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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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another smash and grab in the northeast. nbc 10 news starts now. 5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. 52 degrees on a friday morning. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> the wind, the temperature is falling because of the wind that's blowing. in fact, if you look closely, the cam are is shaking, looking at boathouse row. the gusty winds increase today. lots of sunshine. the rain we had, heavy downpours are way offshore. look at them go out of the picture there. they're right offshore and now high pressure is moving in but it's going to be blowing in some chillier air for the day today. we'll see it clear out. bright sunshine, but the temperatures are going to stay cool. in fact, right now, we're down to 51 degrees. that just updated. 48 in the suburbs and new jersey is in the 40s along with the lehigh valley, some lingering clouds, they're not going to last. those clouds will blow right through the area. 50 now in delaware. that number will drop into the
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40s, before we start to climb to 56 degrees this afternoon. gusty winds for delaware, for philadelphia, the suburbs and new jersey with plenty of sunshine during the day today. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour with a look at those winds when i come back in just a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> thanks, bill. we're watching an accident scene this early friday morning on the 4 freeway, just approaching the atlantic city expressway. the 42 freeway headed southbound is right up here underneath our graphic. this is where it splits and turns into the atlantic city expressway or the black horse pike. this is actually in the lanes for the atlantic city expressway. one lane is getting by. that would be headed eastbound out of the expressway. out of the city area, not approaching philadelphia, more towards south jersey and the shore points. one lane is crawling by. we have a lot of vehicles on the scene, having this accident scene over into the right shoulder and one of the next lanes over. definitely something to pay attention to this morning no
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huge delays behind it at this time because there's not a lot of traffic out there. the schuylkill expressway, drive times eastbound into center city, 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway and speeds up into the high 50s. vai and tracy. >> jessica, thank you. new this morning, two police officers are on administrative duty and one man is in critical condition after a shooting in philadelphia. >> but police say they tried other ways to subdue him before they fired their guns. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside police headquarters in center city to walk us through what happened. matt? >> right, tracy and vai. an unusual situation. officers used a taser on this man twice, thinking it would subdue him but it did not work.ç instead, they say it only made matters worse. this is the 3800 block of elsnor street in juniata. this was 10:30 last night. police were call out to the home. when the officers got there, a family member said the man was suicidal, threatening to use a nigh on himself.
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he was in the kitchen, notify pointed at his chest. when he was told to drop the knife and did not, the taser came out. the first time the man ripped the prongs out, second time he ripped them out. that made him angry. now police say he approached the officers with a knife. both officers fired their guns. that did bring down the man. he was rushed to the hospital, reportedly in stable condition. police afterwards said they did everything possible to stop this guy from harming himself. >> it's definitely a tool that assists us at preventing you from having to use your firearm in some situations but you have situations like this where it has no impact, no effect on the person being tased. it continues to go beyond that. the officers made a couple attempts to use their tasers to end this situation, without harm being done to anyone. >> lieutenant sanford said they do have training for the
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takesers here at the department. the man with the knife is in his mid-50s. investigators may believe he may have been under the influence of alcohol. the officers we mentioned are on administrative duty. that is standard procedure following an officer-involved shooting. live at philadelphia police headquarters, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:04, 51 degrees. we have an update on the search for a group of smash and grab thieves who struck twice in just a week. police think the thieves who hit up a macy's department store yesterday are the same ones at ç boyd's. it was all caught on surveillance video. >> there was one bang and then you heard the constant smashing windows. that's when everybody realized something was going on and everybody started running the opposite way. >> it's getting to the holidays, people getting crazy.
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>> people getting desperate. >> they must have cleaned it up pretty quick. >> the thieves dropped a bag at macy's. police say evidence involving cars using the theft led them to believe the thieves may have been involved in other crimes. pamela osborne is working on this story. we'll check with her live in the next half hour. mike pence plans to keep his campaign stop scheduled in bensalem, bucks county today. >> the decision comes hours after pence's campaign plane slid off of a runway in new york city. you're looking at the jet after its rough landing tore up concrete and grass at laguardia last night. a special material just off the runway calling a rester bed helped slow down the plane just 100 yards from a nearby highway. emergency crews evacuated pence and dozens of passengers and crew on board. you can see pence was all right. no one here was hurt.
