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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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neighborhood on fire. eight houses destroyed and cars burning in the streets as flames take over a section of trenton. mayor charged, a local leader is accused of driving drunk and leaving the scene of a crash. the trump transition, the president elect says he made some deals over the weekend but it's still unclear if new jersey governor chris christie will play a rule in the administration. 6:00 a.m. this monday morning. good morning. i'm tracey davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. yesterday blustery conditions caused a ground p,ñstop at philadelphia international airport. i want to give you a live look right now at the airport where there are no problems so far to report this morning, we will check in with nbc 10's deanna
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durante, she is at the airport. right now we will check in with bill henley. >> uniformly cold, yes, mixing up in the atmosphere so the temperatures are cold all around, we are looking at 30s with the wind blowing in morning and the wind is going to get stronger during the day today. right now winds of 21 miles an hour we could see winds gusting to 45 or 50 miles an hour this afternoon. the temperatures 37 degrees in delaware, 36 in the lehigh valley and 37 in new jersey. everybody is within a degree or two to start with and we will see a warm up, just not a big warm up. 38 degrees right now, 38 at 8:00 and then starting to climb with some sunshine at 11:00 in the morning. but notice the wind speeds are also climbing. those winds getting stronger late this morning and during the early afternoon hours. so the temperatures will peak in the 40s today, that's 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time
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of year and the gusty winds will keep temperatures into the low 40s, at the shore 48 degrees this afternoon, the winds a little bit stronger at the shore. i will break these forecasts down hour by hour when i come back in less than ten minutes. right now let's see how the traffic is moving. jessica boyington has an update. >> starting in depp ford township an accident reported on route 55 headed southbound, traffic moving away from the philadelphia area, that's usually a lighter drive than northbound, so at least there's good news with that. only the right shoulder is blocked. 55 southbound right around deptford center road. other than that it's okay on most of the highways and 55 drive times are okay. moving through camden new jersey looks okay, this is the ben franklin bridge toll plaza, no problems moving toward philadelphia right now through camden but watch out lower marion on old gulf road and pull berry lane for an accident scene there.
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breaking news this morning, seven people are hurt in a fire in woodbury gloucester county, two homes burned on mahortar building, another building also caught fire. the fire is basically out but the firefighters are still on hand at that home. the victims went to area hospitals and as we get more information we will update you on air and of course on the nbc 10 app. this morning we're following breaking news in trenton as well where flames ripped through eight homes. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in trenton. you've been talking with fire officials and other people on the scene all morning long. what have you learned? >> reporter: i just got finished speaking with the assistant fire chief here at the scene. he tells me with the update here nine homes have burned, three of them have collapsed and two people have been taken to the hospital. there have been several people displaced as a result of this fire. we are going to try to see if we can give you a view down the
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street to give you an idea what's going on. this fire happened on wineberg place, right now we are along olden avenue here at brunswick avenue. so that street is a very small street just on the other side of the building here, a lot of smoke in this area, we're told that the fire is not yet under control so this fire still burning, it started about 3:00 this morning, we are told that those people, two people, have been taken to the hospital, unknown conditions at this point. this is now a six-alarm fire so that gives you an idea of just the massive response related to this. i talked with a woman who lives inside one of those homes, her name is emily, right now she's trying to figure out what to do. >> and i got up and used the bathroom. so when i went to the bathroom i kept smelling something, you know, and i went back to bed. i kept smelling something. so when i looked to the window i saw my neighbor's house on fire. >> have you been able to see your house yet? >> no. no. >> you don't know if it's even still there. >> no. no.
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no. no. >> reporter: and the deputy fire chief tells me that what made this fire tough to fight is wires had fallen to the ground and they had to get the power off. take a listen to what he had to say earlier. >> you know, electricity and water don't mix so because of that from a safety perspective we had to pull our firefighters back until public service electric and gas got here to make sure the scene was safe. once they got here and actually cut the power, the whole grid to this neighborhood, we were able to go back in and put this fire out. >> reporter: another live look here, you can see some of those displaced residents are inside this little deli here at the corner and we're told that seven people in all have been displaced, again, nine homes have been engulfed in flames here, three have collapsed at this point. the fire still not out. i also just spoke with a couple of other people who lived in these homes a few minutes ago before we went on the air.
