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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 9, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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the 13 yard line. >> cris: adams, an interesting guy, sixth rounder. he was a basketball player that ran. long and lanky. only eight snaps. but because of that injury to larry donnell, taking advantage. >> al: first down at the 13 yard line. 3:30 to play. >> cris: looks like odell beckham in one-on-one coverage. but really not in that safety help. >> al: in the mid. perkins down to the 6 yard line. 5'11", 208-pound rookie. jordy nelson, and the clock, ticking down to three minutes. second down and five. >> cris: you wonder what the rookies in the game right now know, as far as the audible system is concerned. three key rookies in there. >> al: manning. buying time. fires to the back. on the end zone.
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touchdown. what a grab by beckham. throw is high. thought he threw it over his head when it left manning's hands. odell goes up. made the catch. did he get both feet in is the question. >> cris: the referee had as good a look as anybody. oh, man. he didn't put his heel on the ground, did he. >> referee: the ruling on the field -- >> cris: did the toe go down without the heel. if the heel didn't touch, that toe doesn't count. if the heel touches, he would be out of bounds. >> al: is his right toe down completely in bounds before the heel is down? but the heel is clearly on the white. >> cris: you can see, he was desperately trying to keep the heel off the ground.
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i talked about it earlier, a lot of plays that just stand. is there enough to overturn the ball of a touchdown on the field. the back cleat is off the ground. i don't think they're going to overturn it. what do you think? >> al: i think -- i think they can overturn it. i just think they're going to look at this and think that his foot was on the boundary. >> cris: all right. >> al: but i'm like 55/45 on this. >> cris: we'll see. this official is looking at the foot. if the front part is on the white, definitely out of bounds. i can't -- pretty darn clever stuff from odell. whether it counts or not. >> al: great play. great catch. he's looking up at it. that might not be enough to overturn.
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the official is right there. nothing conclusive down the line. that's as close as you're going to get. the ref is right there. at the moment, i'm going to say it's going to stand now. i don't see anything conclusive to overturn it what the official just saw. i think that's the back judge. the back judge had a bird's eye look at that baby. >> referee: the ruling on the field stands. it is a touchdown. there is no clear shot. it is clear and obvious that the foot was out of bounds. >> cris: i said it before. i'm not coming off of it now. i like what they're doing with that. if it's obvious, change it. if not, let them play. it's the ball game now. >> al: the guy is right there. you talk about great officiating
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on the field. you can't -- that's classic. >> cris: that's the best one of the whole year so far. of course, odell beckham, lost the battle with the kicking net. took one in the chops. comes back and gives it a kiss. there we go. all even now, kicking net. >> al: that's his buddy. >> cris: that's great. >> al: beckham, five catches, 56 yards. and brown for the extra point. so, beckham, finally gets his first touchdown of the season. >> cris: let's watch the route and take a good, solid look at this one. ha ha clinton-dix tried to pick him up and get him in the back of the end zone. gets it. but to have the presence of mind to not let that heel get on the ground -- i mean, it's just
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clever football. clever football. and eli is going to take a shot at the tail end of that one. he knew his guy was a leaper. a one-hander. and all those things. just give him a chance. >> al: nick perry, able to knock them down. just smile. he was able to do so there. they have a chance to smile again, is the question? the giants to the online kick here with 2:54. oh. >> cris: you know -- >> al: classic. >> cris: there's so much pressure in this game, you have to be able to laugh every once in a while. >> al: the time-out, we mentioned before, when they had to use it on the challenge, could now come back to be an issue. have two time-outs. you have the two-minute warning. they have to guard against the onside kick. and we'll see what josh brown has in mind. >> cris: not a pure hands team
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situation. there you go. >> al: that is booted down to about the 12 yard line. and you have montgomery who is going to run it out to the 35 yard line. now, aaron rodgers, is going to go to work. the green bay packers -- they won't have to travel for a month and a half. this is the second of four home games. they don't have a road game until the end of the month. the giants, meanwhile, will go home for four of the next five. and the only road game, a neutral site game in london against the rams. some interesting stuff coming up. >> cris: it is. and the nfc east, which had become that division, that efshl made a lilt fun of or whatever. but the young players, the two rookie quarterbacks in that division, becoming competitive and coming into today. they had the best overall record in football, that division. >> al: the washington redskins started out 0-2. they won three in a row.
