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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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taking it to the streets. protests erupt across the country, including philadelphia as demonstrators react to the election. transition of power, president-elect donald trump heads to the white house with a meeting with president obama. and the state has control of atlantic city now and its struggling finances. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. 6:00 a.m., good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's been mostly dry this year, i think we needed the rain, that's moved out. let's get to bill henley with the neighborhood forecast. good morning, bill. >> without that in the picture, we are ready for sunrise, we'll have to wait another 40 minutes.
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temperatures are cooling down. look how nice and clear it is in lehigh valley. that's easton. chilly right now. 41 right now, we'll see that chill disappear by the afternoon. 40 degrees in the suburbs, 41 in fril philadelphia. the suburbs in philadelphia, at the shore, cooler, 58 degrees -- actually, 58 degrees for the shore. and inland areas. a little bit cooler inland this morning. and then those temperatures climb into the lehigh valley and impair as well. we look at this hour by hour when i come back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has an update. >> woodhaven road, southbound lanes from woodhaven road. the vine street expressway moving towards center city. still a 15-minute check. not seeing an increase yet in drive time.
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speeds in the high vftds. no delays there. there is an accident we've been watching since 4:30. horsham and norristown road. the 42 freeway, in new jersey, but moving. northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. that's a five-minute trip with speeds still in the mid-60s. this is route 70, also in new jersey, right around king's highway in cherry hill. no problems or delays moving through the intersection. vai and tracy. >> thank you, jessica. we've been following this breaking news since we came on the air an hour and a half ago. we're just getting new video and new information about two police officers shot just outside of pittsburgh. we're told that one of the officers told the other, stay with me, it will be okay. this happened a little over two hours ago in canonsburg, about 18 mouths south of pittsburgh. we now know both officers were taken to the hospital. we're working to find out their conditions. we're going to give you a live picture now from above the scene.
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it's a little dark. but you can tell that the neighborhood is filled with members of the s.w.a.t. team there. you see the flashing lights. and that s.w.a.t. team is telling reporters to stay away for their safety. for neighbors to stay inside their homes. schools in the area have been placed on a two-hour delay for student safety this morning. we're continuing to monitor the situation. you can count on the nbc10 and nbc10 app for updates on this breaking news throughout the morning. it's 6:03. breaking overnight, oakland california became the scene of one of the post-election protests happening across the country. police say demonstrators set more than 40 fires. three officers were hurt. in los angeles, thousands more marched through the streets. demonstrators blocked the 101 freeway. that road is still closed. protests broke out in dozens of areas across the country. including here in philadelphia. matt delucia is live in center city. matt, tell us more. >> reporter: there's more than
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one protest here, one was right here at the thomas cane plaza. we did hear anti-trump protests. anti-trump chants. one way that people are coming to terms with a future donald trump presidency. take a look at what we saw as the protests were going on here. the demonstrations, the one here in center city that moved on foot with a march up north broad street. several hundred people were involved in that one. another demonstration on penn's campus. philadelphia police say there were about 500 peaceful protesters. that one, no arrests, traffic delays there as people were doing the march. while we did see support for democrat hillary clinton an organizer told us she wasn't the answer either. >> this is what the dnc caused. this is their fault. if they didn't want trump, they should have picked a more electable man. >> it's surreal because this is a situation i didn't predict. i wasn't supporting either
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candidate. i kind of accepted it. i took the time to accept that miss clinton was going to be the president. >> reporter: now, some we found turned to their faith overnight at a church in rittenhouse square there was a prayer service that was focused on building unity after a divisive election. people handling the news in different ways. there are more rallies like the ones we saw planned for a double days in center city. i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." >> meanwhile, today, president-elect donald trump will equivalent the white house. president obama invited him to meet at the oval office to discuss a smooth transition. first lady michelle obama and melania trump will hold their own meeting in the white house residence. jim rosenfield will be in washington, d.c. covering the meeting on the transition. trump look for his live reports starting today at 4:00. secretary clinton is
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actually winning the popular vote with over 90% of the votes reported. 200,000 more votes yesterday, clinton conceded and asked the country to give president-elect trump a chance. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america, and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result. and then look to the future. >> secretary clinton said she offered to work with mr. trump on behalf of our country. 6:06 right now. philadelphia mayor jim kenney said he's proud of philadelphia voters. more voters came out than anytime in recent history, he said even though the outcome was not the one that the majority of philadelphians chose, their voices were still heard. he said now residents have the opportunity to become leaders and help the nation heal. >> it would be easy to look at the differences that divide our nation.
