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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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i don't think everyone will see the rain tonight. it will be around for part of the area for the morning commute tomorrow. if you're in the philadelphia area, cloudy, 53 degrees. by 10:00 p.m., which could still be dry. wouldn't be surprised if a couple of showers try to move in. by 6:00 a.m., chilly with showers moving in. pennsylvania suburbs should stay fairly dry tonight. by early tomorrow morning we could already see some scattered showers. lehigh valley could be remaining fairly dry for the morning commute. temperatures in the upper 30s. if you're in delaware along the jersey shore or new jersey, you could be dealing with very late rain tonight and some of that could be lingering for the commute tomorrow. make sure you have the umbrellas in the morning. i don't think everyone will be seeing this, but we'll be seeing spotty showers for the morning commute. coming up, how cool the temperatures will stay for the rest of the week and we'll talk about this weekend forecast, straight ahead. happening tonight, leaders in philadelphia are demanding answers after a mob of people
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carried out random attacks in center city. in the next hour, mayor jim kenney will speak about the incidents. >> nbc 10's deanna durante has been digging for information. deanna, police are hoping surveillance video can shed some new light? >> reporter: they do have some video, they were out all day looking for more. two teenaged boys have been arrested after the attack at rittenhouse square, and police say they're looking to make more arrests. it's an area where people dine, shop, and come for entertainment. a street performer plays near 17th and walnut, as police try to find cameras that caught a random assault on people walking down this posh street. the assault is update setting. >> especially when you're visitor to this area.
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>> you have to think about stuff like that. >> reporter: it happened around 6:00 saturday night. police say a band of teens left a club. while most were peaceful, some were not. >> it was crazy. i don't come here that often. i try not to, i don't want to get in the middle of it. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: an off-duty detective saw the assault and jumped in to help. they broke a bone in his face and when his wife tried to help her husband, she was kicked in the face. officers broke it up. >> it's ridiculous behavior. some people want to talk about parents. i talk about personal responsibility. these kids are old enough to know better. >> reporter: commissioner ross says after recent issues in this area, police will need support here but also other areas across the city. mayor jim kenney will address saturday's assault in the next hour. deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
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as the white house prepares for a transition to trump, president obama answered reporters' questions for the first time since donald trump's election victory. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is live in our breaking news center with more on what the president had to say. jim? >> president obama says his team will finish what they started. he said, quote, the car will be in good shape when he hands over the keys to donald trump coming up in january. the president spoke at the white house before taking off for his final foreign trip in office. president obama reiterated his pledge to help ensure a smooth transition of power. he said he will work with foreign leaders -- he will speak with foreign leaders, i should say, about his successor when he travels to greece, germany and peru. but despite his optimistic outlook, the president admitted he still has concerns about trump's temperament. >> i think what will happen with the president-elect is there are going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well unless he
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recognizes them and corrects them. and i think he recognizes that this is different. and so do the american people. >> as for his party's unity after hillary clinton's loss, president obama says he believes it's healthy for democrats to go through some reflection, but he says the party should not waiver on their core beliefs and principles. jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. keith? >> jim, thank you. speaking of working together, president-elect trump and registration president vladimir putin are already working together. according to the kremlin, the two leaders spoke by phone and agreed to work to improve u.s. and russian relations. this news comes as mr. trump's staffing search kicks into high gear. it isn't without controversy, with news that the president-elect is going to the hard right for his senior adviser. here is the latest from washington. >> reporter: eric trump came to trump tower. ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner, key players in
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the effort to fill top jobs in the trump administration. a possible pick for treasury secretary, steve mnuchin. he was trump's campaign finance chair. there was praise for trump picking rnc chair reince priebus as chief of staff. but horror from some at stephen bannon as top adviser who ran breitbart news, who some consider extremist and racist. kellyanne conway defended bannon. trump demanded his most extreme backers quit harassing minorities. >> i'll say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> reporter: trump hedged on major promises. his wall will have some fencing. he'll deport immigrants who commit crimes and keep part of obamacare coverage for people with preconditions. >> yes, because it happens to be
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one of the strongest assets. >> reporter: there were more protests today as trump and his team moved to take the reins of power. tonight millions of people are wondering what will happen to their health care under a donald trump presidency. tonight, we'll take a closer look at what those changes would mean for patients across this area. senator bob casey visited the university of pennsylvania campus today to talk about hateful language aimed at some black students. the students were added to a group on a social media app that sent out racist messages about lynchings and referenced the president-elect under the heading "trump's disciple." students we spoke with today said the election has caused aggression and emboldened racism. >> it was a hit in the gut, proving that we feel unsafe on this campus and america because there were so many people who voted for trump who we never knew supported him in the first place.
