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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, this is last week's. >> yeah >> hey, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. that is "thunder in the rain" by kc brown. >> beautiful. >> such a great musician. oh, we're talking about ally sheedy. i thought we were talking about barry gibb. they're both great. >> from classic films like the breakfast club and saint elmo's fire. it's great to see her. >> from the '80s to the '70s,
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barry gibb spent the decade jive talking with the bee gees. now he's back with a new album. he'll sing for us later. >> plus, two terrific women on the plaza. one who lost 55 pounds. the other who has a big event tonight with something to celebrate. >> oh, good. >> we're going to look at their befores and afters a little bit later on ambush makeovers. >> and we're going to start christmas shopping and be charitable at the same time. great gifts that give back. and she looks gorgeous today. >> she does. >> love that pink. >> so pretty. >> a big congrats to bob dylan. bob dylan got a big award this morning. the nobel prize in literature for having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. this is given to him after a lifetime of writing, brilliant writer. he's the first american, by the way, to win since tony morrison won back in '93. when you win a nobel prize, you get $900,000.
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i mean, that's a surprise. >> that's money we'll never see. >> no, indeed. >> all righty. apparently, we're going to hear a new song from barry in just a little bit but he was on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon last night. >> they did this sketch. if you like the electric company, you're going to like this. he called it silhouette singing with barry gibb celebrating words of fall, take a look. ♪ leaf pile jump into the leaf pile ♪ ♪ haunted hayride ♪ ♪ ha-ha-ha-ha haunted hayride haunted hayride ♪ ♪ pumpkin spice latte pumpkin spice latte yeah ♪ ♪ pumpkin spice latte yeah ♪ ♪ happy halloween
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>> so talented. >> by the way, first i was like, who's that with barry gibb. >> there's nothing jimmy can't do. >> i loved the electric company. memories. >> i missed -- what was i doing my entire life? >> you were working. >> i guess so. >> is your childhood home, the home you grew up, in still standing? >> it is still standing. not that old. it's not in the original form. it's much nicer home now than the one i grew up in. >> so they added on? >> they did all the things my mother and father would have loved to have done but couldn't afford so it's lovely now. >> what town? >> in buoy, maryland. i don't think the one in annapolis maryland where we lived before is still there. >> we grew up in morgantown, west virginia. i remember dogwood avenue was our street. >> you remember the address and everything. >> going up to the house, when you're a kid, it's like the most magical place. when you go as an adult, it's so funny how things change and
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everything seems smaller. i still remember scrambling up into my bedroom i shared with my sister and all those cool things. gwen stefani went to see her childhood home in anaheim, california. she posted the picture on snapchat. she wrote this, i'm at my house that i grew up at. there's my bedroom over there. >> how sweet is that? >> it's the one year anniversary i guess of blake and gwen. and so they sort of celebrated with her children and went to disneyland. >> how sweet are they, by the way, her kids? what a blast. gwen told "people" magazine even though this past year was challenging, it was one of the favorite things that has ever happened to her. congrats to those two. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> hoda doesn't mean that. she's being insincere. >> i was trying to be nice. we were talking about wedding gowns and do you remember sarah jessica parker when she got married, she wore the black wedding gown? >> yeah. >> well, she wore that when she got married in 1987 and she
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recently said now she regrets the choice and if she had that one to do over, she would do it differently. you know what they should do on one of their big anniversaries is just do it again and let her wear the dress she wished she'd worn. that would be fun. just create a whole new wedding picture too. >> that's a great one. >> remember the dress from "sex and the city," too? i loved that dress. >> i didn't like the hat. >> let's talk about unconventional bridal gowns. it was bridal fashion week in new york. some are interesting. this is one. it's a see-through. >> but it's pretty. >> wow, it's all the way see through, huh? i mean, like a body suit under. >> yeah. >> okay, this next one is a fringe look by nayim kaine. >> not crazy about that. >> how about wedding boots? >> joanne would do that. and she'd probably be sorry 20 years later. >> how about color? you want color. how about this one? >> oh, that's gorgeous, wow.
