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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  October 15, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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the pocono mountain. some spots wake up to frost advisory. wait for next week when it will feel more like summer than fall. good morning, this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 8:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. feeling frigid outside this morning. but the sun should help us warm up. get more from meteorologist krystal klei with our first alert neighborhood forecast. krystal? >> thank goodness for a sunny day ahead. temperatures are chilly. 33 in mount pocono. 37 in reading, 34 in pottstown. lancaster 36 degrees. there's the 30s. then we move into the 40s moving through parts of philadelphia, new jersey, and delaware. in fact, dover is 48 degrees. not bad. philadelphia 46. atlantic city, 42. and just starting to see the 40s in areas like millville at 40, mount holly holding on to 30s.
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38 degrees. there's a frost advisory through 9:00 a.m. half hour left under that advisory. before that's lifted and temperatures bump up. radar and satellite shows clear conditions out there today. plenty of sunshine in the forecast but today's temperatures are nothing in comparison to what we'll see in a few days with the warmup gradually bumping us into the 80s. we'll take a look at how far into the 80s we go coming up in a few minutes. >> krystal, see you shortly. new this morning. two people in the hospital after their car hit an apartment building in philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene in summerton. the suv struck the complex after 3:00 this morning causing minor damage to the building. we are working to find out the victims' conditions. meantime, police are investigating what led up to the accident. we are now just 24 days away from the presidential election. if you are not registered to vote, you're running out of time.
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pennsylvania's deadline has come and gone. if voting in new jersey, you have a few days left. delaware, you need to do it today. nbc10 matt delucia is live in wilmington with more on how to register. matt, fill us in. >> reporter: you need to do it today if you live in delaware, rosemary. we are over three weeks until the election in november. one way to register in delaware is here in wilmington at the state office building on north front street. you can register from 9:00 to 5:00 today. easiest way may be on the computer. you can register to vote online. make sure to follow all of the instructions though. i spoke with philadelphia's registration office earlier this week and the day of their deadline tuesday. they had a big rush of applications until the end. we'll see if that's the case here. for in person registration there are more locations than this one where we're at now. i tweeted a link to find a spot
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closest to you. that is also on most offices and locations close by 5:00 this afternoon. good idea to do this early. here are the important dates and deadlines to remember if you want to register to vote in next month's election. today is the deadline in delaware, tuesday is the deadline in new jersey. a few days left there. next half hour, we will talk about the effort to get more people registered. the big question is are more people registered to vote in this election compared to four years ago. we'll explore that when i see you at 9:00. live in wilmington, matt delucia, nbc10 news. we now know the evidence donald trump is using to refute one of several allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him. yesterday, his campaign offered "new york post" an exclusive interview. the british man claims he was aboard a flight with the woman that accused trump of groping her. he said the assault never happened. he offered no proof other than
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what he calls his photographic memory. just this morning, trump took to twitter saying the election is being rigged by the media pushing false, unsubstantiated charges. yesterday, two other women came forward accusing him of sexually harassing him and he is firing back saying he is the victim. jim rosenfield reports. >> reporter: the crowd warmed up by several women supporting trump, including former apren discontestant omarosa. >> not hard to find a small handful of people willing to make false smears. >> reporter: the republican nominee told the gathering in charlotte he's the victim of character assassination. >> as you have seen, i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. insisting the growing number of women accusing him of inappropriate behavior are making it all up. >> these allegations are 100%
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false. as everybody, i think you know. >> he grabbed my shoulder, began kissing me aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> reporter: summer zervos talking about when she looked for a job after competing season five of "apprentice." >> i said come on, man, get real. then he repeated it, get real. >> reporter: the former contestant felt she had to come forward after hearing trump on the hot mike from 2005. which is also why kristin anderson told "the washington post" her story. anderson says she was groped by trump in the early '90s in a new york city club. trump didn't address either claim specifically. claims nbc news hasn't been able to independently verify. but trump told supporters the behavior described is not in his character. >> not me, believe me.
