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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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through this afternoon. this whole air mass is changiei pretty tadramatically. download the nbc10 a prk p to help you plan for the weekend. get the hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood and you can do it right from your smart phone. mike pence will take over the task of leading donald trump's transition effort. >> erin, what have you learned about this? >> the vp elect will lead the transition effort. president-elect trump and pence bonded during their run for the white house and mr. trump was unhappy with christie's failure to stand by him during some of
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the rockier moments of campaign. christie released a statement saying i am proud to have run the preelection phase of the transition team along with a thoroughly professional and dedicated team. governor christie will stay on the transition team along with others. several members of trump's family will also join the presidential transition team executive committee. that list includes three of his children, donald trump jr., eric trump and ivanka trump. in just the past few minutes we spoke with chuck todd about what the absence of chris christie means in a donald trump organization. >> if he wants kris christie as part of his administration, he
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should make him part of his staff. >> also worth mentioning, two congress men from pennsylvania are on that transition team. stay with nbc10 for updates as we learn more about president-elect trump's transition team. now to breaking news, bridget kelly and bill baroni filed appeals this morning. krchristie was not charged, claiming he knew nothing about the bridges closurclosure. 28 people face charges today
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after this post election demonstration took plies last night. thousands have been gatheri inio protest donald trump's election. donald trump denounced the protesters in a tweet last night. he wrote. just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters -- love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country, we will all come together and be proud. now after the president-elect called out the protesters lat s night. a local democratic congressman tweeted. >> yes, it's very unfair that
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the person who got the most votes didn't win the election. the world is so unfair to you. we sent nbc10's andrea klein-thomas to talk about that. >> congressman boyle says he hopes his tweets are both interesting and honest. >> donald trump took to twitter to address a protest about his presidency. congressman brendan boyle saw the need to reply. >> i just imagined if the situations were reversed and donald trump had won by a million more votes but the electoral college had denied him the presidency. >> and he said quote, the world is unfair to you. >> admittedly boyle said the shock of the election is only now givening to wear off.
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it comes as president-elect trump and president obama are calling for unity. >> it's time to make this country successful, you can't do that by continuing to run the campaign once it's over. >> mayor kenney is say -- >> what are you telling democratic leadership? >> take a deep breath, let's see what happens. >> reporter: representative boyle session ays he plans to w across the aisle. >> if donald trump is tweeting positive things about how we can work together. >> reporter: again what sparked this exchange was trump's tweets about the protests. we take a look at why some are saying these protests set a troubling precedent. the co-founder of the food
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delivery service grubhub is backtracking this afternoon after asking his workers to quit if they support trump. maloney later issued astatement saying that he supports his employees regardless of their political beliefs. tension as now turned to what else but perfecting mr. trump's hairstyle. >> we're following bleaking news
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in pittsburgh. we don't have control over this camera, so you see it's moving around quite a bit. it's about 20 miles east of pittsburgh. police say a man on the fifth floor armed with a gun and a knife and negotiators are on the scene. we will continue to monitor this story of shots fired at this mental health facility. president obama presided over veterans day ceremonies at the arlington national cemetery. we observe veterans day on november 11 because it is the day world war i came to an end back in 1918. at today's event, the medals
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of fallen servicemen were returned to their families. our president-elect took to twitter to offer a message to veterans tweeting today we express our deepest gratitude to all those who have served this nation. in pennsylvania, several delaware county high school bands led the band at the high school day in media. this is a long tradition here, media has held it's veterans day parade for 57 years now.