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>> the university says the messages have been linked to three people in oklahoma including a university of oklahoma student. parents of students at a bucks county high school will have the chance tonight to speak with school officials about racist graffiti that showed up inside some school bathrooms there last week. council rock high school's principal addressed the incident in a letter to parents last week. the bathroom graffitiastika swastika. delaware health officials have confirmed new flu cases in all three of the state's counties. the patients diagnosed include two elderly people and a baby. officials say none of them has had a flu shot. doctors say now is the time to get your flu shot to protect not just you about higher risk people around you. still ahead at 6:00, nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explains why doctors say this year's vaccine is different. new video tonight shows a
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man with a hammer doing a lot of damage to businesses in south jersey. surveillance video shows him robbing stores. >> nbc 10's cydney long is live in harrison township. cydney, police say this burglar was bold and may not be easy to track down. >> reporter: keith, that's right. despite the fact that, as you can see, this shopping center is pretty well lit, even in the nighttime hours, the crook's face was well-hidden. police say the fact that four different highways feed into this area, they fear this guy is long gone. in the early morning hours of sau saturday, this salon owner and four of his neighbor businesses got the call. a brazen crook used a hammer to smash glass and break into five stores, all caught on surveillance video. >> he went in and proceeded to remove cash out of the businesses.
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>> reporter: police aren't sure of the order of the burglaries, but they say deluxe nails, oscar's carpet, and sherman williams all had to make immediate and costly broken glass repairs. >> and we just remodelled. it stinks to have to repay for some of the things we just did. >> reporter: it isn't how anthony marino wanted to start off the fall season. >> the damage he did will cost us money. it's unfortunate. >> reporter: police say the crook may have cased the shopping center, watching overnight delivery times. >> 15 minutes the bread delivery left and he showed up. >> reporter: police are comparing crimes to see if there are similarities. >> it's difficult, we have state highway 77, route 55. he could have come from anywhere. >> reporter: the bad guy got away with thousands of dollars. business owners just want him caught. >> of course i want him to get
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arrested. >> everyone is safe, nobody was in the stores when it happened, so that's good. >> reporter: police say the crook parked the car in the parking lot but surveillance cameras couldn't give police any good information on a make or model. they're asking anyone who may have been driving by saturday morning between 4 and 5:00 a.m. who noticed anything suspicious to please give them a call. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> cydney, thank you. could a thanksgiving tradition become the next target for terrorists? what isis said about the macy's thanksgiving day parade and how officials in new york city are responding to the possible threat. an extremely close encounter with a whale off the jersey shore is being called once in a lifetime. >> it was absolutely amazing to see. >> i'm ted greenberg with concerns caused by some boaters trying to get a better look at the massive creatures.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. a georgia jury found a father guilty of murder for the hot car death of his toddler son. justin ross harris's 22-month-old son cooper died in 2014 after his father left him in a hot suv for hours. harris was at work at the time. the defense claimed it was an
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accident but prosecutors say harris killed his son to escape family commitments as he had affairs with other women. >> he sat there 30 seconds before closing the door on that little boy's life. >> he is responsible. but responsible is not the same thing as criminal. it is not. >> harris faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole plus 42 years. evacuations have been ordered in six north carolina mountain counties as at least 22 wildfires like this one back here continue on. crews from five states have descended on the area to battle the flames. relentless drought and heat in the southeast have made conditions all too ripe. despite support from the air in the form of water drops, much of the fight is being done with hand-held tools. >> the crews come in with leaf
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blowers. we walk the lines, blow the leaves out, look for smoke. if they find a hotspot, they come back with the water. >> in all, tens of thousands of acres have burned in north carolina, tennessee, kentucky, georgia, and alabama. new zealand is planning to send in military helicopters and a navy ship to rescue people stranded after a powerful earthquake hit the island. two people died. the quake also brought down rocks and mud that swept across highways and cracked roads apart. the moment the quake hit was caught on camera. it shook shelves and sent wine bottles flying inside this supermarket. footage from a golf shop shows the extreme force behind that quake. it also ripped apart a small field. take a look at that, stranding three cows on an island of grass. you can see the animals surrounded by huge landslides.
