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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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covered car and in the dark, thousands were left without power as strong wind gusts knocked down trees and power lines. >> nbc 10 news starts now. it is wet in philadelphia right now. you're looking live at rainy conditions at 8th and market streets in center city. and it is full on snow in the poconos. this is a live look at snowflakes falling at camel back mountain resort in monroe county and on top of this winty mix, there are high wind gusts blowing through the air in the region. you're looking live at wind turbines in south philadelphia. gusts could be up to 50 miles per hour overnight thanks joining us. pekoe customers are without power because of the strong winds. we're bringing you the dramatic weather changes sweeping through our area. >> it's been a wild day in
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weatherer all due to a frontal boundary east of us and a really strong low pressure system in canada. this wind advisory is in effect until midnight monday and you will see your local neighborhood forecast at the bottom of your screen and you can download our free app for more information. i'm going to stop this at 11:00 p.m. notice we're seeing wind gusts ranging from 37 miles per hour from allen town, 46 for philly, and 36 for westchester. so conditions are certainly very dangerous as far as the wind was concerned. a live look outside. we are seeing rain on the lens. you can see the cameras actua y actually. and the wind gusts will remain strong through the overnight hours and satellite image picking up on the wintery mix. a light coating as you saw at camel back mountain. so keep that in mind.
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we have more snow showers in the works. locally we're seeing again just a few flurries and a little bit of a change over. graupel earlier and coming up in the full forecast we'll talk more about what to expect through the overnight hours and just how strong the wind gusts will get. back to you. and in philadelphia strong winds toppled this tree. no one was hurt but neighbors say it narrowly missed a passing car. in montgomery county tonight a snow and sleet mix was dropping. you can see it coming down in wind coat shelton ham township late tonight. and in chester county sleet was falling this evening. a viewer sent us this video around 8:00 p.m. and nbc 10's andrea cline thomas is buck's county tonight. what kind of conditions are you seeing tonight? >> reporter: well, denise within the last 30 minutes or so it started snowing here at pedler's
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village and the wind mill hasn't had a break for hours. a complete 180 from earlier today. >> it was gorgeous today and now all the sudden i'm freezing. >> reporter: the whipping winds had had shoppers grabbing tea, coffee, and extra layers. >> lots of coats, scarves, gloves, everything. >> reporter: sleet would soon follow and switch to rain, forcing visitors to pick up their pace. meanwhile, philadelphia, the weather has left thousands without power. >> you could hear the wind and when it came through, it sounded like train. >> it's a drastic change from earlier in the day. many who stepped outside opted to ditch their coats even as the sun set. they were able to complete final errands during the last few hours of unseasonably warm temperatures. >> being able to get outside and do those last minute things that
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you end up procrastinating on doing until it's too late. >> reporter: it was perfect timing for scott cline who we found wearing shorts. are you cold? >> i'm not cold, no. i was born in november and i like the season. >> reporter: but for most the quick dip in the temperature was a jarring reality that winter is just around the corner. >> i don't care if it's in the middle of november if i wasn't ready yet. >> reporter: and the lights are on here but we took a lock at pekoe's outage map and they have outages all across their service area. which means crews will be working through the night to restore their power. andre acline-thomas, nbc 10 news. thanks, andrea. you can track each wintery mix. just tap the nbc 10 app. a tearful plea for just as
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from an mother of an 8-year-old killed in a hit and run. >> she's only hit. she flew from the corner to the middle of the block and you kept going. how? >> reporter: friends and family gathered to remember her at a vigil this afternoon. she was hit and killed while walking home from school with her siblings yesterday in philadelphia. police are now searching for a newer model silver nissan. >> tonight we're getting a closer look at a case against an accused repeat cyber stocker. she was on probation for a 2013 guilty plea for stocking and harassing a teen age girl. reporting live from bucks county where they say that online obsession with the same girl nev stopped. >> reporter: it's here at this coffee shop that prosecutors say shane holder thought he was meeting the girl he'der stocked for years but instead meat