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>> vice president joe biden was on hand for delaware's veterans day ceremony. the vice president thanked all the vets who were there. >> it's not just the heart and soul, but the spine of america. and as a nation, we're proud today to thank more than 23 million surviving veterans, who so bravely have protected our freedom. >> joe biden represented delaware for more than 30 years before heading to the white house. right now on the app, you can check out all the veterans day deals and sales available for our vets. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with new pictures of the cell phone challenger that
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seriously burned a south jersey college student. the rowan university student is out of the hospital today, but recovering from third degree burns after that phone charger exploded right in his pocket. >> it's a case of these lithium batteries exploding in people's pockets. >> reporter: the rowan student was charging his phone in his pocket when he felt a surge of heat coming from his leg. >> all of a sudden i felt some burned like electronic smell. and some dude's portable charger exploded in his possibility. his hand was black because he tried pulling it out of his possible and his pants were actually stuck to his skin. >> reporter: the university says a portable phone charger was to blame but they don't know the model because it's now burned to a crisp. the student suffered burns to his leg and hand. samsung recalling his galaxy note 7 after a series of fires
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like when brian green's phone sparked inside an airplane. >> i had smoke just billowing out of my clothes and out of my pocket. >> reporter: the bad ones stuff way too much energy inside of a small packet. >> i was thinking of buying one, but i'll just stick with the plug in one. >> reporter: engineering majors we spoke with say they're not surprised. >> i deal with batteries all the time. back to our breaking news from sky force 10. nbc10's mitch blacher is over sky force 10 in the gray's berry section of philadelphia. >> we're over a shooting in the grays ferry section of phil. a 58-year-old man was shot in the left shoulder and chest.
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he was taken to presbyterian hospital. at this point they have not made an arrest. we'll let you know the latest from sky force 10. >> the re -- nbc10 is breaking down the impact of tuesday's historic election outcome. how your vote will change the face of harrisburg when the state heads back to work next week. what caused a house in chester to catch fire. atop the roof here along nowlan street, that fire started around 11:00 this morning. no one was hurt. >> he was the first police officer to be killed in the line of duty in this town's history. a community outside pittsburgh is mourning his death.
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>> hundreds gathered to honor officer scott bastion who had been on the force for seven years, bastion was shot and killed while responding to a domestic dispute yesterday morning. police say the suspect killed his pregnant girlfriend before killing himself. the wounded officer is in stable condition this afternoon. new dash cam video captured the moment a traffic stop turned dangerous in haddon township. the officer jumped off as the truck plows into some parked cars, the man then tries to run off and is shot during a fight with the officer. the officer is on administrative leave. cydney long is looking at the
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tape with a retired police officer. she'll have more on this story coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. bill cosby expects to be cleared of sexual assault charges. that lawyer wants a judge to seal documents containing information about how much money cosby makes. seven women suing cosby argue he has no future in showb business. new video of a robber who still has halloween on the mind. he's wearing an orange pumpkin mask. he also had a gun and got away with all the money in the register. call police if you have any idea who he might be. the university of pennsylvania is taking on underground fraternities and sororities. according to a report, philly's
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task force is looking into this. the task force will include facult faculty, administrators and students. welcome news for thousands of philadelphia drivers, the adams avenue bridge re-opened today after a seven month reconstruction project. that bridge carries 16,000 cars a day. a look at a pair of suspected purse snatchers in montgomery county. police gave us in surveillance pictures today. the couple stole a woman's purse on 40th road. their car is a hyundai tiberon. we're learning more about the septa deal, a newsletter
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from the union says the union would receive a 10.5% raise over the next two years. and there will also be an increase in pension at the same times. union members were fighting for longer break times, members will vote on this deal next week. now some new duties about some trouble for several airlines across the country, around noon today, computers went down for american airlines and a few other carriers, it affected check ins, boarding passes and baggage tags. believe it or not the holiday season is right on our doorstep. peddlers village is holding a kickoff. kids can say hi to mrs. clause and take selfies with her.
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they can also enjoy the magiclights parade. here's another sign that the holiday season is upon us, look at this, the ice rink is back at dilworth park. there's patriotic music and vets and active duty service members can skate for free today. and with the temperatures we're going to be having this weekend, perfect time to dust off those skates. >> just saturday is going to be cold, it's going to be a whole lot warmer on sunday, and less windy, that wind is out there and it's increasing and it's bringing in the cold air, you're going to feel in the coming hours and into tomorrow morning. it's already down to 53 in lehigh valley but it's down into the 60s in delaware, south jersey and philadelphia itself. we see temperatures of 55 in
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redding, 53 in cookstown. nazareth and bethlehem. and the wind, pretty strong, that is one windy afternoon. and we told you about that  yesterday, lots of sunshine saturday and sunday, it's just going to look spectacular, but by saturday, 7:00 a.m., we're going to have wind chills in the 20s. that's the first time i have written that word this season, wind chills. and then the next rain comes monday night and into tuesday. the temperatures going way down for tomorrow, way back up on sunday. and then they start going back down because of the clouds and eventually the rain that's going to be coming in. you have dry air across the region now.
