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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  November 19, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EST

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headed for us. next, when the temperatures will plummet, when winds pick up and if we could see the first snowflakes of the preseason. shot while shielding his son. an off duty police officer hit by stray bullets its out of the hospital as police try to piece together who fired the shots. good morning. it is 8:30 this saturday. let's start with advice. get out, enjoy the day. tomorrow is a different picture. meteorologist krystal klei tracking the ups and downs of the neighborhood forecast. fill us in. >> that's good advice. we'll see big changes today, depends on your neighborhood and what weather you see. all of us today are warmer than average with clouds building in later in the day. as we move into tonight, we're going to see rain move into the
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region with winds picking up. for some of us rain, snow mix moving into the forecast overnight. that will move off but leaves sunday with colder conditions and still very windy conditions as well, which means that wind chill factor or feel like temperature is going to stay very low the entire day. here's the radar and satellite. showing us a cold front responsible for the cold air moving in. the front, follow the arrows, that's where it is moving from west to east, passing the area, it is going to bring precipitation in. that's what we're looking at as we move along. that front is passing through ohio, pockets of heavy rain. notice now some rain is changing to a rain snow mix and well behind it still a lot of snow moving over the great lakes. that's going to fire off the snow effect machine meaning north of us we'll see snow.
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in our area, potential for mix is going to be in our area. what we're looking at in our forecast today, 67 degrees. sunday, 48 degrees for the high. and feels like temperature in the afternoon of only 35. we'll talk more about the forecast throughout the neighborhoods coming up. happening now. runners participating in the philadelphia marathon weekend are trudging around the city. started about an hour ago. this is the first event of the weekend. the half marathon. elite runners could be finishing the race any time now. thousands have packed the parkway to watch the race and cheer on loved ones. nbc10 monique braxton is right in the middle of it and joins us live from ben franklin parkway. monique? >> reporter: hey there, rosemary. for about a half hour we have been watching some of the lead runners making their way back to
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ben franklin parkway. you can see them just over my shoulder. this is what it looked like at about 7:30 when they took off. organizers estimate as many as 30,000 runners would participate. security is extremely tight. barricades are up. we have seen police on bikes, on foot and on mounted horses. everyone entering the perimeter is being searched. one of the private security firms told us they have been monitoring social media but there have been no specific threats. watch the enthusiasm as runners are pursuing their personal best hit the pavement this the 23rd annual race weekend. the half marathon going through china town, past the liberty bell and city hall back to fair
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mount park and to the finish line. we spoke to a runner back after a 20 year hiatus. >> various minor injuries. it is good to be here, i am 47. i don't know how many times i will be able to do this. glad to be back and run. >> reporter: the half more anthony race designated fan friendly cheer zones. the city recommending not only runners use clear plastic bags when you enter the safe area but spectators do so as well. all bags subject to a search. the rothman 8k at 10:45 this morning followed by the kids run. live on ben franklin parkway, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, monique. if you would like to get a better look at road closures and
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how the races may impact the weekend, find more information on the nbc10 app. we have inspirational stories, a feature about sisters running in their father's memory, again all on the nbc10 app. a milz police officer is out of the hospital and his two-year-old son is safe after they were caught in the crossfire of a shootout. police are still looking for the young men whom detectives say fired more than two dozen bullets into neighbors' backyards. the officer was out with his two-year-old yesterday when the gunman opened fire. the off duty officer took shots to the hand and legs while covering his toddler during crossfire. police tell us the officer didn't have his weapon with him and the shooter got away. >> i went out the side door, i could see the fellow shooting
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toward these houses through the grass there. >> so glad the two-year-old was not hurt. fortunately he is going to be okay. >> neighbors describe the officer as a dedicated family man. could the shooting that injured him be linked to a deadly shooting nearby? that's what they're looking into after gunfire killed a man in philly last night. this scene close to the last one. police tell us the victim died after being shot several times inside a car. no arrests in that case. later today, family and friends hold a vigil in memory of an 8-year-old girl who was killed in a hit and run in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. this as police continue to search for the driver. police tell us the girl was walking home from school with her brother when a driver sped through a traffic light and hit them both. the girl died a short time later at the hospital.
