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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and a winter blast of blizzard slams parts of the midwest. now that same system is heading our way. the impact we could see this weekend. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> we understand accidents happen, but now you just killed an 8-year-old child. >> a family's plea to the driver who ran into a little girl and left her dying in the street. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. the girl's family is now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the driver who hit her. nbc10's brandon hudson live at children's hospital tonight where doctors tried to save her. brandon. >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, when the young girl got here to children's hospital, her family was hopeful, but she didn't survive. relatives say she was crossing the street with her brother, holding his hand, when a driver hit both of them and didn't stop. minutes after we arrived at children's hospital in
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university city, we met the family of the 8-year-old girl who was killed in a hit-and-run this afternoon. >> if y'all come up and tell me where the car is, they say it's a gray altima nissan maxima, i got 20 grand today, tonight. >> reporter: the girl's uncle said he's offering a $20,000 reward. a tragic start to the weekend and upcoming thanksgiving holiday. loved ones shared these pictures of the victim. police haven't released her name, but relatives say it's jayona. >> whenever you see her she's smiling. >> reporter: philadelphia police shut down part of lands down avenue at 63rd street after the hit-and-run. we learned the girl was walking home from school when a driver sped through the traffic light and struck the girl and her older brother. a witness says she heard a loud crash, then saw the aftermath. >> her book bag flew open. it was all over the street. and her shoes. >> what they said, it knocked her 20 feet in the air. my grandson got hit, but he got throwed into the car. >> reporter: police say the driver continued south on 63rd
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street. the victim's grandfather has a message for the person behind the wheel. >> you should have stopped. you should have checked to make sure the two little kids was all right. >> our princess, she's gone now. >> reporter: the accident investigation unit is looking for a silver nissan maxima or altima with front-end damage to a front headlight and the grille. police say they need information from you to find out who did this. live at children's hospital, i'm brandon hudson, nbc10 news. new at 11:00, from bucks county, a 55-year-old man who stalked a teenager online years ago is now accused of harassing her again. shane holderer was arrested last night at a starbucks in doilztown, where he thought he was meeting the victim. instead he met officers. place say holder had posted thousands of tweets about the victim, many of them sexual in nature. his twitter account was set up in 2013, just a month after he pleaded guilty to stalking the victim when she was 13 years old. a philadelphia police
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officer is recovering, and his toddler is safe after they both were caught in a shoot-out. >> it's a story we first brought you as breaking news on nbc10 news at 5:00 tonight. right now police are looking for the young men who fired off more than two dozen bullets in people's backyards. >> nbc10's drew smith is live at jefferson hospital where that officer is getting treatment. how is he doing tonight? >> reporter: good evening. we're told he is in a great deal of pain but is expected to be okay. you can see that officer getting some support from his department down here at the hospital. we're told he was not at work today. he did not even have his gun on him, but he still managed to protect his young son from violent gunfire. >> kind of came like rapid fire. >> reporter: the shots caught neighbors by surprise. >> when i went out the side door there, i could see the fella shooting towards these houses through the grass there. >> reporter: mothers tell us the violence began just as their kids were walking home from an afterschool program. >> i was very upset. i was crying.
