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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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folks in the green. we're going to see the volume on 95. doing okay. let's look at what we're seeing over new jersey. the majors at 295. the 42 freeway and turnpike, everything is good to go in. the green. >> it's 4:30. now to breaking news in kensington neighborhood. firefighters on the scene at a fire at a tire shop. this is lehigh avenue. no one was hurt. the fire is under control. both president obama and hillary clinton will talk to democrats as their party deals with the election defeat. the president will host a call with the democratic national committee. the former presidential normmin will talk with house members. also the nation is e reacting to president-elect donald trump's two cabinet appointments. reince priebus and stephen
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bannon. he credited them with victory. . >> we are grateful in trump world to both bannon and priebus and i think you'll see them continue to work together. >> speaking of that, nbc news reports the president-elect is working on mending fences calling former rivals who opposed him and exposed a rip in the party. five days and counting, protesters hit the streets across the country and here in philadelphia. >> they are upset about president-elect donald trump and some of the policy changes he intends to make. pamela osbourne is live for us. he talked about the protests. >> trump encouraged protesters concerned about their rights telling them not to be afraid. from there he went on to talk about unity. he said firmly in that "60
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minutes" interview they were going to bring the country back. this is protesters across the country took to the streets for a fifth straight day since the presidential election. there were two marches in center city where peaceful protesters chanted we reject president-elect. trump then pointed out what he felt was a double standard. >> hillary had upon and my people protested everybody would say that's a terrible thing and would have been a much different attitude. >> there were a lot of things that came out of the interview. we're breaking it down for you this morning. when i see you in the next half hour, we'll talk about trump's position on the affordable care act. which parts he's considering keeping around. for now reporting live in the digital operations center, pam will osbourne, nbc 5 10 news. >> an investigation sbo racist messages sent to black students
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is over. the messages were traced to the university of oklahoma where one student has been suspended. the student is accused of sending racist messages and images of lynchings. the philadelphia naacp responded to the incident saying donald trump cannot be blamed for such acts, but president-elect trump is only a catalyst bringing out the hatred already present in this country. it's 4:33. 35 degrees outside. phi people recovering from injuries they suffered when a tractor-trailer hit a bus. it happened in baltimore pike. the track terror trailer ran into the bus. medics took five passengers to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. investigators will be looking for the cause. delaware state police investigating a crash that sent a pedestrian to the hospital. the victim was hit last night while walking along kirkwood
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highway. we're working to find out that victim's condition and if the driver is cooperating with police. so the eagles really needed this one. and they got it. >> they did. perfect and a vikt rib over the falcons snapping a losing streak and kept playoff hopes alive. they put the eagles on top on this run. eagles head coach said he was proud of matthews and his entire running game. >> it just opens up a little bit more of your offense and play action pass, things like that. give the credit to the offensive line. they really took the challenge to heart and did a great job up front. >> eagles defense helped matt ryan. you'll hear from carson wentz in our next half hour. the eagles are now 5-4 on the season. they will travel to seattle next
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sunday to take on the seahawks, who beat the patriots in a great game last night. the first kickoff on sunday is at 4:25. happening today, another step forward for septa's key card system. seniors will be e getting their cards in the mail. they work for bus, trolleys and subways. card holders will be able to put money on their cards. then they just swipe and go, which means card holders won't have to commit to monthly or weekly plans. the cards rolled nout june and will replace all of septa's fare systems, including tokens. 4:35. 35 degrees. more protests are expected today from people upset about the election of donald trump. >> but one group in our area is turning their attention to healing. ahead, hear how one church congregation is promoting peace. also more than a full moon. in fact, it's super. ahead, we'll explain what makes
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this morning's moon so special. >> one thing is you can see it because we don't have any clouds around. if you're going to try u to watch it this evening, different story. we'll see some clouds moving in. the winds are blowing this morning. that's a live view from center city. 35 degrees. it's a cold wind blowing this morning at 4:36. neighborhood forecast, just ahead.
