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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  October 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i'm john clark from csn. the eagles are home tomorrow. the birds are 2-0 at home. . push for pennsylvania, donald trump lays out his plan outscoring their opponents for if he gets elected. 63-13. but hillary clinton gets ready that's best in the nfl. can that continue against the to hold a rally in philadelphia. undefeated vikings? we'll see. here are the vikings and there watching the polls, reaction he is, sam bradford arriving in to an election lawsuit filed in philly this afternoon. crazy to think that sam was pennsylvania. cold and windy. an update on your first alert traded seven weeks ago today. now he hasn't thrown an interception so far this season. and i know the vikings are led by their defense, they're the neighbor'dhood forecast and how best in the nfl root now. low temperatures are dropping. but sam is not making mistakes and he's doing a really good job >> all of these liars will be without a running game. sued after the election is over. >> one thing we know about sam >> donald trump once again goes is he's going to stand in the on the attack against the women pocket. who have accused him of sexual he's going to take some licks assault. it came as he laid out his plan and he's going to get up. we got to make sure we get him for his first 100 days in office if he gets elected as president. off that spot earlier. he's going to be in the same good evening, i'm denise nakano, spot and playing with confidence, so we have to get after him early in the game.
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trump made his comments in get out on the field on third historic gettysburg, as hillary clinton gets ready to stump for down. hit him, sack him, create votes in philadelphia with her turnovers. >> the vikings defensive line running mate wooxt very full decision 2016 team coverage have 17 sacks, the most in the we're live at penn park where nfl. another tough challenge for the clinton will be speaking and randy gyllenhaal will have more eagles patai, his coach and on a poll-watching lawsuit. we begin with chris pollone who quarterback have his back. >> i feel comfortable with him going again this week. has the latest on trump's he's you know, he's the type of comments. >> it was billed as a policy kid that's hard on himself. speech. donald trump in gettysburg, he makes the corrections, he pennsylvania, laying out his moves on. he'll work his fundamentals and agenda for the first 100 days. technique this week. it touched on a wide range of >> it's just football. it's just football. topics, from the leadership of you've been playing it since you were a kid. abraham lincoln. same thing i kept telling >> it's my hope we can look at myself. my first start. we thought he settled in nicely his example to heal the the second half, i thought he divisions we are living through right now. went out and did some good >> to making mexico pay for a things, the first half he was border wall. >> remember i said mexico's just getting some jitters out. he would say the same thing, but paying for the wall. >> trump mentioned the women who i thought did he some good things in the second half. have come forward to accuse him as an offense, team, we have a of inappropriate touching or lot of confidence in him going forward. kissing. he's now threatening to sue >> let's hope he is better. them. >> the events never happened. now 6ers news, center never. all of these liars will be sued
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after the election is over. nerlens noel is scheduled for >> all of this happening as an 11th accuser came forward surgery. former villanova star has made saturday in los angeles. >> if mr. trump thought that the washington wizards roster. such bullying tactics would silence his accusers and prevent tonight flyers hosting carolina other women from coming forward, here at the wells fargo center. he will be sorely disappointed. they've made a lineup adjustment to help out 19-year-old ivan >> the clinton campaign, which polls show winning or within the proverov. he'll be paired with brandon margin of error in every swing manning so ivan can be freed up state, is trying to run out the more. he's had a rough couple of clock. clinton is in pittsburgh games, but he's young and campaigning with her running learning and his head coach has not lost confidence in him. mate tim kaine for the first time in six weeks, making the >> i've been really impressed with him, the way he's handled field of voters wavering in everything along the way. their support of trump. like any young player he's had >> you probably know people who his ups and downs. are thinking about voting for donald trump. he handles things as we had i understand they need a president who cares about them, hoped he would. really professionally and he's a will listen to them. and i want to be their good evaluator of his own game. president, too. >> with early voting under way and has the mental maturity that in 34 states, for clinton and to process things. >> process, we've heard that trump, time is running short. word a lot. chris pollone, nbc news. philadelphia union with a final