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i ran around there. >> reporter: off duty officer angelo romero was out side his home with his son. he saw the gun and immediately covered his 2-year-old. then a bullet went through the officer's thumb and fragments hit his legs. one neighbor saw the toddler with blood that splattered on his face. >> where's daddy? where's daddy? that breaks my heart. >> reporter: a helicopter and a big team of officers searched, but the gunman escaped. >> you got these young guys out here with these guys, just wanting violence. it makes no sense. they just don't seem to have any regard for their own life, let alone anyone else's. >> reporter: the commissioner says the officer is lucky, and the whole neighborhood is glad no one else got hurt. >> i'm glad that his son is okay, and i'm glad my neighbor is also okay because that could have been anybody's kid out here. >> reporter: neighbors told us romero is fairly new to the force, but they say he is very dedicated to his job as well as
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to his family. we're live at jefferson hospital. i'm drew smith, nbc10 news. police are looking into whether another shooting tonight could be connected to the shooting of the officer. it happened about an hour and a half ago just blocks away at 13th and parrish. investigators say i man died after he was shot eight times in a car. no arrests in this case. to our nbc10 first alert weather and blizzard conditions in parts of the midwest. >> in minnesota, they've seen wind gusts over 70 miles per hour and more than a foot of snow. it's led to dangerous conditions on the roads. more than 300 crashes and two deaths have been blamed on the storm. and in south dakota, warnings to stay inside for as long as possible meant no school today. take a look at nbc10 first alert radar. that same storm is heading our way, but we will see a much different impact. let's go over to nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yes. same storm but not those type of blizzard conditioning by any
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means. here it is. it's still west of the great lakes. we have the snow, and we have the rain with it. that's all moving in our direction. so as we go into tomorrow, we will see this move in, but not until later tomorrow night. it's going to be very different across the weekend. today we were warm. we hit 70 degrees. tomorrow, this warm air ahead of the rain is still going to be with us. take a look at future weather. we're going to be dry most of the day. back in the 60s. then later in the day tomorrow, the rain approaches, mostly by 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the evening. and there you see some snow starting to develop. so part of the area late tomorrow night will be seeing rain and snow showers. then a very cold day as we go into sunday. i'll show you how cold it's about to get plus a closer look at the timing on the rain and snow. that's coming up. sheena, nearly 30,000 runners will brave the cold temperatures for the philadelphia marathon sunday. it's all part of race weekend, which includes the half-marathon tomorrow. nbc10 was there as runners flooded the pennsylvania convention center to pick up
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their bibs today. you can expect two days of road closures in the city. to find out if they'll affect you, just tap the nbc10 app. new at 11:00, members of the transport workers union have ratified a new contract with septa. it's been two weeks since union members went on strike, and for six days it halted buses, subway trains and trolleys in the city. now the septa board chairman or vice chairman has to finalize the agreement. president-elect donald trump has agreed to a $25 million settlement over trump university. new york's attorney general announced the agreement today, which settles a lawsuit filed in 2013. the suit accused mr. trump of swindling more than 6,000 people through a fraudulent university that was supposed to teach real estate development. president-elect trump does not admit fault in this settlement. today president-elect trump named his picks for attorney general, national security advisor, and cia director. kansas senator jeff sessions is the pick for a.g. senator sessions was the first sitting senator to support mr.
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trump during the campaign. he takes a hard line on immigration and has long supported a wall along the border, but he also has a controversial past. in the 1980s, the senate blocked him from becoming a federal judge after he was accused of making racially insensitive comments. to the pick for national security advisor, retired lieutenant general mike flynn. he's a decorated combat veteran who retired with three stars. flynn headed the defense intelligence agency for two years but left under criticism about his management style. he has a history of controversy. in february, he tweeted, quote, fear of muslims is rational. kansas congressman mike pompeo is mr. trump's pick to lead the cia. he's a former army officer and harvard law school graduate. he also has a strong reputation among the intelligence community and also received praise from democrats today. the rules of the road. have you heard of a diverging diamond interchange? starting tomorrow, you might have to drive one. where it's happen, how it works,
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and why it can give you a faster ride. keith? we are inside the phillies clubhouse. if you grew up here, this is every kid's dream. take a look. they got their own bags with the phillies logo. they've got the name plates going up, not to mention they'll be staying the night here. and they've got their own playing cards, and that's just scratching the surface.
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hey, football fans. big news. thursday night football is on
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nbc10. if football's on, i'm out. >> announcer: start your weekend early with thursday night football on nbc10. drivers are in for some changes. starting tomorrow, gar will get its first diverging diamond interchange. the diamond interchange is a european concept for spots with overpass intersections and a lot of drivers clogging up the left turning lanes. cars briefly drive on the opposite side of the road in order to make uninterrupted left turns. so navigate carefully. to a big honor tonight for a member of the nbc10 family. >> reporter monique braxton was inducted into the broadcast pioneers hall of fame. monique calls herself a virginia girl who loves philadelphia. her 92-year-old father was in the crowd at the banquet tonight, celebrating his daughter. congratulations to her. >> such a proud moment. great achievement too. >> yes, terrific honor.
