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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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light fog in allentown and coatesville, not an issue right now in trenton. look at the thick fog for millville and wilmington. it's just improved some in millville. a few minutes ago, it was down to a quarter mile. now two-mile visibility. that's dense fog that will make for slow going this morning on some of the major roads. we check in with jessica boyington in just a minute to find out what's going on. 50s and low 60s, we should be in the 40s this time of year. 57 the fog in delaware. the lehigh valley, 58 degrees, scattered clouds there. we'll see sunshine take over. look at the warmup from 60 degrees at 8:00 to 70 degrees at 11:00. and topping out at 80 degrees for philadelphia. the suburbs, close to 80 for new jersey and the lehigh valley. and at the shore, 75 degrees. delaware warms to 80 degrees this afternoon. i'll go through these forecasts hour by hour when i'm back in just a few minutes. first, let's find out how the roads are faring with jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. >> good news to report now.
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we're back open on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway, right around university avenue. that fuel spill that was in the area, oil spill from an earlier tractor-trailer accident, completely wiped out and cleared out of the way. earlier we did have it closed here. you needed alternates and there was a little bit of a backup. traffic moving freely through dhere. no problems on the eastbound or westbound side. if you typically take the vine street expressway, you might check in to see if there's construction. not today. both directions are open in between the schuylkill expressway over here and broad street. we're still in the green there. most of our majors getting back to normal. more updates when i'm back in the next ten minutes and we'll check in with new jersey. rosemary? >> good news. thanks for that, jess. for septa riders, the next two weeks will be very critical. >> transit voters may strike if they don't get a new contract. that means bus, subway and trolley service could stop. matt delucia with more on that. >> septa workers two years ago
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narrowly avoided a strike. septa riders are saying not again. some 5,000 union members have threatened to walk off the job. the transport workers union voted unanimously to walk off the city's subways, trolleys and buses on november 1st if a deal is not reached before then. the big concern, of course, is that workers will be stranded and looking ahead to election day on november 8th. that could be a big concern there as well if the strike does happen. we spoke with riders who say they are concerned and frustrated. >> i think they're not thinking of everyone. i think they're only thinking of themselves. when they think about the strike, they put a lot of us in jeopardy of how we choose to get to work. >> two years after the last strike threat, some of the sticking points remain today, including pension, health care and work schedules. the union claims managers are getting special treatment.
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septa -- the workers' union president there said that they're telling themselves that they deserve more and that we deserve less and we're not going to tolerate that. septa responded to the vote with a written statement. they said, quote, while we hope that the union does not exercise its right to strike, we are focusing on reaching a new contract that is in the best interest of our riders, employees and stakeholders. there's no word yet on any contingency plans if a strike does happen two weeks from now, septa regional rail would not be affect by this. live in east falls, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks to are that, matt. stay with nbc 10 as the deadline gets closer. make sure you have the free nbc 10 app for updates on a possible strike. happening today, the hoboken train station is now back offering full service. this comes less than three weeks after the crash of an nj transit train that killed a woman and
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injured more than 100 people. the tracks opened this morning at 4:00 a.m. train entering the station will reduce their speed from 10 miles an hour to 5. the train that crashed in september was speeding at the time of the accident. today in central pennsylvania, a judge will begin hearing the penn state whistle-blower case that's linked to the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. former assistant football coach mike mcquery is suing the university for $4 million for wrongful term nation. he claims penn state ruined his coaching career and personal life after he reported witnessing sandusky's abuse to school officials. mcquery also testified against sandusky who was later convicted of child sex crimes. 5:04. 58 degrees outside. happening today, concerned residents in south jersey are expected to pack a hearing over as pipeline.pack a hearing over the hearing will be held at bordentown regional high school at 4:30 this afternoon. the state department of environmental protection will