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and back across the great lakes, it's just going to be a beautiful looking weekend. but the temperature's a different story. so we're down into the 40s within the next couple of hours, in much of the area north and west of philadelphia. then down into the 30s by 8:30 tonight. already, take the winter coats with you, because you got wind on top of this too. not used to that. it was nice and warm this afternoon. by 11:30 tonight close to the freezing mark in allentown and then down to about 30 in allentown and pottstown, redding by morning and a little bit of wind on top of that, making it feel like it's in the 20s. and we don't warm up a whole lot during the day tomorrow, most places are going to hold in the 40s. so that is pretty chilly. but it's not going to be like that on sunday. it's not going to be that cold sunday morning.
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by the time the eagles are playing in the afternoon, it's up near 60 degrees. so we have got some really nice weather ahead. take a look at this for the weekend, 52 for the high in philadelphia on saturday, but 10 degrees warmer sunday. 48 in the lehigh valley, to 48, at the shore, 52 to 58. so everybody warms up, everybody's going to get some rain too. we'll talk more about the timing coming up. a worry about crowd funding campaigns for products and services. >> still ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, harry hairston, if you don't read the fine print before you sign, you might not get what you're paying for. why amazon is now paying out millions of dollars to parents after their kids made several unwanted purchases.
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frozen in time, the cleveland cavaliers and king james, strike a pose with the first lady. first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow is up, nasdaq up, s&p 500 down slightly. [ roars ]
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check out lebeen james and the cleveland cavaliers posing for the mannequin challenge. groups of people freeze in unique positions while someone records that scene. >> amazon being forced to pay
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up. a federal judge has ordered the company who reimburse parents whose children made in app purchases. two years ago the federal trade commission accused amazon of making it too easy to run up bills while playing games on mobile devices and it resulted in an estimated $86 million worth of unauthorized charges. everyone's screaming for ice cream at the please touch museum. >> today the museum opened it's new permanent exhibit. the exhibit receipts the redding terminal market ice cream stand. some kids enjoyed the free sunday bar. it featured an exclusive flavor called please touch me birthday party. it allows little ones to play at
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serving. a man tried to find a new case for his phone online. >> coming up next, harry hairston and the nbc10 responds team stepped in to help get the man a refund and tell you why it pays to read the fine print. temperatures are taking a tumble. i'm tracking the chilly conditions you can expect this weekend in your first alert neighborhood weather.
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get ready for a cold and windy weekend. temperatures dropping as we head through friday night.
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take a live look at camel back mountain resort. it's already chilly up there. we know how important your weekend weather is. >> we go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, are we going to wake up to some really cold air out there? >> this is the direction of the cold air, this is the one, the warm air coming in, the flag should be headed that way, but it isn't and the cold air is on the way in, 63 degrees in philadelphia, and it's already down to 53 in the lehigh valley. it will be in the 40s within the next hour here, and we're seeing gusts up to 30 to 40 miles an hour. and it's helping to bring in this air, coming down, actually from canada. and we haven't seen a lot of
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that this month so far. but look at this, 7:00 a.m., we're near the freezing mark in philadelphia and in wilmington, dover at 37 degrees, burlington, 33. remember there's a little wind on top of that so it should feel like it's in the 20s. so look at the temperature drop, it's 61 now, we're saying 52 by 6:00. 43 by 10:00. that is quite a drop in temperatures and even the bigger drop in other parts of the area. 50 in new jersey by 6:00 that's down 10 degrees in just a couple of hours. so get ready for the temperature plunge. we'll see when it goes back up and when the rain is coming. a warning about crowd funding campaigns that promises funds and services that may not deliver. >> sites like indigo go, if you
4:32 pm
don't read that fine print before you give, you may not know what you're paying for. harry hairston has the warning. >> scott tilmon saw an ad on his facebook page for this new phone case. >> it was a really cool phone case for the iphone 6:00 that at a second screen on the back. they advertise it really nicely, they give you all these different photos from different angles. >> tilmon paid $149. the company said to expect delivery by july. then they pushed the delivery date until object. then tilmon says another holdup. he decided he no longer wanted to wait for the cases. he contacted indigo go and his
4:33 pm
credit card company. it turns out, indigo go only handles refunds during the campaign. we reached out to the company and says it was aware that tilmon was seeking a refund. they told us that this product was fraulgt with unexpected issues. the company is providing tilmon with a $149 refund. we checked out tquick starter s not issue refunds. so the lesson learned here is, if you're giving money to fund a product or service, be patient and know you are taking a risk. his refund puts our total at $168,195. >> you were saying you learned a lot about these crowd fundinging sites.