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now to a thanksgiving tradition that has literally gone to the dogs. >> that's right. the national dog show is taking over the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks. this weekend, but the fun kicked off tonight with a gala at valley forge casino. i got to emcee tonight while john oh hurley showed off his singing talents. the gala raises money for local charities including the philadelphia animal welfare society. don't forget you can watch the national dog show on thanksgiving day at noon right here on nbc10. baseball season is over, but there's plenty of action happening at citizens bank park. >> the phillies are hosting a group of kids who really deserve the star treatment. nbc10's keith jones takes us inside. >> reporter: through the eyes of a 5-year-old, this guy's the coolest. tonight, exceptional kids take the spotlight. >> lainey is one of those ones that once you meet her, it's very hard to forget. >> reporter: like most moms, heather is proud, but lainey is
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celebrating a remarkable anniversary. >> lainey is currently undergoing her second go around with sarcoma. she actually today is the one year of her starting her treatment for the second time. >> reporter: childhood cancer, serious illnesses, nine families tonight carrying an equally heavy burden. >> you want me to put your name? okay. sure. >> reporter: made lighter just for a night by our philadelphia phillies. >> we're so happy to be here. you know, we're hoping that we're making their night because they really are making ours. >> reporter: the kids signed one-day contracts. they got the full experience. >> number 6. >> reporter: inside the clubhouse, they stopped at their lockers, their names at the top. they got their own playing cards. and even in the batting cages, check out lainey. >> to be able to see her laugh and run around with other kids and families that are going through the same thing, it just -- it makes my heart happy.
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>> night night. >> reporter: yesterday, they were patients, but tonight they're our hometown baseball heroes, all thanks to our phillies. at citizens bank park, keith jones, nbc10 news. >> that's a home run. >> it is. the best slumber party ever for those kids. >> big smiles. they'll never forget it. it's kind of baseball weather tomorrow, sheena? >> it's going to be nice tomorrow. a lot of people are going to be enjoying saturday. it's going to still be warm, at least warmer than normal for this time of year. unseasonably warm. we're back in the 60s. normal high is in the 50s. so that streak of warm weather is going to continue. then late saturday night into the overnight hours, we have rain and snow showers moving into part of the area. so i'll show you the timing on that in just a second. that's going to set us up for a cold and windy sunday. it is going to be very windy. it's going to make temperatures feel a lot colder than they'll actually be. we'll actually drop to below normal. here is a look at future
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weather. there is the weather system we're watching. now we're looking at saturday afternoon. 3:30, still dry. there's the rain back off to our west. some snow showers starting to mix in. 7:00 p.m., the rain starting to move into the area like delaware, lehigh valley. snow developing over the higher elevations like the poconos. i think we'll see a wintry mix at least briefly late saturday night. here's 10:00 p.m. for the poconos. lehigh valley. could even be in the pennsylvania suburbs and a think rain a little bit further south. again, it's going to be brief. this is not going to be a big deal and i don't expect sticking because temperatures will in the 60s ahead of this. for sunday, we dry out, but in the poconos we could see some lingering snow showers. i'm sure the ski resorts are liking the colder weather. with all this, the weather is going to get very cold on sunday. take a look at future temperatures. the feels like temperature for tomorrow, 60s are back. then we go into saturday, 7:30 in the evening. you can see very clearly that cold air is starting to come in. it will feel like 28 degrees in
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pottstown but still feel like 53 closer to the shore. that cold air really takes over saturday night. look at the feels like temperature sunday morning. winds will be gusting near 30 to 40 miles an hour. it will be feeling around 20 degrees. some areas could feel like the teens if you're north and west of philadelphia. the warmest it will feel sunday afternoon is going to be 30 degrees. this is going to be a big shock to a lot of people. philadelphia marathon, the runners, or even if you're out there, bundle up. it is going to be cold. it's going to be windy. like i just showed you, it's going to feel around 30 in the afternoon. so here's your entire weekend forecast. saturday, dry. temperatures in the 60s. late saturday evening and saturday night, the showers move in. sunday, we'll see clearing. don't think that we're going to see rain and snow all day with these icons. just showing you we'll see it very early. 40s continue as we go into monday. big change. danny. sheena, thanks. the villanova basketball team looks to stay unbeaten early in the season. we've got highlights coming up.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. as always, i'm danny pommells from csn. a lot of noise awaits the eagles on sunday's game at seattle. doug pederson talked about the preparation today. >> we had a couple of false starts yesterday. v had one and j.p. had one. and we'll go back inside today and work it again with the noise. so all of our cadences are available in the silent count. we just keep working. >> zach ertz returned to
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practice today after missing thursday's session with a hamstring injury. he and jordan matthews are both questionable for sunday's game, but are expected to play. to the ice rink. the flyers host the lightning at 1:00. goss pair was a healthy scratch last night, a learning experience for the second-year defenseman. >> i think the game slows down a bit for you when you're up there. you see things develop. i'm not always watching the puck up there eitherment i. i'm watching other guys. it was a good thing. >> the event crew will be busy. sixers also home tomorrow. they host the suns. embiid and okafor may both play. college basketball, nova and wake forest in the semifinals. josh hard, three of his career high 30 points. he was cooking. second half, also a career high for markell bridges on the business end of the alley-oop here. he had 19 points. wildcats win 96-77. also today, st. joe's beat loyola of chicago in a tournament in the u.s. virgin
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islan islands. up next, an all-out version of the high school blits. playoff time for teams across the region. which means win or you got to go home. up next.
