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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  October 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> >> here we go again. more trouble for septa riders. workers could be going on strike just ahead how your commute could come to a halt. all things considered, still a tight race. now just three weeks away from election day and a new poll out this morning shows just four points separate the candidates. >> we will be warming up today. here's a live look over philadelphia. already in the 50s in some neighborhoods. and this week, we could hit 80. first we're following some breaking news. state police are investigating a shooting on the campus of lincoln university. we have a crew on the campus right now in chester townty. here's what we know from state police. a person was shot in the arm around 3:30 this morning. that victim was taken to kristiana hospital.
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we're still working to find out more about that person's condition. we know that it's homecoming weekend at lincoln university so plenty of activities have been going on on campus. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news. be sure to have the abc ten app because we will be posting updates to the app. we're on until 8:00 now and of course we'll be back at 9:00. all right. let's talk about our weather. we've got a lot going on in terms of some nice changes. meteorologist crystal klei has those details. krystal? >> we are looking at a forecast that's pretty nice over the next several days. unseasonably nice when it comes to the warmth moving in. here's a look at the 24 hour change map meaning we were six degrees cooler than we were. not bad to start out the morning philadelphia. eight degrees warmer allentown. eleven degrees warmer in coatesville and four greece warmer both in vineland and atlantic city.
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across the map temperatures are higher than yesterday at this same time. there are the numbers. you can see the difference. we're at 41 degrees, vineland, allentown 51 philadelphia and 48 dover atlantic city at 44 degrees. i'm not going to complain about this. these numbers are going to continue to climb over the next several days for you. it is a warm-up in our region. visibility is down in a few spot areas. this morning a heads up as you're getting out the door right now. quarter mile visibility for lancaster, philadelphia, one mile. trenton a half mile for millville. we are going to talk more about the patchy fog potential through this morning and the details on that big warm-up coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks krystal. the union that represents septa bus drivers, trolley drivers and subway operators in philadelphia will be voting on a strike. now if they decide to strike you could be without a ride two weeks from now. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in center city with some more of those details. >> hi, rosemary.
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as the sun rises over the city the threat of a strike couldn't be more real. in just a couple of hours, twu workers will decide whether to stay on the job, or walk out. come november 1st the hustle and bustle of local streets as we know it filled with buses, trolleys and trains would be silent. a spokesperson says they could walk off the job when the contract expires on halloween. the outstanding issues for the 51 employees of septa are not about salaries. they want pension equity or increases in pension like managers of septa are currently receiving. health care has always been a sticking point in previous strikes because the jobs, are labor intensive. the union also tell us their people are exposed to elements, as well as other people. and a final issue involved, scheduling. we're told recent hires want to
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be assigned to either morning or evening shifts. they also want longer lunch breaks. right now they're allotted 15 minutes. we spoke with riders about the conflicts that could arise should the union vote to strike. >> they got a lot of money so i don't see why they're going on strike. just give them what they need. >> oh, god i don't really know what to say about that one. how will people get out and vote? >> now transport workers union in boss tells us if they decide to strike, they will return to the job on election day just to make sure everyone gets to the polls. we'll let you know what happens. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton holds a four-point lead over donald trump in the new "washington post"/abc news poll. likely voters give clinton 47% support to trump's 43%.
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the poll shows only a slight impact on trump's support following the controversy over taped comments about women, and growing allegations of sexual misconduct. both clinton and trump are off the campaign trail today. their final debate is a few days away now on wednesday. trump is coming off a campaign stop in north jersey last night. the white house nominee addressed the global terror issue in a speech to the republican hindu coalition there. earlier in the day he put a new twist on his attacks on clinton. nbc national correspondent chris pollone reports. >> reporter: in new hampshire, donald trump unshackled. >> and right now, she's resting for the debate. >> reporter: once again questioning hillary clinton's health and going even further than that. >> at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. and at the end, it was like, oh, take me down.
