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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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2,500 members of the national guard have been called in. the latest numbers from the caribbean shows matthew killed at least 180 people in haiti. randy is live in south florida where people are already feeling the impact of the storm and we are monitoring the worst of the damage in the caribbean and our team of meteorologists has the latest track of the storm. >> the storm is moving away from the bahammas. nbc 10 sheena parveen has more on where matthew is going. >> the center of matthew as a category 4 hurricane is over the bahammas. conditions in florida quickly deteriorating. there is the eye of the storm as the category 4 over the bahamas. matthew's stats coming in around 140 miles an hour sustained w d
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wind. you see perfect circulation over the bahammas, now about 100 miles away from the coast of florida, the east coast of florida. there you see the heaviest rain. the heavy rain bands extending now as far as the west coast of florida. some of them are heading towards the tampa area. almost the entire state of florida is feeling the effects of hurricane matthew. look at the buoy data. wave heights are around eight feet closer to the orlando area and near the beaches. wave height about seven feet with wind gusts 35 miles an hour. there you see the center about 100 miles away from land and the heavy rain bands moving in with a hurricane warning for much of
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the eastern half of florida. the winds are quickly increasing. west palm beach 35 mile an hour wind gusts. melbourne at 32. we can expect the winds to be increasing as we watch matthew get closer to florida over the next few hours. >> sheena, unfortunately the track is going right the way it looked over the last couple of days which is just a terrible solution for florida because of the way that the state is oriented. you can see that the center of the storm right now on the satellite picture, it is a huge storm. this is fairly similar to andrew except it is more than twice the size of it. andrew hit the miami area in
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1992. there hasn't been a storm since then of that strength. by tonight we are talking about 145 mile an hour storm. by tomorrow morning right near cape canaveral. by friday evening close to jacksonville, florida at 130 miles an hour. still a category 4. close to the coast of south carolina as a category 2, 110 miles an hour and makes the right turn that we have been talking about for days as the cold front approaches and it is doing a loop. but at least it is weakening as that is happening. the track right along the coast. high agreement with that. high agreement with the track near the southeast coast and the
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right turn and look at all of the solutions making the southern track and even crossing florida and going into the gulf coast. an unusual forecast track but these things have happened before. all the way around and perhaps hitting florida for a second time. we will be back and talk more about the rest of what matthew is going to do and our weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> in the meantime let's take you to some of the places that have been affected. >> all day we have been watching the radars. the wind and it is heavy rain are picking up. for a better look at the conditions there now to randy gyllenhaal. randy. >> we can tell you that the conditions have been deteriorating over the last couple of hours. right now the wind gusts are
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starting to pick up. we have had a couple of rain bands make their way through and here in stewart, florida, i can tell you the barrier islands, the barrier islands have been evacuated. a mandatory evacuation. the bridge was shut down. hurricane matthew just a few hours from our location. the first heavy bands of rain alive in stewart, florida, hurricane matthew set to pound the coast line with 100 mile per hour winds and flooding. the bridges are shut down, residents forced to evacuate. >> the apartment complex i live in, i don't trust the sturdiness. >> i was not too concerned until i learned the entire town was evacuated. kind of worried. hopefully just hoping for the best.
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>> water and food and generator. yeah. we got all that stuff. >> emergency officials warn if you get in trouble police and firefighters might not be able to reach you once winds get above 50 miles per hour. >> i have an area in my home that would be the safest place. >> hours earlier, the last minute rush most gas stations running completely dry. >> wind, maybe lose power. i couldn't find gas. >> the time for preparation is over. hurricane matthew set to strike in the next few hours with devastating wind, heavy rain and the threat of historic damage. back here live, you can see the boats here in the harbor, the intercoastal water way, we have a concern of storm surge and coastal flooding. once it makes its way along the
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coast line tell push its way into downtown stewart and we might see historic coastal flooding because of that and another concern are the winds which continue to pick up right now. we will have more for you throughout the newscast. now we are live in stewart, florida. >> we will check back with you. thanks for that, randy. this afternoon we are getting a clearer picture of the destruction that matthew already caused in the caribbean. >> this is in from hard-hit haiti. we want to run through the images that we are getting in from the news room. we go live now to the breaking news center. >> images coming in by the minute. today it was the bahammas taking a beating by matthew. in the latest video you can see the wind blowing trees sideways. hurricane matthew expected to drop as much as 15 inches of rain on the bahammas. the storm surge, swells up to 15 feet are forecast.