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answer questions about a proposed compressor station. critics say it will damage air and water quality in the area. the company building the station says it also passed quality tests. one of 15 independent mission schools that provides education for lower income students. the new school includes a mural that pope francis signed last year. religious leaders all across philadelphia are coming together for a common goal, education equality. representatives from the jewish, catholic, christian and islamic faith met yesterday. each shared messages about the moral responsibility of educating our children. all agree that kids everywhere should have the same opportunities. one person is recovering this morning after an accident involving a philadelphia police car. the crash happened around 9:00 last night in oxford circle, two
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vehicles collided at caster and levcik. not sure who was at fault. delaware is announcing details for this saturday's national drug take-back day. accidental poisonings kill more people in delaware than car citizens. since 2010, delaware has collected almost 60,000 pounds of expired and unused medicine in its drug take-back days. there will be 27 collection sites this year that will be open from 10:00 to 2:00. eagles fans who bleed midnight green feel a little bit blue this morning after the birds dropped a 27-20 decision to the washington redskins. >> defense hung in there, gave us an opportunity a couple times and then we did some nice things but something that we just have to take a look at. >> the eagles lost their second straight game after winning their first three to open the
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season. the birds return to the linc on sunday to face sam bradford and the undefeated minnesota vikings. kickoff on sunday is scheduled for 1:00. it's 5:07. the calendar says fall but it will feel -- there's the game right there. let's move on and talk about the weather. it's october, feels like it will be summer today. it's already 58 degrees. >> by sunday and 1:00, it will feel like fall today. today, tomorrow, wednesday, the heat will be on. the temperatures into the 80s. very unusual. record-breaking temperatures are likely later this week. heading out right now, though, it is clear in center city. there are some areas of fog in delaware, south jersey and some of the pennsylvania suburbs as well. summer-like temperatures this afternoon, 80 degrees and scattered clouds. partly sunny skies. it will be a beautiful day today. it's not just today, into the this evening wi, this evening w be warmer. we drop into the 70s and 60s by
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tomorrow morning. 61 right now in the suburbs. there's that fog in delaware, 57 degrees. south jersey is at 55 degrees. that 58 at philadelphia international, 60s, low 60s for fox chase and bustleton. west mount airy is 59 degrees. it will be a warm one. you'll see shorts, probably flip-flops around. southwesterly winds, that's bringing in two things. the moisture and the heat. we get the fog and the heat for this afternoon. and any clouds that are around this morning, they've been trying to give us a few rain drops. you see a few sprinkles mainly to the north. during the day we'll stay dry. 60 degrees at 8:00 in philadelphia. by lunch time, 74. look at that temperature at 4:00 this afternoon. near 80 degrees. plenty of sunshine, the suburbs just a few scattered clouds, warming from the 50s this morning into the low 70s at noontime and then upper 70s this afternoon and you'll see a similar warmup in the lehigh valley, too. partly sunny, 56 degrees. a few scattered clouds at noontime. 71 and more sunshine later this
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afternoon. 77 degrees. delaware, quick warmup, 78 degrees this afternoon. a little bit of a warmup this morning will thin out the fog fairly quickly. new jersey, warming to 74 degrees at lunch time. look at that sunshine for jersey and the shore. it will reach into the lower to middle 70s this afternoon. beautiful weather today but yes, some record-breaking temperatures on the way. got to look at the 10 day on 10 to show you how long it lasts when i'm back in just a few minutes. >> see you then, bill, thank you. 5:09. we are focused on 70 eastbound close the at university right now. >> jessica boyington has been watching that for us. jess, of course, the beauty of live television. at one point it looked like it was open. you're seeing it's closed. >> yes. it looked like it was because one of our cameras around the grays ferry area had police activity and some of the cones in the area cleared out of the way right now, the two tractor-trailers still in place. it's closed on the eastbound side with one lane getting by on the westbound side.