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knocked off baltimore today. the giants, 2-2, coming in. and the packers trying to go to 3-1, and trying to keep pace with minnesota, 5-0. from the 35 now. work on the clock here. starks goes to the outside. and he'll get taken down at the 32 yard line. that's a loss right there. vernon, makes the tackle. and the giants will use a time-out. one remaining, plus the two-minute warning. >> cris: we talked about the lack of pressure. there has been excellent play from everybody playing outside linebacker or defensive end, when it comes to run thing game tonight. i've seen one mistake all evening. it has been almost impossible to get out on the edge. so, even though they don't pile up the sack numbers quite yet, vernon and jason pierre-paul, certainly doing the job in the
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run game. >> al: odell, rubbing his hands in anticipation of getting one more shot. the giants defense has to do its job. second down and 13 at the 32 yard line. >> cris: you have arguably the best quarterback in football here. but you almost have to run to force them to burn that last time-out. if you opt to throw on third down, that could stop it again. >> al: rodgers, off to starks. he loses the ball. the ball came out. to the 35 yard line. big scrum. bulaga thinks he has it. but the giants feel, at least adams does -- >> cris: i'm not sure he ever really had that ball. that was the strangest looking thing. he turned around. it just never settled into his body. >> al: green bay will wind up with the ball. >> cris: this is bizarre. >> al: and hochuli says wind the
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clock, as well. >> cris: watch the football here. he's going to turn. and it just flies out. almost winds up in kelvin sheppard's arms. he can't hold on to it. >> cris: the new york giants, if all they've done, and sheppard could have come up with that one. >> al: the clock is running. mcadoo says time-out. and the clock, a couple more seconds. >> referee: that's the third and final time-out. >> al: mcadoo is saying, put the seconds back on the clock. go back to 2:28, 2:29. even better. 2:30. >> cris: that's right. they had to unpile and figure out who had the ball. so, they didn't start the play clock at that point. so, the time-out was properly taken.
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but here we are, back down to that -- i think they called that incomplete, right? now, it will be third and ten. now, decision time, as far as throwing the ball. >> al: i think they're going to give him the catch on that. a two-yard catch. >> cris: ball recovered two yards back on the line of scrimmage. >> al: take it down to the 35 yard line. >> cris: they lost yardage on third down. that's right. >> al: now, third and ten. giants must get a stop here. two-minute warning. and rodgers will swing it to the outside. that's going to be a big first down for randall cobb. who pays the price, takes a shot. but takes the ball out to the 48 yard line, on top of it, he stays inbounds, that's going to take us to the two-minute warning after the injury time-out, hit by landon collins.
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>> cris: three of the biggest plays in this game, have come from randall cobb. no question about it. here we go. just going to make that kind of a move. and think of the one where he broke the tackles before. anybody want to doubt randall cobb right now? he has delivered every big play for aaron rodgers. and he took a shot to the head from landon collins. >> al: did the ball come out. it goes down. >> cris: i think the tip hit before anything happened anyway. >> al: he goes off the field. they wind the clock. that's going to take us to the two-minute warning. that's a first down. and the giants are out of time-outs. so, it's been a huge struggle, with green bay on the cusp of
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going to 3-1. 23-16, green bay. ♪ oh sunday night
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♪ oh, sunday night oh, sunday night ♪ >> al: that's next week. colts and texans. volkswagen postgame report, coming up. michele on the field. stars of the game. look ahead to next sunday's match-up in houston, colts/texans, coming up after the game. so, green bay right now, can
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take a couple kneeldowns. and go out to 3-1. nfl game pass, you can watch the games you missed with condensed game in 45 minutes, the full broadcast versions. so, the giants who started off with a win in dallas on opening day, will eke one out over new orleans, only to lose a fourth quarter lead over washington. went to minnesota last week. you know what happened there. so, it has not been a very pleasant two trips to the upper midwest for beckham tonight. no extra stuff, really. >> cris: a little extra love for the net. >> al: for the net.
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nothing, insidious, though. he didn't have to wind up in dr. ruth's chair next week. everybody else in the world was weighing in. >> cris: randall cobb, a great night. really key plays. and for aaron rodgers, we were tracking it all night. an average of 3.33 seconds per pass. an incredible amount of time to throw. and the ability of aaron rodgers to buy that time, in many ways, was the difference in the game. >> al: aaron, barely over 50%, that's odd. gets a hug from ben mcadoo. the two work together so closely. over the years. mike mccarthy, of course, hiring ben into this job. and the first confrontation ends with a green bay win. volkswagen postgame report, coming up on the other side of the break.
