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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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hopefully you're not flying to florida any time soon. >> miami is in the upper left there. you can see where the hurricane is. it's 330 miles away, the max winds about 120 miles an hour. an update coming up at 11:00. "nightly news" is next. good night. employed edward snowden accused of taking off with a stash. fire danger, concerns about the replacement phones from samsung after another smoky scare on board a plane. tail of the tape. what donald trump's running made denied on the debate stage. versus what trump actually said. and the price you pay for prescription drugs, a big fight over some of the most popular medicines from everything from arthritis to cancer. customers could be forced to pay a lot more.
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news," with lester holt. good evening, we're tracking matthew. the massive hurricane on the verge of strengthening as it bears down on the bahamas on its way to a possible punishing landfall in central florida. the storm has already taken at least 25 lives on its march through the caribbean. this infrared satellite image of matthew is generated a lot of attention today. appearing to many as a skull to others as an animal. right now computer models show the hurricane walking a narrow tightrope as it reaches the florida coast friday morning, possibly as a category 4 storm. with palm beach among the places preparing for the worst. al roke certificate watching it all for us. what's the latest guidance? >> we see nothing that's going to lessen the storm right now. category 3, 205 miles south-southeast of nassau.
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125-mile-per-hour winds. as you said, by friday morning it's a category 4 between melbourne and miami. and continues its trek hugging the coast. savannah in the cone of uncertainty friday afternoon. as we move into saturday evening we've got it off the north carolina coast. monday, it starts to possibly get into a loop. we'll be talking about this into next week. here are the effects, possibly 135-mile-per-hour winds for the bahamas, 15 inches of rainfall. by the time we get into friday morning, orlando even sees heavy rain. 130-mile-per-hour winds off the coast. as we move into friday afternoon northern florida has up to seven inches of rain. saturday, we look for more heavy rain along the carolinas. 105-mile-per-hour winds. and we've got a stretch of ten inches of rain from melbourne, all the way to charleston, lester and it's not done yet. so we're going to be watching this into next week. >> all right. al, thanks. with the forecast so in flux, officials from florida to the carolinas are taking no chances. evacuations are under way while other residents are stocking up
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on supplies. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> tonight the ominous sign of what's to come out at sea. >> it's a little scary. >> while on land, this is the scramble to beat the storm. on freeways, ferries, and flights. entire communities heeding the call to leave. jason mayfield and family evacuating coastal florida today. >> our concern isn't so much the storm as it is going to be the after-effects of the storm, is there going to be power? is there going to be a house? >> 12 million could feel the wrath of hurricane matthew. florida could be facing its biggest evacuation ever. >> if matthew directly impacts florida, there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years. >> with florida, georgia and the carolinas in a state of emergency, swift water rescue teams are at the ready. the national guard activated to keep order. but there's been a run on supplies and patience.
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lines are long, groceries are gone, fuel on empty. >> no more gasser in around here this morning. in south carolina, where the governor asks more than a million people to move 100 miles inland, a massive caravan of school buses moving those without wheels this morning. a monster on the move, hurricane matthew could lash the east coast with 100-mile-per-hour winds. and a deadly seven-foot storm surge. the president watching the eye of the storm with fema. >> if you get an evacuation order, just remember you can always rebuild. you can always repair property. you cannot restore life. >> tonight this region is bracing and racing to escape. >> the westbound traffic is bumper to bumper. >> matthew is closing in, and time is running out. and coastal communities like this now mostly deserted, businesses and homes have been boarded up. evacuations could be next. meantime in southern florida,
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planes, trains and cruise ships have temporarily suspended service. while it's unclear the impact of matthew, what is clear, everyone is bracing for something big. left centre. >> miguel almaguer, thanks. we only need to look at what's already been suffered in the caribbean to understand how dangerous matthew is. in haiti, the death toll is rising sharply while a large part of the country remains cut off after a key bridge was washed away. nbc's gabe gutierrez is there. >> stranded, but determined. one by one, they fight a raging river. this woman almost swept away, rescued just in time. this bridge about two hours east of port-au-prince was a crucial lifeline. its collapse choking off access to the southwestern part of haiti. the end of the road is right here this is where the bridge washed away and now the rush is on to repair it. and get that side the help it so desperately needs. today new images of hurricane matthew's wrath after it slammed into the impoverished country.