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that's because there's an oil spill because of this. two tractor-trailers were actually carrying beer kegs. police activity there. a lot of cleanup under way. someone is over here directing traffic. the westbound side is open again. eastbound still closed. now, to have an alternate there for you. if you're stuck on the schuylkill expressway, or know somebody that will be, call them. go to 394th street bridge, wharton street and then you can hop back on. take the vine street expressway back open, we haven't dealt with that construction and head back to 95 that way, whatever direction you're going on 95. you'll be fine. you can see the rest of the majors still in the green. we'll keep you updated and i'll be back in the next ten minutes to do so. next, hear how both camps still worked hard to woo potential voters over the
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5:14. we're following breaking news out of philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. police are looking for an arsonist. four cars were set on fire, two were found burning on columbia avenue. two more were discovered at 60th street. no one was hurt. now to decision 2016. the push for pennsylvania will bring former president bill clinton to our area tomorrow. neither presidential ticket was in the state yesterday but their supporters were out in force trying to drum up votes. trump supporters gathered for a rally at independence mall. their goal, to build a larger coalition for the republican nominee. many in the crowd came from out of town to stump in what's become a key battleground state. >> all americans, they are
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black, hispanic, look around here. it's beautiful to see that. >> hillary clinton supporters in the meantime gathered in west philadelphia. among them, two women who lost their children to incidents involving police. her daughter, sandra bland died in police custody in texas. one supporter we spoke with told us she has a personal connection % >> hillary clinton reached out to me after my son was killed by a police officer. it changed my life. >> as i mentioned, former president bill clinton will be in our area tomorrow. he'll be campaigning in blue bell, montgomery county. investigators near durham, north carolina are looking into a fire bombing of republican party office there and a threat that was left behind. authorities say someone threw a bottle filled with flammable liquid through the window of the headquarters yesterday. someone also spray paint a nearby building with the words "nazi republicans leave town or
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else." gop nominee donald trump reacted to the vandalism tweeted animals representing hillary clinton and dems in north carolina just fire bombed our office in orange county because we are winning. authorities have not confirmed that claim. trump added that he is proud of his supporters in that county. meantime, democratic nominee hillary clinton tweeted the attack on the orange county gop office is horrific and unacceptable. very grateful that everyone is safe. north carolina's republican party thanks clinton for her thoughts and prayers. 5:16 on this monday. the military effort to free a major city in iraq from isis control is now under way. iraqi and kurdish forces backed by a u.s.-led coalition are now battling to take back the city of mosul. iraqi soldiers launched the offensive last night. mosul has been under isis control for more than two years now. the black smoke you see here is from oil wells that isis set on fire in an act of defiance. officials say the bat until
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mosul could lead to more than a million people fleeing the city. the fbi director told a group of police chiefs that people who think there's an epidemic of police shootings of black people are not well informed. james comey wants people to know the truth about police shootings. he says a national report would show and help the nation understand if there is indeed a real epidemic of police killings of black men or if social media is giving the impression there is. right now, there's no national collection of police shooting reports. the fbi announced a pilot progr program. police say a man called them, saying his wife had a gun and when police got there, she approached them with a gun asking them to shoot her. police told her to drop it but she walked towards them instead and that's when they did shoot her. in alaska, police are looking for a person who shot a
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police officer and then drove off. what's not on the video is the shooting itself. the man seen on the tape shot an officer multiple times and then drove away in the cruiser. later in the video, the cruiser stopped, he ditches the car. the officer is in the hospital. the gunman is still on the run. this morning, we're learning that uber and lyft are trying to reach a permanent legal agreement with the city of philadelphia. according to, the pennsylvania legislature could be looking at a bill to legalize the ride sharing companies as early as tomorrow. you may remember earlier this month, a judge reversed the legal ban on uber. the ruling did not include lyft. the company says it will act as if it aploos to them as well. meantime, the philadelphia parking authority is fighting back. the ppa says until there is a permanent deal it will continue to ticket drivers. 5:18. 60 degrees outside. we continue to focusç on the schuylkill expressway. closed at this early hour. >> jessica boyington has her eye on the camera.