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now look at what matthew left behind in cuba. thousands of people are without power. despite the destruction nobody was killed. the government credits the evacuation of 400,000 people in vulnerable areas. in haiti, a different story. our first aerial video is coming in and you can see home after home ripped apart. at least 108 people have been killed in haiti aftermathue moved through on tuesday. but it will be a while before we know the true scale of the disaster because so many roads are still impassable. much of haiti still recovering from the devastating earthquake that struck six years ago. we will monitor the feeds and bring you any new video as soon as we get it. we are live now in the breaking news center. >> okay, erin. people looking to get from philadelphia to florida, they are going to have to wait.
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matthew's effects are clear on the arrival and departure board. all cancelled. several flights from florida are still arriving in philadelphia. nbc 10's drew smith is on his way to the airport to catch up with passengers on the flights. >> nbc 10 news at 4:30, local efforts on the way to help the people of florida. and live over breaking news on the pennsylvania turnpike. the westbound lanes are closed because of a crash from earlier. a motorcycle hit a parked state police cruiser around 10:00 a.m. the trooper was out of the cruiser and was not hurt but the two people on the motorcycle were injured and early others were involved in the crash and the westbound lanes of the turnpike are expected to remain
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closed for several hours. all traffic in the meantime is being detoured at valley forge. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a train on the move after a deadly crash. new jersey transit is expected to pull the commuter train wreckage from the stagtion toda but a new safety rule in the wake of that crash. >> this rule will provide a second set of eyes as trains pull in to the station, right? >> a second set of eyes, ears and the conductor will now be checking on the engineer similar to the terminal up north, the train station in atlantic city is the end of the line where the eastbound tracks end and passengers here are feeling a sigh of relief.
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>> one week since the horror of a train crashing on to the platform that injured 100 and killed a young mother, a reality and devastation nobody wants to happen again. as to the how and why, new jersey transit put a new policy in to place the conductor must oversee the train's engineer at the controls as the train pulls in to hoboken station and atlantic city. >> we didn't want to even tell the kids what happened up there. >> vicky springfield got hereticets for a trip to new york city. >> the trains go back and forth every time. i feel safe. i think it is a great idea. >> they are finding some relief in the new safety initiative as
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the trains approach the platform. >> the conductor, second eye and second look and opinion. >> since his companion, his 1-year-old daughter, comes for the ride to day care. >> especially for my little girl, you know. i would die for her. >> i talked to new jersey transit by phone and they explained the conductor will join the engineer before the second to last stop and here in atlantic city. no word if the conductors will need any additional training. >> to decision 2016, the push for pennsylvania has both vice presidential candidates in the keystone state. >> tim kaine discussed his campaign education platform with students and educators and then off to pittsburgh for a speech.
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donald trump's running mate was in gettysburg, mike pence spoke there before head to john's town. the stops come two days after they squared off in the campaign's only vice presidential debate. rath >> the stage is being set in st. louis for the second of three debates between hillary clinton and donald trump. the last held october 19th in las vegas. you can catch it at 9:00 on cozi tv. >> good news for drivers in the area. kelly drive is back open after a deadly accident that closed the road. skyforce 10 was on hand after a car hit and killed a man right under the overpass and the driver did stop say police.
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>> take a look at the horse we show you think rescued yesterday. looking pretty good right there. we caught up with the clydesdale at an animal hospital yesterday. the hospital staff says that he is recovering nicely after his ordeal on wednesday. cameras were there after crews lifted him to safety. it was quite a sight. he ended up submerged in a muddy swamp. rescuers were able to hoist him out of there. >> bill cosby's lawyers filed a new motion to get the sexual assault charges against him thrown out. the attorneys say cosby can't defend himself against the accusation from a decade ago because key witnesses have died and evidence has been lost. cosby is set for trial in june on charges that he drugged and molested a former temple university employee in 2004.
