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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right on schedule. today septa's regional rail system returns to normal service for the first time in three months. survival stories. bar patrons open up about living through a deadly shooting rampage. and behind the scenes, this morning, there are new claims against donald trump an his behavior on the set of "the apprentice." nbc 10 news starts now. 6:00 a.m. this monday ç morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're off to a foggy start this morning. here's a look at wilmington. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking conditions. >> we are looking at conditions, though, that maybe don't reflect a good morning. it's still foggy, it's still gray as the sun starts to come
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up, we'll see the clouds continuing to hang overhead. it's been a dreary forecast for about a week. what we're looking at is finally change to the forecast as we move into your afternoon with the potential for some sunshine. visibility as you head out the door, not the best. some of us, a little over a mile. lancaster at one and a quarter here. 1 1/2 in wilmington where we had a live look outside. philadelphia faring better, four myles for visibility and mt. holly and just one mile, atlantic city, only a quarter of a mile. some areas, much more dense fog than others. it's pretty much across the board. we have the fog this morning. here's your commute cast. a cloudy start, isolated showers moving through new jersey this morning. you might need the windshield wipers as a result. as you head out the door, 63 philadelphia, new jersey 62 and 59 in the lehigh valley. 62 along the shore as well.
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as you're heading home, these are the temperatures you'll be looking at. take a look at the icons. i've changed the photos here. we should start to see the breaks of sunshine. not saying purely sunshine but there will be some sun peeking out by your afternoon. 70s for forecast temperatures. meaning it will be nicer as we move to the later part of your day. we'll check on the rest of your workweek forecast coming up in just a bit. for now we head to traffic with francesca ruscio. >> weather conditions in delaware, here's what we're seeing for new castle county, road closuresç on airport road. that indicates excessive flooding. take route 58, 495 for philadelphia and 295 for new jersey. speaking of new jersey, 295, here's a live shot in west deptford, 295 at route 130. we're starting so see areas of heavy, dense fog.
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if you take a look at the streetlights, the glow around the light indicates areas of dense fog. let's take a look at mass transit right now. we are starting to see delays on the chestnut hill east line. we'll be watching mass transit all morning. typically now is where we'll start to see delays. cars on the vine street expressway around broad street. this is where the cameras are seeing the east and westbound traffic specifically towards center city philadelphia. when i come back, we'll take a look at the schuylkill expressway and how the fog is affecting your morning commute. new this morning in philadelphia, one person is in the hospital after a car crashed into a parked car in the city's olney section. this happened on the corner of west fisher avenue and masher street. this happened just before 2:30 this morning. witnesses tell us three people were inside the car when it crashed and they all ran from the scene. no word yet on the victim's condition. 6:03. happening today, septa's regional rail system returns to full service. this comes after three months of modified schedules and delays
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following the issue with defective train cars. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at septa's overbrook station. monique, what can commuters expect this morning? >> hey there, tracy. the first train is pulling off here now at the overbrook station. but they have fewer cars, they're still not able to handle the normal number of commuters even though this is the first day back to a normal weekday schedule. in july, thousands of passengers were forced to find alternative means of transportation. a defect, a crack was noticed and septa was forced to switch to a weekend schedule. today it's back to iç anormal weekday schedule but septa is in fact at full capacity just yet with rail cars. septa is reminding riders they will have fewer cars and may be forced to skip some of the stops. a spokesman told us it will be a rough couple of first weeks but it will get better.
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the silver lining here, the septa transit agency tells us it hopes to return 14 of the repaired cars to the rails pr week. that is through november. good news. meantime, septa is sharing these tips for a silver liner 5 regional riders. schedu check schedules. follow septa on twitter. if you notice a lot of folks are on the platform, don't ab frayed to hop on to the rail cars provided by amtrak, maryland and new jersey. live for now at overbrook, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. no memory of the accident. that's what the engineer of the nj transit train is saying. thomas gallagher said the nj transit train was running six minutes late and going 10 miles an hour as it approached the hoboken station.