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strong aftershocks continued to shake the country today. take a look at this, a water main break in florida created a hole so large, it swallowed a car. deputies, road maintenance and fire rescue crews were called to the scene. there was things like they could do. the car became totally engulfed by that hole. >> i tried to back up, it wouldn't. it just started sucking me in a little bit, the water started coming up through the bottom. i jumped out the side. pretty much that was it, walked over here to the dryness, and it continued to sink after that. >> had you not hole there was a hole there, you would have driven into it. workers pulled the car out of the hole. here at home, first alert weather is tracking the rain. >> meteorologist sheena parveen, we'll get the umbrella.
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>> some of you will have to for the morning commute. remember that before you head out. we're tracking rain for part of the area for the morning, not an all day thing at all. for the morning hours it could be fairly spotty too. at center city, we don't have the rain right now. the clouds have taken over. most of the rain is in new jersey and delaware. so we see it right along the shore. some of it is getting a little bit heavier too, through atlantic city, parts of cape may county, sussex county as well. atlantic city seeing fairly heavy rainfall, shown by the yellow coloring. some of this has been increasing over the past 30 minutes. atlantic city to ocean city. even farther south, parts of cape may county, avalon, cape may courthouse, down to wildwood. this is all showing us the heavier rain with the yellows and oranges. the green showing us the lighter rain. and it's, again, mostly confined to the shore and parts of delaware. the rest of the area seeing the clouds. we'll see some more spotty showers trying to move in
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elsewhere, even the philadelphia area, as we go late into tomorrow. this is a weather system that's eventually going to move offshore. that's why i don't think everyone will see the rain tomorrow morning. but some of you will. the best chance will be areas away from the lehigh valley. that will be the driest spot. right now, 55 degrees in philadelphia, 56 lehigh valley, 56 degrees in many of our pennsylvania suburbs. low 50s for many south jersey neighborhoods. we'll take a look at delaware, harmony hills 54 degrees. middletown, 54 degrees. farther south, where some more of the rain is in parts of delaware, not changing the temperatures too much. 51 milton, closer to the delaware beaches, temperatures are in the mid-50s. now we're looking at future weather, 9:00 tomorrow morning. this particular computer model keeps a lot of the heaviest rain offshore. but i think there will still be a good chance that areas inland can see some early morning showers. so again, just be aware of that for the morning. through the afternoon we see more clearing.
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that system moves offshore. it won't be an all day rain, just be aware of that in the morning. wednesday we're dry. thursday we're dry. friday we're dry. and you can see that with the seven-day at the bottom of the screen. a nice looking forecast for the rest of the week after tomorrow morning. if you're in allentown, 54 degrees, spotty early showers. lehigh valley will have the lowest chance of that. voorhees township, 55 degrees. if you're in dover tomorrow, 56 degrees and spotty showers there as well. we go through wednesday, thursday, friday, we're nice and dry, temperatures in the 60s. mid-60s by friday, that will be the warmest day. saturday, clouds increase later in the day. there is a chance on sunday, and we're still pretty far out, but at this point there is a chance we could see a wintry mix starting early sunday, could last to later in the day sunday. some of the models are not agreeing on this. the more reliable ones are starting to pick this up. either way, temperatures will be
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cooling down upper 30s into next monday morning. again, the weekend forecast definitely something to watch. until we get there, a pretty good dry stretch after tomorrow morning. a closer look at your neighborhood weather, coming up. the nbc 10 first alert weather team kicked off severe winter weather week now. shoppers got an up close look at our mobile radar vehicle storm ranger and our weather center on wheels, storm force 10. we chose the oxford mall because it earned a designation from the weather service. >> we did a series of training courses to recognize when bad weather is moving in, how to communicate that:"zv$ our shoppers and retailers and being prepared with emergency supplies. >> all week long the first letter weather team will be visiting malls across our area to show off the full power of nbc 10's forecasting technical. tomorrow we'll be at philadelphia mills. stop by to meet the first alert
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weather team as they show off high tech weather tracking equipment. from our delaware bureau, efforts to improve water quality at the newark reservoir could have people in our area asking, what stinks? >> tomorrow, crews will install a new aeration and mixing system, while the upgrade won't impact access to drinking water, people in the area may notice a rotten egg smell. that's expected to last no longer than three to five days. a lot of people already thinking about that christmas shopping list. it could get even tougher this year. the popular gift that most people say they don't want, that's still ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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we have breaking news now from north philadelphia. skyforce 10 is live over the scene of what we've learned is a deadly shooting. this is north 25th súa(ñstreet. police say the victim was shot several times in the street you're looking at right now. you see some officers there. a bunch of police cruisers. as soon as we know more about this deadly shooting, we'll get it back to you. a magazine published by isis suggests new york city's annual thanksgiving parade would be a, quote, excellent target for a terror attack. the latest edition of the magazine includes a virtual how-to on inflicting maximum casualties. it directs lone wolves to rent a truck and drive into a crowd.
