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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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just the way the land is set up, from south carolina through florida. you can see georgia is kind of tucked in here. so if you have a storm moving northward, the center of it is going to be farther away from georgia, but potentially goes straight into south carolina. that could be the area with the most damage by the time it's done. just a tremendous area of rain from the eye all the way into the carolinas. it's just off the coast of jacksonville. they're getting storm surge flooding right now in the jacksonville area, even though the strongest part of the storm is still offshore. not offshore by much. only about 40 miles from jacksonville to the center of the storm. but the important part, this outer eye wall is still offshore. so the worst of those winds, the
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hundred-mile-an-hour wind gusts, are offshore. 115 miles per hour maximum winds. a new advisory coming in at 5:00, of course. the pressure is coming up a little bit and it's moving straight north. that means in the general direction of south carolina. as we go through the night tonight, the hurricane-force winds go into the coast of georgia. then up to the coast of south carolina. that's in the red. and by 8:00 tomorrow morning, hurricane-force winds are expected over a large portion of south carolina and even part of the north carolina coast. so there's plenty of damage ahead. we'll get more into the future track in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly, thanks, glenn. hurricane matthew continues to clobber florida's coast this afternoon as the storm makes its way north. >> look at that radar showing the storm's relentless onslaught. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has been there from the start,
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joining us now from cocoa beach, florida. we see the waves behind you, randy. >> reporter: jim, here at cocoa beach, i can tell you the storm has moved on. we're not expecting any more rain. the wind is still here, the remnants of hurricane matthew, and the damage left behind. look at this dock ripped apart by heavy waves and the storm surge. most people from cape canaveral south are saying they dodged a bullet. when hurricane matthew hit cocoa beach this morning, the remaining few holdouts who didn't evacuate were left riding out the storm. >> where we were staying, the roof kind of came off in the back. >> reporter: the damage here was costly but not catastrophic. at this waterside kiki bar, the winds were so strong, even the birds had trouble navigating the hurricane. the storm surge pushed water inland. >> you really couldn't see much. all you heard was a bunch of
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breaking and banging of metal. that was kind of scary. >> reporter: further south, countless palm trees knocked down, streetlights torn in half, debris scattered across roadways and into neighborhoods. families woke up to find sunken boats outside their homes, no idea where they came from. >> i've any seen it around here, i don't recall seeing it. yeah, it went through a ride. >> reporter: despite the damage, it's clear it could have been much worse. the storm's eye stayed east of the coastline, the most damaging winds offshore. >> i watched the news last night, they said it made a jolt to the east. everyone in the room said, oh, thank god. >> reporter: back live, i don't know if you saw that jet skier, there's two of them taking advantage of these waves, probably not good advice. they just fell off of their jet ski. hopefully they can get back on. they are wearing lifejackets. not a good idea with winds like
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this. let's zoom out and show you the rest of the damage to this tiki bar, thousands of dollars of damage. we'll keep an eye on those guys on the jet ski. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. first responders from philadelphia are headed to florida to assist with search and recovery. nbc 10 in north philadelphia last night as crews packed up to head south. they'll help out in florida with the response effort. >> we're preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. of course we're proud and honored to be going and helping out with this incident. >> the philadelphia fire commissioner tells us that the task force is headed to florida but could redeploy northward as the hurricane continues to move. a convoy of special task force members from the new jersey state police left for florida early this morning. the 80 highly trained police, fire, and emergency medical personnel are one of only 28
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urban search and rescue teams recognized by fema. they'll work to save people trapped by the dangerous conditions. witnesses to matthew's destruction in haiti say many people there have lost everything. >> look at these aerial pictures. they're digging through wreckage, trying to salvage what they can. our team coverage continues with nbc 10's keith jones, live in our breaking news center. keith, we're getting a look today at destruction in haiti as people there begin cleaning up. we're also hearing the death toll could rise significantly. >> unfortunately, jim. right now the official death toll is nearly 300, which is likely low. today officials began the graphic task of recovering victims as the waters recede. aerial footage shows entire neighborhoods flattened. the storm downed palm trees and tore roofs off houses.