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not me. >> reporter: jim rosenfield, nbc10 news. democrat hillary clinton continues to take aim at donald trump and recent remarks about women. she spoke at a fundraiser in seattle yesterday. take a listen. >> it's a shocker to me when i hear some of our fellow citizens led by my opponent degrade and demean so many other americans. >> clinton's comments came as wikileaks unveiled more hacked e-mails from her campaign. the latest e-mails show clinton's aides asked former president bill clinton to cancel a planned speech to a wall street investment firm. the aides were concerned the clintons would appear too cozy with wall street in front of hillary announcing a run for president. nbc news learns the cia is preparing to launch an unprecedented cyber attack on russia. according to intelligence, it is payback for russia alleged
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meddling in the election. they blame the kremlin for hacks of e-mails of the democratic national committee. it is not clear what measures the cia could take against russia. bank accounts and phone systems are possibilities. the report says president obama is looking at all options. hillary clinton and donald trump are facing off again this coming week, the third and final presidential debate is wednesday at the university of nevada in las vegas. nbc10's lauren mayk will be there to bring us live reports. 8:37 this saturday. 46 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. getting on a plane any time soon? leave that samsung galaxy 7 at home. we will have details on the ban that goes into effect today. and septa could be going on strike. how it could effect you election day.
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welcome back. starting with a live look
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outside philadelphia. a beautiful shot looking at the art museum. you have blue skies to kickoff your saturday morning. indicative of what you'll see today, which is nice conditions. it is chilly to start. we'll warm up through the afternoon with temperatures typical of what we've seen the last week, moving mid to upper 60s for forecast highs across the region. philadelphia, here's the planner. 59 at 11:00 a.m. it is a gradual warmup. you'll feel the chill out there. we get to the 60s later in the day. 3:00, forecasting upper 60s in philadelphia. in the suburbs, mid-60s for high temperatures. 63 at 3:00 p.m. 56 by 7:00. in lehigh valley, similar forecast. this morning we saw temperatures slip into the 30s. in delaware, 59 by 11:00 a.m. mid to upper 60s for delaware. clear into the evening. you see no clouds building in. 65 degrees by the afternoon in new jersey and along the shore,
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lower 60s for forecast temperatures only making it to the low to mid-60s for highs. not as much warming in the jersey shore. warming we see here compared to the next several days is impressive. radar and satellite, we're clear. high pressure is dominating the forecast. in days to come, it is all about the temperatures, not much change with sky conditions. we are tracking temperatures up to the 80s. we will look closer at the temperature trends in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. thanks, krystal. starting at noon, you are no longer allowed to bring samsung galaxy note 7 phones on flights. you can't check it or bring it on board. the faa issued emergency ban on the phones because they can catch fire. samsung already recalled more than 2.5 million phones and stopped making them. anybody violating the ban could face fines. new this morning, environmentalists around the world cheering a landmark deal to fight climate change. world delegates celebrated today after agreeing to limit use of
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greenhouse gases far more powerful than carbon dioxide. 200 nations signed on to the deal. it is the first successful negotiation since historic paris agreement last year to cut carbon emissions. he has the need for speed but also needs something else. >> what i want to have is a family that cares about me. >> a forever family. vai sikahema takes us to the race track to catch up with this week's wednesday's child, david.
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philadelphia police say a woman that walked in front of a police cruiser is going to be okay. sky force 10 was over front street and eery avenue. she was loaded into an ambulance after the accident. investigators say she had only minor injuries. it will be an emotional weekend for two teens killed. the families planning funerals. police believe a driver ran a red light, hit an suv and smashed into a pole. we are told the driver was rushing to the hospital after his father was attacked. the two teens died in the accident. the friends gathered in northeast philadelphia. >> really, really nice character to him, you know, one of a kind. >> we all lost a great friend. he was a kind hearted kid, big heart. all loved him. he was like family to us.