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nbc political reporter vaughn hilliard captured this video inside of the governor's plane. pence was arriving for a fund-raiser that was later canceled. there's mike pence. pence tweeted this following the mishap, so thankful everyone on our plane is safe, grateful for our first responders and the concern and prayers of so many. back on the trail tomorrow. the chairman of the republican national committee believes donald trump can win the state. reince priebus sat down with nbc 10's lauren mayk to talk about trump's campaign and said trump can take pennsylvania, despite polls to the contrary. he also talked about the re-election bid of gop(sdnator pat toomey. >> we have a change electorate. we have the change candidate. donald trump is the change candidate. i think pat toomey is a world better for our country and he deserves another six years. we feel good about where we're at.
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>> he said he's not disappointed about toomey withholding an endorsement of trump. toomey is facing democrat katie mcginty in the u.s. senate race. as we count down to election, you can count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage. tap the nbc 10 app for news and interviews with the candidates. a judge ordered a delay yesterday, jurors are expected to hear closing arguments today in new jersey's so-called bridgegate trial. the judge called for the delay because of an unspecified legal issue that had to be resolved. two former allies of governor chris christie are accused of orchestrating lane closures on the george washington bridge in 2013 to punish ft. lee's mayor for not endorsing christie. the governor has never been charged. both defendants could face up to 20 years in prison if they're convicted. and a jury has awarded $7.3 million in damages to a former penn state assist and the football coach in his defamation suit against the university.
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mike mcquery's testimony helped prosecutors charge jerry sandusky with child molestation. mcquery's attorney told a jury that penn state made mcquery a villain and escascapegoat in th sandusky trial. penn state says it let mcquery go because the new football coach didn't want him on the staff. we are drying out this morning, a live view looking towards the art museum. you see the flag blowing. and it is dry, not a sign of the wet weather we had last night. the clouds are quickly moving out. sunshine is going to be nice and bright. but we're not looking for a huge warmup today. at this hour, temperatures are still falling. it's now down to 51 degrees in philadelphia. 40sç for south jersey. lehigh valley and the suburbs. there are cooler neighborhoods in philadelphia. that 51 at philadelphia international, look at the 40s for west mt. airy, chestnut hill, andorra. 41 in parkwood.
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50 degrees in bustleton and torresdale, 50 degrees, that's at northeast philadelphia airport. i expect both of those numbers to come down a little bit more before we get sunshine to start the warming process. we're also going to get a lot of wind today. these winds coming out of the northwest, that's a cooling direction for us. so we're not looking for a huge warmup. 20 degrees -- 20 mile-an-hour winds in pottstown. we'll limit the temperatures into the low 50s. high of about 53 this afternoon for pottstown. look at the winds at wildwood. 22 miles an ho ur. if we go into the early afternoon hours, those winds are still going at wildwood and for the rest of the area, too, you'll feel them later this afternoon at 5:00. then they'll start to die down tonight. that's going to allow things to cool off quickly overnight tonight and into tomorrow. but we will see lots of sunshine. the clouds from yesterday, they are gone. the rainfall is way offshore. that's the front that came through, a cold front, cooling things down today. but it's a one-day cooldown. we have the temperatures on the
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rise tomorrow. clouds we had yesterday have already cleared out. mostly sunny skies, 55 degrees in philadelphia. low 50s in the suburbs after morning temperatures in the 40s. for the lehigh valley, you'll see clouds to start with ab, a few scattered clouds into the noontime. brilliant sunshine. look at the temperatures, from 42 this morning to 51 degrees this afternoon. delaware, sunshine. right on through the day. high of 56 degrees at 4:00 while new jersey also warms into the 50s. much of the day will be spent in the 40s, including at lunch time. sunny skies and 49 degrees and at the shore, the winds just a little bit stronger, 48 degrees at 8:00. by lunch time up to 53 degrees. there are warmer days ahead. they're timed perfectly for the weekend. 72 on friday, sunday 70 degrees. we could see çlate-day showersn sunday. look at this, a couple more days in the 70s next week for tuesday and wednesday. doesn't that look sweet? >> yes, it does look sweet. >> yes, it does. very nice. thank you, bill.
