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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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south. notice north carolina seeing some greens and it's back into virginia, moving into the mid-atlantic region. we're not completely clear. we do have some moisture, some rain showers moving up from south to north and also tracking that cold front that will trigger some showers. but that's not until tomorrow. and i do expect increase in wind gusts as well. locally right now, we are high and dry.ç but you can just start to see that green moving into parts of southern delaware soon enough. as far as hurricane matthew is concern, a category 3. notice the massive size of it right now. and current sustained winds speeds at 140, 160. consider that this will continue to work its way up the eastern seaboard across georgia and south carolina, eventually pushing offshore by about north carolina. but because it's so massive, we do have that moisture pushing northward and then again by tomorrow, we do have a cold front that will trigger the showers and those isolated
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thunderstorms. francesca? >> erika, we're watching the majors this morning. more cars are starting to trickle on the roadways. here's a live shot after the schuylkill expressway, our camera an montgomery drive, watching westbound traffic. we look pretty good so far. we're in the clear for nicer conditions, warmer than yesterday. here's an accident that just came in in cheltenham on cheltenham avenue and tolphehocken street. still watching 95 travel times, southbound travel times, travel speeds in the 60s, wood haven to the vine, 13 minutes. within i come back, we'll take a look at the rest of the majors. >> all morning long we've been in contact with our sister stations in miami and west palm beach to get you the latest conditions and video from hurricane matthew. >> hurricane matthew is moving up the florida coast right now
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still a category 3, packing winds of up to 120 miles an hour. still a serious storm. first alert meteorologist erika martin says that matthew could make landfall in just a few hours. hundreds of thousands of customers along the southeast coast of florida are waking up without power.ç a transformer at ft. pierce exploded around 11:00 last night as wind whips palm trees and pounding rain fell. now more video, this is closer to where the brunt of the storm is right now. you can see the rain blowing sideways. vai? >> right now, thousands of flighting heading in and out of florida and south carolina have been canceled through the weekend. and this is impacting travel here in our area. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us at philadelphia international airport. matt, what can you tell us?
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>> vai and tracy, of course we have seen the cancellations, especially out of orlando and miami. along the eastern seaboard of florida. and just take a look at the board here, the departures at philadelphia international airport. you can see those cancellations up there right now. the rest of the country not doing too bad in terms of travel right now. if you're heading to florida or expecting someone to come from florida, those airports with be especially in orlando, ft. lauderdale and miami, they are shut down. take a look at some of the video here. an eerie sight. the terminals are empty. flights stopped around noon yesterday. orlando stopped operations around 8:00 last night. nearly 1,000 flights have been canceled. orlando for one not expecting to resume flight schedules until tomorrow. miami is hoping to gradually resume flights later on today. of course, the cancellations, they of course allowed many
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travelers to change their plans. even the residents in the southern states have been trying to make their escape. we spoke to a couple people who got out just in time, back here to philadelphia, some nurses who cut their conference in florida short. >> it was crazy. i think everyone was getting way ahead of their flight. they got there four hours early. >> they wouldn't let you in through the gates. >> we have people still left behind. we were on?xáhree separate flights. >> as i mentioned here, philadelphia international not seeing much of an impact from hurricane matthew. that is down there in the southern states. flights coming out of here, coming in from other parts of the country, not doing too bad. i want to give you a visual so you can see what i'm talking about. this is a map of flights in the air right now. you can see the yellow airplane symbols. those are the flights active right now, right around the philadelphia area, a lot of activity there. take a look down there where the hurricane is in florida.
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you can almost see a cutout of where the hurricane is right now. you can see there are flights that are heading around tampa and the western coast, right there along the gulf, st. petersburg, that area there. around orlando, that miami area really nothing. i just checked out this one here. it looks leak a cargo plane that's making its way towards miami right now. we haven't seen any passenger aircraft. of course as we get into the day, later today and of course into the weekend, as the airports are checking out the damage, making sure that everything is okay for flights to resume, you do want to check, make sure with your airline that the flight is still on schedule. now live at philadelphia international, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:35. new this morning, first responders from philadelphia are headed to florida in what cowl be a disaster situation with hurricane matthew. nbc 10 was in northeast philadelphia last night as fire crews packed up to head south. members of pennsylvania task force one will help crews in florida with damage caused by matthew.
