slammed into
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hoboken in the morning rush. let's take a live look at the setup here. the tracks basically run and dead end right into that historic train station in hoboken. and investigators are sifting through a tachkal of broken con create and twisted metal at that train station now. >> we're hearing more first hand from those who witnessed it. at least one person was killed when that speeding commuter train plowed into a platform. that victim was standing on the platform. more than 100 others are hurt, most of them critically, the ntsb is sending a team of investigators to the scene. authorities say there is no sign of terrorism or a hostile act. >> the one thing as governor cuomo mentioned that we know is that the train came in at a high
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rate of speed. and when we know why, we'll share it with the public. >> the train's engineer is in critical condition but cooperating with investigators. let's go live to sidney long in hoboken, hudson county. >> you said people were lucky enough to walk away from that crash without getting hurt? >> it's a miracle when you think about the damage and destruction, we spoke to passengers who were on the standing room only commuter train when it slammed, as we mentioned at a very high rate of speed into the platform. we're where standing now, you can see the command most and all the first responders here. you can tell just how old it is, over 100 years, some told me the train hit so hard, it was airborne before hitting the platform. >> i didn't know why we weren't slowing down. >> reporter: omar says the minute he could think about the
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train's speed, it hit. he said the crash sounded and felt like an explosion. >> it went over the bumper and right on top of the platform. the water line broke so there's water everywhere. >> reporter: commuters can't imagine how their daily ride to work ended in deadly chaos. >> people were stuck and they had to come out through the windows, and he was completely bloodied and that's when we started to notice that there were more injure rays. >> reporter: for passengers and transit authorities say it was a combination of darkness, dust, screams, wire and people badly hurt. >> there was one woman sitting in her own puddle of blood on the train, on the platform. it seemed like she was getting some kind of first responder attention, but then they just left her. >> reporter: omar is thanking
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god that he took a seat this morning on one of the middle cars. >> we were glad that we were in the first and second cars because we could get out. the first responders came pretty quickly. #. >> reporter: and among the teams from south jersey and across the state as state police strike team of detectives, they will help the ntsb investigate and gather witness along with you are urban search and rescue dogs to make sure everyone is accounted for. it will be a long time before one of the city's most popular train hubs will be open. in 2011, a path commuter train slammeded into a butmper t the end of the track. hillary clinton tweeted, the
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images from the train derailment in new jersey are horrifying, my players are with those who lost loved ones. donald trump tweeted, my condolences to those involved in the horrible accident in new jersey and credit goes to all the amazing responders. still ahead at 4:30, nbc 10 investigative reporter mitch blocker explains how positive train control could have prevented this crash from happening. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with parts of our area under water. heavy rains have flooded nakds in delaware, the windy, wet and chilly conditions can be felt all across the region. here's a live look from our camera in cape may, certainly not a great day to hit the beach, just the opposite. nbc first alert weather team is tracking the conditions. >> let's begin our nbc first alert team coverage, with sheena
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parveen tracking it right now. >> the rain is moving into a good portion of the area, here is stormranger10, yesterday it was in delaware, but now we're moving it into new jersey because this is one area where we also see one heavy area moving in. we have been getting half an inch an hour in parts of cape may county, atlantic county, cumberland county and all this range is heading to the philadelphia area. that is stormranger10, a much more detailed look, the only mobile weather radar you will see on the and we're the ones that have it. philadelphia seeing some of that heavier rain coming, also mt. laurel, heavier rain coming across the major interstates, obviously not good timing with the evening rush. now you see all that heavy rain starting to month in, so that is going to be an issue for the
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afternoon drive. especially if you're in sussex county, we have seen so much heavy rain overnight and we still have rain moving in. precipes are 1 1/2 inches per hour. flood warning is out for sussex county until 8:30, an additional two to four inches of rain on top of what we have already seen today which is up to about eight inches at some times. that gloomy weather pattern is going to stay with us all through the weekend. we have that heavy rain that could lead to flash flooding like we have already seen in delaware. coastal flooding as well. look at the winds too, it is rainy, it's chilly, it's gusty, some went gusts are up to 40 miles an hour. we're talking about the timing too, because this is going to last a while. >> in some parts of the area, the rain is actually going to
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get heavier as we go through the rest of the afternoon rush and into the evening. we'll see the hour by hour future cast. and as we go to about 5:30, some of that heavier rain that sheena just showed you down to the south moving right over wilmington and some of the rest of the suburbs with more moisture coming in from the atlantic. and it's all staying in the same area. hour after hour after hour. this is a pretty widespread, steady type rain, that's going to pour all night and temperatures not dropping much. or going up much during the day tomorrow. 58 degrees in some of the p.m. a. suburbs by tomorrow. lehigh valley. 58 degrees and raining. the jersey shore, that's the
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symbol for gusty winds 40-mile-per-hour or more. and we're also getting now into hurricane matthew and it's potential impacted on our weather next week. now is the time to download the nbc 10 app, so you can be ready for when the rain hits your neighborhood. get interactive radar and severe weather alerts sent right to your smart phone. more breaking news, an arrest in a nearly two year old hit and run. investigators say he was behind the wheel of either a pick-up truck or a tow truck that sped off and killed a woman back in 2014. police say anonymous tip let them to cook. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton is kicking off early voting in iowa with a major effort to boost support in the battleground states.
