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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> we just learned one person was take on the the hospital because he was shaken up. our newsroom is working to get more information and drew smith is on the way to trenton right now. in the meantime right now at 5:00, we have new information just in on hurricane matthew. >> the first alert weather team is breaking down a new model from the national hurricane center as this dangerous storm gets closer to the bahamas. take a look at this, the storm has already battered cuba. police, soldiers and residents are hauling away debris after the hurricane destroyed dozens of homes. the storm was so strong, it blew the shipping container right into the middle of a street. a mass exodus the south carolina coast is under way ahead of matthew. and this isn't rush hour yet, it's looked like this all day
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long, hundreds of thousands of people were warned to leave the area. the national guard is set up as the state prepares for what could be a direct hit. let's take a look live now, this shows cars driving on in the same direction on both sides of the road. people are trying to get out, to try to be safer. again, it's pretty early on. a lot of people are watching this storm very closely. >> let's go to meteorologist sheena parveen. >> now hurricane matthew is a category 3 hurricane entering the bahamas, so it is getting closer to florida right now and we expect it in the next 24 to 48 hours. winds are sustained 120 miles an hour towards the center of this storm. so it has weakened again. here is the most updated track
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from the national hurricane center, it could strengthen back to a category 4, at this point it would continue on a path toward florida and anywhere in this cone is fair game for the center of this to travel. if it stays offshore, it will strengthen. but if it makes landfall, it would be bad news for florida. as a very strong hurricane, a major hurricane, then we see a very sharp turn as it gets closer to south carolina, a turn out to sea, which is what if you were watching yesterday afternoon what the european model was suggesting. there you see it now leaving more of north carolina out of the cone so we're going to see it turning out to sea. we are fairly clear as we go into your weekend aside from some rain saturday, not related to matthew. but florida is bracing for a lot
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of rain, very strong wind, they have a hurricane warning up for much of the eastern half of florida, up toward the gulf. look at what these models are doing, it's make an eastbound turn, and we'll be tracking this as we get toward the end of the week. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast, that's straight ahead. hurricane matthew has begun ba battering the southern bahamas. >> officials now say the storm is responsible for at least 25 deaths across the caribbean. >> r. >> reporter: they are bracing for a direct hit here and that has not happened in more than 80 years. let me give you an idea of what could happen here, behind me that's a house, houses all along
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the water here. residents tell me the water has already come up high than it normally is. this is a church here. you can see the windows are boarded up already. they're expecting storm surges of 15 feet. that would cover every house along here. they have evacuated some locals from some of the southern islands, but the people we have spoken with up and down this street, they tell us they're not leaving, they're going to hunker down and wait out the storm. back to you. >> nbc 10 will have continuing coverage on hurricane matthew, over the next 90 minutes, we'll get live reports from florida. also tonight, new details on a deadly fire that killed a married couple in philadelphia. neighbors in bustleton tell nbc 10 they tried to rescue the
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husband and wife, but they couldn't get close enough to the house. deanna durante has been following the investigation for us all day long. she joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: those neighbors came from the next street over, we're told that they went to this house on the one side of the fire scene and the other house on the other side. got those neighbors out and tried to get to front door of this home. they when they touched the front door, it was too hot to open. >> i was actually crying a little bit, because i was like i hope they got out and seeing their car in the driveway still and they didn't. >> reporter: but neighbors say they could not get inside the bridle street house to rescue them. some neighbors say flames were shooting through the roof when the fire department was called. one neighbor said they couldn't tell which house the flames were coming from. >> i just saw a flash and i
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thought my shed was on fire. >> reporter: neighbors say the couple had not lived here long. they know the couple had one adult daughter who was here for a visit. they say the couple had returned from bringing her back to new york. >> i talked to her before it happened and they enjoyed the trip up to new york and everything else and now this. >> reporter: and you can see now on the ground, fire investigators going through this home, we're told that's no evidence of working smoke detectors in the house. t the. >> meanwhile a temporary reprieve for drivers in new jersey. lawmakers host -- by 23