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each time they reach a new spot, the number of deaths jumps. united nations peacekeepers in haiti report that tens of thousands of people need assistance. they're also keeping looters out of the area. right now, safe drinking water is in short supply. health officials worry that could lead to an increase in cholera cases on the island nation. international aid groups have begun appealing for donations this weekend. the u.s. military is expected to make food and water drops from helicopters in the next day or so. live in the operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> okay, keith. take a look at this hurricane hunting plane as it guess tossed around as it flies directly into the storm. wouldn't want to be on this flight right here. the national oceanic and atmospheric plane records wind speed, air pressure, and
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rainfall, to make accurate predictions on how the storm is progressing. the storm has made a mess of air travel down south. thousands of flight cancellations have impacted flights out of philadelphia international airport. officials say check the airport's website and twitter feed for updates. stay with nbc 10 news and the nbc 10 app so you can track the hurricane's path. the download will bring severe weather alerts and your first alert neighborhood weather forecast to the phone in your hand. turning to our weather, here is a live look down the shore in cape may, very different than florida, of course, very pleasant out there. a few people getting a few rays from the sun on this friday. the weekend could bring some rain. meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking it for us. >> how much rain are we talking about, sheena? >> some scattered showers through the second half of your saturday. that is one thing we'll be talking about going into the weekend, very different than what we have today. here is a look, we have a cold front back off to our west.
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we also have matthew down to our south. matthew is going to stay south. as little cold front gets closer tomorrow, it will pull up moisture from matthew, even though matthew won't be impacting us, it will give that cold front more moisture to work with. that will be tomorrow. for the rest offing your even y by 9:00 p.m. in the mid-60s. tomorrow, you'll notice a big difference. 7:00 in the morning, near 60 degrees and cloudy. by noon connected alreawe could some showers around. coming up, glenn will take a look at your neighborhood forecast, straight ahead. get set to pay more when you fill up at the pump in new jersey. within the past hour, lawmakers in the garden state gave the green light to a 23 cent gas tax hike. governor christie is expected to
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sign that by mill. it's going to cost you $4.60 more to fill up your tank than it costs now. vis cydney long has more. >> reporter: this may be the one and only time that we actually want governor christie to drag his feet. the earliest we'll see the gas tax hike go into effect would be november 21st, unless of course he stalls signing it. >> i think it's crazy. it's just another attack on the middle class. >> reporter: john is fuming that lawmakers in trenton are tacking on 23 cents per gallon for new jersey drivers. >> what about the families with lots of kids? i'm only my wife, my daughter and i. >> reporter: the gas tax hike will cost drivers an estimated
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$144 extra for year. for john, that's 432 bucks. >> they need to fund the transportation trust fund. but what happened to all the money that was in there before? if it's going to be in there, it needs to be in there and stay in there. >> of course we all want safe roads. >> reporter: miranda knows why it's happening. >> i'll have to manage where i go. >> reporter: she lives in philly but works and fills up in new jersey, where the gas tax hasn't seen a hike in 28 years. this will skyrocket new jersey from one of the lowest gas tax states in the country to the seventh highest. pennsylvania remains the highest, followed by new york. aaa says the fact that legislation is happening now with hurricane matthew wreaking havoc to our south, if crude oil jumps anytime soon, it will be a double whammy at new jersey pumps. >> that's a big hike. we're not talking about 5 cents, 10 cents. we're talking about 23 cents. that can put a big damper on
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your monthly bills. >> reporter: now, aaa south jersey did sit in on the statehouse hearings through the day today. we've been in touch with them. they want to remind drivers that as they pay that extra 23 cents a gallon and head to the polls in november, they'll have a say to make sure that the transportation trust fund, that that money stays put by voting yes or no on ballot question number 2. so you'll have to pay close attention at the polls in november. live in mt. laurel, cydney long, nbc 10 news. new details on new jersey transit service after last week's deadly crash. a portion of the hoboken terminal will we open monday morning, restoring some service to the damaged station. investigators say last thursday an njt train was traveling 21 miles per hour, which is twice the speed limit on the tracks near the station when it crashed, killing a woman on the platform and injuring more than a hundred others.