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and even our own commonwealth and simply give up. but that is not the america way. and it's certainly not the philadelphia way. >> mayor kenney also congratulated president-elect donald trump and senator pat toomey on their victories. it's 6:07. philadelphia police tell us an 18-year-old was shot in oxford last night. police say when they found him he was in the doorway of his home. his family was inside sleeping when the shooting happened. nbc10's pamela osborne is in oxford circle to have a live update in the next half hour. police are also investigating a home invasion at a north philadelphia house where some temperature students live. the department tells us that the students were home at wilmington and jefferson streets. they say the intruders were in and out quickly. some items were taken. no one was hurt.
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the state and local finance board voted yesterday for an immediate takeover after the government rejected a.c.'s proposed five-year financial turn arornd plan. the takeover allows the state to sell the city's assets and file for bankruptcy. the city is $500 million in debt. 6:08. remember the sunglasses as you get ready to head out the door. that's what bill says. >> yeah. you'll need those and a jacket first thing this morning. there's a chill in the air. here's a live view looking from camden, new jersey, to battleship. and look at the flag. blowing in the breeze, drying things not a hurry. bringing the temperatures down. wilmington at 7 miles an hour. you'll see that wind at the shore during the day. it won't be a strong wind today, but just strong enough to bring the temperatures down. look at the 30s. 36 degrees in delaware. low 40s in lehigh valley and suburbs. south jersey, 37 degrees right now. a few neighborhoods are even
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colder. look at piney hollow at 34. look at all of the 30s. mullica hill, mt. laurel. lumberton. and breaking it down for princeton and warmer in hopewell township. the jackets are needed this morning. but look how clear it is. the last few clouds from yesterday's rain. it will lead to a fast warmup. answer a pretty normal autumn day. 40s this morning. middle 50s by 1:00 this afternoon. temperatures will start to cool down at 5:00. between 1:00 and 5:00, i think we'll get close to that 60 degrees mark in philadelphia. the suburbs, too, 45 degrees at 9:00. middle 50s at 1:00. bright sunny skies in the lehigh valley. 44 degrees at 9:00. 50s for the afternoon. at 5:00, the sun will be down to 52 degrees. it won't last long. it will get chilly into the 40s which is where we are for parts
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of delaware. 30s and 40s to start with. it will warm into the upper 40s at 9:00. a quick warmup, middle 50s we'll see sunny skies all day long. into the 50s by early in the afternoon. even at the shore where temperatures are not as cold this morning. we'll see a similar afternoon temperature, 55 degrees at 1:00. clear skies and starting to cooldown at 5:00 this afternoon. a real chill arrives as we head into the weekend. i'll take a closer look at that in less than ten minutes. all right, bill. i want to check the spots in the city that merge from 676 or the other way around. >> jessica has her eye on that. >> on the vine street expressway through rush hour, it connects two of those major roads, the schuylkill and 95. so right now, we're doing okay. these are the cameras around 8th
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street. or if you have to head towards the ben franklin bridge, that's where you head. eastbound on 95. or westbound towards the schuylkill. not seeing any major delays through center city. we're by passing that construction that we typically see and we have for the past two weeks or so. checking with mass transmit. 15 minute delays on doylestown. slippery rails. that's all the delays we have reported. there's still an accident in hourham at horsham road and norristown road. 95 and delaware looking okay. we're still green right here. ten minutes at the most, northbound, from 295 to 95. vai and tracy. >> thank you, jess. president-elect donald trump is putting together his team. >> we'll explain who is on the short list for his cabinets. plus, the spirit of the season. we'll tell you where you can catch the start of the holiday festival tonight. he gets a lot of compliments.