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>> the driver and a woman in the suv had minor injuries. this morning, we're learning more about the death of a teenage student at a philadelphia school. investigators say the 17-year-old was found with a stolen ipod thursday night at wordsworth academy. it is a school for students with behavioral needs. staffers say they were forced to restrain the teenager after he started fighting with them. he became unconscious and then died. police are waiting on autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death. there's more talk about e-mails this election season. this time it is impacting a local race. a pennsylvania court is giving governor tom wolf's 30 days to turn over katie mcginty's e-mails when she was on his staff. she's running against pat toomey. they filed a right to know request to get her e-mails and
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work schedules from last year. the latest poll has mcginty leading by two points. the bloomberg poll thursday has her with 47% of the vote. according to some political experts, the race is getting big play. four seats are needed to shift control of the senate to the democrats. right now, senator toomey appears to be walking a tight rope, analysts say, like many other republican candidates. >> donald trump has become toxic to a number of voters that he needs to win the election, but donald trump supporters are loyal and energized and stand to punish toomey and other senate candidates. >> toomey has not endorsed donald trump but has also not denounced the nominee either. within days we'll find out if some of septa's workers will go on strike. if they do, it could impact the way you get to the polls election day. the union representing bus
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drivers, subway, trolley operators plans to vote sunday. if they approve a strike, the walkout begins november 1st. the union says if that happens, members wouldn't return to work by november 8th which is election day. workers say they want a higher cap on the amount of pensions. we have more details on the new jersey transit crash in hoboken. today the ticket office is reopening. monday, additional tracks open at 4:00 in the morning to ease commuter congestion. meantime, new jersey lawmakers are asking for federal help to make trains safer in the wake of the deadly crash. they want $10 million from the government to install positive train control systems or ptc on new jersey transit. the technology makes trains automatically slow down or stop if they're going too fast. a new jersey transit train you may remember was traveling twice the speed limit when it crashed into the hoboken station last month. a woman who was standing on the platform was killed.
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well, it is official. new jersey drivers will be paying more at the pump. just yesterday, governor chris christie signed a bill that will hike the gas tax 23 cents a gallon. new jersey used to have one of the lowest gas taxes in the country. it will now be the sixth highest tax. the new tax goes into effect november 1st, it will help pay for transportation projects. and let's begin with neighborhood temperatures this morning. philadelphia neighborhoods, temperatures are mostly in the 40s out there. endora down to 39 and chestnut hill. penn sport at 50. 46 at the airport. 46 in fox chase. there's some variation through the philadelphia neighborhoods. moving to lehigh valley neighborhoods and we've got 30s this morning. right now, reading at 38 degrees.
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cookstown, 38. allentown at 38. across the board, cooler if you head north of philadelphia. also a little cooler in more of the south central portions of new jersey. if you get to the shore next to the ocean, temperatures aren't as cool. radar and satellite the view for us now shows us throughout our area no clouds, no rain to track. this is a quiet, calm morning for us and clear morning which will turn into a clear afternoon. plenty of sun in the forecast today all across the board. sunny icons through philadelphia, suburbs, lehigh valley. center city, 68 for the forecast high. 67 in chestnut hill and doylestown and easton. 65 for cookstown this afternoon. saw currently we're in the 30s. a big jump through the afternoon. these temperatures are average for this time of year. upper 60s, around 67, trenton, mid-60s ocean city and atlantic city. and delaware, 68 for a forecast high in wilmington.
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warmer than areas like smyrna at 65. today is average. tomorrow we get to the 70s. how about record temperatures by the next work week. this is for philadelphia. forecast monday is 80 degrees. tuesday is 83 degrees. wednesday, 84 degrees. wednesday is the one we have our eye on. records, you can compare. 89 monday, we're not close enough to that. tuesday we will be close. record is 85 now. by wednesday, record is at 80 degrees, meaning we're set to break a record with the forecast of 84 degrees. much warmer than typical for this time of year. in fact, i did a check. it is more typical to see the 80s end of august to early september. not bad. saturday, 68 degrees in philadelphia. sunday, the 70s i was mentioning, 74 degrees. nice weekend for us. scattered clouds for sunday, still dry. isolated chance of rain nearing monday. we won't likely see much.
