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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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stronger. we have live team coverage. our team has received new information on the storm and where it is going next. >> randy is headed south now to the florida coast to show you how they are bracing for the storm. about 2 million people in florida, georgia and south carolina are being urged to evacuate. let's go down to sheena parveen to get the new information on hurricane matthew. >> the center of matthew as a category 4 hurricane is about to move in to freeport from the bahammas. a nice satellite look at the storm. there you see the eye of it and it is still a category 4. winds 140 miles an hour. it is quickly deteriorating
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conditions in florida all the way to the east or the west coast of florida, the tampa area seeing the rains and moving through. here is a better look at the storms swirling. there is freeport here. you see the center of it there. rain bands across the state of florida across to the gulf coast states. you see how large it is and how much of florida it is now impacting. look at what the buoys are reporting. 8 foot waves on the coast of florida. the east coast of florida. about 6-8 feet. wind gusts slightly offshore about 35 miles an hour. we are go to watch the storm continue to move to the north and the northwest. the center is about 100 miles from the coast of florida. those are all of the hurricane warnings that are up because
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hurricane conditions are expected. the wind gusts have been increasing. fort lauderdale and miami. 30 mile gust. the wind gusts go in to gainesville gusting in near 30 miles an hour. these areas up to jacksonville could be getting the worst of it and even further south. we will have to watch to see where the center of the hurricane goes. glenn. >> one of the things i have been looking at is the ocean temperature. the ocean is not cool. 80 degrees or above from jacksonville to miami. that is adding to the fuel. here is the futurecast by 8:00.
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there is the eye near freeport. you can see the rain bands. the computer models can get in to such detail now. by midnight here is the wall. there is west palm beach. there is the eye. about 2:30 in the morning, the eye comes right across. you are likely to get the strongest surge near melbourne, florida. the water coming in piling up and anybody on any beaches up in this area may not survive it. and here we go. it is 7:00 a.m. it is going to be a rough night.
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winds still moving to the northwest. we will see which one here ends up being right. the more inland the stronger the winds and the heavier the rain and the greater the damage. >> randy has made his way to show us how people along the coast are bracing for hurricane matthew. >> officials are warning people they might not be able to respond to 911 calls. a lot of people are getting
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their preparations in order. and the storm surge can make its way on to land. the time for prep vagz over as people evacuate the barrier islands. >> this will kill you. >> the message is loud and clear. >> evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. >> drivers need to check out the traffic in orlando. a history making hurricane made history at disney for the third time ever the theme park is shut down until at least saturday. and driving is the only way out of town. most flights cancelled, even to philadelphia. if people have not left yet it is too late to catch a flight.
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some in florida say they are not go to go. >> i am a thrill seeker. i just came out to see what is going on. >> back here live you can see the barrier islands boarded up. a mandatory evacuation. we are starting to see the winds picking up. an hour ago we had big gusts and heavy rainfall. we are live in stewart, florida. >> hurricane matthew battered the bahammas with sustained winds of 125 to 130 miles per hour. they brought down trees and power lines and some are trapped
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inside their homes. residents there are trying to salvage what is left of their houses. 108 deaths in the region are being blamed on the storm. we have much more coverage ahead including updates on the damage in the caribbean and followed local first responders. >> a developing story here at home. a trying day for drivers here at the turnpike and this is the reason why. the westbound lanes are still closed because of this multivehicle crash from earlier in the morning. a motorcycle hit a parked police cruiser around 10:00 a.m. the trooper was not hurt. but the the two people on the motorcycle were injured. several others were involved in
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this. not sure when the westbound lanes of the turnpike will reopen. look at the long line of cars there. all traffic is being detoured. >> new details on the deadly train crash in hoboken. it was going 21 miles an hour when it slammed in to the station, twice the speed limit in that area and the engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before the crash. the information comes from the train's data recorder. it happened a week ago today. >> now they are making changes in hoboken and in atlantic city. >> passengers tell me they are being mindful and alert while on the platform after last week's crash. they are grateful that new
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jersey transit higher-ups are making changes to ensure train safety. >> you can't fear life. >> but she admits that images of the train crash crept into her minds in the weeks since it sped in to are the station at twice the speed limit killing one and injuring 100. >> we rely on the transportation. >> we always think we are safe and we're not. >> to ensure safety, new jersey transit instituted a new policy effective right away. the train's conductor will have to join the engineer to slow the train down to a complete stop in hoboken and atlantic city. >> like there is such a calm feeling. safety feeling. >> sigh of relief. >> bingo. >> she is as she felt it.