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good morning, we have an accident in the indian creek and freeman school road. about ten minutes ago, no report of problems or delays. and it's still very much so in place. we're watching the expressway. light traffic at this time of morning. no reported delays, but we did have earlier disabled vehicles ob 95. they have cleared and not affecting the light traffic
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flow. so far we're pretty. we had an accident eastbound. it looks like we're going to be okay. everything is in the green so far traveling from route 29. it's going to take you eight minutes. we'll take a look at 95. >> now your first alert weather. >> 21 minutes before 5:00. it's clear this morning. clear view across the new jersey from camden. clear skies overhead. prime viewing for the super moon for the next hour and a half. the skies will be clear this morning, but not so far this evening. cold right now, 35 degrees. we'll still be in the 30s at 8:00 this morning, but then with sunshine, a quick warm-up this morning. 57 degrees at noontime. then into the very low 60s this afternoon. but look how the sunshine will be fading as those clouds move in during the afternoon. that's going to obscure the moon as it rises this evening. 59 degrees this afternoon at 4:00. sunshine to start with, clear skies right now. once the sun is up, the
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temperatures will slowly warm to begin with. but as we head into the noontime hour, close to 60 degrees in the suburbs too. but you see the same clouds increasing this afternoon. for the lehigh valley, right at the freezing mark. 35 degrees at 8:00. still in the 40s at 10:00. and then a quick warm-up into the low 60s. that happens early this morning. clouds will be delayed. you'll see them in parts of south jersey before you see them in the lehigh value low. 31 degrees. up to 51 degrees by later this morning. then the low 60s this afternoon. that's in spite of the clouds moving in during the afternoon hours. should be dry through this afternoon. but there's a chance we'll see some showers late in the day at the shore. and in southern delaware. 41 right now. it's completely clear. you still have time to get out and see the full moon if you so desire. 47 degrees at 8:00. the sun will be up. and it will be warming up
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quickly u in spite of those clouds coming in. the clouds get into new jersey. a little faster than the rest of the area. that will keep temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees during the day today. no sign of any clouds this morning. 33 degrees in delaware. 39 degrees at 8:00. then a few scattered clouds this morning before the thicker clouds take over during the afternoon hours. that really will halt any warm-up during the afternoon. just a light breeze out of the southwest at 5 miles an hour through this afternoon. those clouds will produce some ra rain, but not today. we'll take a look at when you can expect the first drops of fall with the hour by hour forecast when i come back in a few minutes. it's 4:41. it's no secret mike pence is against abortion. >> next year hear the unexpected connection between pence and a flurry of new donations. there's an up opened seat. why the eagles want to make sure this spot gets the attention and honor it deserves.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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happening today, a viewing for a murdered police officer in western pennsylvania. scott bash was shot and killed in an ambush while responding to a domestic dispute on thursday. his partner was wounded. the gunman killed himself. funeral services are scheduled for wednesday. police captured a man accused of executing a northern california police officer early sunday morning. the officer responded to reports of a stolen vehicle when he confronted a 37-year-old man. they believe within seconds the man killed the deputy and then took off. he was arrested 150 miles away for trying to steal a woman's purse. activists opposed to the anti-abortion record of mike
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pence are protesting by making donations to planned parenthood. mostly women are contributing to the organization, but with a twist, donors are posting on social media they gave money in honor of pence. the donors also listed pence's office address so he will receive certificates of thanks from planned parenthood. he authored the first bill to strip the organization of all federal funding. planned parenthood said, thank you so much, we have been blown away by the report we have received. many people are donating in clinton or pence's name. on "meet the press", senator korybooker said his party should try to work together with trump, but booker had this warning. >> if he governs the way he c campaigned, it will be a disastrous presidency. this is a a chance for him to be humble, to work across the aisle. if that's the kind of president we have, fine. but if not, i want our dnc chair
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and citizens to resist. >> booker also criticized trump's behavior on social media during the campaign saying the president-elect spewed hatred and bigotry. messages of unity and response to the tensions. members held an event to promote healing and reconciliation. those there watched a live stream of a similar event happening in washington, d.c. people we spoke with say now is the time for everyone to come together. >> know for a fact that i haven't done all that i can do to reach out to my neighbor to help to build community. >> i'm hoping we come out of here with a better understanding of where we really are as americans. >> the event is part of the speak up for peace campaign. any day now america's first wind farm will start generating electricity in the waters off rhode island. >> the concept has been popular in europe, but remains controversial here in the u.s. the array known as deep water
