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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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now, as it continues to work its way towards the floridian seacoast -- floridian coast, we're starting to see it get a lot more active, currently a category 3. hurricane matthew right now, ahead to tennessee to move towards florida and move its way across georgia and south carolina, eventually pushing offshore. how will it affect us here. of course it looks like that moisture will continue to work its way northward. we're tracking a cold front that will continue to work its way from the northwest to the southeast. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. coming up in my full forecast, more information on hurricane matthew. i'll time that hour by hour just when we're expected to see moisture and showers by tomorrow afternoon. i'll see you in just a bit. >> we're checking on the blue route this morning. clear conditions right now. it's darker right now. sunrise is a little after 7:00. whether you're traveling northbound toward the boulevard or southbound from 95, you're good to go along the blue route. construction on the vine, it has
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cleared. you're good to go eastbound, westbound on the vine street expressway. so far, that's pretty good right now. just a few cars on the majors this morning. checking travel times on 422 from route 29 towards the schuylkill, travel speeds in the 60s. folks, it will take you eight minutes. you're good to go. when i come back, we'll take a look at 95 and what you can expect traveling in south jersey. let's recap the update we just got from the national hurricane center. the storm is moving away from south florida and up towards the coast there. the storm is still a category 3 with sustained winds atç 120 miles per hour. the latest track shows a turn toward the north tonight or tomorrow. this is some is of the latest video we're getting into the newsroom. this is from palm beach county. these first clips from jupiter where a lot of famous golfers live. then you can see a down tree there. this is in jenson beach, along the coast. rain and winds are moving out of
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this area right now, though, it's moving north. just listen to that rain and that wind. you can hear it in the video from vero beach where some of the strongest winds have been recorded. just about an hour ago, a 74 mile-per-hour wind gust recorded at the airport in vero beach. vero's right along the coast in indian river county, about an hour an a half north of west palm beach. this was a mandatory evacuation zone. you can see from this video why. this video in from vero beach and ft. pierce. many of the same there. the winds blowing around the palm trees, boats in the marina there. you can see and hear that heavy rain coming down. thousands of people waking up right now without power. and hurricane matthew has already move through the caribbean. there are no reports of deaths in the bahamas but the island sustained significant damage. in haiti, much different scene
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there. the death toll is up to 283. the storm uprooted trees, ripped off roofs and caused flooding that trapped some people in their homes. matthew is the strongest hurricane in the caribbean since felix in 2007. 5:03. dozens of local red cross volunteers are headed south right now to help with the damage. here's what we know. with he were there when the group left the red cross headquarters in center city. volunteers who aren't going to the hurricane zone will be monitoring the storm and taking calls to help people find shelters. right now, the storm is impacting thousands of flights to the south. >> that means our area is dealing with those cancellations. with more on that at philadelphia international airport. matt, what can you tell us? >> vai and tracy, several flights have canceled, especially to airplanes in miami, orlando, ft. lauderdale. take a look at the board at philadelphia international where you can see some is of the cancellations up there, especially to the airports that i just mentioned, orlando and
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miami especially. take a look at some video here, an eerie scene in miami. flights stopped around noon yesterday. the terminals are empty and no planes on the runways. orlando stopped operations at 8:00 last night. more than a thousand flights have been canceled as hurricane matthew makes its way through florida right now. orlando for one is not expecting to resume flight schedules until tomorrow. miami is hoping to gradually resume flights later on today. it all depends on the damage they have seen and how likely it will be to get all those planes back on to the runways. the cancellations forced many travelers to change their plans and residents to escape. we spoke with a couple people who got some of the last-minute flights to philadelphia from florida last night. >> well, yes, i was scared because i never experienced something like that. at the same time, i was kind of excite. i wanted to stay and see what would happen and stuff. i don't know. it was interesting.
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>> of course as we've been mentioning, hurricane matthew not really expected to impact our area as we see here. philadelphia international airport, destinations outside of florida, people are going to those areas right now. flights really not being too much affected throughout the rest of the country because of this, really only those certain areas of florida where the hurricane is impacting right now. of course a lot of travelers here expecting to get out, some have changed their destinations, some have just decided to cancel their trips altogether. of course, you also have a lot of people who have been driving from florida as well. those people who couldn't get flights. now they are trying to make their escape to other southern states, georgia, south carolina, those states as well are being impacted asç well. we could expect to see more of an influx of people coming up to our area, just to escape the storm as they can. >> if you're trying to keep an eye on this as we are, hurricane matthew heading toward the east coast.