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>> i actually could. not an abrupt slowing down. gradual. >> al torres often rides with precious cargo. >> my safety means a lot to me and especially for my little girl. err >> they hope it will reduce human error. >> lay them down. take over. >> the way the platform sits besides the track here is a different layout. a newer design. >> american red cross is helping families who are out of their homes because of this explosion in trenton yesterday that led to a house collapse and a dramatic rescue. witnesses smelled natural gas
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and heard a big, loud boom on wayne avenue. neighbors had to use a brick to smash the windows of the house. the gas company and fire investigators are trying to figure out what led to the blast. >> the department of justice and wilmington police are using an old tool to fight crime in the city. the law allows property owners to take responsibility for crimes committed at their homes. homes nobody lives in, abandoned or are in transition. criminals take them over and use them to deal drugs or sell illegal guns. >> it has to be a multifaceted approach. we did not get to where we are overnight but by working together and by working hard and thoughtfully. we are go to make the neighborhoods safer. >> criminals have been banned or evicted from 38 properties.
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in some cases the homeowners were forced to sell their properties. right now nbc 10 continues to follow hurricane matthew. this is a live look now at the waves crashing against the shore in west palm beach, florida. the outer bands of the storm reached into the state. we will catch up with passengers that got out just in time. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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katie v/she stays late.rd. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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the vice presidential candidates are proving pennsylvania is a key state in the election. tim kaine began the day with a stop in north philly. the discussion he discussed clinton's campaign and education platform and educators there headed west from there to the city of pittsburgh. donald trump's running mate was in getsyburg. mike pence spoke there. now pence is headed west for a speech. >> with all of the crisscrossing of the keystone state, pennsylvania is a battle ground
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state and women could be the swing vote. brandon hudson shows us why women could be key to winning pennsylvania. >> nbc news poll says that in 2012 53% of women came out to the polls to vote. we came out now to talk the power of the women's vote. >> how many discussions have you had about the upcoming election? >> daily. daily. i can't even count. >> any here? >> yes. yes. that is the topic. >> she told us hillary clinton's historic run for president was on the minds of many at the pennsylvania conference for women today. >> it is important. >> most women support the
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nominee with 52%, a higher number than the majority of men that supports donald trump. >> i have children, their future is in the hands of the next president. >> i see married women are way up there now. >> she still leads trump. this presidential election sparked interesting conversations at the family dinner table. >> i have a lot of family members. it is the same conversation. >> all but one we spoke to have already registered to vote. >> back now to our coverage of hurricane matthew. i want you to look at this. look at the size of the storm.
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the size of the storm is about the size of texas. many airports have shut down. drew smith is live now at philadelphia international. >> a lot of people had a stressful time coming out of there today. i want to show you on the arrival board. one orlando flight is coming in just about right now and it is at the gate and just changed over. the one later is cancelled and the airport would be shutting down. we saw people arriving in the past hour out of orlando national. many nurses on board as part of
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a conference which was cut short. they are going to have to ride out the storm in central florida. >> it was scary wanting to get them to our families and then a fear of are we going to get back in time. >> the people down there were edgy like my goodness, this is coming. yeah. it was an experience to watch a huge hotel like that. you can expect it to impact travel all the way through the weekend. jacksonville. me myrtle beach. all of those airports will be
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impacted by this. >> this weekend and most likely in to next week. now we check in with sheena parveen with the latest on the track. >> yeah. still a category 4 hurricane. the center of it is moving near freeport in the bahammas. you can see the rain bands really swinging now in to the state of florida. this is the eye of the hurricane. there is freeport. the rain bands have even crossed over through the tampa area. and florida can expect more rain and wind as the hurricane
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expects to move closer. now the rain from this stretches far north as far as norfolk in the coast there. the latest on matthew, continues to be a strong category 4. then it will take a quick turn out to sea. here is a better look at hurricane matthew. 140 mile an hour sustained winds. freeport. now with the northwest motion you can see the east coast of florida. overnight and in the morning, maybe as a category 4. orlando go to feel the effects
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of this. jacksonville and savannah and then you see charleston, south carolina as it starts to turn out to sea. and take a look at what else it could possibly do. weaken to a tropical storm and come back to hit the bahammas again and possibly even florida. we will be watching that later on. but we don't expect it here. locally we are nice and dry and we are going to stay that way. your friday looks good. plenty of sun. we go in to saturday. look what happens saturday afternoon. by sunday temperatures start to cool down a bit.