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in just hours, hillary tune-up before the playoffs clinton and vice president tomorrow. nominee tim kaine will be in they basically already made the playoffs, but they've gone philadelphia. winless in their last six games, they're making a strong push in the battleground state. so tomorrow coach jim curtain the rally is being held at penn wants his team to go into the postseason on a high note. park on walnut streak and that's >> challenging game for us and it will be at a high tempo and where andrea cline-thomas joins it will be at a playoff atmosphere, you know with red us. bull already securing their by, supporters have begun to line i envision them playing the up? >> yes and they're bundled much. this is the first time hillary clinton and tim kaine have full-strength line j-up, they don't want to rest guys for two rallied together since labor day. all the polls had them ahead in weeks, then you could have some rust. let's go back to 1996, pennsylvania, but the campaign is definitely not taking that for granted. remember michigan hockey's mike take a look at video within the last hour. legg, he made the famous shows hillary clinton and tim kaine campaigning in pittsburgh. lacrosse-style goal. last night michigan celebrated the 20th anniversary of their with 20 electoral votes this campaign has an intense ground national championship team. that goal still has legs. game in this key swing state. look at that, unbelievable from tonight may be the last time three-fourths of the ice, legg clinton and kaine can make their does it again. case to philadelphia-area voters lacrosse style. that's pretty cool. in person ahead of the election. you know he practiced that for a little while. and they still have some penn state hosts ohio state at convincing to do. back out here live, the stage is 8:00 in football. villanova beat albany 24-13,
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that's our look at sports today. set, the lines have begun, the >> that was an amazing shot. thank you. rally is set to begin around well animals are getting in 8:45. reporting live in university on the halloween fun. the animal boo at the zoo kicked city, andrea cline-thomas, nbc off today. the two-weekend event began this morning at the philadelphia zoo. 10 news. you can watch the rally live you can see dozens of kids showed up in costume. they were able to visit their on the nbc 10 app. favorite animals while also coming up in minutes, nbc trick-or-treating around the zoo. they were also dozens of 10's randy gyllenhaal looks into halloween-themed games, boo at an election lawsuit about the zoo runs from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and poll-watchers, what state republicans want and the also next weekend. reaction it's causing. chestnut hill is a little more magical for today's harry time for the nbc 10 first potter festival. the community all decked out alert forecast. we're here with how the rest of like themes from the popular the nye is shaping up. movies and books, and throughout >> we had a chilly day in the the day, fans can watch forecast. lots of rain showers, everything mainly clearing. quidditch matches and take dark a live look outside, philadelphia sunset at 6:10 p.m. arts classes and sample treats it's looking gorgeous, and like butter beer and chocolate locally it is dry. frogs. current wind speeds 16 miles per >> some bit of a wet day out hour. but notice the gusts, 26 miles there for them, but it looks per hour. if you look at the bottom of the like it's cleared out, what a screen, you'll see your local beautiful sunset. >> a gorgeous sunset.
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neighborhood forecast. it's dry behind us, but we're satellite radar imagery showing seeing the strong wind speeds and wind gusts, so a chilly mainly dry conditions around the night in the forecast. philly metro area. overnight lows in the 30s, i i would say burlington county, want to show you quickly, the as well as mercer county seeing satellite and radar image. light showers. notice how everything is dry in otherwise mainly dry conditions. we had the massive almost system this area. just to the northwest of us, we're seeing greens on the really just kind of kicking back screen. i want to show you something and the moisture and cooling the air locally. so if you look here, highlight northeastern pennsylvania. not what we cover, but i want to northeastern pennsylvania, it looks like you may see a little show you. this is a sign we have some bit of a wintry mix and maybe pinks, any time we start to see even some light flurries, coming pinks and blues, that means we up in my full forecast i have may see some snow flurries and a the cooler temperatures in store for tonight into tomorrow. wintry mix that means the colder and those wind gusts eventually air is sliding closer and dying down. denise, back to you. a teenager wanted for closer. >> i wish could you see that. 35 for an overnight low, 37 for shooting a man in rittenhouse square park tuesday turned coatesville. 38 for trenton and mount holly himself into police early this morning. authorities say the 17-year-old and vineland, expected overnight surrendered with his father low, 37 degrees, we have a around 4:00 a.m. his name is not being released. chilly night ahead and the winds the victim was shot four to five will start to diminish. times when he tried to break up however it's going to still be a a robbery. pretty cold night. so be sure you bundle up. police say the 17-year-old although conditions are pretty wasn't the only one with a gun. much dry right now. but was the only one who fired the rain moved out, but the his weapon.
