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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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fire on the mountain. flames spread to a high school. crews battling to get control from the air and the ground. dealing out fines. an area casino gets hit with thousands in penalties for mixing different decks of cards. 5:00 this tuesday morning. good morning. welcome to nbc10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 5:00 a.m. let's begin with bill henley and the first alert forecast. another chilly one. yeah, not as strong as yesterday, but the wind will stay lighter during the day. enough to make it feel ten degrees colder. actual temperature, 5:00, we're waiting for sunshine. it comes up just before 7:00 this morning. a little let e less than two hours away -- a little less than two hours away. bundle up. winds making it feel even colder. just an eight-mile-an-hour wind in trenton. enough to make temperatures feel even colder and stronger now in philadelphia and wilmington, too. 30s and very low 40s to start
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with this morning. lehigh valley clear of precipitation. clouds will thin out. the temperature gets colder at 8:00. by 11:00, the slow warmup has begun. 43 degrees, that's 11:00 temperature. we should warm into the upper 40s for most of the area today. suburbs, 45 degrees. 47 in philadelphia and new jersey. just a little bit chillier in the lehigh valley at 43 degrees. breezy this afternoon. the winds will blow out the clouds. delaware, you'll see sunshine and 49 degrees later today. we'll go through the forecast specifically for the winds hour by hour when i come back in a few minutes. first, jessica has the first alert traffic. >> reporter: watching an accident scene in lower gwynned township around norristown road. part of the next lane over, into the shoulder. two lanes getting by. no traffic or delays or backup behind the scene now. again, watching it on the northbound side around
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norristown road. another accident on hancock and east prospect avenue. this is in upper gwynned, as well. police activity due to an explosive package in center city closing a portion of 18th and 19th streets around pine. that's through center city now. 5:00 in the morning. we're not seeing any major delays throughout the roads on center city, maybe the only thing is broad street. that's not going to affect you if you're moving that direction. vine street expressway back open following that earlier construction project. we typically see that clear around 5:00 in the morning. so everything's back to normal now in between broad and the schuylkill expressway. there's also more construction out in langhorne. route 1 northbound is closed between oxford valley road and stoney hill road. looks like right here from the maps system that everything looks back into the green. traffic will be flowing through. watch for construction and crews in the area. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes or so. >> thank you. now to breaking news from center city.
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philadelphia police and the fire department are on the scene of an explosion. this is at 18th street and pine. we just confirmed it was a package that exploded there. we know that one person is hurt, is being treated at jefferson hospital. nbc 10 is on the way there with a reporter. stay with us and the nbc10 app for updates. 5:03. following breaking news from the frankford section. check out the scene as fire broke out on in a garage on mulberry and spread. a house began burning, and firefighters made the decision to call in reinforcements. firefighters did evacuate nearby homes as a precaution. it took firefighters an hour to get things under control there. we talked to one neighbor who saw the fire and feared the worst. >> it was a scary thing because i know she lives over there with her family. and she has children in the house. i was hoping and praying to god that everybody got out safe. >> no one was hurt.
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the cause remains under investigation. new this morning, police looking for a suspect in the attempted home invasion in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. investigators say a man knocked on a woman's front door on wellington around 10:30 last night, claiming he was a pizza delivery man. they say the suspect forced his way in and pistol whipped a woman. she fought him off, and the suspect ran away empty-handed. the victim refused medical treatment. 5:04. the community is grieving this morning in chattanooga where a school bus full of children crashed, flipped on its side, and wrapped around a tree. five children are dead, and the bus driver is facing charges. the bus was carrying 35 elementary school children. 25 are in the hospital. the ntsb will arrive to investigate this crash. police say they're looking at both speed and alcohol as possible causes. a bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting six girls in the same family will go to trial. lee caplan waived his preliminary hearing yesterday on additional charges filed last
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month. authorities claim the feasterville man fathered two children with a then-14-year-old girl who had been gifted to him by her parents. he's also accused of sexually assaulting her five younger sisters. caplan has maintained he is innocent. >> he took these people and educated them. and he helped support them financially. he didn't have a sexual relationship with the minor children. he -- he had what he believed to be a family rielationship with them. >> a trial date has not been set. to breaking news from center city. a live look at 18th and pine where there's been an explosion. we've been following this story. jessica mentioned it, as well. philadelphia police and the fire department on scene. right now we know one person is hurt and is being treated at jefferson hospital. you see the police and fire on scene. count on nbc10 and the nbc nbc10 app for updates as soon as we get new information. 5:05.
