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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  November 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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this morning, philadelphia police are asking for your help as they look for a driver who left the scene of a deadly hit and run, the victim an 8-year-old girl. details on the reward for information in this case. gunfire erupts in a philadelphia neighborhood hitting an off duty officer. we'll explain who he was protecting and how he is doing this morning. a live look outside at ben franklin parkway. today's philadelphia half marathon begins later this morning. the 13.1 mile race and several related events today is a warmup for the philadelphia marathon set for tomorrow. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors.
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thanks for being with us. it is 5:00 this saturday. we have some warm weather to start our weekend. meteorologist krystal klei is looking at conditions outside in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning, krystal. >> good morning, rosemary. this is a forecast one for saturday and one for sunday. huge differences between the two. today a warm forecast. sun and clouds move in through the afternoon and building thicker into the evening. that's because as we move into tonight, we will see serious changes to the forecast. rain starting to move in and winds starting to strengthen. very windy weather moving in by sunday as well as much colder temperatures. cold enough in some areas north and west of philadelphia, a rain snow mix is possible overnight into early parts of tomorrow morning. look at the temperatures. 39 in allentown. 37 in mount holly.
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upper 30s for atlantic city. no problem, not a bad start to the tomorrow. tomorrow you'll wish those numbers are on the board. right now, radar and satellite shows clear conditions, but if we zoom out and look way to the west of us, here is what's coming our way. you see this system, the center of it and that cold front associated with it pushing along the line of rain and much colder air means snow. that's purple and white heading our direction. as this moves in, that's when the forecast changes. coming up, a look at the rest of saturday and big changes for sunday, including how low temperatures go. we understand accidents happen, but now you just killed that 8-year-old child. >> that's the message a philadelphia family is sending to a driver that hit their little girl. they're offering $20,000 reward for information on the car and driver. police tell us the 8-year-old
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was walking home from school with her brother yesterday afternoon in overbrook neighborhood, a driver sped through a light and hit both of them. the girl died a short time later at the hospital. police have not released her identity but relatives say her name is jaona. they plan to have a vigil this afternoon. >> wlfr you see her, she smiles. happiest girl, has manners, always laughing. >> police are looking for a silver nissan altima with damage to front headlight and grille. the girl's older brother expected to be okay. new from overnight, a man dead after hit by a car walking across roosevelt boulevard in may fair. nbc10 was on the scene where the drivers did stop. the crash happened on the northbound side of the boulevard around 11:30 last night. investigators say the driver didn't have the green light.
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a philadelphia police officer is out of the hospital and his two-year-old son is safe after both were caught in a shootout. sky force 10 was over the scene last night in north philadelphia. police are looking for the young man that fired more than two dozen bullets into neighbors' backyards. officer anglo romero was outside when the gunman opened fire. the off duty officer took shots to the hand and leg while covering his toddler. he did not have his weapon with him, the shooter got away. >> i went out the side door, i could see this fellow shooting toward these houses to there. >> glad the two-year-old is not truck. fortunately he's going to be okay. >> neighbors describe him as a dedicated family man. could the shooting that
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injured that police officer be linked to a deadly shooting nearby? that's what investigators look into as they killed a man in north philadelphia. this scene close by to the last one. the victim died after being shot several times inside a car. there are no arrests yet in this case. in other news this weekend, 30,000 runners are in center city for the philadelphia marathon. today, the half marathon tops the series of race weekend events. look at the course for the 13.1 mile race. begins at 7:30 on ben franklin parkway near the art museum, followed by ross man institute 8 k run and kids fun run later this morning. runners flooded the convention center downtown to pick up bibs and other race gear. organizers reminded them about changes this year.
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first time, they're being held on different days and routes are changed slightly. whether running or coming to cheer on a friend, you may want to bundle up against the early morning chill. >> they may want to have layers to take off in case they get too warm if it stays cold, lightweight gloves, something to keep their head warm. >> mark sullivan should know about the weather and what to do. one of two people who has run every single philadelphia marathon since it started. this will be his 23rd year. the marathon events are causing some road closures today and tomorrow. key areas impacted are along ben frankly parkway from 15 to 22nd street and the vine street expressway off ramp at 22nd and 23rd street. the last stop on his final foreign tour. president obama is in peru for a summit with asian leaders. we will take you there after the break. later, the hottest action
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from football fields around the area in this week's division of the high school blitz.
