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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  WCAU  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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hand. that officer was actually hit in the thumb. the officer rushed to jefferson hospital hopefully with nonlife-threatening injuries, unfortunately, we don't have any information on whether this shooter has been captured or if they have any leads, but you can see an active investigation, police looking for clues in the backyard here in north philadelphia. it's a story we'll be tracking throughout the evening. that is the latest live from sky force 10, nbc10 news. other breaking news in philadelphia's hunting park section. we have learned in the past few minutes that a man shot at a barbershop here has died. the victim died at the hospital. at this point there are no arrests. >> and we're not finished with breaking news, because this time it's in northeast philadelphia airport where a small plane crash landed there, sky force 10 was overhead around 5:00 tonight. it is a little hard to make out,
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but you can see the aircraft on the ground, and we're told the plane was flipped over and no one was hurt. an 8-year-old girl is critically injured after a driver hit her and then left that scene. a silver or gray nissan crashed into that child around 3:30 this afternoon. a neighbor tells us the contents of the girl's backpack were thrown all over the street, she is in the hospital in critical condition. other news now, a deadly surprise, the brother of a man killed in what police believe was a tragic accident speaks to nbc10. the 50-year-old was shot and killed as he was trying to surprise a friend in mercer county. >> police say the friend mistook him for a home intruder. cydney hlong has the details.
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>> reporter: allan holds back the tears. >> i'm con fused, i'm angry, unforeseen forecasts bring you to a point where you lose you're train of thought. >> reporter: he can't comp hend how his older brother attempted to surprise a female friend last night and it got him killed. a 50-year-old father of four was shot after walking into a house on hamilton street. the thing is the two were talking on cell phones together. wattford told her he was still out of town. police say she panicked and pulled the trigger, she fired toward the darks steps, into the shadows and truck wattford in the chest. >> hearing how it happened and i
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would like to know for sure. and until that happens, the family really won't get closure. >> reporter: place say all indications are that the gun was lawful and this was a horrible accident. then a call to 911 where the homeowner told dispatchers she shot intruder. moments later, i think i shot my friend. >> it was a great dad to his children, he was a great brother and he was a great stranger. >> neighbor his effort to be at foe cost him his life. >> union workers have just cast their vote on the contract with septa. officials with is transport workers union expect the vote to be closed. if that pass the deal, the board
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will still have to approve it. both sides will restart the negotiations but workers won't go on strike. turning to our first alert weather, which is getting ready to change in a big way. the warm weather will soon give way to the possibility of snow in some areas. a big difference between the two days, saturday pretty mild, sunday, not so much. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with a first look at your forecast. >> if you're running the philadelphia marathon sunday, you're going to have to really bundle up. it's going to be a shocker come sunday. temperatures are dropping this evening, although we're still fairly mild compared to where we should be this time of year. allentown 54 degrees, 58 in trenton, but take a look at what's heading our way. the warm air is still going to be here for tomorrow. then we have 30s back off to our west, way to our west.
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and this is along with some snow and some rain here. so that weather system is the dividing line between the cold and warm air. the warmer weather is just ahead of the rain. so tomorrow afternoon, we're still in the 60s, the rain is just off to our west. saturday night that rain starts to move in, and for part of the area late tomorrow night, i think we'll have some rain and snow showers, higher elevations in the poconos seeing some snow showers. taking a look at the timing going into your sunday, and i'll tell you how cold it's going to get for your sunday as well. >> and nearly 30,000 runners will be in center city this weekend for the philadelphia marathon. the activity surrounding the rice are already under way. this year the marathon and the half marathon a are being run on separate days. an 8-k and kids fun race will also be part of the weekend. whether you're running or going out to cheer on a friend, bundle
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up. >> they may want to have layers that they can keep on or take off, off. >> this man has run the philadelphia marathon every year it has been held. the key areasi. developing tonight a settlement in the lawsuit involving donald trump university. new york's state attorney general announced the $25 million deal less than two hours ago. the ag's office sued the trump university for allegedly swindling 6,000 people out of their money. mr. trump has not admitted any wrong doing.