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the democratic presidential nominee delivered a speech in des moines today. clinton backers are also hosting events in 10 other iowa cities. residents there are allowed to begin casting early voting ballots stayed. organizing early voting was key to donald trump's campaign eight years ago. >> donald trump makes his sixth trip iowa. the push for pennsylvania brings trump's running mate to the keystone state. mike pence held a rally at a recycling facility in york county this afternoon. it's the latest effort to win over voters from both parties in this highly contested state. third party candidate gary johnson has had another campaign stumable. he was unable to produce the name of any foreign leader he admired. >> can dpa, mexico, europe, over
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there, asia, south america, africa. name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president -- >> anybody in the world. >> johnson told moderator chris matthews, he was having another aleppo moment. he was alluding to a recent morning joe show where he was asked about the siege of aleppo. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> aleppo? and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> johnson was criticized after coming up blank when quizzed about the city. count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage. for updates from the campaign trail and our interviews with the candidates, you can just tap the nbc 10 app. the little boy was a nice
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little boy, like really nice. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues while friends of two young boys pray their boys recover from their stabbing wounds. one man went on a stabbing rampage stabbing five people before police shot and killed him. ran randy? >> reporter: those two boys remain in critical condition. police say the father of the 8-year-old boy was the one holding the knife. in just the past 20 minutes or so, police identified that suspect a father as 32-year-old christopher solo. police say he was shot and killed here by philadelphia officer after going on that stabbing rampage. daylight reveals more than a dozen bullet holes peppered into these row homes, shot evering glass at this cobbs creek neighborhood. the hail of gun fire came from at least philadelphia police
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officers. who say they were forced to shoot and kill a man who had gone on a stabbing spree, attacking his own family. >> the daughter did say that he was home and all of a sudden, his eyes are like wide as can be and then he just starts to choke her for no reason what skoefr. >> reporter: the family told police their father might have been on drug last night when he grabbed a knife and turned his attention to his own son and the boy's friend. >> stabbed and slashed the 8-year-old and then turned to the 13-year-old and stabbed him multiple times. >> he just was a bubbly little kid. >> reporter: neighbors here say the two boys often played on this block, they remain in critical condition in the hospital. >> it could have been my grand baby, because not only did he do it to his son, he did it to a friend of his son. >> reporter: police say the suspect also stabbed a 70-year-old woman blocks away, and that's when he was confronted and shot by police.
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police say they shot this suspect because the officers saw a gun was in his hand, or what they believed was a gun. at this point they have not located that weapon. internal affairs has opened an investigation into the incident. several police officers used their cruisers to block off the roads leading to the scene of that incident. one of the officers was sitting in his car when a driver slammed into him right at cobbs street parker way and christopher street. the officer went to penns presbyterian to get checked out. members also named two interim replacements, the board suspend suspend suspended the executive director. the ppa reportedly offered a the
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william a settlement. now they will review their policies about discrimination at harassment. >> the board is looking into the policy to make sure that all complaints, sexual harassment complaints go into someone's hr file. >> despite his resignation, faherty is still set to receive a pension of $104,000 a year. regular weekday regional rail service will resume on monday. septa pulled more than 100 regional rail cars from service in july to fix a structural flaw. the transit agency says service can return to a regular schedule because enough of the cars are now back in operation. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with its $10 million grant. >> the former gallery shopping center along market street will
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transform into those new outlets opening in 2018. and today the state announcement a plan to pay for the two-year $500 million construction project will create jobs. councilman william greenly and councilwoman grown says that it will eliminate the wage gap between men and women. women are paid 79 cents for every dollar men make. flu season is right around the corner and the national foundation for infectious diseases held a conference in washington today. health officials say the flu kills up to 49,000 americans every year. manufacturers have all right