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80s through wednesday, better chance for rain friday into saturday. this week's wednesday's child is enjoying life in the fast lane. he is a great student with big goals for his future and needs a forever family to help keep him on the right track. nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to david. >> we gear up at speedway racing in burlington county. we are about to go head to head on the indoor course and it is about to go down. david is working on getting his driver's permit, has never driven before, not even a gocart. >> i had so much fun. actually got me out of school. >> school is something david loves and has his sights set on college. >> i want to be a lawyer, i have a backup plan to work with kids, too, because i have been through
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a lot. if i work with kids with behavior issues, i can see what they go through because i been through it all, too. >> and listen closely to the kind of forever family david is looking for. >> a family that what i want to have is a family that cares about me, do things for me that i want to do like sign me up for football, sign me up for music lessons, things that i want to do, too. don't look at me as just another kid. i want you to look at me -- >> he is the kind of kid would make any parent proud. >> i'm sure you learned he is well mannered, very respectful. i go out with him a lot. he is very protective of me which i really appreciate. definitely a family i could see him be an older brother figure, absolutely. >> and he is good-looking. >> yes.
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and he knows it! he knows it. he's like my backup plan is being a model. it is like okay. or a lawyer. i am like okay, i can see where we're going. >> david is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make david's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. come on! >> coming up, caught on camera. bystanders rescue a woman after her car plunges into a pond. and the flyers take to the ice on the west coast in the season opener. did they start their golden anniversary season with a w? we have highlights from the late night game.
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come on! >> terrifying. the screams are a driver being rescued from her sinking souvenir boston. police captured it on video yesterday. the woman was backing her car into a parking space when she drove right over the curb and into the water. three bystanders jumped in and saved her before the suv sank to the bottom of the pond. the driver suffered mild hypothermia, is expected to be okay. if you love a good philly cheesesteak, today's your day to indulge. cheesesteak fest takes over citizens bank park from 12:30 to 5:00. costs 20 to $65 to get in. taste some of the best cheesesteaks, hoagies, pork sandwiches, pretzels and water ice. some people are working it off today. day two of the susan g. komen walk that kicked off yesterday in willow grove. hundreds of women and men end up at the navy yard in philadelphia
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tomorrow. the 60 mile trek raises money and awareness for breast cancer. in the past decade they raised more than $66 million. 8:57 this saturday. we're getting closer to the election. if you have not registered to vote, today is the deadline in delaware. nbc10's matt delucia is live in wilmington with details. matt? >> reporter: good morning, rosemary. we'll tell you what you need to do if you have a last minute application to fill out and register to vote next month. that's coming up. it is clear and dry today. in the days to come, it is about the warmup. how hot we get coming up.
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little frosty to start the weekend, a big warmup is on the way. here's camel back mountain in the poconos. stay with us for the first alert forecast. you can't vote unless you're registered. today is the last day to do it in delaware. we will fill you in about the fast approaching deadlines in the region. conspiracy theory? donald says he is the victim, complaining new complaints of sex abuse are part of a conspiracy. this as hillary clinton's campaign is hit with another round of hacked e-mails from
9:01 am
wikileaks. good morning, welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 9:00 this saturday. nice to see leaves change in the poconos. feeling like fall today. we get more from meteorologist krystal klei. >> i got a report that we were seeing frost on vehicles. temperatures are no longer in the 30s. 51 in philadelphia. 44 in pennsylvania suburbs and 49 in new jersey. just making it into the 40s in lehigh valley and delaware 48 degrees. today is a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 60s. lehigh valley is 66 degrees. plenty of sun. not changing that through the day.
