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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, early morning fire tragedy. one person is dead after flames break out in a chester county home. ordered to close. today pennsylvania's governor will issue an emergency declaration to shut down a berks county detention center amid growing concerns over abuse there. bizarre runway collision. a small plane made a rough landing in lancaster and the four on board have a story to tell. it is just after 5:30. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. it is 40 degrees outside. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm pamela osborn. let's start with meteorologist bill henley and the first alert
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neighborhood weather. yesterday chilly, today cold. >> 40 in philadelphia doesn't sound bad. it's the rest of the area that seemed that cold. lehigh valley, 29 degrees this morning. below freezing. and just 1 degree above freezing in delaware. for new jersey, 33. but there are some spots in each of these locations that have dropped into the 20s this morning, including the suburbs. and that 40 will likely come down a little bit more. it is 5:32 this morning. the sun's not coming up until closer to 7:30. plenty of time for the temperatures to come down before they start coming back up with sunshine today. 54 in philadelphia. that's 10 degrees colder than normal for this time of year. so that chill stays with us this afternoon. the suburbs 53 degrees. and you'll see sunshine in new jersey. the lehigh valley and delaware. afternoon temperatures in the 50s today. we'll see sunshine today. there's some clouds that are starting to move in tonight and wet weather on the way as well. we'll take a look at that when i
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come back in just a few minutes. first an update from the first alert traffic center. >> the vine street expressway this morning open, a little update. cameras around broad street, looking great. this is westbound, moving toward the schuylkill, eastbound toward 95, no big problems or 38s ride right now. we only closed for construction one time in this last week, one time in the last two weeks. we're keeping an eye on that. mass transit, seeing a couple of delays for septa. airport train 9402 running 20 minutes late. 21 minute forth the newark line. west trenton 14 minutes on another train. check before you go there. hat hatfield township, an accident clear, walnut street around the railroad crossing in the area and a vehicle had hit two different utility poles. that's cleared up and out of the way. so no problems on that road being blocked anymore. here's route 38 in morristown,
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new jersey. around nixon drive, just a couple of cars out the door there, no big problems. pamela and tracy? this morning investigators want to know what started a deadly fire in a rural section of chester county. >> monique braxton is live at the scene in birmingham township, chester county. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: we've been moved back away from the home. we can tell you police are now guarding the devastation, the scene of devastation. we were just told the chief will issue a statement later today and the restoration crew has now arrived. the coroner's office was called. we've learned the body of an elderly person was taken away after a family arrived to speak with the fire chief. he declined comment when we approached him about who passed away. we've also learned it took dozens of firefighters about an hour to bring this blaze under control. firefighters from several local departments including concordville and west chester had to bring in tankers of water to battle the the blaze. we saw no hydrants here in this
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remote community in the 1300 block of birmingham road. when the firefighters were called witnesses told them flames were shooting from the rear of the house. and right now we're awaiting comment from the fire chief as soon as we hear from him you'll have those comments regarding what he has to say about the identity of the person taken away by the coroner and possibly what caused this blaze. live in birmingham township, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for the update. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf and other officials will call on the immediate closure of the birks county family detention  center. the state is issuing the emergency removal order because of the history of human rights abuses in the center which houses immigrants seeking asylum in the u.s. state officials are also issuing an appeal to the united nations calling on the organization to take action at the center. pennsylvania does have the power to shut down the detention facility while berks county
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appeals. the center has been criticized for failing to give accurate health care to detainees. african-americans and hispanics of philadelphia's lgbt community want to end racial discrimination at bars and clubs. >> this will end! >> a passionate and emotional crowd at last night's commission on human relations forum. several people told their stories of discrimination there. the meeting was sparked by a cell phone video allegedly showing the owner of gay nightclub eye candy using a racial slur to describe black customers. a few bar owners were subpoenaed to attend and listen to the testimony there. nbc 10 spoke to a few people in the crowd who can't believe racism still happens. >> how does an oppressed community then turn and oppress its own people? that made me cry. conversations that i've heard my great grandmother and grandmother have, i shouldn't be having. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenny was also in attendance.
