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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  October 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a live look at the center city skyline. downright cold this morning but a big warmup on the way. details ahead in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking chilly weather for us this morning. krystal, feels like almost winter jacket like weather, right? >> it's a little cool. i am a bit of a wimp, already have the big jacket on. you might need just a lighter jacket with 40s and upper 30s this morning. 46 in philadelphia. that will likely drop a few degrees before we hit the morning official low. some suburbs in the 40s. 40 in new jersey and 37 in lehigh valley. it is chilly out there. you're going to feel that difference. they're cooler than yesterday morning. pretty clear with light winds as
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well. forecast high temperatures today, we bump up to average. 68 in philadelphia. 67 in parts of the suburbs as well as new jersey. 66 lehigh valley and 68 for delaware. if interested in the shore, it will be cool out there, 64 degrees for the forecast high temperature. plenty of sun crossing the board as well. we do have a frost advisory in place, second we have seen this season, yet again for much of our viewing zone, almost all of new jersey and our area, except for that stretch on the i-95 corridor through trenton and delaware. temperatures moving through the next few days start to really warm up in the daytime which means in the nighttime, we will look at how high they go and talk about how unseasonal this is coming up. >> looking forward to that. thanks. to decision 2016. time running out in delaware. today is the last chance to
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register to vote. matt delucia is live in wilmington with more on deadlines there an cross the region. matt? >> reporter: right, rosemary. the pennsylvania deadline passed earlier this week. you have a little more time in delaware, but only a few more hours. one of the ways to register is in person here in wilmington at the state office building on the 800 block of north french street in wilmington. register in person from 9:00 to 5:00 today. perhaps the easiest way to do it is on the computer. register to vote online. make sure you follow the instructions for that. i spoke with philadelphia's registration office earlier in the week, told me they had a rush of applications until the end, their deadline. we will see if that's the case in the first state. for in person registration, there are more locations than this one. i tweeted a link to find the spot closest to you.
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most of them close by 5:00 p.m. you may want to do it early. again, here are important deadlines to register to vote in next month's election. today is the deadline in delaware. tuesday is the deadline in new jersey. are more people registered to vote in this presidential election compared to what we saw four years ago? in delaware, the answer is yes. i looked up some of the recent statistics. more than 37,000 registered voters this time around compared to 2012. that was the number as of october 1st. that number is likely higher now. all of the voters have to come out to polls in november. voter turnout in delaware was 65% four years ago. for now, live in wilmington, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, matt. voters in north carolina get extra time to register to vote. yesterday, a federal judge sided with democrats to extend the
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deadline into next week because of hurricane matthew's impact. the ruling trumped the elections board which wanted to cut registrations yesterday. early voting in north carolina begins thursday. the presidential race has 24 days to go and it is a tale of two campaigns. political analysts say donald trump's is in crisis mode with the candidate dealing with harassment allegations. hillary clinton's appears to be showing strength despite her e-mail scandal. nbc national correspondent brian moore reports. >> trump train! trump train! >> reporter: donald trump is fighting to get back on track with women after a week threatening to derail him. >> i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. >> reporter: declares the growing number of one that claim he kissed or groped them are liars, used as political pauns. >> 28 years ago, 10 years ago,
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14 years ago. >> he came to me, started kissing me open moutd as he was pulling me toward him. >> reporter: one apprentice contestant is the latest to surface an allegation. his campaign said it didn't help and she tried to get his help this past april. hillary clinton is careful not to dance on trump's grave. >> i take absolutely no satisfaction in what is happening on the other side with my opponent. >> reporter: trump's broken teleprompt era metaphor for a candidate forced off script, still saying what supporters want to hear. this coming week is critical for both campaigns as trump and clinton clash in the final debate. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> donald trump and hillary clinton face off this week. the third and final presidential debate is wednesday at the
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university of nevada in las vegas. we will have live reports. tomorrow, joe biden and the candidate that wants to succeed him, mike pence, sit down on "meet the press" tomorrow. 5:36 this saturday. the uproar continues after video revealed donald trump making lewd comments about women, but a cherry hill therapist believes it is a good thing. on 10 at issue, she says there's an up side to the controversial comments. >> the up side is it's causing so much dialogue. people are hearing stories and deciding i'm going to come forward and talk about my own story. i am not keeping it to myself any more. >> she says the healing process begins for many sex abuse victims once they start to talk about it. see and hear that discussion on
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nbc10 at issue tomorrow morning at 11:30 on nbc10. we will be right back.
