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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him ...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. trump's turmoil. late tonight, a new set of allegations from women saying the candidate groped them. how the campaign is responding to this new controversy. lotions and lozenges. the local star that's selling
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marijuana in a new way. hart of a champion. comedian kevin hart returns to philly and answers this question. who's bigger? kevin hart or carson wentz? >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. new at 11:00, donald trump accused of groping women. multiple accusers come forward saying the presidential nominee touched them inappropriately. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. some of the allegations date back 30 years, but the news broke just hours ago. we have a lot of election news developing tonight, so we are bringing you live team coverage. we begin with nbc10 national correspondent brian moore live in washington. brian. >> reporter: jacqueline, for donald trump, this is just the latest in a series of october surprises.
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♪ >> reporter: tonight, donald trump's campaign is fighting back against a "new york times" story in which two women claim he inappropriately touched them years ago. >> he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. >> reporter: ses ya leed says trump groped her on a plane 35 years ago. >> when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it. that was it. >> reporter: a second woman, rachel crooks tells the times trump kissed her on the mouth without permission. nbc news has not spoken with the women about their allegations. a trump spokesman says this entire article is fiction and for "the new york times" to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against mr. trump on a topic like this is dangerous. to reach back decades in an attempt to smear mr. trump trivializes sexual assault and sets a new low for where the media is willing to go in its efforts to determine this election. but it's trump's own words, taped comments about grabbing
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and kissing women, that have hurt him with the voters he needs most. >> every place i go, i see hundreds of women for trump, and then i see a poll. he is not doing well with women. i don't know. i don't get it. >> reporter: a flurry of new claims are putting the republican nominee on defense and in an unflattering light. hillary clinton just minutes ago wrapped up a rally in las vegas. no direct reference to this times report, but her campaign is saying that it fits a pattern of trump's treatment of women. live on capitol hill in washington, brian mooar, nbc10 news. tonight, new footage has surfaced with donald trump appearing to make a controversial comment about a young girl. listen. >> thursday night, you going up the escalator? >> yes. >> i'm going to be dating her in ten years. >> you heard trump say he would be dating her in ten years. it's unclear to whom trump is
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speaking in the video, but cbs news says trump was talking to a young girl. cbs news says the video was shot in 1992 for entertainment tonight. we reached out to the trump campaign late this evening but have not received a response. but i just hear such reports about philadelphia, and we have to make sure we're protected. >> that was trump campaigning in willsing bury. tonight some republicans are mobilizing as poll watchers saying they're trying to prevent voter fraund. aundrea cline-thomas is live at city hall. aundrea, there are claims this could discourage legitimate voters from going to the polls. >> reporter: discouraging the vote by undermining the process according to a watchdog group. those who are answering the call to become poll watchers, you cannot just show up on election day. there is a process that's organized through the political parties.
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during a stop in pillings bury donald trump expressed concerns about voter fraud in philadelphia. >> i hear these horror shows, and we have to make sure this election is not stolen from us. >> reporter: voting irregularities in 2012 and the prospective kulgs of election officials just last year. >> i think the statements that the trump campaign have made about voter fraud are inflammatory and irresponsible. >> reporter: the committee of 70 is an independent watchdog group that works to protect and improve the voting process. candidates and political parties are identifying and certifying poll watchers to report any concerns they witness. all in an effort to address concerns trump raises. >> i'm very afraid that in planting this message, they're sowing seeds of anxiety and paranoia that is not deserved. >> philadelphia, we know he's going to lose that area. it's really going to come down to chester county.