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crews removed the damaged train yesterday. if you're going out tonight in philadelphia, you may think twice before booking uber x or lyft to pick you up. a judge's order to the services to stop operating in the city will go into effect tonight. an uber spokesperson says the company is reviewing the order. riders will not face any punishment. breaking news from the white house right now. the feds accusing the russian government of directing hacks into the u.s. election system. department of homeland security and national intelligence officials say only russia's seniormost officials could have authorized the hacks, compromising the e-mails of americans and american political organizations. u.s. officials say it would be extremely difficult for someone, including another country, to alter ballot results through a cyberattack. now to decision 2016.
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the presidential candidates are taking a break from campaigning in the battleground state of florida as matthew wreaks havoc there. >> but both donald trump and hillary clinton were briefed on the situation by the feds today. meantime vice president joe biden hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton in our area today. he spoke at bucks county community college in bristol township and urged those in the crowd not only to register to vote but also show up at the polls to prevent a donald trump victory. biden told the crowd that clinton's goals include increasing childcare tax credits and raising the minimum wage. >> raising the minimum wage doesn't cost jobs. it increases economic growth. and we know -- [ applause ] -- that nobody working 40 hours a week should live in poverty. >> biden said rather than focusing on what's wrong with donald trump, we should focus on hillary clinton. he called her a friend and someone with the experience to run the country. catch the second presidential debate this coming sunday at
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9:00 p.m. on cozi tv. nbc 10's lauren mayk will be there with a live report. a man is under arrest charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. police say he was seen touching himself inappropriately in his car. it happened last week in the parking lot of a target. >> on october 5th, another adult female who was operating a box truck witnessed him engaging in the same behavior while each of them were driving southbound. >> willard has been placed on suspension and faces further disciplinary action, including possible dismissal. now to new video of a pair of thieves busting their way through' drive-through window to
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rob a dunkin' donuts. you can see the thief clearing out the cash register on tuesday night. on thursday morning, another man climbed through the window. police aren't sure if the same suspect targeted the store twice. the taj mahal in atlantic city will shut down just before 6:00 a.m. monday. half the gaming machines have been shut off. fine dining restaurants have closed with only the food court open. workers say the union never wanted the casino to close and they say they're proud the union stayed united. >> we never wanted to go on strike. carl icahn would not negotiate a fair contract with us. >> we reached out to casino management. they tell us they had no response to the closing. the union says it will hold a ragglly for the final countdowno closing beginning 4:00 a.m.
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monday. a national challenge will help students pay for college. the city will receive money and support to help families fill out fafsa forms. philadelphia is one of 22 cities picked to take part in this national challenge. fafsa forms are used to determine financial ate eligibility. the schools and districts with the highest completion rate by march will receive a trophy. volunteers gave their time to help build diamond park in north philadelphia. workers from the general building contractors association partnered with habitat for humanity to make it happen. today the workers put up drywall and installed electrical wiring at the project which will result in 21 new apartments. a hometown honor for pennsylvania's own tina fey. >> temple university school of media and communications gave the actress and comedienne its excellence in the media award
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today. fey's brother introduced her to the crowd. he's a temple grad. so is fey's father who graduated after serving in the korean war. fey talked about the influence he and the city of philadelphia had on her work as a comedy worker. >> i like it that philadelphians are not easily led or blindly loyal. we boo our own sports teams. >> the fey family set up a student scholarship in her father's memory. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. matthew continues to go up the coast, just offshore of florida. and it's moving straight north now. the problem is the coastline of the united states is like this. so that thing has to turn fast or else it's going to make landfall in south carolina. here is the eye. and watch it over the last several hours.
