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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," a violent encounter between police and one man in philadelphia. hear why the officers shot him
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after tasers couldn't subdue him. a scare in new york for vice presidential candidate mike pence after his plane skids off the runway less than a day before he's scheduled to be in bgcks county. and the birds and the boys back at it again. we're breaking down the eagles prime time marchup between their arch rivals right here on nbc 10. nbc 10 news starts now. it is just after 5:30. good morning, welcome to friday and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he's got the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. we had all that rain yesterday. it will clear out today. >> there it goes. out of here. completely cleared the area. >> see ya. >> we're done with the rain, we'll see a lot of sunshine. the few clouds we have in the lehigh valley, they'll be blowing out of here. gusty winds. just at 10 miles an hour right now in the lehigh valley. and for delaware, but there are a bill stronger in coatesville this morning, which is already seeing winds of 18 miles an
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hour. the temperatures are dropping. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 40s now for the suburbs and new jersey. with sunshine we'll warm into the middle 50s. that's cooler than normal for this time of year. we should be in the low 50s in late october. 56 degrees this afternoon, the lehigh valley 52. i'll go through these forecasts hour by hour to show you exactly what to expect in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington is watching traffic on a friday morning. >> thanks, bill. starting on the 4 freeway, still watching this accident scene approaching the atlantic city expressway. that's the black horse pike right here. you can see a lot of police officers on the scene. they have road flares out. making it one lane. if you're coming from the 4 freeway headed southbound, moving towards the shore points away from the philadelphia area, you may run into this if you go past deptford. further south, just at the atlantic city expressway and, again, one lane is only getting by. you can see several vehicles there and over into the center median as well. there's a slowdown by that
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scene. 422 still looks great. we're not seeing any drive times that are crawling up there yet. we're at eight minutes eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. average speeds into the 60s. vai and tracy. new this morning, philadelphia police officers are okay after a violent encounter with a man armed with a knife. >> police were called to this home in juniata last night. that's where they found a man threatening to use a knife on himself in the kitchen. when he refused the officers' call to drop it, they tasered him but to no avail. moments when he approached the officers with the knife, they fired their guns. the man is listed in stable condition. police say they had everything possible to stop the man from harming himself. >> it seems that each time he was hit with the taser prongs, he actually became more agitated and more violent. so, again, it has a different effect on different individuals. >> investigators believe the man might have been under the influence of alcohol. the officers who opened fire are now on administrative duty. standard procedure following a
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police-involved shooting. and this morning, philadelphia police say they have a strong evidence that connects two smash and grab incident thats happened in different parts much the city. >> nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in northeast philadelphia at the site of of the latest incident. tell us about the connection. >> the connection is the getaway car. the silver mercedes was spotted here at macy's following a bold midday robbery. philadelphia police say three men ran into macy's just before 2:30 p.m. thursday. one of the men used a hammer to break a display case and all three men began grabbing high-end watches from that case. the merchandise they made off with was worth an estimated $16,000. police have not released the video but it was all caught on surveillance camera. the thieves, they say, wore masks, gloves and hoodies. all of this happened while frightened customers looked on. still, those witnesses were able to give police an exact
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description of the vehicle and the plate number. because of that information, police believe these guys may be responsible for even more robberies. >> the vehicle we know has been used in other robberies outsid of the city, just outside the city. and it also was possibly used in a robbery similar to this on tuesday in the 1800 block of chestnut street. >> we want to get you the description of that vehicle. police are looking for a silver mercedes with pennsylvania license plate of hva-3741. last seen going south on roosevelt boulevard. anyone with information should give philadelphia police a call. when i see you next hour, we'll tell you about a piece of evidence that one of the robbers left behind and what police are doing with that right now to try to track down those suspects. that's coming up at 6:30. reporting live in the northeast,