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cosby said the encounter was consensual. a man saying he woke up in the middle of the night saying he found two armed intruders standing over him. >> tied him up with zip ties and dragged him into the bathroom and asked where is it at and threatened to kill him. >> i was able to break free and both of the intruders went to the basement and i made my move out the front door. >> he wasn't hurt and neither was his father. he is not sure what the intruders were looking for or took from the home and so far no arrests. >> if you drive roosevelt boulevard, part of it will be shut down for construction work. the two right lanes will be
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closed between fox street and bridge avenue tonight and tomorrow from 8:00 until 5:00 the next morning as crews repair concrete in the area. >> the largest women's conference in the state. a lineup of speakers including abby wambach led sessions with career advancement and health and wellness and a chance for opportunities to take what they learned and apply it to the curriculum. >> anita hill spoke and mindi kaling. >> now back to hurricane matthew. florida is bracing for the storm. right now it is moving away from the bahamas. here is a live look showing
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conditions there. >> this is a very large storm. it is taking a track that is going to affect a tremendous amount of the state of florida. you can see the eye. just over the last couple of hours looks like a more northerly track than the northwest track. that would be helpful if it stayed farther offshore if the trend continues. you can see the rain bands pouring in to the state even though we are far away from the center. now this outer band here, that is probably where the hurricane force winds start. we are not quite there at the florida east coast yet. this is a big storm. 114 miles to west palm beach. just goes to show you how big
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this thing is. the yellow area. tropical storm force winds almost on to the shore at west palm beach. 140 mile an hour hurricane moving northwest at 14. the pressure dropped dramatically overnight. it was increasing by the hour. here we go as we go into the morning. the track just offshore at least for the eye. if it goes to the west and comes on shore near cape canaveral that would cause more damage. tremendous storm surge here. then up next to jacksonville, does a curve near georgia and south carolina coast. places that hardly ever get hit. then it does the loop and it weakens to a tropical storm and also could go back and hit florida again.
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and a lot of rain. this is close to ten years of rain up near cape canaveral. that is not as much as what will fall in parts of south and north carolina. that is well over 10 to 15 inches of rain on top of the wind and on top of the storm surge. it really will get ugly. we have beautiful weather here. 75 degrees with sunshine. 74. look how blue the sky is. we do have showers back to the west. this is the front that is coming in that will save us from matthew and push the storm out to sea. as we go through friday we are dry and then saturday. not tomorrow. not on sunday. expect for left over showers in the jersey shore.
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high of 74 as it shifts into the northwest. >> a major hurricane. >> that is why the best experts are on the way to florida right now. still ahead how local emergency crews are packing up and shipping out to help the south when they need it most. >> a recent drexel grad tried to sell his textbooks to a website that buys them back but he never got any money. find out what happened when the nbc 10 responds team stepped in. >> no time to tie your shoes, how you can go back to the future with a new pair of nikes. >> first the closing bell on wall street. dow jones and nasdaq finished down and s&p up slightly.
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we have breaking news in from investigators looking into the deadly new jersey transit crash. they confirmed the train was going twice the speed limit at the time of the crash. they estimated that but the conformation comes from recorders on the train. the train's engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before the crash. last thursday a woman was killed on the platform when the train barrelled right into the station. nike is going back to the future. >> fans of those shoes are getting a chance to win a pair. nike is raffling some of those
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shoes in an online lottery. they have embedded white laces that cinch at the press of the button. all proceeds going to the michael j. fox foundation. winners will be notified on october 17th. the first alert weather team is monitoring hurricane matthew as it moves closer to the southeast. >> it is a monster. conditions are getting worse by the hour. glenn. >> the storm gained strength today. >> matthew is getting stronger. more from our area are headed south to help the people get through it. volunteers start to roll out.
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as hurricane matthew inches closer to the u.s., we want to make sure you are up to speed on what we know. the white house is urging anyone in any of the affected areas to follow evacuation orders. 2 million people in florida, georgia and south carolina are being told to evacuate. disney is closing the theme park ahead of the hurricane and the city has run out of sand bags. >> that is barrier island east of fort lauderdale.