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that's by mark zuneno. >> how about a paint -- >> oh, pant dress. bridal gown. >> this is another joanne, by the same guy, mark sunino. >> those are nice, really sweet. >> you had a traditional wedding dress, your first one, with the high collar, remember? >> oh, it was horrible. i looked like, you know, little house on the prairie, very sad. very sad. in fact, so sad, i don't want to think about it. i'd rather actually do i6-hoda, that's how bad it was. when i would rather listen to that. >> i was waiting for bruno mars to come out with another song and he did. bruno mars. remember, uptown functik, he's another one and it is out. it's coupalled 24 carat magic. >> i saw the video of this. >> it's a good one, let's crank
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it. >> it starts off slow. ♪ i just want to take you higher ♪ you're like, what is this going to be? >> this is the part i like. >> get ready. ♪ let's set this party off right ♪ >> ready, are you ready? >> yes. >> enjoy this. ♪ up to the moon ♪ girls what ya'll trying to do ♪ >> so glad barry gibbs is on later. >> i like this. it's very like old school funk. ready? ♪ show time ♪ show time see, it's easy to learn. >> he spent a lot of time on the lyrics. >> bruno mars. check out the video. >> love him. >> another hit i would venture to guess. >> i was working yie ing yester the little studio in my house.
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there's this adorable kid. he is 13 years old. he was just in "finding neverland." came up to my house to be david, the little giant. >> in the musical. >> there he is with david. ♪ out in the desert eventually with the music behind it. i just wanted to do a shout-out to him. we can move on. the music's on in his head. >> talented kid. he's just what, 13? >> he's 13. carol lee carmelo is the one who told me to hire him. he's adorable. >> sweet kid. we can't wait till it's all done. >> you're going to be -- regis is playing jesse, the factor of david and all the brothers. he's come to the house tomorrow. >> he is? >> it's a star-studded affair. i got everybody cheap because they're my friends. >> if you're interested in any more of the music choices i choose, yes, bruno mars, just a
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reminder, i-hoda on apple music and sirius, i show a show there. >> okay, for the complete rule, go to klg & >> hi, ally. >> ally sheedy is going to tell us all about it. >> plus, two busy moms get to put their feet up for a few hours pampering. >> ambush makeovers.
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she was the hollywood it girl of the '80s who belonged to the famous cool kid club of actors known as the brat pack. >> she's ally sheedy. starring in of course the hit "the breakfast club" where she played the goth in the group of misfits in detention. then she and her friends faced life after college. it was the 1983 hit movie "war games" with matthew broderick that first got ally recognized for her big screen appeal. >> now in her new dark indy comedy "little sister" ally plays a mom who's a little bit mother earth and a little bit manic depressive. take a look. >> i'm a terrible disappointment
10:14 am
to you. that's the way it is, isn't it? you know what? that's life. i am a disappointment to you. and you are a disappointment to me. i just wish you would grow up a little and get over it already. >> i'm scared. get over it already. get over it already. that's what ally said. get over it. >> this is a remake of "rebecca of sunny brooks farm." i've been waiting for that. >> oh, dear. >> yes. >> you can see why you'd be attracted to the role. >> fun to play, right? >> so much fun, so much fun. i loved it. she's -- this woman is all over the place. it's beautifully written script and i loved it. >> did you say yes right away? >> yes, i said yes, yes, i read it and thought, oh, please, can i play this part. >> do you still audition for things or do they say let's see
10:15 am
if ally sheedy will say yes to this? >> it's actually a mixed bag. sometimes stuff comes in and sometimes they'll be something and i've got to really go out and try to get it. >> got to fight for it. like the old days. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> tell us about the the two kids in this film. >> what? >> tell us about your two kids in this film. >> all right. okay. i have -- this mom, joanie, has a son and a daughter. keith paulston plays the son. and her kids have -- her daughter has become a nun. and her son an iraq war hero who's been burned, you know, beyond recognition and she's just so disappointed in how these kids turned out. >> even the war hero? a nun? >> hugely disappointed. i have to deal with these kids for the rest of my life. couldn't they have done something meaningful. >> it's so crazy.
10:16 am
>> so it's a comedy too, it's a dark comedy. >> it's a dark comedy, yeah. >> you're also -- we were talking before the break, you're doing some teaching, too, right? >> i'm doing some teaching. i work with kids here in new york at la guardia high school. i work with the faculty there developing a film class. i teach there at least three times a week but usually more. and i also am teaching a class at a college. >> wow. >> that surprised me. people must love to be in your class. are they like, oh, my god, we're in ally sheedy's class? >> the first week, then after the first week, oh, god, why is she pushing me, why are we doing -- it wears off really quickly, yeah. >> did you study acting as a child? because sometimes people are just young and they're cast in something and then they just learn by doing. what was it for you? >> it was mixed. i was working. and then i was at usc. their bfa program.