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one person was killed and 114 others killed. a data recorder that was recovered from the wreck was not working at the time of the crash. they're still trying to get to the other one. it's 6:06. 63 degrees outside. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. the victims of a shooting rampage in west philadelphia are talking about the attack for the very first time. more than two weeks ago, investigators say nicholas glenn began firing gunshots first at a police officer and then at people he encountered as he ran away. marty washington and shay gant were two of the vicks and random targets. washington tells us he was helping a woman out of the maximum level lounge when aç bullet hit his leg. gant was shot in the foot after washington pushed her out of the doorway during the shooting. the lounge held a fund-raiser for them of them last night, raises hundreds of dollars. washington and gant say despite being shot it could have been much worse. >> i'm glad we met that way. a lot of friends could have been -- lives could have been taken if i wouldn't have walked
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out and he would have walked in. >> i don't want to cry today. i'm going to try not to. i'm a big cry baby. >> the bar stuff says they can't forget the victim who died in the shooting but hope this event will help them move forward from the tragedy. 6:07. new from overnight in los angeles, four people are under arrest after a second night of protests against police shootings. these protests erupted after a peaceful prayer vij for 18-year-old carnell snell jr. who was shot and killed by police on saturday. that shooting sparked protest in south los angeles and even in front of the mayor's home. new details in the arrest of the lehigh county man accused of taking an arsenal of weapons to the holland tunnel. john cramsey of emmaus was arrested along with two other men in june. they were about to enter the tunnel. cramsey says he didn't regret his actions but the guns were an oversight, not a criminal act.
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he owns an indoor shooting range and forget he had the weapons in his truck when he went on a mission to help a friend who just overdosed. eight minutes past 6:00. new this morning in decision 2016, former members of "the apprentice" cast and crew claimed that donald trump repeatedly demeaned women on the reality tv show. the associated press enter viewed more than 20 people. some said trump would talk about women's private parts and say he wanted to have sex with the women. the trump campaign issued a denial saying the claims were fabricated by publicity hungry, disgruntled former employees. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're looking at your radar and satellite again. not a big issue this morning. do want to give you a heads up that you might need the windshield wipers here, stretching from trenton to the delaware bay. the showers have moved through the suburbs, philadelphia and delaware. now the small line will continue
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to track to the east. what we'll see is this will shift off to the shore here, coming up around the next hour or so, that should continue to move off. light rain. that's assisting with the fog that we've been seeing day after day in the morning hours. again, we're seeing it outside, some areas less than a quarter mile visibility especially near shore points. let's take a look at your day. we go through different neighborhoods. 63 degrees, 6:09 this morning. as we move along, mid-60s through 10:00 a.m. mostly cloudy. as we get into the afternoon, some breaks of sunshine. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy forecast. for the most part, we won't see much in terms of rain. temperatures moving into the mid-70s for forecast highs in philadelphia. in new jersey, same deal, starting out in the 60s outside with the light rain moving through currently. very spotty. 68 by your lunch time and moving into the lower 70s in the
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afternoon. finally making our way into the 70s thanks to a few pockets of sunshine. delaware, similar to new jersey where we'll still be in the 60s through lunch. 69 degrees, winds not a big problem. 5 to 15 miles per hour and 72 your temperature by 2:00, 73 by 4:00. here's the look at hurricane matthew. this is a satellite view you're seeing here. this is a very strong major hurricane, category 4. what we're looking at is that possibly it bringing upwards of 20 to 40 inches of rain through parts of haiti and heavy rain bands into;h%amaica and cuba. next in line, the bahamas. we'll take a closer look at the track of hurricane matthew. we're also going to talk more about your neighborhood forecast extending. you see at the bottom of your screen, we have ups and downs which may be a result of hurricane matthew. a closer look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> i heard krystal mention
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windshield wipers. >> drizzle, fog, a lot things to note on your way to work. we check in with francesca ruscio and the schuylkill expressway. >> i also heard krystal mention sunshine. we're looking at dense fog in some cases as well as areas of wet roads. especially take a look at this live shot of the schuylkill expressway right around belmont avenue, watching eastbound/westbound traffic. slow going in some cases. more cars are on the road as we approach the heart of rush hour right now. over in new jersey, we're starting to see that there is some more cars as well. we're looking at a live shot, route 73 at route 38. still working through heavy dense fog. use low beams over in south jersey right now. take a look at the streetlights. you see areas of fog circling the lights as well as creating the halo glow. we're watching for the road closures in new castle county, right around airport road between highway 37, route 202. we're on airport road, both the eastbound and westbound side.