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so i think we should take a drug test. i'm willing -- anyway i'm willing to do it. >> reporter: the call for a drug test capped a dark week for the republican nominee. at least nine women have accused trump of inappropriately touching them much like he described on the bombshell 2005 "access hollywood" tape. nbc news has not verified the women's claims. trump has taken to attacking his accusers and telling the supporters the election is rigged if he loses. >> it's a rigged election. because you have phony people coming up with phony allegations, with no witnesses whatsoever, ending up from 20 years ago, 30 years ago. how about this crazy woman on the airplane? >> reporter: supporters say they're with him no matter what he says or does. >> he's a good man. he has a good heart. >> he comes across as an underdog to me. maybe an underdog that tends to shoot himself in the foot and i hope he gets a little bit more on the issues in here. but that will not change me. >> reporter: but the latest nbc news electoral map shows trump with a narrow path to victory. clinton is leading in nearly every battle ground state.
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and appears confident at a friday night fund-raiser. >> if we do our job in 25 days, donald trump will stop being on the news every single day. >> reporter: 23 days left in one of this country's most unusual presidential campaigns. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. >> this week the presidential nominees will debate. that one final time, hillary clinton and donald trump will face off wednesday night at 9:00 at the university of nevada-las vegas. nbc 10's lauren mayk will be there to bring us live reports. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," suspected serial tire slasher. we'll tell you where philly cops arrest the man after they say he vandalized more than a dozen cars. plus this -- >> high drive into right. back against the wall! it is gone! >> a slamming finish to the first game of the nlcs last
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night. how i former philly played a big part.
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ten minutes past 7:00 right now on this sunday. take a look at this. the west coast really taking a one-two punch from heavy storms this weekend. the national weather service says this storm created by a pacific typhoon is responsible for thousands of power outages in oregon and washington. the storm packed strong wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour for puget sound. 65 miles per hour along the coast.
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nothing like that for our area. in fact might be a pretty decent beach day in the week ahead. meteorologist krystal klei has more on our pleasant conditions. >> we're in the middle of the october. our conditions looking great out there. this morning we have to deal with the fog. but once we get through that then things are looking very nice for your sunday afternoon. there is a live look outside in south philadelphia. you can kind of see fog here really the fog has gotten a little thicker in the last half hour to hour. meaning that driving, not the best situation in south philly. things are a little more clear as you move into center city and no northeast philadelphia. these are temperatures, along with the fog this morning. the temperatures, fog starts to clear, temperatures start to rise. those two always work together. so we start to bump up the temperatures for your afternoon. there we are by 4:00 p.m. expecting your temperatures into the low to mid 70s in a few spot areas. pretty much across the board. you see that right along the shore, 60s. but elsewhere, 70s.
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so warmer than yesterday. then we see that dip but it's not a big dip. only into the 50s and 60s overnight. back into your monday. now we're picking up. look at that. all the way to some spots in the 80s for your monday. way warmer than average for us. elsewhere, going to be upper 70s the forecast high for your monday. that continues tuesday, wednesday, as well. we'll take a look at that temperature trend coming up. >> not a bad day for the last day of the susan g. komen three-day walk. the event started friday in willow grove. hundreds of participants dressed in pink will end up at the navy yard in philadelphia, south philly a little bit later on today. the 60 mile walk raises money and awareness for fighting breast cancer. also today thousands of people are expected to take part in the 30th annual aids walk and run in philly. the event kicks off at 7:30 at aikens oval. registration began at 6:30. if you go you can get free rapid hiv tests on site. this event raises money for hiv prevention, education, and care services.
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twelve minutes past 7:00 right now on this sunday. we continue to follow breaking news in chester county. this there are investigating a shooting at lincoln university. one person was shot on campus around 4:00 this morning. right now we have a crew there gathering more information. we'll have an update ahead at 7:30. and later in sports a stunning finish for temple football. how they pulled off a one-point win with one second to spare.
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you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer these speeds at this price. only fios can. this morning a man is under arrest in connection with a tire slashing spree near philadelphia's city hall. police tell us they saw the suspect slashing the tires of two city owned vehicles right
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along arch street late friday night. a witness told officers the same man was slashing more tires along jfk boulevard. in total the suspect allegedly vandalized more than a dozen cars, several of them owned by the city. did you see the moon last night? it's both the hunter's moon and a super moon. a hunter's moon gets the name because this moon rises earlier giving hunters more daylight. it's also a superman when the moon is closest to the earth making it look larger and brighter. if you missed it you can see it again tonight. i'm sure anybody who was outside last night probably just had a light jacket on because it's been so warm. >> yeah, temperatures have not been bad. and in a few days the temperatures continue to bump up to more summerlike numbers. so maybe a jacket on hibernation the next few days. here's a look at the temperatures right now. if you're waking up now you still want the jacket with these numbers. 46 hopewell, 44 in reading.
