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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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today but not into the 80s. upper 60s by 10:00. and we will get some breaks of sunshine but the clouds will be back in the afternoon. 62 degrees now in new jersey. suburbs, 63 degrees where we're most likely to see the showers but temperatures are a little cooler this morning. 64 degrees at 8:00 with clouds and sunshine. clouds increasing at 11:00, as you go into the afternoon, more likely to see scattered showers. no sign of the 80s today. but still unusually warm, up by 10 degrees, compared to normal time of year for philadelphia. 70s across the board. at the shore, we'll see more sunshine, partly sunny and 73 degrees. i'll go through the futurecast hour by hour to show you when we might see the showers pop up. but first, jessica boyington has the "first alert" frank. >> checking out that row home fire. 9th and christian, 10th and
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christian and 11th and christian are currently closed for that fire. not seeing a ton of traffic. it's really early for that. won't be that difficult. washington avenue, of course, just a little south of that scene is a good option. christian street, it's really small in some spots so it might be hard for you to navigate. washington will take you right back. heading into new jersey there's construction here. it's supposed to be clearing about this time, watch for crews in the area around bellmawr. to the northbound side of 2 nine. supposed to be closed right now watch for the area. jessica mentioned this breaking news that we're following for you in south philadelphia. one person was taken to the hospital after three row homes caught fire a few hours ago. fire crews are expected to be there for a while. this is about a block from the
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italian market. dozens of firefighters were called out for an all hands on deck situation. the street is so small firefighters couldn't get close. firefighters evacuated nearby homes because they were afraid of it spreading. nbc10's deanna durante is live there. she'll be back with another report at 5:30. plus what we want to do is replenish -- >> she's such a nasty woman. >> donald trump's nasty woman comment sets up a firestorm on social media and it's striking a sour note among some voters. also making headlines, trump's refusal to say he'd accept the result of the november election. >> trump and clinton also sparred on key issues last night. they discussed how they'd handle the crisis in syria. clinton defended her no fly zone. and the two also clashed over immigration. and they sparred over the appointees they'd make to the
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supreme court. >> we need a supreme court that will stand up on behalf of women's rights. on behalf of the rights of the lgbt community. >> the constitution the way it was meant to be. and those are the people that i will appoint. >> on another topic, sexual misconduct allegations made against trump who denied the accusations clinton criticized trump, quote, demeaning woman. and in the battleground states in pennsylvania this new emerson college poll was conducted earlier this week before the third and final debate last night. the poll found clinton leading trump 45% to 41% in pennsylvania. that's with the margin of error of 3%. and now take a look at the front page of today's philadelphia daily news. the debate headline is "and your point?" and it says that these
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two were again joined in holy acrimony. pamela osborne is live in the digital operations center. >> vai, i think regarding of which candidate people are supporting there's a feeling among voters, ones we talked to overnight said this entire election process is a, quote, circus. some of the people we spoke to said they didn't bother watching the debate because they don't feel represented in this process. whether they watched or not there wasn't a shortage of opinions about the candidates. >> it's hard to say who won, obviously the objective of winning is to persuade the undecided voters. >> basically, it's a debate among two people that are politically incorrect. it has nothing to do with the minority or majority of the
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united states of americans. >> and many of the people we spoke to say they don't think the debates will have much of a difference to voters. when i see you again at 5:30, we'll hear more local reaction of people who feel ready to cast their votes. >> pamela osborne, "nbc10 news." 65 degrees outside. happening today, the new jersey state senate is voting on a bill that would punish carl icahn for shutting down the casino. the bill would strip icahn of a casino license for the taj for five years. it prevents the company from reopening the casino. there is a stipulation that icahn would get his casino license back if he reaches a deal with the labor union. workers at the taj were on strike for 102 days before the casino closed. meantime, one step closer to selling bader field.