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track that storm's path with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. also gets you severe weather alerts. your first alert neighborhood forecast and breaking news on the go. today, new jersey lawmakers plan to vote on a bill to raise the state gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. procedural problem postponed the vote on wednesday. the extra money would bolster the transportation trust fund. classes are canceled today at one gloucester county school after world war ii munitions were found on the campus. the principal noticed the explosives while crews were doing excavation work at gloucester county christian school. the school is built on a former military base. the county's bomb squad safely disposed of the munitions during a controlled explosion. police officers in lumberton township are getting new gear. each patrol officer will now wear a body camera. officials say everyone in the department welcomes the use of body cameras to help bring transparency to the public. uber and lyft are appealing
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a judge's order today. >> yes. to stop picking up riders in philadelphia, uber and lyft allowed the ride sharing apps during the dnc. that expired yesterday. they were ordered to stop operations yesterday or risk facing fines and impoundment of their cars. it's a ruling that left drivers and passengers spinning their wheels. >> if you went there you could make more money. you're not going there. >> because i can't do that right now. you know? because uber is illegal right now. >> are you still going to be using uber or lyft? >> yes. definitely. >> t state will consider a request by taxi drivers who want uber and lyft drivers to follow the same regulations they do. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist erika martin. right now in philadelphia,
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conditions are dry. we're seeing mostly clear skies and comfortable temperatures. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. otherwise, a great start to the day. warmer than we did feel yesterday. right now, temperatures for allentown, 48 degrees. mt. holly at 47. wilmington 54 and keeping it at 61 for cape may, and dover. much warmer farther south. current wind pattern, not seeing much going on, seeing a little bit of a northeasterly push. dover, 9 mile-per-hour wind speeds, wilmington at 5 along with millville and wildwood. mild as far as the wind goes. neighborhood forecast for today, seeing plenty of mid to upper 70s across the area. i do want you to notice the cloud icon, however, we do have clouds developing later today in through the overnight hours and by tomorrow, a sign that we do have moisture kicking up from hurricane matthew. coming up in my full forecast, we'll talk more about hurricane matthew. we'll time out hour by hour and
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how it will affect us here locally. francesca? >> erika, i'm monitoring 95 right now. >> 5:09 and let's get a look at 95. it's a good time to get out the door. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio has that. >> tracy, vai, i'm looking at 95. traffic flow still pretty light. 5:09. you see more cars on the roadways, north and southbound lane, heading toward center city philadelphia. 95, camera around castor avenue. here's a quick mention. i am watching the northeast corridor line 3811. it has been canceled for new jersey transit. everything else seems to be running on time in the green. when i come back, we'll take a look at the rest the majors. every vote counts. that's the message behind the get out the vote events happening this weekend in our a+ea. hear what organizers are planning to make sure your voice is heard in november. we'll be tracking hurricane matthew's path all morning long, ahead, live team coverage
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reports here and in florida to help you keep track of what's happening.
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we're here with the lleyton on hurricane matthew. new information came out 15 minutes ago. the storm is heading toward cape canaveral. it's a category 3 storm with strong winds, more than 100 miles per hour. the latest track showing the hurricane will turn north today
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and tomorrow. download the nbc 10 app to stay on top of the storm. in decision 2016, today vice president joe biden will campaign for hillary clinton in bristol, bucks county. he'll appear at bucks county community college to encourage people to register to vote. biden will also discuss his support of clinton's economic plans. new jersey governor chris christie is joining republican candidate donald trump on the campaign trail. christie has been coaching trump for the next presidential debate which will follow a town hall format. audience members will be able to ask the candidates questions. trump denied last night's event was practice. hillary clinton is on the campaign tra -- off the campaign trail preparing for the debate. tim kaine discussed theç education platform with students and educators at spring garden elementary school yesterday.