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ten minutes after 5:00 a.m. let's get another check and find out if we can get an update on 42. >> nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered with that. >> coming from the 42 freeway headed southbound. moving away from philadelphia and right before you access the atlantic city expressway. that's what this lane is here. that's where the accident scene is. it's over into part of the center median. when i see center median, that's where it splits to the black horse pike and the atlantic city expressway. part of that accident scene has moved over into the center median. the next lane over blocked as well. one lane is getting by to access the atlantic city expressway with its accident scene there. might cause a little problem if it stays there for quite some time. we're not seeing big delays behind it. watch for construction over in new jersey. the 42 freeway, southbound ramp to 295 northbound was blocked or at least still is blocked. they're in the process of moving that out of the way, typically they remove that closure around the 5:00 hour.
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additionally, if you're heading out the door and usually take the vine street expressway, no construction this morning. both directions are open between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. here's route 3089 just around the pa turnpike. no problems or delays there either. when i come back in ten minutes, we'll update you on the 42 freeway an atlantic city expressway. a sixers fan who made national headlines after he was booted from the team's season opener is now explaining himself. we'll tell you what provoked him to flip off an opposing player before he was kicked out of stadium. we want to know what you think about his explanation. plus, paying up johnson & johnson now has to give a woman $70 million after the company was sued over its baby powder. we'll tell you why.
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this morning, we have new insight into the 76ers national anthem controversy. >> the team made a last-minute switch wednesday night to have a team dancer sinn sing the anthem instead of seven streater.
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she said she was cut because she was wearing a jersey saying "we matter." nbc 10 spoke to streater's make-up artist who saw it happen. >> an official came in, he had a look on his face. we knew something was wrong. seven immediately said what, what is it? the gentleman said they're not going to let you wear that shirt. immediately, i just saw the tears in her eyes. >> the sixers released a statement saying they encourage meaningful action to drive social change but the team did not elaborate on the anthem decision. now to this story, philadelphia sports fans are known for being tough on opposing teams. we told you this story yesterday. >> this was the case of the sixers season opener wednesday night. cameras caught this fan sitting at courtside flipping off russell westbrook with both hands. dr. richard harkaway defended his actions. he postedç that the double mide finger incident was a trans to
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harkaway calling him fat. harkaway said he was sorry, he may have gotten out of hand. septa and the transport union are expected back at the bargaining table today. this as city council is urging both sides to make a deal and avoid a transit strike. the nonbind iing calling for a w contract before the current one expires next week. a strike would affect philadelphia bus, trolley and subway lines but not regional rail lines. a walkout would involve more than 5,700 transit workers. septa released a service interruption guide. if you can find a link to it on the nbc 10 app and website at in oregon, seven people are free after a jury found them not guilty of taking over a federal wildlife refuge at gunpoint. you're looking at the scene outside the courthouse following the verdict. the jury acquitted brothers
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ayman and ryan bundy and their co-defendants on charges of conspireing to impede federal workers from their jobs. the bundys led the standoff at the refuge back in january. bundy will remain custody on charges he's facing from a standoff in nevada in 2014. a large group of mostly native americans blocked a local highway and set fires yesterday after law enforcement moved to evict the protesters from private property. the pro-testers saying the project is destroying sacred sites and could pollute the missouri river. a woman in california was just awarded $70 million after she sued johnson & johnson saying their baby powder caused her cancer. earlier this year, two other lawsuits ended in a çjury's verdict worth a combined $127
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million. but two others in new jersey were thrown out by a judge who said there was not reliable evidence that the powder leads to ovarian cancer. about 2,000 women have filed similar suits. johnson & johnson maintains the product is perfectly safe. 20 minutes past 5:00 a.m. we have to keep going back to 42. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching that. >> this is one of the big things going on right now. the 4 freeway, dealing with an accident scene and right around the atlantic city expressway. 42 freeway is up here. this is where it splits, turning into the atlantic city expressway or headed toward the black horse pike. the accident scene is on the side where you'd have to take the atlantic city expressway. you can see a lot of vehicles in place. it's dark outside. it's a little difficult to see with all of the lights. a couple police officers there on the scene, some is of it's moved over into the center median. we're losing right shoulder and right lane.