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nbc 10 is your station for first alert coverage. >> this storm could be the biggest that parts of florida have ever seen. let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> this is a much larger storm than hurricane andrew. this one is go to affect the area north of miami. not only can you see the eye clearly and the eye wall but there is an outer eye wall now. instead of just a 20 mile area, it could be 60 miles. you can see the outer wall getting closer and closer to the
4:31 pm
florida east coast. if it continues to go northwest it is 120 miles away from the florida coast. 140 mile per hour max winds moving northwest at 14. tomorrow morning right near cape canaveral and then right near jacksonville, florida by tomorrow morning. saturday morning and then it starts to make the curve to the right. this is about 500 miles south of our area. and then it will go farther away as it will go to the south and then southwest and weaken and has a chance of coming all the
4:32 pm
way around and hitting florida again. we will have more on the impacts of this storm in a few minutes. >> a lot of people know what it is like to deal with a massive hurricane firsthand. >> as the storm gets getting worse down south, the first team of volunteers leaving today. >> we go in. usually what we are assigned to right now is feeding, running food back and forth. >> they don't know how long they will be gone. they will load up the truck with
4:33 pm
food and water and feed people who are not able to get back in their homes. they are monitoring the storm and taking calls from those in the area that matthew will hit. >> i have family that live in florida. >> wawa is focused on making sure gas stations in florida still have fuel as hurricane matthew forces a run on gas. a company spokesman said earlier today it does have a crisis planning team going to great lengths to get fuel to the
4:34 pm
stores throughout the sunshine states. hillary clinton wrote that hurricane matthew is a major storm i urge everyone to follow emergency instructions and evacuate. donald trump tweeted i am praying for everyone in florida and please be careful. and count on nbc 10 for complete team coverage of matthew as it inches closer to the u.s. more live coverage from south florida ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00. here is a question for you. what would you do if an atm dished out hundreds in cold hard cash but it wasn't yours? >> ayode mother had to face tha situation and we will tell you what she did. and weeks to go until the official start of the holiday shop pentagon season.
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i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> this is nbc 10 news. >> good health news for women that work the night shift. overnight schedule does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer. past research found that irregular sleep patterns increased the risk but it does not. >> kohl's is rolling out a mobile payment app. it does not let customers add their own credit and debit
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cards. you have to sign up for one of the charge cards. all eyes are on south florida as hurricane matthew inches closer and closer to the coast. >> here is a live look from lauderdale by the sea in florida. conditions are getting worse. glenn. >> they upped the forecast for the destructive storm surge this afternoon. that is where the deaths occur. the winds have increased over 140 miles an hour and the storm can pack a 1-2 punch for south florida, i will have the latest track as it gets closer to the coast next
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this is nbc 10 news. >> marijuana 101, a class that has never been offered at an east coast university until now. >> temple university will be the
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first to offer a course about marijuana in the media. the course will look at what cannabis is and is not and will include laws, policies and regulations and students will learn more about medical marijuana and medical studies dating back to the 1800s and there will be a lesson on how books, magazines, movies portray the drug. the course begins next spring. >> police getting new gear in lumberton, the latest police force to have body cameras on every officer. officials said everyone inside the department welcomes the cameras. ayodele wear county woman is praised for her honesty. she said she went to use a wells fargo atm to get out $60. she found $380 waiting for her at the machine. $380. the 35-year-old single mother called the bank to tell them and
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returned the bank the next day. the bank is grateful edwards decided to give the money back. guess she didn't get to keep any. >> she got a shout on the news. local students are helping to make sure a recent white house addition does not get plowed over by the next first family. michelle obama harvests the garden for a final time. in the end up to the next first family to decide if they want to keep it or go in a different direction. >> all right. back to the weather and the threat from hurricane matthew bearing down on florida or getting ready to. a live look from juno beach, florida. you see the wind blowing, the gray skies as the rain is advancing. that is an area in palm beach county under a mandatory evacuation. glenn. >> one of my many homes in the
4:45 pm
past was two miles from that picture you showed. that is one of the most beautiful places in the country i would say. you are going to get hit hard. the eye went just to the west of nassau. you can see it clearer on the radar. this has what is known as a double eye wall structure. it has got a second eye wall on the outside. sometimes hurricanes undergo changes in the structure. we are not just looking at the track of this. we are looking at the overall track. potential hurricane force winds.