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what are you seeing? >> it's around university avenue. an earlier tractor-trailer accident that was under way with a fuel spill, oil spill involved there as well. the trucks were -- the tractor-trailers were actually carrying beer kegs. there was a mess there. now the eastbound side is closed. they're diverting all traffic off around the eastbound side of university avenue. here what you're looking at is westbound. those lanes, at least one lane getting by. not huge delays at least for the westbound side. that's not really what the problem is and what i'm worried about. it's the eastbound side since it's closed. make a left at 34th street bridge to wharton street and then hop back on the schuylkill expressway eastbound ramp down below. other than that, if you're taking the schuylkill expressway eastbound towards center city, take the vine street expressway north or south on 95 in that direction. you can access the other highways there with ease. we're not seeing the construction on the vine street expressway this morning. that's open. coming up in ten minutes or so,
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of course, i'll keep you updated. as soon as any lanes become open or we have updates for you there. 20 minutes past 5:00. we are flirting with record temperatures this week. >> yes, mid-october, temperatures are expected to be well above normal. you just got back from vacation in florida. i'm sure you're loving this. >> it's beautiful. but i love fall, even the chillier temperatures, it's fine with me. >> meteorologist bill henley is tracking this warmup for us. not too bad out there. >> no, right now it's a lot warmer than it was yesterday, even in the city. this is philadelphia, a live view, free of fog here. there are spots of fog coming in with the warm air. there's a lot of moisture coming with it. you'll feel the higher humidity this morning. 60 in philadelphia. 60 in trenton. look at wilmington at 59, along with coatesville. much warmer than yesterday at this time. 17 degrees warmer in allentown. trenton is up 18 degrees and up by 11 for philadelphia and 12 in wilmington. a really warm start. these temperatures warm from the
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50s through the 60s, through the 70s. philadelphia will top out at 80 degrees this afternoon. to start with, there are areas of fog, getting thicker in the hazleton area. two-mile visibility in coatesville. as you go into northeast philadelphia, the airport is just fine. half mile visibility at philadelphia international. that may wind up delaying some flights. check with your carrier if you're heading out or expecting someone in. wilmington, quarter-mile visibility. that's dense fog. that hasn't budged for the last hour. some thick fog but with temperatures climbing from the 50s and 60s into the 80s this afternoon, we will see the fog quickly disappear. right now, some of those suburbs, the cooler suburbs, cochranville at 55 degrees, exton at 56 and 53 in collegeville. that's where you're more likely to see some of the fog this morning. if you were out overnight, you may have seen a sprinkle. those are out of the picture for us now. a few sprinkles heading to the north and the pocono mountains
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in north jersey. back to summer, too, with temperatures warming to near 80 degrees and even warmer over the next couple days. i'm expecting to see record temperatures a little later in the week. for today, not likely to see the record. the record is 89. we'll hit 80 degrees this afternoon. but a warming trend will have us closer to tomorrow's record and breaking the record on wednesday in philadelphia. and much of the rest of the area isç going to see similar conditions. and it's going to continue for that, at least the beginning of the week. today, tomorrow, wednesday, into the 80s with morning low temperatures into the 60s. then it cools down on thursday with partly sunny skies. we could see showers coming late thursday and into friday. that will set the stage for cooler weather to return this weekend. back to fall for saturday and sunday and beyond. low 60s for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> 22 minutes past 5:00. halloween not even here yet and already a lot of people are
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holiday shoppers are expected to spend more this year while also go the extra mile for more deals. 81% of those surveyed say they plan to shop the web before hitting the stores. all in search of finding the best prices. 84% say they plan to check amazon before they check any other websites or stores. apparel is expect to be the most purchased item this holiday season. 5:26. tattoos are more common than ever. there's new evidence they are not welcome in the workplace. landon dowdy is here with that story and the rest of this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, tracy. that financial reporting, the financial times is out with a warning this morning. keep your tats covered up while
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at work. the newspaper says 32% to 18 to 44-year-olds in the u.s. have at least one tattoo somewhere. it says they don't always go down well in the office. the paper warns hr is watching you. meanwhi meanwhile, a new week on wall street and stocks could start off on a down note. futures are lower this morning. looing for data on industrial production. we have a full week of earnings ahead starting today with bank of america and netflix. friday, the dow closing down 31 to 18,138, the nasdaq at 5:214. >> landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. right now, the buss are running but for how much longer. next, a septa strike threat is looming. hear what that means for bus, trolley and subway riders. also, tobacco crackdown. hear what philadelphia lawmakers plan to do today to stop teens from smoking. [ keyboard typing ]
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