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one of them says she heard explosions from car tires that were popping in the street, they were popping because of the flames and the intense heat. they said they lost everything in this fire. i will share some more with what we had to say with them in their interview coming up at 6:30. the deputy chief just came up to me and said we will have an update hopefully in the next half hour. so i will have more details coming up in 30 minutes. >> thank you. 6:06. 38 degrees in delaware county. chester officials tell nbc 10 upland borough mayor michael ciach is facing several charges. around 4:00 a.m. on friday ciach rear-ended a parked car, police arrested ciach and later arrested him. they will mail him a summons for his arraignment. the bucks county man accused in a sex abuse case involving
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six amish sisters will be in court today, lee kaplan will go before a judge in morning. he was arrested in june on charges of assaulting the oldest sister in his home. last month police accused him of abusing five of the teen's younger sisters, the youngest victim is eight years old. police are investigating a possible burglary at philadelphia city hall. an employee of the christmas village reported seeing two men trying to climb through this window yesterday afternoon. the worker said he yelled at the man and ran to get security but the suspects got away and it's not clear if anything was taken. now to the transition to trump, president-elect donald trump will meet in new york today with former texas governor rick perry. on sunday the president elect talked to potential white house hires at his golf club in bed minister somerset county new jersey. the vice president and vice president elect mike pence met with familiar faces including new york former mayor rudy guiliani and new jersey governor chris christie. take a look at this.
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you know it's cold when the ski resorts in the poconos start making snow. camelback, shawnee and blue mountain, jack frost all are blowing frost right now. last year's warm weather shortened the ski season considerably so resorts are hoping it stays cold this season. parts of new york state are being slammed with heavy lake-effect snow. blowing snow and ice covered roads are making driving conditions treacherous in rochester. the first snowstorm of the season are causing flight delays and cancellations, a lot of the schools in the area are closed. hard to believe it was 70 degrees on friday. >> not today. not at all. the snowstorms that you saw to the north that's giving us wind. you can see it in the flags blowing right along the ben franklin parkway, those gusty winds will be increasing but they are cold gusty winds. a blustery day with sunshine and a few clouds blowing through the
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area and those clouds will die down a little bit but still breezy and cold. heading back into the 30s early this evening. 30s for the lehigh valley, suburbs, delaware, south jersey 37 degrees and 38 degrees at the shore. 38 at philadelphia international, not much different from any of the neighborhoods because of the wind, it gives you nice uniform temperatures. 37 at chestnut hill, andorra, west mt. airy, center city, all in the 30s to start with. we will see the temperatures climb but like yesterday it's going to stay chilly during the day today but the windchill making it feel even colder this morning. feels like 28 in philadelphia and 27 in wilmington and south jersey in the upper 20s for wind chills. and that will blow a few clouds from the area. not likely we will see any snowshowers, those are just to the north and that's at the very edge of that snow that's falling in new york and into northern
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pennsylvania. but we are not going to see the snow. we will get a few clouds blowing through on the winds, though. temperatures held back in morning, 38 degrees at 9:00, by lunchtime 44, by 5:00 the sun will be down, the temperatures will start cooling. suburbs will stay dry, a chilly morning, chilly in afternoon, the winds will be increasing during the afternoon hours, you will feel the wind gusts to around 50 miles an hour in the lehigh valley today. the temperatures will not warm up to normal levels. it should be in the middle 50s this time of year, we will be barely into the 40s in delaware. strong gusty winds will blow some clouds through new jersey and at the shore but it will stay dry in all of these neighborhoods. 37 degrees this morning in new jersey, 43 degrees in the afternoon and not much warmer at the jersey shore. dry days until we get to thanksgiving. we are tracking some rain, wet weather to start off turkey day. we will have a look at that with the ten day on 10 when i come
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back in less than ten minutes. ten minutes past 6:00 a.m. let's get a look at the schuylkill. >> we check in with jessica boyington. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway right around montgomery drive, our cameras showing some cars making theirz way out the door but no big delays yet. a 14 mile trip headed eastbound. still into the high 50s and it's a 14-minute trip there. no problems yet. an accident out in lower marion on old gulf road and mull bury lane, also a downed treat on willow grove. they're directing traffic around there. might see some delays. also deptford township an accident scene on route 55 southbound, traffic moving away from philadelphia right around deptford center road. we typically see some delays maybe in the next half hour or so heading in the opposite direction. thankfully it's going the other way. headed southbound just the shoulder is lost. federal regulators want to
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make the rails safer by making sure train operators do not have a certain medical condition. >> we will explain how officials are taking steps to protect commuters following that deadly crash in hoboken. time to get into the shopping spirit. next we will offer expert advice ahead of black friday and what kind of items might have deep discounts already. ♪
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from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ it's 6:15. thanksgiving just a few days away and that means the holiday shopping season is also right around the corner. this morning we're helping you get ready and ahead of the rush. >> pamela osborne is live for us in the digital operations center. tell us what shoppers need to know. >> holiday shopping sales are expected to increase 3.6% this season. this is good news for shoppers.