4:46 pm
hurricane andrew, only 20 miles worth of hurricane force winds. just gives you an idea of the area that is covered with it. over 100 miles away from the eye of the storm. 37 miles an hour offshore. over 60 mile per hour in the purple. this is going to go from near fort lauderdale. jacksonville. to savannah. to charleston. we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of miles of coast line getting hurricane force winds. almost unprecedented i would say. the wind topping off at 140.
4:47 pm
moving northwest at 14. we will see if that changes at 5:00. the latest track takes it close to cape canaveral, category 4, 140 plus. skishting the georgia and south carolina coast. the last direct hit in florida was 1893. you can see the track of the storm. almost doing a whole circle. it is kind of strange. 75 degrees right now in philadelphia. beautiful day. we do have a front approaching and showers that will be moving in. not during the day tomorrow but in to saturday and it will lift
4:48 pm
up some of that moisture. saturday is a day with mostly cloudy skies and a few showers. sunday is dry but for the jersey shore and southern delaware with left over rain and then we really get nice weather. here are the showers on saturday. clouds early sunday. then we start to dry out. then it will start to warm up. we don't have any rain in the forecast until next saturday. we can have an entire week without rain. a whole series of bad news for the east coast of florida. hundreds and hundreds of miles affected. >> that double eye wall.
4:49 pm
how does that make this storm unique? >> it might weaken the storm but it expands the wind feel. the eye, if it is 20 miles in diameter, the strongest winds are just on top of that. but a secondary eye wall the winds can expand. andrew was a category 5 when it hit. it miami there was not that much damage. it was such a tiny storm. by going straight up the coast it is covering the entire state. if you have ever driven from jacksonville to miami it takes
4:50 pm
forever. it is a big state. >> a recent drexel grad tried to sell his textbooks to a website that buys them back. >> but he never got any money. find out what happened when the nbc 10 responds team stepped in to get answers. >> closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by the ford f-150.
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if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. in today's nbc 10 responds, a recent grad sold his textbooks to make extra cash. refer after no money for the books he contacted nbc 10 responds. tell us what happened. >> guy trying to make an honest buck. i have to tell you that the drexel grad wanted to unload his old books.
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he thought he found a good deal until the check did not show up. >> james now works as an engineer. in school he used a site called chegg to buy textbooks and they buy back old textbooks. >> trying to save, still living with my parents. >> he decides to sell his old books back to make extra cash. camera mailed the books in august. he was supposed to receive his money in five business days but after several weeks nothing. >> never got anything or heard. >> cameron contacted a manager and said they would have to issue cameron a new check and would have to wait five more weeks. that did not sit well. >> that are is when i contacted nbc 10.
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>> we reached out and they got back to us with an update the next day saying a hiccup in the process impacted customers. they issued him a check the same day. >> i got an e-mail saying they were go to overnight the check. it was pretty amazing. >> we got word and they thank nbc 10 responds for bringing the issue to their attention. >> amazing how you cured that hiccup. if you have a complaint, reach out to us. the best ways are there on your
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screen. we will respond to you. >> that is nbc 10 news at 4:00. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> new information coming in on cur cain matthew. our team is tracking the latest. >> that is right. it is quickly affecting parts of florida. we will take a closer look at hurricane matthew. you are not go to want to miss it. that's next. we will have a live update next.
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getting stronger, tonight hurricane matthew has grown to a category 4 and it is leaving a path of destruction behind. >> battered in the bahammas, the caribbean has been hit hard and now florida's governor is warning people not to mess with the storm. >> this will kill you. >> a dire warning as people across the coast are bracing for hurricane matthew. >> on 5:00, doing damage. hurricane matthew has been battering the bahammas all day long and now has its sights on florida. >> let's see how the storm is showing up on the radar. >> tonight it is still getting
5:00 pm
stronger. we have live team coverage. our team has received new information on the storm and where it is going next. >> randy is headed south now to the florida coast to show you how they are bracing for the storm. about 2 million people in florida, georgia and south carolina are being urged to evacuate. let's go down to sheena parveen to get the new information on hurricane matthew. >> the center of matthew as a category 4 hurricane is about to move in to freeport from the bahammas. a nice satellite look at the storm. there you see the eye of it and it is still a category 4. winds 140 miles an hour.


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