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he had vowed that he would not settle the case. all this comes as transition to president-elect trump's -- announce his picks for attorney general, national secure adviser and crime director. keith jones joining us live in studio with details on this selections. >> mr. trurp announced his choices for those three key cabinet positions today. attorney general will go to jeff sessions. in february, sessions became the first sitting senator to endorse trump. he's been an advise or on mr. trump's poll city plan. mr. donald trump offered the cia director job to kansas congressman mike pompeo. the position of national security advisor has been offered to retired lieutenant
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general michael flynn. flynn has been a close advisor to mr. trump throughout the campaign. vice president-elect pence talked about the process today. >> we're very confident that it will be a smooth transition, that will serve to move this country forward and make america great again. >> donald trump is also expected to meet with mitt romney on sunday to discuss romney as a possible secretary of state. the 2012 presidential nominee was an outspoken critic of donald trump throughout the election. romney actually called the president to congratulate him. u.s. senator cory booker of new jersey says there's a growing trend among mr. trump's selections to his cabinet. the state representative said that some have degraded and demeaned americans, others have actively promote dangerous fringe ideologies, still more have threatened america's rights
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and attacked the privileges of citizenship. not everyone meeting with the president-elect is under consideration for an administrative position. he says he's getting advice. now to breaking news we just brought you a few minutes ago. an 8-year-old girl is now dead after a hit and run in overbrook. a silver or gray nissan crashed into the child at around 3:30 this afternoon. a neighbor tells us the contents of the girl's backpack were all over the street. that drive remains on the run. distributors in philadelphia can now register for the beverage tax. today mayor jim kenney unveiled the new tax. distributors have to pay a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce or pay a nine. >> it's pretty much in their
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interest to find a registered distributors. >> all distributors must -- >> we have breaking news of an officer shot in the hand in north philadelphia. an update coming up in just minutes.
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want to get you back to our breaking news now, that offduty police officer shot in the hand. >> drew? >> reporter: we just spoke to some neighbors here on this street who say they heard a lot of gunshots and kind of walked us through how this all happened. down where you see the police tape still roped off. that's where the shooting of the offduty police officer happened. it all began down here to the right. and you can actually see crime scene investigators looking for evidence in the backyard of these duplex homes here along ogden. we want to show you some video, back just before 5:00 when all this began, the suspect in the case was running through the back of these homes and ended up over on the street, that is where the offduty officer ended up getting shot in the hand. we can tell you that that officer is doing okay, is at the hospital right now, but we're
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waiting for an official update. i'm drew smith, nbc10 news. we'll continue our team coverage with andrea klein-thomas who's there at jeffe jefferson hospital. >> officers are speeding in the driveway of the emergency room. less than ten minutes ago, we saw commissioner ross arrive here to check on the officer. as we reported, he was shot in the hand. again, we were told he was okay. so far the name of the officer and more details regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident have not been released. again, commissioner roz just arrived a few minutes ago, we expect him to come out and
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answer a lot of those lingering questions. updating another story, brandon joins us live from the scene. brandon? >> jacqueline and jim, we just found out that that girl that was crossing 10th street and ogden has passed away. police are looking for a silver or gray nissan. police were doing their investigation, they wrapped up and we were here while police were working on the case. let's go to some video we shot not too long ago. police say this happened around 3:15 this afternoon, this girl was running. she was not in the crosswalk,
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but the impact of that hit was so rough that it knocked off so much of her clothes and knocked the contents of her backpack into the street. police are still looking for a silver or gray nissan altima or maxima. if you saw that car go south on 53rd street, police want to hear from you. live in overbrook, i'm brandon hudson, nbc10 news. turning to our welcome now and big changes ahead. >> big changes for the weekend, today we hit 70 degrees in philadelphia. >> amazing. >> yes, the normal high is 55 degrees. tomorrow will be an unseasonably warm day, if you like this weather, it's going to continue for your saturday. we will be in the 60s for a
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high. it's going to be nice to start the weekend, but as we go into tomorrow night and overnight we have some rain and snow showers that will be moving in. i don't think it's going to be a big deal. it's going to move by fairly quickly, but if you're out tomorrow night, you might start to see some of that moving in. it will be gone by sunday morning, but sunday will be much co colder, it will be windy, if you're going to the philadelphia marathon, bundle up, because the wind is going to make it feel colder. the storm is still west of the great lakes, as we go through the start of the weekend, we'll have 60s for highs tomorrow afternoon. if you have plans tomorrow night, take the umbrella with you, areas north and west, especially near the poconos, lehigh valley could see a wintry mix. i think the motor vehicpoconos t snow showers out of there.