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this means that retailers are offering deep discounts in hopes of getting you to spend your money on their merchandise. there's also some -- this is also where things get tricky with so many deals out there, what should you buy now and what should you buy later. if you're looking for electronics on black friday you can get great deals on gaming system bundles, dvds, home appliances and online door busters where deals around at 12:01 a.m. friday. if you have younger people on your list experts say you should hold off on toys because the best deals are closer to christmas although you do run the risk of running out some of the hot items that may sell out. who is doing the most shopping? the national retail federation says nearly 65% of older millennials, which are people ages 25 to 34 have already made dents in their list and, get this, 80% of millennial shoppers say they're interested in apps
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that will notify them of holiday sales. we visited cherry hill mal, they have a special app with chills and tricks on where to shop and park, vip customers can forego shopping all together. >> we will have an in-house personal shopper and if you are a perks member you can utilize the services for free. we will shop for you, she will shop with you, she is an expert so she can give you what the hottest holiday friends are. if you want to shop for your grandmother, boyfriend and have absolutely no idea what to get for someone she will guide you in the direction to get the perfect gift, she will get it wrapped for you and if you live within a certain distance of the mall she will deliver it to your house. >> if you plan on traveling the week of christmas experts say the best time to book your flights is this week. reporting live in the digital operations center i'm pamela osborne nbc 10 news.
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i think we need that personal shopper. you could use that if she works on christmas eve because that's probably when -- >> pam is talking and you're pointing at me. >> hello. write is down. let's check in with jessica and see what's happening on the blue route this morning. >> no big problems or delays yet, you can see from these drive teams here, still green on the baltimore time. speeds with still into the 60s, a little volume starting to make their way out the door there. out in deptford township there is an accident on the southbound side taking out part of the right hand shoulder. 295 around hamilton, around sloan avenue, we are not seeing any congestion. 11 minute delays for septa's train but patco and amtrak all
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running on time with no reported delays. 6:18. let's talk about the chilly weather. you will need to dig for the heavier coat this morning. >> it is cold. the wind is blowing. they have the battleship new jersey decorated, those lights blowing in the freeze this morning. the winds will be stronger today, especially later this morning and early this afternoon. and those winds are blowing some clouds through the area, nothing coming out of them for our area to the north there's snow but we are not going to see that, nothing more than a flurry is possible as they blow through the area. we will get breaks of sunshine, but it is cold outside and with the wind it's going to feel cold all day. we are looking at 30s from the lehigh valley, the suburbs, new jersey, delaware, 38 degrees in philadelphia, factor in the wind, though, these winds making it feel like it's in the 20s for every location, trenton, mt. holly, northeast philadelphia, wildwood is in the 20s this morning as far as wind chills. so winds will be gusting and blowing some clouds through the area. look closely and you can see
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some snowflakes to the north of trenton this morning, a brief snowshower most likely stays to the north of our area today but we will get some clouds blowing through and you might see an air rant flurry, then we're trying until the end of the week, a storm system coming together on the west coast, that will bring you a chance of some rain for thanksgiving rain thursday. a slow warm up before it gets here. we will be in the 40s today, feel like 30s this afternoon with the wind. finally into the 50s for thanksgiving day and we will be in the 50s beyond thanksgiving day, that's when we will see dryer weather, too. we still have to deal with the cold gusty winds today, 45 high temperature this afternoon. down to 31 tonight and 47 in the afternoon, still breezy tomorrow, not as windy so the temperatures will come up a little bit with bright sunshine. 49 degrees on wednesday, start with sunshine, the clouds building wednesday night and into thursday morning light rain showers coming through, a chilly rain in the morning, 38 degrees, 54 as we're drying out in the
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afternoon. lingering clouds on friday and into the loi 50s for saturday and sunday, but it turns a bit chillier on monday, 49 degrees, back into the 50s for tuesday and wednesday, next wednesday a chance we will see more showers in the area. windy weather this weekend caused problems at philly international, here is a live look at the airport. coming up we will check on flights today and tell you what you need to know if you're travel this morning. plus the road woes continue for the philadelphia eagles, next we will hear from the players about their latest set back in seattle.