10:17 am
i was working so much that i did not stay in school. and then later i found a teacher that i loved named harold guskin here in new york and i started studying with him for months and years one on one, in class. >> the hard part is finding a teacher that is so right because there's a lot of people out there doing it. >> it's the hard part. teaching is something -- i love my work but teaching just sort of opened up at this the particular point in my life and i didn't know i would love it so much. >> it's fantastic. >> yes. >> it's so fun to see you. it really is. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> i feel like i've known you since you were born. i sort of had. the film opens in new york and on all digital platforms tomorrow and expands to theaters throughout the country. >> bobbie pretty in pink. after this. i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive."
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october is breast cancer awareness month so today we've got a special edition of bobbie's buzz. here with some wonderful gifts that donate 100% of their proceeds to breast cancer research is "today" style editor bobbie thomas. >> i think it's really important if you're going to support the cause. a really unique find. these are really smart cheeky products for women undergoing breast cancer treatments. they have really kind of humorous fun sayings on their
10:22 am
items. sort of like you can take away my hair but you can't take away my lipstick. >> tissue pack says, some days are good and some day also you need a whole tissue. sweet. >> this really great find, it goes to rethink breast cancer. weight watchers has this fantastic journal called live life inspired. that's is up a great gift for yourself. to think about you are such a great fan of being grateful and writing that down every day you journal. and also sak's, every year, they do key to the cure. christian louboutin created the t-shirt this year. you can pick up a really fun stylist t-shirt for yourself while supporting the cause. >> great. >> and then next up we have precious pieces, jewelry. stella & dot is a fantastic company. >> they do a lot every year. >> they have some really precious rose gold pieces that are limited edition, so it's great because they're special. and this is a unique find, keep collective, where you can build your own bracelet with the
10:23 am
trinkets you slide on and they have some really fun designs. i think, hoda, you would love these. >> yeah, i love those. >> there's great pink stones and there's really something for everyone. i love this. again, 100% goes back. and next we have, you know, estee lauder's known for what they've done. they've given over $35 million back to the cause over the years. and what i like when i'm looking for something is you can also have a keepsake. so not only do you get this pink collection with the eye shadows, the blush and the lipstick, but this fantastic case that you get to keep and look, for your purse, so great. to keep any, you know, medicine, pills, what not. even at the drugstore, you can find eos, you know, this is just a great body lotion and berry blossom and it goes to sloan-kettering cancer center. and they just launched at
10:24 am
sephora, it's a brand-new brand, kicking off rose perfume and body lotion and this goes to the breast cancer research foundation. they have delicious candles and other stuff. such a great brand. >> that's fantastic. >> you know where i like to spray it? my hair. you know why, it stays. that's what they say, put it in your hair. walk into a smoky bar and you smell like smoke, spray it in your hair and it stays. >> they still have smoky bars? >> whatever. stop distracting my point. >> kathie. >> sorry, i'm surprised. it smells wonderful. >> can i spray it in your hair? >> yes, go right ahead. everything in the world in that hair. >> having friends over this weekend, appetizer and dessert that will put all those fall fruit and veggies to good [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a wreck 'n' wash.
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good morning. it's about 10:27 on this thursday morning. l let's get to your forecast now. >> one or two isolated showers.
10:27 am
let's get to the weekend. friday lots of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s. i will add patchy frost and sunday topping out in the upper 60s to low 70s. follow us at nbc philadelphia. back to you. this morning the search continues for a killer in philadelphia. police tell us a man was shot ten times in the head execution style. it happened near the steps of a home on franklin street around 10:00 last night. now to decision 2016. donald trump's running mate mike pence will make campaign stops. he will be there later today before speaking at a republican dinner in bethlehem. ivanka kicked off an event at 9:00 this morning then onto ivy land later today. we'll have a live report coming
10:28 am
up on nbc 10 at 11:00 this morning. >> also today, philadelphia city council is celebrating the fliers ahead of the team's 15th anniversary season. snyder died last year. the fliers will be ton road against the l.a. kings. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in about 30 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today show". have a great day everyone. s
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10:30 am
it's a beautiful thirsty thursday here in the big apple. and we found two women on our plaza who are just as beautiful hoping to get picked for ambush makeovers. >> for the past three hours, they've been getting a brand-new head to toe look courtesy of our "today" contributors from the licari cutler salon, louis licari, la, la, la. glamour goddess, like that. >> superlatives. >> what was it like outside? >> it was very nice. plenty of crowd. weather is a little bit more mild. it was perfect. >> all right, awesome. >> our first lovely lady is angela deyoung, 47 years old from memphis tennessee. angela is a development director at school. she's also a very busy wife and mom. she has a tough time these past
10:31 am
few years with her daughter alisa who's been battling cancer but today alisa is here, she's doing great, and they have a benefit tonight for st. jude hospital which is where her daughter was treated. let's take a listen to her story. >> you've been through so much with alisa and you're so pretty with that red hair. thank goodness you're okay. but i know how much you deserve this. >> thank you so much, it's very exciting. it's been a tough journey. but thankfully the st. jude children's research hospital, my daughter is here and alive today. this is very exciting because i think it means a lot to our family. >> aw. are you ready to have the best day with mom? >> yes! >> so exciting. she's here with her daughter alisa. raise your hand, alisa. >> hi, sweetie. >> her mom barbara, her sister michelle and her two nieces lexi and abby. keep your blindfolds on, don't take it off yet. here's angela before. all right, angela, let's see the new you.