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distributed 93 million doses of the vaccine available at doctors offices and pharmacies across the country. doctors recommend everyone over the age of 6 months gets the vaccine before the end of october. thousands are paying their respects to israeli president shimone paris. sh he died saturday days after suffering a stroke, he was 93 years old. former president bill clinton has joined the mourners in jerusalem. clinton was president when perez helped negotiate that historic agreement with the palestinians in 1993. president obama will be among many attending the funeral tomorrow. he left aboard air force one. 8,000 officers have been
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deployed for friday's funeral. beyonce's fans are preparing to get wet at lincoln financial square. it was on a stormy sunday night. and now, yep, rain in the forecast for this evening's show. here's a live look at the lyn where fans may want to bring a poncho tonight. hopefully the heaviest of the rain will hold off a little bit, glenn? >> no. that's what we're hoping for is that the heavier rain comes in earlier and it improves a little bit later. and by improvement, i just mean the rain is heavy. we have got wind, we have got water on the lens and chilly weather all through the area. you can see the steady rain now has moved up into the philadelphia region, and now it's going to ranin hour after
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hour after hour. with the heaviest of rain. a little closer philadelphia, glassboro, new jersey, you can detect some of this heavier rain that's starting to approach, and we have got this one area here, cherry hill, with about a half-inch per hour, down near gloucester county itself. about a quarter-inch per hour. but that's the heaviest rain of the whole event that we have seen. and a little farther to the south, south of vineland and bridgeton, going into those areas, we see similar types of rainfall, a quarter to half-inch an hour. we'll keep stormranger10 checking out this area, heavier rain as it gets closer and closer to the north. and it's still raining in sussex county. ocean view, millford getting it,
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they have had the heaviest rain. this is doppler estimated rainfall. and you see some of these bright colors down here, sussex county, we're talking about eight inches of rain since this started. mills borrow, close to 8. millford, 4 1/2, dover 3 1/2. but lesser amounts the farther northeast you go, 1.3 in wilmington and less than a half-inch in the philadelphia area. but of course we're not done. the other problem, the persistent east wind causing moderate coastal flooding. we have moderate coastal flooding expected at high tide this evening. look at these temperatures, 553 and rain. 43 miles an hour in dover, 32 in coachville, 31 miles an hour in
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wildwood. here is the rain as we go through the evening, wave after wave of it. at least we don't see it as heavy later tonight and tomorrow as what we're seeing this evening. but there we are friday night, and into saturday morning, we have got showers scattered all over the place. and so we're not getting much of a break there. hurricane matthew, 75-mile-per-hour winds in the caribbean. why are we talking about it? because it's likely to make a curve, head up to the north and many of the computer models show after it does that, it continues, perhaps off the east coast and affects our weather as we go into the middle of next week. we're not talking about this weekend, we got our own problems before the hurricane. we have some lousy weather into saturday, perhaps a little bit brighter on sunday. a little lower chances of rain, so friday's the worst day of the next three. then saturday, sunday.
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>> north carolina 10 following three big breaking stories for you at 4:00. >> including a deadly new jersey train crash that could have been prevented. the ntsb investigators are getting answers from officials at the agency about why they haven't installed positive train control. and after playing one of his longest shows ever in philly, bruce springsteen is in town. on wall street, down day all around.
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they didn't wait on a sunny
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stay for this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> i was taking vine street coming to work. i thought this has to be the line for bruce springsteen. >> take a look. >> one by one, the lucky ticket holders filed into the free wlib area of philadelphia, to pick up their presigned copy of the boss's new book. they also got to meet and pose for pictures with them. bruce springsteen's auto biography depicts him growing up in hoboken, new jersey. i'm tracking the changing conditions in your first alert neighborhood weather. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you.
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now to an update on the breaking news story that we have been following for you this afternoon. an arrest has been made for the death of two firefighters in wilming torn. 27-year-old beatrice louise has been taken into custody this morning. she's charged with the deaths of firefighters christopher leach. authorities say a train that crashed into new jersey transit's hoboken terminal this morning was going too fast. not immediately clear what caused the crash. at least one person was killed when the train plowed into a platform inside the terminal. the victim was a woman on the platform. more than 100 others were hurt, some of them critically, including the train's engineer, who is said to be cooperating with investigators.