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mondays are always a little bit harder after an eagles loss, the birds lost to the other birds out west in seattle yesterday, but injuries to two key players could hurt the team for coming weeks. before the game malcolm jenkins attempting to get his teammates
6:25 am
pumped up telling them let's show them the way we play defense, but the eagles did exactly the opposite allowing the seahawks to post 26 points to their 15. >> things are never as bad as they seem and they're never as good as they seem and we'll get a chance to evaluate this game, you know, on the plane back and make the necessary adjustments. >> we have so many little mistakes every week even when we win games we have so many mistakes that keep hurting us. >> here is one of those mistakes that hurt him, zach ertz, this touchdown called back because of a penalty. then there is the ongoing problem of nelson agholor, this is one of his many mistakes from yesterday, a dropped pass that cost them dearly. the eagles next game is in prime time a week from today, its birds will be back at the ling where they've won every home game this year. they play the packers who lost to the redskins last night. it's a cold one this
6:26 am
morning, cold enough to make snow he in the pocono mountains, they may see a brief snowshower or two in the mountains. we will get the wind that is blowing those snowflakes around this morning. the winds have been gusting in philadelphia to 45 miles an hour. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. up next at 6:30 we will have an update on breaking news in trenton where evacuations are in place after fire hit eight homes there. we will take you live to the scene for an upthe date from mat delucia. plus we will explain how safety regulators are trargting the health of train operators after a deadly crash in hoe boek.. my wallet. nature's promise fresh turkey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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the medical condition and health of train operators. home for the holidays, we are live at philadelphia international airport with what you need to know if you're traveling today. it is 6:30. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracey davidson. >> we're talking wind chills to layer up as you head out. >> it feels like it's in the 20s this morning with wind blowing clouds through the area. f1 ods through the area. at the comcast center, those winds are at 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. we have seen wind gusts close to 41 miles an hour this morning and they could be close to 50 miles an hour this afternoon. we are starting to ee brightening of the skies. a better look at the clouds moving through the lehigh valley and delaware. any snowshowers are way to the north and likely to stay to the
6:31 am
north. 38 degrees not much warmer than the current temperature at 9:00 you and by lunchtime 42 degrees, a slow warm up tlurg the day today with the winds also increasing, gusty winds and 45 degrees for philadelphia, stuck in the 40s for the suburbs, new jersey and the lehigh valley and delaware. cloudy right now, we will see more clouds break during the day for more sunshine, but the winds they are not going to really die down until tonight. a closer look at those winds hour by hour when i come back in less than ten minutes but first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> 422 right around trooper road starting to see some delays. this is trooper road right here, not backed up yet but the eastbound side moving towards the schuylkill expressway we're seeing some slow downs, 15 minutes from 29. average speeds down into the 30s. it is a little slow there. the westbound side doing a bit better. there is an accident on upper morela moreland, checking in with 95 but moving through delaware no big problems or delays, we are
6:32 am
still in the green with drive times 11 minutes with speeds into the 60s. we continuec to follow breaking news this morning out of trenton where nine homes are burning, three have collapsed and two people have been taken to a local hospital. nbc ó/÷10's matt delucia is livn the scene with new information about the fire fight. what's the update? >> reporter: we've been getting updates almost every half hour from the deputy fire chief at the scene. they tell me hopefully they will be able to get us closer to where this fire is burning. first i will show you where we have this scene right now where you can see that we are at olden avenue at brunswick avenue and the fire we're told still burning, the fire itself is on wineberg place, that would be just about a block away from where we are, we were kind of kept back quite a bit because of the intense smoke that was the results of that fire.