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>> reporter: these republicans were told trump was expected to lose philadelphia. their strategy is to get out the vote in large numbers in the suburbs to counteract the possible outcome in the city. >> trump support in the t of the state is strong. if we can manage those power counties with the vote to help with the heavy philadelphia democrat vote, i think donald trump has a good chance of taking pennsylvania. >> reporter: now, the philadelphia gop has already identified a number of poll watchers. they say interest always increases during gubernatorial and presidential elections. reporting live in center city, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc10 news. republicans are making a hard push for pennsylvania, and tomorrow two of donald trump's top surrogates are coming to our area. trump's running mate, mike pence, will make two stops in the lehigh valley. he'll speak at a gop event in orrfield before speaking at a republican dinner in bethlehem. meanwhile trump's daughter will campaign in the philadelphia
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suburbs. ivanka trump will holds events, and has played a high profile role as her father reaches out to female voters. the third and final presidential debate is now just a week away. it will take place at the university of nevada in las vegas. nbc10's lauren mayk will be following it all and will have live reports beginning next week from vegas. and how will the battle for social equality affect the race for the white house? went to temple university to find out. social justice issues like police brutality and the minimum wage are the second most important issues for millennial voters this election. the most important, the economy. watch the latest installment of the battleground brothers right now on and the nbc10 app. new at 11:00, the search for answers tonight after a fire destroys a home in newark, delaware. skyforce10 over the scene of the blaze on crossan road.
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fire officials say the home is a total loss. you can see crews working to battle the massive fireball. investigators still don't know what started the fire. fortunately, no one was injured. now, new at 11:00, you've heard of marijuana cigarettes, but what about lozenges or lotion? well, these new products are now available with a prescription in belmar. >> these are game changers. this is a new form of dispensing medical marijuana. >> reporter: oils, lotion, and lozenges infused with cannabis, all now being sold at compassionate site as atc, a medical marijuana dispensary in camden county. up until last month, you could only get it in flower form. >> topicals are applied to the skin. lotions can be applied to the skin, and the lozenges now can be placed inside the mouth. >> reporter: executive director
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george sill ov ski says it takes about 10 to 30 minutes for the lozenge to kick in. >> it's not that you can get high, but the symptoms from your qualifying condition will be mitigated. >> reporter: the products can produce long-lasting relief for patients suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments. but without the same effects experienced with inhaling or ingesting. >> and your body will absorb it in different ways. for example, if you're being nauseous, maybe you can't eat it. maybe you would need to either smoke it or rub it on your skin. >> reporter: compassionate sciences is one of six licensed dispensaries in new jersey. the company had to go through a two-year vetting process before it could start selling the lozenges. and if you think you can just pop in and buy some, think again. patients have to go through a pretty stringent review process too. >> the program is so strict, so regulated that the steps that you have to go through really deters anyone except for people
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that are truly sick and seeking an alternative. >> reporter: the direct over of the facility says medical marijuana is also becoming a viable option for doctors pushing patients away from opioids. it's been nearly a week since hurricane matthew slammed the southeastern u.s., and the death toll continues to rise. as of tonight, officials say 39 people have been killed in five states as the result of this storm. more than half of those in north carolina, where 20 have been confirmed dead. evacuation orders remain in effect in several counties across that state. officials estimate the losses in the $10 billion range. plans for a new apartment complex on the same jeweler's row aren't sitting well with some people. the toll brothers company has been given the okay to build a new 16-story, 80-unit housing complex near 7th street. the project calls for six buildings to be demolished to make way for the new luxury
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condos. jewelers on both sides of the plan weighed in today. >> this whole area has been dying. at night we have no police protection. i've been burglarized twice in the past two years. i think it's a great idea. >> if you're not a diamond kurtkur cutter, you're nothing. >> preservationists have collected thousands of signatures for a petition against the project. mayor kenney says toll brothers has the necessary permits to allow it to move forward. attacked in their own home. new video showing the moment two men robbed a family at gunpoint. why the victims say it is a troubling trend. erie avenue's own. comedian kevin hart returning to philly for what now, the big movie premiere. hear what he thinks about not only philadelphia but carson wentz. got to do what you got to do.
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and a story you've got to see. the man who has made it his mission to change his community in a way no one else will. and we have some showers heading our way. i'll show you which neighborhoods can expect them for your thursday. that's coming up next.