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6:15. good morning, montgomery county. this is a live look at st. joe's university in marion station. we're at 39 degrees right now. "first alert" meteorologist bill henley back in a few minutes with your neighborhood forecast. here's a hint, don't forget sunglasses. funeral services are happening today for harold hairston. >> he retired in 2004, family friends and colleagues will gather for a viewing this morning followed by a funeral at new covenant church in germantown. zble educators from all over atlantic city will gather at the teachers conference. the conference is expected to
6:16 am
pump close to $10 million into the local economy. rutgers university wraps up its 200th anniversary celebration today. the camden campus will celebrate with a birthday cake this morning and fireworks display at gateway pavilion tonight. three, two, one! >> there it is, the sights and sounds of the holiday season. returns to franklin square tonight in philadelphia. this is actually video from last year's event. this year's holiday festival, an electrical spectacle light show begins at 5:00. the electrical spectacle, i just like saying that. >> let's find out what you need to do before you head out to work on your ride to work on local roads. >> jessica boyington is looking at 295, jessica? >> in hamilton township. no problems or delays. north and southbound on 295,
6:17 am
looking great. also watching for mass transit we're seeing some delays in rails. 15 minute delay for doylestown. and thorndale as well due to slippery rails. watch for more delays. we'll, of course, keep you updated throughout the morning. i-95 around the philadelphia international airport, if you have to catch a flight, you'll get there with no problems. no problems or big delays, at least weather relatesed also watching the schuylkill. green there in the schuylkill. 14 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway and speeds also in the 50s. i'll be back in ten minutes with more updates on your morning drive. now, we'll talk to meteorologist bill henley on what's going on in the forecast. a beautiful picture. >> yeah, isn't that beautiful. a live look from center city, you see the delaware. rain clouds are clearing out.
6:18 am
that's going to clear the way for a sunny day. sunny skies first thing this morning and through the day. and that's going to lead to a pretty good warmup. so the morning chill will disappear. but the chill is back this evening. a chilly evening with clear skies and dry air staying with us through tonight and tomorrow. the numbers have come down in a pretty good clip. 41 in lehigh valley. suburbs at 40 degrees. delaware and south jersey. while it's 41 degrees in philadelphia, there are colder neighborhoods in the city and suburbs. 30s in exton, malvern, west bradford township. west caln township, 37 degrees. ft. washington just dropped below freezing. new hope, you're right at freezing. but it is dry, so no ice could be found. not expected either. look now nice and clear. the clouds are at the shore, and they're clearing out.
6:19 am
and i am watching the cold front. you can see it with the clouds moving through michigan and canada. that's colder air arriving for us through the weekend. you see snow just outside of there. that snow not heading to our area but we will get the cold coming into the weekend. and it will be riding in on winds much stronger than today. 20-mile-an-hour winds for coatesville and wilmington. at the shore, you'll see the 20-mile-per-hour winds, they're light today but stronger tomorrow. and that's going to bring in the colder air for the weekend. you can see the temperature, jes, right near normal today and tomorrow but the numbers come down saturday and bounce back sunday and monday. so, the forecast for the weekend, it will be sunny, but cold in the morning. 30s to start with. 40s and low 50s in the afternoon. and after another cold morning on sunday, into the upper 50s and low 60s for most of the
6:20 am
area. one exception, the lehigh valley which is nice and dry. 6:19. today philadelphia is makes a dessert declaration. we're explain why the city is marking pie day. bluplus, on the run, we'll w you how the pursuit of a man on a motorcycle turned into a foot chase. ♪
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now that the election season is over, democrats and republicans will bury the hatchet today. politicians will join for return day, they'll hullry bury a hatchet in a box of sand symbolizing the settlement of partisan differences. meanwhile, locally, mayor jim kenney will declare today
6:24 am
payday. the pie sales benefits those to deliver meals for those battling illnesses such as hiv as well as cancer. after two delays, pennsylvania state police have finally dedicated their new police barracks in philadelphia's winfield heights neighborhood. troopers gathered for a ceremony outside of the new troop k building. the ceremony had been put on hold box of the pope's visit last year and the democratic national convention this year. it focuses on a state of the art technology and class rhyme. wipeout, this is how a high speed chase ended. this guy on a bike was weaving in and out of track, before being smashed into by a car right there. gets knocked off the bike. gets up and starts running. police arrested him. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington watching the roads. right now, we're watching the blue route right around ridge
6:25 am
pike. there are cars out there but you can see that everybody's moving. there's no delays or accidents to report messing up that morning commute. i'll be back at 6:30 to check on that. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a chilly one, but we're getting ready to enjoy a nice sunny day. that's a live view from cape may, the marquis de lafayette hotel. 6:25 is the time. your neighborhood forecast, i've got that coming up. up next at 6:30 we'll show you the post-election protests. also an update on a shooting after a violent crime in philadelphia's ox ft. circle neighborhood. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. post-election protests. philadelphia joins a long his of