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some of us in the 50s this morning. that's more as you drop a little further to the south and philadelphia, and into new jersey. although the shore is a little warmer than more inland portions of south jersey. so, right now we're looking at 50 fleetwood and reading at 44 degrees. allentown, 42. . these temperatures going to be bumping up very nice in the afternoon like rosemary said. afghanist afternoons have been gorgeous with the sunshine. feels very nice outside. i had short sleeves on yesterday. radar and satellite for us. clouds into the north of us. we look to the northwest of us, there's those showers, some strong here, that are moving through chicago and the great lakes area. that's going to stay to the north of us. it's a cold front but it's not going to drop into our zone. meaning that we won't really feel much effect from it outside of the northern most portions of our viewing area like the lehigh valley. you see directly to the south of us, mostly fair conditions in our area, spotty clouds that you
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would expect in today's forecast. here's neighborhoods today, mostly around the low 70s through the lehigh valley. 72 for easton with spotty clouds in place. through the suburbs, same deal mostly sunny, enjoy your 72 degrees at westchester at 71 degrees. in philadelphia, little bump here but 73 fair month. mount airy at 71. now, jersey, very similar forecast, pretty much across the board not huge differences. hattonfield 72 and blacksboro the same at 72. the shore a little lower. i expect some upper 60s with those low 70s. delaware township 71. the same for atlantic city. and in delaware right around the mid 70s expected with that sun/cloud mix. 72 for wilmington. hour by hour forecast. spotty clouds out there this morning. we do have some areas of patchy fog. in fact in south philadelphia,
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heads up if you are driving early this morning. should burn off pretty quickly. scattered clouds in your afternoon. there's no rain moving along. then we go overnight into your monday morning. now as i was talking about. some moisture just to the north of us, meaning spot chances of rain near parts of berks town, lehigh valley. that's on the afternoon of your monday on into the early evening hours. we'll see some clouds to the west of our viewing zone. there we go through the overnight. but for the most part, dry forecast moving forward. all about that warming trend to the 80s monday, tuesday and wednesday. this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. here comes the 0-2. high drive into right, back against the wall, it is gone! game one hero! >> the cubs beat the dodgers in dramatic fashion last night. mig the monthero slams this
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pinch hit grand slam off former philly to give the cubbies game one of the nlcs. the cubs haven't won a world series since 1945. game two is tonight at 8:00. cleveland was certainly rocking last night with the indians beating the blue jays again. even lebron james was celebrating. the indians are up two games in that series that continues in toronto tomorrow for game three. all right let's talk some ice hockey now the flyers 1-1 after losing to the arizona coyotes last night in overtime. the flyers will head to chicago to play the black hawks on tuesday. the home opener is on thursday against the anaheim ducks. for more of our sunday morning sports let's check in with csn's amy fadool. hi, i'm amy fadool from csn. the eagles will not have to deal with jordan reed later today. the redskins leading receiver out with a concussion. he had been listed as questionable.
7:21 am
the eagles arrived in d.c. yesterday and our john clark was there. >> here are the birds arriving at their team hotel. here is carson wentz, getting ready for his first division game as eagles quarterback. and he'll be facing one of the best corner backs in the nfl. josh norman. and carson said he has a lot of respect for josh, but it really won't change the eagles plan of attack. >> we respect the heck out of him. but at the same time it doesn't really change our approach too much. we give him his respect and we know what type of player he is. like i said, he's a playmaker. but we don't dwell on that too much at the same time. >> coming in as a rookie, sure he's been far beyond his years. i think my understanding, the progression of it is not making mistakes. and that's the thing that, you know, makes you become from a rookie to advance to a pro to all-pro. >> the eagles may rely heavily on their rushing attack. the redskins are giving up 130 yards a game on the ground. only two teams in the nfl are worse.
