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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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historic gem. happening today, philadelphia historians will work to preserve several buildings on jewelers row slated for demolition. and the push in pennsylvania continues today and this weekend. both presidential candidates are headed to the battleground state in the final weeks before election day. and throwing legal sand at the state and federal government. margate home owners are suing new jersey over a long-standing dune project set to start in just weeks. nbc 10 news starts now. 5:30 this friday morning. 64 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. some are dealing with the fog and others will deal with rain a little bit later. let's get our start with meteorologist bill henley in the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> you can clearly see you cannot clearly see this morning because of the fog. that's the comcast center. this is the view from the loews hotel, that view is quickly fading. the fog is not terribly thick right now. we have seen visibility down to
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a quarter mile. it has improved a little bit in mt. pocono. much of the rest of the area it's starting to get thicker. coatesville, mile and a half visibility, under three miles in trenton. light fog for trenton, mt. holly and wilmington. we're not done with the clouds. starting things off, that's still with us, too. 67 degrees. we'll see temperatures near 80 degrees this afternoon. we'll get breaks of sunshine, partly so mostly cloudy skies. showers should avoid most of the area. not every spot. likely to see rain showers during the day today in new jersey and at the jersey shore. those showers are just offshore. i'll take a look at that when i come back in just a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has yourç first alert traffic. >> hamilton township is where we're starting this morning, bill. good morning. 295 around sloan avenue. so this is north or southbound, whichever direction you're heading or maybe you're headed towards the new jersey transit
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train station. you'll be just fine there if you're moving towards trenton. let's check in with mass transit, new jersey transit running on time. no other major problems or delays for mass transit like septa, patco, d.a.r.t. or amtrak. most are on or close to schedule. deptford township, electrical repairs from an earlier ince citizen the and a fluid spill they're cleaning up on 41 in both directions around good intent road. a part of philadelphia history could soon become history. >> buildings along jewelers row dating back to the 1800s and early 1900s could be demolished to make way for new condos did. happening today, efforts to save those properties move forward. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us in center city to explain. hi, pam. good morning, vai. we're talking about the properties directly behind me here, the historical commission has agreed to consider listing three properties to the city's register of historic places. it may be too late to protect the properties, though.
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the historical committee is going to be talking about, as i said, three specifically being eyed for demolition by the toll brothers. they would like to demolish a total of six properties for a 16-story condo tower. the developers have the permits but businesses are fighting it. we found one jeweler here on the row, though, that thinks this could be an improvement. take a listen. >> this whole area has been dying. at night we have no police protection. i've been burglarized twice in the past two years. i think it's a great idea. it would be good for the whole area. >> another diamond cutter said it's time the city put history before development. the mayor says he understands the frustration here but everything was done within city codes. again, as we come back out here live this morning, you can see some of the signs in the window there, this, again, is one of those buildings that we were talking about. it says protect philly's legacy among other things. this morning, again, the historical society -- committee,
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rather, is going to be meeting at 9:00 this morning to discuss the possibility of saving these properties. reporting live in center city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. today, lawmakers in new jersey will begin to shine a spotlight on the state's transit agency. >> questions remain about what caused the train to crash into the hoboken station, killing a passenger and injures moinjurinn 100 others. deanna durante is live in the digital operations center. today's hearing isn't just about the hoboken crash, right? >> it's not. lawmakers want to know more about the interworkings of the new jersey transit agency in the wake of the crash. they want to know more about safety issues on the commuter railroad. the joint assembly and oversight committee will hold those hearings today in trenton. state senator bob gordon of bergen county says he's concerned with the numbers. he says njt has had 53% of its accidents attributed to human error.
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the associated press is reporting that njt has had 157 accidents since the start of 2011. they say that's three times higher than the accident rate on the long island regard. on september 29thç, the nation transportation safety administration says the commuter train crashed in hoboken, was moving at 21 miles an hour. the train should have been at 10 miles and below. they are working to determine why the train is not going slower in an accident that injured 100 people and killed a woman who was standing on the platform. the investigation could last a year or more. so far, the ntsb has released some information, including speed and interviews with the train everyone nearing who says he does not remember the actual accident. on wednesday, u.s. senator bob menendez and cory booker asked federal officials to investigate safety and funding for new jersey transit in light of this crash. live in the digital operations center, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. 5:35.