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crepts a gallon. that money would be used to pay for roads and transit work throughout new jersey. and now to decision 2016, one day after the vice presidential debate, vp candidate tim kaine is making a push for pennsylvania. he will be at union hall where the senator is set to speak to a group of sheet mettal workers. earlier today pence campaigned in rural virginia where he drew applause from supporter who is thought he won last night's debate. pence responded is by saying that trump's campaign message was the real debate winner. nearly 36 million people tuned in to the vice presidential debate, that's less than half the people that stuchbstuchtuned
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into the debate between -- they say pence effectively attacked trump. you can catch the second presidential debate this coming sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cozy tv. hillary clinton and donald trump will face off at washington university in st. louis. nbc 10's lauren mayk will be there and have a lives report after sunday night football. and still ahead on nbc 10 news 5:00, our political punchout team is here to deliver all the news from the campaign trail. that is coming up at 5:15. you don't want to miss it. it's a trying day for folks along the pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county. sky force 10 overhead after a tractor trailer overturned around 8:30 this morning between quakertown and landsdale
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interchange. the southbound lanes of the turnpike finally reopened around 2:00 this afternoon. we're learning more tonight about a st. joseph's university student who was a victim of a home invasion. we found that the 23-year-old was sleeping inside a home on vine street, two men came into her room, one man had a knife and another a gun. they put her in a closet while they ransacked the homes. at one point they tried to put her in the trunk of her own car. she told police she was able to run away. the two men jumped into the car and they took off. >> knowing that it was on our block, a little more realistic for me. made sure we lock all our windows, lock all the doors and keep everyone safe in the house. >> police are still looking for the suspects. investigators searching for
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signs of -- state police say they found a hue man bone. police have been digging up the backyard of one of grim's former co-workers, investigators say they wrapped up their search and will send the evidence for testing. holly grimm had been missing for two years. she didn't go to work or take her belongings, not even her car. her mother is now raising her son. let's go to south jersey, governor chris christie was there to announced that the camden high school is getting a makeover. they plan to replace it with a new facility for grades 9 through 12 s it's expected to be finished by the year 2021. sydney long will have more at 6:00. a manufacturing company
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wants to move into middletown. if the town council approves the move, the company would bring 100 new jobs to the area. the company already has a location in pennsacken and they're now based in pennsylvania. a horse is free after hours of rescue. we'll see how it got stuck next at 5:00.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government
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to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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crews are at a house collapse. >> nbc 10 just arrived on the skaeng with the latest information. >> reporter: down the street here, you can see that home listing over on its side. it's actually two homes that collapsed here. i just spoke with the fire chief, who told me around back of the house it shows clear signs of a gas explosion, so utility workers are here on the scene, they have shut off gas to this entire area, but they haven't been able to get inside the home. so they're waiting on the new jersey state police to get here. there were three people in one of the homes, they had to go to the hospital with some other injuries. the other home is vacant. they're talking to some squatters that were going in and
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out of that house. so they were concerned that there might be somebody inside one of those collapsed homes. have got the road roped off and at some point they're going have to demolish both of those homes. >> we got video you have to see here of a horse rescue. we have been following this all day in chester and nbc 10 cameras there where they hoisted the horse to safety. his head is covered to try to keep him as calm as possible. and sky force 10 was overhead as well as the scene played out here. the horse weighs 1,700 pounds, so this was a very delicate operation. >> we are giving him supportive care u trying to get his blood pressure up, getting the limbs profused with blood. right now he's doing quite well,
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he's stable, we have kept him comfortable calm through this whole thing. >> we're told the horse's name is cyrus, and he's at least 18 years old, maybe older. now to developing story, an nsa contractor is facing charges that he illegally stole classified information. he was arrested in august after admitting to taking government secrets. martin was employed at the same facility where edward snowden was a contractor. time now to check in with our political punch out team, democrat mark alderman--mark and jim, they solved this vice presidential candidate's debate. how do you think tim kaine did? >> tim kaine drove a wedge