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how can you by pass the road closures caused by excessive flooding. we're still watching new jersey on the line of 7409 for mass transit, up to 19 minutes over at the airport right now. we'll keep watching this. when i come back, we take a look at 95 and the conditions on that. back to you. a philadelphia woman is trying to create beauty for those battling cancer. >> we'll explain how a make-up artist is using her skills to help people taking on the deadly disease. and bracing for matthew, where the hurricane is headed why the pe in its path are preparing for the worst.
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cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. 6:15. good morning, new castle county. here's a live look at wilmington
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where it's 63 degrees. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the conditions where you live. she's back in a minute with your neighborhood forecast. the road to recovery for cancer patients is an uphill battle. a woman in philadelphia is doing her part to make those living with the disease feel better through beauty. >> nbc 10's pamela osborne jones us live with how the make-up artist is helping people going through life or death situations. pam, tell us more. her name is patricia fox. at 28 years old she herself is a breast cancer survivor and now she's using her skills to help other women battling the disease. for the past couple ofç years, patricia has been offering free makeovers to breast cancer survivors and chemotherapy patients.
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she got the idea while fighting her own battle against cancer two years ago. >> i felt like more than a million bucks, like i just hit the lottery. having someone to take care of you on the outside, the bui beautifying level. >> reporter: these women are so incredible, they really wanted to share their stories to raise awareness about breast cancer, about the importance of self-exams and regular checkups because early diagnosis is absolutely key in fighting the disease. for more information on how you can connect with patricia, maybe take advantage of that free makeover, all you have to do is visit reporting live in philadelphia, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. thanks for that, pamela.
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6:17. let's get you to work on this monday morning. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio is looking at route 30 in jersey. what are you seeing there. >> we're watching eastbound and westbound traffic in haddon heights, new jersey, more cars on the road. traffic in new jersey has been working through some wet conditions as well as heavy dense fog in some cases, affecting the morning commute. i would recommend low beams, allow extra time and use caution in and out of new jersey. let's take a look at the vine street expressway. more cars traveling westbound for center city philadelphia right now. you can also see we're working through dangerous conditions, yes, it's stopç and go in some cases. for the most part, no reported problems or delays on the vine. travel time, wood haven to the vine, switch to yellow, northbound you're doing ago at 12 minutes. when i come back, we'll take a look at the schuylkill expressway and how this fog will ten to affect your morning commute. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> i think everyone is kind of tired of the fog at this point. but it's still there. we still have it in the forecast this morning. we have cloudy conditions in the forecast this morning. as you get ready for work and head out the door, it will be another gray start. the clouds, thicker and higher up we see along shore points through delaware and stretching further down to the southwest of us. that line of thicker clouds is starting to push out, with it spotty showers are starting to push out as well. still moving through new jersey, really breaking apart at this point. they stretch from trenton down to right around cape may. what you're seeing is the lighter the green, the less likely the rain is making it to the ground. maybe mist or drizzle. those showers will continue to stretch and move along to the east to the shore and move offshore as they continue to break apart. aside from that, the fog is still in place. this is a look from the lowe's camera. the fact we can see through the
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lowe's cam right now is a good sign. that means at least in philadelphia it's not terribly dense and those low-hanging clouds have started to thin a tad. that's what we expect, today while it's still a cloudy start, later in the day, we will see some pockets of sunshine. finally can talk about sunshine again. what we're looking at as a result is isolated chances of rain. that continues pretty much through the workweek. we are talking much lower chance or no chance of rain. isolated chance i expect monday, tuesday, for philadelphia. dover, mostly dry over the next couple ofç days here. you see an uptick as we move late in the workweek. reading, mostly dry as well. atlantic city, spot showers are expected later today. as well into tuesday, again, that will drop off. as we move late workweek into your next weekend, that's when things become dicey because of hurricane matthew. we're watching this track very closely for two reasons.