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a former fbi agent says the article is troubling but nothing new. >> that magazine and previously inspire magazine has brought out special events or big events and basically encouraged the lone wolf or their supporters to go out and do something. this is not the first time. >> local and federal law enforcement officials that i there has been no credible threat to the parade or the city on thanksgiving day. veteran journalist gwen ifill died today after a long battle with cancer. she was a former newspaper reporter for the new york times and eventually switched over to television, working for both nbc news and pbs. she recently moderated the democratic presidential primary debate with judy woodruff in february. she was 61 years old. despite their popularity, the use of medical clinics
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located inside drugstores has not reduced visits to emergency rooms for minor health problems. a study found people are still going to the er for respiratory infections and earaches even when there's a clinic nearby. they may be using the clinics as a substitute for a primary care doctor rather than the emergency room. researchers at columbia medical center analyzed drug use and health data for teenagers and young adults and found episodes of depression increased in adolescents from nearly 9% in 2005 to just over 11% in 2014. the greatest increase was in teen age girls. speaking of your health and medical care, tonight millions of people are wondering what will happen to their health care. >> president-elect donald trump obamacare or only keeping some parts of it. next, we take a look at what those changes would mean for
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patients across this area.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. right now at 5:00, we're tracking rain. you can already see showers moving into the region on the nbc 10 radar. >> a lot of it, too. your neighborhood forecast may be very different from the others. the rain is hitting the delaware coast of the jersey shore first. it might take a while to reach philadelphia. >> nbc 10 first alert
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meteorologist sheena parveen is keeping an eye on the timing. >> it depends on where you live. the rain has gotten heavier at the shore. if you're in the lehigh valley, you're still dry. it's all about what neighborhood you live in. right now we're going to zoom into atlantic and cape may counties. we have yellows, oranges, reds, showing heavier rain moving onshore and developing. in atlantic city you're seeing the rain getting heavier, towards egg harbor, mays landing, across the ac expressway, down to ocean city. this continues through sea isle city, towards cape may, you see all the rain continuing along the shore. now we're looking at sussex county, lewis, rehoboth beach, all seeing rain continuing to move onshore. we'll watch this for the rest of the evening. i think it will mainly be confined to new jersey and delaware for a little while
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longer, then eventually scattered showers where alselsel because of this area of low pressure. we'll see scattered showers for the morning. it won't be a washout of a day. the rain won't last all day. here is what it looks like with our planner. allentown, 40, overnight dropping into the upper 30s for most of the lehigh valley. could see spotty showers through the philadelphia area, 40s in the morning, also dealing with spotty rain there as well. wasn't keep watching through the overnight hours especially. and coming up, a closer look at your neighborhood weather. also a very close look at your weekend forecast. a lot to talk about there, straight ahead. >> sheena, thank you. skyforce 10 over the scene of an accident with a dirt bike and a police car in the wissinoming section of philadelphia. the person on the dirt bike was
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hurt. we're waiting to get more information. we'll stay on top of this breaking news story. president obama reiterated his commitment to a smooth transition to trump today. the president answered reporters' questions for the first time since last week's election. he will be speaking with world leaders during his last foreign trip in office. the president said some reflection can be healthy after the democrats' loss. >> the democrats should not waver on our core beliefs and principles. the belief that we should have an economy that works for everybody, not just a few. the belief that america at its best is inclusive and not exclusive. >> the president says he believes trump is practical and that trump wants to succeed. president-elect trump spoke