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in bers berks -- in berks county, a forest fire continuing to burn on mt. penn it broke out in reading. the fast-moving fire is being fueled by high winds and the dry conditions. it has reportedly burned more than 50 acres of woods. so far there have been no evacuations, no injuries. officials are still looking into what caused the fire. in the lehigh valley, bethlehem's sands casino resort is getting fined more than $20,000 for mixing cards from different decks. the morning call is reporting that the state's gaming control board penalized the casino after dealers mixed red and blue decks together on two separate occasions. the casino notice the mistakes and reported the incidents which happened in june of 2015 and february of this year. officials say hundreds of hands were dealt before the mistakes were noticed. no one was fired. and now to the transition to president-elect trump. mr. trump released a 2.5 minute video that was created and distributed by his transition
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team. this was not an event open to the press. >> our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently and effectively, truly great and talented men and women, patriots indeed, are being brought in, and many will soon be a part of our government. helping us to make america great again. >> in the video, the president-elect reiterates some promises for the first 100 days of his administration. that includes negotiating new trade deals and removing regulations on businesses. however, he largely steers clear of some of his most controversial campaign promises including building a wall along the mexican border and repealing obamacare. you can help some needy families this morning with a big turkey drop in center city. the annual wmgk turkey drop runs from 6:00 to 9:00. the largest one-day food gathering in affiliation. the radio show will broadcast in front of the kimmel center. drop off a turkey there or at
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giant stores in the area. last year 9,000 turkeys were donated. they'll go to city team philadelphia to be distributed to families, shelters, and food groups. philadelphia police are also giving back today. operation thanksgiving is in its 47th year. officers will stuff more than 400 baskets full of food with donations from the officers. this is video from last year, i think. they'll be given out to residents in the officer's district. eight minutes after 5:00. a cold morning. the temperatures are still falling this hour. 39 degrees in wilmington, delaware. 30s for the lehigh valley and suburbs. that 40 degrees in philadelphia, well, that's at the airport and center city. parkside, summer ton, colder this morning. you factor in the windchill and readings in the upper 20s and low 30s, close to where they were yesterday morning at this time. a little bit warmer yet. the wind speed has died down a
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bit. plenty cold and producing snow to the north. that's the same system that's giving us the wind and still clouds in the area. dry, we're not seeing any snow. the wind will blow these clouds out of here during the day. we'll wind up with lots of sunshine. again, cold start. future hour-by-hour winds at 8. stronger in pottstown, 15 miles per hour in millville and atlantic city. dover, 16 mile-per-hour winds. as we go into the late morning hours, those winds will start to die down a little bit. maybe not quite that noticeable as what we'll see later. this is 5:00. the winds die down. much lighter winds for allentown and pottstown. breezy in millville and wildwood at 18 miles per hour. the winds will be dying down there, too, this evening. and that will lead us into a colder night tonight. but today, with clearing skies, temperatures just a little bit warmer this afternoon than yesterday. and they'll feel warmer, too, with less wind. 37 at 8:00. by lunchtime, 44 and 46 at 4:00
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this afternoon. the clouds clearing out for the suburbs and for the lehigh valley. 40s for both areas during the day today. sunshine will be bright after scattered clouds this morning and early this afternoon in delaware. 45 degrees by lunchtime. hanging in the 40s this afternoon. bright sunny, skies at 4:00. then the temperatures will be diving this evening as wind settles down in delaware and new jersey, too. some scattered clouds in interior new jersey while the shore will start with sunshine and a few clouds blowing through at noontime. again, no showers for today. none expected until we get to thanksgiving day. then we'll have showers moving into the area. i'll show you what to expect with that when i come back with the extended future weather in lets than ten minutes. >> all right. see you then. ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. is this tuesday. seeing flashing police lights on 309. >> let's find out what that's about and more. watching 309 northbound around norristown road.