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65 degrees outside. happening today, we're expected to get a health update on one of philadelphia's most controversial con vicks, friends, family and community activists maintain mumia abu-jamal is being unfairly treated in prison. he's fighting help sei ining he they claim he's not getting the drugs he needs. he's a former black panther and radio reporter. he's serving a sentence for killing a police officer. yesterday, several home owners in margate filed suit against the state and federal government to block the project. the owners claim the dunes would create flooding and standing water between their homes and the ocean. new jersey's environmental commissioner maintains that the state would handle any flooding or ponding that might result. officials were looking to begin the dune project in december. also at the jersey shore,
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the debate is intensifying in north wildwood over changing the resort's name to angle sea, its original name. people who live there will vote on whether to change it or not on election day. supporters say the change would give the city its own identity. others think the name change would confuse tourists. >> we'll no longer be living in the shadows as north wildwood. have a separate town name. people would identify with that. >> you don't really want to change the name. i'd have to change my addresses, brochures, it would be a lot of extra costs. >> a name change would require north wildwood to eventually update the markings on its vehicles, signs and stationary. the mayor says the cost to the city would, $25,000. katz was busted for having marijuana at the philadelphia international airport. tsa officials say he was carry a
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small amount of marijuana as he tried to pass through security. was getting ready to board a flight to florida yesterday morning. because marijuana was decriminalized in philadelphia, his marijuana was confiscated and katz was given a $25 fine. he ended up missing his scheduled flight but eventually did make it out of town. we checked and under flard state law, possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail an a $1,000 fine. meanwhile, happening today, a montgomery county college will officially begin a $29 million project to get students ready for jobs of the future. this isç a virtual tour of the center which will combine science and entrepreneurship in addition to classrooms, you'll have open meeting spaces and maker space where students can build their own tools for original research. the center is set to open in 2018. and happening today, camden county department of health and
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human services will give out free flu shots to help keep your family healthy this winter. the flu shot clinic runs from 9:30 until noon at the gloucester township municipal building in blackwood. 5:39 and we end the workweek on a warm note. but the weekend is looking like quite a different story. first alert meteorologist bill henley has details. >> things will be changing in a big way, the temperatures especially. cape may will start to see change during the day today. clouds are overhead. that's a live view from the marina and showers not far away. the radar shows and satellite, too, shows it's in the clear for trenton and wilmington and philadelphia, no sign of rain that is. just offshore, this line of showers is quickly moving towards the jersey shore. may miss cape may to start with. atlantic city, you're likely to get rain in a short time. some of the showers will be moving inland, too. hour by hour forecast shows those showers pushing inland, past cape may, atlantic city and into interior new jersey.
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that's at 9:00 this morning. they'll continue to move. by noontime, maybe still some showers, central new jersey along the coastline, even extending into the trenton area. the heavier rainfall moves off to the north. then we'll be dry for most of the rest of the day, until late this afternoon, this evening. that's when we see showers sweeping in from the west. that's what will bring the temperatures way down for the weekend. before that rain comes in, the temperatures are going up. back into the upper 70s this afternoon for philadelphia, 78 degrees at 4:00. we'll see clouds and some sunshine and any fog around this morning will quickly disappear with the temperature warming up this morning. the fog will disappear from the suburbs, partly cloudy skies, 74 degrees at noon, 76 this afternoon. into the 60s to start with in the lehigh valley. cloudy skies, there will be breaks in the clouds there, too. clouds will be increasing later in thia of intoe afternoon. it's during the day that new jersey and the jersey shore will
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likely get some of the showers. first thing this morning at the shore and then moving inland, you'll see some of the scattered showers at lunch time. it stays dry in delaware. today, that changes tonight. and all these temperatures will be changing tomorrow. seven-day forecast is always at the got of the screen. when i come back, the 10 day on 10 to show you how much longer that cooler weather is going to last. >> all right, bill. 5:41. you know, i love jessica ena especially love jessica on fridays. i don't think anybody moves friday -- we all love friday. >> she has a spring in her step. >> why do you love me? say it again. that's fine. >> we love you on friday. >> what did you, do you love me? >> i love you always, not just on fridays. >> we love everyone on fridays. happy friday, everyone. good morning. i love you guys, too. starting off on the platt bridge, looking at the cameras live from 95 approaching the area, no big problems or delays.