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make sure you voice is heard in november, with days until the voter registration deadline, there will be a get out the vote event happening in philadelphia and the suburbs. >> they're really interesting. pamela osborne is live in center city with how to make sure you don't miss out. pamela? >> we're talking about a bit of a different push here. it will be happening in neighborhood all throughout the city of philadelphia as well as surrounding areas as well. unity in the community has teamed up with for our future for a nonpartisan voter registration event, except this one might be quite different than what you're used to seeing. at 11:00 saturday morning, local deejays will hit the streets of south philly, west and north philly as well as bucks county. they'll be getting people to vote. they're hoping to register 500 to 1,000 people because every vote matters. >> just imagine if a million people were to stay at home in
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pennsylvania. it would be a big problem. what we're doing, we're coming to your neighborhoods. when we start in front of the barber shop in south philadelphia or culture exchange on dickerson and point breeze. >> reporter: they're also giving away cool prizes as well as power house tickets and sixers tickets. certainly some things you can take advantage of. that goes from 11:00 to 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. the second presidential debate, this coming sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cozi tv. nbc 10's lauren mayk will have a live report from the debate hall right after the game. 5:15. let's get you to work on this friday. we made it to friday. let's check route 73 for starters. >> francesca ruscio is looking at 73 in south jersey. how is it looking, francesca? >> route 73ç looks good in map
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shade. you'll be okay, travel speeds in the 60s right now. good to go in south jersey. here's a live look at the vine street expressway. right around 8th street, more traffic on the roads this morning. the construction cleared just before the 5:00 hour. it looks like we're doing pretty good. here's a live look at what we're seeing with mass transit, the northeast corridor line, 3811 is canceled. everything else is in the green, right behind me, amtrak, d.a.r.t., patco and septa, everything is on. when i'm back, we'll take a look at the schuylkill. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist erika martin. it is high and dry in philadelphia. pretty calm. if you look at the bottom of the screen, you'll see your local forecast as well. current wind pattern, we are seeing a northeasterly flow. this will change soon enough. we start to get remnants, really a push of what's going on with hurricane matthew and some
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moisture moving up from the south towards the north. also tracking a cold front. i'll get to that in just one moment in my hour by hour forecast. mt. pocono, 41 for you. philadelphia, as i mentioned 54 degrees. wilmington, 54 for you, mt. holly 47 and trenton, one degree warmer at 48 degrees. satellite and radar image picking up on clouds and showers already moving in towards the delmarva, rather to the mid-atlantic region. notice we're seeing pockets of heavier downpours for parts of north carolina, virginia getting showers, everything moving northward there. we're also tracking this frontal boundary sliding on down. what i do see happening is this moisture actually getting here first. then meeting up with this cold front right around new jersey, especially likely along the shoreline, which is why i do think we'll get one or two isolated thunderstorms especially by tomorrow afternoon. expect rain showers. by tomorrow, 1:00 p.m. i'll time that out for you in our hour-by-hour forecast. the three-day outlook, notice
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clouds developing on friday. temperaturesç toing out really nicely today, mid to upper 70s. then tomorrow, seeing low 70s. overnight lows in fact warmer, friday into saturday. i want to note that, especially because yesterday morning was chilly. this morning, seeing 40s and 50s. tomorrow 60s to start the day. highs topping out in the low 70s and then sunday seeing mid to upper 60s. saturday, very interesting because we start to see the clouds develop late tonight into tomorrow. and the threat of some rain showers moving in from the south as well as from the northwest. and here for the suburbs, also seeing that same trend. it looks like we will get heavier downpours, especially lightly for the second half of the day. windier conditions saturday into sunday. keep that in mind. we could see wind gusts up to 40, 45 miles per hour. hurricane matthew still affects us in some capacity, even though it will move offshore by about north carolina. we are seeing tropical storm warnings issued until monday,
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12:57 a.m. this is for basically florida, we're seeing georgia, south carolina and by north carolina it will hook offshore as many of you have been seeing currently, a category 3, again, if you look at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. here locally how we'll be affected really will be by that moisture and that cold front. hour by hour forecast, starting this at 5:00 a.m. notice we start to see the clouds already developing and some pockets here of green, even though i don't think we'll see showers for today, we will start to see the clouds develop. later tonight, into tomorrow, we start to see the clouds also develop a lot thicker. by 3:30 a.m. we're starting to see greens move in from the south and northwest. they meet around new jersey, around the shoreline. we have the threat of showers and isolated thunderstorms as well in the forecast. as we take a look at what to expect here locally, vai and tracy, it's really important to mention that we do have some of
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that rain moving northward. it's certainly not going to be a washout. but the big story is, of course, what's going on to the south of us, sending them all of our good energy. the issue here locally is that we will sta rt to see the heavier downpours later tomorrow. also see an increase in those wind gusts. that ill, another story, especially late saturday into sunday. >> we have the hurricane coming up in the south and the cold front coming from the west. we seem to be unaffected by it today. the effects will start showing by tomorrow. >> by tomorrow, those showers and those increasing wind speeds and wind gusts. sometimes this could be damaging, especially when you get the strong wind gusts. erika, thank you. >> of course. in case of emergency with hurricane matthew approaching, we'll tell you how these drones could save lives with new technology. plus, poor choice of words. we'll tell you what a former chris christie staffer said during the bridgegate trial and how it could clear the governor from any connection to the case.