4:32 pm
# mitch blocker has been trying for more than a month to get answers from new jersey transit about its plans to install the system. >> we're talking about very little progress, we first started asking questions when we found that the railroad reported literally reported no progress since last summer when it comes to their positive train control installation. this may yet again be what investigators call a positive train control prevental accident. it's where 18 months ago, amtrak 108 produced a weakness in commuter rail safety. the ntsb says positive train controls says lives. >> we know that it can prevent accidents, whether it is involved in this accident, that is definitely one of the things we will look at carefully.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: according to reports filed with the federal railroad administration, positive train control is nearly 100% activated on septa's system. but when you look at new jersey transit, you find zeros across the board, no locomotives equipped with that train slowing technology. new jersey transit says they do plan to install the system by 2018, but they also say they can't do it without more money from washington. the ntsb is now investigating the latest accident. >> unless ptc is implemented very soon, i'm sure we're going to be back in this room detailing how technology that we have had for over 40 years could have prevented another fatal
4:34 pm
accident. >> they have continued to refuse those on camera requests and less than a month ago, they did provide us with this statement saying that new jersey transit continues our diligent commitment to timely ptc imp men indication. and new jersey transit does say that they will be ready to demonstrate the progress they are making to install positive train control throughout their rails before the end of 2016. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of this major story. live reports from hoboken are coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. back to our weather, wet weather has a hold on the nbc 10 viewing center. you want to keep that umbrella and rain gear handy. it's not just the rain we're
4:35 pm
dealing with, but the wind as well. we know a lot of you have outdoor plans for tonight, maybe heading into the weekend, but the damp and dreary conditions are going to be different depending on where you live. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain neighborhood by neighborhood. >> and in many cases, the worst weather of this whole system is occurring right now or will during the next six hours. you can see this gigantic area of rain moving straight to the north. right through the philadelphia area, that means hour after hour after hour of rain. so we sent stormranger10 to glassboro to check out this latest batch of rain. as you can see, we have got some at least moderate rainier center
4:36 pm
city up around abbyton and stormranger10 being so close to the rain can be more precise with the intensities of that, for example. and the estimated rainfall, we're getting some unbelievable amounts. just in and calculated, close to 10 inches of rain in parts of southern delaware near long neck and mills borrow. 5 1/2 near dover, lesser and lesser amounts as you move toward the north and east. 10.3 right on route 9 between georgetown and lewis, delaware. there's got to be some flooding in that area, with more rain coming in, there will be more flooding, i expect some at least localized flooding over parts of south jersey as we get hour after hour of this rain. we'll talk about when this is going to taper off and eventually end. >> soccer has been growing in
4:37 pm
popularity in the u.s. for years. >> but it's not necessarily a safer alternative to kids playing football. >> coming up, we'll talk about the increase in injuries that still has doctors so concerned. construction years in the making, aimed at helping a jersey shore resort recover from a pair of unforgettable disasters. >> this is number one priority, i feel. >> why some want to stop this project in its tracks.
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school sport. >> we'll say on average, i deal with a concussion every week in sports. let's take a lye loive look the venue that's going to host beyonce. >> it's going to be cold too, so you want to wear some heavy stuff underneath. we have got one report, millford, sussex county getting over 10 inches of rain. and we know you got a lot of outdoor plans for this weekend, and i'm tracking the timing of that rain to help you plan ahead in your first alert neighborhood weather.
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#. to an update now from our
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nbc responds team. thousands of you have reached out to nbc 10 responds with your consumer complaintses. >> we have put more than $1 $117,000 back in your pocket. here's a look at the month of september. >> reporter: nbc 10 responds heard from more than 1,000 viewers in september. that's 1,000 complaints, keeping our team busy, working for you. remember carmen ahjelle? she paid a company nearly $6,000 for a company to photograph her daughter's quinn sinnera. >> the pictures and video never arrived until we got involved. >> and then there was 5-month-old gabriel whose parents were worried when his
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car seat broke. when they couldn't get the part from the company, after several days, they reached out to us and part delivered. >> thanks, nbc! >> reporter: so whatever your consumer complaint, reach out to us, so we can try to help you. >> i don't know what i would have done for you. >> i'm so happy. >> you guys were fantastic. >> by the way, the total number of complaints we have received since we launched back in may now well over 4,000. so we're keeping the team very busy and getting a lot of complaints and helping a lot of people. >> that's a lot of people that need help. >> getting a lot of complaints in and also getting a lot of hugs in return. >> you know, the hugs, you got to go for the hugs, looking forward to many more. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds or telemundo 6.