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girard point bridge looks great as well. i checked in with theç tacony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridge. they are clear with no scheduled openings, at least for right now. i'll update you there as well. also watching the ben franklin and the walt. heading into philadelphia, we're clear right now. the schuylkill expressway looks okay. we're not seeing really any big problems or delays but a disabled truck on the westbound side, just approaching conshohocken. not affecting the drive time, 12 minutes from the vine street expressway to the blue route. vai and tracy, back to you. >> thank you, jessica. just when you think you've seen and heard it all this election season, there's this. >> michelle obama gives a speech. and everyone loves it. my wife melania gives the exact same speech and people get on her case. >> up next, donald trump and hillary clinton square off again. this time, for humor's sake.
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also, school is out. next, we'll take you to the picket lines as pennsylvania's universities strike enters a third day. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away republican party bosses looked to find brian fitzpatrick. they "hand-picked" him to run for his brother's seat. but all mike and brian fitzpatrick share is a name. brian fitzpatrick supports a radical republican agenda, including defunding planned parenthood, just like donald trump. a hundred and sixty miles down the road in dc,
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brian fitzpatrick will put his party first, not pennsylvania families. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump..." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war.
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the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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decision 2016, 18 days to go until the election and the push for pennsylvania will be in the national spotlight today. republican presidential nominee donald trump will hold a rally in newtown, bucks county tonight. trump is looking for support from suburban voters. trump will stump in johnstown pa, tim kaine will came pain in state college. tomorrow, kaine will join clinton in philadelphia at a get out the votal rally in university city. count on nbc 10 to cover each of the campaign stops on air and the nbc 10 app. the al smith charity dinner in new york is a tradition for presidential candidates. >> last night broke new ground with both hillary clinton and donald trump trading punches in
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between the punch lines. watch this. >> hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said, pardon me. and i very politely replied, let me talk to you about that after i get into office. >> donald wanted me drug tested before last night's debate. i have to tell you, i am so flattered that donald thought i used some sort of performance enhan enhancer. now, actually, i did. it's called preparation. >> now the candidates did shake hands afterwards. no formal talks are scheduled as we move into day three of the faculty strike at more than a dozen public colleges in pennsylvania. once again, yesterday unionized professors hit the picket line at west chester university. they said they're angry over a
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contract offer that costs them more for their health care plan and changes other policies. officials with the state system say health care costs are rising for all americans. the system offered faculty members pay raises. the striking professor said they just don't want an unfair deal. >> we fully recognize people are paying higher freedpremiums. >> back channel negotiations are under way. state system officials said they're looking for a path forward. happening this weekend, you can get rid of your old prescription pills safely. police departments across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware and really across the country, are all participating in the annual prescription drug take back day. a way for you to get rid of unused pills so they don't tafa into the wrong hands. get á closest dropoff area by going to our nbc 10 app.
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we're off to a foggy and warm start today. >> if you like the warm weather as we do, don't get too useded to it. >> enjoy today. today is the day. >> tomorrow find the sweater. >> it's warm and muggy this morning and that moisture, giving us another round of fog. we didn't see much of that yesterday. take it's thickening up in a hurry. you can start to see it even in center city where low clouds have moveded in. a live view of the comcast center. the lights glowing on the left side of the state. that's the view from the loews hotel. you can see the radio antenna clearly. not much beyond that this morning. if you're heading out, we do have areas of fog. another warm one this afternoon, as the temperature climbs, the fog will disappear and the sunshine, well, that will break through the clouds and warm us to near 80 degrees again today. but it's not going to last. umbrellas going up this evening as a cold front comes in with some rain and then behind it, behind the rain, we'll get the cold tomorrow. this morning, it's fog.