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police officer. a woman inside shane holder's listed address said no thank you when we asked about the stocking charges against the 55-year-old in this photo. people are concerned. >> it's creepy. you got to watch out. >> reporter: it was 2013 when a bucking ham township team saw the messages, leading to a guilty plea. transcripts say her father said in court he's a man that has proved he has an addiction to my child and an addiction he cannot control. even after a snebs sentence of five years probation, the activity picked right back up. >> it's really surprising because you'd figure there would be a stay away order. >> reporter: prosecutors linked thousands of posts and tweets back to holderer. requests for her company and critiques of her body. this week
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with police in control of the teen's accounts. a coffee shop meeting was set up. there, detectives say holder admitted using the accounts for quote things he shouldn't be using them for. a jail set his bail at $250 thousand and he has a detainer on him in jail awaiting his next hear. nbc 10 news. president elect donald trump is spending the weekend trying to shape his cabinet. tomorrow he'll meet with governor chris christie in summerset county, new jersey. today he met with romney. the 2012 republican presidential candidate, let an effort to defeat mr. trump during the past election season. now a source says romney is being considered for secretary of state. up next, defending the delaware. why protesters are afraid the river is in danger under president elect, donald trump. danny. >> thank you very much. the eagles will be playing one
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of the loudest stadiums in the kup country. we'll have a report from seattle. but boy did he play and play well. see if it was enough to knock.
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today hundreds came together to spread a message of peace more than a week after hate speech was spray painted at a south philadelphia park. they used chalk to put signs of peace. last wednesday a swastika was found spray painted on the side of a building at the park. the spot where it was found has been replaced with a painting of a heart. defending the delaware river
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was the message as they protested against trump's environmental plan today. they mafrped between trenton and morris vill, bucks county. they say mr. trump's plan cutbacks could lead to fracking and would jeopardize the river's bu beauty and health. they'rer demanding a permanent ban on fracking in the river. through early tomorrow morning be sure you get ready to bundle up. i have more details on the really strong winds and rain gusts and your chilly sunday morning on the other side of the break. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. the marathon weekend got off
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to a big start today. thousands of people took the streets of philadelphia. the ben franklin parkway was packed at the start of the philadelphia half marathon this morning. a kid's race also took place. the philadelphia marathon will begin tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and if you want a better look at how marathon road closures could effect you, just click on the nbc 10 app. we also have inspirational stories about why some runners are taking part in the big event. three families united by tragedy came together to give thanks today. transplant recipients met with the man of the family who gave them a second chance. they gathered for a thanksgiving meal in philadelphia. that included the family of 20-year-old ethan moyier who died in a car crash. a 6-year-old and 72-year-old
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received an organ transplant from him. both of them shared what they're thankful for. >> i'm extremely grateful to ethan. he and i communicate every morning. because i have his picture in my kitchen. and obviously i'm very happy to be here. >> amazing. five other people also received an organ donation from moyer. it's feeling like christmas at philadelphia city hall. they got the first look at christmas village. organizers unveiled a new addition to the market a carousel. the village officially opens on thanksgiving and runs through christmas eve. it definitely did not feel like holiday weather this afternoon but a different story tonight. you're looking live at the blue cross riverring in pen's landing.
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and we topped that at 72 degrees today. the record is 75. so, not that bad. normal temperature for today, 55 degrees. we do have to show you where we're seeing a little bit of disorganization. notice we're seeing greens and pinks and blues and note this is change over from the wintery precep. i want you to see where we're seeing sleet, graupel, light flurries as well. doyle's town, limerick seeing a change over. philadelphia also seeing a light change over as well but notice we're seeing the back edge of that moisture. even better news is if you look that bottom of your screen you will see your local neighborhood forecast. wider perspective shows us we're not done, not yet. a couple flurries sweeping into parts. lehigh valley and anothinger concern is areas of patchy fog. let's look at the poor visibility for hazeltine.