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i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016. mike pence plans to be in bucks county today as scheduled. >> his scheduled appearance in bensalem comes hours after his campaign plane skidded off a runway in new york city. this is video of the jet after its rough landing tore up concrete and grass last night before stopping just 100 yards shy of the highway there. the emergency crews evacuated pence and dozens of passengers and crew on board. pence was okay. there were no reports of anyone injured. pence was arriving for a fund-raiser that would be later canceled. here's reaction from transportation officials. >> it was dark out there. there didn't appear to be any significant damage to the aircraft. >> there's no mechanical problems. the weather wasn't bad. there's no excuse he has for not making that landing. >> the ntsb is already investigating what happened after getting word of the incident, gop nominee donald trump told supporters in ohio
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that his running mate was okay. vice president joe biden could be staying in the white house if hillary clinton wins the presidency. nbc news confirms and biden is on the clinton transition team's short list for secretary of state. biden began campaigning for clinton after deciding not to run against her in theç democratic primaries. a source familiar with the transition planning said, clinton's team is trying to figure out the best way to persuade biden to take the cabinet post if clinton wins the election. 5:37. we're only halfway through the nfl regular season. >> the game on sunday night will feel much bigger. >> because it's dallas. first place division on the line. csn's jillian mele joins us this morning. the birds are heading down to jerry's house. a huge matchup as we all know. >> vai, i know you are very well aware what it is like dallas
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week. this is a thing that everybody is talking about. you have the 4-2 eagles taking on 59-1 cowboys. the interesting thing about this game, aside from first place being on the line which is huge, the fact that it's a battle of the rookie quarterbacks, no one would have thought at the beginning of the season this is what it would have turned into. take a look at video carson wentz who for the first time last week looked like a rookie. earlier this week, coach doug pederson said he had a lot of work to do, some of his mechanics, footwork, cleaning up some of those things we saw become a problem last week. hopefully that will be handled for this week. on the other side, it's dak prescott, the other rookie that everyone, not only locally but across the country talking about these two guys. prescott stepped up in a huge way for the cowboys for the injured tony romo. dak has thrown one interception so far. he has a good offensive line. that is key for the cowboys. our defense has to get pressure
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on dak prescott this week like they did last week with sam bradford. our defense has to try to slow it down. i'm not going to say stop. try to slow down one of the cowboys' weapon at running back, ezekiel elliott. he has 703 rushing yards, ç293 after contact. which, vai, as you know, is so impressive and huge. trying to slow him down will be key. dez is back this week. a lot of different weapons the eagles will have to try and stop when it comes to dallas. on paper, vai, you know me. this is a really tough game. it shatters my heart to say that. listen, if the eagles can get things together, clean up some of the mechanics from carson wentz, if the receivers can have a good game, establish the run game, i think we have a chance and we'll break everything down for you on "breakfast on broad" at 7:00. >> we always have a chance because -- >> we're on the wentz wagon.
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>> guess who leads the wentz wagon? my partner here. she has her t-shirt. she's ready to roll. >> anything is possible, jillian, have faith. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we'll have exclusive coverage before and after the game. it all starts sunday morning at 9:30 with eagles game day kickoff. thank you so much. >> one thing i want to say, tracy, i've known you for a long, long, long time. when you're on the wentz wagon or any type of wagon, you don't get off of it. you are the number one supporter of carson wentz and the eagles in the world right now. >> you're right, jillian. >> she loves carson wentz. she does. >> big fan. nice to see you. this all starts sunday morning at 9:30 with eagles gameday kickoff. the game is followed immediately by our live postgame show. don't get off the wagon but do grab a nice jacket.