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here's a live look from south jersey, where stormranger10 has made it to glassboro. those wet and dreary conditions are covering much of the area, right, glenn? >> oh, yeah, and it continues to spread to the north so it's about to get a little heavier in places like bucks and montgomery county and the lehigh valley, because it's been heavy all day in parts of southern delaware and cape may county, and as you can see, it's moving straight to the north. stormranger10 right in the middle of that. in glassboro, we're checking out at least some of the moderate range that's moved into the -- the precipitation rate's about a quarter inch per hour, which is heavier than it's been since the rain started, and this is even heavier, closer to a quarter to a half-inch, over delaware bay, headed northward right towards bridgeton and eventually
4:48 pm
vineland, so it's raining in those places now, but it will be getting heavier. you can see on the wider view, we have got more rain out in the ocean that's going to be coming in over the next couple of days. the heaviest of the rain has been in delaware and especially in sussex county, and especially in the eastern portion of sussex county, look at those colors, the rainfall, not much up towards trenton, we have got 10.6 inches calculated by the doppler radar, and that is north of millses abomillsboro. and way lesser amounts as you month toward new jersey and delaware. we're expecting delaware to get hit hardest with the system. coastal flood warning for the high tide, tonight moderate coastal flooding, this is a lye shot of philly international,
4:49 pm
camera is shaking from the wind, raining, that doesn't help. you are going to have travel delays if you're heading out tonight. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts in dover and especially where. and the future cast shows the rain moving up north, waves of it during the night, but by tomorrow, it's generally a little bit les, it's a cloudy day, it's a windy day, it's a wet day, but it may not be quite as heavy as the rain that's coming this evening. then friday night and even into saturday, still cloudy, still some rain around, and then we wait for matthew, is now a hurricane, 75-mile-per-hour winds, and the forecast shows a sharp curve toward the north, as we go into thursday. the possible tracks do take it
4:50 pm
somewhere along the east coast next week, we're talking got the middle of next week, and depending on which way it goes, it could have a large or a small impact on our weather. but that's not going to be affecting us over the weekend at all. this is a totally different system than that hurricane, maybe a little bit brighter weather on sunday, allowing temperatures to get in the 70s, but that's the best we can do. >> construction years in the making after a pair of disasters destroyed a jersey shore landmark. >> next nbc 10 new jersey shore reporter ted greenberg explains why someone has stopped the project in its tracks.
4:51 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
superstorm sandy left the area with a lag of attractions. >> nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg tells us, it's not exactly smooth sailing. >> reporter: it is work many have waited nearly four years to see, new pilings rising from the sand, for a major expansion of casino pier in seaside heights. >> we need to see some kind of improvements to bring the tourists back. >> reporter: the roller coaster washed into the sea by sandy in 2012, was one of the most iconic images of the storm's destruction. the seaside inferno the
4:55 pm
following year brought a blow to local tourism. local business owner hope that will change when casino pier doubles in size, adding new rides, games and other attractions by next summer. >> it death hurt our town but we're coming back from that and we're hoping we can start fresh and start new. >> i'm so glad to see it. >> reporter: not everyone is, construction began this week despite a legal challenge to a land swap that's making the expansion possible. critics believe the swap violates the state e's marine protection act. others say the work must continue to fuel the community's future. >> this is number one priority, i feel. >> reporter: casino pier isn't yet revealing is the number of new rides they plan to put her, but i have learned they include
4:56 pm
a giant ferris wheel and a roller coaster. >> next at 5:00, we continue to follow several breaking stories. >> tonight a woman is charged with murder, after the death of two firefighters in wilmington. we're learning more about what happened before police say she set that deadly fire. plus a mangled mess on a new jersey train station, at least one person is dead after this train crash in hoboken. now investigators want to know why that train was going too fast. and we have heavy rain still moving into parts of the area, i'll tell you what you can expect for the rest of the week, and of course your weekend forecast, that's next on nrbc 1 news at 5:00.
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right now at 5:00, nbc 10 following three big stories, first justice for two firefighters in wilmington. police have charged a woman with murder ander son. she's accused of intentionally setting the fire that killed christopher leach and jerry fickes. >> investigators are still trying to figure out why the train crashed. also tonight, at first alert, the nbc 10 weather team
5:00 pm
is tracking more rain and the chance for flooding, we'll keep track of what happening in your neighborhood. we given with that breaking news in wilmington. tonight a woman is charged with murder in the death of two firefighters. >> let's go to deanne that durante. >> reporter: neighbors here who know the woman say they are shocked. some say that she told them it was an accidental fire, but police say it doesn't matter, that this 27-year-old suspect con fesed to investigators and most recently federal investigators yesterday. >> if it was her, of course i have nothing but to be angry. i have a 1-month-old baby in there too. >> reporter: gabby felix says she was drinking with beatriz fana-ruiz just before the fire was set. all seemed normal with the 27-year-old. >> she was talking


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