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police haven't released her identity, but relatives say her name is jay-ana. the family offering a $20,000 reward for information on the driver and car. >> should have checked to make sure the kids are all right. >> the girl's older brother also hit is expected to be okay. police are looking for a silver nissan altima or maxima with damage to the front headlight and grille. a man is dead after hit by a car walking across roosevelt boulevard in may fair. nbc10 was at the scene where the driver did stop. the crash happened in outer lanes of northbound boulevard around 11:30 last night. investigators tell us the driver had the green light in this case. in other news, president obama will be meeting with leaders of peru and china.
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president-elect trump is settling a lawsuit over trump university. it settles a lawsuit filed in 2013. it claims he swindled thousands over courses in real estate development. he did not admit fault in the settlement. 8:38 this saturday. coming up, make america wait again? president-elect trump shuts down traffic in new york during rush hour, setting off a twitter storm of complaints. that's the story coming up. nothing slowing these kids down. all the best news from the gridiron, including this trick play you've got to see in the high school blitz.
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starting with a look at conditions now, live pictures outside. gorgeous start to the day. this is going to be a different scene as we move into tomorrow. right now, blue skies, don't see clouds out there. plenty of sunshine. 40 degrees in philadelphia, 42 in the suburbs. mid 40s for new jersey and upper 30s in the lehigh valley. 46 the temperature in delaware now with winds mostly on the light side or even calm to start the morning. really great conditions for those running the half marathon. unfortunately the full marathon tomorrow is a very different story. let's take a look at feels like temperatures that we're tracking. temperatures are going to be feeling are comfortable in the 60s. in the nights, quickly cold air mass moves in, feeling like the 30s by 8:00 this evening. that's also when some precipitation moves in. how about into sunday morning, feeling like teens to low 20s for temperatures and it doesn't get better as we move later into
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the day, we will talk more about cool conditions and next week ahead coming up.
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marple new town thundering on to the field at academy park. this one was all a.p. first half, taylor moore decides to do it himself. scoots in from 11 yards away. 6-0 academy park. stroud on the screen pass. nothing shy about him. breaks a tackle, picks up chunks of yardage right into your living room. that sets up this teddy wright. nothing wrong about that. academy park advances, winning 26-7. springfield delco welcoming westchester henderson. fanelli to joe kennedy. the beautiful pitch and catch as he seals the envelope on some airmail. 16 yard t.d. home team up 14-0. more theatrics. henderson tries the reverse flea-flicker, but ta ma chiio isn't fooled. he makes the pick. springfield defense stifling. finally springfield finishes things off with fanelli, kennedy. this time it's a 44 yard house call for the senior. springfield force feeds them a goose egg. 21-0 the final. undefeated north penn hosting
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coastal in the district one 6-a semis. andrews finding running room right up the gut. a 28 yard touchdown run. north penn moving on. they knock off coatsville had 42-25. district 11, bethlehem freedom and parkland. freedom gets the good start. mighty joe young goes up top. freedom leads 14-3. parkland responds. frankie guida, a 9 yard t.d. parkland up 10. freedom desperate to respond. throws up a prayer and unfortunately, parkland your district champ popped the bubbly. they win 24-14. south jersey and a bird's-eye view. del sea visiting burlington township.
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delsea's keyland bore ket finds some room and watch him work. he's got reservations for six. 35 yard touch. del sea hangs on for the 27-21 victory. highland down 14 nothing at lenape. highland's brian cue which airs this one out. lenape all over highland, 28-6. shawnee visiting timber creek. we've got drama. shawnee trying to something happen. timber creek with the pick in the end zone. nice grab. they win it 38-14. number two ranked coke as valley versus millville. clayton scott makes a house call. melville knocks off r.v. 32-15. salesianum and concord. josh patrick rumbling into the end zone.
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the sallies roll 38-14. division ii quarters in delaware. glass kell and caravel. mandela montgomery. a 13 yard touchdown. caravel advances 21-16. here's a look at our thanksgiving game of the week options. please cast your vote. ridley and interboro. lenape and shawnee. call or text your vote to the number on your screen or vote now at that is the blitz, i am danny pommells, csn, enjoy your saturday. the coast guard's newest starting with a look at temperatures. >> reporter: a lot of us in the 50s this morning. 51 in west mount ari. at the airport, 48 degrees, center city, 52. same for areas like fox chase at 51 degrees.