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wind is located several miles from the island. it's a series of five turbans standing twice the height of the statue of liberty. it will send power to the island and mainland without produce in emissions that fuel climate change. but views are split whether replacing with wind blown energy will lower people's electric bills. >> we need to make investments in new projects like this in order to tap into what will be our future. >> one would describe the public process on dope water wind. >> the project's ceo said the turbans will generate enough power for thousands of homes while boosting business such as charter fishing. progress in building a wind farm in atlantic city is growing slowly. a company based in cape may started pushing the idea several years ago, but eutilities officials and governor christie
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rejected plans claiming the new source of energy was not economically feasible. it's 4:47 on this monday morning. let's get a check of the roads. >> looking at interstate 95. how is it looking? >> 95 looks pretty good this morning. it's very early. our camera right around girard avenue. northbound traffic looks pretty empty right now. it's good to go in the green. the 42 freeway, our camera around route 41. very light traffic. it's 4:48 right now. so far we're doing pretty good on the new jersey majors. and we're still watching that accident at indian creek road. back to you. stop what you're doing and look out your window. there's a super moon in the sky. that's it's the brightest moon in almost 70 years.
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the last time it was this big the cleveland indians won the world series back in 1948. we have to bring that up. super moons happen once about every 14 months, but this super moon is even more super because the moon is closer to the earth than usual. >> it's spectacular because as bill mentioned it's clear. as soon as i walked in my u car, it's right there. >> very nice. what does that mean for the weather for monday and the rest of the week? >> all i heard is the indians lost since 1948. and right now, this is the time to view that moon. it's clear and cold. but the skies are completely clear. no problem seeing it. that changes during the day. clouds will be rolling in this afternoon. i'll be tracking some showers to the south coming our way u during the evening hours. those evening showers will hit delaware and south jersey is before they make it to philadelphia.
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look at the cold. right at the freezing mark in the lehigh valley. 29 degrees in south jersey. delaware is at 33 degrees. the 35 is at the airport. look at park side down to 32 degrees. summerton at 27 degrees this morning. and plenty of neighborhoods now in the 30s this morning. it's 38 at the hospital. still low 40s in center city. clear skies right now. and not a lot of wind. just enough of a breeze to make it feel a little chillier. also we're nice and clear this morning. the temperatures could still fall before we get some clouds during the day today. we'll get some sunshine before clouds arrive. these clouds so to the south are destined for our area. the best chance of this rain will be tomorrow. but the first of the showers will likely arrive later today. not heavy rainfall for most of the time. mostly just a steady rainfall that comes in later this afternoon. and tonight and tomorrow. our arrival forecast noontime still clear for philadelphia.
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you see the high clouds on the increase at cape may at that time. a as we go into the late afternoon and evening hours, the moon will have come up once again. but look at the clouds. so not a very good viewing opportunity for the super moon this evening. cape may will be seeing some showers at that time. as we go into the later evening hours and overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, that rain will make some steady progress moving up from the south and moving inland as well. some heavier downpours offshore and a line of heavier showers moving into south jersey by 4:00 tomorrow morning. so rain gear for tomorrow. but today you'll see lots of sunshine before the clouds take over. 62 degrees the high temperature this afternoon. cloudy this evening and then the rain showers developing overnight tonight and into tomorrow. some late daybreaks in that rainfall. 55 degrees the high on tuesday. then sunshine is back and we're back near 60 degrees on
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wednesday. a mild afternoon and even warmer for friday and saturday of next week. temperatures well into the 60s. but then it gets much chill ler for sunday and monday. you'll feel the cooler aerosol idly in place. all this week, nbc 10 puts its focus on severe winter weather. starting today we begin a mall tour across the area. the dates and locations are on the screen. top by any of these malls shown to meet the weather team as they show off our high-tech weather tracking equipment like storm ranger 10. imagine hiding a church to keep yourself safe. >> that's what one philadelphia man is doing. the reason he could be deported as early as today. also special seats. the lincoln holds 70,000 fans. why the team wants to make sure one seat is always left unoccupied. and the playoff edition of the blitz game of the week. here are the matchup choices.