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and here's a look at neighborhood temperatures. this morning, not a bad start to things. yesterday we made it to 70 degrees in philadelphia. we are at 46 for the current temperature. it is dark for the live cameras. 42 degrees in the suburbs. new jersey, upper 30s and lehigh valley, low 40s in delaware. the forecast high for today looks good, mid-60s for most of the area. delaware, lehigh valley, through the suburbs in new jersey and upper 60s, close to 70 in parts of philadelphia. here's the thing, we're starting to see clouds building in. that's ahead of a front that's going to change everything. look at future feels like temperatures. as you move through this morning into the afternoon, not bad, into the 60s. by the evening there we go, a
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front moving in. you can tell the difference with blue moving in, indicating cool air. by 7:30, all of a sudden we feel colder in philadelphia and areas west. then we go through saturday night and look at sunday morning. by this point most of the moisture will have moved out, rain and rain snow mix. what we're left with are temperatures that feel like they're in the teens to around low 20s. unfortunately that includes the philadelphia marathon. moving throughout the afternoon, temperatures really don't increase. 2:30 in the afternoon, upper 20s to low 30s, what it will feel like, high winds expected throughout sunday. we're going to track the winds, talk more about temperatures out there and if there's any warmup in sight coming up. >> thanks for that, krystal. the eagles in seattle for tomorrow afternoon's game with the seahawks. the eagles are 5 and 4 on the season off last sunday's win
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over atlanta. the seahawks are 6, 2, and 1. nbc10 is your official eagles station. join us for an hour of eagles come tomorrow morning with game day kickoff. our team will have highlights from the game on game day final. that will happen after nbc10 at 11:00 in the evening. he said he would never settle this lawsuit, but he did. we'll fill you in on the details of the trump university lawsuit.
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this weekend president obama is in peru for the asia pacific cooperation summit tomorrow. it is the last stop of his final
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foreign tour in office. today, president obama pledged to meet with leaders of peru and china and hold a town hall with young adults. president-elect trump is settling a lawsuit filed over trump university for $25 million. new york attorney general announced the agreement yesterday, it settles a lawsuit filed in 2013. the suit claimed mr. trump swindled thousands of people to a fraudulent university that advertises courses in real estate development. the president-elect didn't admit fault in the settlement. today, president-elect trump plans to meet with former white house nominee mitt romney, a possible pick for secretary of state. yesterday mr. trump tapped his choices for attorney general, national security adviser, and cia director. senator jeff sessions is his choice for attorney general. the alabama republican was the first senator to support mr. trump and his immigration reform plans to build a wall along the border with mexico.
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sessions has a controversial past. the senate blocked him becoming a federal judge in 1980s after accused of making racially insensitive comments. his pick for national security adviser is retired lieutenant general mike flynn. he retired with three stars. he headed the defense intelligence agency for two years, left under criticism about his management style. he also had his share of controversy. back in february flynn tweeted, quote, fear of muslims is rational, end quote. republican congress mike pompeo is the pick for the ceo. he is a former army officer and harvard law school graduate. has a strong reputation in the intelligence community and also received praise from democrats. incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus will talk and chuck schumer will
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ponder now what on "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 on nbc10. this is quite the forecast we're looking at. such change between saturday, saturday night into sunday. pretty good forecast. start with saturday morning. 42 degrees in endora. center city, 52 degrees for the morning start. awesome start for this time of year. a result of the fact that yesterday we got up to 70 degrees in some areas, which is way warmer than average for middle of november. 46, fox chase and choooler in summerton. these are numbers in some spots we wish we could see for highs tomorrow. shows you how much of a cool down for sunday. right now, we're looking out to the west.
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this is a huge cold front we're looking at, the storm center showing cold air behind the front. purple, white is snow moving over the great lakes and will be heading our direction as we move tonight into sunday. by sunday, most of the precipitation will be out but cold air behind it will be the focus of the forecast. right now, things are clear. good start to the morning. doing a half marathon, things will be fine for you. it is the full marathon tomorrow we have big concerns about. here's why. looking at future radar. warm air we had a hold on lingers over us this morning through this afternoon. it is going to start to be edged out today. going from clear to 5:30 in the evening. not clear entirely. clouds build in from the west. with it maybe spotty showers ahead of the front itself. heavier rain, maybe spots of heavy rain and rain snow mix.