10:32 am
whoa. what? >> hold on. >> all right, kids, are you ready? take off your blindfolds! >> oh, my gosh! >> you look gorgeous. >> you're going to freak out. are you ready? spin around and look in that mirror right behind you. >> oh, my god! oh, my gosh. >> you can go to her, honey. >> i think someone wants to give you a squeeze. >> wow. >> how great is that? lu louis, tell us about that. >> the first thing is the great haircut. her hair was long and, again, it becomes so long, it doesn't do that much for you. what it did, shaped it around her face, which is key. it's like a facelift in a half an hour. >> amazing. >> then what i did, i gave her,
10:33 am
like, the color of her -- >> matching hair. >> yes. >> how sweet is that? what do you guys think? >> cool. >> cool. >> jill, that outfit's cool, that's for sure. >> i listen ed to alisa. she said make her look cool. so leather jacket from talbots. and a pop of color with talbots leather shoes and a statement necklace. >> that's what you're wearing to the event, right? >> yes. >> a big round of applause. angela, come over here and join your family. our second lady is courtney stanley. she's 30 years old. she's from phoenix, arizona, and she's a busy mom of two. she has a part-time job teaching hip-hop dance to young children. sheeps in t she's in the city enjoying a getaway with her mom. courtney has just lost 55 pounds and they're celebrating with an ambush makeover. let's hear their story. >> 55 pounds. >> yes. >> she lost 55 pounds. reason to celebrate. so we're going to do this makeover, huh?
10:34 am
>> yes, i'm so, so, so excited. >> you must be so proud of your daughter. >> i'm so proud of her. she's worked so hard going to the gym every day. she's a wonderful wife, mother and daughter. and she deserves this. yes, so excited. >> oh, i love it. she is here with her mom kyle. let's take one last look at courtney before. and bring the new courtney out right now. oh, wow. >> these are gorgeous. >> wow. >> love. >> wonderful! >> all righty. you guys -- oh, ready to look? >> oh, my god! you look gorgeous! >> you really, really do. you ready to see? >> oh, my god. >> i can't believe this. >> i don't even recognize myself. >> that is awesome. >> so adorable. >> awesome. >> i love it. >> i have to tell you. >> will you do me now?
10:35 am
>> i'll do you next. the problem here, she has the most beautiful natural blonde hair color but they painted it and it became so solid on the bottom and her hair looked darker on top. highlighted the top to add contrast. i even gave her a few streaks. arson gave her the haircut. god bless arson. and the makeup to keep it soft, natural. less it more. >> and the outfit. >> love. >> basics for fall. if you're going to buy one piece of outer wear vest is the way to go to layer. keeps you a little warm. the top is from talbots. adorable. >> a big round of applause for our two ladies. >> and louis and jill. >> here you go, products to go. >> thank you. >> legendary singer barry gibb does something he hasn't done in over 30 years. >> easy dippi inping dessert us
10:36 am
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go to any group cery store farmers market and you will see all the best fruits and veggies of the season. >> this would be a good time to help you make the most of fall's harvest with a couple of delicious recipes from marcela valladolid. she's in town to participate in the ninth annual food network and cooking channel's new york city wine and food festival. that's this weekend. >> yes, on saturday, i'm at the skyline and we're having a harvest festival from noon to 3:00 and it's going to be superfun. a bunch of beautiful foods from the season. >> first we're going to make this pumpkin thing. >> yes, we are, we're making this, a fondue, so i hollowed out this pumpkin. the reason i like to do it in the pumpkin is because we're going to bake this but you can
10:41 am
actually eat the vehicle, which is kind of awesome. mozzarella or any white melting cheese. you've got a little bit of parm, salt and pepper, chili, oil. >> looks easy. >> pumpkin. you can use any small pumpkin, even an acorn squash. then you want to oil it. i like to do this thing where i prebake it because there's nothing more fun than actually finishing up all the cheese and then being able to cut into the pumpkin. >> sounds good. just salt and olive oil? >> roast at 400 for a good 45 to 50 minutes until it's nice and soft. >> you just plop it? >> you don't want to cover it because then it gets really moist. so then you've got the really traditional mexican dish. but i like to add a little more flavor with the parm. dried basil, dried oregano, a little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper.
