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tv   Today  NBC  October 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. hope you had a lovely weekend. it's fun day monday. it's october 24th, and has is rock-a-bye. my favorite, clean bandit. >> you like everything clean. >> yeah, i do. kind of like clean stuff. >> uh-huh. >> a brat show, hoda woman. >> we do. >> you've had great shows -- on every hour now. it's official. including the latest on never heard music before from inside prince's vault. yep. tell you about that and mow celebrities news in "today's buzz."
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>> and wine with mary steenburgen, in a comedy called "last man on earth." a "today" show surprise in the most recent episode. >> specifically, one for you. >> what? >> so glad it's you for a change, and a music legend who grew up only a few miles from her. jersey boy frankie valli back on tour headed to a city near you. >> and jill martin shopping for halloween stuff. brought back a bag full of goodies. check them all out. >> yes, yes. meantime, you were very busy. went to one of your favorite places in the world. >> new orleans. the susan g. komen race for the cure. let me tell you, in new orleans, they know how to have a race for the cure. it's like a party parade. everything combined. >> everything's a party in new orleans. >> there's joel, micky, one of the chairs of the race and her husband lawrence and daughter meredith, and there's amanda! our girl amanda avery is here and that's our producer and with her mom and aunt and my cff
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karen. >> there's -- okay. show you. that's me taking a selfie. check out the other picture and flip it -- and flip it. >> and go! >> there's the video. okay. just so you see. >> oh, wow. yeah. looks like a -- >> it's a fun party. co-chaired by donna edwards, who's the wife to governor john bel edwards. >> how nice. >> there's the crazy folks there. >> love them some hoda woman. >> always say, how's your mama and them? >> how's your mama and them? >> then saturday night with karen, her parents, and joel and me and -- >> the governor. >> at the commander's palace. a very nice dinner. >> speaking of my mama and them. >> speak with her every morning, as you do, opposite, talking to our moms. my mop always tells me what she's had for breakfast. always something terrible for
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her. french effort to and bacon. i go, bacon, too? just three strips. that kind of thing. the other day she says to me, she said, what did you have for breakfast? well, today i had oatmeal and some berries. i went, mom? that's fantastic! that's so healthy. and she goes, well, it's important to stay healthy when you're dying. [ laughter ] she's not dying. that's the funny part. i mean, we're all dying. let's be honest. but the way she said it i just -- i guess you had to be there. stay healthy while you're dying. i think that is -- genius! once in a while comes out with them. >> i'm sorry. your mom has the funniest, crazy one-liners ever. >> so glad you're doing great, mom. >> remember when she made cheese balls? famous christmas cheese balls. >> i go, i've never seen a cheese ball in my life!
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and then also the day she said, are we on high dementia tv. >> yes, she drnlg. >> i said, well, one of us is! oh, my gosh and she's fine. she's great. we send our mama, our ma ma and then love. >> if you're a cubbies fan, are you freaking right now? >> so happy for everybody. they've waited ay while and been faithful. >> going to the world series, first time since 1945. >> can you imagine the pressure on those guys on that last play? >> look at everybody. see. 71 years. >> that's wonderful. >> okay? how many years it's been. the last time they won the world series, 108 years ago, year of the model t. the day betty davis was born. >> and lyndon b. johnson was born. >> wow. >> and play the cleveland indians. congratulations to them. last time they won, 1948. so everybody's due. can you imagine?