7:22 am
in alexandria, virginia, i'm john clark, csn. sixers hosting the pistons. joel embiid in for the block. this actually hurt his right foot but he did stay in the game. that was good news. he did play in the second half for the first time this preseason. a nice move in the lane. embiid comes up with a team height 16 points in 19 minutes. sixers lost the game 97-76. college football temple at central florida. final 30 seconds of the game. temple down five. walker, passed to bryant, he gets down inside the 10, no time-outs though, so walker doesn't spike it. instead finds kirkland in the end zone. goes 70 yards in just 32 seconds. no time-outs. they win 26-25. villanova at richmond it was the spider's home coming all spiders ryan brown caught seven passes including this 56 yard touchdown in the first quarter.
7:23 am
villanova's win streak is snapped. they get shut out for the first time since 2004. 23-0. penn hosting columbia. the screen pass for justin watson and he's going to make the first wave miss. tiptoes down the sideline and he is gone, 46 yards, one of three touchdown passes. quakers win 35-10. they're 2-0 in the ivy league. that will do it for sports. i'm amy fadool for csn. i'm jacquelyn london for nbc 10 at issue. join me later today when we meet a local woman who was willing to get punched in the face over and over again. she's fighting to make boxing her new career. >> when lieu you look at that picture of yourself what do you see? >> i see a warrior, you know. stuff happens. you get hurt in the ring. you decide whether or not you're going to get back in and i knew after that fight i was going to get back in the ring. >> that plus a cherry hill
7:24 am
social worker who believes there's an upside to donald trump's vulgar words about women. coming up this morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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there is a silver lining to this divisive presidential election. some of the best skits from "saturday night live." here's last night's take on the second presidential debate. >> please help us welcome the candidates. republican nominee, donald trump, and can we say this yet? >> probably fine. >> president hillary clinton. ♪ >> for the third straight week alec baldwin and kate mckinnon played the white house nominees. later on in the sketch, trump told clinton that in the audience he planted several of her husband's accusers for claimed sex abuse. >> four of those women are here tonight. four of them.
7:28 am
>> will how could you? how will i go on with the debate? no i'll never be able to remember the facts and figures now. oh, donald, no! get real. i made a steal, this is nothing. hi, girls. >> what about all the women accusing you of sexual assault? >> they need to shut the hell up. >> finally, as this special treat the moderators introduced an audience member from the second debate who has become a national celebrity. y'all ready for this? ♪ none other than ken bone. he has become a celebrity in his own right with some people on social media urging him to run for president in 2020. 7:28 right now on this sunday and we continue to follow breaking news. a shooting on the campus of lincoln university in chester county. we'll have more information just after the break.
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if you ride septa buses, trolleys or subways, workers are voting on whether or not to strike. but it wouldn't happen right away. we'll explain. we are just days away from the third and final presidential debate. this morning, another trump accuser comes forward and trump accuses clinton of being on drugs. if you put those summer clothes away, you may need to get them out. here's a live look over philadelphia, not too bad out there this morning. and first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking a very warm week ahead. but first we begin with breaking news. state police are investigating a shooting on the campus of lincoln university in chester county. investigators there tell us that a person was shot in the arm around 3:30 this morning. that person went to christiana hospital for treatment.
7:32 am
no word on the victim's condition. we also now it's home coming at lincoln university this weekend with plenty of activities on campus. stay with nbc 10 on air throughout the morning, and check the nbc 10 app for update throughout the day. now to our weather, meteorologist christ l klei is tracking a beautiful fall day ahead for us. krystal, couldn't ask for anything better. >> this is a great forecast as we move along here. temperatures this morning, not even too rough to handle here. yesterday, 20s and 30s on the map. look at this 40s and 50s outside. 47 mount poke yo. 46 lancaster and 42 in pottstown. 51 in philadelphia, and 52 degrees cape may. can't really complain about these numbers considering we're in the middle of october here and we are expecting the numbers to bump up into the 70s by this afternoon. visibility in miles what we're looking at, some areas are doing fine. but a few areas are looking at more dense fog that's built in. it's patchy at this point. quarter mile visibility in
7:33 am