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>> we're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. we're proud and honored to be going and helping out with this incident. we hope that it will sort of make a glancing blow and it won't be as bad as some of the projections indicate. >> fire commissioner said the task force is headed to florida but could redefly northward as the hurricane moves. >> hurricane victims also on the way for new jersey. the state's task force one began rolling out of west trenton around midnight. some 80 task force members trained in advanced search and rescue techniques will help peopleç trapped by storm conditions. today, more than 160 peco workers will head south to help restore power that's been knocked out by hurricane matthew. the crews will leave from the peco building, they'll go to floor or georgia depending on where the help is needed most. researchers at the jersey shore are testing a new way to keep the liens of communication open for emergency crews during and after disasters like hurricanes. as you can see that new
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technology is a drone. researchers flew it over cape may county airport yesterday. the unmanned aircraft can restore cellular service when it's most needed, like four years ago when sandy knocked out about a quarter of the cell phone towers along the shore. >> we've placed the equivalent of a small cell satellite in the belly of the drone. >> the experts called the test a success. they are now on standby to potentially deploy the same equipment in florida as soon as this weekend. as hurricane matthew heads towards the east coast, remember, you can track the storm's path yourself with our nbc 10 app. the free download also gets you severe weather alerts for our area, your first alert neighborhood forecast and breaking news on the go. >> 5:37. 54 degrees right now. today in north jersey, more testimony is expected in the bridgegate trial following a day of apparent vindication for governor chris christie. testimony from former christie
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staffer christina renna seemed to clear him in the gridlock scheme. she said she used a poor choice of words when she texted about the governor and his staff not knowing about the lane closures in 2013. she pointed the finger at kelly, saying they kleied together when an e-mail linked to the plot came out. >> that day was a hurtful day, obviously one of the worst of her life. >> kelly and co-daefendantç bai are accused of lane closures against the mayor. key witnesses have died, they say, and evidence has been lost. cosby is set for trial in june on charges that he drugged and molested a former temple university employee in 2004. cosby says the encounter was
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consensual. 5:38. looks like we have an accident in cheltenham to deal with. >> francesca ruscio is tracking that. >> this is around cheltenham avenue and tulpehocken street. we'll keep following up as long as it hasn't cleared yet. use caution driving through lower merion, especially around montgomery avenue and gravely. let's take a lack at travel times on 422 this morning. so far we're pretty good in the green toward route 2 the and the schuylkill, yes, it's usually a shorter travel team. once we get near the heart of rush hour, these travel times jump the gun. when i come back, we'll take a
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look at 95 and over in south jersey. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist erika martin. conditions not that bad. warmer than yesterday morning. currently mt. pocono 41 degrees, pottstown 49. philadelphia 54. mt. holly cooler at 46. trenton, upper 40s for you. keep the jackets, the sweaters handy right now. you won't need to layer today because we're expected to see lots of 70s and plenty of sunshine although we have clouds developing. i'll get to that in just one moment. your three-day outlook, including today, temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70s. notice clouds in the icon. we haveç clouds in your foreca on saturday. and i do think we'll see showers, heavier downpours for the second half of the day. i'll explain why in just one moment. on sunday, temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 60s. the suburbs similar here. cooler temperatures by sunday and lehigh valley, seeing really nice conditions for today. sunshine to start the day with clouds developing later into the overnight hours and by tomorrow.
