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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  November 19, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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an 8-year-old girl is dead following a hit and run. her family is offering a reward in the case hoping to track down the driver that fled the scene. we will have that story straight ahead. getting on board. septa union workers vote to approve a new contract after settling the strike earlier this month. details on how they'll keep the buses, subways, trolleys running coming up. we'll go up and then down. temperatures climb once again today and plunge as philadelphia hosts thousands of runners along ben franklin parkway during marathon weekend. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 5:30 this saturday. runners participating in philly's half marathon today definitely got the better of the two days. check in with meteorologist krystal klei to fill us in on the roller coaster forecast.
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that's the best way to put it. >> we're about to take a plunge. not sure if some of us are ready. talking a huge difference in temperatures. what we are looking at in philadelphia is a live camera shot showing the flags not really blowing much. go to tomorrow morning, a totally different scene. go to the scenes and it is a different scene, winds pick up and system starts to move in. radar and satellite tight view shows us that we look pretty good now, clear conditions. if you got up yesterday, you know it was really nice in the afternoon, got to 70 degrees officially in philadelphia. today we're close to that with temperatures. then we see changes moving late day into the evening, here is why. there's the front we have been talking about. you can tell cold air is behind it. check it out. snow is on the radar now. it is way off in the distance from us. that's the direction the front is moving. follow the arrows, we're talking a front moving in that brings a mix of precipitation to the
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north of us, rain in philadelphia, new jersey, delaware, and then behind rain talking way cooler air and high winds that last throughout your sunday. wind advisory in place for our whole area. right now, temperatures are 46 degrees in philadelphia, 36 for millville, mid 40s for dover and 39 in lancaster. these temperatures are not bad compared to what we will see tomorrow. in a few minutes, we will talk about the rest of saturday and compare it to what to expect this sunday. family and friends hold a vigil in memory of an 8-year-old girl killed in a hit and run in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. meantime, police continue to search for the driver in this case. police tell us the girl was walking home with her brother yesterday afternoon and a driver sped through a traffic light and hit them both. the girl died a short time later at the hospital. police have not released her
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doinlt, relatives say her name is janna. the family offers a $20,000 reward for information about the driver and the car. >> should have checked to make sure the two little kids is all right. >> the girl's older brother who was also hit is expected to be okay. police are looking for a silver nissan altima or maxima with damage to front headlight and grille. a philadelphia police officer out of the hospital and his two-year-old son is safe after they were caught in a shootout. angelo was outside with his son when they fired bullets into a backyard at 10th and ogden. he took shots to the hand and legs while covering his son in the midst of the crossfire. police tell us officer was not carrying his service weapon at the time and the shooter got
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away. septa drivers are on board with a new contract. last night, they ratified a five year deal. septa will finalize it. the agreement two weeks after union members began a six day strike. beverage distributors can register for the new tax on sugar drinks. mayor jim kenny revealed the new registration website. beverage distributors must pay tax on one and a half cents per ounce or pay a fine. >> retailer's responsibility is buy from a registered distributor or face the tax themselves. i think it is pretty much in their interest to find a registered distributor. >> all beverage distributors must register for the new tax by december 31st. tax money will pay for universal pre-k and other programs in the city. big weekend in philadelphia. 30,000 runners and spec at a
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timers for the marathon tomorrow morning. race weekend is well under way. monique braxton is live on ben franklin parkway to fill us in on what's ahead. monique? >> reporter: hey, rosemary, the philadelphia half marathon kicks off in about two hours. i can tell you security is extremely tight. we went through our own security sweep for our truck and other equipment. everyone is being searched. one of the private security firms told us they're monitoring social media. so far there have been no specific threats. they're advising runners to arrive early for start of the race. they say it will not be delayed due to lines at security check points. so take a look in case you missed it last year, this is what the streets of philadelphia will look like when runners embark on the 23rd annual race along ben franklin parkway and through the city streets. they estimate 60,000 spec at a
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timers ors are in the marathon race weekend. here's the half marathon course. goes through center city, past liberty bell and historic city hall, back through china town toward most of fair mount park in this area and to the finish line. spectators can watch that race in designated cheer zones, featuring entertainment throughout the course. the city recommending use clear plastic bags, bring them with you when you arrive at check point. all bags are subject to search. in the next half hour, we will tell you what additional races are getting under way this morning. live along ben franklin parkway for philadelphia marathon weekend, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, monique.
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a terrifying ordeal. a maryland woman calls to report a bear attack. we'll tell you how she's doing this morning. putting a stop to workplace cyber crime. what you can do to protect your personal information.