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you can see the track. this is the florida coastline. it's going right parallel up the coast. and just enough offshore so the worst of it has stayed offshore. here is the center now, just east of jacksonville, florida. and the worst of it, this eye wall, that's where the 100 miles an hour plus winds are. they're still getting some tremendous storm surges, winds, heavy rain. it's really bad in the jacksonville/st. augustine area right now. gusts of 35 to 40 miles an hour in this area. jacksonville now has a northerly gust of 53 miles an hour. the latest coordinates, wind speed 115 miles an hour, moving
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straight north at 12 miles per hour. the pressure has gone up a little bit during the day today. as we go through tonight and into tomorrow, here is the key time. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., we're expecting a 100 miles per hour category 2. right near charleston, south carolina. if it goes in just west of charleston, that water goes up the river and causes a lot of problems. there we are saturday night, right near part of the north carolina coast. and then there's that right turn we've been talking about for days. then there's the loop we've been talking for a few days, although it continues to weaken as it heads back toward the bahamas or maybe even florida. a lot of rain in florida. but a lot more rain in south and north carolina coming up. so there's a lot more damage to come. beautiful weather today, 77 degrees in philadelphia, lehigh
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valley, just beautiful. you have some moisture starting to build up from the south. wove a cold front coming in from the west. that's going to add up to some showers. not so much first thing during the day, but as we go through the afternoon, you can see the rain pick up and getting a little bit heavier tomorrow night. some of the latest computer guidance. by sunday morning, it's lingering at the jersey shore while it's dry from philly north and west. so it's going to take quite a while to clear out. but at least we're not getting that stuff from matthew. and the weekend looks like this. saturday, a lot of clouds, with some showers. sunday, the only rain that we're predicting at the jersey shore, maybe some of the delaware beaches. >> okay, glenn. we're continuing to follow hurricane matthew from all angles this afternoon. >> coming up, we go live to hard hit daytona beach for a look at the conditions there right now. plus change of plans. what one couple had to do when
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it was pretty clear the storm was going to rain on their big day. also ahead, room for everyone. a trip to one hurricane shelter that sticks out among the rest. and who needs ice? a first for the flyers. we'll tell you the reason they did it. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street. stocks closing lower today after a weaker than expected jobs report.
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of course it's not just people who need shelter from hurricane matthew. some furry and feathered friends also found a place to stay during the storm in palm beach county, florida. the west boynton beach recreation center. aww. they opened their doors to anyone needing shelter including not just that cat but a chicken,
4:25 pm
cats, dogs, and two flying squirrels. hundreds of people are willials staying there. the storm is responsible for at least one couple getting hitched earlier. they were supposed to get married today but moved the ceremony up 24 hours because of hurricane matthew. they're both firefighters, so they've delayed their honey moon to stay home and help with first responders. >> that's plan b big time. the hurricane continues to unleash its fury on the florida coast this afternoon. >> new video in from daytona beach. as you can see, streets are empty. winds are whipping. the rains continue to fall. we'll check in with a reporter braving the elements, straight ahead. now more than 1 million without power in florida. the worst may be to come in some other states. i'm tracking matthew's latest movements. plus the potential for rain in our area this weekend.