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>> the tickets are crazy prices. like five grand. super bowl prices, they're saying. >> yeah. and people offering to trade "hamilton" tickets for world series tickets. that says -- that's big. >> so much fun to watch. even if not a huge fan of either time. >> would love to watch. matsch the last game -- not go crazy. so lady gaga was on "snl" along with tom hanks our friend, revealing on instagram bradley cooper was backstage supporting her. >> listen here a moment. ♪ blow it in the face, blow it in your, blow it in your face ♪ i can't wait to rev you up ♪ ♪ faster than you can say >> bradley cooper just hanging out back there with her? >> doing a new star project together. going to be his directorial debut, i believe. >> you think still a friend thing? >> with that beautiful, irina somebody or -- shyyak? she's gorgeous. >> she's no longer with her
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fiance. >> we love her. >> people wake up in life, hodie, it happens. >> heard that rumor. >> and amy schumer is shooting a movie -- must have been board on the movie set, decided to make their own music video to beyonce's formations in between takes. ♪ on the radio ♪ okay, ladies, let's get in formation ♪ with honey and naughtiness ♪ paparazzi catch my fly and my cocky fresh ♪ >> oh! >> i guess that's good. i can't tell. >> it looked kind of professionally shot. >> looked like "the walking dead" to me. i'm sorry. it does! >> doesn't goldie hawn look amazing, by the way? >> love her. whatever she's doing. that movie comes out next may. have to wait for it. first film scene i did was with
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goldie hawn, bette midler and diane keaton. "first wives club." >> what did you play? >> hour terrifying. me! >> you played yourself? >> interviewed them end of the movie. i was really terrified. amazingly talented bullmarks of the business. right? they were just all, so sweet and so -- you know, loving and kind to me, it was -- >> were us nervous? >> i was going into it. i wasn't at all once i got to the set. they were awesome. what i am upset about? this. do you love to wear your can yoga pants. a guy in rhode island says women over 20 -- 20 -- should not wear them. i want too see it what this guy looks like. >> what's his name? >> alan sorentino. wrote a letter expressing his feelings saying, "not since the miniskirt has there been something worn by so many women who should never have it in the first place." >> what? >> yeah. told adult women to grow up. don't you love that. >> this is so bad. >> saying yoga pants on mature
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women look bizarre and disturbing in public. only if you're a freak! added that yoga pants belong only in the studio. what's next? wearing a speedo to the super market? imagine if men did that. >> is this a joke? >> i don't know. yesterday women gathered to protest. >> oh, my gosh. look how much showed up? >> almost as much as your event in new orleans. now says, i don't believe him. the article was supposed to be a joke and he was assuming the character of a grumpy old man for the letter. >> no, no, no. >> can't do that, after the fact. >> no, no. >> said the article caused him to get threatening calls and he's been bullied. people have a problem, write their own letter back. or show up on his lawn. others praised him as a genius saying he's figured out a way to get 100 women to show up at his house in yoga pants >> i can't believe all of those people showed up. we got to go? >> got to go.
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keep it simple. always be real. don't be artificial, but always be sweet. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. oh, that hoda woman! >> yeah. >> putting the fun in fun day with all the juicy celebrity headlines you missed over the weekend in "today's buzz." >> editor-in-chief of
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jack rico. good morning. >> how are you? >> bg weekend for a lot of people. especially prince fans, right? >> oh, man. a new prince album coming out pote humously november 22nd. include about 40 tracks and among them is "purple rain," "kiss," "when doves cry" and a track fans waited for specifically for this album called "moonbeam levels" recorded in 1982. previously unreleased. bootleg versions here and there, this is the official one. and fans really want it. >> a remix of the other hits? >> no. a greatest hits compilation but like fans' favorites. for fans. in early 2017, there's going to be a remastered deluxe version of his -- >> what i was thinking of. >> the "purple rain" the movie nominated, et cetera. a lot of prince music coming out in the next several months. >> controversy surrounding justin bieber.
10:14 am
what's going on? >> he's been having trouble with fans as of late. just last week he told fans to quiet down while he was singing and just yesterday he threw his mike down and just walked offstage in a concert in manchester, england and most was due because the fans were booing hi for talking to much, not doing enough singing's kind of the reason you go to a concert. he ultimately eventually came back. >> surprised they waited around for him. >> they did. it's fandom. he explained he traveled all over the world. given his life to performing and felt he wasn't being respected by the fan. two things will happen. either the fans accommodate to his fans or him to the fans. something needs to happen for this relationship to be a fruitful one. you know? >> we've talked about it many, many times here. >> yeah. >> a guy gifted of god musically. he's a prodigy. very, very talented but should not be on the stage probably until he loves it again.