6:29 am
cities across the country that saw demonstrators flooding the streets. cabinet in waiting. we will break down the short list of who could be joining president-elect donald trump's team. a teenager shot in philadelphia's oxford circle overnight. we'll have an update on his his. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, about 6:30 on this thursday. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the "first alert" neighborhood forecast to find what's to come. bill. >> it's a little chilly to start with. notice rain is finally out of here live view, this is looking towards st. joe's. it's an area that's going to get plenty of sunshine. a nice warmup. the temperatures are drop. 38 degrees in new jersey. 41 degrees in lehigh valley. 30s for delaware. 36 degrees. suburbs at 40 degrees. sunshine, king of prussia will
6:30 am
warm to 44 degrees by 8:00. then it's into the 50s in the afternoon. and enough sunshine that is going to feel like it's in the 60s. but i think the temperatures stop just shy of 60 for philadelphia and suburbs. new jersey 58 degrees, inland areas and also at the shore. sunny skies clouds are pushing offshore. and the sky is only going to get brighter with the sunrise. temperatures in the 50s this afternoon for lehigh valley and delaware. i'll break it down hour by hour to show you how quickly you can ditch that jacket when i come back. first, let's check in with jessica boyington to see how traffic is moving. >> we're at a stop at the schuylkill expressway at this merge at city avenue. you can see that traffic just crawling there. brake lights there. 17 minutes there. starting to see delays from the vine street expressway to the blue route, average speeds down to the 40s now. university city there's some construction. 33rd street is closed between
6:31 am
market and arts. that will be there until the 11th. checking in on the line, the dalestown line and thorndale line, slippery rails. we'll make you more aware of that as it goes on. right now, those are all the delays. right here on 95, no incidents to report no accidents yet on 95. woodhaven road to the vine, 25 minutes add be about 10 minutes to your morning commute. speeds dropping to the 30s. to breaking news we've been following all morning long, police will update us within the hour on two police officers shot just outside of pittsburgh. we're told one officer told the other, stay with me. it will be okay. this happened a few hours ago in canonsburg. one officer was flown to a hospital in canonsburg. and the other to a hospital in pittsburgh. here's say live look from what investigators call a very active and dangerous scene. telling reporters to stay away.
6:32 am
telling neighbors to stay inside their homes. roads are closed and schools in the area are on delay for student safety. you can count on nbc10 sand the nbc10 app. we'll have updates all morning long. new from overnight, post-election protests erupted in more than a dozen cities across the country. demonstrators took to the street from seattle and los angeles in new york and philadelphia in the east. nbc10's matt delucia is live in center city. matt, tell us what happened downtown. >> reporter: there were several protests here, including one here across from city hall. this is how people are coming to terms with a future donald trump presidency. one of the demonstrations here in center city moved on foot with a march up north broad street up to temple's campus. there was another demonstration on penn's campus. philadelphia police say there about 1,000 protesters in both demonstrations. no arrests. no incidents according to police, with the exception of
6:33 am
traffic delays. but over at a church in rittenhouse square, there was a prayer service and they were focusing on building unity after a divisive election. >> the best part of ever conversation, i think, for anyone who needs to be heard is just listening. we want to hear what people have to say. people really want to feel understood. >> this to me is like an anti-war protest and civil rights movement of the late '60s and early '70s. the only difference, what bernie did, he created something so potent. imagine where we'll be in four or five years. >> reporter: a lot of people were chanting "not my president." and there are morale eye wills li more rallies like the wins we saw. for now we're in center city, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." 6:33, 41 degrees outside. neighbors are frustrated safer say vandal tagged the word
6:34 am
"trump" and "trump rules" on homes and cars. home surveillance video caught the man, but the neighbors don't recognize them. they're angry. and the transition team is holding meetings with federal agencies and checking perspective cabinets members. according to nbc news former new york mayor rudy giuliani for attorney general. former house speaker newt gingrich for secretary of state. and rnc chairman reince priebus for chief of staff. ahead of the team is new jersey governor chris christie, longtime political reporters. and song authorize matt capp says these probably means an early exit for new jersey governor chris christie. new from overnight, a teenager is in critical
6:35 am
condition after a shooting in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. nbc10's pamela osborne is live. >> reporter: i just checked in with police. and we know that victim is still in critical condition. we know he was taken into occurring this morning. he is expected to survive, despite being shot multiple times. i want to show you what police are doing today. take a look, you can see a surveillance camera here. there's another one across the street. both of these cameras point in the general direction of this alley where that first shot was fired. now police are still trying to piece all of this together this morning to figure out exactly what happened. but they believe this was an attempted robbery. the 18-year-old victim was shot not far from this home when he was in a back alley right near bridge street. police found a shell casing and a closed pocket knife. it's possible they say that that knife belonged to the victim.