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then through 5:30 to 9:30, now the center is right over our viewing area and look at that, areas like allentown, parts of upper bucks county starting to see a rain, snow mix possibility and some snow falling over the poconos. looks like the poconos is the best chance of snow falling. that moves through the night as this moves off, lingering in the northeast part of pennsylvania. otherwise, out of the area by midnight for the most part. what we are going to see is way cooler air and windy conditions behind the precipitation. that's not the concern as you move in. sunday, mostly clear aside from snow over the poconos. looking at the big weekend change, this is the difference. 67 for the afternoon. look at sunday. temperature 48. the best we can do. feels like because of winds, 75
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degrees. that's in the afternoon. in the mornings closer to 20 in parts of philadelphia. these are temperatures today. if you want to get out earlier today, things are fine. 69 in summerton. lansdale, 65. westchester, showers move in late day and winds pick up. they'll pick up late day into tonight. atlantic city 63 and 65 in wilmington. next half hour, checking the ten day on 10, looking at thanksgiving. >> looking forward to that. thanks. amazon wants to you ask its digital assistant alexa for help with holiday shopping. the online retailer is offering deals to prime members who order through the alexa enabled devices including the echo dot. access the deals by saying alexa, what are your deals. 5:19 this saturday. 46 degrees outside the nbc10
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studios. it is an all out version of the high school blitz as teams take part in playoffs across the region. we have the best from a busy friday night next.
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sit back, take a bite out of high school blitz. pennsylvania district one semifinals tonight. marple new town have academy park. it doesn't get much better than this. marple new town thundering on to the field at academy park. this one was all a.p. first half, taylor moore decides to do it himself. scoots in from 11 yards away. 6-0 academy park. stroud on the screen pass. nothing shy about him. breaks a tackle, picks up chunks of yardage right into your living room. that sets up this teddy wright. nothing wrong about that. academy park advances, winning 26-7. springfield delco welcoming westchester henderson. fanelli to joe kennedy. the beautiful pitch and catch as he seals the envelope on some
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airmail. 16 yard t.d. home team up 14-0. more theatrics. henderson tries the reverse flea-flicker, but ta ma chiio isn't fooled. he makes the pick. springfield defense stifling. finally springfield finishes things off with fanelli, kennedy. this time it's a 44 yard house call for the senior. springfield force feeds them a goose egg. 21-0 the final. undefeated north penn hosting coastal in the district one 6-a semis. andrews finding running room right up the gut. a 28 yard touchdown run. north penn moving on. they knock off coatsville had 42-25. district 11, bethlehem freedom and parkland. freedom gets the good start. mighty joe young goes up top. freedom leads 14-3. parkland responds. frankie guida, a 9 yard t.d. parkland up 10.
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freedom desperate to respond. throws up a prayer and unfortunately, parkland your district champ popped the bubbly. they win 24-14. south jersey and a bird's-eye view. del sea visiting burlington township. delsea's keyland bore ket finds some room and watch him work. he's got reservations for six. 35 yard touch. del sea hangs on for the 27-21 victory. highland down 14 nothing at lenape. highland's brian cue which airs this one out. lenape all over highland, 28-6. shawnee visiting timber creek. we've got drama. shawnee trying to something happen. timber creek with the pick in the end zone. nice grab.
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they win it 38-14. number two ranked coke as valley versus millville. clayton scott makes a house call. melville knocks off r.v. 32-15. salesianum and concord. josh patrick rumbling into the end zone. the sallies roll 38-14. division ii quarters in delaware. glass kell and caravel. mandela montgomery. a 13 yard touchdown. caravel advances 21-16. here's a look at our thanksgiving game of the week options. please cast your vote. ridley and interboro. lenape and shawnee. call or text your vote to the number on your screen or vote now at that is the blitz, i am danny
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pommells, csn, enjoy your saturday. the coast guard's newest fast response ship will be in cape may. it will be launched into service at the coast guard training center later this morning. it will perform search and rescue, law enforcement and security missions from new jersey to north carolina. 5:27 on this saturday. this morning, police continue to look for a driver wanted in a deadly hit and run in philadelphia. an 8-year-old girl is the victim in this case. now her family is demanding answers. we're following the investigation. krystal? >> big changes in the forecast as we move into tonight. blue is colder air, arrows much faster winds. details coming up.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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an 8-year-old girl is dead following a hit and run. her family is offering a reward in the case hoping to track down the driver that fled the scene. we will have that story straight ahead. getting on board. septa union workers vote to approve a new contract after settling the strike earlier this month. details on how they'll keep the buses, subways, trolleys running coming up. we'll go up and then down. temperatures climb once again today and plunge as philadelphia hosts thousands of runners along ben franklin parkway during marathon weekend. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 5:30 this saturday. runners participating in philly's half marathon today definitely got the better of the two days. check in with meteorologist krystal klei to fill us in on the roller coaster


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