10:15 am
like he's miserable. >> michael jackson went through that. >> nobody wants you to be miserable. live your life the way it makes you happy. >> lots of performers travel endless hours to perform for a crowd and on fumes. all part of it. >> it happened to michael jackson. >> he was never like that with fans. >> his did not end well, we know. we don't want the biebster to end that way. >> "star wars" and donald glover. >> not to be confused with danny glover. >> either one. love him. >> he'll be a household name. just cast as lando car leasian in the new untitled hans solo project coming out in 20018. >> great looking young man. >> perfectly cast, my mind. a grammy nominated artist. show "atlanta on fx" one of the most acclaimed tv shows on tv now. in the new marvel spider-man
10:16 am
homecoming movie and now this. a meteoric rise. the guy will control hollywood. >> hats off to madea, can we say? rocked it at the box office. >> beat tom cruise in the new jack reacher film. >> what do you make of that? >> look, i think what's happening right now, it's -- it's speaking to the power of the fan base of tyler perry. it used to be 80% of african-americans used to go to his movie. down to 60%. more whites and hispanics going to see his movie. >> people in general. i like that. >> people in general. >> so funny and the sweetest guy in the world. >> halloween movie as spoofing and horror films and they want fun. >> times are hard, tough and people are miserable. >> great entertainer, wrote it, produced it, starred in it. >> tom cruise will be just fine. we have a feeling. >> thanks so much. >> no matter the season, fans can't get enough of frankie valli hitting the stage once again. >> if you're out of your skull looking for fun halloween finds,
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begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. little jana -- lilliana said he look like the red ladies. >> i use them all the time. >> what are we supposed to do? >> dance! >> frankie valli and four seasons one of the most successful groups with more than 100 million records sold. >> frankie's fans are in luck. touring the country. this week back on broadway where "today" contributor lilliana vasquez caught up with the singing sensation. >> i did. taking the stage for a limited time. six blocks ay way from the smash hit "jersey boys."
10:21 am
lucky enough to hang whip the legend on the eve of his opening show. >> should you fancy. >> how does it feel to still be up onstage and engage people after the career that you've had? >> it feels pretty terrific. you know? i feel as though i've never left for a moment. you know? it's just -- been a long run of a dream come true. it's rather special. especially being here on broadway. >> valli's home for the next week, this theater. a kind of homecoming for the "jersey boy" at 82 years young grew up just eight miles from here. >> grew up in a project in jersey relatively poor, just a heavy duty droop eamer. i knew there was more in life. i always wanted to be in charge. i felt if i was going to fall on my face i would rather it be by my hand than someone else's. >> reporter: failure was never an option for francesco and amp
10:22 am
more than 60er yaos in show business, safe to his his music transcended generations, cultures and countries. ♪ feel like heaven to touch >> "jersey boys" has done its job at making millions of people more aware of the music that we did in that period of time. ♪ begging you >> it's ageless, timeless and fun. >> exactly. >> it's also closing in january. >> after 11 years. they say that everything good has to come to an end at some pointant look at this. is this usually what your dressing room has in it? meatballs, spaghetti? >> if it did, i'd live in my dressing room. >> set the record straight for us. is it sauce or is it gravy? >> well, it's sauce in today's world. it's gravy from my mother. >> and you can't have italian food and not have cannolis. >> how is that possible? cheers! >> cheers!
10:23 am
>> after a little more monga, time to hit the stage. >> have you decided what song you want to open tonight with? >> if we don't open it with -- probably "grease." ♪ grease is the way >> and that's just the beginning. valli's set list includes audience favorites like "walk like a man." "big girls don't cry," and, of course, "sherry." >> can you come out tonight. >> who is sheri? >> there is no sherry. sherry could be anybody. sherry was a sound. and when bob gourdio wrote the song that's what he had in mind. >> what he didn't probably have in mind, my tone deaf rendition. ♪ sheri baby >> right. >> how bad as that?
10:24 am
>> that's not bat at ad at all. >> can i ask you, what is in the water in jersey that produces all of these amazing talents? bon jovi, the boss, frank sinatra. what are you guys drinking over there? >> it's the gravy. >> before leaving i had just one last request. a musical selfie. ready? ♪ i love you, baby and if it's quite all right i need you baby ♪ to warm the lonely night ♪ i love you, baby, trust in me when i say ♪ ♪ oh, pretty baby >> no, i'm not singing again. i already hurt everyone's ears. >> thank you, lilliana. >> frankie's stay on broadway ends soon and end with patsy's italian restaurant. >> so good. delicious. take a little bit of this. >> a quarter of that, a little of this. hmm. thank you, lilliana, had fun?