6:36 am
the victim ran about 50 feet down the alley to the rear basement door of his home. the shooter followed and fired three more shots into the victim. the victim was shot multiple times in the home. it was actually the victim's father who found the victim halfway through the doorway of his home. officers rushed him to temple university where he is, as i said, still listed in critical condition this morning. in addition to the two surveillance cameras that we pointed out to you, police say there's actually another personal surveillance camera on a house next door. they're going to be talking to that homeowner trying to get those images to see if they can figure out who their suspect is as that shooter remains on the loose this morning. reporting live on oxford circle, i'm pamela osborne. we have an update of the story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. investigators want to know if someone intentionally set this massive mill fire in wilmington.
6:37 am
here's a view from skyforce 10. the fire engulfed five building at the historic abandoned bancroft fabric mill. it was set to become condominiums, no one there was hurt. you're seeing our reporters live out on the street. they all have those bright red fleece jackets. >> it's a chilly morning. sun returning, bill? >> yeah, it is chilly. and it is clear the wind is blowing so that's cleared things out this morning. that wind, it's mainly above the building level. at the surface, it's a lighter wind but just enough to make it feel even chillier this morning. sunny skies through the day. it will feel like the low 60s this afternoon. then a chilly evening, with clear skies and dry air in place, the temperatures will be falling into the 40s first thing this evening. 41 degrees in philadelphia. we'll see 40s this morning but on track for 50s by the
6:38 am
afternoon. in fact, up to 54 degrees at lunchtime. at 2:00, 56 degrees. i think we'll get close to the 60 degree mark in between 2:00 and 4:00. by 5:00, the sun is down and heading for the philly evening temperatures. 39 it's in suburbs. bright sunshine, a few scattered clouds early this afternoon at 2:00 and 50s for the suburbs. lehigh valley in the clear right now. there's a wind at 7 miles an hour. not as strong as what we saw above the building level, but just enough to make it feel like the 30s. it will drop into the 30s just after sunrise. it's usually the coldest time of day. that's where we're still losing more heat than we're getting from the sun so low in the sky. by 10:00, 46 degrees. 50s by noon time. into the middle 50s early this afternoon. sunny skies will warm things up quickly in new jersey. 36 now. 47 by 10:00, on track for 50s and near 60s this afternoon in new jersey.
6:39 am
at the shore, sunshine to start the day. the clouds have finally moved out offshore and will stay out of the picture for today. delaware, yeah, it's cold, 36 degrees there's that 7-mile-per-hour wind. the wind stays with us out of the northwest. that's going to help us to be sunny. a faster warmup from 36 to 56 degrees by 10:00. upper 50s at 2:00. there are changes ahead for the weekend. look at that with the 10 day on 10 when i come back in less than 20 minutes. let's get a look at i-nie95. >> jessica boyington has that. >> center city, we're watching a 26-minute drive southbound from the woodhaven and vine street expressway area. and it's a good thing that we're not seeing any accidents right now on 95.
6:40 am
no disabled vehicles. just over a ten-minute increase in your drive. trooper road on the westbound side, doesn't do much with drive times, though. it's pretty typical for right now. from 29 to the schuylkill, moving towards the schuylkill expressway. that's just a 13-minute trip and speeds down to the 30s there. and we're seeing small delays on the doylestown train for 514. and thorndale train 514, 15 minutes late there because of slippery rails. we'll be back with updates. 20 minutes before 7:00. "nbc10 responds" is looking out for the men and women who served our country. >> up next, we'll show you how the "nbc10 responds" team is focusing on vets and making sure they get what they deserve when buying a home. also paying tribute to police. we'll explain how philadelphia police came together to honor two of the city's finest wounded during a shooting rampage.
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6:44 am
about a quarter to 7:00. good morning, montgomery county. this is a live look at st. joseph's university in marion station where it's about 39 degrees right there. students are scrambling to get to class. storm team meteorologist bill henley is back with your neighborhood forecast. we have a special "nbc10 responds" focusing on our veterans, one of the ways we honor our men and women who fought for our country is by giving them certain perks. >> nbc10's investigative reporter harry hairston found that some are paying the fee time and time again when they really shouldn't have to. >> reporter: 44-year-old corey jones is a father, grandfather and army veteran.