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and it just thickened up in mt. pocono. eighth mile visibility. light fog from coatesville through pottstown and blue bell and it's a little thicker right now in northeast philadelphia than it was just 15 minutes ago. and philadelphia international same story. it's starting to thicken up there. some of that light fog is visible in south jersey and delaware. but the fog won't last. the winds coming in, bringing in the moisture, this wind will also help with the warmup today. tomorrow, the winds shift. instead of a southerly wind, we have strong northwesterly winds. 25 mile-an-hour winds tomorrow afternoon with gusts as high as 40 miles an hour. that's cold air racing into the area. it will be close to 8 degrees today but we'll struggle to get into the middle 50s. we are dry. look at the suburbs, philadelphia, south jersey, it's dry right now. there are some showers offshore. those will be coming in to south jersey and parts of interior new jersey during the day today.
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but this is the main event, that's the cold front that will sweep through this evening. a little bit of rain this evening and once that moves through, much colder air is moving in behind it. and detroit will feel it before we do. we'll get ours too. 79 degrees. 54 tomorrow. a few lingering showers in the morning, then breaks of sunshine in the afternoon, no break from the wind on saturday. by sunday, the wind does die down. it will be cooler in the morning, 62 in the afternoon. 60s for monday. another chill for tuesday and wednesday. and come wednesday morning, the temperatures will be in the 30s. a chilly day to start with on thursday. back in the 60s for the rest of the week. >> all right, bill, thanks to are that. nine minutes before 6:00. let's get you to work on this friday morning. >> jessica boyington has her eye on that. it looks clear out there. >> pretty clear still. we're not seeing a ton of volume
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on our new jersey roads, maybe more so on 95 and the schuylkill expressway. this is 38 around nixon drive, no problems in either direction. 42 freeway looks the same. checking with drive times, north or south, still five minutes. we typically pay attention to the northbound side in the morning time, that's where all traffic is heading towards philadelphia. 55 towards the walt whitman bridge, average speeds in the high 60s. the's an accident still being reported in lansdale on sixth street and kennelworth avenue. we'll stop here. this is 95. around taylorsville road, farther north, near the new jersey state line. no problems in either direction. speaking of traffic, there's a traffic ticket lawsuit that's in the works. drivers listen up. because up next, find out who is taking philadelphia police to court over traffic fines along i-95, along 76 and the vine street expressway. also, next, memories lost and then found on the bustling streets of new york city. see how a lost camera full of family photos is being reunited
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pif minutes before 6:00 right now.
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a legal battle is brewing for the philadelphia police department over illegal speeding tickets. a class-action lawsuit argues that philly police officers are ticketing people on state highways in the city. that's illegal. philadelphia officers lost the power to cite drivers on state highways under a state police decision in 2012. they can pull you over but officers need to contact state police for enforcement action like a ticket. the police department has not commented on the lawsuit. bucks county is cancelling the release of a dam because the lack of rain. that could spoil white water rafting season, the dam regulates water flowing from a lake into the tohickin creek. cape may county woman plans to return a memory card filled with hundreds of photos to its owner. >> this is a great story. tammy discovered the cord near the world trade center site in new york city last week. it contained nearly 2,000
5:57 am
pictures taken around the world, including a wedding. she said she had to return the card so she spread the word on facebook. >> if i dropped my sd card in the city that i would want somebody to try to return it to me. >> the card's owner was reportedly in new york performing with the berlin radio squire. she will meet him near times square today and give him back his priceless memories. >> best use of social media. >> how cool is that. tracking a tragedy. >> that's what will happen in new jersey today. state lawmakers shine a light on safety, funding and other issues when they open a hearing into the deadly new jersey transit last month in hoboken. plus -- >> as you've already heard, it's a treat for all of you, too. usually i charge a lot for speeches like this. >> plus, comedians in chief. we've been showing you the jokes
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but there. >> reporter: also awkward moments as the presidential candidates came face to face at a charity dinner. you're watching "nbc 10 news today."
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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looking for answers. lawmakers are set to hold a hearing today on the deadly new jersey transit train crash in hoboken and more. plus, saving a piece of philadelphia's past. that's what the city's historical commission will look at today when it examines plans to demolish several buildings on jewelers row to make way for condos. today, presidential nominee donald trump stumps for votes in our area. his trip to pennsylvania will take him to bucks county. nbc 10 news starts now. >> this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it is friday and some folks out there are having to deal with fog this morning. le


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