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well, it is still fall, but parts of the midwest are already dealing with wintry weather. in minnesota, they've seen wind gusts over 70 miles per hour and more than a foot of snow. more than 300 crashes and two deaths blamed on the storm. tricky situation out there. in our next of the woods, great weather today. krystal, we know we have changes
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tomorrow. is that related to this system? >> yeah, unfortunately so. winter is coming. heading our direction. we're looking at snow on the radar, the purple and white moving through parts of wisconsin, trying to creep in to michigan. and that's going to be heading to the east, meaning it is heading our way. what we are seeing currently is rain ahead of the center of the system. that line of rain will hit our area, snow tracking to the north. it will be cool enough in the overnight for some parts of the area to see rain snow mix. that will be mostly to the north of philadelphia. looking at today's forecast, things are good, starting out at 48 degrees. in the suburbs, mid-60s, sunshine. i think we start to see clouds increase by 4:00 p.m. ahead of rain moving in. the lehigh valley, there you go with clouds and spotty showers starting to pick up 4:00 to 5:00
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near the lehigh valley valley and bureaucrakes county. 66 in new jersey. the shore at 63. there we go with like i mention clouds building in ahead of some shower potential. as for winds, mostly 15 miles per hour but as we move late day into tonight, look at the change. gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour and as we move into sunday, even higher winds in the forecast. coming up in a few minutes, we will track wind speeds and look at the ten day. >> see you shortly. a maryland woman recovering from a bear attack that could have ended much worse. here's the deal. wednesday night karen osborne went to check on her daughter's barking dog next door and found herself between a mother bear and one of her cubs. she tried to fight the bear, and then decided to play dead. she was able to call 911 and did so calmly which may have saved
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her life. >> a bear just attacked me, i am laying in the driveway. >> what attacked you? >> a bear, please help me. >> can you imagine? the woman is in the hospital now with a broken arm, wrist and cuts to the head but expected to be all right. wildlife officials euthanized the bear which is protocol, the cubs are old enough to care for themselves. drivers in the first state are in for changes today. delaware's first diverging diamond interchange opens in new castle county. the diamond interchange is a european concept where drivers wait to turn left across traffic. you can see cars briefly drive on the opposite side of the road going over the overpass. this way drivers don't have to cross traffic to turn left. 8:42 this saturday. coming up in sports, villanova basketball team looks to stay
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unbeaten and the eagles face a loud and hostile crowd in seattle. we will show you how they have been preparing for the noise. what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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the phillies hosting a special sleepover for exceptional children. it began when the kids signed major league contracts, got their own clubhouse lockers and baseball cards and even took to batting practice. this five-year-old couldn't resist partying with the fanatic to celebrate an anniversary. >> lany is undergoing her second round to be able to see her laugh and run around with other
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kids and families going through the same thing is just -- it makes my heart happy. >> so happy to be here, we're hoping we're making their night because they really are making ours. >> they wrap up this morning with breakfast and a photo op. the national dog show taking over greater philadelphia expo center in montgomery county this weekend. the fun kicked off last night with a gala. jim rosenfield and host john oh hurley entertained the crowd. it raises money for local charities, including the philadelphia animal welfare society. 2,000 dogs will compete for best in show title. top dog will be named tomorrow afternoon. the event hosted by kennel club of philadelphia. don't forget, you can watch the national dog show on thanksgiving day at noon here on
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nbc10. would you know if your office computer has been hacked? more people and companies are becoming targets and victims of cyber crime and don't know it. ma matt delucia shows us what happens. >> we came here to show us what hackers are doing and why. >> seems to be happening more and more. >> to beat a hacker, you have to think like one. he is paid to break into the computer. >> we are on the internal network, stealing credit cards and information. >> what he does is legal, his boss pays him to attack the network. >> get the people, the network, applications, whatever they're
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running. >> finding flaws. >> you had a bad password. >> you have to be kidding me, that's it? >> a game of capture the flag to get in and find critical information. no matter who or where. >> saying why would they come after us, well, it happens constantly. everyone is a target at this point. >> we had them see what they could find about nbc10. didn't authorize them to attack the network and didn't, they used tools anyone can find. >> this is something that's part of the internet. >> in less than two hours, saw screen shots of company log in pages, a list of e-mail addresses and job titles for station employees. how does that help? now they can name drop or guess your password or launch phish
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attacks. bedid this in a few hours, register the domain and set up this page. >> the hackers get it instantly. >> there's the password. >> how often is this happening? >> every day. >> ron says it comes down to awareness and training. >> try to switch your mindset, think about what you're doing, how it effects your personal security and security of your organization. >> think like a hacker. >> basically, yes. >> if you think you might be a target, here are the top three target targeted industries. health care, manufacturing, and financial services. matt delucia, nbc10 news. 5:49 this saturday. just about 46 degrees outside the nbc10 studios and it is going to get warmer today. looking forward to it. get more on the forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> yeah, today's forecast looks like a good one.