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questioning seth williams. the latest installment in our investigative series. williams already has competition in his reelection bid for district attorney of philadelphia. and the primary isn't until the spring. williams is seeking a third term in office. unlike last time, he will not run unopposed by another democrat. >> joe khan is vowing to do away with gifts in the wake of questions williams has received while serving the people of philadelphia. >> as district attorney, i will not accept any gifts. i won't take a cup of coffee from an attorney who has business before the da's office. >> reporter: joe khan is taking aim at district seth williams
4:30 pm
and his late reporting of tens of thousands of dollars in gifts. some of the gifts are from defense attorneys, described as friends, who could have regular contact with the da's office. khan, a democrat, is the first declared challenger to williams' reelection bid. >> it's not just important for the district attorney to do what's right, but for there to be a perception that the district attorney is doing what's right, that the district attorney avoids even the appearance of impropriety. it's shocking that when district attorney seth williams was given a chance to defend and explain his behavior, he simply said he was doing what was allowed by the law. >> reporter: khan is talking about questions i asked the da last month when i cut up with him at a public event. >> i want to assure everyone that known got anything and no one asked anything from me as district attorney. i've put into place measures to make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: does that mean you'll adopt a bright line rule, no gifts period, no gifts from friends moving forward, as some
4:31 pm
of your predecessors have done? >> well, you know, nothing i did was illegal. i accepted gifts from friends. >> reporter: i think it's the view of impropriety or conflict of interest, or the perception of it. >> again, no one asked for anything, no one got anything for any of these gifts. >> reporter: khan, who has been an assistant district attorney in philadelphia and more recently a federal prosecutor, is calling for stricter state laws that would not allow public officials to receive gifts from friends. a bill on gift reform is already pending in harrisburg. >> reporter: your experience has been in political corruption. has seth williams done anything illegal? >> i think he needs to answer that question. >> reporter: i reached out to a campaign representative for seth williams who declined my request for an interview. a spokesperson in the da's office has turned down dozens of requests to schedule a sit-down
4:32 pm
interview. khan insists he'll make changes. what would you do differently to be more transparent, so that the public could see what's going on behind closed doors? >> the idea that the district attorney was unaware of his obligation to report gifts that he received over the course of several years is laughable. >> the primary race for the district attorney of philadelphia is not until next year, as we mentioned, on may 16th. back to tracking hurricane matthew. the category 3 storm making its way up the florida coast, threatening a large part of the south. matthew has already slammed parts of florida, toppling trees on homes and leaving a million people in the dark. places like jacksonville, florida, and georgia are in danger. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back. >> glenn, fill us in. >> it's moving in the general
4:33 pm
direction of south carolina. georgia is kind of tucked in back to the west. but they are suffering from a pretty impressive storm surge at this time. just to give you an idea of the size, we still have rain down south of daytona beach all the way into north carolina. it's 330 miles worth of rain. and even more than that. this is the strongest part of the storm. that's the eyewall. that's where the 115 miles an hour winds are. we still have an incredibly strong northeast wind. look at these bands of heavy rain coming right into the jacksonville area. they are getting slammed. and the eye is only 40 miles offshore here. and when it was near the cape, it was 25 to 30 miles offshore. that's how close it's come to making landfall. but this part of the eyewall right north of the eye is
4:34 pm
actually stronger than it was over the last several hours. so i have to keep an eye on that. here is the futurecast. you can see how the heavy rain and part of that eyewall comes up toward the south carolina coast. so they're going to get raked. this is later tonight and into tomorrow morning. and the center of the storm is going to come very, very close to the south carolina coast. it needs to make a sharp right turn to prevent a landfall there. charleston is kind of a vulnerable, low-lying city. and with the wrong type of track, you're going to get water going right up the river and causing a lot of problems even in the city itself. 115 miles an hour max winds at the last report. winds are moving north at 12 miles an hour. that movement is critical. it needs to start moving to the northeast and getting that turn. the hurricane-force winds right
4:35 pm
near the coast now at jacksonville. as we go through the night tonight, it spreads through the georgia coast, then all through the south carolina coast. and then into the north carolina coast. hundreds and hundreds of miles of hurricane-force winds on the way. and nbc's sarah rosario is live for us in daytona beach. it looks like things have quieted down for them. >> reporter: yes, jim, we saw the worst of the storm passing through the area, three miles off the coast of daytona. up to 60-mile-per-hour gusts. things got dicey here, lots of people concerned with what we saw, lots of debris flying all over the area. we are still getting sporadic wind gusts as the day progression. you can look at some of the damage we see. this tree was uprooted, you see
4:36 pm
it laying on its side. you can see the debris across the parking lot there. as we head to this building, you can see there's some aluminum siding over the windows there. take a look at that roof, it was blown away by hurricane matthew early this morning. and part of it is still laying in the street there. other debris piled up along that building as well. you see people are driving past us right now, when there is a curfew in effect. it went into effect at midnight and it goes through tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. so people are being advised to stay off the roads mainly for their safety. there was great concern that the storm would linger here longer, and with all the flying debris we saw this morning, local authorities wanted to make sure everyone stayed safe. people stayed in shelters overnight, 4,000 people stayed in the she did thlters. now people are breathing a sigh of relief now that the storm is moving northward. they're starting to assess the
4:37 pm
damage. we'll be here through the day to see what kind of damage there is and keep you updated with reports here in daytona beach. we also have some storm surge on the beach itself. sarah rosario, live on daytona beach. jim, back to you. >> we appreciate it, sarah, stay safe. >> stay with nbc 10 news and the nbc 10 app. you can track the path of hurricane matthew. the free download gets you severe weather alerts and your first alert neighborhood forecast. coming up next, a first for the flyers. the team's unique playing surface today and the reason they chose this particular venue.