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on sunday night, starting to clear through part of the area. a brief shot of wintry areas of wintry mix. rain and snow showers by the time it leaves by sunday morning. it's a very quick moving system. by sunday afternoon, we could have some lingering snow showers in the poconos, but that cold air hewill be here. look at the temperature change, tomorrow, not feeling colder, but then we go into sunday, feeling like 38 degrees, it's going to feel like 30 at the warmest. in the morning, it going to feel around 20 degrees. phil marathon on sunday winds gustsing anywhere from 30 to 40 myself. by noon, we're looking at temperatures around 44 degrees. jersey shore 63, sunday again very early in the morning, and very late saturday night, we'll have those showers move through, best chance of a wintry mix,
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pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, snow showers in the poconos, clearing through the day, but getting windy, highs only in the mid to upper 40s, monday we're going to be colder, mid 40s, so grab the heavy coat for the end of this weekend and early next week. now we're looking ahead at 10-day forecast. no 50s in the forecast, mostly in the mid to low 50s thanksgiving day. showers in your forecast, rain showers for your thanksgiving day, but the good news is the days leading up to thanksgiving look nice and dry for traveling. and as of next weekend, also looks nice and dry if you're still doing any traveling. practicinging for disaster. how three new jersey agencies are getting ready in case another storm like hurricane sandy should hit.
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the national guard and state police trained for a disaster and hurricane sandy weighs held on their mind. >> ted greenberg shows us how it's on effort to get ready to save lives. >> under a clear blue sky, practicing a worst-case scenario for when mother nature is at her worst. in this simulated disaster set at picturesque island state park, michael curley played the role of a victim, who had to be rescued from the roof of a building in an area hit by
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catastrophic flooding. >> and what this is resulting of is the lessons learned that were both positive and negative when sandy hit. >> a sandstorm from blackhawk helicopters when victims were lowered and raised, requiring crucial coordination from air and army national guard. >> not only the way we have been trained but to actually go out and there and do it. >> reporter: all agencies have practiced since sandy, but this is the first time they have practiced together with a focus on working together. >> in sandy, with lack of communication, the different agencies were communicating and it was really fragmented and now it's seamless. >> the technologies that are advancing, we're now using that technology. >> reporter: advancements to help save lives will be put to
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use the next time.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news for you, an officer shot in the hand in north philadelphia. >> reporter: the very latest information on this is that the injured police officer will be okay, but from above here, you can see that we are watching the crime scene investigation team still focused on the grassy backyard area just combing every inch of this yard with their flashlights looking for evidence. these are backyards of some pha homes near the intersection of 10th and ogden, we're hear from our crews there on the ground that the suspect who fired these shots that injured this offduty police officer was running through these backyards at some time right around the crime. witnesses there on the ground said they heard numerous shots
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fired. we know that the offduty officer ended up with an injury to his hand, injuries to his thumb, he was rushed to jefferson university hospital, richard ross is there right now speaking to him, and we hope to have an update coming up later tonight. that is the latest from sky force 10 over north philadelphia, i'm george spencer, nbc10 news. >> the other breaking news, an 8-year-old girl is dead after a hit and run in overbrook. a silver or gray neeissan crash into the girl and that driver is still on the loose remaining on the run. >> we'll have updates on all these stories coming up at 11:00. and you're watching changes in the weekend. tomorrow is going to be beautiful again, unseasonably warm, rain and snow showers move in overnight saturday into your sunday, windy and cold, 48
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degrees for the high sunday, it's going to feel as warm as 30 degrees with the wind, bundle up. >> "nightly news" is next, see you back here at 11:00 tonight. breaking news tonight, the president-elect donald trump agrees to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits accusing his trump university of fraud. a stunning reversal on a day we learn major new picks for the trump administration. tonight, battle lines are drawn. blizzard warning, a deadly winter blast sweeping across nearly half a dozen states and more trouble ahead for the holiday rush. hits to the head. surprising news from doctors tonight about treating confusions. the new approach parents and kids should hear. foam mystery. a massive blob creeps through streets sending firefighters scrambling, captivating the web. what authorities say it is. and food fights. families bracing to talk turkey and politics at the thanksgiving table. "nightly news" begins right now.


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