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talk about a rough day for tourists in italy. hopefully they packed their boots. they need them to wade through the water in venice. storms knocked down trees that fell on to homes and cars. fortunately no reports of any serious injuries. the pacific northwest is in for a second round of high winds and heavy rain because of remnants of a typhoon. this as residents of an oregon community are cleaning up after a tornado that touched down. homes and businesses are damaged. portland's national weather
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service issued ten tornado warnings, did that yesterday. while the northwest is under the gun, we expect a beautiful weekend. krystal klei has the forecast. things are looking great for us moving through the weekend. any plans for saturday, sunday, you can totally go for it. being outdoors is probably preferable with temperatures. radar and satellite show us we aren't expecting rain today. clouds to the south of us, won't be effecting us. should be a sunny forecast throughout. you'll see that on the day forecasting planners. 46 in philadelphia. time is 5:40 this morning. 47 at 8:00 a.m. not a lot of warming up through the morning hours. getting into the afternoon, 62 by noon. mid-60s to upper 60s by afternoon. wind speeds on the low end. 5 to 10 miles per hour, not something you notice. in lehigh valley, starting out cold, 37 degrees. remember frost advisory in
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place. 49 by 10:00 a.m. upper 50s by lunchtime. mid-60s in the afternoon as well. don't expect clouds to build in until tomorrow. same for new jersey. we start out at 41, 8:00 a.m. notice now we are in the 30s outside. 61 is the temperature by lunchtime. winds light at 3 miles per hour. moving into the afternoon, 65 degrees by 4:00 p.m. still will feel cool. this is fall like. we should be in the mid to upper 60s for temperatures. we shouldn't be in the 80s. in a few minutes, we will look first, will we see rain in days to come, second how about that warmup to the 80s. details are minutes away. not a bad day to head to the waterfront, celebrate battle front new jersey museum and memorial. special tour pricing, free posters and cake. it is a celebration. the battleship opens at 9:30
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this morning. anniversary cake cutting is set for 11:00. the flyers play a season opener. highlights coming up in sports. the redskins best player not expected to be on the field tomorrow against the eagles. what the birds coach is saying about it ahead. hostility during election season isn't reserved to the campaign trail. area residents are being targeted for who they support. coming up next, we will tell you about crimes being committed. [ roars ]
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police in indianapolis looking for a shooter attacking police stations. shots fired at two different stations in the past two weeks. officers were inside buildings at the time, nobody was hurt. they heard a car speed away, they're looking at surveillance video to try to identify the shooter. they threw out a lawsuit from newtown shooting victims against the maker of the assault rifle. they argue it was exception to 2005 federal law protecting gun makers from lawsuits over criminal use of their products. the judge disagreed. a gunman killed 20 children and 6 adults at sandy hook elementary school four years ago. new from overnight. investigators looking for the cause of a fire at this home in philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene here on west pike street. flames broke out around midnight. they were able to extinguish them in minutes. fortunately nobody here was hurt. this morning, support
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continues to build for the families of two wilmington firefighters killed in the line of duty last month. today at noon, a charity bike ride from aetna fire department. tomorrow, a charity softball tournament in wilmington. they died september 24th when the first floor of a burning row home collapsed on them. two firefighters are still in the hospital. hope's condition worsened this week. she was downgraded to critical. beatrice ruiz set the fire because she was angry with her father and stepmother at the time. iron hill brewery in delaware plans to honor firefighters with a new beer called the last alarm. the head brewer invited some of the wilmington firefighters to get the process started.
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iron hill plans to start tapping last alarm ipa in a ceremony november 1st. now we continue decision 2016 coverage in delaware county. a woman says her political views made her the target of vandalism. she tells us she woke up to find her car damaged and political sign on her lawn across the street. in this divisive election season, she tells us she is not alone. did he say ray walker had a rude awakening yesterday and found her car egd and vandalized. her hillary clinton lawn sign was uprooted, tossed into another person's yard. walker is a campaign volunteer with the only political sign in the neighborhood. >> still shell shocked. i am shaken to my core. i just hope people aren't getting the wrong kind of passion about the person they want to support and take things to another level. >> while property damage is
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rare, some local donald trump supporters also complain that their political signs are being stolen. today, day two of susan g. komen three day walk that kicked off yesterday in willow grove. they will end up at the navy yard in philadelphia tomorrow. the 60 mile trek raises money and awareness for breast cancer. it raised more than $66 million in the past. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> talking temps. looking in new jersey neighborhoods, pitman at 42. medford at 40. princeton, 31 degrees. below that freezing mark this morning in princeton. temperatures are cold out there as we kickoff saturday morning. good news, this afternoon looks better. we switch to lehigh valley
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neighborhoods. check out the numbers again. a lot of 30s. 37 in redding, allentown at 35 degrees. temperatures, 30s in spots. some of us lucky seeing 40s, including much of philadelphia. radar and satellite this morning, some clouds hang to the south. don't expect it to make it our direction. they're staying to the south. instead should be sunny to mostly sunny forecast through your saturday with some clouds moving in by sunday. here are the neighborhoods for today. mostly mid-60s through the lehigh valley, cookstown, 66 degrees. plenty of sunshine out there. suburbs, mid to upper 60s. westchester 66, new town up to 67 degrees. philadelphia, closer to upper 60s consistently across the board. then we look into new jersey.