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nice start to the morning. today feels a lot different than what we see tomorrow because we're tracking a large system, a cold front with it, tracking our direction. that moved through, changes the forecast for us. don't expect this for your sunday morning. here's the radar and satellite view, nice wide view showing off what we have going on. storm center. cold front tracking. that's the green you see indicating rain moving through. thick clouds ahead of this front. notice with the rain, a rain snow mix, pink turning purple. well behind it, purple and white is snow as well that's moving. this indicates a cold system that's headed our direction. it will be tracking directly east. this is coming our way and because we expect to move in overnight, some parts of the area should expect rain snow mix. mostly north and west to
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philadelphia. even showing off the rain snow mix. that's an indicator this is a good model to guide us in the future. we see warm air over the region. temperatures in the 50s this morning. why yesterday we had a high of 70 in philadelphia. way warmer than average. by 5:00, spotty light rain moving into the viewing area ahead of a line of showers that should move through. notice pink and purple, indicating rain and snow north of us. that moves into the poconos. should see snow showers by tonight, 8:30. notice there's a mix as well through parts of lehigh, north hampton, berks county. passing through delaware and new jersey, will shift up and out northeast. by midnight, this is in our neck of the woods. we're less with high winds and
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very cold air in place. moving through sunday, may see lingering snow over the poconos. they're going to see some throughout sunday. temperatures for us today, we're snies ahe nice ahead of the system. mid to upper 60s in the suburbs and lehigh valley. notice spot showers picking up on the board. this is the start of a front late day. winds will increase. 67 for trenton, 63 atlantic city, and wilmington at 65 degrees with some increasing clouds. bad news for the philadelphia marathon sunday, things will be chilly. looking at temperatures 37 degrees at 7:00 a.m. low 40s, 10:00 a.m. 45 by noon, with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, it will feel cooler than it is, closer to 20 to 30 degrees. i am tracy davidson for at issue. join me sunday morning. we meet one of the first
8:51 am
juvenile offenders released from prison after sentenced to life without parole. now you're looking to get a job? >> get a job. right now that's in the making. get my driver's license. >> he is out but what about the person that died, the person killed and his family. >> we can never forget the victims nor victims' families. they're very much part of the narrative. >> and tips for making sure you hold onto as much of your hard earned cash when buying for the holidays. sunday morning at 11:30, only on nbc10.
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it is images of people overdosing that's drawn attention to the addiction crisis gripping our country. the surgeon general is speaking out, releasing a first of its kind report dedicated to addiction in america. the report finds 1 in 7 face a
8:54 am
substance use disorder during their lifetime. joining me now, dr. karen mechanic of the addict rehabilitation program and march that coten of a nonprofit facility specializing in substance abuse disorders. thank you for being here. dr. mechanic, let's start with you first. the surgeon general calls this a chronic disease. why is this significant? >> this is significant because hopefully it will provide more attention and treatment for people who struggle with addictive disorder. >> is there a stigma, important to hear the surgeon general call it a disease? >> absolutely. we have significant scientific evidence that proves that's the case. treatment is available, it works. and it is important for people to take advantage of it. >> martha, you can speak to this, the report finds only 10% of those addicted receive treatment.
8:55 am
what's the disconnect, considering the report says down the road we know treatment will reduce cost of health care and law enforcement. >> i think it is twofold. one is there's a shortage of literal spaces for people that need inpatient addiction treatment. as the disease becomes more understood, we hope there will be increased availability of treatment. that's one of the issues. the other issue is the funding side of it in that health insurance doesn't always cover the cost of treatment. so people who don't have good coverage aren't allowed to get good treatment. >> that's the other component to this. >> exactly. >> dr. mechanic, in terms of what you found in the report, what was most surprising or enlightening? >> most enlightening for me was the fact that people now confident of the stigma of
8:56 am
substance abuse may be changing, that people can get help without feeling concerned that people may know that they have a substance abuse disorder. >> do you think the stigma is changing because there are so many people touched by addiction? >> i believe so. it's also a chronic disease and there's much more known now as far as research and by logic basis addiction. it is much the same as any other chronic illness, high blood pressure and diabetes, needs to be treated and for long periods of time. >> martha, your final thoughts, take away on the report, what you hope comes from it? >> final thoughts, totally groundbreaking, you know, it changes the conversation which is something we talked about before. taking the stigma of addiction and shame and guilt out of the shadows and really talking to people about the fact it is a chronic disease, it's a medical condition like any other, and
8:57 am
that if we come together and raise the level of dialogue, we can raise the level of hope and treatment. >> certainly something that professionals like both of you have been preaching and practicing. and now to have the surgeon general come out with the report, it raises awareness. like you said, hopefully decrease the stigma. thank you for being here. dr. mechanic of thomas jefferson university hospital and martha cohen. thank you both. >> thank you. >> find nbc10's report, called a generation addicted on the nbc10 app. we spent months on the streets investigating the problem of opioid addiction in the area. coming up after the break, we're taking a look at cooler air and stronger winds moving in starting tonight. details on your neighborhood forecast coming up. where should you start when you're
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swing. even if you're not running, the races may impact your plans. we have you covered what you need to know in a live report. take a look what's coming our way. we're in for a blast of winter weather this weekend. we'll tell you when temperatures will plummet and bounce back coming up.