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no there was an accident with a few vehicles involved. looks like it's pretty much under control now. as you see with traffic moving by. now, a minute ago when we looked at this, it was over into the next lane over. so about one lane, 1.5 lanes getting by. on the shoulder with police activity still there. there's also an accident on upper gwynedd at east prospect. the construction on the vine street expressway in between broad and the schuylkill has cleared. off to worry about detours. by the vine expressway, you'll be fine. there is some police activity out in center city this morning. right around 18th and 19th street and pine street. all closed. detouring around the scene. now, it should be fine. the streets around center city are pretty much clear. >> let's talk more about that, jessica. the breaking news we're following for you out of center city at 11 past 5:00. a live look. a live camera on scene now. this is 18th and pine where
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there has been an spleeexplosio. there's a package, we don't know if if exploded inside or outside the building. police on scene. we know that one person has is hurt, was taken to the hospital and is being treated. you can count on nbc10 and the app for information azerbaijs w updates. a close call after a chase near pittsburgh. what happened to cause a police car to spin out of control. nearly clipping the kids. about that time of year when the holiday shopping and shipping begins. there's something important to keep in mind to ensure the gifts don't disappear. that's next. .
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at 5:15, we continue to follow breaking news out of center city, philadelphia. live on the scene. this is 18th and pine where there has been an explosion. a package explosion, still not clear if it happened inside or on the sidewalk or road. you see philadelphia police and the fire department on scene. right now we know one person was hurt in the explosion and is being treated at jefferson hospital. we're working to get you new information. another crew is arriving on the scene. count on nbc10 and the app for updates as soon as we get new information. talk about a close call. video showing a police cruiser nearly hitting a group. children after it lost control during a chase. this happen wanted sunday afternoon in the suburbs of pittsburgh. a bus hit the police cruiser. just right there.
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causing the cruiser to crash while narrowly missing this group of kids standing on the sidewalk. no one was seriously injured. 'tis the season to protect your packages. >> porch pirates or people who steal boxes left on your doorstep, are on high alert for crimes of opportunity this time of year. nbc10 talked with the experts and has advice on how to keep your gifts safe. matt? we do not like the porch pirates. i'll tell you that. nearly 60% of americans are expected to do some kind of holiday shopping this coming weekend. that's the estimate from the national retail federation. and altogether this season, $117 billion expected to be spent on line. gifts often show up at your doorstep or to the person you're giving the gift to. and every year we show you in videos like this one here, home surveillance cameras catching thieves grabbing packages after they've been dropped out. one survey from last year found that 23 million people have reported packages being stolen from their homes in the past.
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that's a whole lot. police lieutenant brad flannigan says it comes down to oftentimes a crime of opportunity. >> if you put a bad guy with an opportunity, when in the inner city where the front door is close to the sidewalk, the big houses where they may be driving around looking, expecting some type of package. so it's not a set reason for anybody to go to one location or another. it's just an opportunity that's left out there. >> all right. here's an option if you buy about amazon. you can use the amazon lock or your package can be sent to one of these boxes often placed in certain stores or gas stations. you send your package there, and you enter a code, and the door opens. you grab your gift and you're on your way. u.p.s. offers a similar service called access point. if a delivery is still your preference to your house, here's some more tips. u.p.s. and fedex offer plenty of suggestions. the big ones, you can provide delivery instructions to the shipper. you can also change the delivery en route. you can hold the package at a
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u.p.s. or fedex location. the u.s. postal service, they offer similar suggestions. you can consider an alternate shipping address, you see there. like a neighbor or a friend. you can require a signature upon delivery or can hold the mail at your local post office. bear in mind, some of these services, it might cost a little bit more money. check beforehand and see what's worth to to you. you heard most of this is about criminals seizing an opportunity. don't give them one. you can have a happy holiday season. back to you. >> thank you. let's check traffic. 5:1 5:18. >> and jessica has that. >> reporter: watching the northbound side of route 309, police activity here from an earlier accident. all that's left on the scene, around norristown road, over into the shoulder. looks like still one more vehicle in front of that police car, as well. the other vehicle seems to have cleared. all lanes open on the northbound side of 309. no major delays moving behind the scene for right now. there also is an accident in
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upper gwynedd on hancock and east prospect and moving toward center city, there's police activity due to an explosive package that was found around 18th and 19th street and pine street. that area is all pretty much on lockdown and closed down with the police activity. detouring around the scene should be fine. there's not much traffic in the area. >> all right. thanks. 5:19. another chilly morning. another morning for layers if you take the bus, wait for the train. >> yeah. also -- we've got wind out there, as well, as you see in bill's shot behind him. the flag at the airmark building. >> not as windy as yesterday, but enough to make a chilly morning feel colder. we're at 40 degrees now. feels like about 30 degrees in philadelphia. that cold breeze will be blowing through the morning. it's also going to push clouds out of the here. we'll see clearing skies today. the wind won't be as strong as yesterday. just enough to hold temperatures in the 40s this afternoon. as it clears out and the wind