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braised to perfection thanks to our unique ez oven packaging. it's ready to cook. just pop it in the oven and dinner's ready. delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals. [alright] 5:23. 54 degrees outside. center city was the site for the largest women's conference in the state yesterday. i was there. it was incredible. a lineup of speakers including u.s. women's world cup champion ab
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ab abby wambach. it was a chance for students to take what they learned at the conference and apply it to their curriculum. >> we'll try to do some of the different things they did today, talk aboutç ways to become confident and how girls can get further in their life and career. >> keynote speakers included anita hill and actress/producer mindy kayling. home repair and insurance companies could see an economic boost. landon dowdy is here with that story in this morning's cnbc business news. landon, good morning. >> hi there, tracy. that's exactly right. wall street is closely watching how hurricane matthew impacts florida and other states in the southeast and analysts estimate more than 250,000 homes in florida are at risk for damage. storm surge and repair costs could top $50 billion. insurance companies,
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windowmakers and supply stores all went lower. as for the markets, futures are pointing to a flat open this morning, ahead of the big economic news of the day. the monthly jobs report. economists are looking for another solid month of hiring in the month of september which could boost the case for the federal reserve to raise interest rates by the end of the year. you also want to watch the british pound today. it plunged in near minutes overnight before recovering on what some people are calling a mini flash crash. the dow falling 12 points to 18,268, the nasdaq slipping 905, with 30-- to 5,903. a gorgeous day on tap, tracy. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s, tracking clouds developing later today due to overnight hours. dry for today, however, the weekend does look different.
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>> erika and everyone, we're watching the roads in new jersey. this is 295 around route 130 for the schuylkill. folks, you'll be okay. you'll be good to go. when i'm back in the next couple minutes, we'll have more on updates. hear whyç comedian bill cosby's legal team says he can't defend himself in court and how it's connected to some of the evidence. and we track hurricane matthew as it could potentially make landfall here on atlantic coast. just ahead, live team coverage here and in florida. it's 5:26. planned parenthood.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," states of emergency. the southeast are bracing for the strongest storm to hit the u.s. in more than a decade. we are tracking hurricane matthew. storm damage. matthew's wrath is boeing felt in florida as thousands remain without power this morning. and right now, help is on the way from our area. we'll tell you about the men and women leaving their homes and heading into the danger down south. nbc 10 breaking news. >> we have a lot to cover this morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we'll start with meteorologist erika martin and the first alert neighborhood weather. erika is tracking the storm. >> locally we have a cold front already cutting through the great lakes region across the midwest. i do want you to see just to the south.
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notice north carolina seeing some greens and it's back into virginia, moving into the mid-atlantic region. we're not completely clear. we do have some moisture, some rain showers moving up from south to north and also tracking that cold front that will trigger some showers. but that's not until tomorrow. and i do expect increase in wind gusts as well. locally right now, we are high and dry.ç but you can just start to see that green moving into parts of southern delaware soon enough. as far as hurricane matthew is concern, a category 3. notice the massive size of it right now. and current sustained winds speeds at 140, 160. consider that this will continue to work its way up the eastern seaboard across georgia and south carolina, eventually pushing offshore by about north carolina. but because it's so massive, we do have that moisture pushing northward and then again by tomorrow, we do have a cold front that will trigger the


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