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applauded and booed on broadway. vice president elect mike pence becomes part of the act as the cast of hamilton addresses him directly during the show. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is after 9:00 this saturday. a live look at the ben franklin parkway as runners cross the finish line in the philadelphia half marathon. a beautiful day for a run. tomorrow, participants of the full marathon, have to contend with the elements, as if they don't have enough to do. meteorologist krystal klei has the details. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news on that. we're looking at huge changes to the forecast. radar and satellite shows us low dlou clouds, patchy fog burned off. now we're left with sunny
9:02 am
conditions to kickoff our saturday. temperatures are looking great out there. most of us mid to upper 40s, north of philadelphia, and in the 50s already south of philadelphia through delaware and new jersey. take a look. 58 in wildwood. temperatures are fine to start out with this saturday. yesterday we have a high of 70, that's why we're warm. today, high of 67. sounds great. moving into tonight, a system moves in. bringing high winds, chance of rain for most of the area, and much cooler temperatures by sunday. 48 for the forecast high. moving into monday, even worse. 45, puts us 10 degrees below average. stay in the 40s through tuesday. we will talk details for the neighborhood forecast in a few minutes. happening now. runners making their way to the finish line of ben franklin parkway. the philadelphia half marathon kicked off race weekend in the
9:03 am
city. nbc10's monique braxton is live on the parkway next to the action. looks like a lot of runners finished up, monique. >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, an exciting couple of hours. we are watching the last wave of runners coming back to the finish line. this is some of the 30,000 estimated to be participating this weekend. security is extremely tight. barricades up, police on bikes, foot, horseback. everyone entering the perimeter is being searched. one of the private firms told us they are monitoring social media regarding the race. so far there have been no specific threats. this half marathon goes through center city to china town, past the liberty bell and historic city hall before heading back through mlk and to the finish line. we spoke to a runner a first
9:04 am
timer. >> i have been doing ten mile runs on weekends for years so i feel prepared. >> this is it. >> yeah. >> the starting point. >> yeah. >> reporter: and the rothman 8k gets under way at 10:45, followed by the kids fun run around 12:20. spectators can watch along fan friendly marathon cheer zones. that's where everyone will be eating, drinking and a little merry there. the city recommending not only runners use clear plastic bags when they come out to participate but also say spectators expect to be searched and make sure your bags are clear as well. we will be following the weekend events. live for now along ben franklin parkway, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that. road closures for the events may
9:05 am
impact you, especially if you have plans to be downtown. take a look at them closer right now on nbc10 app for a quick overview, anything around vine street expressway, especially ramps to ben franklin parkway are shut down. and inspirational stories about participants running this weekend, all now on the nbc10 app. in other news, septa bus drivers and trolley operators are on board with a new contract. last night, members of the worker union ratified a five year deal. septa will finalize it. the agreement two weeks after union members began a six day strike. drivers in the first state in for changes starting today. delaware's first diverging diamond interchange opens at state route 1 and route 72 in new castle county. it is a european concept for spots where drivers have to wait to turn left across traffic. you can see cars briefly drive
9:06 am
the opposite side of the right going over the overpass. this way drivers don't have to cross traffic to turn left. today shoppers get the first look at the chris village. they have a new addition to the market, a carousel. it officially opens thanksgiving and runs through christmas eve. speaking of christmas, the city of reading hopes the new christmas tree will bring joy and not mocking. organizers lit the new artificial tree last night. this morning, the city holds a parade, thousands get a closer look at the tree. the town decided to go artificial after criticized for having a thread bare tree. they called it the charlie brown
9:07 am
tree because it resembled the tree in the christmas classic. mike pence booed on broadway. that's what we're talking about. take a quick listen. some people applauded, you can hear that. the boos seemed to overwhelm the sound there from the crowd. this is video of pence as he took his seat for the smash musical "hamilton" in new york. the show went on as usual. during the curtain call, the actor that plays vice president surprised everybody with a short message directed at the vice president to be. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, who truly hope the show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> "the new york times" reports the creator wrote the message
9:08 am
