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tv   NBC10 News  NBC  October 29, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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approve this message. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, everyone and welcome to "inside the eagles." i'm your host dave spadaro. we have something for everyone in the show. we have a story, a very inspiring one of two young boys who are taking the fight to cancer and winning the battle. we'll also go inside the locker room where john doremba has competition off the field, but we begin tonight with a look at last week's game against the minnesota vikings at lincoln financial field and a wild and wonderful win for the eagles and it's our sounds of the week presented by bose.
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nothing comes between you and your music. >> and the eagles at lincoln financial field against sam bradford and the undefeated minnesota vikings. >> there is the kickoff and it is coming down to the 2. out to the 5, the 10, the 15, 20. caught at the 30! hough, at the 10. touchdown hough as he goes into the end zone! like that the eagles have taken the lead! >> hey! will you come back this way? it ain't going nowhere! >> you're about to eat. >> back goes bradford and the eagles have recovered it. it's a fumble and what we've seen so far you're seeing great team defense.
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>> he fires and it's intercepted by the vikings. >> and it's third and goal from the seven. back goes bradford. he is firing and it is intercepted! intercepted! let's go! let's go! >> hit his arm then. >> he takes it. looks, fire, competes and it is touchdown. >> his touchdown as an eagle. you're in trouble, boy. >> has the ball knocked away and he recovers it and it was
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brandon graham who really stripped it. >> yes! >> and the seconds disappear and the eagles have the vibings, 21-10 bring on the dallas cowboys. there are fewer than 7,000 cases of acute lymphoblastec leukemia diagnosed in this country every year. more than 20% of those diagnosed with the disease die. with marcus josi and elliott ross didn't pay attention to the grim statistics and here is the inspiring story of two young boys who shared the faith and the courage to beat the odds. >> they hug and joke and tease and talk. they share their highs and lows
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and support each other through them all. a year ago, these boys were strangers, if not for a twist of fate they would never have met. so from far away you would think they're family because now they are. marcus josie was born an athlete. he had the leadership and the ability. the only question was what sport would be closest to his heart? it turned out to be football. >> as a boy i played football from the age of 9 through high school and college. when i had a son he also was going to try the game of football because i thought he would benefit from it and he could learn about the sport and not just from the athletic side of it and he started playing football at the age of 7 and the first year he played and he struggled and he took the time to work on his skills and after that, he just fell in love with
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the game. >> i had to learn very quickly to be a leader and be vocal with the rest of the guys because i was the quarterback, you know. everybody looks at the quarterback for leadership, and i had the football coaches and stuff. and it was work i've been put in my whole entire life. >> as marcus focused on where she would spend his college football and academic life, he began experiencing symptoms that were originally diagnosed as simple back pain. >> on april 10, 2015, marcus started his morning out by going to his guidance counselor and he was given a letter from the head coach of harvard and that letter was requesting his official transcript for his a.c.t. scores and he went from there to the leukemia and lymphoma society and he noticed he had the symptoms they were talking about
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and because he'd not felt good for four weeks he said i think i have leukemia. i was called and told him to pick him up and take him to the emergency room and we went to the local hospital and walked in and said i need blood work. i'm sure i have leukemia. >> while she waited for the blood work to be done, with results in hand the doctor met with the josies. >> when the doctor came in and told me that i was diagnosed i looked at my parents and both of them had shocked looks on their faces and of course, you never expect to be told you have cancer and once i actually heard those words it's hard to wrap your brain around the reality of the situation and it's hard to believe. >> he was a straight a student and he excelled at sports and he goes to church on sundays and just an all-around kid. so when it got to the level of being able to play in college, you know, he was following that
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perfectly. once he was diagnosed, i think the thing he had to realize is maybe our map that we had for him to play football wasn't the right map and maybe there's a bigger map he needed to follow. >> as marcus started his treatment days later 7-year-old elliott was diagnosed, as well. >> he said my legs hurt and go to bed, and they're probably just tired and it's bed time. so i put him to bed and he got up 45 minutes later and this time he started to cry a little bit and eric said we need him to take him to the e.r. right away and just in case it was a fracture or something that we were missing and eric took him down to general hospital. >> so the doctor had run some blood work and he brought some paperwork back to sign and said
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when the blood test had come back it was normal and we should follow up with the local doctor in the morning to get clarification of that and i didn't think much about it and i'd given him some medicine and it was to get something to eat and so we left. >> elliott slept as amy heard the phone ring. >> the doctor called and he asked if elliott was in the e.r. and he said i knew i could follow up with the primary care physician and he said i just wanted to tell you that elliott has blood cancer. i said no, he doesn't. he's in the hospital for his legs. his legs hurt. they ran some tests and he has blood cancer and i made a call to the hershey medical center and he has to be there in the next hour and a half because they have to run a test. >> as fate would have it, marcus and elliott found each other at hershey medical center. >> i was walking to the cafeteria, and i saw little elliott hooked up to the same
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things that marcus was hooked up to, i.v. and chemo, and i saw his mom with the same look on her face. i said to her is he really hungry? he just got diagnosed with leukemia a.l.l., and i said so did we. the more we talked i realized we had to become involved with this family. >> we had become so involved with our children with adoption and our faith and it was instantaneously and we talked for an hour or two that day. >> and i went bark to marcus' room and i said i met this family and this little boy and i want you to mentor him. >> i got out of bed and i went over to meet elliott and as soon as i walked in the room he had a smile in his face just to see that he had someone visiting him who was going through the same thing that he was. as the visit went on, we found out that we had a lot of things in common. ever since that day we've had a bond like no other. >> days turned to weeks and then months.