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roads flooded, homes leveled. supply lines ravaged. the mayor says in his town alone 14 people were killed. haiti's official death toll expected to rise dramatically. >> we're very kerped people will be dying because they can't get to us. >> this man told us it was worse than the 2010 earthquake because nows had halftime is cut off. for him and so many others the road may have ended, but the path to recovery is just beginning, gabe gutierrez, nbc news, haiti. there is developing news tonight concerning the nation's top cyberspying agency. the national security agency, the nsa, has another embarrassing theft case on its hands. a contractor is accused of stealing top-secret documents while after the edward snowden case exposed security weaknesses there. we get late details from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> federal agents say when they searched this suburban baltimore, maryland house, they found a huge stash of highly
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classified documents, taken from the super-secret national security agency nearby. and today, prosecutors reveal they arrested the homeowne 51-year-old harold thomas martin iii, a contractor who worked for the nsa with a top-secret clearance. he's charged with stealing paper documents and downloading realms of classified material on to portable digital media. he worked to the same government contractor that employed edward snowden, who made off with millions of pages of classified material. snowden left the nsa in mid 2013. the fbi says it found documents in martin's house created in 2014. well after the nsa said it was working to prevent thefts like snoweden's. >> the nsa holds the crown jewels the cyber domain for the u.s. government. it's where cyber and national security meet if we can't secure that data, we're in trouble. investigators say they discovered the theft in mid august when a group called
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shadow brokers offered the u.s. government secrets in return for money. hacking into computerers used by hostile foreign governments. officials say they don't know how damaging the theft was, because they don't know what martin did with the material and whether any of it handed up in the hands of such cyberadversaries such as china, russia, or north korea. martin's lawyers say there's no evidence he betrayed his country, which they say he served honorably in the u.s. navy. a new scare involving samsung's galaxy note 7, which as we've been reporting is under recall after roughly 100 reports of smartphones catching fire. today, firefighters in louisville had to respond to a southwest airlines plane, after another galaxy note 7 caught fire. and the twist here is, the owner says this one was a replacement phone. he just gotten from samsung. the faa is investigating and we get details tonight from nbc's tom costello.
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>> it was 9:15 a.m. when the southwest pilot still at the gate called for help. >> we've got smoke in the cabin. can you send the emergency equipment over here? >> the photo shows the remains of a charred galaxy note 7 in the plane. passenger brine green said it started as he turned off the phone for the flight. >> i placed the phone in my pocket. within a few seconds i heard a pop similar to like a zip-loc bag popping open. i looked around to see what was going on and i had smoke billowing out of my clothes and pocket. >> green says his pocket was even signinged. he threw the phone on the floor. >> it smelled horrible and i smell like it even my daughter smells like it. >> the carpet was burned through, the flight canceled. roughly a million galaxy note 7s in the u.s. were recalled last month after a series of fires. but brian green says his phone was replace. galaxy note 7 he got two weeks ago after turning in his recalled phone. >> it had a green battery
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indicator which was supposed to say it was a replaced or known good phone. >> on the samsung website the serial number indicates the phone should be good. samsung says it's not confirmed that the phone was a new note 7, but is working with the fire department to recover the phone and determine the cause. >> we've seen from the incidents, the risk of fire, of smoke, of other damage is hire and we're concerned about it. i know the company is concerned about it. the faa is concerned about it. we want answers. >> tonight amid concerns that samsung's problems are growing, the faa is reminding passengers to keep the galaxy note 7 turned off. tom costello, nbc news, washington. the race for president now. plenty of finger-pointing, interrupting and sniping, but no real game-changing moment coming out of last night's debate. both clinton and trump praising mayor running mates' performance as they prepare for another showdown. nbc's halle jackson has details. >> tonight it's not just mike pence trying to take a victory lap. his running mate is, too.
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in true trump style. >> mike pence did an incredible job. and i'm getting a lot of credit. >> pence winning praise for seeming steady, keeping his cool, but in a surprising split with his running mate, sounding tougher than trump on policy toward russia and president vladimir putin. >> the small and bullying leader. >> trump's praised putin before and today still seemed open to a relationship. >> i don't love, i don't hate. we'll see how it works. >> pence sometimes insisting he and trump never said what they actually said. >> governor pence said inarguably, vladimir putin is a better leader than president barack obama. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> but this was his line last month. >> vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> pence seeming surprised, trump would be accused of insults. >> did you all just hear that? ours is an insult-driven
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campaign? >> yet trump has insulted others repeatedly. >> he's a basket case. he's not a war hero. >> tim kaine on attack, overstepping on trump's tax plans. >> you're going to raise taxes for the middle class? >> but the nonpartisan tax foundation said the middle clas would get a tax cut and while kaine got a thumb's down for interrupting. >> senator, that's nonsense. >> gentlemen, please. >> he got a thumb's up from hillary clinton congratulating him today. after distilling the democratic argument against pence into a single sentence. >> he is asking everybody to vote for somebody he cannot defend. >> vice presidential debate was both sides playing to the voters they already have. which campaign is going to be able to reach out and move voters to grow their appeal? sunday with the real candidates there, is going to be the high wire act to try to do that. >> and for that, a source close to the trump campaign tells nbc news chris christie is taking on an expanded role in prep.