10:42 am
and then you just mix those up. and throw it all in the pumpkin. >> just like that. >> just like that. you want to keep it super simple. this is just great for ex entertaining, a last-minute thing. if you have time to bake the pumpkin. all you're doing is melting cheese. it needs 10, 15 minutes. bake it. this is your beautiful presentation. >> make sure that cheese isn't going to burn your mouth. >> exactly. i like to top it off with a little bit of fresh sicilantro d some chili oil. i like to put them in the spice grinder, like a dried chipotle, spice grinder, a little on top, it's beautiful. >> should we make some dessert? >> i like to keep it easy with the dessert. i don't like to go too crazy. super cool because they're great for entertaining. you can serve a lot of people. so it's a traditional dough.
10:43 am
i've got eggs, butter, flour, water, which i just mixed up to make a dough. you get the full recipe on your websi website. >> or you can just buy that. >> you can buy, i will not judge. the apple, peeled and sliced. i've got fujis. >> combination of them. >> granny smith. >> i like the thin slices. >> and you've got seasonings. you've got brown sugar, a little bit of flour for thickness and some seasoning for flavoring. you mix that all up. >> smoosh that on there. >> half the dough goes in a pan that's been greased and the other half you use for the decor. >> look how cute. >> so that's it, you just layer it? >> layer it and top it with the leaves. you want to make sure you give the apples room to breathe so not too close to each other. >> it looks look a bunch of leaves have fallen on it. >> it's like a thin apple pie, delicious, love it.
10:44 am
>> hoda loves it, she's going for seconds. >> thank you very much. >> great to see you. have fun this weekend. >> thank you. >> for the recipes, go to "today."com/food. >> how deep is your love for barry gibb? >> singing one of his brand-new songs for us right ♪ ♪you don't own me ♪don't try to change me in any way♪ ♪oh ♪don't tell me what to do ♪just let me be myself ♪that's all i ask of you the new 2017 corolla with toyota safety sense standard. ♪you don't own me toyota. let's go places. you've had this snack. but have you ever had a snack within a snack within a snack? three levels of snack time at the same time. reese's snack mix is pretzels, nuts, reese's pieces and reese's peanut butter cups. snacka-snacka-what? hershey's and reese's snack mix.
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10:50 am
song off the album called "grand illusion." ♪ ♪ around the world a million times ♪ ♪ be the here theo ♪ be the hero ♪ we don't follow ♪ what we need is a little bit of piece of mind ♪ ♪ here in the valley of the blind ♪ ♪ where the one-eyed man is king ♪ ♪ when it comes down to ♪ the starting gun ♪ make it count
10:51 am
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10:52 am
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10:53 am
and the grand illusion ♪ ♪ the grand illusion ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> barry gibb! barry gibb, everybody. new album "grand illusion" is out now. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that's right, barry, love barry gibb. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me.
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it's time for okay not okay. we were asked whether it's okay to ink a partner's name on your body. >> celebrities like johnny depp, tyga and paris have all gotten at itus with their significant
10:57 am
other's names. here's what we had to say about it. you won't care probably. >> yes, but make sure it's not permanent ink. >> smart. i say if you don't mind the cost and pain of removal if it doesn't work out, then i say go for it. >> you're so smart, hodie. >> so are you. >> sometimes. >> mm. >> all righty. >> okay then. anyhoo. >> tomorrow, lilliana will have your home looking fabulous for fall with her lux for less trends. >> plus, southern rock band -- love them, kings of leon. >> from the hit show "madam secretary" actress petina miller. >> have an awesome thursday, everybody. >> you know what tomorrow is? it's try day friday. so make it a good one. >> okay, nice talking to you. >> enjoy your thirsty thursday in the process. >> are you still talking?
10:58 am
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