4:34 pm
you just did the story, right? >> i did the story and, boom, i learned a whole lot. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds. the best ways to reach us right there on your screen. a couple goes 11 weeks without a working fridge. after several service visits, dozens of calls to the company, their last call was to harry. let's go to sky force 10 live over burk county. >> that's the scene of a deadly crash. what are you seeing, mitch? >> reporter: we are in burlington county over the scene of what was called in as a deadly hit and run. you can see a bicycle is still on the street there, this is in tabernacle, chester county, chatsworth root and morris meadows. the investigation has shut down this intersection as police continue to investigation. we're live in sky force 10, i'm
4:35 pm
mitch blacher, nbc10 news. a flag raising ceremony kicked off the full schedule of veterans day activities at the national constitution center this morning. special exists and activities are honoring veterans throughout the day. there's a kiosk where people can write thank you post guards to our country's best. in delaware county, some elementary school students paid tribute to our veterans as well. each student here purchased a small flag in honor of a veteran they know, and today they were joined by some veterans as they planted these flags ri s right in front of the school. how these dogs are now serving hundreds of local men and women who have served our country. plus could an apple a day
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>> here's another reason to make sure fruits and veggies are part of a children's diet. a new study shows that children without access to fresh fruits and vegetables are at higher risk of developing asthma. children who lived more than half a mile from a grocery store were 53% to be precise than those who live close to a store. giants stores and martin's food markets are pulling free to be chocolate snacks from their shelves. customers can return to the
4:40 pm
store for a refund. allergy experts are offering new guidance for offering peanuts to your children. and it has to do with your child's skin. children with eczema should try peanut paste in a doctor's office. children with mild to moderate eczema can be introduced to peanuts at home. and babies with no eczema or egg allergy can be introduced to peanuts at any ages. the eagles take on the falcons, which means the return of a high school quarterback from our area, but are eagles fans still on that wentz wagon? we get the answer from the birds hall of fame quarterback. >> the weather is sure looking good for that game. but we have to get through a pretty cold blast through the
4:41 pm
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. some special dogs are helping injured vets rebuild their lives. this is wally right here, the 11-year-old black lab that helps u.s. marine corps veteran with all kinds of tasks. dan's therapist recommend he get a service dog. >> he really improved my quality of life. just having him, walking around, knowing that he's by my side, knowing that i can rely on him. >> he's had wally for eight years, wally is due to retire in a year or two, and he hopes to get another service dog when that happens. we have more information on america's vet dogs on the nbc10
4:45 pm
app. the eagles are back in action sunday as they welcome to atlanta falcons to lincoln financial. >> eagles fans will be more interested in the play of their own qb, rookie carson wentz. >> wentz gets the snap, into the end zone, incomplete. >> wentz couldn't lead a come back last sunday. >> carson wentz has been exceptional as a quarterback. he has been. i marvel at some of the things he's done. he's played eight games in the national football league, he's going to win a super bowl with the philadelphia eagles. >> a bold statement there. get more from him on sunday, the eagles kickoff starting at 9:30.
4:46 pm
meantime, we have got a treat here for you right now. look at this sun set, live from sky force 10. that is gorgeous. once that sun goes down, though, those temps are going to start dropping like a rock, right, glenn. >> absolutely, the combination of the sun going down, the wind going up. you need some clouds for the best sun rise and sun set shots and that's what we have today. the traffic is moving along, but the camera is shaking a little bit. that is evidence that the wind is pretty strong. and we have got quite a contrast. 62 in northern delaware, to 53 in the lehigh valley. and even in new jersey, we're seeing some differences in temperatures. 61 in swedesboro, 59 in
4:47 pm
florence. and it's 51 in princeton, you're about to be in the 40s within the next half hour there. so that's a sign of things to come. these temperatures are going to be dropping very quickly, and it's still going to be windy. there's not much moisture to come in, though, so you don't have to worry about that, we do have the weekend cold, then it's going to get milder. we have got it up to 63 so far today, but only 52 for the high tomorrow. then it's back up to 62 sunday. then the clouds come in monday, and then tuesday, with the rain. now, you may have heard about this supermoon that's coming monday night. it's going to be cloudy. you're going to have to go night before, sunday night and look at it then because it will be almost perfect. the weather will be perfect for the eagles on sunday.