6:21 am
right now, 130 mile-per-hour winds, a category 4 major hurricane. i was working over the weekend, this thing peaked out at a category 5, higher than 150 mile-per-hour winds that we did see with this. this is a strong system. we put this into motion, it's tracking to the north right now. by tuesday, it looks like it will make a hit at least with this newest projected forecast around haiti where we could see in some areas up to 40 inches of rain. that would be absolutely devastating for that area. jamaica, cube about, also in the line of fire as it continues to track to the forth and it starts to curve a bit back to the west. that's your wednesday at 2:00 a.m. still 120 mile-per-hour winds through the bahamas and then nearing the u.s. here by florida. that's your friday into your saturday, creeping closer to the coastline. something we'll have an eye on. with tropical systems, we know this can waiver in the days. as it does continue to track
6:22 am
further north, it may bring chances of rain to us. we get to your 10 day on 10, the extended forecast in just a bit. >> krystal mentioned hurricane matthew. experts say it could land a devastating blow to those in its path. we'll tell you about the warnings in place for the people in its path. and winter is coming. we'll tell you where snow has already arrived. katie v/o: she works hard.
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we're tracking hurricane matthew and its impact on the caribbean this morning. jamai jamaica's flooding from the torrential rainfall has been battered by strong winds from the category 4 hurricane. the storm has its eye on haiti now. hurricane matthew is impacting flights for people planning to travel to the caribbean. you're looking live at philadelphia international airport this morning where airlines are offering free flight changes. take a look at this, fall is just getting started but northern california, well, the
6:26 am
snow is already falling there. this is the town of donner summit. crews are getting ready to clear the roads. up next at 6:30, a return to normalcy on septa's regional rails. how the transit agency is getting back on track this morning and what it all means for commuters. plus, memory lapse. hear why the engineer of that crash of nj transit says he can't offer up any information on how it all happened. (vo) when it comes to your favorite pennsylvania lottery pick games, it's smart to add the new wild ball to your game. sally plays 1 2 3, just like she does every day. but today she adds wild ball. because sally chose to get extra chances to win by playing wild ball, (sally) yah!
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back on track. septa's regional rail system returns to normalcy after three months of schedule changes. crash aftermath, the. >> near at the controls of the nj transit train that wrecked says he has no memory of the accident. held up abroad, kim kardashian gets robbed at gunpoint during a trip to paris.
6:30 am
this is nbc 10 news. >> good morning, 6:30. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 63 degrees outside. a foggy morning but let's get you updated with meteorologist krystal klei and the first alert neighborhood forecast. krystal? >> foggy outside. day after day we've been saying this but it looks like this might be the last day we have to say gray, gray start. because while we will still see clouds in the forecast, the bottom of the screen, the seven-day forecast for your neighborhood, sun starting to make their way into the forecast in the afternoon. those sunrays. 63 your temperature right now in philadelphia. we're at 60. the pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey through the lehigh valley, clowe to 60 as well and 63 in delaware. the live camera shots do show that right now it is cloudy and it still is foggy over much of our area. as we move into the afternoon, this is when we may see some breaks of sun. i'm not calling it a sunny day or mostly sunny day but mostly
6:31 am
cloudy, some peeks of sun. warming a bit more than the weekend. 72 the temperature in the lehigh valley, delaware at 74 degrees. as for your visibility, here's the look. right now these are in miles. quarter mile visibility only in reading, three-quarter mile in coatesville. quarter mile in allentown, more dense fog there. northeast philadelphia, 3 to 4 miles for that visibility. and then what we do see if we drop down to the shore, at some points, better than others, wildwood, dover, at 10 miles per hour. clearing in those areas. we'll talk more about the forecast in the next following mornings and the details on matthew coming up. for now, let's head to traffic with francesca ruscio. >> thank you, krystal. taking a look at traffic on 95. morning rush hour. we're approaching at the heart of it. a live shot 95. our cameras around castor avenue watching southbound traffic into the city. take a look at travel speeds in the 30s from wood haven to the vine, folks, it will take you
6:32 am