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cold is here for a little bit. philadelphia police shot a that's nbc 10 news for now, for man they believed was armed in erica, john and all of us here, west philadelphia early this morning. it happened just after 4:00 a.m. i'm denise nakano, we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. officers patrolling the area for news and weather updates any time, head to around 56 and haverford heard gunshots coming from a car. police say they found three men inside a car and another standing outside. one officer ordered the men to get out of the car and raise their hands. >> one of those occupants came out of the vehicle with his hands stuck into his waistband area. the officers ordered him to remove his hands. the male does not, he takes a step to the officer and at that point the officers discharge their weapon, striking the man in the left arm. >> three men are under arrest. the fourth suspect got away and police say he may have taken the gun with him. new details into the cyberattack which blocked access to many popular websites. it's now believed the attackers gained access to millions of personal devices. a senior intelligence official tells nbc news that it appears to be a case of internet
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vandalism. but that no country appears to be behind it. they say the cyberattackers used dvrs and web cams to overload web traffic and that took down websites including twitter, netflix and amazon. the fbi is now investigating. well today's cool and damp weather did not stop people from flocking to south philadelphia to help raise money and awareness for autism. pennsylvania governor tom wolfe and the filly fanatics cheered people on. it raises money for the autism community to improve the lives on this saturday of people affected by autism. night. remembering a fallen 17 days as the philadelphia firefighter gets a candidates hit key battle ground states. unique tribute. donald trump vows to what artists are telling nbc 10. sue his accusers. another one comes forward with a claim demanding transparency, why of sexual misconduct. inside the battle. pennsylvania republicans want the iraqis are in the more eyes watching the polls on election day. lead, hundreds of u.s. troops are not far behind.
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tonight new insights on the campaign against isis. digital danger. they make our lives easier, it turns out household devices linked to the internet are easy targets for the hackers that want to bring down top websites. and the chicago cubs are one win away from reaching the world series. tonight suspense and
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crews are trying to clean up a gasoline spill in central pennsylvania. after a storm yesterday. officials say flooding caused a pipeline to rupture, spilling 55,000 gallons of oil into a nearby creek. members of the community picked up paint brushes to help pay tribute to a fallen philadelphia firefighter. they're helping to create a mural honoring joyce craig. she is the first woman firefighter to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. craig died while battling a house fire in december of 2014. today volunteers painted panels on exterior wallpaper that will
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eventually become the completed mural. >> i'm going to take these sheets of wallpaper and touch them up in my studio. it will be these volunteers' paints that ill with be glued up on the wall. the finished product will go up on the north facade of the lawn crest free library branch. protecting the polls, that's what some republican leaders prompted them to file a lawsuit. >> these are everyday pennsylvanians that are trying to help on election day. we talk to people on both sides about what's sparking the election poll-watching debate. i'm tracking cooler temperatures for tonight. seeing lots of mid 30s to low 40s and still an issue with those wind gusts. i have more information coming up in my full forecast on the other side of the break. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away
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republican party bosses looked to find brian fitzpatrick. they "hand-picked" him to run for his brother's seat. but all mike and brian fitzpatrick share is a name.
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brian fitzpatrick supports a radical republican agenda, including defunding planned parenthood, just like donald trump. a hundred and sixty miles down the road in dc, brian fitzpatrick will put his party first, not pennsylvania families. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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voting fraud is all too common. and we have even republicans, that's a terrible thing to say. take a look at philadelphia. >> donald trump continues to make claims the election is rigged. thousand concerns are spurring a lawsuit in pennsylvania. state republicans are challenging the law that says poll-watchers can only serve in counties where they live. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live. you talk to voters about those claims? >> denise, right now as you mentioned, if you want to be a poll-watcher, you have to volunteer in the county where you live. state republicans hoping to break down those barriers with a new lawsuit they say this could be helpful to democracy, but critics are warning it could also lead to voter intimidation. >> the fairest election possible. >> the pennsylvania gop says they want transparency. putting more eyeballs in more voting precincts. >> the chance to insure there's as many people that can monitor
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the election as possible. >> the lawsuit would let someone from a rural area like schuylkill county oversee elections in urban centers like north philly. but critics including the governor say it's an invitation to chaos, saying it could lead to voter intimidation, it comes as donald trump has repeatedly called the election rigged in philly. >> we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us. >> today black voters at this woman's leadership conference say they've been warning their friends and family to be on the lookout for any intimidation at the polls. >> in case people think that they can come and intimidate american voters and prevent us from voting. >> but the gop says this has nothing to do with race. >> that's just ridiculous. these are everyday pennsylvanians that are trying to help on election day. >> poll-watchers have long been a tradition in democracy. >> the job was assigned to make sure that the process goes smoothly. >> west philly election
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supervisor ryan godfrey says it's better if they come from their own communities. he asks any and all poll-watchers to treat voting with dignity. >> treat it with respect. follow the rules. and your help will make sure that there's no fraud in philadelphia. >> and we should note that election supervisors like godfrey and democrats and republicans across the board say there is no evidence of any kind of widespread fraud in philadelphia or nationwide. and despite trump's claims about this quote rigged election, the pennsylvania gop says they're doing this lawsuit not because of the election fraud, but because of constitutional rights. live tonight, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. as the weather turns colder, being children in our area will be into need of winter coats and car dealers in the greater philadelphia area have been collecting those coats. today the driving away the cold program gave more than 750 coats to agencies in delaware county and philadelphia.