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welcome to the "volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." here's mike tirico. >> the green bay packers improve to 3-1, as they survive a late surge by the giants to win 23-16. the pack had a little more out there, in terms of finishing and getting the ball into the end zone. before the second-straight game,
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the packers see the opponents get within seven points and green bay doesn't let them get the ball back. they solved the game late. game balls for this one, goes to the guys up front. you see the faces on the four. david bakhtiari, part of that no-sack great time unit for the packers' "o" line. and a sack apiece for the defensive line, nick perry and clay matthews. all three get game balls and the chance to visit with michele tafoya. >> michele: mike davis, aaron rodgers had all kinds of times to let plays develop tonight. how were you able to keep him so clean? >> out there playing my game. it's the other guys out there. we're a unit. all five of us out there. on the same page. aaron is getting the ball out. and we're in sync. it's tough to stop us. and tough to get aaron. >> michele: the run game got going before lacy got hurt. why was that successful tonight? >> we came out.
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this was the sunday night game. i mean, eddie ran his ass off. i'm proud of him. >> michele: a night like tonight, when you have to be a factor in a grind-it-out game, what does it mean to you and the offensive linemen? >> we were able the come out and execute. >> michele: congratulations. let's turn to clay matthews. you were really able to get to eli, on a night when coach told me, we need to keep the pocket clean. they couldn't. why not? >> he does a great job of getting rid of the ball and avoiding the pass rush. you look at the guys we have, and we can rotate guys in and out of the game, which makes us so dangerous. everybody possesses their skill set to get after the quarterback. that's what we did tonight. >> and the run game continues to be so productive. what's different? >> i feel like it's an attitude. our front four, we can compete with everybody in the league.
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we take pride in that. with the run, we can get after the quarterback. >> congrats on the win. >> thank you. >> let's turn to nick perry. a night when the defense hasn't come to play. the offense wasn't as explosive. what was the mindset of your unit, knowing you had to do some extra? >> winning the one-on-one battles. every opportunity, we wanted to make it count. stopping the run, making them one-dimensional. getting after the quarterback. hoping he holds the ball. and took care of himself out here tonight. >> you are off to one heck of a start for your season. outside of being really healthy, what do you attribute that to? >> just hard work and dedication. just knowing that every opportunity counts. and you know, i'm just putting my best foot forward. >> congrats on the win. mike? >> all right, michele. dak prescott and the dallas cowboys come in to play the packers sunday afternoon. let's bring in tony dungy. mentioned the cowboys.
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here are the giants in the bottom of the division, 2-3. what do they need to do to keep pace here in the east, before the hole gets too big? >> two things we saw tonight, mike. number one, they had trouble running the football. i think that will come around when some of the backs get healthy. but the biggest problem i see, is on the defensive side. they have not been able to get pressure on the passer. aaron rodgers, 45 dropbacks tonight. he was only touched three times. and too often, it was like this. too much time to throw the football. the giants have a lot of money invested in olivier vernon and jason pierre-paul. those guys have to step up if they're going to get back in the eastern division race. >> absolutely. rodgers had all that time. 43 yards. rashard jennings told me, he thinks he is close. should be ready for next week. we'll see if that turns the fortunes around. let's bring in mike florio of
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speaking of the nfc east, tony jones says tony romo will be the guy when he gets back healthy. dak prescott has been shot. the mri coming on monday. the fracture to the vertebrae. and the expectation has been week eight, "sunday night football" against the eagles. that's when tony romo will be ready to go. but many of cowboys fans think that he should ride the hot hand with dak prescott. >> denver lost to atlanta. a quick turnaround. they play at san diego on thursday. and they have several issues to get figured out, starting with the head coach. >> yeah. came up tonight after the game. after he had completed all of the postgame media obligations, began to feel lethargic and ill. taken to the hospital for evaluation. in large part because of the incident he had three years ago,
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when he was head coach to the houston texans. want to make sure it's not related to the stroke he suffered in 2013. with the short week and the quarterback issue that resulted in paxton lynch starting today, trevor siemian and the left shoulder injury that kept him out of today's game. the thinking that he was close to playing, but they wanted to give him a few extra days to heal. they went with paxton lynch. he was every part the rookie quarterback. and look for trevor siemian to be ready to go. >> the chargers have had the lead in the second half of every one of their games. vikings are undefeated. kyle rudolph will be the guest with mike tomorrow morning. followed by "the dan patrick show." al and cris back to wrap this up from lambeau in a moment. alright, did you know i was the mommy slam dunk champion? really? yes, really! don't sound so surprised. let's see it! -oh you're ready. alright, here we go. let's hear the crowd. ahhhh! i go to the right. i go to the left. fake 'em out. mama go up, up, up!