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there is the rain from hurricane matthew. the rain will be acting as a blocking mechanism. 78 degrees tomorrow. dry. we will see plenty of sunshine. the shore and in delaware with temperatures in the middle 70s. another look at matthew and a look at the forecast. >> the last time you were in market for lunch did you have a tough time deciding what to get? >> now they are making it more difficult. and take a look at this. we showed you the rescue after he was stuck in the mud for hours.
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crews lifted them to safety after he ended up completely submerged in a muddy swamp. rescuers were able to hoist him out of his predicament. >> that image, pretty incredible. >> perfect. gourmet specialty mushrooms and fresh corn dogs. >> what do they have to do with each other? i like both. you can find them on the menu in philadelphia. more than 35 varieties of mushrooms. this is a broth with sauted golden mushrooms. french fries with gravy and cheese kurds and dressed up baked potatoes. >> next at 5:00 we watch the latest movements of hurricane
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matthew. let's take a live look at juno beach. look at the palm trees blowing in the wind. winds gusting 140 miles per hour. parts of florida bracing for a catastrophic impact from the storm. we will get the latest update and see how groups are headed down even farther south to help.
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right now we are tracking hurricane matthew. take a look at your screen. the storm battered the bahammas and it is getting stronger as it moves towards florida. 1 1/2 million floridians have been ordered to evacuate. 3,500 members of the national guard have been activated. 250,000 have evacuated from charleston and other areas in coastal south carolina. if matthew makes landfall it would be the first major hurricane of category 3 or higher since wilma in 2005. >> let's get the latest on the storm from sheena parveen. sheena. >> yeah. the center of the storm right now is a strong category 4. it is approaching freeport in the bahammas as of the last update at 5:00. 25 miles away. even closer now.
5:32 pm
freeport already feeling hurricane force winds. these are winds over 74 miles an hour. very deadly and damaging winds as well as all of the rain. that is a very strong hurricane continuing to the northwest. as we go through early in the morning it is expected to be approaching florida. right now it is already impacting the entire state of florida. the center of it will be the closest and that is where it can be a are category 4 by 2:00 and then over the orlando area in the late morning hours and in to the afternoon daytona beach as category 3 and if the center stays out in the water it will maintain its strength and be very bad for the state of florida and continue to see heavy rain, dangerous and damaging winds and the storm is expected to continue up the georgia coast line near savannah. turns out to sea.
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still seeing that very clearly. possibly wrapping it back around and out in the bahammas again. it would still be in the vicinity of the bahamas. there is the center of it. freeport there. the center is moving in to freeport. rain bands have moved across the state and in to the gulf of mex. the only spot not affected was the panhandle. waves up to about nine feet. we are seeing conditions rapidly deteriorating. wind gusts offshore about 35 miles per hour. if we measure the distance to the coast line we are looking at
5:34 pm
95 miles from the coast where we have the center of the storm. hurricane force winds for parts of florida. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 30 for fort lauderdale and miami. around 37 for coco beach. we will have your weekend weather coming up. >> sheena mentioned that hurricane matthew has been battering the bahammas with winds up to 125 miles an hour. more now from nassau. >> matthew has been pounding the island for at least eight hours because we are talking winds 130 miles an hour, extremely dangerous whipping and right when we think they are go to let up they keep blowing. here is an idea of the damage. you can see cars right in front of us in our hotel covered with
5:35 pm
trees. trees toppled over on top. back over behind that air conditioners that have blown off of the roof. to the right power lines that went down. by the mcdonald's we have several huge trees to looked like they crushed five or six cars. we heard transformers exploding. we lost power at one point. we are now operating on generators at the hotel. a lot of destruction. we haven't gotten over to the other side. >> people in florida and south carolina are making last minute preparations before fleeing the storm's path. some anchored down boats in preparation of high winds. charleston home improvement
5:36 pm
stores were filled with resid t residents buying supplies for their homes. gas stations ran out of fuel because of the supply and demand. >> they are boarding up windows, west palm beach gas is sold out. store shelves are bare. >> that is the way it goes. be patient. >> i think it won't be good. >> that is denise's weather forecast. they are heading south in a red cross truck heading to south carolina and then go where they are needed. >> i have family in florida. every time there is a hurricane i worry. >> red cross is keeping an eye on the storm and taking calls
5:37 pm
from folks living in the storm zone. this center will be responsible for enlisting local volunteers if they are needed. as of tonight it is just them headed south to what would likely be a rough scene. >> it could be dangerous in orlando too. universal studio, orlando, sea world, disney world all closed early and won't open until the storm passes. >> our coverage continue this is hour. you don't want to miss this coming up at 5:45. we will have a live report from daytona beach as they brace for the worst of the storm. stick around.