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there's a chilly wind blowing this morning. look at those winds blowing the flag. that's colder air coming in. we're drying out in a hurry after last night's rain. we are going to see the gusty winds keep it cool this afternoon in spite of bright, sunny skies. we're on track for evening chill. the temperatures will be dropping down into the 30s by tomorrow morning. right now, 20 mile-an-hour winds in coatesville. they justç increased, they're miles an hour in wilmington. those winds will be increasing during the day which will lead to 40s this morning in philadelphia. as we go into the afternoon, middle 50s. nowhere near the normal high of 63 degrees. look at those temperatures, through the morning, 40s, low 50s. a few clouds around right now will be clearing out. bright sunshine? new jersey, 50 now, dropping into the 40s and slowly recovering this afternoon. the winds will be a bit stronger at the shore, 23 mile-an-hour winds with gusts to 30 or 35
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miles an hour at the shore. you'll feel those gusty winds in delaware, too, with bright sunny skies. 49 degrees at 10:00. low 50s at lunch time, middle 50s this afternoon. i am talking 70s for the weekend. a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in a few minutes. >> the weekend is here? oh, right it is. we have about 18 minutes before 6:00. we've been on this situation on route 42 for the better part of an hour now, i think. >> let's get an update. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. 42 where, jess? >> the 42 freeway approaching the atlantic city expressway. i just found out there are injuries reported on the scene which typically makes an accident scene last this the area a little bit longer than it normally would if it was just cleaning up the vehicles and getting things out of the way. one lane is getting by from the southbound side of 4, moving away from philadelphia, headed more towards the jersey shore points where it splits for the
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atlantic city expressway, the main side of the road that it's actually on. it's over into some of the center median, over into the right shoulder. right lane is blocked with one lane squeezing by. you can see right here. not a lot of traffic or backup approaching the scene. not a lot of cars typically are going that way around this time. it's early for that to jam up still. either way, traffic is moving slow by the scene. you might see some restrictions there approaching it. a little bit earlier they had part of the lanes, all of the lanes completely blocked off. this is the blue route around germantown pike on ramp. no big problems or delays in either direction. more updates when i'm back in ten. vai? next on "nbc 10 news today," settling up. we'll tell you just how much amtrak is paying after the crash that killed eight people in port richmond. plus, multiple brawls caught on camera at a high school in north jersey. we'll tell you how social media is playing a part in this. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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good a quarter to 6:00. here's a live look at the friendly confines of wrigley field in chicago. that's north chicago, right,
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bill? >> well, wrigley field. let's go with wrigleyville. >> wrigley field then. the cubs will host their first world series game since 1945 when they take on the cleveland indians. the series tied at 1-1. bill says they just have to get one more run than the other team and they'll win. how hyped are the fans? the average cost of a ticket on stub hub for tonight's game, how about 3,000 bucks. switching gears, 5:47. disturbing video of students fighting in a north jersey high school haveç been taken off twitter. a warning, the video we're about to show you will be hard to watch. it shows kicking, pulling and hair pulling. the district in monmouth county found out about them and contacted twitter to take them
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off the internet. police and school officials say they will not tolerate violence. mean mile, in the lehigh >> some were disciplined for the fights. this fight started when a student threw something at another student at lunch in dieruff high school. receive -- several students showed up. two students are facing gun charges. amtrak will pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle claims from last year's didly derailment in port richmond. a judge approved a $265 million sediment for the vicks of the crash and the families of those who died. lawyers who negotiated the settlement said, amtrak will make the payments by next june. amtrak took responsibility for the crash in which a speeding train derailed on a curve. there are still more than 100 cases pending in the disaster.
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the derailment killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. federal investigators believe the engineer brandon bostian was distracted at the time. he has not been charged. the philadelphia district attorney's says it is still investigating and will move forward with the case if and when things develop. time to get a look at our weather. things will warm up this weekend. >> hold on. what happened there? >> let's talk about friday. >> it willç be dry. leave the umbrella at home. you'll need your jacket. not as chilly as yesterday with the clouds and the rain. >> that was icky. >> it was a dark, dank thursday. the wind we're seeing this morning will make it down to the ground. that will put a lid on the temperatures during the day today. head out right now, 48 degrees