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between mike pence and trump. mike pence had to defend donald trump when cane challenged him. mike pence denied six, seven, eight times that trump said something we know he said. and most significantly, on russia and syria. so it's a close call, who won the debate itself, maybe mike pence, by a couple of points, donald trump was the big loser last night, because his vice presidential nominee walked away from him. >> all right, gene, i'm going to dive in, if we could just take a snapshot of your face during the debate. what do you think about mike pence? >> i think he was very controlled last night. and i think kaine came off as a political hack. and there's a lot of political
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hacksmanship and pet lens. i don't think he came across as being likable to the american people. but i don't know how that's going to make any difference, nobody's going to vote based on the presidential debate. >> i think frankingly hurricane matthew is going to have a greater impact in week, because it's going to slam north carolina where early voting is going on. that will be a more consequential debate than the is vice presidential debate. and stick around for nbc "nightly news" with lester holt, they have all of the action from the campaign trail, that's coming up at 6:30. well, all eyes are still on matthew, it is still a very strong hurricane, now moving into the bahamas, and this is
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some of the latest investigation we have from the hurricane hunters, they have gone back to miami for the moment, but the wind speeds are 120 miles an hour in the center, it's a category 3, so earlier it was a category 4. so that's still considered a major hurricane. now the latest on it. it's expected to be category 3 or 4. now the right turn which look to be a -- farther south of us. that's good news for us, because that means your weekend forecast does not look to be impacted by hurricane matthew. little to no impact to area from what the current track looks like and what a lot of the commuter models are showing, we however do have showers on saturday, but we don't think that rain is from matthew, that's actually from a cold front that's moving through, category 3 moving into the bahamas, moving northwest at 12
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miles an hour, would be putting it closer to south florida by about tomorrow afternoon into very early friday, through friday afternoon. now there is a chance this could get stronger over the warm waters of the bahamas as it nears florida's east coast. so hurricane warning all up and down florida's east coast. preparing for a major hurricane potentially. we'll have to see how close this storm gets. then we go into this weekend. look at this big curve matthew is going to be taking. that's good for us, because that's means it's going to curve out to sea earlier. so right now we're pretty much going for no impact for matthew. we have nice weather locally. clear skies, temperatures very comfortable, mostly around 70 degrees for the area. wilmington, pennsylvania suburbs are coming in in the upper 60s, unionville 66 degrees.
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west callan township coming in at 70 degrees. montgomery and bucks county mostly in the upper 60s, 69 in north wales. we're nice and dry, we don't have any rain in the forecast until saturday, but again, that's from a cold front, not from matthew, here's what it looks like on future weather. so tomorrow, we go through the afternoon, another beautiful day temperatures mid 70s, staying nice and dry, more sunshine. friday looks really good too. little bit warmer closer to 80 degrees. then we go into scattered, there you see more rain moving in by saturday, right around noon. but that's not from matthew. at that time, matthew is going to be pretty far to our south, possibly right off the north carolina coastline right before it curves out to sea. we'll still be watching it very closely. so for tomorrow, in the philadelphia area, mid 70s and sunny, upper 70s friday, low 70s saturday with rain, then we're going to be cooler sunday, thursday and friday, pennsylvania suburbs, mid70s to
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upper 70s. lehigh valley staying dry for the rest of the week, but by saturday, upper 60s with scattered showers around, new jersey and even along the shore, you'll be dry for the rest of the week, as well as delaware, but going into the rest of the week, everyone has a chance for scattered showers, so just keep that in mind to start your weekend, but not to ends your weekend, we're going to be cooler and dryer to end the weekend. look at philadelphia, and the jersey shore dry for the rest of the week. but sunday looks good, we'll take a closer look at your neighborhood weather coming up. >> how many times have you walked into target to get one thing and then walked out with a cart full of stuff? see how sailors on the delaware river say about their cheese steaks and who cold eat the most? ..
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nbc 10 was there on chestnut and 19th street. the company's center city location. this summer, target opened another store at near 12th and chestnut. it's a flexible format store that means it's smaller to fit into the neighborhood. these stores also have something else in common. they're much smaller than your target. >> take a look. most targets are 80,000 square feet. but these new flexible format stores, they're only 20,000 square feet.
