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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we continue to follow breaking news. this this a live picture of police giving us an update on an explosion that happened in center city. we're getting an update now. one person is hurt. this is near rittenhouse square. e-mail investigation today. pennsylvania's attorney general will announce the results of a year-long report about state workers sending pornographic and offensive emails. planes, trains, and automobiles. the pre-thanksgiving rush is officially on. today is one of the busiest days as people hit the roads, rails, and airports ahead of the holiday. welcome to nbc10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll go back to our breaking news, this explosion in center city and get you more details on that. >> reporter: right now they're
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holding the scene. bomb squad is going to process the scene. the scene now is in the kitchen. there's some broken glass, damage to the range where you would cook, and there's blood. there's not structural damage inside. just broken glass and damage to kitchen furniture and some blood. nothing major. the important thing now is we don't know when this was an explosive device intentionally mailed to this house to explode and cause injuries, or if was some sort of accidental explosion some chemical or of some medicine that is normally delivered to the 62-year-old victim. the bomb squad, alcohol, tobacco, firearm, are processing the scene. all the other mailed packages, we initially felt were
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suspicious, have been cleared. there's nothing suspicious in the house now. about ten people that we evacuated from other apartments and houses on both sides, they're going to be returned because there's no threat now of anything else exploding. the crime scene is being processed by our bomb squad and atf personnel. they'll take pictures and look at every piece of debris to determine exactly what exploded and whether or not this was an intenti intentional explosion or an,al explosion. it could be -- or an accidental explosion. it could be either. >> was it the u.s. postal service or fedex? >> not certain who delivered it. we believe it got delivered sometime before 5:00 p.m. on monday. >> that was the only package? the rest were mail items or --
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>> that i don't know. >> has any of the veteran investigators here ever heard of an inhaler exploding before upon opening after being delivered? >> yes. >> we're listening to inspector small. a package delivered to this house before 5:00 p.m. monday. it exploded in the kitchen. there was blood there. they're not sure -- not sure if it was accidental -- >> or intentional. >> the 62-year-old person rushed to the hospital, ten people evacuated. >> now they're being allowed back in. we have crews on the scene including nbc10's pamela osborne. we'll get to her in a second. first we want to update you on the forecast for today with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> a cold start. the wind is still blowing and will be with us all day long. we're starting with windchills in the 20s and low 30s. the wind not quite as strong as yesterday. 32 is the feels-like temperature now in philadelphia. the actual temperature is at 40 degrees. the winds now at 14 miles per hour in philadelphia. just a little bit colder than the suburbs of new jersey and
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lehigh valley. 38 in the lehigh valley. warming into the mid to upper 40s for most locations this afternoon. clearing skies and 43 in lehigh valley. near 50 degrees in delaware. an hour-by-hour look at the forecast to show you when you can expect the strongest winds of the day when i come back in less than ten minutes. today is the start of the busy thanksgiving holiday travel season as you know. >> we have live coverage starting with nbc10's first alert traffic reporter jessica enjoyi enjoying -- boyington. traffic, all lanes moving by. police and activity on the right-hand shoulder. not seeing major delays on 309 because of this. still early to see some of that. that's something to watch out for coming around the curve. there's an accident at gwynedd and prospect avenue. to center city, if you're just
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tuning in, there was an explosion out in center city around 18th and 19th and pine. that's where they have it blocked now. navigating should be fine. just remember that the roads are closed. route 73 around cooper in voorheis, new jersey, it looks great. end on a good note. no big problems or delays on 73 in both directions. back to you. >> thank you. 5:35. nbc10 is live along the pennsylvania turnpike in king of prussia. one of the busiest along the turnpike. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: normal traffic which is good. the turnpike doesn't expect traffic to really pick up until about noon today. so if you're going to be on the turnpike between noon and 8 clark you'll have a lot of company. the pennsylvania turnpike says that today it the busiest day of the thanksgiving travel season on the turnpike. of course, sunday is going to be a major day on all of the roads across the country.