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dies down tonight, turning colder. dropping to the 20s tomorrow morning. you see the clouds are overhead. a few snow showers passing to the north. not going to see that today. the snow showers out of the picture for us. for thanksgiving day, dealing with this. a storm is going to actually bring some warmer temperatures with it. it will arrive late wednesday night, and we'll see a scattered shower possible on thanksgiving day. it looks impressive as it moves in from the west. but it's really going to be scattered, light rainfall for us. really no rain until we get to thanksgiving day. this is 11:30 wednesday night. you see it's just barely moving toward the pocono mountains at that time. just very light precipitation. and this first area of precipitation, this is being pushed by warm air. not significantly warm air, but warm enough to keep us above freezing. so there is a chance that we'll see a little bit of mixing at 5:30 in the morning on thursday. the ground will still be warmer, too warm to support anything from sticking. it's going to be so light, that
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precipitation, to start with. and then much of the morning, it is going to be dry as we head into thanksgiving day. here you see the precipitation and the temperatures come together together. wednesday at 5:00, we're in the clear. look how quickly those clouds come in wednesday evening. still dry. if you're heading to grandmother's house wednesday evening, shouldn't be an issue. the temperatures in the 30s, but every neighborhood is above freezing at that hour. by early thursday morning, some scattered showers, it could be some snow showers in the pocono mountains. 36 degrees in allentown. again, above freezing. the temperatures in the 30s, first thing early in the morning, will slowly climb as we head into the later morning hours while it's holding steady at 36 degrees in allentown. in spite of cloudy skies, the temperatures will warm into the 40s. that's at 9:00 in the morning. then we could see midday showers on thanksgiving day and into the afternoon hours. so may not see much sunshine on thanksgiving day. showers that we get will be rain showers for philadelphia, the
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suburbs, the lehigh valley. south jersey, 52 degrees in the afternoon. might see late day breaks of sunshine at the shore and delaware. if it doesn't happen on thanksgiving day, it will be happening this weekend. >> thank you. 5:22 this tuesday. now breaking news from center city. this is a live picture right now from 18th and pine where there has been an explosion. we do not know when that explosion happened inside or outside of a home there. the philadelphia police are there, as well as the fire department. they're on the scene. we've also -- we're told the u.s. postal police have also arrived. they are on the scene participating in this investigation. right now, we know that one person is hurt and has been taken to the hospital. that person being treated at jefferson hospital. not clear what exploded, but our crews are on the scene and information as they can. you can count on nbc10 and the nbc10. i can't for updates as we get you new information.
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and up next, we'll show you how a new feature on google maps could save you time and help you navigate the crowds when shopping over the holidays. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving.
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that's my giant.
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season. it tells you just how crowded a place is in realtime based on a collection of location history data. and google will also tell you how long people are typically staying in one place so you can plan your day around that. it will also update retail hours to reflect things like extended holiday shopping. meanwhile, on wall street, we'll look to make new records today. futures higher this morning. the dow, nasdaq, and s&p 500 all closing at record highs yesterday helped by a jump in oil prices on hopes that opec will reach and stick to a deal to cut production and a pull-back in the dollar. existing home sales rising 88 points to 18,956, close to the 19,000 level. the nasdaq up 47 to 5,36. back to you. >> thanks. breaking news at 18th and pine, there's been an explosion. philadelphia police as well as the fire department on the scene
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right now. we know that one person was hurt and is being treated at a local hospital at jefferson, in fact. not clear now what exploded. when it happened inside or outside of a home. our crews on the scene. they're telling us that the postal service police are on the scene, as well. we may reasonably deduce that it may have been a package that was delivered. count on nbc10 and our app for updates as we get new information. nchlt we'll be right back.
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we continue to follow breaking news. this this a live picture of police giving us an update on an explosion that happened in center city. we're getting an update now. one person is hurt. this is near rittenhouse square. e-mail investigation today. pennsylvania's attorney general will announce the results of a year-long report about state workers sending pornographic and offensive emails. planes, trains, and automobiles. the pre-thanksgiving rush is officially on. today is one of the busiest days as people hit the roads, rails, and airports ahead of the holiday. welcome to nbc10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll go back to our breaking news, this explosion in center city and get you more details on that. r


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