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they encourage customers to order online and pick up their items at the store. and when it comes to working on thanksgiving, the largest mall in the nation is taking a stance. >> mall of america has announced it will remain closed for the holiday this year. the minnesota mall has been open on thanksgiving since 2012, but this year, it wants to offer it's workers time with their family instead. the mall will reopen at 5:00 a.m. on black friday. they all say they have not set their hours for thanksgiving just yet. >> a big weekend is on tap at penn's landing with the navy's newest warship set to begin operations. >> a cooking demonstration for the cooking staff on board the u.s. murtha today, that of course was followed by a
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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cheesesteak eating contest. >> it will be commissioned here on saturday, and that ship can carry close to 700 troops with space for helicopters and ospreys. that ca it will call the port of san diego home. we continue to follow the latest information on hurricane matthew. >> the storm is moving through the bahamas and is heading right toward florida. we'll get a look at the florida coast as people prepare for the storm. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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officials say 25 people are dead. here in the u.s., the mayor of jacksonville, florida is urging people on the northeast florida coast to evacuate and move further inland. the mayor also encouraged people who live in low lying and river front areas of jacksonville to evacuate. our team coverage of hurricane matthew continues with nbc's sar
5:31 pm
are rosario in daytona beach. >> what's happening right now? i see the wind's blowing. >> there are hurricanes warnings all across central florida now as hurricane matthew nears the east coast. here where i'm standing in daytona beach, this is the calm before the storm. and by this time tomorrow, conditions are expected to get much worse, which is why local officials are warning people to prepare for it. >> matthew slammed into haiti leading widespread destruction. the storm now taking aim at the bahamas and the u.s. coastline from florida to north carolina. >> the storm going up our coast, a small deviation from this track could mean devastation along florida's east coast. we have to prepare for a direct hit. >> the governor has ordered
5:32 pm
people to evacuate the barrier islands and the rush on supplies and gasoline, an indication those in the strike zone are heeding the warning. >> the main thing is their safety and our safety. >> more than a quarter million people have been told to leave immediately, with the rest of the state's coastline now ordered to evacuate on thursday. >> hundreds of buss are being moved in to assist. >> i want to make sure that everybody is paying attention to your local officials. if there is an evacuation order in your community, you need to take it seriously. >> as residents and tourists scramble to get out of the way of hurricane matthew, now moving closer to the u.s.
5:33 pm
>> a >> reporter: this storm is affecting an area the side of the state of texas. there is a possibility and some forecasters predict that it could move west into the state of florida, which would bring devastation to this area. >> the size of texas, there's some good perspective for us. >> massive. let's go now to sheena parveen for the latest on hurricane matthew. >> it's still a major hurricane after the last advisory, the center of it heading towards the bahamas right now, it is roughly about 150 mile away from nassau, in the bahamas. it's monthing to the northwest at 12 miles an hour. that northwesterly motion is going to continue on track towards nassau, but if that motion keeps up that same direction, it's going to head towards florida. florida has been part of the
5:34 pm
path. even if that center starts to move onland, that's where the strongest winds are, hurricane warnings are up for much of the eastern half of florida as they brace for a major hurricane, to get at least very close, if not start to move on land. >> here's the host most updeteriorated tack of the hurricane. >> it's going to be a category 4 storm. there's friday afternoon. so an compare 24 hours. to take a look at what this does afterwards, it's going to stay pretty far south of the area now. so a lot of computer models are agreeing on this, for us locally, it's good news, it's not expected to impact your weather for the weekend. but for north carolina, they're finally getting out of the cone a little more.
5:35 pm
but the may have been thre-- ma threat is going to be on the coast of florida. nbc nightly news has crews in the caribbean and the southeast as they brace for hurricane matthew. see "nightly news" at 6:30 on nbc 10. governor chris christie threatened to destroy a local legislature that insulted him after hurricane sandy. that's one of the many claims the witness made today. nbc's brian thompson was there and has more on a today's trial developments from newark. >> reporter: a shocking moment from this courthouse as former staffer chris stark revealed how his entire office working under the defendant and working chief of staff bridget kelly, then talking about keeping republicans in line, he quoted a
5:36 pm
voicemail from monmouth county. quote, curley had left a kurt voicemail after sandy on my cell phone, that is what a fat f-word he is. then stark said he just kept screaming obscenities. stark said that the governor called me and said who are you to call me a fat f-word, if you're not f-word standing at the podium tomorrow, i will destroy you, you are an f-word idiot, i will have a robo call sent out telling people not to vote for you. as for former port authority bi bi bill baroni, he's reddy to take the stand. >> reporter: earlier star
5:37 pm
government witness david wildstein finished his marathon testimony, admitting he did not know for sure if governors christie and cuomo had actually proposeded a fake news release. he admitted his testimony yesterday denied by both governors was based on hearsay, in newark, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. imagine making up to this. their car windows smashed out overnight. 26 cars in all were vandalized along popular, and 26th streets. pack your bags, passengers at philadelphia international airport can now head to a new destination, we'll have the details coming up at 5:00. the eagles are focused on soaring through the rest ott season. we'll hear from the rejuvenated
5:38 pm
birds as they preparing for their next conflict.