6:33 am
this is a real small side street that's over there, a lot of smoke in this area, we're told two people have been taken to the hospital, this was a six-alarm fire, a very big fire, i did talk with residents who were inside their homes and woke up to this fire. >> not only the house but the fires started getting on fire, there is not only houses but cars are damaged. wheels started popping because of the heat. there's, you know, probably -- most of the cars that were on the side where the houses burnt down, all the cars probably burnt down, too. >> my boyfriend -- she saved us. she said don't put out the fire because it's only in your imagination. i started calling 911 because i'm thinking people in the next houses are sleeping. >> reporter: so this fire started at 3:00 this morning, it's now 6:30 so it's been burning for about three and a half hours. you can see the fire trucks, all
6:34 am
the houses that are still on the ground, the deputy fire chief told me what made this tough to fight iseqzóztj had fallen to te ground early on and they had to get the power turned off. that wind was not much of an issue, right here just to the left you can see this corner deli, that's where some of the evacuated residents are staying and waiting, hoping for any word to go back to see what they can salvage. expecting to be able to get a little closer to getting a damage, the result of this fire, and so hopefully we will have that for you before the end of the show. mat delucia, nbc 10 news. also this morning breaking seven people are hurt in the fire in woodbury gloucester county. two-alarm fire there. two homes burned on mahorter boulevard. firefighters have the upper hand on this fire. as we get new information we will update you on air and on
6:35 am
the nbc 10 app. this just in from the vatican, pope francis is extending special permission for priests to absolve the grave sin of women who have abortions. the hope first granted the permission last year for the holy year of mercy. pope francis says in today's document that abortion is a grave sin but that god's mercy can help a repenitent heart. a live lookm÷aj at philly international where the strong wins kept planes from taking off or landing yesterday. let's find out about this morning. deanna durante is live there. what do people flying today need to know? >> reporter: at this point you of course want to get here early, check your flight status. we will do it for you right here. the boards show that all flights departing from this section are on time, but again if you're traveling internationally you are going to want to make sure that you check those flights before you arrive at the airport and remember to pack light. we were here about 4:45 this
6:36 am
morning and the lines for the tsa were outside of the glass here but now as you can see everything is calm and people are going through security and people are very excited to be traveling this holiday season. >> we're association sighted about just going and getting on that cruise ship. if it's not on time, we're all going to be okay. >> reporter: we talked to a number of families from our area, too, that are packing up and heading out, whether they're going to visit relatives or take an extended vacation, many schools have started letting children out for the week rather than just the day before thanksgiving. families say might as well make a vacation out of it. today this morning may not be that busy but holiday travel going to pick up throughout the week. this is expected to be a record breaking year both on the roads and in the skies. that is the latest reporting live at philly international, deanna durante. federal regulators are urging railroads to test train
6:37 am
operators for sleep apnea after the deadly train crash in hoboken in december. thomas gallagher was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea a month after his train slammed into the terminal. they already test for sleep apnea but updated their rules to prevent engineers diagnosed with the problem from operating trains until they are fully treated. it's not clear if gallagher was kreend screened. they will issue a safety advisory on the importance of screening and treatment. at least three other five crashes were blamed with engineers with sleep apnea. doesn't matter if you travel by rail or if you're supplying, if you're driving everybody is interested in the weather this week, they want to see what's happening. >> let's start with this morning, as soon as you head out you will feel a big change and blustery wind. >> like yesterday you will have to bundle up if you're heading outside. clouds blowing through the area. a live view from wilmington.