around 22 minutes. we're still watching for that morning fog that is continuing to come into play for your morning commute. watching an accident out by towamenc towamencin, it is a multivehicle accident. let's take a look at travel times on the schuylkill expressway within the cameras. if you look at the streetlights, you can see visibly the fog and how it's still low hanging. from the blue route to the vine, 16 minutes westbound travel times from the vine to the blue route, 18 minutes. we're in yellow for our travel times. 4-tátu castle county.sures in more on this when i come back. this morning, septa is getting back on track and returning to its normal weekday schedule on the regional rails for the first time in three months. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in overbrook this morning. monique, tell us what this means for commuters. >> hey, vai, we've seen a few people coming here to hop on the regional rail on this first day
6:33 am
of septa returning to a normal weekday schedule. a few test trains have zoomed by. a few of the silver liner 5 are back on the rails. septa wants riders to come back. in july, 120 of the silver liner 5 were pulled when a defect or crack was noticed. saep to then switched to a weekend schedule. today it's back to a normal weekday schedule but the transit authority isn't back at full capacity with rail cars just yet. septa says if things get overcrude crowded they may be forced to bypass or skip stops. the transit agency also tells us it hopes to return 14 of the repaired cars to the rails per week through november. so in the meantime, septa has a couple of tips that they want you to know about. and that is, make sure that you go online and check for any delays or adjustments in the
6:34 am
schedule. they're also suggesting that the riders follow septa on twitter. like we do. live now from overbrook, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> 6:34. 63 degrees outside. no memory of the accident. that's what the engineer of the nj transit train is saying about last week's crash. the 48-year-old engineer, thomas gallagher told ntsb investigators the nj transit train was running six minutes late and going 10 miles an hour as it approached the hoboken station. 1 person was killed, 114 others hurt. we spoke withç lawyers representing 19 victims from the amtrak 188 train derailment and they say the details are all too familiar. >> previously this operator, like the operator of amtrak 188 that derailed, has a loss of memory at the critical moments. >> investigators say a data recorder that was recovered from
6:35 am
the wreck was not working at the time of the crash. they're still trying to get the other one. 6:35. two police cars were responding to a call within they crashed into each other in philadelphia's grays ferry neighborhood. the accident happened near south 27th street and tasker. one officer was hurt but refused treatment. no one else was hurt. a former co-worker of a missing lehigh county woman is the focus of a new investigation. pennsylvania state police searched the property of michael horvath through the weekend. horvath worked with 42-year-old holly grimm. grimm disappeared from her lower macungie home three years ago. horvath was arraigned on dui charges one day before police began searching his property. the philadelphia orchestra strike is over. musicians voted on a tentative deal yesterday agreeing on a three-year contract. the contract includes salary increases every year. they staged a walkout cancelling
6:36 am
an overnight performance. the board will vote on the contract tomorrow. now to decision 2016. donald trump's allies are calling him a genius when it comes to taxes. >> this after a "new york times" report revealed the republican presidential nominee might have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. >> the reality is he's a genius. >> and the genius of donald trump has been to make sure that he follows the law, which is exactly what he's done, and politically he has said, that he's going to change these laws. and there's no one better suited -- >> trump reported a more than $900 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns filed in three states, including new jersey. experts say that may have allowed trump to avoid paying federal income taxes for 19 years. volunteers were in the fishtown neighborhood yesterday as the october 11th registration deadline looms. clinton will be in haverford
6:37 am
with her daughter chelsea and actress elizabeth banks. the vice presidential candidates will debate in virginia tomorrow night. we'll have full highlights on nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm sorry, family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> that's rapper kanye west ending his show abruptly after learning about his wife, reality tv star kim kardashian being robbed at gun point overseas. he was performing at a music festival in new york last night when he stopped in the middle of a song, apologized to fans and walked off the stage. investigators say kardashian was tied up by two masked men in her hotel room in paris. a spokeswoman says the two men dressed as police officers held her up before taking $10 million worth of jewelry. the tv star says she is badly
6:38 am