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♪ yes, crispy, crunchy and nutritious. it's time for the high school blitz. it's playoff time across our area. pennsylvania district one semifinals tonight. marple new town have academy park. it doesn't get much better than this.
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marple new town thundering on to the field at academy park. this one was all a.p. first half, taylor moore decides to do it himself. scoots in from 11 yards away. 6-0 academy park. stroud on the screen pass. nothing shy about him. breaks a tackle, picks up chunks of yardage right into your living room. that sets up this teddy wright. nothing wrong about that. academy park advances, winning 26-7. springfield delco welcoming westchester henderson. fanelli to joe kennedy. the beautiful pitch and catch as he seals the envelope on some airmail. 16 yard t.d. home team up 14-0. more theatrics. henderson tries the reverse flea-flicker, but ta ma chiio isn't fooled. he makes the pick. springfield defense stifling. finally springfield finishes things off with fanelli, kennedy. this time it's a 44 yard house
11:28 pm
call for the senior. springfield force feeds them a goose egg. 21-0 the final. undefeated north penn hosting coastal in the district one 6-a semis. andrews finding running room right up the gut. a 28 yard touchdown run. north penn moving on. they knock off coatsville had 42-25. district 11, bethlehem freedom and parkland. freedom gets the good start. mighty joe young goes up top. freedom leads 14-3. parkland responds. frankie guida, a 9 yard t.d. parkland up 10. freedom desperate to respond. throws up a prayer and unfortunately, parkland your district champ popped the bubbly. they win 24-14. south jersey and a bird's-eye
11:29 pm
view. del sea visiting burlington township. del sea's keyland bore ket finds some room and watch him work. he's got reservations for six. 35 yard touch. del sea hangs on for the 27-21 victory. highland down 14 nothing at len afee. highland's brian cue which airs this one out. lenape all over highland, 28-6. shawnee visiting timber creek. we've got drama. shawnee trying to something happen. timber creek with the pick in the end zone. nice grab. they win it 38-14. sn number two ranked coke as valley versus millville. clayton scott makes a house call. melville knocks off r.v. 32-15. sa leesian um and conkurt. josh patrick rumbling into the
11:30 pm
end zone. an 18 yard touch. the sallys roll 38-14. division ii quarters in delaware. glass kell and caravel. mandela montgomery. a 13 yard touchdown. caravel advances 21-16. here's a look at our thanksgiving game of the week options. please cast your vote. ridley and interboro. lenpy and shawnee. call or text your vote to the number on your screen or vote now at as for this week's game of the week, a great one. the undefeated vikings aiming at a spot in their class final, but they'd need to get past 10-2 garnet valley. our game of the week is up next.
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♪ >> announcer: game of the week is brought to you by your local ford store. home of america's favorite brand. time now for the game of the week. the pressure is on, perk ohmian valley, the vikings undefeated in search of their first district crown in school history. tonight they welcome 10-2 garnet valley. garnet valley's run game, tougher than a $2 steak. lashes through the defense. 36 yard scamper. on the ensuing kickoff, the garnet valley special teams gets it on the fun. a huge hit forces a fumble.
11:34 pm
that leads to a garnet valley field goal to make it 31-14. i think you get the theme here. the jags feeling it. later in the half, jacob buttermore. smooth like butter. runs it in from seven yards away and acts like he's been there before because he has. the team in garnet and white celebrate. they advance to face north penn. that's it for this week's blitz. we appreciate you watching. nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm danny pommells. we'll see you next week. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is coming up next. stay tuned. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- megyn kelly, chris hardwick, musical guest, emeli sande,


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