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so satellite and radar image, notice this is regional, local right now. not much going on right now. just starting to see greens farther out here, especially to the south, approaching north carolina, virginia, into the mid-atlantic region. hurricane matthew is so massive. this is moisture trending northward. we have the cold front dipping on down the great lakes. this is bringing showers and thunderstorms possibly later tomorrow. hurricane matthew right now, a category 3. notice the eye wall has not made landfall, not yet. i do expect another five to seven hours. i will continue to work its way across. really parallel to georgia, south carolina, north carolina, and then hook offshore. notice all of the moisture that it's pulling off of the atlantic. this is really important because you can see as it continues to churn, it's pulling up some moisture off the atlantic. all of that headed in our direction. that will meet up with that cold front which is why we have a combination of that moisture from hurricane matthew moving northward and that cold front
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that will trigger the showers and isolated thunderstorms for tomorrow afternoon, especially. here we have watches and warnings, tropical storm warning issued for georgia, south carolina, until 12:57 a.m. keep that in mind, especially if you're planning to travel farther south. hour by hour forecast, i'll time that out for you next time we meet up. meantime, back to you. getting back on track. a weekly after this deadly crash, this new jersey transit train was finally moved by investigators in hoboken. we'll give you an update on what they believed just before the crash. and hurricane matthew continues to threaten the atlantic coast. up next, a live report from daytona beach.ç
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quarter to 6:00. er with are tracking the latest on hurricane matthew in florida this morning. >> nbc's jay gray is there. jay? >> it's gotten even worse since we talked a bit ago. take a look at the conditions. the wind continuing to gust here. it's building, the rain coming down in sheets. it has been for a couple of hours. there is a big concern about the storm surge which could be
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between 6 and 11 feet. that's going to cause some serious issues here. the eye wall of the storm is just southeast of us right now in daytona beach. which means we haven't seen the worst of this thing yet. we will over the next several hours. it's going to move through the early morning and continue up the coastline, georgia, the carolinas. it's time to evacuate and move to higher ground. this is a warning to those folks. this is what's headed your way or even worse. vai, tracy, that's the latest live in daytona beach. >> stay safe. >> thank you. looks like the rain is coming down sideways. as hurricane matthew heads towards the east coast, track the storm's path yourself with the nbc 10 app. >> in other news now, a new jersey transit train that crashed into hoboken station is finally out of the building. crews towed the train away last night so investigators can take a closer look at it.
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we got new information from federal investigators. they released information from data recordings showing the train was going 21 miles ahour, twice the speed limit, when it crashed last week and the engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before the crash. the accident killed one woman and injured more than 100 other people. >> a thousand times thank you for the incredible amount of energy you put into our little family. i will love you forever, big kiss. >> the husband of the woman killed in the crash wrote those words. and a family friend read them during a vigil in hoboken last night. the victim was hit by falling debris while standing on the station's platform. family and friends lit candles and said prayers in her memory. 5:47. new jersey transit is make something changes to ensure passengers' safety following the didly accident. a conductor must oversee the train's engineer as the trains pull into the final station of a line. that includes both the hoboken station and the atlantic city station. passengers who take the train to
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ac are feeling some relief. >> trains go back and forth all the time and it's not really ever happened that much. i feel safe but i think it's a great idea. >> meanwhile, back to the hoboken crash, federal investigators say it could take a year or longer to complete the final report on what exactly caused the crash. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. i'm meteorologist erika martin. we are tracking hurricane matthew. we'll take a quick look at the three-day outlook, including friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70s. a nice end to the workweek. woe do have clouds developing in just a bit. i will show you in our hour by hour forecast. the suburbs looking fantastic. cooler temperatures by sunday. and some showers in the forecast on saturday. lehigh valley topping out in the mid to upper 70s. again,2a very nice day, all around for today because we have a high pressure system in place. not going to be the case bring tomorrow but again by sunday we
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see an improvement. satellite and radar image, i'll go wider in just one moment. here's the local radar. not much going on right now, just to the south, you're seeing greens moving upward. a wider perspective here. the outer rain bands of hurricane matthew, we're also seeing the clouds move northward as well. there's your coal front sliding down. these two will meet up around new jersey. expect showers and possibly isolated storms especially for the second half of your day tomorrow. hurricane matthew currently a category 3. i'll show you in just one moment, sea surface temperatures, feeding hurricane matthew, which is why it's not weakening, staying category 3. you will see your local neighborhood forecast. this is not affecting us here. we want to keep this in mine and send our prayers and thoughts to them, of course. ocean temperatures right now, notice we're seeing mainly 80s right around the peninsula. very warm conditions. i notice that i really want to
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note that. that's really important. that is the feeding mechanism for something like this hurricane. it's feeding off of the sea surface temperatures that are in the mid to upper 80s as we move farther northward, notice around georgia, south carolina, north carolina, not as warm but still we're seeing lots of 80s. this is why this is such a problem. it hasn't made landfall yet. i don't expect that to be the case for the next five to seven hours. as it continues to feed off of that water, it will stay strong. we're not dealing with the eyewall yet. we'll dealing with outer bands extending northward. they are creeping into virginia into the mid-atlantic region. while we don't see watches and warnings here yet, notice of course everybody to the south, southeast are seeing that. right now we're seeingç tropic storm warning for virginia. south carolina and forth georgia until monday, 12:57 a.m.