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the agencies will make sure the coats go to children in need. >> a mother said last winter when it snowed, my son couldn't go outside and play with his friends, the child said thank you, now he can go outside and play in the snow for the first time in his life. >> the program has given away 265,000 new coats. since 2008. >> it was breezy, chilly, today, so we're going to need those coats. >> temperatures mainly in the 50s. that's all we saw. and the windspeeds, you were out there. the wind gusts. >> 25, 35 miles per hour. denise, the good news, they're starting to diminish just a bit. but we're not done. we have chilly night in the forecast. wait until you see the overnight lows. get the coats out. >> i say especially for tonight. >> currently temperatures are mainly in the 50s. 53 for philadelphia. coatesville, 48 and wilmington, 54. here's a wider perspective.
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some kind of perspective of how the colder air slides into place. notice the blues here, everything sliding towards our area. so cooler temperature for tonight we're going to stay in the 60s for tomorrow. so a cool sunday in the forecast. you can see the flag pretty much just waving, we have the gusts, if you look at the bottom of the screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecasts, otherwise conditions are dry. current wind profile, allentown, 16 for you, philadelphia, 17, wilmington, the winds are a little bit of an issue. that will continue to be the case at least through tomorrow. satellite and around, high and dry, notice the greens to the northwest of us. otherwise locally, northeastern pennsylvania, you will see a little wintry mix, a few snowflakes, hour-by-hour forecast. picking up on not much going on through tomorrow. by monday we will see some scattered showers moving down from the northwest towards the southeast. otherwise a mainly dry monday. in the forecast. and overnight lows, we're seeing lots of 30s. 38 for trenton and mount holly.
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allentown, 35, philadelphia, 43. warmer in atlantic city, 48 degrees. so at least it will be milder along the shore. but chillier for towns higher in elevation. the wind speeds and wind gusts will be an issue. you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. your ten-day on 10 looks like this. sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow, but still chilly. a high of 62 degrees. overnight low, 43. monday, notice a couple of extra clouds for first half of the monday. denoting the extra showers kicking through. otherwise a mainly dry monday in the forecast. cooler tuesday, a mix of sun and clouds. sunshine on wednesday, a high of 56 degrees. so we go 60s on sunday and monday, and mid to upper 50s by tuesday and wednesday. clouds develop on thursday and friday and i'm tracking the potential for possibly heavy downpours by late thursday into friday. otherwise, 60s make a comeback thursday, friday, high 60s by saturday. so a cool night in the forecast by tonight.
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make sure you have the coats handy and follow u us @nbcphiladelphia for more updates. i'm john clark, flyers looking for their first win at home. line-up change to help one of their rookies and the vikings arrive in philly. sam bradford is back. there he is, we'll hear from the eagles about facing their former quarterback, next. imagine the bank forces you out, no warning, no hearing.
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it's a lending practice so outrageous most states... banned it. but at the bank owned by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing 21 small business owners out of their homes. now, toomey's using his power in the senate to help himself. voting to gut rules that protect us and crackdown on big banks. pat toomey, out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. pat toomey: he was a founder of this pennsylvania bank
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and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. under toomey's leadership, the bank used a controversial foreclosure practice called "confession of judgement" to take away homes from people across pennsylvania. the practice is banned in 35 states because it's considered predatory, but pat toomey didn't care. pat toomey the banker: he's really not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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