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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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this is video of people in sea isle city, dealing with a very wet and dreary day. i'm jim rosen field. here in philadelphia, didn't see flooding, didn't rain off and on, but we saw plenty of wind. whatever it rains just a little bit, that means you can expect your loved one to get home a little bit late. if you can see it down there, that's a look at the schuylkill expressway with the vine traffic moving along slowly s glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the weekend for us. >> the first half of the weekend, even though it's not going to be as wet as we have seen in the last couple of days. also live radar not showing much in the way of significant rain. got a little bit of drizzle, some sprinkles and bucks county and burlington county in south jersey, we do have some heavier activity in virginia, but that looks like it's moving perhaps to the west of us.
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that may -- no there's been way too much rain in kent county and sussex county, delaware, the flood warning continues until midnight tonight. it had about 15 inches of rain in that area. as you see, the future cast, that area going up through baltimore, we'll watch what comes up toward cape may as we head towards the morning. if you have some early activities near the shore, got some thunderstorms perhaps, we have cloudy skies, we have some drizzle, it's chilly, it's windy, and it will be a little better by later on sunday, i'll get into those details and also a powerful hurricane about to hit jamaica and potentially affect the east coast next week. all right, if you have outplans this weekend, be sure you have the nbc 10 app to check
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the weather. all right to breaking news out of trenton right now, an hour ago, governor chris christie announced a deal on the transportation trust funding that will increase the state's gas tax. it means will you pay 23 cents more a gallon. it will impact every new jersey driver. still needs approval from both houses of the state legislature. we'll break down all the numbers coming up tonight at 11:00 here on nbc 10. but now to a final farewell to two wilmington firefighters killed in the line of duty. christopher leach and jerry fickes were honored today the second funeral just wrapped up. >> reporter: it's now 6:00 and the bagpipes have finally stopped playing at least for
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today. our second firefighter funeral in delaware ended. >> they came from all over delaware and all over america. friends, family members and firefighters here at st. elizabeth's church to say goodbye to christopher leach and to comfort his family and kids. >> you know he wants more laughter and jokes than tears and crying that's just his style. >> reporter: at a row home fire, he thought someone was trapped inside and went in. now investigators say this woman who lived in the house set the fire intentionally while drunk and angry. four other firefighters were injured in the fire. jerry fickes died when he went in to look for leach. >> the head of the wilmington firefighters union says right now it's all about the firefighters he lost and who were injured. he hasn't had time to think about the woman who was charged with setting the fire.
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>> right now we're focused on faechls. >> leach's son carried his dad's helmet out of church today and then with the misty rain falling and the sound of bagpipes as his fellow firefighters looked on. >> it's only at a time like this that you truly understand the gravity of what these men and women are willing to give up to keep us all safe. >> reporter: he was in finance before he decided to become a firefighter after 9/11. tomorrow at 1:00 at the chase center down in wilmington. a big memorial service with vice president biten there, there's going to be firefighters from all over the country. they're going do have a jumbotron right next door. it's going to be a long emotional day after a very long emotional week in delaware. i'm tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> now to breaking news in philadelphia, we have just learned police fired more than
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100 times when they shot and killed a suspect in a stabbing spree in cobbs creek. so far, though, no gun has been located. nbc 10's andrea kline thomas is joining us from police headquarters where the commissioner called the number of shots fired concerning. >> reporter: it's 109 shots to be exact. they came from nine overs, now this happened in the middle of the city streets around 7:00 wednesday evening. now that is serious cause for concern for the commissioner and they're pretty lucky that more people were not seriously hurt. commissioner ross explained that officers were responding to a 9/a 911 call about a shooting. blocks away, officers had already transported two children to the hospital, which they believed that 32-year-old
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christopher sowell had injured. he abruptly removed his hands from his pockets and that's when police officers opened fire. 109 shots rang out that the commissioner calls -- >> in this case firing multiple times. >> reporter: still, it's a problem, chris never ros says will result in more training for officers, it's unclear how many shots hit the who was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a bulk of the shots hit two homes where people were inside but were not injured by the fun gir. those officers involved have not been injured just yet as the investigation is ongoing, we could learn their names tomorrow. reporting live outside of police headquarters, andrea kline-thomas, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016.