shaken but physically unharmed. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> starting with that radar and satellite picture again, this has been an ever-changing picture throughout your morning. while we still have fog hanging at the low level and right at the surface, you look higher up an we have this thick layer of clouds and we did have rain but it's really broken apart very quickly over new jersey. a spot cell hanging right now just off the shore. this will move through atlantic city if it holes together. this is a light rain that it's not a big issue at all. we did see a heavier rain that fell in the northern parts of delaware before it started to @% break apart over the bay. otherwise this morning, it's been all about the fog. visibility will still be low throughout your morning commute as a result of those foggy conditions, especially in areas like the lehigh valley and right along the shore. here's your neighborhoods today. center city 74 degrees, the forecast temperature for us this afternoon. 70s returning on the board because we're going to see
6:39 am
breaks for sunshine. 72 that temperature in west chester. lansdale, 73. allentown at 72 and 71 in kutztown. again, we're not talking a completely sunny day but in the afternoon late day we may see some sun. still can't rule out an isolated shower, though. that continues new jersey through delaware as well. your temperature in tronnen to, wilmington 74 for the forecast high temperature today. rehoboth beach at 73 and cape may in those low 70s as well. this is the spaghetti plots, the different computer models suggesting where hurricane matthew will go. it will push through the caribbean, haiti, cuba, jamaica, the balm in that line of fire. then we look as we pass the east coast. this is where things are more uncertain. as we move out into next monday, the models projecting this will track near the carolinas and then not over land but to the east of our area.
6:40 am
now, the models are still widespread. this is still far out and some are going completely opposite of others. this is something we'll have to closely monitor for those changes as we move forward. because, again, this is not going to be a guarantee that we will see a huge effect but at best, we will see some surface issues, at worse, rain, potentially moving through because of matthew by your next weekend. let's take a look at the next five days. your forecast does include 70s now for the next couple of days, tuesday at 70 in philadelphia. in new jersey, 69 with that mix of clouds and sun. and as we said, the forecast looks aç little more certain or your workweek before the effects of matthew where we'll see the 70s thursday, friday and that continues with the cloud/sun mix as well through new jersey. more on your weekend and your 10 day on 10 coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, krystal. friends and commuters in new castle county are dealing with road closures this morning. >> let's find out exactly where with nbc 10 first alert traffic
6:41 am
reporter francesca ruscio. where and why? >> areas of low visibility in new castle county. on top of that, we're looking at road closures and flooding. airport road, both on the eastbound and westbound side between highway 37 and route 202. this is in new castle county. how can these local commuters bypass these closures? take route 58, 495 or 295 for new jersey. again, it looks like these road closures will be in play for the remainder of the morning. we'll be watching this in case if there's any updates if you need to know so. we're watching the blue route around baltimore pike. travel speeds are still in the 50s. we're starting to see a slow going some cases. bumper to bumper. it's pretty good because it's a slow go. it's cause of areas of thick and heavy dense fog. i would recommend we keep our beams on the lower side. folks it's going to take you 17 minutes, travel speeds in the
6:42 am
green. begun, take your time. even though we're still approaching the heart of rush hour, we could still bump into hazardous road conditions. deptford, new jersey, a lf shot of 42 around 41. more traffic is on the roadways take a look at the industrials, we are still working through areas of heavy, dense fog. i'll have a look at mass transit and what the road closures mean when i come back. a viewer tells us she couldn't get a refund she was promised following a furniture recall. >> next, how the nbc 10 responds team helped the woman get hundreds of dollars back after she said the company ignored her. a philly fardgell. we'll hear what ryan howard had to say to the citizens bank crowd in what could be his final game with the team.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. in today's nbc 10 responds,
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a dresser recall that impacted millions of families caused a headache for a viewer that deserved a refund. >> when she couldn't get a refu refund, she called nbc 10 responds. >> reporter: lena has her hands full as a working mother of three. when she found out about the recall for four dressers she owned -- >> it was scary. >> reporter: they were deemed unsafe. >> you see the videos. it falls over on kids. how can youç sell that. >> reporter: she says she immediately called ikea asking them to refund her money and remove the dressers. they were picked up in july. she says eight weeks went by and still no refund. money she wanted to purchase new dressers with. >> we're living out of laundry baskets. >> reporter: she tells us she called ikea headquarters several times. the company acknowledged it
6:47 am