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he says he will work with the commission on human relations and can possibly create legislation to end discrimination. the plan to disband a joint police force in montgomery county is on hold. nbc 10 at upper perky middle school for a borough council meeting on the agenda. east greenville's desire to leave a police force it shares with nearby penns burg. east greenville's mayor said he could save money by starting his own police force but last night the borough council decided to rescind the plan to disband the existing police department. both sides now go through mediation. 5:37. philadelphia's finest come together to support one of their fallen brothers. a benefit for officer douglas bam berger was held at the fraternal order of police lodging, northeast philadelphia. he died suddenly from a massive heart attack earlier this month at the criminal justice center. proceeds from the event will go to help his wife and two
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children. what's old is new again for the nation's oldest library right here in delaware county. nbc 10 was at the darby free library where a reception was held to unveil much-needed improvements. congressman bob brandy who helped facility the facelift took part in the festivities. the library has been in continuous service since 1743. 5:38. yes, fall frost. temperatures are the coldest they've been since april. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is tracking the cold air. >> temperatures have plummeted. heading out you're going to feel the freezing and see some frost this morning. frost and freezing conditions this morning. but this afternoon we'll see sunshine. a little cool this afternoon. the temperatures will be climbing. any frost disappears. that sunshine warms us into the 50s today. another chilly night tonight. clouds are increasing. i don't think it's going to be quite as cold as what we're seeing this morning. we are seeing some cold temperatures. look at the lehigh valley at 29.
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suburbs have dropped into the 30s. there are a few neighborhoods in the 20s this morning. 33 degrees in delaware. while philadelphia is reporting 40 degrees. south jersey right at freezing. but there are some areas below freezing. woods town 31. and 20s for at co, piny hollow, pemberton at 29, princeton 26 degrees this morning. it's a cold start. philadelphia at 40. we'll stay in the 40s this morning. then warm into the 50s this afternoon. the suburbs, plenty of sunshine after clear skies overnight. 36 degrees right now. dropping a little bit more by 8:00. 30s at 8:00. by 10:00 we're in the very low 40s. so the chill will remain through the morning. in the afternoon, a few scattered clouds. still plenty of sunshine to warm temperatures just into the low 50s for the suburbs. the lehigh valley, look at that, 29 degrees this morning. the coldest since last spring. 31 degrees at 8:00.
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and then it's into the low 50s this afternoon. we'll still see some of that wind we had yesterday, meaning a northwesterly wind. so that's the dry air that continues to come into the area. and that's part of why we're so cold this morning. 30 in new jersey. 44 degrees at 10:00. look at that sunshine during the day today. it will be a pretty fall day. pretty cool for this time of year too. low 50s this afternoon in new jersey. and at the shore, 36 degrees right now. 46 up by 10:00. and low 50s at the shore. you'll also see that northwesterly wind. if you get a few scattered clouds, nothing more than that, it will stay dry. delaware, sunny skies will turn the temperatures around from the low 30s into the 50-degree range at noontime. low 50s this afternoon. no rain today but the rain chances go up for tomorrow. look at philadelphia. dover, reading, and atlantic city, all likely to get some rain. and there's a chance the weekend will be impacted with rain as well. i'll go through it with the
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ten-day on 10 when i come back. 5:40, time to get you to work this morning. >> let's check the roosevelt boulevard. jessica boying ton is watching that. >> thanks, pamela and tracy. our cameras around 17th street, cars out the door right now but you can really see that there's no backups or delays yet. we're still around 5:40 and about the next hour or so that's when we start to see any big delays on most of our majors. there's construction out there that might cause a little bit of problems for you. watch for the on-ramp that's closed from 95 northbound to columbus boulevard. that's going to be closed another 20 minutes or so until 6:00 this morning. just watch for crews around the area. there are active work zones that have been pretty consistent on 95 for quite some time. more construction over in new jersey, two left lanes closed off of 295 if you're headed southbound between westville and gibbs town. two left lanes closed but no big delays because of it at least for now. passengers on board a small plane have quite the story to
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tell. they were involved in a bizarre runway collision at an airport in montgomery county. next, hear how they escaped uninjured. also, we are six days away from a threatened septa strike. ahead, we will hear how the progress is going to keep the more than 5,700 septa bus drivers, subway, and trolley operators on the job. time is running out to vote for this week's contestants for game of the week. st. joseph's of new jersey versus st. augustine. haverford versus springfield. logon to nbc right now to vote. the winning matchup will be revealed tomorrow night at 11:00.