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>> we are just three days away
5:40 pm
from what could be the most significant race in the race for the white house. the presidential debate. >> a town hall style debate. the race will be decided by suburban voters in swing states leading to a focus on families. nbc 10 has more. >> the running mates are campaigning in pennsylvania. hillary clinton is fundraising and practicing for the debate on sunday and donald trump says that this time he will prepare. >> are you prepping? >> sure i will prep. i will do what i have to do. >> aides say that strump stutru studying the first debate. >> hurricane matthew. massive system. >> with matthew distracting voters clinton delayed her new ad in florida.
5:41 pm
>> how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. >> it is family. >> if you can really focus on the path to success for families and kids so much else in society works out the same way. >> specifics. >> families making $60,000 a year, a 20% tax rate reduction. >> cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. >> trump's taxes are sure to it be an issue sunday night. >> that issue and the others. on the key issue of temperament, trump is looking to stage a comeback in battle ground states where the latest polls show him trailing. >> nbc 10 continues to follow
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hurricane matthew. live picture from west palm beach. the palm tries swaying. the waves crashing against the short beach there. looks like there is a pool in the foreground. powerful storm that has done a lot of damage in the caribbean and now headed for the state of florida. a i live report from the coast where people are warned to brace for the worst.
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>> back to our coverage of hurricane matthew. here is a live look at juno beach, florida. just south of jupiter, florida. not far from palm beach gardens. you can see the camera which is presumably tied down is actually shaking. we are talking winds that are up to 130 miles per hour and the
5:45 pm
storm hasn't made landfall yet. now on the move hovering close to florida and threatening a large stretch of the coast of florida. we got a live update earlier from randy in stewart, florida. now coverage 150 miles up the coast to daytona beach. >> the storm is getting closer and closer to florida by the minute. can you designed that? >> we just had a band of pretty strong rain moving through. this part of florida could see
5:46 pm
the worst that matthew has to offer. it closes in on the coast with winds rain and a storm surge of 6 to 9 feet. and the storm ravaged caribbean islands. 109 deaths after haiti took a direct hit. evacuation orders are in effect and hundreds of thousands have moved to higher ground. supplies and fuel are running out and so is time.
5:47 pm
the current track shows matthew conditioning up through the weekend. the reach of the storm growing as matthew moves in. >> this system after it clears the east coast will loop around and cause more problems early next week. that is the latest in daytona beach. back to you. >> still you have this, will it still be a major hurricane if it makes a second pass around? >> the thought is that it won't be. they say that it could stay further off of the coast.
5:48 pm
that is all good news. but it is coming on the heels of what they expect to be a major hit here. it will be difficult either way. >> all right. live there in daytona beach, florida. jay, be safe there. >> thank you. >> now in house and sheena parveen who has been tracking hurricane matthew every step of the way. >> yeah. in the next 12 to 24 hours florida will be feeling the worst of hurricane matthew. that is when it will be getting closer and we will be watching that closely. here is a look at the hurricane right now moving in to freeport in the bahammas as a category 4 with 140 mile an hour sustained winds. freeport getting the very worst of it at the moment. there is freeport. freeport is seeing some of the heaviest rain out of the hurricane right now.