picked up the dressers but could not find out where its movers returned them. >> how is that my problem? i don't see how that's my problem at all. >> reporter: she says after several calls and no help, she called nbc 10 responds. >> you get results. >> reporter: when we contacted ikea, the company told us it just located the dressers. less than a week after we got involved, she received her $751 check plus a $50 ikea gift card. >> thanks, harry at nbc 10. we got our check. thanks for helping us. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> the ikea dresser recall is still ongoing. any customer with a dresser manufactured after 2002 may be eligible for a full refund. >> if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, or tell -- telemundo 62, call us. the numbers are on your screen. happy monday.
6:48 am
>> good morning. >> hello, vai and tracy. good to see you both. coming up on a monday, hurricane matthew bearing down. we're live in jamaica and haiti. al's talking about the potential impact on the u.s. also ahead, the latest on that developing story overnight. kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint, millions of her jewels stolen but she's doing okay. a live performance from grammy winning icon melissa etheridge and much more ahead as we get started on a monday morning right here on "today." >> one of my favorites,ç melis etheridge. >> see you in about ten minutes. >> see you in a bit. >> all right. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're starting with that look outside center city again. this is from our lowe's cam. the fog is pretty dense out there in some areas. although i said this earlier, the fact we can see through the cam is a good sign. it means it's not as dense as say yesterday morning where most of the cams i was looking at,
6:49 am
complete whiteout. low visibility to kick off your morning. that's pretty much across the board. some areas are faring better than others. dover, all the way to the ten miles which is the max that goes out on the visibility map. same for mt. pocono. allentown, pottstown, a half mile, quarter mile for reading. 2 1/2 miles in lancaster. philadelphia and northeast philadelphia, feeling better, 3 to 4 miles. atlantic city, 1 3/4 mile for that visibility. we have that fog hanging overhead still this morning as you head out your door for your commute. take it slow. use the low beams. you'll be okay. the fog and cloudiness is looking to break apart better than, say, yesterday. radar and satellite shows us the thicker, high clouds are moving offshore and with it, the rain has broken apart. so no longer need to worry about the rain jacket. i suggest a light jacket. temperatures this morning sitting in the 60s. on your spaghetti plots, this is
6:50 am
a look at different computer models that we use to forecast, projecting all the way out, not this monday but next monday where hurricane matthew will be. we just looked at this a moment ago. most were showing that the activity will be off to the east of us. but some models are saying no way, not even close. others are saying, yes, we may get the rain. that's why at this point we're saying it's too far off to give a guarantee on what kind of weather we'll be experienced. you saw a few variations that were showing close to us.ç this model, haiti, cuba, the bahamas, you see by thursday. these are the areas under serious danger, watches and warnings in place. this model nearing parts of florida as well as right along the east coast near the carolinas through sunday. getting close. then the model pulls it off to sea, meaning we would see just the rough surf. that's an at best forecast that
6:51 am
we would see the rough surf. too far out for us to make a guarantee. at this point on your 10 day on 10, we are including extra cloud coverage and spot chances of rain as we move into the weekend. l. >> 70 tuesday, a little bit wednesday with isolated chances of showers the next couple of days. there we go into the weekend. cloud coverage, isolated chances of rain. we may need to up that chan as we continue to track matthew, the system, a very strong storm. >> krystal, thank you. let's get you to work. there's an accident in upper darby to tell you about. >> francesca ruscio is in for jessica boyington. tell wrus thus where that accid >> specifically on the eastbound side of west chester pike at garrett road. do expect delays and we are working with the lane restrction. over in new castle county, road
6:52 am
closures because of a flooded report. this is along airport road between highway 37 and route 202. how can we get around these road closures? take route 58 for 95 for philadelphia and take 58 to 295 which will take you to new jersey. let's take a look at travel times. travel speeds are now in the 30s. it will take you around 23 minutes. northbound you're doing okay, still in the green. when i come back, just in, an accident on the schuylkill expressway. i'll give you the details when i come back. tracy, back to you. >> it's never easy when an era ends. this is what happens. believed to be his final game in his phillies uniform. howard who gave an emotional speech before the game reflected on his time in philadelphia after the final out was recorded. >> winning a world series, bringing a championship to the city. that's got to be up there.