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welcome back to the postgame report. >> he gets loose. and scores. and the vikings are blowing out the houston texans. >> going to throw one deep downfield. t.y. hilton, another great catch. and the colts retake the lead. >> next week, to houston we go, where they ran into the minnesota buzzsaw. big win for indy. 1-3, going in. everybody talking about andrew luck. they surrounded him with enough of the right guys. we'll take a first hand look next week. >> he has all of the skills. we've seen that plenty of times. he did not have a particularly good year last year. and i think today may be one of those games that hit the big game-winner to t.y. hilton at the end. gets them jump-started. that division is wide-open. >> anybody can win that division right now. on to houston we go. see you there next week. >> all right, buddy. >> on "sunday night football."
11:58 pm
our final score, green bay wins it by a score of 23-16, as the packers, now, go to 3-1. two more home games for them before they go out on the road. and the giants now, 2-3. we'll see you next week. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. the whole gang saying good night from green bay. see you next sunday. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league. ♪ cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato
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or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> clash of the canned dates. donald trump and hillary clinton face off in a debate dripping approximate tension. making lewd comments about women. >> fireworks off the debate stage before the battle officially started. donald trump took on bill clinton appearing with women who accused him of sexual misconduct. >> a windy start to the workweek. the breeze is blowing live on the camera. what to expect as you head out minute morning. >> he bragged that you sexually assaulted women. do you understand that? >> i'm very embarrassed by it, i hate it, but it's locker room talk. it's one of those things. i will knock the hell out of isis. >> have you done those things? >> no, i have not.
12:02 am
>> it's clear to anyone who heard it, it represents exactly who he is. >> things got personal between hillary clinton and donald trump in the second presidential debate, much focusing on sexual misconduct days after a decade old tape with donald trump bragging about groping women. the tension started before the debate began with donald trump joined by the women who accused them of sexual misconduct. no charges have been filed against the former president. with the debate battle, we begin live at washington university in st. louis. that debate turned ugly fast. >> reporter: this was not one that stayed above the fray. what had people buzzing here in the spin room was not a big statement made on the stage, but something that started before they even entered the hall tonight and that was donald trump deciding to bring the
12:03 am
women you mentioned into that hall. temporarily taking the focus off of the case that caused him so much trouble. the second debate took on a different tone from the start with no hand shake between the candidates who took on a town hall style format with questions coming from the audience and social media. >> she has bad judgment. >> he needs to take responsibility. >> they're addressed an audio recording of donald trump speaking in lewd terms about women. >> this was locker room talk. i am not proud of it and i apologized to my family and the american people. >> what he thinks about women and what he does to women. >> trump made allegations about the behavior of bill clinton at issue during the debate. women who accused him of sexual harassment and worse sitting in the front row. >> what are president clinton did, he was impeach and lost his list to practice law.
12:04 am
>> when they go low, you go high. >> it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> the e-mail controversy brought questions. >> that was a mistake and i take responsibility for using a personal e-mail account. >> you think it was fine to delete 33,000 e-mails? >> he acknowledged not paying income taxes as they spoke about how they would implement new tax plans. >> she is raising your taxes really high. what that's going to do is a disaster. >> people who like donald pays in texts and zero for health and education, that is wrong. >> clinton e-mailed muslim relations and all that emerged. >> hundreds of thousands of
12:05 am
people coming in from syria that we know nothing about. >> it is important for us as a policy not to say as donald said, we will ban people based on a religion. >> they did not talk policy tonight talking about obamacare with donald trump calling a total disaster and saying it will never work. clinton vowing to fix it. things got personal again and again at one point even getting into the question of whether hillary clinton and michelle obama are friends. denise? star. >> what was the talk in the spin room like after the debate? >> it was pretty rough and tumble in here tonight. both sides had spoken and talked about the women who were brought in and talking about the tape that donald trump was heard on, trying to spin things in their


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