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florida still seeing that hurricane warning right now. the difference is hurricane warning versus tropical storm warning. farther north, hour by hour forecast. i want to take my time here. people aren't understanding, it's not going to directly affect us. what we're seeing, tracy and vai, we're seeing a development of clouds moving in from the south to the north. you start to see the clouds start to develop later today into tomorrow and then you start to see the greens creep up there. now the trigger mechanism just to the northwest, if you see greens and oranges there. yellows rather. they start to move on down and that will develop those showers and those thunderstorms that i do think southern jersey, the coast lien will also see. however, what we'll see first would be that moisture and those clouds developing from south to north and then we start to see the cold front. on saturday, notice that we're seeing some showers in the icon there. we'll see windy conditions saturday into sunday. that's really important. because sometimes wind will
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still knock out power. if we get the downpours really quickly, second half of the day, that will be an issue, especially for the saturday night. >> right. >> flooding on roads, too. >> of course. >> thank you very much, erika. speaking of roads, let's check on your morning commute. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio has that. what are you seeing? >> i'm watching 95. my camera is around woodhaven road. travel speeds in the 50s and 60s, folks. now is a good time to head out to 95 if that's your morning routine. pottstown, an accident that was reported on 513 along schuylkill road and catfish lane. no reported problems or delays. we are seeing an accident by cheltenham avenue and tulpehocken street. where you see the red, that's the delay. five toç ten minutes. let's take a look at the majors
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in new jersey, 295, the turnpike and route 42 are good to go in the green. vai and tracy. all right, speaking of good to go, we have a winner. lenape versus rancocas valley. they haven't even played. they're both winners here. that's the matchup you picked for high school football game of the week. be sure to watch nbc 10 news tonight at 11:00 for highlights of that game and all the others. how tall are you?
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thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. four minutes before 6:00 a.m. linebacker nigel bradham will be in the eagles lineup sunday afternoon with the unbeaten birds. police arrested bradham on a bye week on charges that he was carrying a loaded gun in his backpack into the airport at miami. he faces battery charges from an incident back in miami in july. here's reaction from defensive coordinator jim schwartz, who was rather blunt. >> facts are facts. i mean, you do dumb [ bleep ], pretty soon you'll be labeled a [ bleep ]. the most disappointing thing for me is it takes away from the nigel we see every day. >> the eagles referred bradham's
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latest incident to the nfl since it is a legal matter. nbc 10ç is your official eagles station. we are getting you ready for game day. join us beginning at 9:30 sunday morning for eagles game day kickoff and don't miss our one-on-one with eagles head coach doug pederson on eagles game day final, that follows nbc 10 news at 11:00. happening today, officers with the camden county police department will sit down to chat with community members. the event at the mcdonald's on haddon avenue is part of national coffee with a cop day. they will discuss after-school safety and other community concerns. we are tracking hurricane matthew this morning. >> the storm is bearing down in florida. wind and rain are battering the florida coast, as you can see in this video from vero beach. and look at this video, further up the florida coast, tens of thousands of people have lost power. we'll get a live report from
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daytona beach to get a firsthand look at conditions there. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." three minutes before 6:00. a live look from st. augustine, florida.
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are you prepared for mass casualties? >> it is now a category 3 but still a monster. florida's first responders are ready for the worst as hurricane matthew streaks up the state's shoreline. here's a look at the hurricane on radar. matthew is poised to steam roll up a portion of the atlantic coast, hitting millions from florida to the carolinas. and some airports are closed. that had an impact on travelers here in our area. we are live with a closer look at philadelphia international morning. nbc 10 breaking news. a lot to get to this morning. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're tracking matthew's path but also keeping an eye on what happens here in our area. let's get right to meteorologist


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