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carson wentz is wearing pink cleats for breast canner awareness month. >> danny pomells joins us from csn. >> i can hear the excitement in you and denise's voice. i'm working only with label guys. he's preparing for the lions sporting those pink cleats. coming off the viaduct, pierson says in his mind, though, their season begins now, as for wentz, it's not difficult for him to regain focus after a week off. >> kind of renew our mind, get away from the game, see some friends and family.
5:41 pm
but towards the end of the weeks, i was champing it the comit to get back here. once we're here and back into football mode, it's easy to get down to business. >> he's poised, he's confident. champing at the bit, i like hearing that. and nbc 10 is your official eagles station, our exclusive pregame coverage begins sunday morning with eagles game day kickoff. you'll hear from wilmington native dale smallwood. then coming up, we're talking more about hurricane matthew, i'll show you the updated track on the storm, plus your weekend storm, and if matthew is impacting that, that's next. #
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. hundreds of people gathered in a south carolina church today to remember 6-year-old jacob. he died after a teenager opened fire on a school playground last wednesday. friends, family and well wishers dressed as superheroes to pay tribute to jacob. john buckland wore his batman outfit. #. >> let joy be restored this to playground again.
5:45 pm
>> jacob's casket was decorated with teenaged mutant ninja turtle costume. continue with our decision 2016 coverage with a live look at the sheet metal workers union hall in south philadelphia. that is where democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will speak in just matter of minutes. on the sere iother side, pence going to hold a rally in harrisberg. the indiana governor campaigned in virginia earlier today where the crowd applauded him for his debate performance last night. kaine told them trump's campaign message was the real winner. let's go back to our democratic punchout team. >> the vp's are on the today while the presidential candidates get ready for their next debate.
5:46 pm
jim, first question here is for you. trump didn't get the best reviews after that first debate. what does he need to do this time around? >> he needs to be more poised and stop the huffing and puffing. he's got to convey his message. there's plenty to talk about about hillary clinton, he can talk about benghazi and how that was bungled. he can talk about the e-mails. he can talk about hillary clinton should have been indicted. he can talk about how she's turning back on folks that are within her base. she made a deal with iran as part of the obama administration. there's so much material and he just didn't -- he wasn't able to get hold of it and convey that in the last debate and he needs to do it this time. >> what is is clinton's biggest challenge in this next debate. >> secretary clinton can't sit
5:47 pm
on her lead. she's ahead and the temptation is to play it safe and protect the ball. that's how teams lose games they should win. she has to bring the same game plan that she brought last time, she has to hammer trump's business failures, hammer donald trump's policy ignorance, hammer donald trump's excellent temperament, she has to get under his skin and let donald trump be trump. that is her goal, let trump be trump. >> and i think on the other side of that, hillary clinton doesn't show up anywhere except for these debates because that's the only thing she's good at. people just don't like her, and in these debates she comes off very effectively. and he has a chance to talk about the jewiissues that he wa to talk about and talk about her not being out there in the nice media, she's been avoiding it and she's been a no show for the last couple of weeks.
5:48 pm
. >> mark and jim, thank you for joining us for political punchout. >> sand you can join us for that debate this sunday at 9:00, on cozy tv. well, we're still talking about hurricane matthew, i'll show you that in a second. we're also talking about nice weather here locally. we're at 70 degrees locally, many of our south jersey neighborhoods in the mid 6 s right now. so some cool spots, washington township 65 degrees, 65 vorhees, lumberton, 65 degrees right now in princeton. we are going to be staying pretty comfortable with our temperatures over the next few days, but we'll also be watching hurricane matthew very closely. we do expect it to stay south of our area, but this is going to
5:49 pm
be a big problem for parts of the florida. here's the most updated information on hurricane matthew, it is a category 3 hurricane. that is a major hurricane, winds sustained at 130 miles in the sen temperature. it will be on the path towards nassau, as a major hurricane, moving into florida tomorrow night through friday morning, possibly as a category 4, hurricane warnings all up and down the eastern half of florida. then it nears the carolinas and that's when we expect it to curve out to sea. philadelphia way on the top of the match there. so most of north carolina is now out of the cone. we will death be watching florida over the next 24 to 48 hours with that major hurricane really getting ready to impact part of the state. we have some showers as we go through the weekend. it's not any part of hurricane matthew, but to start your weekend as part of a cold front.