10:25 am
>> jill's going a little batty searching for the ultimate halloween decor. >> plus actress mary steenburgen wild mustangs... i can't believe we live in the middle of all this. they're supposed to be one of the most gentle creatures in nature. really...? i read that once. state farm knows that for every one of those moments, there's one of these... wild mustangs?!? i can't believe we live in the middle of all this! they're supposed to be one of the most gentle creatures in nature. really? i don' know, i read that once... that's why more people save money by combining their home and auto with state farm. here to help life go right, state farm. mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the why can't it smell like this all the time
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the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. good morning. we're goeng to start off with a look at the forecast with bill. >> morning, pamela. bright sunshine. good breeze. that's going to be increasing this afternoon. it's blowing some clouds to the
10:27 am
lehigh valley, but sign of showers like we started with early this morning. we'll be dry today and it turns cooler tonight with the winds bringing this trier air. the temperatures will plumet this evening dropping into the 30s for the suburbs overnight. now let's get a on traffic with jessica. good morning. >> hey. we're watch iing an accident on 422 westbound, around route 29 in collegeville, so we're seeing lanes blocked there. no big delays approaching the scene. check ng with the bridges, the ben franklin bridge dealing with construction, so traffic moving from new jersey into philadelphia has two lanes blocked, so we might see delays there. for the most part, okay. i checked the boulevard from camden into philadelphia, no delays. happening now, former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen payne is being sentenced. her attorneys will argue for probation and or house arrest,
10:28 am
but she could spend more than 24 years in prison. she was the master mind belong island a grand jury materials then lied about it under oath. nbc 10 has two crews inside the montgomery county courthouse. you should also have the nbc 10 app on your phone to get alerts sent right to you no matter where you are. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in about 30 minutes and you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. here's justin, one of our techs. wow. you're right on time. he showed up on time, as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. okay, you guys are all set.
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if is fun day monday. one of our favorite ladies is back with us. mary steenburgen is here. >> yes. academy award-winning actress appeared in many favorites films including doc brown's elegant love interest in the hit film series "back to the future part 3." several years later showing up a maternal side at buddy's step340er in the big screen comedy "elf" with will ferrell. loved that movie. >> now find mary every sunday night on something equally silly. the third season of the postapocalyptic sitcom. "last man on earth" with will forte. in last night the episode mary and survivors took a road trip. >> apparently some were a part of that. >> well, one of us. >> take a look.
10:31 am
♪ nine matt lauer's, eight al rokers, seven hoda kotb ♪ and a partridge family prison boss ♪ on the tenth day -- >> that's enough! >> you don't like my song? >> no! >> love it. thank you for leaving me out. i'm grateful. >> i talked to him about that. >> no. it's good. it's good. >> he says, she's probably lucky that i didn't -- by the end of the day we, you know, of course, actually do want to kill him. but it goes on and on and on. >> and on. we do have a big cast around here. >> we still love you. >> are you having a ball? had will on when the show first premiered. >> i love him so much. it's insane. it's like, when we have a break from each other, we usually all get together. i love every one of them. i love the weird world that we're inhabiting that came out of his strange and wonderful
10:32 am
mind and the former "snl" writers that are doing the show. it's like my creative dream space. it's so strange, and so weird and wonderful, and there's wonderful stuff coming up with my character. i'm really excited about it. >> so for a long time we thought he was the only one. >> right. >> yeah. >> all of a sudden, discovering other people -- >> hello! good news and bad news. >> where do you guys shoot this? >> we shoot it in lovely downtown chatsworth, california. >> it's adorable there. >> yes, it is. we shoot all over. surprises coming up. >> that you can't reveal at this point rcht no, no. but like you ladies, my character is very fond of her wine. >> well, you know, a lot of people are. >> yeah. this is fantastic, i must say. it's so good. that's yours? >> yes. >> amazing. >> thank you, sweetie. we had your dear, delicious husband on a couple weeks ago. >> he is so good. >> 21 years now? 22? >> just celebrated our 21st
10:33 am
wedding anniversary by him coming to work where i was. >> you were describing him in the break. >> yeah. >> how -- >> i'm in love. he's really -- he is like -- >> isn't that lovely to hear after all this time? >> i honestly feel when i was a little girl, all of this stuff i put out in the universe about who i wanted i somehow manifested that. so -- when you're lucky, and you have to know it. you know? and i know i'm lucky. >> wow. we know you love your wine. >> yes. >> and we're going to do a little thing called -- is it a jif or a giff. >> we have a jif of you enjoying a cup of wine. let's see. >> okay. >> all right. >> oh, my god. >> oh, that's a slurpy cup. >> that was embarrassing. >> kath and i may be able to one-up you. have we? let's see. >> i literally drink the entire -- >> oop. oop. >> you're as bad as me. >> it's called schtick. >> ready for the second one? here the send ocond one.