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the process was slow and monotonous. >> from the very beginning we would have to be there about 8:00 in the morning. >> and when we get there we'd check in and they'd do my height and weight. >> you come out to the waiting room and wait for the nurse to do blood work. >> we wait for the blood work to come back and once that comes back, we go to actually get the chemo and talk to doctors and depending on what day it is and what part of my treatment is that can range from 30 minutes to sometimes up to six hours. ♪ ♪ >> to have somebody else know exactly what you're going through up there that you can cry on their shoulder and talk about it and just be angry at the fact that you're watching medicine go in my son knowing that what they were putting inside of him was killing him, but i had to do it because the
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things that were inside of him his leukemia was also going to kill him. ♪ ♪ >> as the boys went through chemotherapy, they looked forward to the little things. elliott got to experience hershey park and a superhero bedroom makeover. marcus got back a little of what he missed from his senior year. >> cancer isn't just a physical disease. as a teenager, at least, it affects your mental health and your emotional health and your social life because once you get diagnosed you can't go to school right away. i was going into my senior year when i got diagnosed and i had to miss my whole entire senior year and i had to be away from my friends for that whole year. >> elliott went back to school and started playing football while marcus graduated and followed the one coach who had been there all along.
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>> the day after i was diagnosed she reached out to my mom and it started and what happened and i wanted marcus to be a part of my program and i said, do you want to be on the coaching staff with me? i don't think i can play, but i'll definitely be a part of the coaching staff with you, but him reaching out. >> you recruited and he was a great athlete and he's a great kid and when i heard about the leukemia. i just felt why would i leave him when he needed me the most, you know? when they are now in remission, and they know they're not out of harm's way and they'll keep fighting this battle together despite the distance. >> i guess, a happy ending to this story would be becoming a pediatric oncologist and keep fighting until they find a cure
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for cancer and make it easier for everyone in the world who is going through the same thing that i've been going through this past year. >> they're talking about how jesus and the story of david and goliath. he said mommy, i think cancer my goliath and i think that's how jesus is going to use me. from that day forward, i said i don't know why jesus chose you to get cancer, but i do know you'll touch more lives for jesus by having cancer than if you didn't have it.
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they had some friendly competition, this is our players-only segment with john doremboss and he had some players matching wits to win. it's the players-only segment presented by coca-cola. >> what's up? welcome to players only, and we're here for player competition. winner take all. and we have some coke cans set up and we have the rubber bands and you get to shoot the rubber bands one at a time at the coke cans. are we ready? the competition starts when the rubber bands fall. on your mark. get set. go.
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>> one at a time, boys. he's cheating. he'll shoot the bottom out. i recommend going to the bottom. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> are you serious right now? >> all i need to say is -- it's not how you start it's how you finish. we'll go to the next competition. competition number two in my opinion the hardest and we'll take the oreo cookie which by far is my favorite. and you have to work it out.
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>> i'll let you grab your own oreo you know, we should probably put your thumb on the table. to start with. >> did you see that? i eat all my oreos like this, actually. >> this is the tiebreaker. it is one to one. here is the competition. you'll each have one hand on the box any you will reach and pull to open. you will pull out one kleenex at a time. whoever pulls it all out wins. pretty self-explanatory. are you good? >> hold the box with one hand. it will be on your mark, get set, go. yeah, you're already here. that's an automatic violation. on your mark, get set, go.
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one at a time. one at a time. >> he's got good technique. >> the winner of this week's player-only competition, he won the oreos and he won the kleenex. players only.
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>> ken is in his 17th season coaching in the nfl and his first coaching the eagles linebackers and he's the subject in this week's profiles in coaching presented by the rothman institute at jefferson and the official orthopedic partner of the philadelphia eagles. >> ken flajel is the linebackers coach. here we go. >> one of the things about joining the eagles staff that made it appealing to me is the afc is a competitive division and the philadelphia eagles have had a lot of history here and a lot of pride that went through division championships and the super bowls and those are things that are always appealing to me, plus i think ownership is fully invested in making this team succeed at the highest level.
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>> right shoulder, michael. here we go. >> there you go. good. i'll give you three steps and i may give you five steps and i get to three-stepping and i'm loading the throw. we know how we want to react. >> if somebody asked me how i would describe the coaching staff and i would say i grew up as a classroom teacher and i try to teach and motivate. i'm older, less temper and more teaching and i want to teach our players the game and get them to understand how they'd best be successful with the scheme and run. >> stay in your depth. >> if somebody asked me if they could identify with the group i would say, and they'd give effort on every play and they're disciplined in assignments with
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♪ ♪ want to know more about the eagles? follow us on twitter at @eagles and you ask us the question and we'll go into the locker room and get you the answers. this week on "ask an eagle" presented by geico we talk to tight end zack ernst. >> @lee asked what kind of music do i listen to before the game? >> listen to a little bit of everything, jason aldean, kanye west and jay-z and one of my favorite is by kanye west and jay-z. a little bit of everything. >> the night is nearly here. sunday night at 7:00 right here on nbc. football night in america before the kickoff of the eagles and
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the cowboys. the showdown in the nfc east. thanks for joining us on "inside the eagles," everyone.
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the minister called, said, "you need to come home." never in a million years do you think you'd see your parents' house taped off by that yellow tape. >> inside a nebraska farmhouse, an unspeakable sight. >> as i started up the stairs there was blood on the walls. >> it was a very brutal crime scene. one of the worst i've ever seen. >> a loving couple dead. was the killer witness of the family? >> he said, "they arrested matt." and i said, "matt who?" and he said, "our cousin matt." >> put the gun to her face and blew it away. and then i blew him away.


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