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they voted to sell to the municipal authority. the council still needs to approve the plan again. and the states that to approve it as well. atlantic city is trying to avoid a tastate takeover. happening today, philadelphia mayor jim kenney will sign a bill that expands the prevailing wage to service workers at stadiums, hospitals sand airports. the measure passed unanimously by city council will assure that those workers are paid closer to $15 an hour with benefits. and the man accused of smashing and kill iing. 37 years ago, lawyers for hernandez say the client -- his client is mentally ill. and his past confession was made up. during the last trial, jurors
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couldn't come to a unanimous decision and some of those jurors from that trial sat behind his family in a show of support. >> from time to time you will see us in the courtroom here to show support for the patz family or the retrial. >> patz was one of the first missing children to be shown on a milk carton. well, thursday will be off to a warmer than normal start. but not quite as we've seen so far this week. "first alert" meteorologist bill henley is here with details. >> yeah, clouds are moving in, so that's keeping temperatures up a little bit but not as warm as yesterday. that's a trend that's going to carry us into the weekend. this evening, there will be clouds but i expect a dry evening. and there could be some showers during the day today. especially in the lehigh valley. in the suburbs might see
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showers. delaware, south jersey, less likely to see the rainfall. we are seeing cooler temperatures this morning. we saw lots of upper 60s yesterday. and look, some parts of south jersey are in the 50s. all in the 50s right now. it's 59 degrees in princeton while lumberton is 60 degrees. so, a cooler start this morning. and for now, it is dry. at least for now. to the northwest, you see the showers and some thunderstorm activity that is moving through north central pennsylvania. that's likely to miss the pocono mountains to start with. but that may not be the case all day. you see the line of showers, it's not as impressive. not as heavy as what's going on farther away from us. but there is that chance that we'll see some showers popping up during the day. forecast for philadelphia, clouds some sunshine, 64 degrees at 8:00. up to 74 at noon time. that's still well above normal. but we'll stop in the 70ss with mostly cloudy skies at 4:00 this
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afternoon. clouds increasing in the suburbs, a slight chance, we'll see a shower, 60 degrees, that's at 8:00. by lunchtime, 70 degrees. and clouds will be moving into the lehigh valley with a charges mainly light showers. you'll see low 70s for the lehigh valley. delaware and new jersey, afternoon temperatures in the middle 70s. nowhere near the 80s that we had yesterday. you're likely to get more sunshine at the jersey shore, at least to start with. there will be clouds building as we go into the afternoon. limits temperatures and winds coming in off the ocean. 70s, that will be considerably warmer than what we've got for the weekend. we'll have the weekend forecast when i come back in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, bill. 5:09 on this thursday morning or -- >> or friday eve. i like friday eve. >> that's the glass half full right there. >> almost there.
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almost there. we're over new jersey but moving through camden actually. that's what the lanes are right here. this is the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. we're not seeing any big delays moving through camden or approaching philadelphia right now. up and over the bridge looks great also. here's the schuylkill expressway. drive times you can see on the road there, still green. 13 minutes at the most going to take you headed towards center see eastbound to the vine street expressway. doing very well. drive time speed in the 60s as well. there's an earlier accident still being reporting up in abington on susquehanna row. as up in philadelphia, we're still watching the row home fire and closure, 9th and christian, 10th and 11th and christian as well. going through the area will probably be the most difficult part of navigating around. all of the roads especially in the city there still in the green. washington avenue is a great alternate. any traffic that needs diverted
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around will be just fine, tracy. we're entering cold and flu system some may be calling off of sick. others decide to just take a sick day. that comes with a warning. ahead, here what social media says about sick days. and take on quite an opponent tonight all to help a 4-year-old boy. i'm matt delucia. i'll explain, next.
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donald has bought chinese steel and aluminum. in fact, the trump hotel right here in las vegas was made with chinese steel. >> she's been doing it for 30 years, why the hell didn't you do it over the last 15, 20 years? you were very much -- >> well -- >> excuse me, my turn. >> tough words and exchanges that's what marked the final debate in las vegas between
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democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump. trump is facing fallout this morning for refusing to state that he will accept the results of the election. here's how republican senator jeff sessions answered a question from nbc10's lauren mayk about that comment. >> i think he said what he meant, which was that he would keep his options open. didn't he say that? i think it's unlikely that we'll have the kind of serious fraud in this election that will result in an al gore challenge to the election like we had in 2000. >> we will have more reaction from the spin room in the next half hour. happening today, a south jersey field hockey team is taking on a big challenge that goes beyond winning games. >> yeah, their focus is a little boy with air rare condition. matt delucia is in the digital operations room. tell us about that. >> reporter: when the camden hockey team takes the field later tonight. a little boy named luke will be
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watching from the sidelines, waiting for a win and a cure. how this all came together, it's as simple as four letters. ♪ >> 33, two, one! >> reporter: luke martini is swinging through life like any other 4-year-old. he's a care-free boy by day. but by night, it's different. >> every time he goes to sleep at night, he's at risk to lose his life. >> reporter: a fear that luke's parents have had. >> we kind of knew something was going on. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with congenital hypoventilation syndrome. a condition so rare, only 1200 people in the world have it. >> when he goes to sleep at night, part of the brain that has helped all of us that continues to breathe voluntarily doesn't work. it malfunctions. >> reporter: he was fitted with a trach, a tube to help him. >> he's like a really funny,
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kind kid. >> reporter: katie johns is luke assess babysitter. she's also an avid field hockey play at camden. >> we were looking for a way to rally around the cause to understand there's more than field hockey at stake. >> reporter: when the moms got together, call it coincidence or fate. >> we realized luke's initials are cchs which corresponds with camden catholic. >> reporter: they put it on shirr shoe laces and raised money for research. >> we're making statements about who we are. >> reporter: and although they want to become. >> we've had one of the most successful years. >> they have something to play for. when they go out on that field they're not just playing field hockey, they're playing for a reason. that reason is luke. >> reporter: whose life's goal on the field and off. >> it's amazing.