6:45 am
now for the first time in his life, he's a homeowner. he decided to buy after his l d landlord raised his rent from $900 to $1,000. >> 1,000, i'd rather buy myself a house. >> reporter: marine veteran anthony hopkins said he faced a similar circumstance. >> i'll buy a house. >> reporter: both used this real estate office to help them apply for va loans. what did you know about buying a house? >> not a thing. >> reporter: what they didn't know, paying fees they weren't supposed to. after the settlement, the real estate charged both a brokers fee, a fee realtors charge for helping buy the home. jones paid $495. russell, $525. va loan guides say veteran purchasers may not under any circumstances be charged a
6:46 am
brokerage fee or commission. william cessna is vice president of the realtors association for the district. he said that's something that all realtors should know. >> when you come to me and you say i'm purchasing a home, you at that point tell me you're using your va benefits. that should trigger to me there's no fee available. >> reporter: russell and jones were disappointed with what happened. >> i thought my agent was looking out for me. >> i served my country well and why would they do something like that? >> reporter: we reached out to the other than of the remax officer. by phone he agreed to do an interview. when we arrived he was nowhere to be found. he did send an e-mail calling the charges an oversight. that was in error. and provided copies of the checks he center to jones and russell. >> thank you very much,
6:47 am
mr. hairston. >> reporter: glad we got everything handled. harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." >> also an e-mail there were copies three other checks sent to three other veterans charged a fee. we don't know them but we do thank them for this service. >> if you have a consumer problem for "nbc10 responds," let us know, the best way to reach us is right there on the screen. we will respond to you. 10 on the weather. boathouse row. nice to walk along the schuylkill river with a coat on. >> with a coat on, right, bill? >> yeah, definitely need the jackets. you see the live view from camden, new jersey. look at the flags drawing on that wind. it's also brought the temperatures down. 30s now in delaware. south jersey, it's 44 degrees at
6:48 am
the shore. and very low 40s for lehigh valley and the suburbs. and philadelphia, that 41 is at the airport. you'll find 40s in center city. low 40s in center city. rittenhouse. look at the 30s. andorra, chestnut hill. west mount area. all in the 30s to start with. they're likely going to drop a little bit more before it starts to turn around. it's going to be a chilly morning at the bus stop, sunny skies. for the jackets this morning, to be able to take them off this afternoon, a really nice warmup. the clouds then moved out overnight. we went on the air 4:30 this morning. we're tracking this right along the coastline. we're in the clear for the rest of the day. looks like nice and clear tomorrow. the wind will be increasing tomorrow. and there's colder air to the north. that wind is going to deliver that cold for the weekend. at least to start with. the forecast wind for tomorrow shows much stronger winds for
6:49 am
tomorrow. that's that chillier air that will start tomorrow night and especially saturday morning and sunday morning. the temperatures really take a dip to start the weekend. but there will be a nice rebound for sunday and into next week, too. here's your weekend forecast. plenty of sunshine but a chilly breeze will still be blowing on saturday. morning temperatures will be in the 30s. saturday morning and into the lower 30s sunday morning. with many of the suburbs dropping into the 20s. so i recommend sleeping in both days. then a nice warmup sunday afternoon with sunshine back in the low 60s. beautiful fall weather. 59 today, 60 tomorrow. there's your cooler day sunday. cold starts. and then a nice start next week too. but clouds building on tuesday. we could see some showers late tuesday into wednesday. the temperatures they're still going to be hanging into the low 60s. nice and mild next week. normally into the 50s this time
6:50 am
of year. another chance of showers heading into the week. >> look at that brilliant sunshine saturday and sunday. is it too early to talk about it's weekend? oh, yeah, we've got to get through the weekend. >> jessica boyington is watching -- what are you watching, 42? >> yeah, 42, through deppford, through route 41. through the philadelphia area. from 295 to trenton you're starting to see delays. moving a little bit past the deptford area. and there's no problems yet. over in pennsylvania, the blue route looks okay. 15 minutes from the southbound side on the schuylkill, no major there yet. mass transit, we're seeing some delays on the regional rails, and running 22 minutes on the elwyn line.
