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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we're down to the wire. both candidates fighting to the finish. >> we will make america great again. >> who will be the next president? it's time for you to make the decision. >> this is a big one. >> i couldn't sleep this morning. >> we have comprehensive coverage dedicating our entire team to the one issue that matters most to you, election day, 2016. >> decision 2016 election day, the final hours of the race for the white house have people out in droves. sky force 10 is live over this polling place in new hanover township. lines like this one are very common throughout the area tonight. where we could have a record turnout tonight, as evidenced by these pictures. >> we have a team of reporters in the field taking you inside
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all the big races, all the big issues, we're live inside pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, as well as new york city where both candidates for president have their campaign headquarters tonight. we begin with andrea klein-thomas. >> reporter: we're in upper darby at a park and there's been a stream of people coming here all day long. this precinct is very small, there's only 800 people to be polled here. students and independents charters school captured the urgency about the election. >> this is probably the most important election of my short life. >> reporter: the precinct at the philadelphia health department
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is experiencing record turnout. >> how do i want this world to be when i finally get out on my own. >> reporter: robin was an early voter this afternoon. an election judge said that about 800 people showed up here in 2008. it's also been a busy day in penn heins park in upper darby. it was the presidential race that drew primary interest. >> this is my first time, i feel good, i feel like my vote is going to make a change. >> reporter: campaign volunteers got them out to vote. for others their strong feelings about the issues made voting a clear cut choice. a high turnout is being seen all across this county.
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they say it will be 80%, that's about twice as many people as usually show. . >> dechl al . >> both hillary clinton and donald trump will be watching the results from their campaign headquarters in new york city. nbc10's erin coleman is covering donald trump. so we begin with lauren mayk the clinton campaign. lauren? >> reporter: for the clinton campaign, things will soon turn from working to waiting. we're just two flights below where hillary clinton will be holding her party tonight. it is unclear whether the podium will be used, but they could turn this area into sort of like a spin room, like we saw at the
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debate. but tonight everything is on the line. election day goes both public and personal as her campaign makes a final push to get voters to the polls. after all of those months campaigning in pennsylvania and across the country, it all comes down this room in new york city, where supporters will gather to see hillary clinton take the stage. malcolm came from philadelphia to be in new york for the event. >> this is history and we're in it so it's difficult right now to grasp really the weight of this moment. >> reporter: it's clear this moment was thought out. from above, you can see the country, alaska and hawaii to the side, it's all here where this volunteer wanted to see it for himself.
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>> i wanted to be here, wanted to be in the crowd and see the look on her face when she becomes president. >> reporter: not everyone will fit in that room that i showed you and the clinton campaign says they have setup and ov overflow area for those who want to be here. >> donald trump cast his vote on manhattan's east side this morning. voting alongside him was his wife melania and daughter ivanka. we're told he spent the rest of the day working on his speeches. what you heard was the reaction when trump arrived to cast his ballot this morning. seemingly a mixture of cheers and boos. nbc10's erin coleman is following trump today, she joins us live from democracy plaza. >> you caught one a trump surrogate from pa.
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>> reporter: who better to talk about his realty television roots than somebody who with's been on his realty television show. we spoke with erin elmore who is a trump surrogate who's trying to make sure he becomes president. >> i have been working on his campaign over a year. >> reporter: you've seen him on "the apprentice" and most recently on the campaign trail with with ivanka trump. she says he has come this far because he has celebrity and he knows house to use it. >> we need change in washington and he is that change. >> reporter: lauren says she's one of the very few to get an
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invitation to trump's party tonight. she's -- even on election day, trump supporters are using every minute they can to get out the vote. >> everybody's still working, they're still knocking on the doors, they're driving people to the polls because this vote matters. >> reporter: it certainly does and we have been seeing huge turnouts in new york as you have seen in pennsylvania. polls close less than two hours from now. i'm erin coleman reporting for you live from democracy center. pennsylvania's u.s. senate race, democrat katie mcginty is trying to unseat republican pat toomey. the democrats need to gain five
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seats to gain control of this u.s. senate. if mcginty wins she'll make history becoming the first woman elected to the u.s. senate from pennsylvania. toomey made stops across the state speaking with people at the precincts. former ag kathleen king was sentenced to prison last month. josh shapiro greeted supporters before voting in meadowbrook county this morning. shapi shapiro's rooil was also in meadowbrook this morning.
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let's check in with nbc10's george spencer up in sky force 10. you're looking at a long line in montgomery county? >> reporter: we are seeing more and more turnout in chester check out this polling place right now. you can see actually three separate lines there, the would-be voters are divided up their last name in this parking lot. this line wraps up around the church, and well up into the dark part of your screen, we have even seen local police and fire partially as crowd control and to help people with traffic control in this area. impressive voter turnout in montgomery county just like we have been seeing elsewhere.