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i think when you have a drive that pushes you, you can support anything. whether it's field hockey or whether it's creating a normal life for luke. i think you know, it really is inspirational. ♪ >> reporter: and this evening, the camden county field hockey team will be playing tonight against ocean city. they hope to keep the momentum going. they'll be taking more donations. hoping to keep that generosity flowing and keep going for luke. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." let's check traffic. >> nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching 95, where? >> right around 95, most of that construction has cleared away, still leaving that ongoing construction project on the way
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there. southbound, that's where we typically look in the morning, we see most of the delay headed towards the city. 13 minutes southbound from the woodhaven road to the vine street expressway into the 60s as well. checking out 422, looking okay here. still green, eight minutes, eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. moving into new jersey just a car or two on the road right here. this is 295, right around sloan avenue and hamilton township. no problems north or southbound. most of that construction closing the ramp a little farther south towards 76. and in the bellmawr area has cleared. no problems or delays in ten minutes. it's 19 minutes past 5:00. starting today, we'll have a fall reality. >> i mills the 80s. we've got the wet weather it's in forecast. let's check with bill and find out more about that. hey, bill.
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>> yeah. there's a chance of showers most likely at the shore. and this is a live view. it will be cooler, looking across the bow from camden, new jersey, to philadelphia, a few clouds overhead. but the clouds out of the picture at least for now in the entire area. more clouds in the lehigh valley and suburbs. this is more likely where we're going to see scattered showers, especially farther north and west. and 59 degrees, we didn't see any 50s around yesterday morning. e new hope is 59 degrees, collegeville, you're at 57 degrees to start with. 70s this afternoon. look at this, more clouds will be around during the day for philadelphia. no sign of the record heat we had yesterday. westchester, lansdale, doylestown and lehigh valley for allentown and easton, with temperatures in the 70s. dry with clouds and sunshine. north trenton, 73 degrees.
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more sunshine at the shore. into the 70s again today but not the heat for wilmington as we saw yesterday. 78 degrees. showers not happening right now but there are showers, heavy storms, that's all missing us. this little line that's coming ever so close to the lehigh valley, that's going to give us a chance of showers later this morning. in fact by 9:00, we could see the showers developing into lancaster county, berks county and the rest of the other is dry. but that won't last. tomorrow, we'll see the showers, even a chance on saturday, showers will linger for philadelphia, the suburbs, lehigh valley and into new jersey. look at the temperatures, 50s with the wind blowing. it's going to be a chilly day on saturday. less wind, so the temperatures are coming up a bit sunday afternoon. but a cooling trend for today. 77 degrees. 70 for tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies, some breaks of sunshine today.
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you'll see a better chance of more widespread rainfall tomorrow afternoon. some lingering showers possible for saturday with that weekend forecast. 50 saturday afternoon. low 60s sunday and monday. much less wind. look at that morning temperature on sunday. down to 39 degrees. and we could be in the 30s again wednesday morning, with another chance of showers holding off until later next weekend. vai. >> all right, thank you, bill. lots of jobs come with sick days, in some cases, if you don't use them, you lose them. be careful what you do once you call out. a disturbing light on the powers of social media and sick days. also, it is a sports and fashion tradition dating back more than 50 years. just ahead, see one local hopeful. probably has a zero chance of getting into the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars.
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if you plan on calling out sick for work, you might want to be careful what you post on social media. thorn a third of workers have called in with a lie about being sick and then was on facebook or twitter. a quarter of the bosses actually fired the workers. others were more forgiving and only reprimanded an employee. and have you ever called out sick and posted something online? >> you have to be careful about that. >> yeah, you got to go dark if you call off sick. >> that's right, radio silence. >> did you ever get caught? our twitters addresses there on the screen. california is conducting a criminal investigation into wells fargo account scandal. landon dowdy is here with details on this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hi, tracy, good morning to you. no sick days here. it's all business as usual. california is reportedly launching a criminal probe into wells fargo accounts scandal.
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the state's attorney general has authorized a warrant for customer records saying there's probable cause to believe that the bank committed felonies or alleged to have opened millions of unauthorized accounts in order tole meet sales target. with the abrupt departure of the ceo lost those. and on wall street, the dow tries to make it three straight days of games, stocks are higher led by the energy sector. oil prices jumping to their highest level in 15 months. data showing another decline in u.s. crude supplies amid reports on unemployment, home sales, and earnings on travelers, verizon and microsoft. and the dow raising 40 points. and nasdaq up 2. we continue to follow breaking news from south philadelphia this morning where a row home fire is under investigation. we'll take you live to the
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scene, next. also, differing opinions. last night, donald trump and hillary clinton debated the issue one last time before election day. next hear from them and the voters.
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