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no rain in the vicinity through the weekend. saturday and sunday are looking good. starting to track a warmup in days to come. in a few minutes, we track that trend into the next work week. that's in a few minutes. if you want your voice heard in this year's presidential election, time is running out. today is the last day to register in delaware. tuesday is the final day to register in new jersey. if you live in pennsylvania, you know the deadline has come and gone. nbc10's matt delucia is live outside department of elections where residents of the first state can register in person. >> reporter: we are close to the election, three weeks away. if you need to register here in delaware, there are a few ways to do it. we're outside the state office on north front street. register from 9:00 to 5:00
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today. perhaps the easiest way is there at home in front of the computer. register to vote online. earlier this week when pennsylvania's deadline rolled around tuesday, i spoke with philadelphia's registration office. they told me they had a rush of applications until the end. we will see if that's the case here in the first state. for those in person registrations, there are more locations than this one. i tweeted a link to find the spot closest to you. that's also on most places close by 5:00. some of them earlier than that. good idea to check that and do this as early as possible. the big question is are more people registered to vote than they were four years ago in the 2012 presidential election. did some digging and fact checking there and found that in delaware that's the case. just over 37,000 more people register to vote so far for this election compared to 2012. that was the number as of
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october 1st. those numbers are likely higher now. if you haven't registered, the clock is ticking to go ahead and do that. live in wilmington, matt delucia, nbc10 news. voters in north carolina have a little extra time to register. yesterday a federal judge sided with democrats to extend the deadline into next week because of hurricane matthew's impact. the ruling goes against the elections board which wanted to cut off registrations yesterday. early voting in that state begins thursday. the presidential race has 24 days to go and it is a tale of two campaigns. some analysts say donald trump's is in crisis mode with the candidate facing more harassment allegations. hillary clinton's campaign appears to be showing strength in the latest polls but the e-mail scandal continues to widen. nbc national correspondent brian moore reports. >> trump train! trump train!
9:05 am
>> reporter: donald trump fighting to get on track with women after a week threatening to derail him. >> i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. >> reporter: declares the growing number of women that kissed or groped are liars, and political pawns. >> no witnesses. 28 years ago, 10 years ago, 14 years ago. >> he came to me, started kissing me open mouthed as he was pulling me toward him. >> reporter: one time "apprentice" contestant among the latest to issue an allegation, followed rapidly by trump denial. his campaign said it didn't happen. she tried to get his help this past april. with weeks left in the race, hillary clinton is careful not to dance on trump's grave. >> i take absolutely no satisfaction in what is happening on the other side with my opponent. >> reporter: trump's broken
9:06 am
teleprompter perhaps appropriate for a candidate that likes to go off swift. this coming week critical for both campaigns as trump and clinton clash in the final debate. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> as brian moore just said, donald trump and hillary clinton face off this coming week, the third and final presidential debate is wednesday at university of nevada in las vegas. my colleague will be there to bring live reports. tomorrow, vice president biden and the candidate that wants to succeed him, mike pence, republican nominee for vice president will both sit down with chuck todd on "meet the press." that's tomorrow at 10:30 here on nbc10. the uproar continues after the video revealed donald trump making lewd remarks about women, but a cherry hill therapist believes it is a good thing. on this week's nbc10 at issue, tells host jacqueline london there's an up side to trump's comments. take a listen. >> the up side is it is causing
9:07 am
so much dialogue, people are hearing stories and deciding, you know what, i'm coming forward and talk about my own story. i'm not going to keep this to myself any more. >> she says the healing process begins for many sex abuse victims once they start talking about it. watch the entire discussion on nbc10 at issue sunday morning at 11:30, here on nbc10. we'll be right back. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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vo: donald trump and pat toomey have plenty in common -- they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women.
9:10 am
talk about a rough day for tourists in italy. i'm sure they didn't pack their boots. had to wade through water in venice. heavy rain battered venice. storms knocked down trees on homes and cars. fortunately no reports of serious injuries. back in the u.s., the pacific northwest in for a second round of high winds and heavy rain because of remnants of a typhoon. this as residents of an oregon community are cleaning up after a tornado touched down. yesterday, portland's national weather service issued a record ten tornado warnings. while the northwest braces for more severe weather, we have it made in the shade. we have clear sunny skies. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it with the forecast.