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garnett valley, head to to vote. the winning matchup will be announced thursday night at 11:00.
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good morning, everyone. we're over in maple shade, new jersey. we're at 73. very, very light traffic. you may be able to see the majors because of the super moon. it's 4:45. we'll take a look at the blue route. a heads up for driving. traveling through the neighborhood, expect lane restrictions. penndot is doing work at several intersections. they will be at broad, masher and 5th streets. work begins at 9:00 each morning and will take crews about a year to get the work done. a group of local kids in
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delaware county, dozens of volunteers packed the maple presbyterian church to send meals to haiti. they said it's a win-win for everyone involved. >> i feel like we're fooeding the people receiving the food, but also ourselves because it does something for us to give back to people in need. >> in all they packed up and shipped out about 60,000 meals. and more than a dozen organizations and businesses came together for the sixth annual helping hands charity event. volunteers served up a hot meal to men, women and children. they also handed out blankets and toiletries to those who needed them. that pride ran deep for eagles fans. here's a lock at the salute to service pregame event to honor our military and veterans. they included a flyover from the
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177th fighter wing from south jersey. medal of honor recipient dakota meyer was a special sges he told everyone about a jobs program everyone can get behind. >> i teamed up with toyota and the chamber of commerce to start a program called hire heros. we go out and help transition them from the service, give them the tools to transition from the service to their new life. it's kind of like communication. corporate america doesn't understand what they are getting. so we're trying to bridge that gap and give these great men and women the tools to be successful. >> also before the game, the eagles unveiled a plaque and unoccupied seat to pay tribute to soldiers. the seat is located at head
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house plaza. the eagles called it a deserved tribute to those who served our country and never made it home. >> both legs of a flight i was on this women had military men and women board first. then they asked them to stand up and everyone gave them a round of applause. it was quite moving. because it's military weekend and veterans day on friday. it was quite moving. we should always thank them for our service. now to more of the stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. president-elect trump talks for the first time since winning the election. e he talked about a wide range of issues. hear what he says about his plans to scrap obamacare and why some parts of it could be saved. deportation danger. a man is holed up in a center. he's worried he could get kicked out of the country today.
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a big win for the eagles. the team stopped a two-week losing streak by beating the falcons in front of a pumped up home crowd. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> and i'm tracy davidson. clear and kol today. this morning for sure. you can see the super moon. meteorologist bill henley has a beautiful view. >> it's a great view from our camera in cape may. completely clear for the entire area. no problems seeing it first this thing morning. this afternoon, a different story. in the 30s for philadelphia. new jersey is at 36 degrees. we will see sunshine this morning before the clouds move in this afternoon. 62 degrees in philadelphia. clouds rolling into the suburbs. a high of 59 degrees. and 60 degrees before the clouds take over completely in new jersey during the early afternoon hours. the lehigh valley getting close
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to the 60 degree mark. southern delaware will see late day showers. those are the showers that will spread to the north as the evening progresses and be with us in the area tomorrow. you may have noticed the changes ahead with the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. i'll take a closer look at when you can expect rain drops to start falling when i come back with the hour by hour forecast. first, time for a look at traffic. >> because of that super moon, it's bright enough to take a look at the baltimore pike camera. typically i can't show it until after 6:00 because it's pitch black. but traffic looks night. we're going to be good to go so far. thanks to the super moon. now route 422, take a look at travel time ts still in the green. we're going to do okay. it's going to take you nine minutes. it's going to remain in the green. we're doing pretty good on the westbound side as well.


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