when he learned pence would be seeing the show. here is reaction from audience members. >> people are clearly booing, wasn't like what's going on. people were booing. i think it is cool that people are vocalizing opposition. >> it was the most gross display of disrespect i've ever seen. >> pence left the theater before the end of the message. a show spokesman said the vice president elect heard the full message. in the last 20 minutes, the president-elect donald trump waited on twitter saying our wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of hamilton, cameras blazing, this should not happen. new york area drivers fuming about a rush hour traffic jam triggered by president-elect donald trump's motorcade. it shut down lincoln tunnel both directions, backing up traffic well over an hour. the president-elect was traveling from trump tower to
9:09 am
his golf course in new jersey, where he is having important meetings this weekend. frustrated drivers decided to vent frustration on social media. one tweet, thanks for closing the lincoln tunnel for your motorcade at 4:00 p.m. on friday. new york city hates you, #dump trump. another tweet, waiting on donald trump to come through lincoln tunnel so we can go through. doesn't this dude have a chopper? still ahead on nbc10 news today, waking up in the clubhouse. we will take you behind the scenes to a special sleepover for phillies young fans and it is serving as distraction from everyday life.
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people are waking up to a snowy morning in the midwest. the first major winter storm of the season hit yesterday. this is minnesota. the snow could create travel problems if you plan to head west for thanksgiving. keep that in mind. fortunately for us, no snow here, but we know that system is taking a toll in other ways. tell us about it. >> big time. going to feel a huge difference if you compare today's forecast to tomorrow's. looking at new jersey neighborhoods. starting this morning, things are great. already in the 50s. mount laurel in the mid 40s now.
9:13 am
these temperatures are something we will wish for tomorrow. tomorrow we're talking seriously colder weather. you can take a peek at the bottom of the screen, the neighborhood forecast scrolling there. looking at a wind advisory in place later today beginning west at 4 and stretching further to the southeast at 7:00. lasts sunday until midnight into monday. we're looking at a long stretch of very windy weather that begins tonight. those winds kicking up with the system. the cold front starts to move in. we look at future wind gusts, 9:00 tonight. talking 35 to 45 miles per hour gusts possible. already very windy which means it feels cooler than it is. you just saw that with the feels like temperatures. then going through saturday night into sunday morning. now at 7:00 a.m. still strong here at 30 to 40 miles per hour gusts. that means with philadelphia
9:14 am
marathon runners, it will be a windy run outside. as we continue through sunday into the afternoon, gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour are possible and even sunday evening, i expect winds hold tight around 40 miles per hour. all of sunday looking windy with a strong system as it rushes west to east. you're going to feel a push of the front. the timing of the storm. looks like 6:00 we will see showers move in. it will last through midnight. more definite rain by 8:00 at night. rain for philadelphia and areas south. delaware, new jersey, neighborhoods looking at rain. rain snow mix north and west of philadelphia. parts of the suburbs could see rain snow mix overnight. what's to come, cold and windy weather sunday into monday. let's look at the weekend forecast. saturday, today at 67 degrees.
9:15 am
not bad this afternoon. mostly sunny. lehigh valley, 64 degrees and shore at 63. check out the following day. we will see a rain snow mix over the lehigh valley, showers elsewhere, but that's out, then dry most of sunday. we're left with very cool temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and we stay that way monday. mostly sunny to partly cloudy conditions throughout the day. low to mid 40s for forecast high temperatures. we stay windy next week. details for thanksgiving coming up. coming up in sports. the eagles head west to take on the seahawks. two players listed as questionable. danny pommells is breaking it down in sports.
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:18 am
this year's award for best fan catch in major league baseball goes to a phillies fan. he is grabbing a foul ball with bare hands to keep it from hitting his wife louise in the face. it happened at citizens bank park in may. this beat out four other finalists and his wife didn't get hurt. right now, the phillies are serving breakfast to exceptional children that had a sleepover at citizens bank park. they signed major league contracts, got their own clubhouse lockers and baseball cards and got to do batting
9:19 am
practice. this five-year-old couldn't resist partying to celebrate a special anniversary. >> lany is undergoing second round for sarcoma, to see her laugh and run around with other kids and families going through the same thing, it makes my heart happy. >> so happy to be here, hoping we're making their night because they really are making ours. >> night night! >> they had a nice sleepover. breakfast this morning. then a photo op in the dugout later. > a lot of noise awaits the eagles on sunday's game at seattle. doug pederson talked about the preparation today. >> we had a couple of false starts yesterday.