9:11 am
>> unionville in the 30s, some of us are in the 30s now. phoenixville, 42. keep going in the 40s here. warrenton, 45 degrees. a few spots are still in the 30s. switching to delaware neighborhoods. for the most part in the 40s throughout the morning which we expected numbers would be a little higher with help of delaware bay. 43 in harmony hills. further to the south, parts of delaware, 52 in lincoln. 55 in milton. 46 for harrington. temperatures along shore points are already in the 50s like lewis beach, 51 degrees. radar and satellite, tight view of the area shows no clouds, no rain to track. don't expect showers today. in fact, sunny blue sky you see if you step out the door will
9:12 am
continue through the rest of today. no clouds building in. should be a nice weekend for plans outdoors. 68 in philadelphia, 67 in the suburbs. also 67 in new jersey. 68 in delaware. we move into sunday. a few clouds move in. don't expect rain. 74 in philadelphia. lehigh valley at 72. also 72 in new jersey. the shore upper 60s for the forecast temperatures, winds are also staying at bay. this is a perfect fall weekend for us. then we move from fall weather into more summer like weather. the warmup we are tracking hits as we move into the work week. there's the tracking. 68 saturday, 74 sunday. we saw the average is 67. close to that. 80 monday. 83 tuesday. 84 by wednesday.
9:13 am
these are temperatures through mid next week. if you don't have off, can't enjoy the 80s, there are events, bloktoberfest. if you get out today for any events, this is sunny conditions and light winds expected. partly cloudy, saturday and sunday. 70s we mentioned. then 80s as we talked about. sunny through tuesday, wednesday. isolated chance for rain monday. better chance for rain moving in by friday. today you're invited to the camden waterfront to celebrate battleship new jersey 15th anniversary. the weather should be perfect. you can enjoy tour pricing, free commemorative posters and cake.
9:14 am
battleship opens this morning at 9:30. the anniversary cake cutting is set for 11:00. new place to do grocery shopping in philadelphia. hopefully lines won't be too long. yesterday they were long. people stood in line waiting to get into the new whole foods in spring garden. this is part of the development called rodan square near the philadelphia museum of art, includes luxury apartments, cafe, cvs and branch of thomas jefferson university hospital. this is philadelphia's second largest development project behind the comcast innovation and technology center. 9:14 now on this saturday. still ahead on nbc10 news today, the eagles play division rivals the redskins this week. talking injuries and how the washington player that's hurt could help the eagles. hockey is back. flyers played the kings. did they skate away with a win? highlights are next.
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does your family have a meeting place in the event of a fire in your home where you would end up? nationwide insurance hopes you have an answer to that question. they are reminding you to get a plan together. nationwide having the first home fire drill day. the insurance company did a survey, found only 55% of parents say their kids know what to do in the event of fire in the house. learn more on how to make a home fire escape plan on nationwide's website, practice that drill today. a link on the nbc10 app.
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investigators are looking for the cause of a fire at the home in philadelphia. they were on west pike street where flames broke out around midnight. crews put them out within minutes of arriving. fortunately nobody was hurt. support continues to build for the families of two wilmington firefighters killed in the line of duty last month. happening now, a charity softball tournament under way at the del castle sports complex in wilmington. a charity bike ride from aetna fire department to talliville fire department. the firefighters died september 24th when the first floor of a burning row home collapsed on top of them. firefighters hope and speakman are in the hospital. hope's condition worsened this week, downgraded to critical. betrays ruiz charged with murder and arson in connection with the fire.