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over the phone today with russian president vladimir putin to discuss future efforts to improve relations between the two countries. trump's office said putin called him to offer his congratulations on winning an historic election. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway says the president-elect will make more appointments to his staff and cabinet later this week. one of the big questions millions of people are asking now, what happens to obamacare when trump takes office? i spoke with one local recipient and a health law expert about what's next and there just might not be a clear answer. >> reporter: every day gabriel schwartz takes a cocktail of pills to manage his diabetes. before obamacare -- >> do i pay my student loans or pay my rent or buy my medications which is $800 prior to any kind of adjustment with regards to an insurance plan? that's just one medication. >> reporter: he's one of 1.1 million people in pennsylvania
5:34 pm
who could lose coverage if president-elect donald trump repeals the affordable care act and places it with something else. sunday trump announced there will not be a coverage gap and people with preexisting conditions would be important to keep on the plan. even still -- >> i think we will see huge changes. >> reporter: michael campbell teaches health law at villanova university. >> the easiest thing for the congress to do is to take away subsidies and take away the medicaid expansion. what i think you'll certainly see is the elimination of assistance to people below -- at or below 250% of the poverty level. >> reporter: that's people whose income fal income falls between 20 to $66,000. >> most americans are concerned about what's going to happen. it's frustrating. >> premiums for obamacare are
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set to go up significantly next year. opponents say that's why it needs to be replaced. health advocacy groups say they're still encouraging people to sign up. it was off to work for the newest members of congress today in washington. they arrived for new member orientation at the capitol hill hotel today. the recently-elected members of the house of representatives won't officially take office until january of 2016. the same can't be said for representative dwight evan, who will be sworn in to take the seat vacated by shaka fatah. >> we have to convince people that washington can work and it's not a process where it's a wai waste of people's time. >> evans is set to be sworn in on the house floor sometime in the next hour. taking a right hand turn, a man will have to stand trial in the death of a lehigh valley mother whose remains were found
5:36 pm
buried in his yard. this is michael of michael horvath arriving at court today. a judge ordered him to face charges on homicide, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse in the death of holly grimm. police believe he kidnapped grimm from her home in 2013, then brought her to his home where he killed and buried her. state police found her remains in september. horvath and grimm were co-workers. a new key card allows septa's senior riders to just tap and go to get to their destination. septa rolled out its key cards for senior citizens today. riders can load up to $250 on the card and use them on subways, busses, and trollies without having to show their i.d. to a cashier or operator. the cards do not yet work for regional rail riders. it is national apprenticeship week. dozens of young people received hands-on training at an open house in northeast philly today.
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the instructors taught job skills like welding and painting. people learned how to enroll in apprenticeship programs that can lead to careers. donald trump's threat to deport millions of people has many immigrant groups concerned. but for one father from mexico, that threat has already arrived. now he's taken sanctuary inside a philadelphia church. coming up at 5:00, why he says the obama administration is tearing families apart too.
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listen to that. eagles fans had the link rocking yesterday. the birds' faithful helped to make things uncomfortable for the visitors from atlanta, carson wentz tweeting this out,
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"the linc had the juice yesterday." the eagles are a perfect 4-0 at home this season. today several eagles including george matthews held a pep rally at a school in south philly, their goal, tackling child obesity. they encouraged the kids to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. the school was presented with a $10,000 grant to go toward healthy programs. >> nice. now a playoff edition of the nbc 10 high school blitz game of the week. your matchup choices, coatesville versus north penn, collins wood or garnet valley. head to or tap the nbc 10 to vote. the winning matchup will be announced thursday night, nbc 10 news at 11:00. the moment a lot of fans are waiting for, a flyers great officially becomes a hall of famer. after being passed over six
5:41 pm
times, he'll finally be inducted in toronto. he played 13 seasons in the nhl, eight with the flyers. he was in the stanley cup finals in 1997 but his career was cut short by concussion. i'm tracking rain. i'll show you which areas can expect it for the morning commute. plus changes possibly into the weekend, next.