6:38 am
no sign of snowflakes in our area, but there are snowshowers north from pocono mountains into new york. we are getting the clouds and those are blowing through and that's going to keep temperatures chilly all morning long. the winds 25 miles an hour in wilmington, during the day the winds will be gusting to 40, 45, close to 50 miles an hour this afternoon. so that's going to make it feel cold all day long. right now 27 the windchill in wilmington, 28 in philadelphia, in fact, every neighborhood this morning feels like it's in the 20s thanks to the cold and the win. the clouds this morning will be thing out, we will get breaks of sunshine, the temperatures will climb but nowhere near the middle 50s which is typical for this time of year. the suburbs 34 right now, 37 degrees at 10:00 and then into the very low 40s this afternoon. you will see a similar warm up in the lehigh valley, it's cloudy right now but those clouds will thin out this morning, late in the morning, still some clouds blowing through this afternoon.
6:39 am
look at those wind speeds, 24, 25 mile an hour winds, finally starting to settle down late this afternoon and into this evening, they will die down a little bit but won't die down completely. sunshine will break through the clouds, the temperatures will climb into the low 40s but nowhere near the 50s that we would typically see on a late november day. 33 degrees at the jersey shore and stays in the 30s this morning at 8:00, by 9:00, 10:00, barely up to 40 degrees and low 40s with stronger winds at the shore, winds steady at 28 miles an hour at 2:00 this afternoon and those clouds over delaware and wilmington right now they will thin out this morning but we have a few hours until we see sunshine. low 40s at noontime today that's as warm as it's going to get this afternoon. there are warmer days ahead but also wet weather. it looks like it's time for thanksgiving day. may have notice it had with the seven day forecast at the bottom
6:40 am
of the screen. closer look at that rain chance when i come back in less than ten minutes. about 20 minutes or so before 7:00. let's get a look at traffic. including 95. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is looking at that. >> delays on 95, pretty common for this time, though. our cameras around cottman avenue showing that through the work zone we're slow, 28 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, speeds into the 20s. no incidents reported, though, so it's just normal morning volume. there is an accident in upper gwinnett, you might be directed around there, and another crash on -- out in deptford township on route 55 southbound, you can see some delay right in there -- actually it's headed southbound so it's not moving with most of the traffic that is headed towards the philadelphia area, it's heading in the opposite direction. so right hourld is locked there. watch for small delays. more viewers are coming
6:41 am
forward to say a head stone company didn't do the work they promised. >> up next we have an update on an investigation that has frustrated families looking for cloesh closure for their loved ones. plus, yo, adrian. we will tell you about the milestone for the ultimate underdog story. imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door.
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and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential. just about a quarter to 7:00 we have breaking news. this is video just in from the fire we've been telling you about in woodbury, gloucester county, it's been a two-a slarm five. seven people are in the hospital with injuries from this fire. three buildings burned on mahortar boulevard. firefighters now have the upper hand on this fire. as we get more information we will give you an update on air
6:45 am
and on the nbc 10 app. in this morning's nbc 10 responds, more frustrated customers are coming forward after we featured investigation noose a head stone company. >> as harry hairston explains viewers are tell us they didn't get what they paid for so they reached out to the nbc 10 responds team. >> reporter: denise's mother passed away on january 8th of this year. she's buried at the same cemetery with her grandparents and father are buried. >> i visit my grandparents and come back before i leave and say so long until the next time. >> each time me visits her frustration mounts, she paid to have her mother's name and date of death engraved on the head stone. >> i have not gotten what i was told i would receive. >> dozens of people have reached out to nbc 10 responds with similar stories, some spoke with
6:46 am
us in person sharing their frustrations and experience woodbury gloucester county life stone and other companies operated by the same owner. >> they make promises and they haven't done any. >> they are not just taking money, they're breaking hearts. >> no one at life stone was available for comment. we tried catching up with the owner at a scheduled court appearance in upper darby, some customers had sued life stone for not delivering the services they promised. the owner never showed. but his la you adaughter did. >> what does your client plan to do where people are alleging he owes them thousands of dollars in some cases and some have waited months if not close to three years. >> you are saying a whole lot of things that you can't substantiate so i'm not going to respond. >> but the receipts we obtained from each name on our list showed they did pay life stone or an affiliated company. >> should the public and others who are doing business with them know that they may or may not
6:47 am
get property? >> those individuals they certainly should. should the public? it's an open hearing and they can know all that happens in litigation after it happens, not before and not during, afterwards. >> as we first reported last year the pennsylvania bureau of consumer protection filed this lawsuit against the company and its owner greg stephane, at the time the state claimed there were at least 50 plaintiffs. >> are you satisfied with the attorney general's office? >> no. no. because it seems to be a system that don't work. >> they seem like they responded the same way the head stone people responds to me. they don't really care. >> sara heads up the state's bureau of consumer protection, she tells us the office still building its case and until they take the company to court they can't stop the business from taking on more customers. >> he is allowed to continue doing business until the court tells him to stop.