9:19 am
police say she set the fire on purpose because she was angry with her father and stepmother. a brewery is honoring the firefighters. the head brewer invited wilmington firefighters to help get the process started. iron hill plans to start tapping last alarm ipa at a ceremony november 1st. starting with a look live outside wilmington in delaware. blue skies as far as i can see. gorgeous conditions to kickoff the day. it is chilly but will warm up nicely in the afternoon to a typical fall day. here are the neighborhood for examples. 66 in lehigh valley, bethlehem, 66 and sunny. same for easton to cookstown. in the suburbs, 65 in westchester. phoenixville at 65. new town, 66 degrees. sunny across the map. don't have to keep saying it. everybody looking at the
9:20 am
sunshine. over into new jersey, 67 in trenton and haddonfield and glass broe. and in delaware, 68 for the forecast high temperature. wilmington at 66, dover still dry conditions. we are dry and sunny in the 60s. winds are light. this is a nice day. 5 to 10 miles per hour winds. winds push in from the shore. again, not pushing in clouds or rain potential with it. the chance for rain really stays out of the forecast through most of the region into next week. isolated chance for the lehigh valley, temperatures bump into the 80s by this coming week. the flyers off to a golden
9:21 am
start in their 50th anniversary season in los angeles last night. the orange and black beat the kings 4-2. the flyers visit arizona this evening. here's the rest of saturday morning sports. >> good morning to you, danny pommells from csn. as the eagles get ready for washington, have two players on the injured list, they're both questionable. cox expected to play, mche will vin a game time decision. redskins won't have jordan reed, doug pederson asked if not sure if an opponent is playing effects how they prepare. >> it doesn't because we have guys that may or may not go, you know, you just have to prepare for everybody and our mentality is just that. you know, our focus is to get our guys ready to go for sunday. >> from the gridiron to
9:22 am
hardwood, he will play against the pistons. he is raving about him this preseason. >> early days he is showing tenacity that even surpasses what i thought. i think he has shown a skill package that surpasses what i thought. he's doing some things five games into preseason nba basketball that i thought would take longer. >> even with ben simmons out, a lot of optimism with the sixers. that's sports. i am danny pommells. 9:22 now this saturday. nbc10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. joining me, amy with animal care and control team act philly. who do we have with us? >> this is honey bear, one and a half-year-old pit bull mix. had a little rough start in her short time on earth but it is not her fault. she was abandoned when owners moved last summer.
9:23 am
came to us, got adopted, then her owners felt she was a little too much for them to handle. they had a little child. she got along great with their three-year-old son, she's good with children, just has a lot of energy. >> krystal had the magic touch when she was rubbing her head. she was a little excite coming into the studio. she calmed her down. >> these ears, so cute. she has a lot of energy. good for someone with a yard. >> yes, a yard or someone who, you know, a runner. marathon coming up, race season, a lot of people training, she would be a perfect partner. >> she would be pushing the runner. a couple of events this weekend. tell us about them. >> today and tomorrow, barktober. pick your price. we are comfortable doing that. we know how much people pay for dogs. pay how much you want to pay.
9:24 am
then half price puppies and ben factor dogs. then sunday feral cat shelter event. build shelters to help cats stay warm in winter. >> looking forward to it. honey bear, thanks for being with us. we're taking a quick break. krystal, we have a nice forecast. >> good for taking the dog out. >> back with that in a minute.
9:25 am
9:26 am
today, 68 degrees and sunny. tomorrow, mostly sunny, 74 degrees. and the 80s roll in monday,
9:27 am
tuesday, wednesday. best chance for rain in this forecast is on friday where we drop back to the 60s. >> i can't believe we are seeing 80s on the ten day. that looks great. >> way warmer than average. we'll take it. sneak it in one last time before you get ready for the cold. >> maybe you have to bring the summer clothes out. >> for a few days. >> that does it for us. for krystal klei and everybody here, i am rosemary connors. have a good one.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
hi. my name is wilfred. -hi. i'm carmen. and we live in south plainfield, new jersey. we are living here more than 20 years. as of right now, it's just me, my mom, and my brother. right on the corner there is the quesada house. and we're going to go surprise them and let them know they're being rescued. unfortunately, their oldest son james was in a horrific car accident a few years ago and now is a quadriplegic. and the only way he's able to get around the house is in his wheelchair that he controls with his mouth.


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