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for the lehigh valley and the suburbs, delaware down to 50, still falling at this hour. the sun's not coming up until 7:25 this morning. we'll see bright sunshine. to warm the temperatures from the 40s and low 50s into the low to mid-50s this afternoon. that's how strong the wind is going to be. turnersville is 50 degrees. it will warm up 3, 4, 5 degrees this afternoon. rob robinsville is 48. princeton down to 47 degrees. always runs chillier in princeton. this is the radar and the satellite has dried out. no sign of the wet weather we had yesterday. that's way offshore. that was a cold front. behind it, northwesterly winds and that chillier air that produced the snow in the pocono mountains, snow showers in new york. we will not see that. we will not see any showers today. it looks like it will be dry for most of the weekend, too. temperatures will make it into the 50s today under sunny skies. 55 in center city. the suburbs, low 50s for lansdale and doylestown, a high
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of 54 degrees. the lehigh valley, kutztown hits 50. look at the 40s for allentown and easton. sunny skies in new jersey, you'll feel the gusty winds. the winds could be gusting to 40 miles an hour this afternoon in new jersey and a bit stronger at the shore. 56 degrees for ocean city and cape may, atlantic city, plenty of sunshine there, too. wilmington up into the middle 50s, fairly uniform temperatures thanks to that same wind. but there's warmer air ahead. >> home of the cubs once again because they are experiencing the warm air thatç we're goingo see over the weekend. it's going to be near 70 this afternoon in chicago. and a perfect evening in the low 60s for a cubbies win tonight. those winds for us today, yes, northwesterly winds, that keeps us cooler but a shift for tomorrow, a southwesterly wind, still a bit breezy, not as strong as yesterday. just enough to produce that warmup that chicago will get
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today. the weekend is looking good, especially saturday. 72 degrees on saturday afternoon, philadelphia near 70 in the suburbs. a nice day in the lehigh valley, new jersey. look at delaware, 72 degrees. another warm day on sunday. there's a chance of late-day showers from philadelphia through the suburbs and lehigh valley and new jersey. that will be after most of the day we enjoy nice warm temperatures on sunday afternoon. all right, bill, thanks. can we let you in on a secret behind the scenes? bill walked into the newsroom, he says our bias was completely apparent today. everyone stopped in their tracks. everybody got scared. he thought we were a little bit leaning too much towards cleveland. >> we keep saying the indians are only three wins away from winning it all. >> he was talking about baseball. which is why we got scared and nervous. that bill, ithe's a tricky one. >> tell us what's happening on 42. that might be a problem. >> this has been there since about the 4:00 hour.
5:53 am
watching the 42 freeway, headed southbound approaching the atlantic city expressway. this is where the 42 freeway splits to the ac expressway and the black horse pike right there. lane restrictions, some of the vehicles and crew on scene there are over into the center median. one lane headed eastbound on the expressway moving through. you can see there's road flares out there, injuries reported there as well. this might be there longer than we originally thought. more updates on 4 within i come back, vai's tracy. four years after the devastation, this weekend will mark the fourth anniversary of hurricane sandy. we'll show you how new jersey is marking the occasion. you votedç and here's your winning high school blitz game of the week matchup, getting more than half the votes, st. joseph's and st. augustine. watch nbc 10 news at 11:00 for complete highlights of this game and others from across our area.
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this weekend marks four years since hurricane sandy ravaged the new jersey coastline. today governor chris christie will mark that fourth anniversary with several events highlighting the rebuilding and
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the recovery efforts in communities across the state. one of the most iconic sandy skenes of destruction was this mangled roller coaster in seaside heights out in the ocean. it's gone now. also, the torn up boardwalk has been rebuilt. according to fema, federal agencies have provided close to $7 billion to new jersey applicants affected by sandy. the nbc 10 responds team is working to protect you from election season scammers. >> up next at 6:00, we'll tell you how to protect yourself when someone uses the upcoming election to dupe you out of your cash. we're also following breaking news just into the nbc 10 newsroom. this is out of south philadelphia. and we are live on the scene. this isç a live picture. we'll have an update on how a sleeping child escaped when burglars broke into his home. we're gathering new information. we'll be live at the scene and have an update on that breaking story. you are watching "nbc 10 news today." again, three minutes before 6:00.
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51 degrees outside this friday morning. >> look at that beautiful scene in center city. rain yesterday, of course, but it's going to be dry today. we'll have everything coming up here in just minutes.
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police confrontation. officers say they were forced to shoot a man armed with a knife after a taser only made him more violent. smash and grab thieves. thieves grab more than $16,000 from a macy's in philadelphia. police believe it's the same group responsible for a break-in at boyd's. and the plane mike pence was traveling in skids off the runway at laguardia. this is "nbc 10 news today." >> i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the neighborhood forecast. bill? >> the rain is long gone. now we're dealing with wind. if you look closely at this live


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