5:49 pm
freeport is taking the worst beating from the hurricane right now. the rain bands extending down to the gulf of mexico. take a look at the moisture from it. it is even extending up to parts of virginia beach at this hour and that is just the moisture on the north side moving in from the atlantic. we are dry from the hurricane but florida really paying attention to it. we will be feeling the worst of the hurricane in florida. moving to the northwest at 13 miles an hour and to the northwest that is a track right to the coast of florida. by 2:00 in the morning we could see it as a category 4. fort pierce could be right near there and moving up the coast line to orlando, daytona beach by the afternoon hours tomorrow. possibly still as a major
5:50 pm
hurricane. that would be delivering a lot of rain. hurricane force winds. not good conditions at all. then up to the georgia coast line. then the south carolina coast line. weakening. that is by early saturday and in to saturday afternoon. we then expect it to take the really sharp turn. there is that loop that you heard that allows the forecast model to that i can loop, possibly hitting the bahammas again for a second time. this time would be weaker and that would be the beginning of next week. >> the yellow is showing the forecast for tropical storm force winds. they could be around the orlando or the daytona beach area going in to parts of georgia and see a
5:51 pm
tropical storm force wind. either way it is a major hurricane for much of the southeast. we do have rain in the force cast to start off your weekend. saturday, all because of a cold front and even saturday night. sunday we start to see more in the way of rain moving off of the shore. and then the models with the heavy rain from matthew off of the north carolina coast line moving out there to sea. here is the forecast. plenty of sun and a nice day to end the week. by sunday we are cool and drying out. glenn will have another look at hurricane matthew coming up at
5:52 pm
6:00. >> thanks. lester holt joins us now. >> his team will be following the latest on hurricane matthew for nbc nightly news. i see the wind is blowing there lester. good to see you. >> it is keith. the wind has started to pick up reminding us of what is to come. hour team is stationed up and down the east coast of florida here with the latest here on the evacuations. listening to a news conference here on the radio with local officials, the warns are are quite dire. a number of people in the area trying to get out late or ride it out. we will have full coverage on nbc nightly news. >> we will look forward to that.
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we will see you at 6:30. they thought their homes were protected. >> homeowners across pennsylvania are looking at tens of thousands in damages. we will show you who the state is blaming for the problem. that is coming up. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. how do we measure greatness in how america? you? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children.
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the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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5:56 pm
homeowners across pennsylvania have been battling the problems for year. >> pennsylvania's attorney general says the builder is at fault. >> melissa has lived in her home for 15 years and says not long after moving in they discovered a problem. >> year or two we noticed the window wells were rotted. the drywall was completely rotted out. >> she hired a contractor and did the same thing her neighbors were forced to do. rip off the front of the home. the home was built by david cutler group. she did not know the attorney general office filed a suit against the builder. >> i am thrilled. >> he hasn't seen the paperwork and can't comment on the lawsuit but said he stopped using stucco on new homes nine years ago and
5:57 pm
the attorney generals office said they have got complaints since 2011. attorney general is looking for cut theory pay damages and says there are 15 complaints wrapped in this lawsuit but thinks that there can be many more. this homeowner said she never reached out to the builder but the attorney generals office says they are aware of a lot of lawsuits against the builder. >> cutler told me over the phone builders have been struggling with stucco issues for several years. we visited two neighborhoods today and they too have water and stucco related issues they are battling. >> up next at 6:00 the battle for women voters heats up in the presidential election. what those at the largest conference for women in pennsylvania had to say about the power of their vote today. >> preparing for hurricanes and
5:58 pm
other disasters from high above. >> the first time in history a test like this has been conducted. >> hurricane matthew continues to move closer to florida. i will have the latest on the track and what it will mean for machines going through the state.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>> hurricane matthew hours away from striking florida and tonight it is strengthening. >> you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. >> millions are racing to get out of the way. we have a live report from florida and the storm's track. and drones, how it could be a vital tool in the hours and days following a hurricane. right now hurricane matthew has grown into a massive category 4 storm. look at the size of it right here. look how close it is now to florida. the strongest storm ever to hit that area of the state. this storm slammed into the bahamas and left behind a trail of damage across the caribbean and blamed for the deaths of 114 people, mostly in haiti. sunshine state now in the storm's crosrs


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