lancaster, philadelphia, trenton and 2 1/2 miles in dover where some of the fog started to spill over the bay. heads up as you're heading out this morning. it's going to be burning off with temperatures rising. if you're getting the early morning drive in right now you may run into some fog especially through south philadelphia. and we are looking with that, the temperature being the focus of the afternoon, we'll track those temperatures and how warm they get in your work week coming up. >> see you shortly, thanks, crystal. >> to strike or not to strike. that's the decision septa employees will be making a little bit later on this morning. they're going to vote to authorize leaders of the transportation workers union to put that option on the table. monique braxton joins us live in center city with more details. monique? >> if the workers decide to strike, riders who usually lined up here waiting along market street would have about two weeks to people. a spokesperson with the
7:34 am
transport workers union number 234 says they could walk off the job at midnight on halloween. the outstanding issues for the 6100 union employees of septa are not about salaries. they want pension equity, increases in pension like managers of septa are currently receiving. health care has always been a sticking point in previous strikes because the jobs are labor intensive. and the union also says their people are exposed to the elements as well as other people. a final issue involves scheduling. we're told recent hires want to be assigned to either morning or evening shifts. they also want longer lunch breaks. right now they're allotted about 15 minutes. we spoke with riders already frantic about a loss of public transportation. >> they're not thinking about us. this is about everybody. you know, everything affects us. >> now septa has issued this statement. it says, in part, taking a
7:35 am
strike vote in advance of contract expiration is not out of the ordinary. we remain hopeful, as we work to bargain an agreement in the best interests of our employees, riders, and the public. and the transport workers union will meet about 10:00 at a local union hall. we'll let you know what happens. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016. donald trump is coming off a campaign stop in north jersey last night. there the republican nominee addressed the global terror issue in a speech to the republican hindu coalition. >> as we all know we can't have prosperity without security and that is why we appreciate the great friend india has been to the united states in the fight against radical islamic terrorism. >> trump told the crowd he's a big fan of hindus and that they'll have a true friend in the white house. he also joked that his
7:36 am
democratic rival hillary clinton is resting instead of campaigning before their final debate on wednesday. clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail this weekend. this as trump unleashed a new attack on her while he was stumping in new hampshire yesterday. there he implied that she may be taking drugs. take a listen. >> but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. and at the end, it was like, oh, take me down. so i think we should take a drug test. i'm willing -- anyway i'm willing to do it. >> clinton's campaign is responding by saying that voters see through trump's shameful attempts to undermine this election. meanwhile, the list of women accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct is growing. one woman told the guardian newspaper yesterday that trump grabbed her and tried to kiss her in 1997 at his mar-a-lago estate in florida. two others gave matching accounts of her story to the
7:37 am
paper. trump's campaign denies the allegations. also yesterday wikileaks unveiled more stolen e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign they included transcripts of some of the speeches clinton gave to goldman sachs, but refused to release. the messages show clinton generally avoided criticism of wall street while examining the great recession. her campaign would neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the e-mails. now an outpouring of support for the families of two fallen firefighters. friends and colleagues came together yesterday for a charity softball tournament at the dell castle sports complex. the event honored chris leech and jerry thicket. the two died battling a fire captain leech's fiancee tells us the community support warms her heart. >> we're part of a much larger family and they're never going anywhere. >> what does this say about this area?
7:38 am
>> it says a lot about delaware and the fire service and the police and ems and the community they serve. >> donations to the firefighters families on a go fund me page have topped $100,000. here's something that may impact your commute this week, penndot will be restricting lanes in the lehigh tunnel of the pennsylvania turnpike so be prepared for delays during the overnight hours. here when it's going to happen, tomorrow night into tuesday morning and then again wednesday night into thursday morning. crews will be doing inspections and maintenance work there. 7:38 right now on this sunday. coming up an impatient driver tries to pass a school bus and ends up on two wheels over a concrete barrier. the whole thing caught on camera. we'll tell you what police did afterwards. plus some big names turn out to help philly fight cancer. we'll hear from one comedian who calls herself a survivor.
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7:41. four people are dead and several others injured after this truck veered off a bridge in san diego and plunged into a crowd of people down below. the pickup truck fell 60 feet from the bridge. the people were attending a festival. police have issued a warrant for the driver's arrest. they say alcohol played a role in this deadly crash.