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in pennsylvania, about three misdemeanor people will be traveling the turnpike this -- three million people will be traveling the turnpike this weekend. don't text and drive. there's a warning -- state police will be out. air travel very big. yesterday, people we were talking to at the airport were already taking off for their thanksgiving holiday. air travel as well as road travel going to be up significantly this year. aaa estimates that this will be the highest thanksgiving travel season since 2007. if you are taking the turnpike, a couple of rest stops that you may have company at include allentown, the summerset, plazas. those are the most popular places to stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for travelers. plan accordingly. that's the latest. nbc10 news.
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>> thanks. stops for food is one of the most important things. a live look at the 30th street station. today, tomorrow, thursday expected to be among the busiest travel days of the year. amtrak still has tickets available for people who want to avoid the roads. amtrak offering their own version of black friday. they're calling it track friday. deals on rail travel. and philadelphia international. officials expect it to be the second busiest travel day of the year. tomorrow will be the third busiest and sundays will -- sun will be the busiest overall in terms of arrivals and departures. if you use a taxi or shuttle bus to get to or from the airport, expect a surcharge. according to the associated press, the airports with the top four highest fees for passenger are las vegas, mccarron international, washington/dulles international followed by reagan/washington international, then dallas-ft. worth
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international. and philadelphia international falls to 25th. before you head out on your holiday getaway, download the nbc10 app. a free download. it can give you updates on weather conditions, breaking traffic news and everything else you need before you head out the door. following breaking news in philadelphia's frankford section. >> firefighters on the scene of a house and garage fire that started on mulberry street around 1:30 this morning. firefighters did evacuate nearby homes as a precaution. took firefighters an hour to get things under control. no one was hurt. fire destroyed a row home and damaged another in montgomery county. this happened before 11:00 last night in norristown. so far, investigators don't know how the fire was started. and no one was hurt. a community is mourning in chattanooga where a school bus crashed, flipped on its side, and we'll be right backed around a tree. five children are dead, and the bus driver is facing charges.
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the bus was carrying 35 elementary school children. 23 are still hospitalized. the ntsb will arrive today investigate. police say they're looking at both speed and alcohol as possible causes. happening today, the pennsylvania attorney general will release a report on the e-mail scandal involving state officials. former attorney general kathleen cane launched the probe a year ago. she asked the private law law firm to investigate employees swapping sexually explicit and offensive emails. that report is done. we'll update you on the nbc10 app when the report is released later this morning. 5:39 the time. we're getting a windy start this morning. the winds not quite as strong as yesterday. they're still with us, making it feel about ten degrees colder this morning than the actual temperature. right now philadelphia at 40 degrees. it feels like it's 30 this morning.
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40 at 8:00. windy at 10:00. not much. a warmup to start with. the suburbs, 36 degrees. clouds clearing in the afternoon. temperatures climbing from the lehigh valley from the 30s to the low 40s with sunshine this afternoon. the winds will be at 16 miles per hour. nowhere near as strong as yesterday. you'll see the winds into the late afternoon hours for new jersey, but they'll finally die down tonight. 30s this morning, 43 degrees by lunchtime. and then it gets much colder tonight. 32 degrees in new jersey. currently at the shore, 41 at 10:00. up to 44 degrees at noontime. those winds topping 20 miles per hour at the shore. not quite as strong for delaware. just enough to push the clouds out of here this morning. we'll see delaware warm from the 30s into the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. look at thanksgiving day when i come back in less than ten minutes. 5:40. 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. let's look at traffic in south jersey. >> nbc10's jessica boyington
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watching 295. >> 295 and cherry hill at 70. no problems or delays. on the southbound side, moving past 38 to the black horse pike, that's pretty much traffic that right before that split. before you head toward philadelphia or to the 42 freeway. there's no problems there right now. 12 minutes, speeds way up into the high 60s. no big problems or delays on the new jersey roads. in center city moving around, there is police activity due to a call for a package that exploded. 18th and 19th. that area closed down for now. you can be detoured around the scene. not a lot of traffic moving around center city at that point. shouldn't be hard to navigate three. an accident at gwynedd and east prospect. we'll end with mass transit because everything's on time. no reported delays for septa, transit, and hancock. breaking news, 18th and pine
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there's been an explosion. a lot of investigators, the police have cleared out. there's some still on the scene there. there's a package delivered to this location before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. one person is hurt and being treated at jefferson. we'll have a live report just minutes away.