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. . . 5:45 and 40 degrees outside. a small plane was able to land safely in central pennsylvania despite damaging its landing gear when it hit a deer during takeoff. the plane was able to land at lancaster airport yesterday morning after it hit and kill a deer when taking it off at wings field in blue bell. the collision caused part of the landing gear to fall off. the airport director says the plane landed on its underside which caused minor damage to the plane and propellers.
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four people were on the plane. none of them was hurt. new details in last month's deadly train crash in hoboken. state lawmakers are demanding answers to three questions from new jersey transit. they want to know if the agency reached out to the victims. they want to know how they count accidents and they're also asking the status of installing positive train control. today, new jersey transit could take the next step in getting the automatic braking system. the transit agency will vote a plan needed for the ptc. one woman died in the accident last month. bridget kelly will face examination from prosecutors. she testified her infamous e-mail that said time for traffic problems in ft. lee referred to a traffic study, not a political retaliation plot. kelly also said she used, quote, a poor choice of words.
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i think after everyone's e-mails have been examined under a microscope, i think they'd find sarcasm in everyone's e-mails. >> kelly along with bianother co-worker are accused of the traffic troubles on the george washington bridge. 5:47. camden county has its first female warden at work this morning. karen taylor was sworn in yesterday. officials say her professionalism and dedication will allow her to lead the facility into the future. taylor has worked for the depp of corrections since 1997. well, a piece of philadelphia history is now back in the hands of the family who built it. >> nbc 10 was in east falls yesterday afternoon as prince albert of monaco arrived at his mother's childhood home. the prince recently bought the property where grace kelly grew up. the royal family has yet to decide what to do with it. the prince's cousin, j.b. kelly,
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is in charge of the renovations. >> wall paper and paint in the front hall are the same since 1925. >> the family says it could take a year to complete renovations and it may eventually be home to offices for prince albert's foundation. 5:48. and fall frost is what you are waking up to. we knew this was coming. it's still like, we're here. >> temperatures really plumm plummeted. it's a lot colder than it was yesterday to start with. we are going to see a nice sunny day today. the temperatures will be climbing. for now it is clear over boathouse row. the temperatures are still coming down. a live view from philadelphia. clear skies and less wind than yesterday. the water is indeed calmer right now. that's part of why it has dropped. 40 at the airport, we're seeing some colder temperatures, especially in south jersey and in the suburbs where we're getting some 30s and 20s this
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morning. below freezing for cochranville, unionville, 28 degrees. look at exton at 30 degrees right now. collegeville, milford township, gilbertsville, all below freezing in the 20s for ft. washington as well. new hope is also 27 degrees. bedminster at 32. that's a starting point. see the temperatures come down a little bit more because our skies are clear and there's not as much wind as yesterday. that and there's very dry air around. you could see areas of frost. the freezing conditions won't last all day. we'll warm up with the sunshine. this is what we'll be dealing with tomorrow. the first of this arrives tonight with clouds. the wet weather, i think that's going to hold off until tomorrow. in fact, first thing tomorrow morning, we will start dry. but the rain will make its way to cleveland late this evening. could impact the world series. snow may impact extreme portions of northeastern pennsylvania and into new york. the pocono mountains, scranton to the north might see a little bit of snow. wintry mix just to the south,
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staying dry in allentown overnight. the rain not really moving in until afternoon. this is just 12:30 in the afternoon. see the rain in the pocono mountains, still dry in allentown, trenton in philadelphia. but that's going to change later in the day. the rain moves through the lehigh valley, the suburbs and into philadelphia. parts of south jersey at 5:30 tomorrow afternoon we'll be getting rain and then the rest of the area will see the rain as we go into tomorrow evening. it looks like a rainy evening tomorrow. but for today, deal with the cold. and, well, rain over the weekend, too. the cold eases. saturday looks like it will be the best day. 70 degrees in philadelphia. 72 for delaware. and afternoon temperatures in the upper 60s and new jersey, a nice warmup on saturday. but rain moving in on sunday, that drops the temperatures. good chance we'll see showers in the morning. might not reach the shore. the rest of the area, count on seeing rain on saturday. cold start tomorrow morning, though not as cold as today. the clouds moving in.