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>> let's head to montgomery county right now, voters were lined up at the curtis act kwqu this morning. >> hillary clinton is not only counting on hilla inin countinging on mornntgomery couy to turn out tonight. some of the key municipal cities, we're talking about lower marion right here and also abington which is out here. back in 2012, this is 2008. go back. back in 2012, president obama beat governor mitt romney here
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big, chelton ham, and governor romney won in horsham, i'm going to slide this back over to 2008. senator john mccain lost by an even greater margin then. 59-39. he lost every major municipal i in montgomery county. for donald trump to win pennsylvania, he has to gain some ground in montgomery county and his opponent has to have a lower showing in philadelphia, which is the biggest city, by the way, in any battleground state. we'll break down the importance of delaware county. >> stay with nbc10 all night long, nbc news will have election night results starting at 7:00 tonight. don't miss nbc10 news at 11:00, followed by nbc news election
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night at 11:30. >> there's some very important races in delaware coming up, we're live at the polls in wilmington taking a look. >> plus we have got rain entering the pennsylvania, it's heading our way, i'm checking out how soon it's going to be in your neighborhood in my first alert forecast.
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>> welcome back to decision 2016 coverage. voters in delaware not just choosing a president, they're also picking a new governor. >> how do things look out there, tim? >> reporter: dupont middle school is one of the busiest spots in the race. i am told up and down the state, for the most part there haven't been any unusual problems.
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>> reporter: his important hopes to be the first woman and african-american from delaware elected to federal office. >> this morning there seemed to be more passion gabout voting. i think people feel ready to have the election over and get to work. >> dolores's seat is open because of john connor. the state republican party sent us this video. republican lamar gun and bethany hall long both want -- robert martin is the republican in the race. steve n washington is the republican on the ballot.
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>> how does it feel? it feels first relieved. optimistic. >> reporter: the polls here in delaware close at 8:00. the democrats are going to have -- the board of elections tell me this, as of about 5:00, 143,000 delawareans have gone through the voting booth and that is a strong number. stay with nbc10 and nbc news the entire night. our coverage goes from now until 2:00 a.m. and don't mess nbc10 news at 11:00, followed by nbc news election night 11:30. a pretty good night if you have to be standing out there in those longs, there's no rain or snow to deal with. >> and it's not that cold.
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and it's not very windy, although the temperature is going down now that it's after dark. 61 in philadelphia 50s in many of the surrounding areas. here the clouds coming in, and there's the rain moving through cleveland and toward pittsburgh right now, it's not a really impressive area of rain, but we do need some and some of it could be falling during the morning rush, it looks fairly light, it's not going to be very cold tomorrow morning, way warmer than this morning, and then in the afternoon we start drying out. there could be some left over rain in south jersey and that's about it. we're talking about colder weather on saturday than on sunday. sunday is obviously going to be the more pleasant day for outdoor activities. and then friday, 60 degrees, we have got some wind coming in, as
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we go through the weekend, 49 degrees for the high saturday, then it starts warming up next week, and then the next chance of rain next wednesday. new jersey voters flocking to the polls in the garden state today. our election night coverage continues next with what's being decided tonight in new jersey. >> as the workday winds down, voters are getting busy here state wide, it's more than just the presidential election, there's more questions you have to answer and i'll explain next.
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election day in new jersey, cydney long joins us live from cherry hill. >> reporter: voters have been out in force, we caught up with hundreds at rutgers in camden and about 600 voters have cast their ballots here at the cherry hill firehouse. we have been to a handful of polling spots today, three of them across camden county. for voters like c.j. burns, the president and the issues. >> the major issues, there's such a great divide between the to candidates and that played the biggest role by far in my
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decision. >> reporter: there are two ballot questions, number one, will voters approve gaming outside of atlantic city. >> all right tready all the cas making money in other states. at least leave us what we had. >> reporter: and the 23 cents a gallon gas tax, should it stay in the acrocoffers for roads an bridges or can it be used for anything. >> the familyings will head out for dinner to celebrate the fact that the tumultuous campaign is
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over. the nice weather definitely fueled strong voter turnout. in gloucester county, they say they'll see 70% voter turnout. stay with nbc10 and nbc news all night long, nbc news will have election night coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight. for o f for ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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. it has been a day of heavy turnout tonight. in chester county, people were lined up early outside a school
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in wallace township. >> in line wrapped afternoon the parking lot at the zion church. >> nbc10 is counting down until those polls officially close. the polls close about an hour and a half from now. >> if you have a problem at the polls, call us at 877-nbc-wcau. stay with nbc10 and nbc news all night until we know who is president. nbc10 live updates on air and on the nbc10 app for our local results throughout the night. and then don't miss nbc10 news at 11:00 and at 11:30, we'll have live pictures from
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democracy plaza where all the action will be taking place tonight. >> we'll see you back here throughout the evening, have a good night. tonight, breaking news. decision night. it all comes down to this. >> and america's best days are still ahead of us. if we reach for them together. >> the new adventure is making america great again. we're going to do it. >> on this historic night, who will it be? hillary clinton or donald trump? just moments away from the first polls closing. voters lined up across the nation to make their voices heard. the candidates, after criss-crossing the nation, end up just a mile apart tonight as the results roll in. but will it be a contested race?


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