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right now at 5:00, seeking sanctuary. one man has made a church his new home to avoid deportation. >> while many undocumented immigrants have raised concerns about a trump presidency, local groups say president obama is
5:44 pm
tearing apart families as well. >> reporter: javier flores wants to continue living in the country with his three american-born children. >> his 90 days were up today. basically he's seeking sanctuary because he has a pending visa case. >> reporter: he's getting help from a pro-immigrant organization, juntos. flores was released from pike county detention center in august. his lawyer tells us he was given three months to get his affairs in order and be with his family. flores was supposed to report to i.c.e. today but instead moved into his holy home. >> it left him in the position of, what is he going to do at the end of this period, you know, knowing the situation of his family. >> reporter: he's been deported twice but made it back into the country. >> it's important to clarify that that re entry was because e
5:45 pm
wanted to be with his family and children. >> the mental health situation of his children was deteriorating significantly. >> reporter: flores's attorney is arguing a waiver is deserved so his client isn't taken away from his family. >> we've appealed this twice because we thought it was a mistaken decision to not grant him the waiver. >> reporter: for now, flores will be able to see his family at his sanctuary from government agents. >> this is not the first time a philadelphia area church has been used as a sanctuary. in 2014, angela navarro moved into a church to avoid deportation, staying there two months before being given a temporary reprieve. today she is living and working here legally, going through the residency process. government agents are allowed to go into churches to serve
5:46 pm
warrants but have avoided that in the past. catholic bishops around the country are making a plea to president-elect trump, asking the incoming president to adopt humane policies toward immigrants and refugees. they made the plea during today's annual meeting of the conference of catholic bishops in baltimore. hate crimes against muslims are on the rise in the u.s. the fbi says there is a 67% spike in those crimes last year. in all, there were 257 incidents of anti-muslim bias in 2015. that's compared to 184 incidents in 2014. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. it was a great day to get out and walk the dog in wilmington. nbc 10 in rockford park as several people and their pooches enjoyed the relatively warm fall day before all the clouds moved in. now in parts of southern delaware, we have the rain even along the shore in new jersey.
5:47 pm
that's where it's heaviest currently. we'll zoom in around atlantic city, atlantic county, stretching inland. the rain is getting heavier across the ac expressway, over to mays landing, galloway township, egg harbor township, all seeing moderate to heavy rainfall now. this stretches down into cape may county. the heaviest around things are city currently. all moving in from the south, a big area of low pressure, really right off the coast of north carolina and virginia. eventually that's going to slide offshore. it's going to take a lot of the heavy rain with it and we'll be left with some scattered showers for early tomorrow morning. remember that for your morning commute. showers will be around early in the day. i don't think everyone will see the early rain. but i think we will have some areas with early showers. so have the umbrella just in case you run into those. temperatures will stay cool through the rest of the week, mostly in the 60s. tomorrow a chilly, rainy day. then we're watching a possible wintry mix as we go into the weekend. we're still far away.
5:48 pm
it's definitely something to keep our eye on. it looks like it could be the second half of your weekend. as we get closer, we'll have much more details on that. here is a look at future weather. as we go through tonight, a lot of the heaviest rain does stay offshore. this is the latest computer model, 8:30 tomorrow morning, we could see spotty showers for the morning commute. not really for the evening commute. i think we'll start to dry out definitely the second half of the day. then we go into wednesday, thursday, friday. we'll stay nice and dry. no rain heading our way before the week is over. it is that system for the weekend that we'll be watching. temperatures right now kind of chilly, 56 through many of our pennsylvania suburbs. 53 through many of our delaware neighborhoods. south jersey, seeing that light rain. even along the shore, heavier rain. a closer look at chester county, cochranville, 49, unionville 49, malvern 51 degrees right now. much of montgomery and bucks county, mostly mid- to low 50s. 53 in harrington. as we go through tomorrow, still
5:49 pm
in the 50s, kind of a chilly day. if you run into those showers, a chilly, rainy morning for you. the lehigh valley i think will have the lowest chance for showers. pennsylvania suburbs, mostly the mid-50s. 55 phoenixville, morning showers there. philadelphia area, 55 degrees, fairmont coming in around 56 degrees. it is not going to be an all day rain. at the best we'll see morning showers. trenton, 53 degrees tomorrow afternoon for a high. again, a chilly day. delaware, temperatures mostly mid- to upper 50s. wilmington coming in at 56. we get dry wednesday through saturday. looks really good to start the weekend. friday looks like the warmest day, temperatures in the mid-60s. then a big drop going to sunday, 52 it degrees. that's when we could be seeing a wintry mix. some computer models are picking up on this. of course we're still several days out. we'll keep you updated on that. just something to keep your eye on. we'll be watching monday as