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67 degrees forecast high. nice ran average this time of year. the shore temperatures in lower to mid-60s. 64 for avalon, 66 atlantic city. and into delaware, temperatures are bump into upper 60s in spots like wilmington, 68. wilmington is not under that frost advisory. all of delaware is not included in that advisory. much of new jersey was included in it. today we are talking 60s and tomorrow 70s, as we move early into the work week, could be nearing some records here. this is for philadelphia. forecast is 80, 83, 84. monday, tuesday, wednesday. there are the records as they sit. 89, no go for monday. tuesday, 85 is the record. no go but close. look at wednesday. record sits at 80, meaning looks like we could have record breaking heat by wednesday with the forecast at 84 degrees. that will be way warmer than average. i looked when we typically see
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low to mid-80s. that's end of august to early september. these temperatures are feeling more like summer than fall. here's a look at the ten day on ten for the next seven days. moving from 60s to 70s with dry conditions through sunday. monday we should remain dry in philadelphia. could see spotty showers in parts of lehigh valley. partly cloudy with isolated potential. tuesday, wednesday, sunny, thursday, friday into saturday, that's when we bring back moisture. friday looks like the best chance for rain. remember, we have the 80s before the drop down into the 60s with a chance of showers. we will continue into the 60s moving through the next weekend and into early next week where we could again see a chance of rain. this is a summer like break before we feel like fall yet again. the flyers off to a golden start in the 50th anniversary
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season. in los angeles last night, scored twice as they beat the kings 4-2. the flyers visit arizona this evening. here's the rest of your saturday morning sports. good morning to you, i am danny pommells from csn. the eagles get ready for washington, have two players on the injured list, fletcher cox and dekelvin. the redskins probably won't have leading receiver jordan reed, he hasn't practiced all week because of concussion. doug pederson was asked if not sure if they're playing effects how the eagles prepare. >> it doesn't. we have guys that may or may not go. you just have to prepare for everybody. our mentality is just that. >> from the gridiron to hardwood, he will play up to 18 minutes against the pistons.
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>> early days showing a tenacity that even surpasses what i thought. he is showing a skill package that surpasses what i thought. he's doing some things five games into preseason nba basketball that i thought would take longer. >> even with ben simmons out, a lot of optimism surrounding the sixers. that's sports. i am danny pommells from csn.
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another south jersey company is moving headquarters to camden and cashing in on the state's tax break there. resin tech will move corporate headquarters from west berlin to camden and build two new manufacturing plants near river road and federal street. 265 jobs will move there. and water treatment and filtration company will hire another 55 people for the new facilities. they received a $138 million in tax credit by new jersey economic development authority. the family run business hopes to begin construction late next year. in the past two years, nine other companies received tax breaks to move to camden. here's a list. they join the 76ers, subaru,
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american water works, holtec, actega, cooper, and lockheed martin. there's a new place to do grocery shopping in philadelphia. people stood in a long line yesterday waiting to get into the new whole foods in spring garden. the store part of a development called rodan square, includes luxury apartments, cafe, cvs and branch of thomas jefferson university hospital. it is the second largest development project behind the comcast innovation and technology center. today, an insurance company wants to remind you have a fire escape plan ready to go. nationwide having the first home fire drill day. you go to the website, learn to make a home fire escape plan. practice that drill today. nationwide did a survey, found 55% of parents say kids know what to do in event of a fire inside their house. 5:57 now on saturday.
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today is the last day to register to vote in delaware. matt delucia is live in wilmington with what you need to know. matt? >> reporter: rosemary, just a few hours left to register. i'll breakdown what you need to know and ways you can register to vote coming up. no rain, no clouds to track on satellite and radar. tracking temperatures in days to come. this is outside cape may, conditions should be nice later today. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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vo: donald trump and pat toomey have plenty in common -- they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women.
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right now on nbc10 news today, another decision 2016 deadline closing in. if you live in delaware, you only have hours left to register to vote. donald trump says he is the victim of a smear campaign after more women come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. hear how the republican nominee is defending himself. >> it's a shocker to me. >> hillary clinton targets trump's comments about women. this as her campaign faces new fallout from wikileaks. we'll tell you what the hacked e-mails reveal coming up. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors.


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