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one lane is getting by. this is if you're headed towards sticklerville or headed towards the shore points. only one lane is getting by over on the expressway from the 4 freeway headed southbound. more details and updates on this when i come back in the next ten minutes. well, we're weeks away from the start of winter. already parts of northern michigan have snow on the ground. more than 5 inches of wet snow in gaylord, michigan yesterday, weighing down power lines and causing power outages. >> we'll take our snow, just not that much and not in late october. >> not that soon. >> bill henley, whehow is it looking out there? >> we had snow in the pocono mountains, just not 5 inches. it was there for hours before the rain cleared it away. the rain is completely out of here today. we'll see sunshine. temperatures in the 40s and 50s will warm into the middle 50s %
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this afternoon. monthy near as colds ayesterday morning in the mountains when that snow was falling. it was below freezing. 41 degrees. no sign of anything slippery this morning. the temperatures are sliding a bit, 48 degrees in cochranville, 44 in collegeville and it's down to 47 degrees in bryn athyn. that's a temporary situation. bright sunshined athe shore today. close view of beach avenue which is dry. the rain that came through has already completely dried out thanks to gusty winds that will be with us through the day. you'll need your sunglasses and a jacket today. there's colder air moving in. that snow in michigan, i can guarantee you. into canada and michigan, our area, we won see anything that cold. but we will see the gusty winds keeping temperatures on the cool side today. 10 mile-an-hour wind in walt
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whitman. it's up to 18 miles an hour in coatesville. keeping things cool, 55 degrees. the winds shift tomorrow. a look at the rebound. 72 tomorrow afternoon. and back up to 70 degrees, possibly even a little bit warmer on sunday. if we do see showers on sunday, it will be late in the day. those clouds clearing out for monday. cooler on monday, another warmup, doesn't look bad at all for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, high temperatures will be in the 70s, returning to about normal for friday and saturday. 62 degrees. then chillier next sunday. >> all right, thank you, bill. rising up after going up in flames. the popular bakery in new castle county is set to open again after it caught fire on christmas eve. we'll tell you exactly when serpe's bakery will be back in business. and staying put, what position joe biden could be taking if clinton wins the election. you out.
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no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself,
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voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:25. from our delaware bureau, a popular bakery is re-opening today, ten months after fire forced it to close. the fire ripped through serpe & son's bakery christmas eve last year. a week ago, the bakery announced on its facebook bathe they've been given the green light to re-open. an app you might have on your phone is being discontinued. twitter is killing vine. landon dowdy is here with that story and more with the cnbc business headlines landon? >> good friday morning. twitter is pulling the plug on vine, the popular app that shows six-second videos. the site spawned internet stars but many have jumped ship for youtube and facebook. some experts think that instagram may have led to vine's demise.
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vine was a drain on twitter's resources. back over to you, tracy. >> landon çdowdy, thank you. have a nice weekend. >> you, too. 5:27. 51 degrees and the temperature is falling. a chilly day ahead but you won't need your umbrella. skies are already clearing. a live view of boathouse row. one lane is getting by off of the 42 freeway headed southbound approaching the atlantic city expressway. details when i'm back at 5:30. no love lost. sunday night, it's the eagles and cowboys. we'll be talking about sunday's matchup and the two team's heated rivalry.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," a violent encounter between police and one man in phel


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