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quaker town, doyle's town. five-mile visibility, trenton about 6 for you. mt. holly, 4-mile viz nsibility. philadelphia, right now we're still seeing mainly rain. however, we did get reports of sleet and graupel earlier and we're tracking hour by hour when everything will start to clear out. hopefully just in time for the marath marathon. we start this at 11:00 p.m. and get it going through early tomorrow morning. crystal will keep you updated for the rest of your sunday. 5:00 a.m., it really starts to break. otherwise, for the most part it will be dry. wind advisory in effect until monday midnight. very impressive through the overnight hours into tomorrow afternoon. we're seeing 40/50 mile-per-hour wind gusts, damaging wind gusts. so keep that in mind. temperatures will be mainly in the 40s, a few low 30s but feels
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like temperatures much colder and that's because we have to take into consideration those northerly winds. allen town, 26. for philly and 21 westchester. be sure to bundle up and download the free nbc 10 app for more nn more information and your 10 day on 10 does include showers on thanksgiving. be sure you keep the umbrellas handy and tracking potential for showers on thanksgiving. after that, conditions look pretty much high and dry. here's danny with sports. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> thank you very much. let's hit the gridiron when the eagles take off for the seahawks, they better be prepared for noise and lots of
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it. >> reporter: centurylink field is one of the loudest outdoor stadiums in the world. the guiness book of world records once had it at the loudest. the eagles practiced with the crowd noise reaching only 100 desblees. the seahawks have the best home record in the nfl since this place opened. so silent communication is key. >> you need to work on hand signals with the o-lineman and the receivers. but those are things we've done already. we've done those in chicago, washington. >> you get kind of used to hearing your quarterback's voice. it's kind of like say you're in a crowd of people and your mom yells your name. you hear it out of everybody. >> when i was with the saints we played them twice. sean peyton had had had had had had had us with ear plugs and we're blasting the music. i thought to myself they're making this a bigger deal than it is until we got there is it
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was as loud as anticipated. >> reporter: the eagles have lost their last four road games by a combined 19 points. if they could win here, it would go a long way for them making the playoffs. in seattle, john clark, csn. >> all right, john, thanks. talk about the 6ers and flyers both at home. it was a game time decision with a ankle injury. that desiscision was he would p. dominated earlier. drive by sergio rodriguez. some of the 6ers first 12 points. career high, 26. another alley-oop from rodriguez. and 21 points from fr him. this kid is beside himself. 120-105. 6ers win their sixth home game. and first period, lightning on the rush. tyler johnson puts it intoa wide open net. easy breezy. that was all tampa bay needed. flyers shut out 3-0.
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college football, penn state at rutgers. they need to win their final two games to have a chance at the conference championship and have ohio state beat michigan. blocked the rutgers punt and that led to this. barkley gets his number called from a yard away. penn state up 16-0 and they win going away, 39-0. after 32 seasons, andy tally's final regular season game on the villanueva sideline visiting delaware, late second quarter, connects with a wide open mike woods ac. had to wait for it. wild cats win 41-10. should be enough to get them in the playoffs. and temple wants to keep their championship hopes alive. that is sports. we'll be right back.
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thanksgiving is just five days away and that's time for the annual turkey drive.
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nbc 10 in north philadelphia where volunteers put thanksgiving baskets together and handed them out to local families. this year the group raised enough money to buy turkey baskets for more than 600 needy families. dropped more than 30 degrees. definitely by tomorrow but it's really important to show something else. areas of fog developing. this is something wevent been talking about all night. we've been focusing on the winds, the precip and we're seeing how poor visibility is in the overnight hours. >> we have a mix of everything, right? >> busy night. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. an all new "saturday night live" is next with host kristen wig. have a great night.
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mr. trump? [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump, are you ready for your first meeting? >> kelly ann, what are people saying about my cabinet appointments? do they love them? >> um


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