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a bitter battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. hillary clinton brought it up during the debate. early this morning, donald trump fired off several tweets targeting clinton, one said, quote, did crooked hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and past, alicia m. become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate? nbc news has not confirmed there is a sex tape. and this morning clinton didn't hold back, she tweeted, what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories. clinton goes on to sacry al lea that deserves praise for standing up under trump's attacks. clinton had this to say a short time ago at a florida rally. >> i mean, he hurled as many
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insults as he could. really, why does he do things like that? i mean, his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. >> clinton spoke to alicia machado on the way to the event, and machado says she has her vote. >> there was a problem with trump's microphone inside the debate hall during the first presidential debate back on monday. donald trump told reporters right after the debate that there was a problem. all right, here's a look at a new poll out today in new jersey, stockton university's poll of votering toward one candidate or other in the garden state has hillary clinton leading 46% to trump with 40%. 10% said they planned to volt for a third party candidate or nobody. new jersey's traditionally a blue state lead towards democrats. >> before you know it, election
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day will be here, just 39 days before voters elect a new president. >> and ntsb investigators having a hard time -- the train station's canopy is sitting in the front of the train. investigators have interviewed the train's engineer, and they have sent blood samples and urine samples to be tested. >> our objective is as always to not just find out what happened but why it happened so we can prevent it from happening again. >> the national transportation safety board is bringing in a 3-d scanner to try to re-create the crash. now back to our weather, everyone will be keeping an eye to the skies tomorrow. it's a big weekend for fall festivals and outdoor activities, deanna durante has been checking out what's going on and what's been cancelled.
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>> reporter: organizers are hoping for a fall chill, however mother nature has made the ground a little damp. >> it happens every year. >> it's hour big event of the season, and going to be having scarecrow making, pumpkin painting, apple samples, elmwood park news is going to be visiting with some animals. >> and morris arboretum the scarecrows are usually standing right now. >> we usually like to do it when it's not pouring at the save the scarecrows. >> but the show will go on even if it's a bit delayed on the setup. >> at mary meade farm, the corn maze will be standing the rest of the season, torntd's lighting of the great pump kin is cancelled. >> we do not reschedule the lighting of the great pumpkin,
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unfortunately. >> reporter: this is a big weekend in the year. >> the jewish holiday, the harvest festival, we will be decorating for that. >> reporter: so if you're game to brave the weather, many festivals will still be serving up pumpkins, spiced sicrieder a donuts. >> we'll be doing some decorating, so we figured why let the weather stop us. >> reporter: and that's what event organizers from hatfield to rossboro, the festivaled for tomorrow, they'll still go ahead as scheduled, they're just delayed on the setup. and i'm tracking that rain for the weekend, plus we're keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew picking up strength. >> also ahead at 6:00, trouble
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home owners in the lehigh valley are dealing with some serious problems because of that sink hole right there. some crews had to leave their homes so they could fix it.
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randy gyllenhaal reports from bethlehem. . >> reporter: forced out yet when a sink hole swallowed up parts of her street and prompted a gas leak. >> get out, get out, gas, gas, it's dangerous. i only had enough time to grab my cat and my slippers and get out the door. >> reporter: her neighborhood's now filled with heavy machinery trying to figure out why the sink hole opened up here. >> a sink hole is scary, and i wish i had renters insurance. >> so far the cause is unclear. >> it's not your typical vertical straight down sink hole, rather it's more horizontal. >> they want to know if this week's heavy rain played a role or maybe a water main break. sink holes are not really that
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uncommon in the leigh high valley, they have long caused headaches thanks for the rock formation deep under ground. >> this is an area with clay and lime stoestone under beneath ant makes it susceptible to problems. >> others keeping a watchful eye on the pavement. >> we're watching it to make sure that we have already been down in the basement to take a look down there. >> concern this sink hole could grow even larger. in bethlehem, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> we have had quite a bit of rain over the last couple of days, at least things are quieting down a little bit. we have some light rain in parts of new jersey, bucks county, drizzle elsewhere. this is a pretty significant area of rain, but it's moving up west of us, there's more down in north carolina that may be
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coming up by tomorrow morning. we continue to see the flood warnings for kent an sussex county. we told you early in the week that this would be the hardest hit. this area of yellow, the indication offense doppler estimated rainfall in some places over a foot. 15.4 inches near millford, 12 inches, route 9 between georgetown and lewis. route 13 just to the south. in seaford, bridgeville about the same. 4.9 in cape may. farther north in delaware, les rain, but three, 3 1/2 inches in chester county. about two in berks. and then it really drops off in trenton, upper bucks county. citizen's park, another lovely night for baseball, not.