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a quarter to 6:00. crews arrived at the scene within the hour. breaking news of an explosion in center city. >> to nbc10's pamela osborne live on scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're at 19th and pine. i'm going to show you down the street a little bit. we're talking about the first floor apartment of one of these row homes. that's where the explosion took place inside of a kitchen there. we know that there was a 62-year-old man. he had a package delivered yesterday. this is information we're just getting from police. yesterday evening is when this package was delivered. he went to open it this morning. th there was a roommate inside able to tell police what went on. when he opened the package in the kitchen, it exploded.
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police are considering that apartment, that kevin a crime scene, trying to determine if this potentially was a medical device somehow that exploded or if this was intentional. again, police saying it's not unusual for the gentleman who's at the hospital, recovering now, to get medical inhalers sent to his home. they're looking at at that as a possibility. we know now it's bare out here on the streets because the investigation has moved inside. we have u.s. postal police on scene as well as the philadelphia bomb squad. also investigating, as well as atf. all of that going on now. i can tell you that 62-year-old man is in stable condition. he had injuries to his hands and chest from opening the device. again, right out in the situation is police are trying to determine if this was somehow an explosion of a device, of a medical device, that inhaler we
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were speaking about, or if it is something else. we'll give you another update shortly. for now reporting live in center city, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thank you. new details this morning in a story we first told you about yesterday. new jersey transit says it's changed its policy when it comes to engineers with sleep app anyway. the engineer in the deadly september crash in hoboken was diagnosed with the condition. new jersey transit yesterday announced it changed its policy in october so that engineers with the condition must be treated and cleared by a doctor before being allowed to work. previously njt allowed engineers to work while they were being treated. federal regulators are calling for all railroads to screen for sleep app anyway. this morning in bucks county, a youth group leader is out on bail after he was charged with sex crimes against two teenage girls. michael walasimi is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old and trying to salty a 15-year-old in -- to assault a 15-year-old in levittown. the 22-year-old whispered to one
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victim in her either during an alleged assault at the charge that someday she would call him a pedophile. the church pastor is asking for prayers from the community after learning about the allegations. >> truly very deeply saddened over these recent events. we are fully cooperating with the police and being an ongoing investigation, can't really say anything more than that. >> middletown township police asking any other possible victims to come forward. 5:48. we mentioned earlier that there's a turkey drop today. the philadelphia police have operation thanksgiving. they should come with gloves and scarves? >> they're frozen turkeys probably a good morning for that. >> the people, you want to layer up. >> john does a great job. perfect morning. it is dry. a little cold outside. you can bundle up. dress your turkey before you head out the door. heading out, the wind is blowing. a cold breeze. look at the flags, 30th street station. not as strong as wind as
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yesterday. just enough to cause a little camera shake there. the winds will stay with us, but it will lead to clearing skies. the clouds that are with us now, heading out. we'll see lots of sunshine this afternoon. with clear skies this evening, it will be turning colder, the temperatures plummet orphanag-- orphanage. 20s without the windchill for the area. the wind will be lighter. this morning, talking whim. similar to yesterday. 20s for pottstown, allentown at 29. trenton, mt. holly, 30. feels like 28 in dover and 29 in millville. you'll have to bundle up. we will see sunshine today. though we're starting off with clouds, snow showers, they're staying to the north. you see the mountains getting snow showers. just to the north of scranton and extreme northeastern pennsylvania. we will stay dry today, tonight, tomorrow. thanksgiving day, different story. see that storm building out to the west? that's going to be coming in and possibly late wednesday night,
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early thursday morning, we'll see the first of it. that's the cold front. rain is going to lead into some somewhat chillier conditions. see the snow? the mixed precipitation? that's warm air that's pushing in to colder air ahead of the storm system. we will subcommittee very light precipitation similar to this early in the morning, mainly farther north and west. it will come with some warmer air. even though it will be a chilly morning on thursday morning, we will see the temperatures clooimclimb in spite of showers. the forecast is looking gloomy. cloudy through the day, if we see breaks of sunshine, it's going to be late. early morning showers and daytime showers, but they will be light. only expecting rain showers for philadelphia, the suburbs, lehigh valley. south jersey, 52 along with the jersey shore and delaware, 54 degrees. maybe a late day break of sunshine. not much in the rain department. there's another chance of rain coming in. not today, not tomorrow,