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philadelphia flyers alumni took on the crew of the "uss john p. murtha" for hockey. they played on the more than 600-foot-long ship deck, one of several fun things going on all
4:41 pm
week to commemorate the navy's newest ship. looks like a lot of fun. live picture from penn's landing where the "uss murtha" is docked. the ship can carry close to 700 troops with space for helicopters and other flying machines. it's going to call the port of san diego home. well, we're tracking matthew. and it continues to be pounding jacksonville with some record high levels in some of the rivers there. plus the rain that you could see this weekend, next. planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we have breaking news. george spencer is live in skyforce 10 over a crash on i-95. george, tell us where you are and what's happening. >> reporter: rosemarrosemary, t
4:45 pm
95 southbound approaching the gerard exit. you see a car in one of those middle lanes is stacked up, causing traffic to be stopped in that middle lane during the evening rush hour. people are having to change lanes and try to wiggle around this. apparently it just happened recently. no police on the scene yet. as we zoom out, and you're looking at up northbound at some of the delays that are building. again, these are the southbound lanes on i-95, near the gerard avenue exit, building delays for anyone who uses that route to get home on this friday evening. live in skyforce 10, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. hurricane matthew continues to move to the north. you can see there's a lot of u.s. land in that path, if it doesn't start making a right turn pretty soon. the outer eyewall, the strongest part of the storm, right around
4:46 pm
the eye itself, that managed to stay offshore for most of the night, across most of the state of florida. look how lows close it came, 200 miles off the coast. that's the only difference between getting 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts and getting over 100-mile-an-hour wind gusts. the northern eyewall now is right out here, here is jacksonville, the georgia coast. it's doing okay. savannah is right up there. if it keeps going north, it's going to run into land. and you don't need to see that, because you're going to get even worse storm surge flooding if that happens. now it looks like the new advisory has come in, 10 miles per hour. that makes it a category 2, the upper end of a category 2. moving north at 12 miles per hour. what we need to do is change the
4:47 pm
direction, not moving north. it's got to start moving northeast, as you see. even a northeast track could take it into landfall right over charleston, 105 miles an hour, a strong category 2. it could cause a lot more damage. then it makes a turn to the right, heads south of cape hatteras, and then does that weird loop right around and headed back towards the bahamas. but it's weaker by that time. or maybe just a depression. what do the spaghetti models say? how much uncertainty do we have, is that right turn going to happen? just about everything going out, then going down. many of the solutions coming right back to florida. so it's not coming up here. what's coming up here is some clouds, some rain, but not the
4:48 pm
hurricane. 77 now, lehigh valley. look at the beautiful skies again today. there are clouds moving up from the south, a front moving in from the west, that's going to combine and producer showers, not so much first thing this the morning, but as the day progress, probably more rain in delaware and new jersey than we're going to get in the lehigh valley. then potentially heavier rain near the shore, and into sunday morning it's going to maybe linger there for a while. and that's why i have rain in the forecast for a good bit of the day on sunday at the jersey shore while other areas i have clearing clouds in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. and as we go through the ten-day period, that may be the only time we get rain for a while. there are showers on saturday. the temperatures dropping. a lot of sunshine sunday, monday, tuesday.