5:50 pm
well. after that, things look to dry out nicely. more details on your neighborhood weather at 6:00. >> we'll look forward to that, sheena, thank you. lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> ahead tonight, president obama opens up about last week's election and the challenges facing donald trump now. we're covering the major wildfires burning in parts of the hot, dry south. and are the days of lost luggage over? we'll talk about a big change that will be coming to an airport near you, all when we see you back here at 6:30 for "nbc nightly news." now back to you in philly. >> thanks, lester, see you then. the holiday shopping season, hard to believe it's almost here. >> crazy. >> for many folks gift cards are the go-to present. >> a lot of people think, you don't know what to get people, get them a gift card. but according to a study, only 27% of americans prefer receiving gift cards over an actual present. yet half of americans say they
5:51 pm
plan to give a gift card this holiday season. if you do happen to receive one this year, the study found one security feature on the rise. 67% of gift cards now offer the option of requiring a personal i.d. number. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 news today, we're tracking the trends for this year's hot holiday toy. >> see which one is flying off the shelves. and the toy from last year that could be making a comeback. that of course is when you join vai, tracy, on the air at 4:30 a.m. a group at the jersey shore came back with quite a story to tell. this whale got really close and personal. now experts say this is happening more and more. why that's causing amazement and concerns, next all new at 5:00. plus new at 6:00, two local
5:52 pm
brothers home from college blew up pipe bombs. today they learn their fate.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
this whale put on quite a show off the jersey shore this weekend. the cape may whale watching center took this video during
5:55 pm
one of their tours. i don't know, taking a look at this thing. >> too close to comfort. >> way too close. they had never seen anything like it before. >> they're not the only one experiencing these close encounters. that's concerning. nbc 10 reporter ted greenberg shows us why. >> reporter: they first saw it from a distance. >> i've never seen this activity before. >> reporter: then an unusually close encounter with this massive humpback whale. >> it started turning towards us. i had never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: the 50-foot animal amazed staffers and their passengers off the coast of wildwood sunday afternoon, when it repeatedly came up on both side of the boat for close to half an hour. >> this was a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: when the whale surfaced next to the boat, the captain immediately put it into neutral and kept it that way
5:56 pm
until the creature swam away. >> so we were not moving at the time. with humpback whales, we:&q÷ al have to make sure we're over 100 feet away unless the whale approaches you. >> reporter: there's been a recent surge of humpback sightings off the jersey shore as the whales hunt for fish. this was the damage after a collision. >> a lot of power behind that pail. >> reporter: the professional photographer who took these images says he was surprised how close some boaters appeared to be to the whales. brigantine's marine mammal stranding center has received complaints about boaters following and chasing whales, potentially breaking laws. >> some of these recreational vessels are getting way too close. you should make sure you're as far away as possible. >> reporter: in this case, it was the whale that seemed to be curious, providing an unforgettable show of nature. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
5:57 pm
>> beautiful animals right there. but the number i see is 50 tons. >> yes. >> not getting enclose close to my boat. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. random people in philadelphia attacked and college students targeted. also ahead at 6:00, president obama delivers a message to americans before heading overseas. what the president has to say about the president-elect's temperament. the holidays are almost here. flu season is already here. coming up, a look at this year's flu vaccine and reasons why you'll need it. and we have rain moving into part of the area. coming up, i'll show you who can expect the heaviest of it tonight and who can expect it tomorrow morning, next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
hateful messages tonight. what's being done at the university of pennsylvania to calm students. president obama says he thinks the president-elect will try to send messages of unity to people who didn't vote for him. you could see rain in the morning. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. we begin with two incidents that sparked outremainiage.
6:00 pm
random people attacked in center city and racist messages sent to students at penn. in the next 30 minutes, the philadelphia mayor will address both. here is the live picture from city hall where the mayor will speak at 6:30. we have team coverage with reporters covering both cases for you. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. we told you friday night about the hate messages to black freshmen at penn. >> today students are still distraught about why people from oklahoma singed oled out pennsylvania. nbc 10's lauren mayk has more. >> reporter: jacqueline, a u.s. senator made a stop here today. he tells me he came here to listen. >> it's horrific when any student has to live through the kind of week some of these students lived through. >> reporter: at the university of pennsylvania, u.s. senator bob casey just after meeting with students about racist messages sent toe


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