5:50 pm
another beautiful day, temperatures warming up a bit. then we go into friday, friday's going to be a really nice day. sunshine and clouds, south jersey and delaware. more clouds into saturday, and there's the rain i mentioned for saturday morning and by the afternoon. that's part of a cold front, at the same time, matthew will be just down to our south, saturday at noon, already having moved near mr. there and now up towards parts of north carolina so we'll have to watch this thing to see if there's any change in the track. but as of now, it does appear to be nearing south -- that will act as kind of a blocking mechanism to help push matthew out to sea. but we'll keep you daupdated on that. we have a warming trend to mid 70s tomorrow, near 80 on friday, saturday around 70 with the rain and by sunday we're looking at temperatures in the mid 60s. we'll see a bit of a different
5:51 pm
forecastthrough your weekend. 6 neighborhood temperatures tomorrow, 76 fairmount, swanksville 75. 74 vorhees. if you're in -- then we're going to be cooler but also sunny as we go into sunday. we'll have a closer look at your weekend weather. >> lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in new york. good evening, lester. >> we're covering the scramble to get out of hurricane matthew's line of fire. sack sung feeling the heat after a smoking galaxy note phone triggers a plane evacuation. we'll see you here for nbc "nightly news" coming up at
5:52 pm
6:30. you can now fly to cool new destination right out of philadelphia international airport. >> emphasis on cool. ice land air will begin nonstop service from philadelphia to the capital of iceland in may. the flight also operate four days a week in the spring, summer and fall. the flight will take 5 1/2 hours. remember when you were back in school and you would ask four teacher if you could have class outside. >> one delaware school listened and created an outside classroom. see how it's helping teachers and students next at 5:00. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter shows us a teacher who was honored. >> i'm giving you some clues to the evidence. >> third grade science class is held indoors, but this year? >> this year the kids line up and head out, out beyond the recess yard and into the nearby woods. ms. hill teamed up with the pta
5:56 pm
to hold this outdoor classroom. >> we're not going to take anything with us or leave anything here. >> i think it's peanut seeds or something. >> they even meet animals that show up for class like this turtle. >> kids don't necessarily have to go on field trips outside the school. we have nature right here that we can use right here. >> they're also using the classroom for math and art classes. >> what is this one? >> this is also a way to calm the kids down. teachers say when the kids head back inside, they're more focused and talk about what they have learned and animals they have met. >> the group that we have this year is a lit fidgety. >> you have hans on dirty fingernail fun and, oh, yeah, learning. in newark, tim furlong, nbc 10
5:57 pm
news. all new at 6:00, a new jersey high school getting a makeover. how the school in camden is getting torn down and rebuilt. also hurricane matthew targeting florida and the governor there warning it could be catastrophic. nbc 10 is live in south florida as residents rush to prepare for the storm. i have the latest on the track that hurricane matthew is taking, why florida could get hit by the storm more than once. planned parenthood.
5:58 pm
i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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push for pennsylvania, any any money vice presidential nominee tim kaine. and hurricane matthew takes aim on florida as thousands prepare. tonight all eyes are on hurricane matthew has it inches closer to the sunshine state. good evening, i'm jim rosen field. our first alert satellite loop shows just how close to florida the category 3 storm is right now. that massive storm already left behind a trail of destruction in haiti and cuba. at least 25 people have been
6:00 pm
killed. now thousands in florida are rushi ining to get ready as mat inches closer. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal arrived in miami around lunchtime today. randy, some areas of florida, south carolina, georgia being evacuated. tell us what you have seen so far. >> reporter: well, we have got voluntary evacuations here in broward county, we landed in ft. lauderdale about a few hours ago, the feeling at the airport, most people just happy to get here before those flight cancellations begin and that airport will likely shut down. since then we have seen long lines at gas stations and grocery stores and i tell you what, nearly every business here along the coastline, we're in deerfield beach right now is putting up hurricane shutters getting ready for the storm that should arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon. >> it's the last minute scramble in south florida, lines at gas stations snaki


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