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now a follow up to a story we brought you last night at 11:00. we are getting our first look here at the moment two men broke into a home on oxford circle and robbed a family at gunpoint. this is surveillance video of that incident. the homeowner says she was sitting on the couch waiting for her husband to come out of the kitchen when the men stormed in. the victim, who did not wish to be identified, says when she screamed, her husband came running, and that's when one of the suspects got physical. >> the first guy, he had put the gun to my husband's neck, and he told us if y'all don't stop, if
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y'all don't be quiet, i'm going to shoot both of you. >> no arrests have been made. the homeowner says it's one of many home invasions that have taken place recently in that neighborhood. embattled wells fargo's ceo john stumpf is stepping down effective immediately. the move comes amid a growing scandal and uproar at wells fargo. company employees created millions of fake bank and credit card accounts over the years in order to reach sales goals. wells fargo says there's been no severance agreement tied to this retirement. new at 11:00, a surprise visit from a famous philadelphian. chances are you know his name and face. comedian kevin hart shocked his fans by showing up on the opening night of his new movie titled "what now." nbc10's keith jones caught up with him at the united artist river view plaza theater and talked with him about comedy, philly, and eagles rookie qb carson wentz.
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>> reporter: take a look at this lobby here behind me. a couple hours ago it was pandemonium as fans awaited the arrival of philly's native comedian. small in stature, big in personality. 53,000 fans caught comedian kevin hart who filmed the performance for his new movie, what now. he's physical. he's versatile. he's humble. so who is bigger in philadelphia right now, you or carson wentz? >> me or carson wentz? i'm going to give it to carson. carson is doing amazing things and i don't want to do anything to jinx eagles football because it's been a long time since we've had something to cheer about. >> reporter: the comedian is clearly proud of philly and the city embraces him. >> i want to get a picture with you. >> reporter: hart graduated from george washington high school. >> i try to appeal to everybody, and i think that's the beauty of comedy. comedy appeals to everyone regardless of who you are, what your race is, you laugh.
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as people, we all love to laugh. >> reporter: i learned firsthand he enjoys playing to everyone. i'm a huge fan of yours, and how is it that my mother is also a huge fan of yours? >> i got a great demographic. my demographic is from 17 to 88. >> reporter: and we saw them all tonight, flocking to theaters to watch "what now." keith jones, nbc10 news. be prepared to laugh. you can watch keith's entire interview with kevin hart on now to this. neighbors in one part of wilmington always wondered how their park stays so clean. well, now they know. meet mr. sunny. he's the guy who cleans hanes park for free every single day. the 62-year-old had a series of strokes a few years ago, and he says cleaning the park is therapeutic and gives him a sense of purpose each day. he believes his hard work has
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also caused others to be more careful with their trash and has made the park a safer place. >> i live across the street. if you drop paper, here i come. i don't care who it is, i'm coming to get the paper. when i do something, i want to do it right. mama always said, you're going to do something, you do it right. >> the city of wilmington did give mr. sunny his trash grabber tool, but he pays for the gas for his leaf blower. he takes his mission very seriously and says he doesn't plan on giving it up anytime soon. what a good man. well, hopefully the weather can stay nice for mr. sunny. sheena? >> you know it's going to be nice for most of the area for most of the day tomorrow, but for the morning hours, we'll still be on the cool side. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. allentown, 44 degrees. you'll notice more clouds moving in. wilmingt wilmington, 51. philadelphia, 5 degrees. we can see some areas of fog for the morning commute. that's the first headline. some areas of fog forming
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overnight tonight and around for the morning rush tomorrowment then we're going to be dealing with a little bit of rain. but in the meantime, those 70s will be back in the forecast tomorrow. the best chance, though, for any showers will be mostly in the lehigh valley as we go into tomorrow afternoon. now, there's a chance an isolated shower can move through the philadelphia area. chances are very low. here's a look at temperatures. we are going to be back in the 70s tomorrow. today we got 72 degrees. normal high, 69. tomorrow, 73. but tomorrow the rain that's coming for the lehigh valley is part of a cold front. so once it moves through, friday we drop down into the mid-60s again. by saturday, upper 60s. and by sunday, we're already warming back to around 70 degrees. right now, though, we are nice and dry. there's no rain around currently or in time for the morning commute. i think it's going to hold off. it's still far back to our west, and that's the cold front there. a lot of this rain is going to start to break up as it gets closer. 9:00 a.m., we're still dry.