9:20 am
v. had one and j.p. had one. and we'll go back inside today and work it again with the noise. so all of our cadences are available in the silent count. we just keep working. >> zach ertz returned to practice today after missing thursday's session with a hamstring injury. he and jordan matthews are both questionable for sunday's game, but are expected to play. to the ice rink. the flyers host the lightning at 1:00. shayne gostisbehere was a healthy scratch last night, a learning experience for the second-year defenseman. >> i think the game slows down a bit for you when you're up there. you see things develop. i'm not always watching the puck up there either. i'm watching other guys. it was a good thing. >> the event crew will be busy. sixers also home tomorrow. they host the suns. embiid and okafor may both play. college basketball, nova and wake forest in the semifinals. josh hard, three of his career high 30 points. he was cooking.
9:21 am
second half, also a career high for markell bridges on the business end of the alley-oop here. he had 19 points. wildcats win 96-77. also today, st. joe's beat loyola of chicago in a tournament in the u.s. virgin islands. that's it for sports. danny pommells, csn. now we will get to the national dog show. it is under way at the greater philadelphia expo center in montgomery county. top dog will be named tomorrow afternoon. the event hosted by kennel club of philadelphia. don't forget, you can watch the national dog show on thanksgiving day at noon here on nbc10. nbc10 continues the commitment to clear the shelters, find homes for for adoptable pets. ame is joining us.
9:22 am
>> thanks for having me. >> who is this? >> this is sider. she's four years old, hound pit bull mix, has been at the shelter a decent time. time for her to go home. had a lovely time with her this morning. volunteers spend time with her. she walks great on the leash, likes to walk with other dogs. >> we have to throw out there, it is going to get chilly tomorrow. when you have a pet, time of year to bring them in, right? >> definitely. there's some city laws in place and state laws that require you to bring pets inside or provide them adequate outside shelter. if you see a pet that's outside, a dog specifically, not in shelter, give us a call, we will send someone out and let the owners know to bring them in. >> coming up on thanksgiving. this is the event happening now through wednesday. >> yeah. this is a great time to adopt.
9:23 am
this is all about family. pets are family, too. we invite people to come in, adopt a pet at the shelter two weeks or longer, which includes cider. you'll receive half price adoption. it is now through wednesday. >> this is a good opportunity for you. >> i would like to have 100 dogs. i have one. i have to say my guy was in there more than two weeks as well. >> they can tell. they need so much love. >> she's so calm. >> if you can't make it out today and tomorrow, maybe later this week. to get more information, give them a call.
9:24 am
267-385-3800. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. krystal, we have weather coming. >> we will talk about chilly conditions moving in and look at the ten day on 10 coming up.
9:25 am
9:26 am
we can't leave you without saying quick congratulations to our colleague, monique braxton. she was honored by the broadcast pioneers, inducted into the hall of fame. she has reported at nbc10 for the last 16 years. some of our colleagues and her 92-year-old father and her son and husband were there for the celebration. again, congratulations, monique. well deserved.
9:27 am
all right. we have been talking about tomorrow. >> winter weather in the forecast around the region. much cooler conditions. 67 today sounds good. sunny conditions. clouds increase, overnight chance of rain moves in. rain snow west of philadelphia. very windy sunday. only a high of 48. >> it will be a shock to the system. enjoy today. get out and enjoy it. that does it for us, have a good one.
9:28 am
my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled.
9:29 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
9:30 am
hi, i'm sara gore, and this is open house. we tour an architectural contemporary situated above the famed sunset strip and an exotic escape in san clemente, california, plus, we're bringing you a little slice of the caribbean to help you beat the winter blues. but first, we take a special trip out to the majestic scottish highlands to check out one of its finest properties. the torridon is set in 58 acres of mature parkland, located in the northwest of scotland in the highlands, in a region known as wester ross. you're watching open house. today, i'm coming to you from a modern duplex on the upper east side of manhattan, featuring impressive floor to ceiling windows that frame tree top views of famed park avenue.


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