6:48 am
>> the bureau could seek a temporary injunction asking the judge to stop stefan's business but she refuses to say if her office is even considering filing that motion calling that information attorney work product. meantime whipple plays for closure and has this message for life stone. >> i forgive you, just do what you said you're going to do. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> wins we started reporting on life stone it has refunded or delivered on services to some families on our list, other families have court orders for refunds, they still refuse to go on the record and comment on how they plan to help the rest of the families waiting on their services. >> if you have a consumer problem or nbc 10 responds or tell fund dough just let us know. the best way to reach us, the same way that everybody who has been on this program has reached us, the number on the screen and
6:49 am
we will respond to you. let's get a check on the weather now it's 6:48, 6:49. take a look outside. it's got to be cold enough to make snow in the poconos. >> stop what you're doing and come to your tv and look at this live picture. hello. >> man made snow it's flowing around they're making it blue mountain, camelback, all the resorts, they're making snow because it's cold enough to make snow up there. >> and we're feeling that cold around here, too. seeing some clouds blow through the area. heading out you have to bundle up, cold gusty winds are going to get stronger during the day. we will see sunshine but a blustery day, the winds will hold our temperatures down, only into the middle 40s this afternoon. breezy tonight and cold, temperatures back down into the 30s this evening, close to freezing by this time tomorrow morning. cold weather ahead. we felt it yesterday, we're feeling it again today. 30s for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware, south jersey
6:50 am
and philadelphia, no real cold spots this morning because of the wind, much colder air the temperatures are pretty uniform. tur nurse vil 38 degrees, 38 lumberton but you can knock 10 degrees off these numbers because of the wind, feels like it's 28 degrees in lumberton which means it's going to be a cold morning at the bus stop and windy, too, look at these 8:00 a.m. temperatures, 32 degrees in exton, wilmington 33 and 36 degrees in atlantic city. bundle up this morning, get ready for a windy day and and a windier afternoon. by lunchtime winds steady at 21 miles an hour in pottstown, trenton 21 miles an hour, a little stronger as we get into the afternoon, we could see wind gusts of 40, 45 or even 50 miles an hour today. a cold one today. those winds will blow some clouds through the area, you can see a snowshower passing to the northeast of trenton, unlikely you will see a snowshower during the day but it's not completely out of the realm of
6:51 am
possibilities, these snowshowers are more likely to the north, however. look farther to the north and you will see even more snow in new york state, but we will stay dry until that comes our way at the end of the week, that's a storm system coming together that will give us likely some showers wednesday night and thursday morning, thanksgiving morning. by early wednesday morning that rain is moving through the midwest, it's got a ways to go before it gets to us, but during the afternoon on wednesday and late wednesday night into early thursday you can see those showers approaching central pennsylvania. still dry in philadelphia just after midnight heading into thanksgiving but we will have wet weather ahead at least for part of thanksgiving. for stood windy and chilly, 45 the high temperature, about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. cold morning, breezy and sunny skies tomorrow, bright sunshine, the winds won't be blowing clouds through tomorrow so a little warmer in the afternoon, close to 50 degrees on wednesday, but the clouds building later on wednesday and here comes that little bit of wet weather, not much, but we
6:52 am
will see some showers moving through first thing on thanksgiving day and the clouds linger for friday and saturday. by sunday we've got sunshine, 50 degrees the high temperature, just a little chillier on monday and another round of wet weather later next week wednesday up to 55 degrees with a chance of some showers. >> thanks. 8 minutes before 7:00, i confess i am a wuss i got the gloves out today. >> jessica is all bundled up. >> when i wake up in the morning the first thing i do i literally put on my shoes, i sleep in what i want to walk in here in because i can't stand it the morning is so hard for me. i'm miserable and cold. takes me like a half hour before i can talk to anyone. but i will talk to you guys right now. we will starting on the schuylkill expressway right around city avenue just lost my camera like that 20 minutes westbound from the vine. right around city avenue starting to see some delays. there is an accident up on upper gwinnett on west point pike, you