10:34 am
>> we don't have it. >> oh, my weapon. >> yes. >> a bad guy came, and that was my weapon. >> you were going to kill him? >> yeah. >> kath and i were also in a movie. >> "sharknado 3"! [ laughter ] >> sometimes i'm so glad i never graduated college, because what a waste it would have been. you know? >> oh, i know. >> we love you. >> we love you, mar. >> enjoy your time in the city with your beautiful husband. >> "last man on earth" on sunday nights. >> if today's the day you promised to get back track, your motivation. >> wait until you see the befores and afters of our joy fit club member. lost 535 pounds between the two of them. >> god bless hem. >> what's jill got her shopping bag this time? >> writing's on the wall. fun halloween decor, after this. fun halloween decor, after this. >> yeah, baby. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment?
10:35 am
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halloween is just one week from today, meaning not much time to get in the spirit, but we have help and someone to help you get there. >> "today" show contributor jill martin went shopping for all kinds of fun halloween finds wharchltsds did you find? >> i love i can wear pajamas on the show. that's the way to do television. >> that's what those are? >> yeah. >> cute. >> yeah, and super comfortable. then my hat that you are wearing as well we haven't even acknowledged is a simple way, if you don't want to dress up. >> something on your head. >> i've been sexier. >> lights out. going to pretend at first it is halloween night. >> okay. >> here we go. these are things you can invest in, and use throughout the year. so the lights are pottery barn. and then you could use them through the holiday as well. then look, can you see the -- >> green and red, yeah. >> at night lights up a whole house. >> cool. >> all right. >> and picture this in a room for a child. my little ansel and owen could put this on the ceiling. the bats will show.
10:40 am
>> how lovely. >> cute. >> they'll sleep so well. >> it's perfect. this is,s 15 $15 for on. look at the boo balloons. bat balloons in a second. aren't they super fun? >> yes. they're super fun. >> i think they really lighten up the house. >> they are cute. >> they say, party. okay. >> look at these. >> i will use these in my home. >> yes, you will, to go with all your skull stuff. >> pottery the plates and glasses. still holding them up. love that. that's pottery barn. the bat chandelier. wake up in the morning. >> how i like to start the morning. >> and look at the cake pan. >> adorable. >> that's cute. putlapia and make your dish. >> athts gingerbread. >> smells good. >>. shes very good. i didn't make it. >> all portry barn? >> last one, williams-sonoma and then pottery barn and plates and
10:41 am
glasses, regular pottery barn. i missed something. these, get all different packages. this is the jumbo package. any wall, give this to your kids. the mega one for $99. stick itten 0 the wall. decorate the whole house. >> just a white wall. all decorated? >> all stickers. >> fabulous. >> and perfect to decorate. all different price packages on that one. this i love. political miss party box. everything in here comes in the box. just get it home. it comes wrapped together. you act like you really have -- >> the cupcakes? >> no the cupcakes but the dishes. looks like you really have your act together. comes with the decorations and the runner. like you really tried. the cards, the cups. >> excellent. >> and happy halloween. >> to you, too, jill. >> see you thursday for ambush ma makeovers.
10:42 am
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pat toomey, out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do.
10:47 am
my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. it is sometime for our two newest members of the joy fit club who hit rock bottom and decided to lift themselves back up and lose the weight. >> one a wake-up call at an amusement park and one after emotional eating. >> how they did it, leader of the joy fit pack, joy bauer. >> happy monday. today's stories are awesome, and you're going to meet two real, everyday people who have totally transformed their bodies, their health and their lives. >> god love them. >> we start with 29-year-old jaclyn aidan from san francisco, california. and she shared with me even as a kid she always had a weight issue, but really it wasn't until college when she started
10:48 am
with excessive chips and pizza and soda that her weight climbed tremendously. at her highest, she hit in that picture, 510 pounds. and this is a true girly-girl. so normally she loves fashionable outfits and makeup and hair. when she hit that number she was so humiliated she just totally withdrew to all of that. one day something totally changed her life. she was at a theme park, and she was with her boyfriend, who's now her fiance. they were online apartmentt a r got completely stuck in a turnstile. laughed it off with him eventually got herself out and left him, went into the bathroom and cried and cried. talk about taking a dark moment and turning it into something positive. that was then. next day, joined jenny craig, started doing home workout videos. that woman you saw in the picture, at her heaviest 510 pounds dropped 350 pounds and
10:49 am
she's going to come in and glide through a turnstile. >> see jaclyn's before picture one more time. all right, jaclyn. come join the joy fit club! >> oh, my god! she will never get stuck in a turnstile again. >> jaclyn, i saw you downstairs. >> oh! >> you know what's so funny? >> ah, hon, god bless you. that's so awesome. >> i saw you downstairs and wondered what segment she's in. i had no idea. >> wow. >> thank you. >> kath and i were talking about when you -- the very first day you decided that's enough and how that must have seemed almost insurmountable, but you just did it one day at a time. right? >> right. if i focused on the big picture, having to lose over 300 pounds i got overwhelmed. i didn't think it was possible or that i could do it. ip said, let's lose five pounds. lose ten pounds. now 20.