6:51 am
the university of pennsylvania honored two officers injured in a shooting rampage. philadelphia police officer sylvia young and officer miller were injured. an atlantic city police officer shot in the head in september is out of rehab and back home this morning. officer josh vadell left the moss rehab facility in elkins park yesterday. two men are charged with attempted murder in the shooting. nine minutes before 7:00 -- next, we'll run down this morning's headlines and the stories we're following for you throughout the day. >> and that includes the transition of trump. we'll have that on washington, d.c. plus, sprucing up the season. we'll take a closer look at this year's 30 rock christmas tree.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
five minutes before 7:00. we have breaking news that we've followed 2 1/2 hours ago. two officers have been shot in a neighborhoods on lockdown. schools delayed. this has happened around pittsburgh, canonsburg, about eight miles south of pittsburgh. at one point, the situation was so dangerous that s.w.a.t. was called in and reporters told to stay away. and neighbored told to stay in their homes. this is a live look from canonsburg from a news helicopter. one was taken to a hospital nearby. the other was flown to a hospital in the pittsburgh area. we're told one officer told the other, stay with me. it will be okay. we're expected to be more information during a news conference scheduled for about 15 minutes.
6:56 am
five minutes before 7:00, today president-elect donald trump will visit president obama in the white house. first lady michelle obama and melania will hold their own meeting in the residence. nbc10's jim rosenfield will be there on the transition meeting at 4:00. meantime, chris christie could have an increased role in the trump administration. he's leading the mrt transition team. the officer will appear on "today" show which begins in a few minutes. here's some other stories we're following throughout the day. family and friends are gathering in germantown for a funeral of former fire commissioner harold hairston. he died last week. he retired in 2004 safer serving a dozen years as fire commissioner. and the campuses at camden,
6:57 am
a fireworks display on cooper station at 6:00 tonight. santa claus will help kick offer this year's holiday electrical spectacle and light show. they'll flip the switch precisely at 5:00 this evening. that show runs through december 31st. today, crews will cut down the 94-foot norway spruce that will become the rockefeller christmas tree. this is video from last week when crews were surveying that tree. you can see the animal lighting right here on nbc10. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with one last check on your morning drive. we're watching 422. our cameras around trooper road. showing delays on the event side from the schuylkill expressway about double where it should be right now, 15 minutes eastbound 29 to the schuylkill. there's an accident at horsham and chapel hill west lane.
6:58 am
you might get detoured around there. watching doylestown, 22 minute delays, and the elwyn line, 20 minute delays. and also we're watching some sun glare, 295, over in west deptford, you see the traffic is still moving. you might have a problem with visibility when driving. be careful when you head out the door. >> sun glare, we didn't have that problem yesterday did we? rain as cleared out. this is a view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. it's completely cleared out with clouds and now sunshine for the rest of the day. especially interior new jersey look at the 30s. piles grove, and all in the 30s. just dropped below 30 in princeton. temperatures starting off cold but bright sunny skies in the entire area.
6:59 am
we're going to see a significant fast warmup. sunshine in the lehigh valley. 40 degrees. that bright sunshine will warm temperatures into the upper 40s at 9:00. and then 53 by lunchtime. for philadelphia, 42 degrees. a little bit of a breeze. it's 5 miles an hour. that wind will stay with us, that northwesterly wind will be dry and also give us plenty of sunshine, too. 51 degrees by 11:00. we're on track for temperatures in the upper 50s for most of the area. 56 in the lehigh valley. 59 for philadelphia. with the sunshine, it is going to feel like the low 60s. a really beautiful autumn day ahead. you can get the "first alert" on the go. >> best part of your forecast is your suggestion to sleep in a couple days? >> yes. >> on saturday morning and sunday morning. >> there's got to be a place for you in the new administration with those kinds of suggestions. we'll have local updates throughout the morning.
7:00 am
you can always get realtime news, weather and traffic on the nbc10 app. >> and you can check the app for the updates on the two police officers shot near pittsburgh. thanks for watching us. "today" show starts right now. good morning. breaking overnight -- >> we reject the president-elect! >> protests over the election of donald trump erupt coast to coast. thousands marching on trump buildings in new york. >> hey hey, who ho, donald trum has got to go. >> and thouin chicago, demonstrs blocking traffic in los angeles, oakland and portland, oregon, even burning an effigy of the president-elect in new orleans. white house welcome. president obama and the first lady set to meet with donald and melania trump this morning. once bitter rivals, the president now promising cooperation over the next 71 days. >> we are all now rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country.


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