6:53 am
might be detoured around there, pa turnpike looks okay, not seeing any big increase, 24 minutes westbound from route 1 towards valley forge. depth ford township an accident over to the right shoulder on the southbound of route 55. not seeing any major delays1x there and it is a heading away from philadelphia so that's the side that typically doesn't have major delays right now but the northbound side is seeing typical morning volume. we were young kids when the movie came out i can't believe it's been 40 years since "rocky" made its debut. a film that helped change people's view of philadelphia. >> "rocky" opened in theaters for the first time, the story of a down on his luck prize fighter helped shape philadelphia's identity as a city of underdogs, also made the museum steps favorite. decades later fans recreate the
6:54 am
iconic run up those steps. the movie won best picture and spawned five sequels and one spinoff. we should all go. we should all just gather around. thanksgiving tradition is taking shape in the big apple. >> we will have a preview of what to expect at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
3 before 7:00, we want to update you on breaking news. two people are in the hospital as fire crews are trying to douse water on nine homes. the whole block has been evacuated. this is as close as we can get you, three homes collapsed, the
6:58 am
other six might have also collapsed, crews have shut off the power grid to the entire block because power lines were getting in the way. more breaking news. this is video just into the fire we've been telling you about throughout the morning, this is in woodbury gloucester county, a two-alarm fire, seven people in the area are in local hospitals with injuries after three buildings there burned, firefighters now have that -- have the flames under control there. no major delays at the airport this morning at philly international, a live look there. most arrivals and departures are on time. yesterday high winds led to a ground stop and some delays of more than an hour. and happening today, celeb brits broadway stars bands and dancers will be practicing for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you can watch the 90th annual parade right here on thursday starting at 10:00. jessica boyington, we are checking in with 95 watching for
6:59 am
delays moving towards center city. 29 minutes as opposed to the normal 12 with no traffic. on the southbound side moving towards center city. still seeing delays. also reporting of slippery rails for the west trenton rails to 309 is running 25 minutes late. it is a windy one this morning. where is my fancy open? windy conditions -- maybe it blew out of here. winds are blowing clouds through the area. there it is, there are the clouds, yes, look at the 20 mile an hour wind in philadelphia, it's giving us wind chills in the 20s this morning making for a cold blustery start and not much of a warm up this afternoon. we will be in the 40s later today. you can always get my first alert forecast on 101.1 more fm. >> playing christmas music. >> absolutely. >> those shots of the poconos with snow flurries there, even if they're man made -- >> there were a few flurries yesterday. >> there it is. >> we will have updates throughout the morning. you can get everything on the nbc 10 app.
7:00 am
>> thanks for watching. snow-vember. the first major storm of the season blankets the northeast. frigid temperatures, icy roads, power outages. up to 55 million people under a winter storm advisory. frenemies? donald trump meets with mitt romney, and today rick perry. could those one-time bitte rivals wind up in the new trump cabinet? as the vice president-elect speaks out about his dressing down from the "hamilton" stage. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. >> trump himself, not so forgiving. >> they were very inappropriate. urgent manhunt. a traffic stop in texas turns deadly for one veteran detective. a desperate search now under w


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