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yesterday i was outside in the afternoon. it was really nice out there. today temperatures will be similar, but don't hold onto that much longer. by tomorrow way cooler conditions. here's what we are looking at on the temperature board. looking at stubborn temperatures. unionville, 48 degrees. west bradford twoip in the 50s. some spots are warmer than others. some of us 30s to mid 40s. 42 in milford township. these temperatures we're wishing we could see tomorrow morning. we will not be so nice. look at the radar and satellite. beef a front to t we have this to the west. this front will continue to move to the east. that means it is heading our direction. it will vastly change our forecast moving through the
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weekend. saturday, 67 degrees in philadelphia. look at sunday. only a high of 48. notice the icons as well. big change from today. today goes from sunny to mostly sunny to partly cloudy late day early evening. areas like lehigh valley and suburbs make more cloud coverage. all of us sitting in the 60s for high temperatures. look at the change into the mid 40s for most areas by tomorrow. on top of that, windier and check out the icons here. this is going to be really overnight into early a.m. hours of sunday. we're not expecting to see activity the whole day. instead we dry out quickly on sunday. we have a rain, snow mix in the forecast early in the a.m. hours for parts of the suburbs and lehigh valley before that pushes out and we're left with a cooler forecast that will hold on through monday. even cooler in spots monday. 42 for lehigh valley, 44 in
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delaware, suburbs, 45 in philadelphia. let's track future winds. we move along saturday into saturday evening. 35 to 45 miles per hour. that's tonight. feeling way colder. then going through the night into the morning. there's the philly marathon, 37 miles per hour winds, making it feel way colder than it is, on top of the fact it is chilly out there. we go through your sunday, gusts above 40 miles per hour in the forecast for sunday. we are looking at a forecast that includes high winds throughout tonight and all of your sunday. on the ten day on 10, change in temperatures is obvious and hold onto the 40s, tuesday, windy through monday. and then we start to see temperatures pick up just a bit. 50s through thursday. thanksgiving looking like we should see showers.
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happy saturday, i am danny pommells from csn. a lot of noise awaits the eagles on sunday's game at seattle. doug pederson talked about the preparation today. >> we had a couple of false starts yesterday. v. had one and j.p. had one. and we'll go back inside today and work it again with the noise. so all of our cadences are available in the silent count. we just keep working. >> zach ertz returned to practice today after missing thursday's session with a hamstring injury. he and jordan matthews are both questionable for sunday's game, but are expected to play. to the ice rink. the flyers host the lightning at 1:00. shayne gostisbehere was a healthy scratch last night, a learning experience for the second-year defenseman. >> i think the game slows down a bit for you when you're up there. you see things develop. i'm not always watching the puck up there either. i'm watching other guys. it was a good thing.
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>> the event crew will be busy. sixers also home tomorrow. they host the suns. embiid and okafor may both play. college basketball, nova and wake forest in the semifinals. josh hard, three of his career high 30 points. he was cooking. second half, also a career high for markell bridges on the business end of the alley-oop here. he had 19 points. wildcats win 96-77. also today, st. joe's beat loyola of chicago in a tournament in the u.s. virgin islands. that's it for sports. i am danny pommells, csn. where things come from?
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today shop ergs can get their first look at christmas village at city hall. organizers unveil a new addition to the market, a carousel. it will officially open thanksgiving and run through christmas eve. this morning, we would like to mention a big honor for a member of the nbc10 family. last night the broadcast pioneers of philadelphia inducted reporter monique braxton into its hall of fame. nbc10 was in winfield heights.
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her 92-year-old father was in the crowd celebrating his daughter and so were her colleagues that couldn't be more proud. congratulations to monique. speaking of monique, we check in with her now in philadelphia along ben franklin parkway for start of race weekend. hey, monique. >> reporter: hey, rosemary. a few runners are trickling in, they're advised to arrive early because security is tight. back live in a moment. we may have a clear scene for today's forecast. big changes as we move tonight into sunday. we will look at those coming up. there's a live look outside center city.
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philadelphia police are asking for your help as they look for a driver that left the scene of a hit and run. the victim an eight-year-old girl. we have details on the reward for information in the case. gunfire in a neighborhood, hitting an officer. who he was protecting and how he is doing this morning.


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