7:42 am
take a look at this video. this shows an impatient driver in upstate new york. that's how police describe it. you can see this bmw try to pass a school bus. and almost end up on its side. the driver told police that he thought there was another lane. three kids on the bus went to the hospital as a precaution. the driver of the car just got a ticket for unsafe passing. certainly a star studded weekend in philadelphia last night grammy winner jennifer hudson. music legend lionel richie and comedian notaro head lined philly fights cancer round two at the university of pennsylvania. notaro is a four-year cancer survivor and says it's important to remember that the patient isn't the only one impacted by a cancer diagnosis. >> it affects people's livelihood, it affects their families, it affects planning your future. i mean, it's just -- it's --
7:43 am
yeah, it's the worst. >> last year's event raised $3.5 million to support research at penn medicine's abrams cancer center. no word on this year's tally. up next, "meet the press" moderator chuck todd will join us live to talk about the latest controversies and new poll numbers in the race for the white house. plus we'll have an upstate to our breaking news this morning. a shooting on the campus of lincoln university in chester county. right now one person is in the hospital. and still looking at that fog outside. the fog still in place. we're going to check in on the visibility map as you're heading out the door coming up.
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7:46 am
this portion of nbc 10 news sponsored by cherry hill nissan. 7:46. a quick look at our headlines. we've been following some breaking news out of chester county. one person was shot on the campus of lincoln university. the shooting happened around 4:00 this morning. police tell us the victim went to christiana hospital for treatment. check the nbc 10 app for the latest information throughout the day. at 11:00 this morning, bus drivers, trolley drivers, subway operators who work for septa will vote on whether or not to
7:47 am
strike. they say they're not looking for more money, but better health care, steadier schedules and longer break times. if they do vote to strike they could walk off the job when the contract expires on halloween. it is game day. the eagles will take on the redskins at 1:00 this afternoon at fedex field. eagles, of course, coming off their first loss of the season last week. stay with nbc 10 this morning for "eagles gameday kickoff" right after the news at 9:30. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we just saw out near the lake some foggy conditions. areas of fog that we're looking at, though, are spread across the board right now. and some areas pretty good visibility, some areas low visibility. meaning that it's patchy but dense in those patches. quarter of a mile visibility in lancaster. half a mile visibility for blue bell. notice mount pocono, rather, in reading pretty good. ten miles the max you're going
7:48 am
to see on the visibility map. so some spots much better off than others this morning. that does continue as we look through philadelphia where areas like trenton, northeast philly and philadelphia are reporting more thick fog moving through. a look right to over the border right on into new jersey, and we've got visibility up to ten miles. so, this is matchy for certain as you move along the border. earlier dover dealing with some fog that has already burned off now at the max visibility there. and only at six miles for millville. not bad, this will continue to burn off this morning, because we are mostly clear outside. some scattered clouds in the forecast for you today. rain, just well off to our northwest. but that rain not likely to affect us much, if any, because the cold front is going to stay to 9 north of us. so temperatures will not be dropping in the days to come. in fact they're going to be climbing, and climbing. beautiful sunday for today. this is the first day of warming we're looking at. and we're looking at temperatures as a result.
7:49 am
moving from the 60s yesterday to the 70s today. 74 in philadelphia. the suburbs at 72. the same at lehigh valley, south jersey, the shore, right around 70. so some shore points may just tap the upper 60s. nonetheless that should be very nice if you have some deep plans you're trying to sneak in through your sunday. delaware at 73 degrees by this afternoon. then we look at the potential for some record warmth. we are tracking temperatures that are much warmer, or even hotter than average for this time of year. in philadelphia, the forecast goes like this, 80 monday. 83 tuesday. and your wednesday. if you look at the records, monday, not going to break it. the record set at 89. but tuesday a close call. the record's at 85. and which wednesday it does look like a record with the 83 degree forecast as the previous record sits at 88 degrees. here's a look at your ten day on temp. 70s to the 80s monday through wednesday. that's the warm-up i was talking about. sunny conditions for tuesday, mostly sunny wednesday. we do see some clouds on your
7:50 am
monday. reason being that front to the north of us. better chance of rain for us by your friday that will be thursday evening, friday, and even some potential through saturday. 23 days and counting to the election and a lot of voters want it over and done with already. it's all part of a discussion this morning on nbc's "meet the press." joining me foul for a preview is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. over and done with, yeah. >> yeah. >> i would say so. >> i mean, chuck, divisive is certainly putting it mildly when it comes to this election and both of the nominees, the latest from donald trump is a call for both candidates to take a drug test before the debate on wednesday. talk to us about how this factors in to trump's strategy as we're in this final stretch. >> i'm sorry, i was totally stumped on that one when it came to the drug test. i've heard a lot of things in campaign rhetoric before. that one was a first.