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the temperature is low, the wind is blowing, there's some drizzle in the air, a nasty, nasty night. as we go hour by hour, just patches of light rain until tomorrow morning. that stuff in north carolina, saturday morning, some showers and thunderstorms. but it lookslike they'll move through quickly. we're left with the clouds all day. it's going to be a chilly day. windy day. but not quite as wet as what we have. then sunday morning. we start off with the clouds and the fog and the drizzle again. but by afternoon, there could be some sunshine, parts of south jersey and delaware, that will pushes well up into the 70s. then the rest of the area starts clearing out and getting some sunshine by monday. you can see your own seven day forecast for the bottom of your screen here. but for the weekend forecast, everybody's in the 60s for high temperatures temperature. cloudy skies, periods of mainly
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light rain, except for that thunderstorm in the morning towards the shore. sunday, generally dryer, although when you expect fog and drizzle, first thing in the morning, maybe a little sun in the afternoon in some spots. now hurricane matthew, this has become a monster and now has 140-mile-per-hour max winds, it's not moving fast, and that's going to be one of the issues here. this is going to be a slow mover, but it's a monster hurricane, headed right for jamaica. and eastern cuba. and after that, look what happens. this is going to take until later this week before it even goes off the north carolina coast. that's next wednesday, still not there, next friday. it's still down there, and it's too close for comfort. let me tell you. and we're going to keep an eye on that. but we have got a long time to watch it. it could impact our weather, starting wednesday with clouds, wind and maybe even some showers.
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coming up, we're talking baseball. we're hear from one of philly's greatest sluggers. i've got the details nec.
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good to see you. get out to the ballpark this weekend. howard's contract is up at the end of the season. they are expected to exercise the $10 million buyout on the
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deal. howard is the first pick in 2001. he was a big part of the 2008 world series winning team. >> the thing that's most impressive to me about ryan howard is this guy comes to play every day, emotionally he runs on an even keel. he's never too excited or too upset. he remains confident. he forgets what happened the day before. and he just goes out and competes day, and he's a true competitor and he handled the situation the second half of last year and this year, extremely well, like a true professional. >> the sixers wrapped up training camp at stockton university, that was after the trainer wrapped ben simmons ankle. the first overall pick rolled his ankle in practice, although trainers don't think it's
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seriou serious, he did get kmrx rayed a precaution. >> i'm just happy to finally be back on the court and excited and i can't wait until the next game. a lot of people expect me to do, they think i'm too flashy, but i'm confident, but i've been in the game for three years and everybody goes through that and i think it's going to be a little bit hard in the beginning, but i'm the type of guy that i love basketball and once i get it, i think it will be good. >> he's got one of those smiles that lights up the room. >> all practice with the flyers today, pierre edward delmar has not yet returned. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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with or without. serving up cheesesteaks for decades, in fact tomorrow marks 50 years of serving up the cheesesteaks for genos who opened up across from pats in 1966. it's going to be a bit soggy out there for that celebration. >> yes, it's going to be wet all weekend. sunday afternoon we may have a shot, especially in south delaware, and the jersey shore, that would push temperatures well into the 70s. better than saturday, saturday is just completely overcast, periods of light rain and saturday in the morning towards the show. then we start turning towards the south, where hurricane matthew just became category 4, 104-mile-per-hour winds and it's going to be taking it's time so any effect on our weather
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wouldn't come until the end of next week. >> but it's growing stronger. >> it is a powerful storm. >> and you'll be watching it. >> thank you for watching right now. good night. tonight, trump's tirade. donald trump lashes out in a middle of the night rant, attacking a former beauty queen again with sex tape allegations. now she and hillary clinton are firing back. crash cause. the ntsb begins questioning crew members in the aftermath of that train disaster, as the black box is pulled from the twisted wreckage. caught on camera. police release video showing a fatal officer encounter with an unarmed man. sex abuse scandal. dozens of disturbing allegations against the doctor who treated top olympic athletes. and hurricane threat. matthew strengthens to a powerful category 4 in the caribbean.


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