10:50 am
do five more. >> what are you looking at now? >> well, we just got engaged. >> congratulations. >> thank you. in front of the place i got stuck. turned around into a disney wedding, something like that and i get to go dress shopping. >> aen and put on anything. >> don't have to custom fit a dress to fit me. i'm so happy. >> we are thrilled for you, too. >> thank you. >> who's next, joy? >> next we have 53-year-old john d. benadetto from seaford, new york, grew up in a fun-loving italian family. the norm was to eat a lot of food. >> yeah. >> every year he would gain five, ten pounds and eventually he hit 350 pounds. he still wasn't motivated to lose weight, though. it wasn't until within a very short period of time he lost his mom and he lost his best friend, and that's when he decided enough is enough. he has to change his lifestyle. so he actually recruited a local
10:51 am
doctor. dr. jamie cane who helped him get off of medication, lose 185 pounds. >> wow. >> and look and feel fantastic, and this guy is a biking fanatic. he is going to ride out to meet us. >> what? >> all right. john's before picture. just so we remember, and come on, john. let's join the joy pit clufit c! >> what? what? hi, john. wow. >> look at this guy. >> congratulations. >> yes. >> that's crazy! >> here. let me take your helmet. >> how are you? >> good. i'm good. how are you? >> you must feel -- >> better than we are. this is awesome. >> so great to see you. >> tell us about your secret and the cupcake and, how you handled it? >> my cup it cake and beer and wine pairing, sweet revenge at new york city. go there once a week for a cheat treat and doing it since i lost the weight. >> something to look forward to. >> yeah. >> hello! these are his old pants.
10:52 am
>> get in one leg i think now. >> i did. i've done it. >> all right. >> i do it. >> congratulations, darling. >> congratulations to both of you. favorite things are next, everybody. >> but first, thiis "today" on s
tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:53 am
pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump..." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion,
10:54 am
and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
10:55 am
now for our "favorite things." mine is a book by my friend dana perino called "let me tell you about jasper." adorable. just a very, very special woman. very smart, very capable, but very real. i love her and adores this dog like i adore ban beambino or yo blake. if you just want sense to be made of all of it. preorder, $16 from >> on the earlier hour today. excellent. if you have a friend going through breast cancer thinking what can i buy them? the perfect thing right here. called a necessity bag created
10:56 am
by amanda noakes for someone diagnosed with breast cancer. so great, a very cozy blanket. this that says, replenish. like a little water thing. it's got this, that says release. like a journal where you could write down all your thoughts. >> very thoughtful. >> inside all kinds of cool things. ginger, soothing. ice packs. but if you're like, what could i get them? this is great. got everything. $115. and the website is it's perfect for someone going through that. >> awesome. let's put this, put jasper in there, too. >> okay. >> yeah. tomorrow, food chef aina garton, cooking up a delicious meal. >> and former "snl" star ana gasteyer. >> and the spookiest places to visit to get into the halloween spirit. >> before we go, gosh, you want a smile? we have something. don't we? >> we need one. >> a baby girl born premature. her mom, lauren binge, took that
10:57 am
picture five days after she was born at the neonatal nicu. they was three pounds. her mom wrote, she was happy to be alive. life is so precious. >> ah. gone viral thanks to her mom and love what matters. amen. have a great
10:58 am
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11:00 am
not pennsylvania families. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. probation or prison time? kathleen kane is learning her fate this morning. a civilian easter fiing brush with death as a shootout erupts while on a patrol with an officer. get ready for hol waen wean candy. we'll break down u the sweet cravingings state by state just in time for trick or treating. that breaking news, the punishment for perjury. former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is in a montgomery county courtroom to learn her sentence on her purgery and obstruction conviction. kane arrived in north


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