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then right around lunch time and shortly after, we could have some scattered showers. that's the lehigh valley, poconos. a chance for the pennsylvania suburbs. then clearing out as we go into tomorrow evening. then we go to friday. friday looks nice. clouds are going to move away. it will be a little bit cooler but sunny. nice fall day. and for your saturday, that's 2:30 saturday afternoon, barely any clouds. no inrrain. tomorrow, the 70s are back. allentown, 69. scattered afternoon showers. i think more neighborhoods tomorrow will be in the low 70s than what we had today. 71 vor hees township. 72, long port. dover, 73 degrees tomorrow. then we go into friday. that's when we drop into the mid-60s. saturday, mid to supper 60s. by sunday, we're closer to 70 degrees and the stretch of 70s actually continues into next week. so once we hit sunday, we're just going to keep warming up. monday, 73. tuesday, 77. and we stay in the 70s for
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really most if not all of next week. stay tuned. we'll be right back. planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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katie v/she stays late.rd. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing.
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a special honor for a group of local civilian firefighters. the fire department handed out certificates to five men tonight. the men helped carry hoses to a barn fire back in august. the group has also been invited to take part in the bensalem fire company end of year banquet. having fun and getting fit were the name of the game in west philadelphia tonight. nbc10 was at malcolm x park for the first of several family fun fit nights. there was double dutch. i remember those days. hula hooping and soccer for everyone to enjoy. the event was sponsored by the global leadership academy southwest. sports is up next.
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do you own a plane? do you own a bank? pat toomey owned both. but it's the fact that toomey owns a seat in the u.s. senate that should really concern us.
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while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him ...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hi. the eagles back on the practice field today, though without flesher cox. he missed practice with an ankle injury. big v, he was on the practice field, and john clark has more on the rookie's big assignment. >> reporter: as you know, the eagles will be playing their next ten games without suspended offensive lineman lane johnson, and that's a huge loss. he's arguably been their best lineman so far this season. you can hear offensive line coach jeff stoutland yelling at the new right tackle. big v, or hal la puli vaty vie tie, the rookie out of tcu.
11:29 pm
the birds did not want to change two spots on the line. they like how alan barber is playing at left guard, so they left him there. big v is 6'6", 320 pounds, and the eagles feel he is ready. >> once i made the team and everything, makes me confident even more. >> next guy up, you know, go do your job. i think that's the approach we've all taken. everyone is helping him out, doing what we can. at the same time, we know he'll do his job. >> reporter: lane johnson has gone back home to oklahoma to rehab his elbow, and he may not play again this season. here's what coach doug pederson told him. >> obviously disappointed, and we all are accountable for our actions. you got to be smart with what you put in your body, and get it checked out. there's resources. >> reporter: the birds had an energetic and spirited practice coming off the loss. let's see if it translates sunday in washington. at the novacare complex, john
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clark, csn. nbc10 is taking you back to where it all began with carson wentz. john clark traveled with wentz to his home state of north dakota to give us a look into his early life. from wentz he came appears on nbc10 this friday night at 7:00. redskins wide receiver desean jackson on a conference call today was asked about entering free agency after this season and a possible return to philadelphia. listen to his response. >> besides being released by whoever released me, i mean, you know, that's different. but i guess he's not there no more. so never know how things will turn out. >> very interesting. that will do it for sports from csn. we're right back after this.
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. well, tomorrow, low 70s, and we've got some showers through the lehigh valley. areas of fog in the morning clearing as we go from friday into the weekend with a nice stretch of 70s coming up soon. >> it's so good. >> yeah. >> sheena, thanks. that's nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm jacqueline london. for sheena and all of us, thanks for watching. "the tonight show." have a great night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, dakota fanning,


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