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thursday during the day. some light, scattered showers for thanksgiving. and late friday, there's a chance we'll see some rain showers come through. look at those temperatures, well above freezing. 40 in the morning. friday afternoon, 56 degrees. it will only be rain with that one. then we're clearing out for saturday and sunday. the temperatures are looking decent. typical for this time of year. another chance of wet weather for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> thanks. nine minutes before 6:00 as we get ready to head out the door. layer up, grab the gloves. about to check 95 for you. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. >> reporter: a few things going on. looks like my camera froze a second ago. it doesn't matter. you can still see what's going on. around girard avenue, this bright light here, that's a disabled vehicle. there's also another vehicle in front that's disabled, as well. that's from the northbound side. traffic is moving away from center city causing a little bit of a slowdown. i checked in with the drive times for 95, no brig problems or delays because of that yet. there's an accident on hancock and east prospect. you'll be detourd.
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watching center city around 18th and 19th and pine. there was an explosive package around one of the houses there. there's traffic being detoured around the scene through center city. of course right now, in center city, not a lot of traffic moving through the area. all the roads are pretty much in the green. we're seeing traffic diverted around. you shouldn't have a big problem. route 202 looks okay right now. ten minutes. northbound or southbound from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. average speeds in both directions, pretty much still into the mid to upper 60s. now we're in new jersey, cherry hill, new jersey. route 70 around haddenfield. no problems or delays. just a couple of cars out the door. >> all right. thank you. we return you to breaking news from center city. here's a live look from 18th and pine where there's been an explosion overnight. philadelphia police and the fire department on the scene, as well as the postal police. one person, a 62-year-old, of the hurt, being treated at jefferson hospital. ten people were evacuated from
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the area. that area is no longer a threat. those ten people are being returned to their homes. but that area as you see from the crime tape, there is a crime scene. we'll continue to follow the news, breaking news for you, and stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for new details. next, hanging on for dear life. this man was rescued by the coast guard in delaware. hear why he and his dog unexpectedly ran into trouble.
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> in mercer county, you can get a free cup of with a cup. the public are invited to meet with local police officers. the departments the talk about neighborhood needs. anyone who comes between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. gets a free cup of coffee in the process. four minutes before 6:00. in delaware, the coast guard came to the rescue of a stranded hunter. the helicopter crew captured it on video. the duck hunter and his dog got stranded in a marshy area. the coast guard was called after the nearby fire department realized their boats couldn't
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get to him. the man and his dog were plucked out in the basket and flown to safety. local business and government leaders came together to toast philadelphia. and to prepare for a big party that is still a decade away. nbc10 at the african-american museum last night for the toast to 50 reception. the event raises money for america's 250th anniversary celebration in 2026. comcast senior executive vice president david cohen was among those in attendance. comcast is a parent company of nbc 10. a viewer tells us she had to cancel a family vacation but had trouble getting reimbursed for the airline tickets. >> next, how the nbc10 responds team helped to end months of frustration and came through with a fix. plus, we continue to follow breaking news in center city where a package exploded. we are live on scene and talking with police about the investigation. we will have an update coming up in a few minutes.
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this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. center city blast. a package exploded at 18th and pine. police trying to figure out if it was accident am or intentional. fire on the mountain. flames spread through the forest behind a high school. crews battling to get control from the air and ground. dealing out fines. an area casino get hit with thousands in penalties from mixing different decks of cards. good morning. 6:00 a.m. is this monday. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> bill, let's take a look at the weather. >> tracy, keeping temperatures in the 30s to low 40


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