6:53 am
so i mean, coming in and, you know, winning rookie of the year and mvp, all those were great. but today is definitely going to be a day that i'll remember and philadelphia is always going to be home. >> howard is the only member of the 2008 world series championship team that is still on the roster. howard tweeted this, words cannot express how much i appreciated today. thank you phillies, fans, my teammates, former and current, for the lost and support. >> he'll be missed. >> next, we run down the more than -- morning's headlines and the weather for the rest of the day.
6:54 am
6:55 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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6:57 am
three minutes before 7:00 a.m. >> after three months of modified schedules and delays, septa's regional rail service is back into full service. the transit agency says service can now get back to a regular schedule because enough of its train cars are back in operation. repairs on the remaining impacted cars are expected to be completed next month. >> the u.s. supreme court is back in session and the eight justices are dealing with cases on race, religion and immigration. the justices have been shorthanded since the death of justice antonin scalia back in january. so far, they refused to vote on president obama's nominee, merrick garland. and a trial starts for ross harris. prosecutors say he left his son
6:58 am
in the back of an suv in january 2014. harris says it was an accident. the trial had to be moved 300 miles away after a judge ruled a fair jury could not be found locally. the white house will host the first ever south by south lawn festival. it will include a public conversation between president obama and actor leonardo dicaprio on climate change. the event is inspired by south by southwest which brings together innovators from across the country each year in austin, texas. good monday morning, everyone. i'm francesca ruscio. just in, anç accident on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway where my finger is right now. i'm pointing to the disabled vehicle, zooming in right now. you see the flashing headlights of one of the disabled vehicles. it's creating quite a bit of a traffic disruption around the vine street expressway. just in, too, upper darby on the eastbound side of west chester pike, traffic is being directed around garrett pike.
6:59 am
it has been a busy morning with heavy, dense fog and wet road conditions. also, too, looking at road closures in new castle county, airport road between highway 37 and route 202. i've been watching this all morning. when i come back, we'll take a look at the road closures and mass transit. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's take one last look at that visibility map right now. most of the low visibility is hanging over the suburbs and the lehigh valley. things are better in philadelphia, four miles and you see much better as we move into delaware where you see four to ten-mile visibility. on your ten-day, forecast 75 degrees as we move along the map here. you see we are going to continue with the mix of clouds but also sun out there over the next several days. today and your tuesday, just an isolated chance of rain. still have to watch matthew's effect on the forecast. >> the sun, i love it. >> thank goodness. >> finally. >> it's been a while. local updates throughout the morning and always get realtime news and weather and traffic on
7:00 am
the nbc 10 app. thanks for watching. the "today" show starts right now. have a great day. good morning. breaking news. hurricane matthew, a category 4 storm, one of the strongest in years, bearing down on haiti and jamaica right now. evacuations under way. forecasters say it could be catastrophic. we're live in the caribbean and al's tracking its path. taxing the campaign? donald trump fends off new calls to release his returns after a report shows he may not have paid any federal income tax for years. and this morning, another controversy -- what former "apprentice" cast members and crew are saying about his behavior on the set of that reality show. robbed at gunpoint. kim kardashian held up in paris by men disguised as police officers.


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