4:48 pm
then the moon sunday night. it's worth a watch. 60 degrees at kickoff. 57 in fourth quarter. not much wind, i mean it's just perfect. now for tonight, by 6:30, allentown down into the low 40s. philadelphia into the upper 40s. that is a pretty dramatic drop. and by 10:30 tonight. 35 degrees in allentown. with some wind. 36 in quakertown. 37 in exton, 36 in redding, and of course every place gets even colder by morning. and look at these temperatures, 30 degrees, couple spots. a little wind, makes it feel like the 20s. we're talking wind chill here. it's going to warm up, but not much, mostly in the 40s tomorrow afternoon. so that's not exactly very balmy
4:49 pm
and lehigh valley probably won't get out of the 40s. maybe even some of the northern and western suburbs. but sunday, it's a totally different picture. we also have a picture of the high pressure covering us now, but a weak storm coming up the coast on tuesday, bringing some rain. right now most of the models are not making it into any kind of big storm, but just enough too bring rain up the coast. there we are, cold on saturday, warmer sunday, and then monday, the clouds increase, ruining that perfect moon. and then comes the rain on tuesday. before we start drying out again until next weekend, there could be some issues next weekend. >> how soon do we need to get ready for winter before that happen this is. >> i certainly don't see any snow in the forecast in the next 10 days. >> yeah? >> it has snowed in november
4:50 pm
before, but there's more we have to get you prepared for. so monday we're going to kick off our first alert severe winter weather week. we're going to show off our weather tracking equipment, like storm force 10. the dates are on your screen, stop by to check it out, i'll be at every one of those places, every one of those days, we'll be doing the 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from those places. >> we have all heard of bringing books or toys into school for show and tell, but in one montgomery school, the kids brought in veterans. the story straight ahead.
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>> we know kids love toys and books, but today the kids got to show off veterans. >> to fight for our country to keep us safe. >> i always cry when i come here, i cry, every time they sing. >> those songs are for them. part of the gift they want these veterans to leave with.
4:55 pm
>> seeing this, hear this and looking at our future. ♪ god bless the usa >> instead of bringing pictures or books, kids at white marsh elementary brought a veteran. >> it's a great day to be a veteran. >> each child introduced his or her veteran to the entire school. many were known as mom, dad, grandma or -- >> and today those families are helping others learn about their military service. >> i joined in 1950 and retired in 1981. >> i was in the military police unit. >> reporter: and it's that service that has these kids saying thanks. >> thank you for your sacrifices. >> i would say thank you for serving our country and being a hero. >> and thank you for serving our country.
4:56 pm
>> how cute are they? we are working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. >> thanks guys, next all new on nbc10 news at 5:00, a crash, a struggle and a shooting and they all happened during one traffic stop. >> [ bleep ]. >> the entire thing was caught on camera, but tonight experts say there's more to this video than meets the eye. and erin, i'm tracking a frost advisory and freeze watch that has been issued overnight saturday into sunday. i'll have all the details in first and full weather. plus, is donald trump changing his tune on obama care? why the president-elect says he would reconsider his promise to repeal the affordable care act. [ roars ]
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[ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> caught on camera. a traffic stop turns violent but it's what happened after this crash that now has the officer under investigation. >> christie out, donald trump makes major changes to his transition team, see who's replacing the new jersey governor. >> and here comes the cold, we are enjoying the 60s right now, the temperatures will take a big drop before you know it.
5:00 pm
>> [ bleep ]. >> right now all new at 5:00, a violent encounter by a driver and a south jersey police officer. it started with a task stop and ended with a shooting, now the officer involved is under investigation. >> but tonight, experts are saying there's more to this video than meets the eye, cydney long explains. >> reporter: what began with a car stop on route 30, with a handicapp handicapped placard blocking the window. the driver smashes his truck into parked cars. we watched the video with retired police officer now burlington


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