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clinton not campaigning to get ready, but al gore will be on the trail for her soon. left centre. >> halle jackson, thank you. want to share with you the story of a very moving tribute to a young superhero fan in south carolina today. the family of a 6-year-old boy who died after a school shooting last week asked mourners to don superhero costumes for his funeral. over 1,000 people came from far and wide from gotham city from metropolis to say good-bye. nbc's rehema ellis has the story. ♪ >> today, 6-year-old jacob hall's small blue casket was surrounded by 1500 mourners, dressed like the superheroes jacob loved. one batman imagining what jacob would say. >> i want to coordinate the biggest hope-filled super hero bash this planet has ever seen. >> dressed as batman's sidekick robin, today jacob's mother rene said she asked people to celebrate him in costume. >> i knew they were going to be
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jacob's classmates. friends from all over the place. i didn't want them to be sad. >> jacob was a happy child, as he headed off to his first day of school just two months ago. >> i'm going to be in first grade. >> good job. and your teacher's name? >> good job. >> a 14-year-old has been charged with jacob's murder on the playground at his south carolina elementary school. he's also been charged with the murder of his own father, jeffrey osborne. >> today, the congregation was reminded that jacob looked for the good in everyone. >> i know what jacob would say to me. he'd say momma, forgive that boy, and love him like jesus loves him, 'cause jesus loves him. >> proof that jacob was a superhero at heart. rehema ellis, nbc news. >> and celebrated by heroes. still ahead tonight, sticker
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they're trying to force drug makers to stop dramatic price hikes, but it could cost you and millions others a bundle. nbc's joe lynn kent has details. >> dolphin despain is a force in the pool. blocking shots on his high school water polo team. out of the water, five times a day, the 16-year-old inject himself with critical doses of insulin to treat his type i diabetes. >> it's scary. that's my baby and this is something that he absolutely has to have to live. >> however starting next year, he must find different medications, because his prescription provider won't be covering them. >> right now i'm paying about almost $500 a month out of pocket. >> if your prescription is dropped and you would continue to use the same medication that your son is familiar with, how much would it be? >> $1200? a month? >> can you afford that? >> no. >> express scripts and cvs
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caremark are dropping some 215 drugs for common conditions like diabetes, cancer, asthma, insomnia and weight loss. the goal, to steer patients to lower-cost and safe alternatives so insurers can spend less on expensive medications. both express scripts and cvs say the patients can appeal the decisions and it's up to the employer to choose what insurance will cover. suzanne despain is worried that switching insulin brands could put her son's health at risk. >> you feel like you're kind of stuck. >> it's forcing a consumer to did their homework in a way they might not be accustomed. >> experts say ask your doctor or pharmacist whether or not a generic drug is available and check your insurance coverage now so you have time to switch plans, if necessary. >> the drugs and the cost and everything, it's just becoming prohibitive for people to live. >> in the battle over rising drug prices families caught in the middle. joe lynn kent, nbc news, san
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back now with growing dangers on america's roads. federal officials say traffic fatalities increased by 10.4% in the first half of the year. continuinging a spike that started in late 2014. the improving economy meaning more people than ever are driving on u.s. roads, the head of the national highway traffic safety administration called the sharp increase in traffic deaths an immediate crisis. the nation's largest shopping mall says enough is enough. this thanksgiving minnesota's mall of america will be closed for the first time since 2012. in recent years, many retailers have pushed up black friday sales to thanksgiving day. but this year mall of america says it's giving the day back to its employees, and their families. if you're still hoping to celebrate your birthday a century after your sweet 16, you got some bad news, research
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finally tonight, maybe it happened to you when you were a kid or maybe you're the parent of a child who struggles to find a place to sit in the school cafeteria. but one teen has found a way to make sure no student has to eat alone again. our joe friar explains. >> where you sit in the cafeteria is crucial. >> it might be a movie. but "mean girls" captures the real-life struggles of the school lunch room. something natalie hampton knows far too well. >> i sat alone pretty much every single day. it was an awful feeling that might me feel like an outcast. >> natalie fell into a deep depression, eventually switching schools, her parents felt powerless. >> you can control things maybe in your own lives and in your own house, maybe. but you can't control what peers do to peers. >> you can see all the lunches.
6:58 pm
>> now natalie's turning the cafeteria tables. she created an app called sit with us. >> it's kind of like e-vite, but it's lunch. >> students can use the app to schedule lunch at a table where they know they'll be welcomed. >> have any of you guys ever felt lonely sitting at lunch before? >> yes, definitely. >> these are a few of the teens who are hosting these lunches. >> i notice people when they sit down at the table. there's some sort of sigh of relief. >> it's part of a growing nationwide movement with programs like no one eats alone day. >> bull aying and isolation aret an all-time high. >> bullying drops by 30% when peers get involved in such campaigns. you can measure the impact with this viral photo it shows a college football player visiting a middle school and sitting with an autistic boy who was sitting alone. >> natalie hopes her app is one way to make sure the lunch table is just as welcoming as the
6:59 pm
family dinner table. joe friar, nbc news, laung. that will do it for us on this wednesday night. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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>> her total disappearing act. is kim ditching public life after her night of terror in paris? now on "extra." kim kardashian in hiding, scared into seclusion. the new report she's rethinking the life that made her famous. kanye reemerging today. why kim's body guard is drowning in debt and filing for bankruptcy. and the new clue just discovered in paris that can help catch the thieves. plus -- >> what hillary clinton just told me about kim's big scare. i've got a preview of all new interview. angelina and the kids in therapy. how they're coping with the traumati


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