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that late day rain for tomorrow and here comes another chilly day on friday, 58 degrees. but a big warmup for saturday before the showers move through on sunday. and then we could see another warmup into the 70s on tuesday and wednesday of next week, another round of rain next friday. >> all right. i think what bill is saying there, if you're getting into your car this morning, you may want a little bit of heat on your ride to work. >> for sure. let's check your ride to work, including the admiral wilson boulevard. jessica boyington has that. >> moving through camden. right underneath our graphic that says admiral wilson boulevard, that is the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. no big delays moving up to the ben franklin now. if you're heading from philadelphia into new jersey, that's great as well. let's take a look at the rest of the bridges. the burlington bristol and the tacony palmyra, all clear. no schedule openings in place for those. the walt whitman bridge looks great also. here's 95. look at drive times, even
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through the work zones, 14 minutes southbound from the woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, average speeds also into the 60s, pamela and tracy. >> speaking of traffic, we could just be six days away from a septa strike. thousands of bus, subway and trolley operators could walk off the job. next, hear if there's progress in new contract talks. also, we'll have -- ♪ >> i can't even say anything. >> he's awesome. >> we all have our bad days, even the always upbeat philly phanatic. hear what got the big green guy red under the collar.
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five minutes before 6:00. 40 degrees outside. there's now some movement in talks between septa and the union representing thousands of workers. there's still no agreement but both sides are meeting. if a deal isn't reached, septa workers could walk off the job in six days. the contract for more than 6,700 workers expires at midnight october 31st. sticking points include pension
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reform, affordable health care and fatigue issues for septa drivers. now, workers do walk off the job, septa's regional rail service will not be affected. this weekend it's the game that all eagles fans circle on their calendar. the birds are taking on the dallas cowboys on sunday night football. eagles coach doug pederson played here in philly and he's all too familiar with the bitter rivalry with dallas. >> my wife hears it all the time. she hears it this week. she's already heard it at the grocery store and the fans know. the people know. this week is different. all you have to do is be dallas. it doesn't matter what else happens during the regular season. you just have to beat dallas. >> sunday night there's only one tv station to watch the eagles game. that's nbc 10, kick offat 8:30. immediately following the game, don't miss eagles postgame final coverage from dallas. >> and he's one of the most
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popular mascots in the world and the philly phanatic is known for having fun and making kids laugh. >> unless you make him wait. look at this. ♪ ♪ >> for a meeting, this was shot at espn. it shows the phanatic having to wait too long for a meeting to start. he goes off and starts wreaking havoc all over. the video was to promote a new book written about the mascot. a viewer tells us his water balloon ballooned to more than $300 higher than the usual monthly rate and he can't figure out why. next at 6:00, we'll explain how the nbc 10 responds team claim through with a solution to the unexpected problem. we're on the scene of a deadly house fire in chester county. we'll tell you how the crews had
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to deal with the difficult decisions while knocking down the flames. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." three minutes before 6:00. a bank and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. to take away homes from people across pennsylvania. the practice is banned in 35 states because it's considered predatory, but pat toomey didn't care. pat toomey the banker: he's really not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. deadly flames hit a home. we know when and where a jury selection will begin in a man accused of a state police barracks ambush. and nearly 200 pumpkins stolen from a family farm in jersey. nbc 10 news starts now. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm pamela osborne. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the neighborhood forecast. good morning, bill, it is chilly out there. >> it is cold, coldest since last season indeed. we are in the 30s, freezing conditions to the area. no ice skating at penn's landing. that's the river rink. won't be long.


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