4:49 pm
and them n we start to warm up little bit. look how dry it is, we could be dry all week, with the next chance of rain not coming until next weekend. >> a little bit of a break from matthew. >> okay. who needs confetti when you can celebrate your birthday in a highly of hey, jim? >> that's how i celebrate. >> a happy birthday to this birthday boy at the zoo. >> happy birthday. okay. taking a turn to hurricane matthew, four years after sandy struck the jersey shore. >> up next, the steps taken to prevent that kind of damage happening again.
4:50 pm
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at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. nbc 10 continuing to track hurricane matthew after ravaging parts of florida this morning. the storm is making the move north, as we saw from glenn a few moments ago, threatening more of florida and beyond. it's already caused extensive damage in places like palm beach county, being blamed for one american death. matthew's arrival comes four years after sandy decimating parts of the new jersey coastline. all this time later, the rebuilding continues at the shore. >> so much has changed from sandy. not just the buildings and beaches. >> nbc 10 jersey shore reporter
4:54 pm
ted greenberg looks at what's being done to better prepare for a storm like sandy if it ever comes again. >> reporter: after surviving sandy and the nearly four difficult years that followed, watching coverage of hurricane matthew is not easy for donald and june kulik. >> every time i see a hurricane or bad storm coming, i have a little anxiety. >> reporter: their ventnor home was swamped with two feet of water. >> it's been terrible. it's just constant waiting to be done. >> reporter: like many along the jersey shore, their house is now a lot higher than it was before sandy, providing protection from future storms. the kulicks raised theirs about seven feet. >> i feel that we're safer from of course the water, you know, the water surge. >> reporter: most new jersey beaches are more fortified now or soon will be. atlantic county's office of emergency preparedness has more supplies on hand than it did
4:55 pm
prior to the 2012 hurricane. >> these cots are ready to go out. >> reporter: and ready to roll, when it comes to these heavy duty military surplus trucks. the deputy director says sandy was a major wake-up call. they've strengthened agreements with local schools to help support emergency medical operations that were not in place before. >> we want to keep it in people's minds that they need to be ready for the next disaster. >> reporter: the kulicks are still recovering from the last one, as matthew continues to threaten millions in the southeast. >> i just know what we went through the past four years. i don't waste it on anybody. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> a long road back for some people. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's keith jones. next at 5:00, breaking news involving donald trump. what he was caught saying about women and how the presidential
4:56 pm
candidate is responding. plus the first alert weather team is tracking the latest on hurricane matthew. sheena? >> that's right, hurricane matthew now a category 2 hurricane. but still bringing a lot of rain and wind to parts of florida, now georgia and south carolina. i'll show you the updated track and we'll talk about rain here this weekend, next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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water rushing in. tonight, hurricane matthew is still hammering the coast of florida. and now states to the north are in its path. what happened that night? police are revealing new details about the alleged arson that killed two wilmington firefighters. fill up and pay up. new jersey leaders finally agreed on a gas tax increase. see when it will hit your walt. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. we're talking about water and wind. people in florida have seen a lot of both today as hurricane matthew continues to pound the coast. the storm is starting to weaken but could still do a lot of damage as it moves closer to south carolina. >> the deadly storm is heading north after slamming part of florida's east coast this morning. more than a million people are without power in the state. one death has been reported in florida so far. president obama has declared a state of emergency in north
5:00 pm
carolina. that happened just a short time ago. he's already done the same for florida, georgia, and south carolina. let's go straight to nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, you are closely watching matthew's track. >> right, and even though the maximum wind speed has gone down, we've gone from a 115 miles an hour category 3 to a 110 miles an hour category 2. there's really not much difference in a five miles per hour storm. to our north is south carolina and north carolina. this thing better start moving and turning or else it's going to hit land. we've got well over 300 miles' worth of rain, most of it on the north side of this storm. this is the strongest part. the eyewall, this is the area surrounding the eye. this is the


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