7:51 am
on -- on -- on that and was sort of an awkward line to use especially when at the time i think he was actually trying to talk about the opioid epidemic that has certainly been a big problem in places like new hampshire and maine. where he was campaigning yesterday to sort of make light of it that way i think was sort of an offkey response there. but that's been trump's problem all week long. look, he's dug a deep hole for himself. we've got new polling that's coming out this morning on "meet the press" that's going to show just how deep that hole is. there is one more debate. but can he get himself -- can he talk himself out of responding to every accuser and every little thing to just going personal attack after personal attack? he is so off message right now, i don't know how he can recover if he doesn't immediately somehow get back on message this morning he's already tweeted. attacking "saturday night live." >> all right. well i mean if you can't laugh about this, nobody can laugh about this election this presidential campaigning, and you know, what can you do? chuck, you mentioned that nbc
7:52 am
news poll was coming out this morning the electoral and battle ground maps seem to be favoring hillary clinton. but should her numbers be higher given trump's troubles or just a reflection of her ongoing wikileaks e-mail controversy? >> i tell you, it is extraordinary actually to see some of the struggles that clinton has and you'll see it in our poll that even among some voters, among all-white voters in this country, despite all of the negative press that donald trump has received this week, all of the accusers that have come out, among all white voters in this country, hillary clinton is more on -- more unfavorable. they see her more unfavorably than donald trump. so i think it just shows you that some of this stuff is so locked in right now when it comes to these candidates. that's how polarizing they are to some people. >> chuck we have a little bit more time. kind of give us a preview on what we can expect wednesday at the final debate? >> i think it's going to be -- look you've got one candidate that feels cornered and desperate in donald trump. and does he lash out the way
7:53 am
he's been doing on the campaign trail? or does he somehow pivot? and what about hillary clinton? one thing about the second debate, i thought she -- i thought she sort of stood back a couple of times when you thought she was going to go in and, and, and go after him a little bit. i have a feeling this one is going to be more like the first debate, meaning both of them much more antagonistic toward each other. >> moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. as always thanks for your insight. >> you got it. a little bit later this morning on "meet the press" chuck will be sitting down with both vice president joe biden, and one of the candidates who wants to succeed him indiana governor mike pence of course the republican nominee for vice president. "meet the press" comes your way at 10:30 this morning right here on nbc 10. we'll be right lack.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
a few minutes before 8:00. krystal you were just sitting down. i didn't even realize this was going on behind us. what's the deal? >> we see our morning lows right around sunrise. when you've got the lowest temperature and the dew point that's when you'll see the fog build in. we've already seen it kind of patchy areas. spread out a little bit and dissipate once the temperature bumps up. here's a look at your visibility map. we have that right now. we'll take a live shot first because you can see the fog has kind of spread across the city. i'm thinking that's -- so there's your visibility map. quarter of a mile in philadelphia. that's at the airport. but it does stretch up through northeast philly as tell as
7:57 am
trenton. lancaster, now, very limited visibility. but elsewhere, that ten mile looks much better. so some of us are better than others this morning. hence the patchy fog. erica called for that last night. so something that's not too surprising. 74 for us this afternoon though. going to be gorgeous this sunday. mostly sunny conditions. partly cloudy your monday. we warm up to 80. spot chance of rain mostly north of philly near the me lie valley. berks county in the 80s, tuesday and wednesday looks like we'll break a record by your wednesday at 83 degree high and best chance of rain is going to be late thursday, friday into parts of saturday. >> i've got a good stretch of time off this week ahead i'm debating heading down the shore just seeing the 80s. >> and 70s through the next few days. >> we may not see 80s for another like eight months. >> oh, don't say that. >> coming from arizona and texas now you're getting ready for us -- >> i've been buying lots of big coats. i'm prepping myself here. >> that's going to do it for us for right now.
7:58 am
we'll be back here with a half hour of news at 9:00.
7:59 am
pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this was locker room talk. >> to stand up and say enough is enough. >> if the water comes up, i'm going to lose everything. ♪ ♪ like a rolling stone good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. three weeks and change until election today. trailing in most polls, donald trump is stepping up the charge that the election is, quote, rigged. this afc the number of women accusing sexual misconduct rises to nine. and more e-mails released to wikileaks. how will all of this affect the final 23 days bef t


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